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Does MBA help boost your career? Find out

April 18, 2011 15:38 IST
Career counsellor Amit Bansal in a chat with Get Ahead reader on April 13 gave tips on how the employed and those looking for employment can boost and plan their careers.

Here's the unedited chat transcript:

pradeep asked, Why MBA is Important ?
amit bansal,  For those who plan to pursue purely technical job roles it is probably ok to have pure technical qualifications. To assume supervisory and managerial roles, it is a good idea to have an MBA

rajeev asked, i just want to comapre MBA with 3yr Exp graduate. which one is good for comapany if they have anpplied for same position ?
amit bansal, Depends entirely on the requirements of the role

Aakash asked, Hi, I am presently doing EMBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. I Intend to take Operations as major specialisation & Finance as minor. Please advise future prospects with same. I have total 12 yrs experience presently.
amit bansal, If this is relevant to the 12 years of experience you have, it is a good idea as this will give you greater growth.

raj asked, To enter in finance managment which is better option MBA or CFA?
amit bansal, MBA gives you a broader, more conceptual perspective

rajeev asked, Is MBA is Necessay at all to find a good company?
amit bansal, Not necessary. Helps in certain jobs

nik asked, person having 12 years expereince in his respective field and a fresher with an MBA degree applies for the same job, this days weightage is given to whom either to expereince or MBA ?
amit bansal, It depends on the level at which the job is pegged. Each role requires different qualifications and experience levels.

mba asked, how is NMIMS as a college for its CORE prog?
amit bansal, As far as I know, it is a reputed MBA institute

Manmeet asked, hi Amit...Kindly suggest an MBA or PGDBA which would help as a value addition and in career growth also....i wish to go for a distance learning option
amit bansal, A distance learning course may not help you to get a great job but will serve you well as an additional certification to improve career prospects.

kaleem asked, Hi Amit, I am an engineer in EEE have an experience of around 6+ years. I want to do MBA but i dont wanna leave current job. Please suggest.
amit bansal, Some colleges offer evening and distance courses for working professionals

dugdugi asked, Saar, i am MBA grad but I am finding it of no use in getting promoted in company hierarchy. I am lost. Pls help!!!
amit bansal, A degree is not sufficient. You need to set effective goals and achieve or even exceed the set goals in order to be successful. Interpersonal and communication skills also count in the workplace

manu asked, HI, i am not MBA but working as Manager in technical field , if i persue MBA now does it help in my career as i have 19 years of experiemce in the technical field
amit bansal, an MBA would help you acquire managerial skills.

mee asked,  I am doing job right now in HR Dept. I got my job aftr compltng BBA in HR. Everyone is pressurizing me in my family to pursue an MBA. Is it a necessary degree for me? Please advice. Executive MBA is going to help or not?
amit bansal, If you are enjoying your current job, you could consider an evening or long distance course to help you grow in the same job

taakat asked, I am an Software Engineer in IT company, and work for banking domain, is it good to do MBA in Banking / Finance.
amit bansal, definitely

PS asked, I have around 6 yrs development exp in IT.Which part-time MBA specialization will help me
amit bansal, depends entirely on your interest. marketing might be a good idea.

Testuser asked, Do you think working for a few years before MBA helps?
amit bansal, It is a very good idea because experienced people are able to apply the learned concepts more easily.

ffgfg asked, Hi Amit.. I have 3.8 Yrs of exp in IT big MNC. I would be completing my corespondance PGDIT from Symbiosis Pune. Will his would help be in future growth or I should look for another options.
amit bansal, All additional qualifications are helpful

tukur asked, Hello Mr. Bansal - An MBA does help if you want to improve your strategic-thinking skills, develop your leadership abilities, and foster managerial effectiveness. Every business needs a manager, whether it is a non-profit organization, a university, or a startup. So even if you are, say, a civil engineer for a government engineering department or a salaried artist at a museum, you can use your technical knowledge and gain a business background to be managers of your company. And if you are an entrepreneur, having an MBA may get you to focus better. BUT having said all that it is not MUST to have an MBA to become a successful enterprenuer or employee.
amit bansal, Absolutely agree with you

rakesh asked, Hi, I am working in International Trading company and the work profile is to generate business for garment exports in Americas and Europe. What MBA would help me, importantly will DISTANT LEARNING" programs will help me?
amit bansal, Marketing, international business might be relevant.

amit bansal, 1. problem solving skills 2. Communication skills 3. Interpersonal skills

danin asked, Hello Mr. Bansal, Thanks for your time. I am an MBA graduate from one of the top schools in Europe. Had worked for two years in Europe and due to the bad economy there, had to come back to India (work permit issues). Here, I am facing problems to connect to the right people as my school doesnt have a well established network and applying online is not helping. Would be great to have some advice !
amit bansal, I would still advise you to keep trying the networking route. Get in touch with some good recruitment consultants

Sumitjdk asked, Sir, I have got admission into FMS part time MBA. What should be my expectations from the course. How would it help my job prospects in the future
amit bansal, Just do your best and try and gain as much as you can from this course.

ss asked, Hi, I am an MBA passed out in 2006, although I have been working in good IT companies but I am working in testing...which seems like an wastage to me. I am pursuing to be a Business - Analyst it is possible to be so? Please suggest any other work-around where I can get a better profile than tester?
amit bansal, Use your MBA degree to get out of this role. do not spend too many years in testing if you dont want to do it forever

Sumit asked, Hi Amit, I have a B Tech from NIT and am working in Software Industry from last 8 years. Currently I am a Project Manager in an MNC at Hyderabad. Have also undergone leadership trainings and have done fair with my responsibilities. Do you think an MBA would help me. I find myself challenged for the need of time to prepare for the exam. Also I am not sure if I am suitable for an MBA now. Please suggest.
amit bansal, You will need to find the time to prepare if you want an MBA from a reputed institute.It will definitely help in your growth

Sagar asked, I am thinking about Ex-MBA for 2.5 years in SCMHRD. I heard its too long and hectic(weekend batches). Doo you think it as a good idea?
amit bansal, Life as a corporate executive is very hectic and you need to get used to it.

Nikhil asked, Hi Amit , Currently i m pursuing EMBA From SIBM Bangalore in operations , and i m having a total 6 years of exp in software . But now i m confused either this degree will help me in my existing career or will it help me in new career in operation field ?.
amit bansal, Normally, your existing career is better enhanced.

Aziz asked, Why an MBA is not enough to get a job
amit bansal, MBA is good enough for some jobs

SRK asked, I am a M.Tech plus B.Tech in mechanical with 4 years of work experience in ESSAR, will an MBA help my career now or shall i do an MBA later in career?
amit bansal, It would be a good idea to do it at this stage.

molu asked, Hello Sir, Iam acting as Vice President-Projects at mid size company ( 5 years exp)and holds a masters degree from IIT bombay/ However I always feels that I should have done MBA for better future . I have got good communication. , presentation and sound analytical skill. can you please suggest that whether I should go for MBA at IIM/ISB or not
amit bansal, Please go ahead. it would enhance your profile.

pagalguy asked, hi sir, how would you rate the employability of MBA graduates from the top B-schools in the country, like the IIMs, FMS, XLRI? Can a student there be sure that he won't face problems in getting commensurate jobs few years down the line in his career?
amit bansal, These students have very high employability levels and normally get their jobs straight out of campus. After a few years though, it is ability that ultimately counts.

Sun asked, Hi Amit.... I have completed 12 years in IT mostly into techincal role and I want to move to a managerial role ....will an MBA be helpful for me and If so under what specialisation ?
amit bansal, MBA in any specialization of your interest would definitely help

Jay asked, Hi i am gaurav.. I have done B.E. and have 3 yrs of experience in govt. organisation .. Now i want to do MBA from abroad .. Will it be helpful to boost my career ??? I want some good view ???
amit bansal, MBA's from reputed colleges abroad might help you get a job abroad.Else, good colleges in India also have great campus placements.

Vishal asked, Hello Sir,I am a Chartered Accountant. I have scored very highly in Financial Management and Info Tech as I have a very strong base in these 2 subjects. How much value would a MBA add to my portfolio?
amit bansal, While Ca is very specific and technical, an MBA in finance will give you a broader view and strong conceptual and management skills

sbs asked, sir, i have completed MBA in HR from sikkim manipal university in 2010. Currently I am working with Indian Navy. Plan to take VRS after 01 year completing 15 yrs of service. Is there any job prospect as regard to my MBA degree. I am having experience in Administration and office management
amit bansal, Please ensure you have a job in hand before you leave the navy

thenappan asked, Hi, I am an BE passed out in 2004, although I have been working in good IT companies but I am working in testing.i need to change my profile of job to more of a mangerial role.Also i am interested in starting my own business venture/entity in near future.what should i do next to achieve that.Please suggest.
amit bansal, Get an MBA Degree.

Ajit asked, I am a btech i civil and currently doing my mba in CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT in NICMAR. My interest mainly lies in finance and valuation of properties. I have no experience. How should i update my knowledge and skills in the coming years?
amit bansal, Try and meet people from your field. You could ask your placement cell to put you in touch with these people and keep in touch with these people.

parik asked, I have done my Engg in Computer Science and worked for IBM for one year. After that I quit my job and did my MBA. Please suggest how can I plan my career now.
amit bansal, Try applying to IBM for a higher level position. Network

rhl asked, hi.i am in 3rd year in physics hons. how good are the prospects if i do an mba?
amit bansal, If you dont want to pursue pure physics, an MBA would be a good idea.

janak asked, Hi Sir, I am doing MBA from IIPM delhi and plan to get into Business but wan to get a work experience first. Is it a good idea? My family already has a well established business and I would be joining the same after sometime. I am not able to decide whether I could join my business directly or go for some job and get work ex??
amit bansal, It is always a good idea to learn from other companies and at a subsequent date, you could apply that knowledge to your own business.

amit bansal says, Thanks for the interest and interaction guys. Hope my inputs were helpful.See you next time

Amit Bansal is a Career Counselor and trainer who heads PurpleLeap, an organisation that works with colleges to make students employment-ready. He is an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur after his engineering at PEC, Chandigarh. He has 10 years of work experience in companies like Asian Paints, Riverrun and Talisma.