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Brazilian with 'world's largest breasts' in coma

February 17, 2011 11:11 IST

Her multiple surgeries seem to have taken an emotional toll on Sheyla Hershey.

A Brazilian woman, who claimed to have the world's largest fake breasts, is reportedly in a coma after a suicide attempt.

Sheyla Hershey, 31, had her KKK-size implants removed in September after suffering an infection during an operation to have them blown up to an even-larger MMM cup, according to Britain's The Sun.

Since then, Hershey, who is married with children, has been distraught, saying that she feels "so ugly" without her breasts.

She was due to have an operation to restore her breasts to size KKK, but she took a lethal dose of prescription pills on the weekend, reports the New York Daily News.

It was the second suicide attempt in two months for Hershey, who currently lives in Houston, Texas.

More and more young people are succumbing to pressure and taking extreme steps to enhance their appearance in a bid to emulate celebs and gain fame. Such drastic measures serve not only to cause physical complications, but take a heavy psychological toll, like in the case of Sheyla Hershey. Share your opinions and experiences in this regard on the message board below.


Source: ANI