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How to improve your chances of getting hired

April 21, 2011 11:45 IST

In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on April 20 career counsellor Amit Bansal discussed how young students and fresh grads can improve their employability quotient.

Here's the unedited chat transcript:

 red asked, Sir, tell me sir how to shine in the new job?
amit bansal answers,  at 2011-04-20 14:02:45Speak less at first, understand the dynamics around you, learn your job thoroughly and do a great job

rohit asked, Sir i m in last year of computer engineering from pune.I did not get good marks.So should i do specialisation in partciular language or go for higher studies
amit bansal answers, Depends upon your interest. I suggest you go for higher studies and work harder this time.

Dhav asked, Sir i am not able to gove interview confodently.Can u help me out? pls
amit bansal answers, Good domain knowledge will go a long way in ensuring confidence. Be thorough with your work. Communication skills(in english) are also important to express your thoughts clearly.

monte asked, sir i m in third year engineering .i will go for interview next year . my main problem is i become nervous while talking . i m good in studies .my average of first five sem is above 70% . please can you suggest me how can i improve my confidence . the worst part of me is ,i dont like to read books , i like to understand the concept .
amit bansal answers, Your percentage is good, so why are you worried? The best way to tackle this nervousness is through practice.Go for as many interviews as you can - even if you are not interested in he job. ask friends to conduct mock interviews. your fear will slowly go away.

sunidhi asked, Hi Sir, I don't know what career I should go for. There are so many options nowadays and I'm really confused. Is there any way I can identify the career that is perfect for me?
amit bansal answers, figure out your key strengths. also try and understand the areas you are weak in.Concentrate on your strengths and do some research on careers that match your strengths.

abhinva asked, Hi Amit, Although i've learnt english in school and college, I seem to make a lot of grammar mistakes when I speak, there's not that much problem when I write. Is there any way i can improve?
amit bansal answers, Speak to people who speak better english than you. Watch dialogue based english programs on TV

sujay asked, Dear Sir, In an interview what percentage of weigtage is given to skills like communication and how much to academic skills?
amit bansal answers, Depends on the kind of job. If it requires strong communication skills, then the weightage for comm is higher and vice versa.

aarif asked, sir i am very weak at numerical skills. I have tried very hard to improve but somehow have not been able to achieve good success at it. On the other hand, I am very good at communication and logical skills.
amit bansal answers, look for jobs that require strong interpersonal skills like HR, Media, marketing and PR

t asked, Hello sir, my % in btech is 65.Why companies put cut off as 70%.what is the reason behind that.will they think that who go 65% wont fit for job
amit bansal answers, companies decide on cut offs based on their understanding of the level of skill that the job requires. It is also to reduce the number of resumes that they have to look at.

monte asked, sir i can speak english but when i talk automatically i use a typical accent .will it be beneficial for me or not. if i talk with friends in english i m very good at that time but when i talk with professors i start stammering .
amit bansal answers, Accent is fine as long as people are able to understand you. you are nervous around the professors and therefore you stammer. Take it easy

Anki asked, Sir, I want to speak english fluently, but somehow anyone who speaks to me for three minutes will let what my mother-tongue is. how can I get a accent that is neutral. I've tried watching english programs but somehow the accent then becomes like i've put it on.
amit bansal answers, Dont give undue importance to your accent. People from all parts of the country and the world have different accents.

radha asked, Hi AMit, how do you think can one improve his/her communication skills? How can a person who has done his schooling from a state board in a small town improve his communication? Are their any other alternatives apart from finishing schools? How successful are general reading and videos?
amit bansal answers, Your written english seems good. general reading, talking in english to people who speak well on a constant basis and watching dialogue based english programmes helps.

ramesh asked, sir, I recently completed my Mca from IGNOU but I clear my last exam in rechecking for which I submit form in June 2010, I got notice that I cleared my exam and they provide degree with June 2010 pass out. I cleared my B.A(Pass) from correspondence delhi University. People said to me that you will not get job easily because of gap of 1 year. what I do now please suggest.
amit bansal answers, People say a lot of things. just brush up your knowledge, be thorough and start looking for a job.

anu asked, Hi! Amit, I have done mba in marketing and interested in joining a mamagement institute as a faculty.i would like to know what skills I should possess to excel in the education sector.
amit bansal answers, good subject knowledge, ability to interact with students, good communication skills.

aneesh asked, Dear Amit, how important is one's choice of college when it comes to MBA? Do you think doing an MBA from Tier 2/3 institutes is a waste of time and money? If no, how should we select amongst such institutes?
amit bansal answers, Try and choose an institute which has a proven track record for placements

IYER asked, I recently completed my engg. in comp. science. Looking out for a job in related field. I've registered in 2-3 job sites and my final year mark list is yet to be received. Pl. advise.
amit bansal answers, Try networking with friends in companies

Chandrakant asked, Hello. What to do for self confidence.
amit bansal answers, accept yourself the way you are, improve your subject knowledge, be assertive

Neeraj asked, Sir, I m working in reputed starter company from past 4.5 years . I want to join MNC company and to change the field also. But the problem is I have 0 exp in new field which i want . company can hire a guy (who has work exp ) than me because I'll be new in filed . why company will offer me instead of exp guy ...plz suggest
amit bansal answers, Some jobs are such that they need freshers for them. Someone with an open mind who can be moulded as per the job role is often required.

ram asked, hi sir,i am working in hcl tech for about 6 months.i am satisfied with growth rate ,opportunities,salary in this campony.How should i plan my career?.I want to quit hcl tech.
amit bansal answers, If you are satisfied, why do you want to leave so soon?

Raghu asked, Sir,I have completed my BE in CS&E during 2000 and now i'm working for some govt organisation last five years. my question is, Is there any option to switch over to MNC side?. because i did my degree long back, Is there any age limit to enter MNCs?. I'm very much abt this?
amit bansal answers, There is no age limit to enter an mnc. Be sure you are able to handle questions about how you will tackle the cultural differences.

Nupur asked, Hello What to do for Self Motivation
amit bansal answers, Just concentrate on your actions without thinking about the results.

Chandrakant asked, Suppose in interview interviewer asked why u want change the job for this question what is ideal answer
amit bansal answers, For growth, greater challenge or more learning.

Anuja asked, Sir I want to know how important is it to persue MBA from a AICTE approved university/college to get a job ,as most MBA institutes do not often divulge this?
amit bansal answers, it is a good idea to do an MBA from an AICTE approved institute

T.RAMESHKUMAR asked, is communication skill necessary to perform better on duty
amit bansal answers, Yes, it becomes easier to work with others and in teams if you are able to express yourself clearly.

AAKASH asked, Is MMS from mumbai university a good idea after b.e
amit bansal answers, good idea

shreedhar asked, sir i have done BE,MBA,MS(computer science), MA(eco), PGDFM...but i have only one year exp in current company,will dere be drawback due to more degrees
amit bansal answers, qualifications are never a drawback. Be prepared to answer questions about having degrees in different fields

prakash asked, sir, 2 months ago i got placed in Aon Hewitt......but they are not sending the joining there can be any condition of rejecting me even after clearing all rounds???
amit bansal answers, Have they made an offer?

Sash asked, Hi Amit, if an interviewer asks to tell something about myself.....what should i not talk about?
amit bansal answers, Dont go into too much detail about your family and don't dwell on your weaknesses unless specifically asked.

rahulvoo asked, sir,i am a graduate,i have completed course in networking but i am 24 will that age make any difference...
amit bansal answers, So what? are you good at networking? explain the reasons for the gap if asked.

rahulvoo asked, yeah...i am good but the reason is it took 5yrs to complete graduation ...but am really good in networking
amit bansal answers, You will be fine

Sash asked, If i have no clue about the salary Band for the position i m being interviewed for, what should i tell as my expectations
amit bansal answers, Tell the interviewer you would like to be paid at par with the general pay levels that exist in the organization.

amit bansal says, Thanks for the participation, see you next time