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Last minute tips to crack NMAT-C

May 03, 2011 10:01 IST

NMIMS Management Aptitude Test (Commerce) or NMAT (C) is scheduled for Sunday May 15. More than 10,000 students are likely to take this test to three years' BBA, BSc (Eco) and Bcom (Hons) programmes.


The paper-pencil test consists of 120 questions across 3 sections:

  • Proficiency in English language
  • Quantitative & Numerical Ability
  • Reasoning & General Intelligence

Maximum time allotted to you is 120 minutes. Depending on your areas of strengths and comfort, you need to decide which sections you will need to allocate more time to and which sections will require less time.

For example, if you are better at Quantitative & Numerical Ability compared to the other two, you may want to give 30 minutes to it and the remaining 90 minutes to the other 2 sections.

The test has negative marking: 0.25 for every incorrect answer. It would be wise to leave questions un-attempted where:

  • You are not sure of the correct answer
  • Are caught between two equally tempting options or
  • You simply don't have enough time left to do justice to the remaining questions.

Things to keep in mind during the actual test:

  • Spend the first 2 to 3 minutes scanning the paper and getting a feel of the test. This is the time invested and not wasted, as you will know what's in store for the next two hours. It will help you plan your paper attempt strategy better.
  • Keep a watch with you so that you do not consume more time than required in a particular section. It is important to do well across all the 3 sections.
  • It is great if you are able to attempt all 120 questions, but you are not required to do so. You need to focus on maximising scores (getting more marks after deducting the negative for incorrect ones) rather than simply focusing on maximising attempts (attempting maximum number of questions).
  • It is a test of speed but not at the cost of accuracy. Even if you are not able to move very fast, it is okay to solve fewer questions than you would have wanted
    to, but answer them correctly.
  • If you are caught with a question for more than 90 to 120 seconds and feel you will need more time to arrive at the correct answer, it may be prudent to leave that question un-attempted and move to the next question.

Preparation tips for the last few days:

  • Take the FREE mock iNMAT(C) at and understand which questions you got wrong and why. Also evaluate the correct answers and read up the detailed answers to understand different, shortcut methods to solve the questions.
  • Go back to your 9th and 10th class books to brush up on formulae and fundamentals of Maths. Revisit English grammar, comprehension books and scan the 'Wren and Martin'. Get into the habit of solving Sudoku puzzles or other puzzles that appear daily in newspapers.
  • Take not more than two mock tests a week. A total of 4 mocks before your NMAT (C) should be enough to help you understand your areas of strengths and weaknesses and form a paper attempt strategy for the real test.


  • Reread the instructions for the test, especially about darkening the circles to mark the correct answers.

    Keep yourself calm on the 14th and don't do much. Definitely, do not read up on new concepts or try a new approach on the last day. What you did during your 12th exams was different from what you need to do now. No amount of mugging up or cramming on the last day is going to help as this is a test of application of what to know rather than a test of what you know (university exams). is a leader in online MBA and other aptitude test prep. With a core management team of 4 IIT-IIM alumni and 2,26,000+ registered users, TestFunda is a one-stop solution for all the important MBA entrance tests. Get FREE downloadable tests of CAT, XAT, FMS, IIFT, JMET, NMAT, SNAP, Strategies by CAT 100%tilers and a whole host of learning resources.