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UPSC exam language war: Share your views!

March 18, 2013 15:57 IST

What do you think about the UPSC language fiasco? Tell us!

  • Dear Readers, do you welcome the new changes approved by the UPSC?
  • While the cenral government may have put on hold its earlier decision that would force aspirants to take the UPSC exam in English, do you think the government was right in the first place to introduce such a proposal?
  • Do you think the proposal to not allow students take the exam in their mother tongue had they not graduated in the same language as their medium of instruction is a fair one?
  • Does the proposal to ask students to write the exam in English discriminate against those who do not have proper access or exposure to the English language?
  • Or, do you think the government's proposal would help attune India's future crop of adminsitrative officers to the modern age where English has almost become a universal language?

What is it that you like or don't like about the new format? Share your views in the messageboard below!

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