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Online PetitionTue Feb 3 13:19:01 2009
Petition:The Authorities should take a strict action against them.To teach them a lesson for a lifetime. Violence is not the solution for anything.And we dont need to learn about women ethics from those who themselves are not aware of even humanity.Behaving like animals and talking about our spiritual customs , its totally absurd. Instead of trying to correct others they should focus on themselves and start from their family first. This kind of cruel behavious towards women should not be entertained and i really hope that someone out there in the Higher Authorities is still working on this issue to make Women prosper here in India with freedom and dignity.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 16:40:19 2009
Petition:Pubbing or celebrating the Valentine's is the expression of the same democratic principles that make each of us a free citizen and that a modern day democracy can be proud of. The manifestations of our freedom being labelled as Westernization of the pure Indian soul is just another bullish attempt at maligning the image of Indian culture and creating internal rifts too.If only the elected leaders of our country can take some time out of their busy schedules and do some governance too. It takes a lot of time and effort for a country to surge ahead, please don't take us so back so soon.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 17:25:20 2009
Name:Vikash Bohara
Petition:I am a 22 year old who has never been to a pub but I fail to understand the mentality of these so called 'protectors of our society'. There is absolutely no leadership in these people who call themselves as 'leaders'. The first rule of leadership is lead by example. Before pointing out fingers at others have you corrected a simple thing of teaching discipline in your organisation? When you agree that the manner of the protest was wrong then please correct yourself first before talking about others. One needs to introspect whether he has been a perfect example for the people. My dear 'activists' understand one simple fact about human psychology you need to inspire your countrymen, dictatorship will not unite but break people. Please focus on much more urgent and important issues in our country. Even today you will find child marriages, torcher on women, dowry system, untouchabilty etc. in our society(And people are forced to follow this atleast nobody is forced to go to the pub). Shri Ram never forced anyone to follow him, he just did what he believed in, people followed automatically. Thats leadership my dear friends. When the question of western culture and indian culture comes, unfortunately it has won over our Indian culture because people have chosen it willingly. Nothing was forced. But by telling this I no where mean to degrade our culture. Not being biased I (Likewise every Indian) believe that Indian culture is the greatest of all. But highlight its greatness rather than enforcing it. Our culture needs to be spread amongst the people.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 18:47:24 2009
Name:Shivangi Varma
Petition:The attitude of all people and parties involved is shocking and reeks of hypocrisy and an archaic attitude towards women. Indian culture has always been a progressive one and therefore the Indian civilization has survived transitions across ages.. Today's so called moral police is just looking for opportunities to prevent change and evolution of the Indian society which will only damage the Indian culture in the long run.. We should not get swayed by the regressive ideas they are trying to sow in the minds of all Indians and should raise our voice against them to tell them that we are living in a free democracy and will not be dictated by the whims and fancies of a few regressive people..

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 19:25:52 2009
Name:Future Prime Minister
Petition:Hi, 1) Where are the so called 'moral policemen when women/girls are getting raped or eve-teased or molested? 2) Pub culture is not Indian culture, fine. But, is beating people up, especially WOMEN, Indian culture? 3) Even if women/girls are dancing nude or semi-nude or in any obscene way INSIDE the pubs, nobody from the OUTSIDE can see them dancing, can they?? This is equivalent to married people being intimate with each other within a house and not in front of everyone. Of course, it can be argued that married ones are different, but, even in pubs, couples who are in love with each other dance with each other! What's their(so called 'moral' policemen) problems? 4) Smoking/Drinking etc TOO are against Indian culture. Why is it that i find ALL the sena activists drinking/smoking/chewing tobacco and spitting on the streets all along their way?? 5) Formal Shirts/Pants are DEFINITELY NOT Indian culture. Whey wear them then? 6) Working for foreign companies is not good for Indian culture and in NO foreign company is Indian culture being followed, ban all the foreign companies and let everyone be jobless and unemployed! There are 50 more things i can come up with and argue about, but i am not so jobless as the sena activists. If people want to enjoy, let them enjoy. If you dont want your kids to enjoy that way, then dont let them. Leave others alone. It is a 'democratic' country and like muthalik can voice his opinions out, similarly those who want to enjoy and freak out, CAN do so!!! P.S: PLEASE send this to the chief minister and MAKE SURE he READS and UNDERSTANDS what i am trying to tell, especially the last line!

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 16:42:01 2009
Petition:I saw the videos of the attack and i could not see any improperly dressed women.... government have to take strict action aginest these kind of attackers....

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 12:44:50 2009
Name:Resham Yewle
Petition:SO ARE WE REALLY FREE? The Mangalore pub attack is extremely outrageous and sends pangs to the hearts of many women all over India.Mahatma Phule may have turned in his grave,little would he have predicted such an incident to happen years after he initiated education of the girl child.Living in a 'globalized' world,we speak of 'a modern fast growing economy'which India is,we speak of how India is no longer an developing nation but already a developed one,of how India stands at the threshold of pushing the world economy when other countries are fighting recession. But isn't this growth just useless when we as 'individuals' are not developing but becoming more and more inhuman?Not to forget intolerant and violent? The country seems to be advancing financially,but as people,we are a 'pitiable species'. If women going to pubs isn't part of Indian culture,then maybe thrashing them is,taking advantage of them on New Year's is.And let me tell you,it has nothing got to do with skimpy clothing.Statistics show how in most rape cases women were wearing 'Punjabi dresses'.No sir,it's not the clothing,it the mindset that even as India develops,it's women should be confined to the 'chulha'.And this is surprising as India itself boasts of women having climbed mountains,driven airplanes and even become the PM.Such hypocrisy is intolerable. Doesn't our Constitution speak of equality of sexes or even human rights? And this sir,is not just exploitation of women alone,but exploitation of human rights.And such perpetrators of the law should be caught and punished. Also,such a mindset which breeds violence,hatred and a complete disrespect for women needs to be shunned at it's very source.Without it not only will we lose respect for ourselves,but we can hardly call ourselves a 'FREE INDIA'

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 17:07:11 2009
Petition:Hindutva ka mazaak banaana band karo.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 17:15:46 2009
Petition:All these politicians deserve to be thrashed and throw out into the space or into some big black hole.No one cares a hoot about this country. During election times they create this drama and if they win they fill their pockets and let India rot away .I can see no future for this country

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 18:19:31 2009
Name:Pramod Dangi
Petition:If this is the RAM RAJYA of a Hinduta Party.. than I guess woman will be better off in RAVAN RAJYA. I never heard that woman were abused in public by its own people in such a way even in Ramayan's Lanka.. SITA had to give the fire test in RAM RAJYA and now that abused happaned in BJP's so called RAM RAJYA.. Regards

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 16:44:44 2009
Name:Swami Kitananda Giri
Petition:We in India have some 60 years ago voiced our collective voice and concerted action for FREEDOM in democracy and chose to elect our reps via ballot and not be forced on local warlords and their whims & fancies like in feudal India and other countries. We have become more mature and been through rough and trying times including "Emergency" etc and still chose this path. This I feel is the way and direction of India. So far the vocalised minority have not been elected in any capacity and we will go by the RULE OF LAW and the Spirit of the Law to reach a different changing face of India of the New generation who has to take it from there onwards. This is what we will leave them. We hope that it is better than when our parents left it to us. WE will not sacrifice our Freedom but choose to be cautious and prudent in dealing with our youth and DO NOT FORGET we have created and shaped them so far- whatever it be. We must stand up for the rights of all and with discernment not to allow abuse of any kind or might to dominate and abuse any as our prized CONSTITUTION has laid out our cause for this to be maintained. May GOD of truth whom all seem to look up to and worship assist us in this major and life long struggle. Let not the God of money and blind power win for all our good. Let us not Talibanise India but keep a good balance on our Indian values also for the sake of our great nation.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 16:45:58 2009
Petition:I happen to see the video of the girls being manhandled by theses so called moral police, I have two teen age daughters, they have their freedom to a level if they are indulging in any immoral activities we parents are there to take care of them to advise them to do what is good and what is bad and no one has right to control them or to manhandle them, I strongly condemn the act and request the so called care takers of the Government to see that such things do no happen to our girls. Roby

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 16:46:46 2009
Name:Devalin Sarkar
Petition:In a Democratic society like ours, as long as we are not doing any harm to others, it's within our rights to do whatever we want to. He just said it in a very bad and ill-mannered way but this is a view that majority of us endorses as well. The morons who commit such heinous acts in the name of 'moral policing' should be punished severely. The fact of the matter is, there is a particular set of people who support such heinous acts like the ones happened in Mangalore. Some politicians supporting this kind of 'moral policing' can't just digest the fact that today's youth is exposed to a much more affluent and luxurious lifestyle than they could have imagined in their youths. It's just sheer jealousy, nothing else. Also, there are some people in this country who don't have access to pubs, good restaurants, grand lifestyle, and most importantly "company of female friends" ... even though they fantasize, desire and dream about having these. But because of their lowliness and lack of character, they don't get these. Hence, they hurt those who have the privilege of having these. It boils down to the story of the HAVEs and HAVE-NOTs again. The HAVE-NOTs are always jealous of the HAVEs and they always try to hurt/abuse them. All this talk about "Indian Culture" is total rubbish. Raping foreign tourists and killing them is Indian Culture. Burning Christian Missionaries alive along with their families and children is Indian Culture. Burning churches is Indian Culture. Banning women from entering certain temples is Indian Culture. But having a nice evening out with friends in a pub is AGAINST Indian Culture. People who endorse such views and acts should be shot/ hanged publicly.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 17:04:09 2009
Petition:This is a farce being played out by In the msg board, it is blocking msgs from viewers who are expressing outrage at the Mangalore outrage. Without anyone reporting "abuse", without printing the msg, its sent for "review". Is this a joke on civil society.??

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 17:07:43 2009
Petition:It is only in India that we are fighting in the name of so called culture . We want to oppress our own women in homes and watch FTV and oogle and rape every woman possible. Why not men learn to first drink responsibly. And if drinking is such a big problem then why not stop selling Cigarettes and alcohol altogether. And why is it only for women that we have all these rules or is it that you medical science tells that alcohol reacts differently to women. The truth is all these politicians use jobless youth by giving them money to create issues out of nothing and trouble educated and responsible people. next time someone does this to you beat them black and blue then and there so much so that no one ever dares to touch any other woman again. Stop all this nonsense about Indian culture and ethos and first think about the economy that is going to dogs.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 17:20:31 2009
Name:Mr. Shareen Batcha
Petition:This incident happened to get noticed by these useless guys in the name of God. People who speak about culture never look at their back yard, I request political parties not to make this as election point. Women must be treated in a proper manner in public. Law should be passed if people harass others for their benefit but be shot from behind to show the world they are cowards. Liberty should be given but people must know the limits what is right and what is wrong. Parents need to control things, not goondas. Ban all religious outfits. Police need to act fast. Total system is corrupt, we need emergency which will change things. Law created 1947, is very old, we need change. It is becoming very frustrating where to live in my home country. God please help us.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 18:19:51 2009
Petition:Why so much brohaha over it. Many a times men have been beaten at country shops at Haryana, Punjab etc. Why so much cry if is reverse this time.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 18:44:57 2009
Name:Ranjjet Marwa
Petition:What media is projecting is utterely non sense except what SRS did(that to excessively).It is not a genderbased issue.Youth is being misguided by UPA and media which is under UPAs influnce.SO STOP MISGUIDING YOUTH OF INDIA JUST FOR THE SAKE OF VOTES AND IT IS SAMEFUL OF UPA TO SAY THAT PROFITS DERIVED FORM ALCOHOL SALE HAVE DECREASED IN KARNATAKA.We must BAN alcohol and cigratte for both men and women.I think is rather intrested inmoney rather than health of youth.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 19:04:23 2009
Name:ekta singh
Petition:the constitution has given the women equal rights as men. nowhere in indian religious text has been given the permission or sanction of thrashing women in the name of god, culture or tradition. mangalore episode reflects the still strong hold and impact of patriarchy in our society. the very idea that women can also go to the pub is not digested by the same people whose brat sons would be going the same place and eve teasing! why donít then these so called moral policemen and saviors of indian culture come and raise their voice against violence against women. may be its not in their 'culture'! shame on them.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 19:38:41 2009
Name:Shrawan Khade
Petition:" Crime is Crime" Punish those Law breaking people & Ban them immedietly.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 19:39:00 2009
Name:Amit Raj
City:New Delhi
Petition:This is a very shameful act. No one has the right to set himself up as arbiter of public behaviour. These guys should be punished in public.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 19:39:31 2009
Petition:everyone has freedom to live. nobody can have right to do this thing.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 20:20:20 2009
City:Middle East
Petition:Indian women except in certain community enjoy all the freedom in India . There are sporadic incidences happening in our country for which do not blame a Party, Religion and not politicize the issue. Attack against women is a matter of concern and to a great extent only women themselves can solve it with a courageous mind. The saddest part is that the media is biased making the matters worse by giving distorted news and certain news are telecasted giving extra mileage. Women should show more courage like Mam Nalini Netto in Kerala. One can understand how grave the situation is, even a senior IAS officerís case of sexual assualt by a Minister (took place in 1999) is still pending in the Court of Law even after many years and she didnít get justice till date. Another case of molesting Lakhmi Gopakumar, a T V anchor by a former Kerala minister is hanging around in courts. ( took place in 2006). So justice is delayed and justice is being denied to women. It is a fact that women were being mindlessly victimized in every part of our country. Many women who are trapped by Sex racket, and cheated by lovers end up their lives and the real culprits escape because there is no evidence against these unscrupulous people of the society. For the sufferings of Indian women and female kids who are being sold and forced to do sex work, and who fell in the trap, I request Ms.Rnuka Chowdhary to do something rather than politicizing the issue. No one will disagree that all the money made through unlawful means ends up in beer bars, pubs and brothels. We can stop the evil ďCurruptionĒ which is a cancer to our society by putting ban on dance bars and eliminating brothels. But Bar business being major revenue to a few state governments and political leaders/parties, who is going to ban it. The young generation is living in all luxury, they want more money (by whatever means) to enjoy life with wine , women and drugs. Poor parents are really finding it difficult to meet both ends and some resort to bribes for this. Taking the slogan ď Why should only guys have all the funĒ, more women have started using drinks,fag and drugs. They all feel having boyfriend, dating with them is a privilege. Many encourage living relationship and didnít find anything wrong in it. They think the modern women should behave like this. They think this is life and freedom. The Media and Filim Industry are really encouraging and exploiting the young generation which they donít actually realize.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 20:22:12 2009
Name:Aman Zaidi
Petition:This is what comes from voting extremists into power! Stay away from the saffron brigade. They constantly go against our Constitution! Against the very ideas that make us India!!

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 21:24:59 2009
Name:Nirmal Kumar Ganguly
Petition: Our country is democratic country. But it does not mean women given equal status. They should respect Our culture, which means women should be decently dressed without any revealing. Secondly due to BPO and Call centre culture even the innocent girl of 18 yrs lured to drinking which she never done in her life. In company party girls asked to dance with senior. Due to think this is permisible in the name of call centre. So we should ban all this in BPO and other Company. So that we dont give chance to pollute our culture and we dont come to such a extent that people had to take law. So we should sanitise this thing in the company. We dont see such thing in other asian country. So we should respect and opt for our culture and avoid this Rage,

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 22:01:44 2009
Petition:Rights of Indian citizens were violated. That is the most important aspect of this incident. What pride can expect for this country if we don't take pride in upholding the rights of it's citizens? Completely disgusting incident.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 22:34:50 2009
Petition:I strongly oppose the same. I"m sad I had voted for BJP.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 22:57:06 2009
Petition:The mob should be severly dealt with. A rape incident in Noida also displayed a similar mindset. The boys argued in their defense that the girl was in a "compromising" position with her friend that led to her rape by them. The pretext that the mob in this case gives is that the girl was "improperly dressed". Thank God they did not resort to rape. I would like to tell all of them that you are noone to judge for us if we are wearing good or bad. neither you are anyone to impose your wishes on us of what should we wear, or where should we go. All this displays a "parasitc" social midset. In this era of globalisation when the economy has opened and cultures have mixed you cannot expect things to reverse. When boys are free, why cant the girls be. I just want to say that noone has the right to even touch a girl or abuse her "even if she is wearing a skirt up to her neck".

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 23:24:22 2009
Petition:Yes! Do not talibanise the country.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 23:31:42 2009
Petition:We do not need moral guardians to tell us what is wrong and what is right. Culture is an ever evolving entity. If we stuck to only what our ancestors did, we would still be wearing animal skins (that was the culture for early man), hunting animals in the wild and eating raw meat!! Why is police time being wasted on such non issues?!! We have so many other pressing matters on hand. What gives a small group of people the right to determine and enforce what is Indian culture!! Isn't this what the Taliban is doing in Afghanistan? India is such a vast country that, to give definition to its culture is insulting it!! Coming to the issue of drinking and smoking. I remember both my grannies used to be fond of a tipple as well as chewing paan. They lived in villages all their lives and were well respected for their wisdom and values. How is it then any different from girls going to pubs? Every girl who gets drunk in a pub is not going to sleep with a guy!! I do not know when we in this country will start seeing girl-guy friendships as something that can be platonic and not always with sexual undertones!! We definitely need a lot of growing up and maturing to do. Our collective mindset seems to be stuck in a time warp.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 23:45:09 2009

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 00:02:59 2009
Name:Bedraj Tripathy
Petition:This is what I call political terrorism. Compare them with all the ten Qasabs that almost killed Bombay from VT to Vile Parle and the paths in between. They had two key objectives, one, instill fear of terrorism and two, get media mileage to get a career. The people who want to Talibanize India have the same objectives. Terrorize people and gain publicity for the forth coming elections. How much ever we say here that we should not vote for them, there is larger mass of Talibans who will vote for them, coz they do not even know that these goons will bring with them once they are in power. Only way is to cut their air supply off for good. These parties should be treated exactly as terrorists and be banned from participating in elections. Does anyone have any idea how to stop them from participating - think practical ways... I for one, do not know how! Also remember, the head of the party that created havoc in Mangalore, was released on bail (later arrested again for some other crap), since the courts did not see his party's contribution to be bad enough!!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 00:49:49 2009
Name:Raj Kumar
Petition:Mr B S Yeddyurappa stop these goons and anti-socials . These thugs are bigger danger than terrorists and need to be put in jail asap.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 01:27:52 2009
Petition:This act is hooliganism. My concern is not just that this happened, but what now? These culprits go to jail, get released and continue their actions. Who is going to stand against them? We need to be more involved in political process. Form a youth political party and reform our society. If we take this lying down, who knows what's next ?

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 01:33:34 2009
Petition:We've repeatedly heard from numerous public figures that "nobody will be allowed to take the law into their hands"; my question is what law were the women breaking? And who, actually, was breaking the law here? If the girls were indeed taking drugs, then was the anti-narcotics cell of the Karnataka Police sleeping? The CM states that "pub culture" is wrong. I would like to know what he defines as pub culture. Now a small percentage of urban beer drinkers has become more threatening to our culture than those alcoholics who regularly visit arrack and wine shops, throw away all their money, only to return home and beat up their families? The CM has also stated that the Government will seriously consider banning the Sri Ram Sena only if they continue to cause such disturbances in the future. Pramod Muthalik has more than 45 cases pending against him, recently lauded the Malegaon bombings saying "they were just the trailer", indulges in divisive politics under the name of religion and culture, and recently masterminded the attack on a pub in Mangalore where around 40 men barged into a pub and assaulted, harassed and molested the women present. Does the Government really need any further reason to ban this group and sentence Muthalik to a long term behind bars? As for our honourable leaders talking about how their deadlines have helped to stop crimes, all I have to say that crimes are in fact on the rise in many parts of Karnataka. A ban on alcohol can be implemented, if needed, but a deadline on nightlife or a ban on pubs just does not make sense. That is equivalent to saying that crimes will not happen if everyone locked themselves up in their houses. Is this the next directive that's going to be issued by the BJP? It's certainly easier than protecting the citizens isn't it?

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 02:48:51 2009
Name:Noopur Srivastav
City:New Jersey
Petition:This is the most shameful thing that could've been done in the name of Hinduism. Ram Sena should be banned and all these men should get life imprisonment if not death sentence. Hinduism preaches respect for women and not an assault on them!

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 02:52:34 2009
Petition:The incident is absurd. The boys who took such an action are they completely aware of the hinduism? Involving in such an offense and giving it the name of religion is awful. Laying more and more rules for women by men has not stopped even now. Hinduism does not recommend alcohol even by men. Do these boys have guts to do such an atrocity even on men?

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 03:42:42 2009
Petition:This is absolutely ridiculous. We are a democratic country. Why different rules for men and women? They are obviously not against pub culture..they are just against pub culture for women. What is the difference between the Taliban and these men? Govt should take strong action so that this kind of thing is not repeated.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 05:45:14 2009
Name:Dispin John
City:Melbourne, Australia
Petition:I think what is happening in Mangalore and in many other cities in India is outrageous and needs to be condemned by the public as unacceptible. Goons like these think that the people in general approve of their acts because there is no public outcry and the politicians are only happy to stand back and watch. It is time to act and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Who are these fellows to tell us what we should wear and where we should go? Do they have the guts to tell the politicians the same? India is a democracy and not a country run by the likes of TALIBAN. I am seriously afraid that we are travelling in that direction and so are many thinking Indians.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 06:03:36 2009
Petition:Put an end to this brutal behaviour by political outfits who perpetrate violence int he name of religion and culture.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 06:12:53 2009
Name:vivek kak
Petition:This act by Ram Sena activists is a mockery of democracy and religion . On one hand we say that we are emerging as a strong economy but elements like those is a shame on our society. Let people lead their own life . Who are they to impose their fictitious religious beliefs on people. Why do we then need Law and Order and police in general. It is a shame on Government and the ppl who vote them -Vivek

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 06:26:54 2009
City:New Delhi
Petition:Strict Action against the goons!

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 06:36:43 2009
Petition:who has given the rights as to how i want to live in the so called civilised society.are these people ram bhakta.what do they know of ramayana.put they behind the bars under molestation law,and whip them in front of their wife ,children mother father and friends.they should reliase once and for all,they are idiots and imbecile and nothing more. i am sure if given a chance these same males will not hesitate to rape if opportunity arises. nalin

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 06:47:31 2009
Petition:I feel ashamed of my culture. Government really needs to stand up and do something about this kind of infringement upon our rights, after all we are HALF the population. I can understand not everybody agreeing to young gals/guys going to pub but violence?? Two wrongs does not make one right!!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 06:48:23 2009
Petition:I feel ashamed. Government really needs to stand up and do something about this kind of infringement upon our rights, after all we are HALF the population. I can understand not everybody agreeing to young gals/guys going to pub but violence?? Two wrongs does not make one right!!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 06:55:45 2009
Name:Dr. Rajendra Nayak
City:Thane - 400 610
Petition:I am a hardcore Atheist from my childhood and I salute my mother who brought her children up like this. We have been protesting against every atrocity against women by any religious group and every Indian woman should have her rights. Why should a woman change her name and a suffix of the husband after her marriage? Many of these things are unanswered. The so called cultural upkeep policemen are doing nonsense and the government is not taking any action at the centre nor the states. Take the case of MNS of Maharashtra. They attack North Indian men, women and children.The Central and State governments keep quiet. Help the Atheists and the Rationalist to spread the message that every body is just a human being who has come only once on this planet and allow every body to have their own choice and freedom.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 07:07:41 2009
Name:Soma D
Petition:Stop maligning Hindu religion.No culture or religion could promote or support violence against women.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 07:19:30 2009
Petition:The main problem is isolating woman in attacking them. That is a criminal act. But for that, I fully agree our culture is spoiled with these people (men or women) going to such places and drinking, immorally moving with men and viceversa, even married women in the name of freedom behave immorally,wife cheating husband and is all degradation of society in the name of women/men freedom. Government itself is encouraging by allowing pubs/drinking/public smoking etc.. There must be a proper uniform education system inculcating values and responsibilty to individuals.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 07:25:03 2009
Name:Debasis Roy
Petition:I dont go to pubs. I think going to pub or not going should be at the discretion of any free citizen of the country, not some self declared entity for preservation of my religion. These people are not trying to preserve Hinduism but just managing to malign the spirit of Hinduism which is an open religion that has kept up with time and has been continuously changing keeping pace with the world. Unlike Islam, which binds its followers to its centuries old principles, Hinduism is a open religion which is the essence of the religion. The people are doing a great disservice to the cause they claim to be espousing

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 07:30:47 2009
Petition:Simple deal: They beat up girls..they should get beaten up by girls.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 07:32:37 2009
Name:Shashank Shekhar
Petition:There is no entity in the universe who can claim to be more righteous than another. It's all in the interpretation. Live and let live!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 07:33:20 2009
Petition:Hi, I also agree all such kind of parties / organization should be banned. Also people behind this activities should be sentenced "hang till death". But I have number of questions here 1) when some muslims kazi announce to wear burkha in kashmir either u r hindu or muslim girl and force fully they do....then where were this media and these women who are shouting now? 2) If we are seeing those goons are taking law in their hands and playing with laws and all of these girls who gave their statements do not faith in minister they why u can't take law in ur hands and play with law? go to those goons and show them your power of unity...... If such kind of goons will be killed by a mass ....all other goons won't interfere in some one else life... Its not a time to shout. Its time to take action...assemble large number of people and go to hit these goons....don't be sit and don't make statement ...its time to take action

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 07:50:18 2009
Name:vijay singh
Petition:cane these kind of people with a hard stick.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 07:59:46 2009
Petition:As a Hindu I am ashamed of the conduct of, so called guardians of Hindu Culture to attack women in uncivilized manner. Culture is not static, it is dynamic, it is not static, it grows. May I ask the perpetrators of the crime, 'How many of them had read Sanskrit, the store house of our religion and culture?" I condemn such unruly behavior.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:16:16 2009
Petition:these acts should be punished severly

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:16:45 2009
Petition:It should be treated as a crime whoever goes into the way of a boy/girl whos act whatever that is legal is acceptabl to their parents. According the hinduism ones mother and father are considered above even god.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:18:22 2009
Petition:Attack on women is not to be compared with fair or not. Its crime, in my opinion the people who attack on women can not be considered as human. They are animals and can be treated like animals.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:29:24 2009
Petition:Dear CM, Kindly take severe action against these activists. Pls. ban them, they are no less than terrorists. On the name of relegion and culture they block our freedom of people. Democracy is our strong weapon on which we are able to progress steadily. These activists are hindarance to it. Regarads, Shan

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:34:20 2009
Petition:This is purely un-accepatable. we womens are bearing all this for ages for the sake of family, religion or society. Now is the time to Change, Awake and Demand. There should be strict laws for any kind of violant act against women and court timing should be lesser, womens are no less then men in any field , why men is not accepting it? and trying to demoralise us with these kind of stpid actions. And who are these sena shri ram sena, these kind of groups should be banned like TALIBAN, as they are no less then them. What do want to tell the other commiunity about their religion. If this is hinduism then I can't respect your religion.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:36:08 2009
Petition:what happened in mangalore is certainly not acceptable to our culture in mangalore. it was well planned and the media was present with perfect positions to shoot thier so called "movie". It shows it is politically motivated and the police have hands with it. if Ram Sene and all other Sene's want to safe guard the culture, let them join Indian Army and fight the terrorism. When the terrorists are existing in India, how can we expect Pakistan to handover terrorists to us? Let the Indian Government do the capturing work of these inside terrorists of our country. The worst terrorism we are facing is from within our country. it is certainly Talibanization of India. let us unitedly fight against this act of Talibanization. if we do not act now, it will act on us.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:38:49 2009
Name:Marathi T

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:46:06 2009
Name:Rajan A
Petition:Its a shame on our Indian CULTURE to treat females in a bad shape. What theses SENE/SENA are doing is against our culture. We,real INDIANS, should punish these IDIOTS in such a way that the whole life they should remember about it.More over , what are the qualificatios of these . Are they taking care of their own family? I request the authorities to question their female family members to know the true color of these people. Our politicians are blind and they are not at all good for the public. They are not bothered as what is happening with the ordinary public. They work only for their welfare and vote banking.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:47:18 2009
Name:Seshadri Dehalisan
City:Minnesota, MN
Petition:This is unfair and how could we let this happen in India? This is really frustrating and casting India in very poor light, perhaps right fully so unless we change our behaviour and ensure safety for women.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:51:03 2009
Petition:IF electricity comes from electron, Does morality comes from moron????

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 08:52:51 2009
Petition:I hope the govt does something about this and not let it slide! How dare ppl take law in their hands -- isn't that why we have a govt in the first place?

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 09:04:43 2009
Petition:I am an Indian and Hindu by relegion. Amazingly seeing those pics i felt as if we Hindu's have lost our Identity, Funny to read that people wana bring moral policing by incedents like these, The real cause is there sick minds,people like those who attacked young women are those who would be most rapist or real anti social element of society. I don't know how can we handle these stupid minded people who made me ashamed when they destroyed babri maszid and created such a hatred wave that my brothers have taken path of terrorism and now this stupidy which has again indicated that people like me who want to live there life on there own terms should not live in India, Thats the reason Dream USA Dream Singapore and Dream out of west is so bright It was not my choice to be Hindu and not there's but its my choice to live life the way i want. I want our paralyzed government to react actaully how can this government react. Terrorsist kill us people take law in hands and teh government just sits on table to clap frustated with India. Frustated with my Identity Indian

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 09:14:06 2009
Petition:Lets not Talibanise India... Lets Americanise it. "That" will prove that "Hum bhi modern hai!" Lets all drink, wear minimal clothes, drug ourselves, have illicit sex... etc etc - "That" will make us a free & cultured country. Education, discipline, righteousness... thats so obsolete.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 09:17:01 2009
City:New York
Petition:I would say that this kind of unruly behavior of these so called relgious fudamental activist is immoral and against the character and principals of the religon that they say are patronizing. This is all politics of which they and the leaders of these parties should be ashamed of. These kind of gons and their leaders should be put behind the bars for ever. Who gave them the right to tell other as what the other should do in this secular country. Girls have a fundamental right to indulge in every lawful activity and last time i check the constitution i didnt find going to pub is unlawful.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 09:29:59 2009
Petition:ban them

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 09:34:44 2009
Petition:INDIAN WOMEN CULTURE An Article appeared in DINAMALAR, regarding the culture value and women of India. (02/02/09). This paper lashes the cancer in society as long as, the other side involved, are weaker than the paper-strength. Of course, viewed from, its required obligations to society, the article is absolute, however if it is universal its laudable. Anyway, this aptitude is only a passing remark ď nirai kakum kappeven seyyum Maglir nirai kakkum kappe thalaiĒ (Tirukkural)(Tamil in English) Under the constitution of India, every citizen, including women has the right to apparel, living and leading life to his/her liking, within the boundary of permitted under law. The law had equally permitted for expressions for and against, in a democratic way. However what we saw in Mangalore is more than a terrorist attack and indecent to the core of Male youth in a hotel. This goes to show that itís a male dominated society and all rules are written by males. Women are the strongest in society, better than males, who donít know about their strength, like an ELEPHANT. Drinking, dancing and dating have come to stay in our society. Who prompted this? Men folks lead the front. Women showed the path. Men wanted to see the neighbor naked but not his woman. Here the contradiction had arisen. Women has all charms, a finer creation of GOD and she will shake the kingdom; men knew about it but wanted them to become their prey except, his own women who shall guard her chastity; we quote the outcome here as from western culture; but we forgot that women whereever they are viz IN India /western/Arabia have the same set of standard procedures; if women are respected they respect in turn your honor; but you cannot depict them as your pleasure-public-pots; the women turn hostile; as long as it does not touch your interests, you are not bothered, I mean Men-folks; that is why prostitution is deeply rooted; when his daughters and wives turn to a life of proximity men start thinking about INDIAN CULTURE. Ramakrishna Parama hamsa was met by a lady who wanted her child to be advised to refrain from eating lot of sweets. Parama Hamsa directed her to come along with the child after a fortnight. On that day Parama Hamsa preached to the child about the bad effects of swrrts and the mother asked that this could have been done a fort-night ago. Ramakrishna said that she was right but he himself was fond of sweets and one who preaches shall practice first and so he took time. MEN SHALL PRACTICE BEFORE PREACHING ABOUT THE INDIAN CULTURE. . Men write stories of women and sex in sweet style. Men produce paintings and pictures depicting women as a sex object. Men produce films where women are portrayed as a voluptuous creature always thinking about nothing but sex. In television serials, men project women as having two husbands or they are two women in men life. Men draw pictures in Magazines with women fully exposed. All cine songs are written with sex as the basic instinct as expressed by women. Men politicians treat women as second in line but needed for votes bank to attract men .Men force the women to do the age old profession. What women can do? They have to survive. Unashamedly women condescend to the wishes of men, After all these things MEN TALK ABOUT INDIAN CULTURE WITH SHAMELESS FACE!!! The News papers and Magazines, TVs and Media, filmdom and its fraternity fashion shows did not contribute a dime to stop this non-sense and in the contrary, give lot of exposures to society. Every medium are flesh sellers who make lot of money out of women. Men booze and make merry with women but protect his women folks into a shelter. Will the producer of the film make his daughter dance in a film and shoot as he does with cine-stars? AND THESE MEN IN RAM SENA SHOUT ABOUT INDIAN CULTURE AND BEAT WOMEN!! Beating women is not our culture. Youth who created an act of terrorism in Mangalore should have moral-turpitude, or else they will not act in this manner. The article from where this view is expressed is good but will it stop publishing cinema malar, cine news and articles of distaste? Will this kind of paper write similar articles against Film and TV industries shallow aptitude? Will it make a movement against Politicle gimmicks on women? Will it ask men to change the focus and wear a new glass to respect women? When all these things happen we can speak about INDIAN CULTURE, TAMIL CULTURE ETC. Unfortunately, to conclude finally, itís a pity that women are prepared to expose for pleasure and penny and no women forum raise their voice to put a stunning halt. First let men who created the vandalism at Mangalore be severely punished E(N)DE (GURUVA)YURAPPA.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 09:43:21 2009
Name:Sanjay KS
Petition:Women should be treated with dignity. We live in a country where men and women should be given equal freedom. Such acts on women should be takem seriously and the SENA people have to be put behind bars. harassing women is not protecting our culture. And why does all these rules apply to only women? Men also go to pubs. Protecting culture is about respecting each other , not hitting people.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 09:50:08 2009
Name:Cherian John Philip Manamel
Petition:Religion is no cover up for crime Its true that the police and home ministry do not wish to hurt the Religious sentiments However they should not be blind to crimes done in the name of religion. Please make this place a safer place for us.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 09:58:25 2009
Petition:I have read a lot of criticism on the Sena on attacking a pub in Mangalore. But now there are reports that the pub was not at all a pub. It was actually a bar tendering its service to a logde customers, and was illegally arranged as a pub and dealing with drugs & drinks and illegally luring boys & girls to enjoy there. When the sena went there on request by the general public, the members were not allowed in. After arguments with the pub people, the sena in a fit of anger took to the extreme step and the result all have seen. The family of the youth who were at the pub at the time of the attack are hiding their faces out of shame and keeping away from the police and media. Now who is to be blamed? Let all those who criticized Sena give a reply now.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 10:06:57 2009
Petition:How can a democracy allow this kind of a behavior from a group of individuals versus another? How is this upholding our great constitution? Is excercising freedom subjected to someone elses wishes and constraints? Why does India keep failing its promise every now and then? When will we as a society come to accept that women have a life and a viewpoint, not to mention freedom to excercise their constitutional rights? When will Indian men in general come to accept the place of the modern Indian women in the society? No, I am not a feminist..I am just a regular proud Indian guy who feels sorry for Dr. Ambedkar, everytime civil liberties are violated in open without any action being taken against them. Please do not let this incident go by without strict action against the guilty. I think there is enough evidence, now the question is can the leaders do the right thing when its time to do the right thing?

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 10:08:15 2009
Name:Cool Chandra Thakur
Petition:I feel this DASTARDLY attack was staged by UPA to discredit its opposition. How come Media was present in Full Force BEFORE the attack happened on Mangalore Pub, ready to tape the whole scene ?? With all the advance information they had about the attack, they felt it right to station multiple camera crews from different angles but NOT TO CALL THE POLICE ??? These are all staged dramas so that people are distracted from REAL ISSUES like ECONOMY, Price Rise, TERROR ATTACKS, MP Horse-Trading, Future PM Partying During Terror Attacks etc.. Do we even have an independant media in this country, OR only lackeys of a scheming ruling party?

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 10:26:14 2009
City:San Jose
Petition:If they are so worried about the culture, why not just legalize the whole liquor policy so that only the ones over 21 and above have access to it. Penalize and punish the pubs that server liquors to anyone under-age. Anybody over 21 should be free to do whatever they want and the government has no right to moral police anyone, let alone beat young folks up. And if the pub culture is indeed bad, then I suggest they close every liquor shop out there and not be hypocritical by targeting the new generation only.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 10:31:21 2009
Petition:Most of the politician's or the so called guardianís of the Hindu culture are saying nowadays that they are against the PUB CULTURE. Well is the pub culture or is the drinking culture. It's not necessary that people going end up drinking alcohol. Pub is a place to socialize in this modern world for the Young generation. These so called Rakhwalas of Hindu culture need to know that there are more liquor shops in the every localities then the number of pub. Why don't they first stop them and then move on to the PUBís? In Bangalore you i have seen more liquor shop's then milk parlors where you will find people drinking on the streets to there glory and that's something which is our Hindu culture as per these CULTURE COP's because you will never find them stopping this. They are bunch of Hypocrites. No religion teaches us to do violence or to forcibly implement your views, especially in Hinduism it is never said that to behave like a dictator. The actual meaning of Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma which means everlasting, this religion is driven by the dharma, karma and the reincarnation. Why do in my life is what I get in my life then who are these people to come and punish me. Our politicianís and the Honorable CMís should have thought once before simply uttering that line ďI am against this PUB cultureĒ, they never stop drinking in there private parties, is that what the Hinduism teach them???

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 10:31:32 2009
Petition:Poliicians, such as these ppl, will do harm to anyone to be in the news. thats what they want....... what if this politician has a daughter who too is beaten somewhere else.what he will do? the only punishment is to beat him in public.......... i know abt all these non-violence etc., but i cudnt stop my anger here........How come advani came to destroying a mosque, playing with ppl emotions and came to power.......hey stop.......dont think i am a muslim here and against hindus....i am against all these ppl. i read all meditation books, still i feel helpless in such situations.......Very good question - tomorrow our family will be affected and we cannot just look this as another incident.police/judge/government need to take strict action here....

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 10:36:13 2009

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 10:37:18 2009
Name:Philip George
Petition:This is all politic's and dirty politics... What happened to voice after 26/11 attack on mumbai Nothing... We go on... and this political party will do what they want... All these .... should know they are on that place because we ... invited them... Crap Crap.......

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 10:41:02 2009
Name:Rino Suren
Petition:What we have seen is an act of cowardliness. I have been stressing continuously in various discussions that these anti-social elements should be dealt with seriously. But what we have been seeing is that the government has never lived up to its promise. Those goons are now out on bail and enjoying themselves. It's high time we stopped relying on the government and the law. India will never change with uneducated and uncivilized politicians ruling her. Itís about time we see young faces coming into the system instead of outdated grandfathers. The Gandhian days are over. We cannot fight these crimes without a weapon. Let us stand tall and fight back. We will not remain mute spectators to such incidents. We will retaliate for we are Independent and we decide how to live our life and no one has the right to stop us. This is the beginning of a new era. ďChangeĒ is what we need and it is us who can bring about this ďChangeĒ.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 10:46:54 2009
Name:Kainaaz Patel
Petition:It is shameful,and we all know that, but yet such acts do take place. In Mumbai, MNS & Shiv Sena goons and activist who think that whatever they say or do is right and they are the one to decide who and which communtiy will reside in Maharashtra and Mumbai and in Mangalore Sri Ram Sena again think of themselves to be Hindu and talk about the culture.They should be asked that "DOES HINDU/ INDIAN CULTURE PERMIT TO RAISE HANDS ON WOMEN?"

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 11:09:40 2009
Name:Shareef Moideen
Petition:Raising hands on women is not justified by any means, the so Ė called protector of Indian culture are insulting Indian tradition, going t pub is individual choice no one has nor can have the right to be moral police. We are living in India the worldís largest democracy. Please ban the organization that is behind this ugly incident.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 11:16:02 2009
Petition:Attacking on women is not our culture... and attackers are not practicing hinduism at all. Please do not blame our great religion as respecting women (Shakti) is first priority...

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 11:18:59 2009
Petition: We cannot accept these kind of attacks. It should be stopped at any cost. What they think?, who are they to decide about 'Hindu culture'?. Whether it is against Female or male, It should be treated in the same way. As a hindu ' I FEEL ASHAMED OF IT'.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 11:39:03 2009
Petition:What ever happened in Mlore is not at all acceptable in a civilised soceity. This is not definitely the way to protect our culture. Nobody has the right to hit another person, especially when the families of these children themselves are not bothered. The culprits need to be dealt with by a strong punishment.If the government is not in a position to punish them, it's better the people does in a way they feel fit and think upon bringing down the government.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 11:44:22 2009
Name:Eugenia Nazareth
Petition:'Attack on Women in Mangalore Pub' in the name of religion and culture is outragious and unacceptable. Please enforce laws of the land so that individuals/groups don't take the liberty of moral policing of general public. We don't need Talibanisation of India please. Concerned citizen of India

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 11:53:33 2009
Petition:if these so called protector of the indian culture could attack eveteaser rapist,dowry demanding fly,they could be doing a favour to our Indian Culture.Or else these people should be put in the Indian Army & sent to the Indian borders to fight the terrorist for MINIMUM 2years

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 11:56:28 2009
Name:tanmay shrivastava
City:san fransisco
Petition:The cowardly and shameful act in the name of protecting india's 'culture' is a shocking to say the least. Well if the so called "pub culture" is not Indian then how can one explain that the beating up of young girls by a so called group:protectors of hinduism is. Actually rather than calling them Sri ram sena , they should call them selves h*** ki sena....well wait...infact this would be an insult to h*****.Getting in a group targetting and molesting young individual girls in the name of teaching our youths a lesson and creating terror among the pub going public is never ever going to get our youth on the 'right' track. These groups like Sri Ram Sena etc...and hooligans supported by parties like MNS and Shivsena....who claim to reflect and protect hindu sentiments(and are experts in getting into mobs and targetting helpless individuals...remember the valentines day incidents,bashing up north indians during railway exams,sending off pakistani artists etc) should be told that first of all nobody in this country has given them the rigths to do so. If that was the case they would have been in power. Agreed that the whole argument of whether pub culture is good or not is debatable.But India is supposed to be a DEMOCRATIC country and we should let educated adults decide for themselves what they want.People are FREE to do what they want and choose in a democracy as long as they follow the law.Why dont these parties address more serious issues such as child labour/trafficing ,prostitution and thrash up people who accept bribes(RTO,govt officers,politicians), demand dowry, divide people in the name of caste/colour/region/religion. The manner in which such things need to be handled are of utmost importance.Terror can only produce a tense and a rebellious atmosphere.The correct way would be to show the negatives of pub culture,alcohol, cigaratte etc by showing the positives of leading a healthy life,focusing ones energy on personal and national growth.Rather than beating up girls and imposing restrictions on youth , why not oppose and ban the consumtion of alcohol altogether(again debatable).And why only the girls are to be barred...what 'punya' did boys do that they got a license to drink? I just hope,wish and believe that the Indian youth will very soon realise that they are being mislead in the name of religion. The modern Indian youth is educated and mature enough to make his own decision and choice. Thus they should strongly reject and suppress any attempts to 'terrorize/talibanize' and misguide the public.Especially any attempts to divide the public and disturb Indias unity in the name of culture/caste/region/religion/gender/age group.We are the people of a country where Mahatma Gandhi was born...lets stop this dada-giri and promote his principles of love-respect to all,honesty and non-violence.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 11:58:17 2009
Petition:Nobody has the rights to command other people's life .... If anybody thinks that something woring / illegal is happening , then it needs to be dealt/ informed to the concerned / right people .... Misbehaving with women is completely unacceptable ... By such act , they (hooligans)are bringing a bad name to their own organisation and o the entire nation ..... They need to be beaten black & blue and thought a lesson , so that nobody else will even dare to do such a cowardly act

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 12:22:33 2009
Name:sajith marakar
Petition:Attack on teenagers in Valentine's Day, Attack on Girls who were celebrating New year, Attack on girls who were in pubs!!! Hindu Fundamentalists are proving that they are not far behind from Fundamental Islamists when it comes to girls, women and sex!!!! We are a Democratic Republic. We cannot afford to have these type of criminals on the street anymore! Let our girls do what they want! Let them take up any job if they like! Let them leave alone if they prefer!!! Govt. should think about to make or amend laws to make sure female freedom in our country!!!Especially , the laws like the present " Law of immoral trafficking " should throw away!!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 12:22:54 2009
Petition:we should condem the way ram sanik have betten females, but, at others hand we shold remember most of the things we are adharing from westen culture, due to that all. Only westen society is on the threshold of vanishing it self. big percentage of them.grows, having not known name of their parents either father or mother. we have to take positive of them as have been doing from last 500 years from the day english people came to india. Female and males are going to pub drinking there geting out of control, as well increase chances of crime against woman, and due to this kind of handfull womans, female in our society is lossing their dignity. may some can think it is orthodox,but, ever culture has some things to follow. follow good of westren culture not bad.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 12:28:58 2009
Name:D Hariharan
Petition:I have witnessed the horrific event in the television. Fear created by the so called Ram Sevaks oppressed the victims and they did not even lodge complaints with authorities. Are we going back to the society of primitives, where muscle power rules the earth. Does the legal frame work needs complaints, eyewitness, procedure to punish the criminals? Is the video shots, exibiting the barbariansm not suffecient enough. If needs be, let us change the Law and after all, Law is to protect the Socity and not to see, watch the oppresson and remain silent. Here silence leads to encouraging such behaviour by few people in the society Being a Hindu, i would say " Ban such religious oppressive orgainisations and protect our raising women in our male oppressed society ".

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 12:30:24 2009
Petition:The act against women should be strongly condemned. The people who were involved in this act must be penalised with strict laws. When there are a number of ways to show their protest, why should they involve in manhandling, particularly the women. It's atrocious. How dare they touch a women. Is it not against our culture to touch a woman with a wrong intention. The acts done by them is equal to the act done in the Mumbai terror blast. There is no much of a difference between Kasab and his men and those involved in the Mangalore pub attacks. They attacked our country and these guys are attacking our women. What a shame. When everybody slammed Slumdog millionaire for exploting India, why most of them have not come forward to slam this act against women. Bring them before the law.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 13:08:45 2009
Petition:I agree with Anjali and others reporting for this cause. Thrashing women in the name of God and culture. Is this Hinduism? If so why were the boys and guys not trashed?? or It is permitted for them to be at Pubs, Disc, Bars and to gain other means of pleasure & fun? Who has licensed these goons and their groups and their godfathers to mishandle the girls in Mangalore incident, being latest?????? Are all these outfits and gundaraj, above the government, authorities and law??? If no action is taken then authorities agree to the above statement. We all think its high time that the government and authorities take severe action for sustaining peace, harmony and growth. Everyone has sense of understanding and responsibility and freedom is our right. We can lead life as we will not controlled by these unstable minded goons/thugs. "Time to wakeup and change". Bottom line all these so called parties are politically supported internal terrorist outfits.These should disbanded and severely dealt with. Regards if action taken or shove this petition in one of your files later to be dumped or burned as usual.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 13:25:39 2009
Petition:Sub - 'Let's not Talibanise India' DANGEROUS WORLD, god help us from these people.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 14:03:19 2009
Name:Rozana R.K.
Petition:Shining India?

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 14:46:40 2009
Petition:I am ashamed of being an india . This country for last 10 years i dont know where has been going . The religious organisation are grown up like mashroom they have been motivated and are being motivated everywhere across the country . First, it was attack on adult tv channels , then nude paintings then on lovers and now they have started attacking on women in the name of obscenity . I am ashamed to see that those who we call our older and respected person are on the roads and beating up girls who are like their daughters so badly and with cruelty that seeing such incidence i dont feel to respect any older who is related to such organisation. These our elders tell us that we should respect women when it comes to watch adult tv as if i am raping a woman but when it comes to their thoughts they dont feel to beat up her on the roads. the governments of specially bjp led states support them and we as indians should never vote for any BJP candidate just to save ourselves from these gundas ALL WHO READ THIS LETS TAKE AN OATH NOT TO EVER VOTE FOR BJP AND TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS . WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THESE GUNDAS TO TELL US WHAT WE HAVE TO DRINK AND WHAT WE HAVE TO WEAR

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 15:22:00 2009
Name:d p moor
Petition:I am hindu and hinduism teaches tolerance. Such acts on the name of hinduism are just degrading the religion and bring it bad publicity. what some muslims are doing to there religion, these ram sena guys have started doing to hinduism. if our hindu leaders don't some forward and stop such persons now, we'll soon start going the wrong way. today people in afganistan, pakistan and several other countries may not have anything to eat but are more concerned that women should not got to school or shoould not show there face. it is just rediculous. hinduism tells us to imbibe good things and leave bad. ram sena and sch outfits shold concentrate there energies on uplifting the poor / dalits among the hindus. we have so many hindus dying of hunger. whay are you bothered by a rich girl going to a pub if she has the resources. if she is doing some thing wrong, let her family worry about her. who has givin you this licence ? for god sake, please don't spoil this great country. we already have too many problems due to a really bad political system and people like ram sena are further detirioting it.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 15:35:31 2009
Petition:Until now i was having faith in BJP but after this wonderful act by the Shri Ram's 'bhakts' i am not going to cast my vote to any of the party. Everyone knows this all is a political stunt. I don't know what is the future of India but one thing i know is, it is not in the right hands.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 15:44:01 2009
Name:Sachin Sharma
Petition:The basic ideplogy is anti woman,There is no difference between Taliban of Afganistan and RSS of India.They pretend to be the patrons of Indian culture without knowing the basic elements of culture.We can't allow these fascist forces to curb our independence. I can't understand how people beare such activities.If i would have been there I would have definitely retaliated. We can't allow Taliban to flourish in India.Need of hour is to isolate such forces politicaly, socialy. DOWN WITH FASCIST FORCES. You can make it publically.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 16:09:40 2009

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 16:27:32 2009
Petition:This is a real threat before over democracy.Also other youth organisations like DYFI is as danger like this.they don't have any right to punish others......

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 00:13:48 2009
Name:Shanthi neeruganti
Petition:Its a dastardly act. Any political party that supports it is taking the country backwards. Women should boycott political parties that support such actions either overtly or covertly. They should not be allowed to come into power.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 00:21:17 2009
Name:Sudipto K Ghosh
Petition:I always felt bad about leaving India to work here in UK and wanted to go back but these incidents make me not want to return to India anymore. I am a Hindu but losing feel ashamed to be called one. The people who beat up the women are just showing their frustration and nothing else. Their sisters and daughters should face the same plight then they would realise.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 00:43:52 2009
Name:Tariq Husain
Petition:I think we are giving big names to the act, Have we gone to the root of the act and why it was conducted, Yes, I do agree that the way it was conducted was not right, but what options did they have to stop something which they felt was creating a wrong example for the teenagers. Does everyone have an access to media, Only the influential and rich have access. Mostly the women who goes into such places are coming from the influential class. So would the media go against them. Lets see both sides of the coin, Well you are spending your own money and not directly hurting anyone. But there are people looking at you and learning something, especially teenagers, So I think one should refrain from such places, Are they no other place to meet. Ironically media twist any subject in the way they want, Somedays ago I was watching a major channel airing mithun chakraborty view on young girls wearing too short dresses and he remarked that this leads to provocation for a man on the street, and has rightly admitted men have a different angle to women unless they know them very well, and this type of provocation leads to bad conduct. You cannot change man, at many times you want them to tease the girls. Well thats what is shown in movies. Instead the channel challenged mithun as what he was upto when he was a india biggest disco dancer. This type of attitude from Media does not lead us anywhere and looking at this, No one else would like to suggest anything. Ok lets for argument sake leave cinema separate than real life. then in that case wearing scantily should be confined to cinema as an entertainment tool, but should not come to the real everyday life to entertain unless one is an entertainer. Now your arguement is then how western culture has excepted it. I believe even in western region, those who want cheap publicity do this. People who are really beautiful can be judge from their attitude, their talk and their ways of carrying themselves. Ultimately instead of making a hype about an incident like this, lets question ourselves are we supporting the society we always wanted as indians/international indians. I am sure at the back of mind of some parents who oppose this act, they understand that what their kids are into is much different than what they wanted from them. So lets talk about the inner feeling than rather going along with the wave. These are my opinion, if you like it, but I would like to have a response from the reader if the made sense.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 02:03:38 2009
City:Austin,TX, USA
Petition:This incident is emblematic of what is wrong with civil society in India. It is downright wrong and condemnable. This whole nonsense of what is "Indian" culture, and what is not, needs to be stopped. While these goons have are in feverish 'rage' over adults enjoying themselves, perfectly within the law, they have no qualms about the rampant eve-teasing and other abuse heaped on the female sex in India. The BJP that relies for its relevance on such groups is totally bankrupt in ideology. Shame on these people.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 03:49:00 2009
Name:paresh patel
City:los angeles, california
Petition:I was surprised to see Friday's Los Angeles Times front page, it read something like "hindu taliban." How shameful! These zealots should be summarily punished. Furthermore, the authorities need to act quickly and send a strong message to others contemplating such cowardly acts. There is no room for these fanatics in hinduism and our country does not need narrow minded, un-educated yahoos policing our population. These the opportunity the center needs to capitalize on and control Shiv Sena as well. Jai Hind

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 03:51:43 2009
Petition:I would ask them, who gives them the right to terrorize people ? Whatever the underlying cause, they are terrorists, after all terrorists also think they are fighting for a cause, and hence go about killing people. There is no difference between them and terrorists. You can either bomb a person or kick 20 times and kill, which is better ? Arent both bad. I would consider them as terrorists and every such person trying to impose religion onto others should be punished to the fullest extent. Its time law becomes stronger and people take note of this, otherwise if justice is delayed then believe me you will find a lot of people taking up arms against this terror, we are already living under the terror of goons, terror of pakistani terrorists, terror of theifs, terror of relatives, terror of ramaliga raju, terror of politicians, terror of moral police, terror of MNS, terror of shiv sena, terror of caste war, terror of povery, terror of hunger, terror of inflation, terror of pollution, terror of relegious wars, and now we have terror of seeing our sisters and spouses being openly harassed, by these dirty ugly goons. Enough is Enough !!!! Unfortunately this doesnt work on firefox and chrome, rediff seems to be living on M$$$ funds. Arent people with a better browser mozilla firefox allowed to participate in this petition ???????

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 04:05:03 2009
Petition:I was watching this incident on tele. To be honest I was really appalled. How can such thing happen? How dare these illiterate, unemployed goons even touch a girl, forget about manhandling and molesting them. These people who call themselves Ram sena (apparently a fake Ram Sena) do they themselves follow the Ram/Hindu culture. If yes, then why these goons were in jeans and sport shoes? why were they not in dhoti-kurta and kharau. These idiots should be really put behind bar for atleast 5 years otherwise these goons will keep doing such heinous things time and again. For the girls who went through all this , even if it would have been my sister, I would just advise them to procure a gun somehow and next time please shoot these bastards.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 04:21:16 2009
Name:Ashish Shukla
City:San Francisco
Petition:I am a Hindu and an Indian and I don't like the pub culture. Not only for Women but for Men as well. Do you think India is ready for it? You can do anything you like legally if environment around you is safe. Does india have a safe environment where such a freedom can be practiced? But I also hated the way some hooligans in name of religion and morality misbehaved with Girls. Its nobody's business to tell others whats moral and whats not. If some forces are so worried about it what options do they provide? Let the people close these pubs for not opting to go not because of vandalism. Its like challenging religious conversions. Work for social upliftment and abolish social classes instead of blocking people from practicing freedom of religion - a constitutional right. These elements have to nipped in the bud. There are many things we don't like but we have to provide a platform for people to come to not to bash others who are not like us.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 05:00:23 2009
Name:venkat sundaram
Petition:Please do not talibanize India.One taliban is already wreaking havoc all over the world. Parents are their to police their children morally!If these youngsters are old enough to vote they are old enough to lead their lives with some harmless fun. So keep off .

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 05:07:07 2009
Petition:Seeing girls in pubs remind me of actresses like Anuradha and disco Shanti of South Indian movies and some actresses that danced in the clubs of villains in Hindi movies of 1980s and 1990s. I don't think we are in the age of 1980s or 1990s anymore. Being in 2009, it is the turn of audience to be such celebrities!! My only concern is let not my emotions go out of control on seeing these new fashion dresses. Who cares who's health is affected (with the likes of lung cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma) by a stranger's Drinking in pub or in hostel or in home? Atleast I don't. However, I just pray that it is not the health of some one close to me. Should I say Jai Pub Culture? If you want, I can say that, as long as this culture does not harm one of my own.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 05:45:13 2009
Petition:Stop the attacks on women.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 06:28:45 2009
City:Crescent Springs, KY, USA
Petition:These attacks on women is shameful, and symptomatic of a weak society taking out its frustration on its own. Sri Ram Sena, if it had the guts, should go after, or at least come out and protest against, the extremists that perpetrated the Mumbai massacre. Is it very Hindu to be a mute spectator to Islamic violence? I guess these jokers think that by terrorizing young, fun-loving women, they are somehow asserting their reliogosity. Me thinks it is cowardice, of the sort that has always seen Hindu society turn on its most helpless and down-trodden. Never has Hindu society confronted external, larger threats in a coherent and courageous fashion, prefering, instead, to behave like a domestic abuser. Shameful, to say the least. And all in the name of Lord Rama, who once used to be called Maryada Purush. They are no better than the Taliban - just cowards in saffron instead of in in green....

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 07:38:17 2009
Name:Gopi Chari
City:New Delhi
Petition:I hope that the government can come up with policies that can deal with people like Raj Thackeray and Muthalik. Just imagine if this was done by an ordinary citizen. Why can't there be one rule for every person, irrespective of whether he is an ordinary citizen, political leader, movie personality or religious leader. I am hoping that we as the new generation can bring about this change.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 07:56:03 2009
Petition:who are these women????? spoilt brats of rich parents. they drink and dance late into night and than crush pedestrians under there cars and run away from the scene. why media is giving so much importance to a inconsequential incident. does it effect a common man in any manner. also ask the rich parents if they approve of their kids going to pubs and drinking. even they will be against it. what ram sena did was wrong, but let us also analyse all the aspects. what all happens in these pubs, everyone knows. remember pune, mumbai, delhi etc. where models were murdered, drugs, weapons what not. so dont care about such things. India is above all these things. CNN, Star, etc. are christian channels who are waging a proxy war against indian culture. OPEN YOUR EYES ALL INDIANS AND THRASH OUT THESE FROM INDIA.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 08:42:47 2009
Petition:this is just atrocious!! if girls do not even have the freedom to wear or do wat they like , why is india called democratic. Those people do this in the name of hindu culture , do they even know wat our culture is? it is to respect women not to tear their clothes and abuse them in public.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 08:47:15 2009
Name:Neeraj Lakra
City:New Delhi
Petition:I strongly support the cause

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 09:04:31 2009
Name:S. Swaminathan

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 10:02:50 2009

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 10:41:25 2009
Petition:Guess, its high time that we all need to stand up. What happened in Mangalore, could happen anywhere and to anyone of us. Is this the safety provided to us by our so called ministers. If they can't provide safety, who are they to ban pub culture. Politicians need to know that they are nothing but paid servants of the country who are chosen for our interests; they have no rights to decide our future or ban things. Such politician should be ostracized from the society. The best way to remove them from the country is to stop voting for such hooligans. Youth needs to understand their power,their power of vote and should excercise their voting power. Together, we all can make a change and can do a pest control in our country by removing such pests ( read it as politicians )

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 11:13:59 2009
Name:Sachin yadav
Petition:Dear sir, First let me say you that i m supporter of Shivsena/ BJP BUT It's absulately wrong that in country like india, women are being attacked by some self promoted culture keeper goons. We always talk about rich cultures of india. Now india is heading for developed country where women shall be given equal rights all along with the men. So, what if girls are hitting to pubs, they must be from rich family. There parents are not a fool. They know what there daughters are doing. they believe their daughters. So leave this issue to their parents only. There are lots of work to do for these activist other than attacking girls. Ask them to do some foundation work towards orphans, street workers, Sex workers welfares. "Let's not talibanise india"

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 11:54:21 2009
Name:Raj Thakeray
City:USA (originally from Mumbai)
Petition:First close down beer bars, corruption in Govt offices and black money by builders. Close down bribes and drugs. Then interfere with personal entertainment of the innocent public.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 12:35:22 2009
Name:Venkat Narayan
Petition:I will not allow lunatics to tell me how i should follow my religion or culture. I was born in a free country and i will live in a free country. If these rogues cant get this into their fat heads, they are free to migrate elsewhere. Let us rid our society of these mentally unstable and frustrated custodians of morality.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 13:03:20 2009
Petition:In reply to the person who wrote this: "Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:34:29 2009 Name:Mani Mete City:Thane Petition:Good women are not found in pubs past midnight. The girls did not come from good families. Those who dont agree with the argument can send their own sisters, wives, daughters and mothers to pubs past midnight and let men enjoy them.PRACTICE FIRST, THEN PREACH." You are the kind of scum that infuriates everyone because you lack logic completely! Your statement is utter nonsense. Such inferior thinking. How do you know they are not from good families? Do you know them personally? Why don't you have anything to say about men who drink? or about men who molest women? and men who lech at even young girls? Men who "enjoy women"? Are you one of them? Is your family filled such filthy men? Is your father this filthy too? Why else would you talk like this, you uncivilized filth? Because you don't look at these women as equal citizens in a democracy. You consider them property. You pathetic loser! Why don't you make efforts, as an aware citizen, to make sure that, in the first place, immoral men are scared of troubling women because of the punishment they would get? Because you are just another conservative fool! All talk, no action. You have no guts to step out there and improve society. If you don't agree with the arguement, well, too bad! Live with it, you right-wing loser! You are an insult to India's hard won freedom. This question begs to be asked- Why is it OK for men to drink?! Why is it sinful only for girls/women to drink? What is the logic behind that thought? If drinking is western culture(this statement is false & hilarious, we know that!), why are only women stopped from indulging in western habits? WHY are MEN not stopped from this? Don't get sucked into this thinking its just about Women's rights. This is a well planned "incident." mangalore has been turning right-wing for over ten years now. Fertile breeding ground for BJP and the likes. It is no coincidence that Muthalik conducted this in Mangalore while the BJP is in power in Karnataka. Expect more such publicity-garnering incidents in Karnataka. And don't get sucked into a debate about culture. Many people here are falling into this trap. The right-wing will talk about Indian and western culture and shift focus from the REAL ISSUE - ABUSE OF POWER. Its not about culture at all. Its about sordid political candidates. And of course, most importantly, they had the guts to do such a thing because they knew very well that such "Indian culture" crap will be overlooked by the BJP government. They are typical right-wing cowards who attack people who cannot defend themselves. And lastly, this anger and campaign about women's rights has to be protracted because these bums do not get it. They do not see women as citizens with rights. Please understand that first. And here's some interesting information for those not in the know. Pramod Muthalik, the genius who heads this Shri Rama Sene, was earlier with the Shiv Sena in north Karnataka. Yes, THE shiv sena. But, a while ago, the shiv sena made a whole lot of noise about the Belgaum issue and insulted Karnataka. So, Muthalik, pround Kannadiga that he claims to be, quit the Sena that he swore by! ha ha ha! Overall, a big loss of face. And now, after spending the last year or so whipping up hatred to rebuild his right-wing vote bank, he staged this whole thing to gain publicity. And has succeeded, as is obvious.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 13:08:26 2009
Name:Jhumur Ghosh
Petition:I wonder why none of these 'moral and cultural custodians' don't do anything when our politicians repeatedly get caught with topless dancing girls, young prostitutes, etc. I wonder how such depraved behaviour is acceptable in Indian culture but some relaxing music in a relaxing ambience isn't. Besides, the last we checked, India was still a democratic country! So, stop making choices for us.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 13:10:14 2009
Petition:I am against the violence at girls in pubs.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 13:34:23 2009
Petition:Each and every one in our country nowadays comes up with few people and form a party less known to the country and beat up civilians, innocent youngsters, women and children in the pretext of protecting Indian culture. And then they gain media highlight and people come to know of the existence of such a party. I wonder if they really know What is culture at the first place? I wonder what culture they are talking of when men drink and be merry and come home and beat up their wife and children. I think that is okay with them but women drinking and having a good time with friends at a pub is not acceptable. Married men dancing to a bar girls tunes in a local bar and carrying an extra marital affair with such dancers forgetting their wife and family is acceptable to them in their culture. What culture are they talking about? How many of these men respect their wives and daughters in their very own family which is a part of the so called Indian culture that they boast about. And the govt. instead of parading these goons naked in public and giving them sever punishment are echoing their concern of increasing pub culture. I am ashamed of being an Indian and a part of this culture like most of the youngsters of my age are today and are running away from this dirty political country forever. Thanks for protecting the culture but alas you couldnt protect your fellow people, young population of this country and could not gain any place in their hearts, let alone think they will ever vote for you. The youth is losing trust in its countryís system and leaders and is waiting for a welcome change! An OBAMA perhaps!

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 14:21:57 2009
Name:Anand Shankar
Petition:Mangalore pub incident is highly demoralising. But more demoralising is the fact that our nation's law and administrative system has failed to take strong actions against such miscreants. The continuos failure of law and administration against any non-constitutional activity has actually created a more favourable environment for these miscreants. When I look around me, I find the same situation in all corners of the country. The law fearing common man of the country has actually become the weakest in the country. The system which was meant to empower the righteous is not even able to protect itself. The question is to be asked to each one of us. Do we want a country where no law and administrations resides. I strongly urge to our politicians and legislators to take some concrete steps against such illegal activities. Otherwise very soon, there would be no country left for you all to rule. The common man is loosing his patience and his faith towards democracy at a very high speed.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 14:44:31 2009
Petition:Hi All, I mean, why all the men are over powering the most desirable living beings in this world. How can all men ignore this fact that both men and women have equal rights to take their decision. If women make mistakes they are beaten hell down under by other sexes rather than punishing/warning them by other women. They are being tested in all positive/ negative aspects by men (with their own liberal mind) rather than other women. Its been an unfair life for them in this world. They mostly follow what all men likes or wants them to do. So it should be men who should be given a more education on it. You can directly blame women for any stupidous concepts. Please think for a minute before you take some hazardous action.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 15:18:26 2009
Petition:Hi, Is this the only thing that you got to publicize? May be it is a bad incident. But the way (with big bold letters) you are asking people to 'voice' out with is required other issues too. Have you ever done this exercise for issues like, lack of Govt. initiative on poor infrastructure (dangerous roads, no street lights, lack of healthcare, etc.), MNS attacks in Mumbai, one allegedly involved in multi-crore stamp paper fraud becoming a Dy.CM, unauthorized slums, etc.? Don't you think these are public issues? Don't you think, being a responsible media you can add value? Hoping the best from you! Regards | Raghu

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 15:28:41 2009
Name:Prashant P Singh
Petition:It's high time that such nonsense is put to a stop. Just to create a hype & instill fear into the hearts of people such acts should never be tolerated. And people who had planed to carry on their polital motives should be bycotted as a party.

Online PetitionMon Feb 2 15:36:40 2009
Petition:The Mangalore attack is a classic case of violating an individual's right rather than prophecising any religion or culture. The so called moral brigade and their political backers need to look very hard into the country's problems and decide what is morally correct. Highest corruption rates, crime rates, poverty, lack of fundamental human rights far outweigh such issues. The attack is just another typical example of male chauvinism that still exists in large parts of the country. Unable to accept women's empowerment, it is an attempt to push women back into dark ages. One must appreciate and commend the new generation, who not only are open in expressing themselves by asserting their individual rights, but are also smart enough to decide right from wrong and set their own limits. As parents, we must guide them and yet stand by in case they falter rather than raise the whip. What about hooliganism during holi with bhang drunk people or social gambling parties during Diwali and so on. If these are acceptable Hindu cultures, why not youngsters having some time out, if it is acceptable and within limitations set out by their own parents?

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 18:25:21 2009
Petition:"Freedom is that instant between when someone tells you to do something and when you decide how to respond." The mayhem that unfolded in Mangalore certainly angers us but does not surprise. It is yet another dagger through our broken hearts. It was once again a brutal reminder that as a country we have decided not to grant protection to half the population. Those who carry out the assaults are unabashedly bold and unrelenting, because they know that there is a political and judicial construct that will help them get away with their crimes. That explains why after the attacks and the outrage that followed, they have been freely intimidating the victims and also the brave young man who came to their rescue. So what next, after no holding hands with men or even no talking to them? Chastity belts?

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 18:41:38 2009
Petition:Stop all these

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 18:53:33 2009
Name:Lijo Jose
Petition:This is a slap in the face of our nations values of liberty and freedom, values our forefathers fought for. These guys are trying to tie us down in medieval times and abstain progress and prosperity in the name of religion. This is just what we needed when the nation is desperate for businesses, trade and commerce. This has been extremely disturbing and if I were an investor or a businessman I would never go to Mangalore. Not even to save my life! If we are to prosper as a nation and get the masses of poor out of poverty we need an ambivalent atmosphere where commerce and trade can be carried out.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 19:48:26 2009
Name:Vanthia Thevan
Petition:Sir, I agree with the sentiments expressed by you above. I am surprised that all these sentiments go hybernating when the same incidents involve so called "minorities". Where was this indignation when Mumbai was burned by "minoroties" becasue a book was on sale and a few excerpts were published by a newspapaer. For that matter, 90% of such people are illiterate so it simply does not affect them. Where were you when "Davinci Code" was banned from screening in parts of India because it affected the feelings of "minoroties" in that region when the whole world was watching the movie on big screen. You and the rest of your clan should bury your heads in a mound of shit becasue that is where you all belong! May I request Karnataka Chief Minister to make appropriate arrangements?

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:07:33 2009
Petition:This act by Rama Sena Group is not acceptable. They have no right no insult women. The attackers should be punished severely in such a way that no more psychos from their group or any other group does not dare to show such a behaviour against women again.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:14:26 2009
Petition:Absolute nonsense....Rediff & media giving so much importance to this. What happened to the Aarushi case, what happened to the Bofors case, what happened to the communal riots case, what happened to the stock market scam,what is happening in Kashmir and what about the Kashmiri Pandits displacement INSIDE THEIR OWN COUNTRY, what happened to the mass Bangladeshis illegal infiltration into Indian West Bengal, what happened to the case of politicians chargesheeted by Late Satyendranath Dubey [I am sure you will be asking who was he, these days young journalists take up this prof. for Fashion and do not have the fire for truth burning in them and due to high level corruption, the efficient and honest are keeping away]....... WHEN SO MANY IMPORTANT NATIONAL ISSUES ARE THERE YOU ARE WASTING TIME JUST LIKE ANY OTHER ORDINARY CHANNEL IN SENSATIONALISING THIS NEWS!!! In a country where many ppl. are struggling in poverty, in a country where there is so much corruption which is drastically increasing, in a country where forests are being chopped and environmental laws flayed increasing threat to life on earth, don't you have any other WORTHWHILE NEWS TO FOCUS ON??? I could not help laughing at your suggestion that you will forward these to Yeddyurappa Kar. CM!!!...what a great and noble gesture by Rediff!! There are so many acts of violence much larger in Planned murger by political honchos - recent murder of an engineer by a BSP candidate in UP while compelling funds for Mayavati's birthday, brutal murder of senior citizens staying alone and the like - but your media is trying to give importance to this incident.....On closer thougts may be the selfstyled goondas chose a Hindu name and hence the condemnation!!!! If it were a christian name, you and the media would have shut up for fear of interfering in Christian religious matters or if it was a Muslim name, all political parties would compete with one another to protect it in the name of "secularism". More than this I will not say...for there are mroe important things happening which deserve strong condemnation from all sections of society!!!! Disappointing that there are very few media group which focus on what is important and disgusting that there are many which are puppets in the hands of politicians and sensationalise petty matters while CONVENIENTLY SIDE-STEPPING THE VITAL ONES! P.S - I am sure you will not publish this but would atleast read this and think over for a minute --- -----and if you are a young college fresher from a so called "elite" background or "pretending to be western background" you may not understand about what has been written, in that case please consult your seniors atleast they will help in translating this mail for you. Thanks.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:25:27 2009
Name:Zakir H

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:30:08 2009
Petition:This act of harassing the girls is indeed shameful and should definitely be condemned. Beating the girls like that is not part of our culture; people who are trying to convince that they have done it to protect Indian culture should first get their act right. No where in Indian culture do we have right to humiliate women. In a democratic country like ours some politicians , for their own vested interest, are trying to impose on people what they think is right or good. They are depriving the people of their fundamental rights. We should not tolerate it anymore else we might have to deal with a few more people like in mumbai who think they can vandalise any part of the city and get away with it. It is very important to have some strict laws to deal with the internal terrorists in India.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:38:42 2009
Petition: Repeat a lie 1000 times it becomes a truth.That is what you are doing. Beating of womens is not at all aceptable,the attack was not against girls but rather was against the pub culture. People like you are hippocrates.Did Renuka Choudhary took any action against muslims beating Taslima Nasreen openly in front of media or said a word against ban of her book 'Lajja' I do not support beating of womens in any case , but I do support ban on Pubs

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:40:01 2009
Petition:This is not for what we got our freedom in 1947 and its an absolute violation of our freedom and democracy. We dont want radicals to run our state or country... I mean who the hell is anyone to decide wether pub culture is good or bad or wether women and men should drink and what anyone should wear or wether we dance or not, I mean our country has enough and bigger problems to deal with and I hope our politicans start dealing with those. Regards Suman

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:42:01 2009
Petition:Who is someone to define what Indian culture is? No one can be the sole custodian if it. The fact is that India is a free country and each one is allowed to do what is allowed as per the land of law. So let these dirty politicians mind their own business.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:45:16 2009

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:46:58 2009
Name:Gokul Venugopal
Petition:Its horrendous, its shameful, its a clear slap on face of modern India which is today looked upto for the achievments, the growth, the prosperity we are getting into.. It was for women that this entire episode has been hyped (with all the due respects to women), if it was for males it has to be the same... Rather than getting more n more uncivilised we better learn to live for today n tomorrow.. The biggest challenge nowadays is survival.. But surviving amongst these henious religious IDIOTS is tough.. We brought them, we gave them the power to do this.. DOn't brag.. We are the greatest country on this EARTH.. STAND UP..

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:52:38 2009
Petition:The Mangalore incident is the very contradicting fact to our tradition... moreover any responsible citizen of any independent democratic country would not tolerate these attacks. Shame on people who justify these acts in the name of tradition, religion or some crap..!

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:56:24 2009
Petition:30.01.2009 I think most of our Countrymen have forgotten how our Leader Raja Ram Mohan Roy liberated the ladies from the shackles of the terrible conservatisim which was pulling them to the abyss and I am sure he would be very saddened at this stupid turn of events in Mangalore by this so called sena people. It seems we have forgotten we are in the 21st centrury and behaving as if we are still in the 18th or 16th century. A very big shame on the events in Mangalore and Mumbai (Remember how Raj Thakeray talked about north Indian People in Maharashtra )and where is he now!!!

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:57:36 2009
Petition:While it is highly condemnable and objectional aspect that rquires stern punishment to the guilty, it is not necessary to make it a big forum of discussion while no forum like this was initiated by Rediff on Mumbai Terrorist incidences etc. Now this looks like sidelining the Mumbai terrorist incidence to forget as usual and now whole media is after this incidence including some public, while not thinking, debating or commenting upon Pakistan recent repeated denial of their terrorists incidences in Mumbai and their failed attempt in Delhi one day prior to Republic day where Pakistan terrorists were encountered and found with pakistan documents. Everything has become Politics in India, that too before elections forgetting the crucial issues to be solved and some Public are also falling prey to this badaa-chadaa indirectly helping these failed Political Parties to win alternatively duing nothing for the Country and by reconciling and compromising with the National Issues on INternal and external defence matters. God only should save us not to get entangled with these issues which Law definitely takes care of. We should not waste time on a very little stupid and rowdy groups which are not new in India. Every religious perverts some time or other creates this in India because of no checks and appeasement policies for votes sake.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:57:51 2009
Petition:I will like to ask those people who are reacting with such strong words over a small pub incident, that why were they quiet when 10,000 Sikhs were burnt alive in 1984. Thousands of innocent Sikh women were raped in 1984. Still the learned people of this country went and voted for Congress. Even Taliban atrocities are nothing in front of what was done to innocent Sikhs in 1984. So i will request the bloggers here to stop making noise over a small issue and raise voice against bigger and more evil incidents.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:58:28 2009
Name:Dr K Saurav
Petition:What Ram Sena goondas did to women was highly cowardlike act.But my concern is that what about hundreds of people who were present that day and watched the whole episode as a mute spectator.Out of so many people present there,only one guy stood up for the girls(Pawan Shetty i guess is his name).What if all those so called macho guys who came to watch the show had united and stood against those 40 or so ram sena goondas.Come on, if 100 people stand up and beat up those goondas,the whole thing like this would be snipped in the bud stage.My suggestion is that if ever,god unwilling,these type of acts happen again;people should unite and beat up these so called moral police black and blue.One act of retalialtion and these guys would realise that people of our great republic have seen enough and would not tolerate any such nonsense ever again.Everybody who is reading this forum please think over it.God be with us.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:59:06 2009
Name:sandeep Singh
Petition:At a drop of hat people use the word Talibanisation. Do they understand what is talibanisation. Can Supreme Court of India please ban this sensational and misguiding journalism.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 20:59:36 2009
Petition:please take action as per law

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:01:38 2009
Petition:I am a woman..and I am an Indian.. I know no religion when it comes to my country the only thing I know is what I was taught in school.. to love and be loved in return. I know nothing of being beaten up for living my life.. I know nothing of my modesty being outraged... I just know that my India is a free country that made me feel secure... And I cry when I hear of things I never knew to happen.. I feel so unsafe that I have now flown the coup... I feel so dreadfull and I want to get all my sisters, mother and girlfriends out of this country.. I no longer want to live here.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:04:43 2009
Petition:Women today should be free to do what they want. If they are smart enough to make a living and compete with men at all levels then why such hypocricy. India is a democratic country and we all should strive to keep it this way. JAI HIND.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:05:04 2009
Name:Ashwin Masarkar
Petition:The political party who is responsible for all this should be banned. This is ridiculous. We are living in 21 century, and these stupid fellows wanted us to go back. How can these guys can dare to beat girls? This should not happen again. Strict action is the need of the hour, otherwise it will reflect bad image of Karnataka. Till when we need to suffer from this bloody politicians for their political interest. AWAKE Karnataka government.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:14:42 2009
Petition:It is a crying shame that it is happening in India , the to be superpower of this century ! These handfull of people can bring bad name to the entire country. today it is pubs and tomorrow it could be movie halls and any form of entertainment. one wonders how similar is the ideologies of Taliban and all the so called senas around here. The so called macho-men had a free run to do whatever they wanted The police seems know only to extract money from hapless roadside vendors and terrorise commoners. The politicians who are trying to relate to the goondaism witnessed in Mangalore last week should know that most of Indians are liberals and they are watching all this tamasha and their collusion with the hoodlums.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:14:57 2009
Name:Vinay Gupta
City:New Delhi
Petition:I donot condemn those who oppose girls going to Pub. It would have been a ideal situation if even man donot go there. If, unfortunately we are not able to stop them going to BAR does that mean that girl/ woman shud be encouraged to go there? All are crying against TALIBANISATION but nne cry against WESTERENISATION. I think so called educated class of this country has lost the balance of their mind. They have lost the power to think. At some place they start qouting Gandhi but when it come to discouraging westernisation they start talking about freedom etc etc. let us give up this hypocracy.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:15:45 2009
Name:N G Nileshwar
Petition:Why should this be restricted only to a particular party/Sena and the like? Gehlot has made a similar noise in Rajasthan. This issue is of one of the several fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India. Politicians simply have no guts to enforce even the fundamental rights but make political capital from an utterance of his opponent. This petition should be addressed to the CJI and a copy sent to the CM of Karnataka and Rajasthan.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:17:54 2009
Name:Aravind Madala
Petition:CLOSE ALL THE PUBS...they sell drugs and not liquor

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:19:53 2009
Name:Ashok Jain
Petition:People must vote for the right & good person. For that awareness and education is the starting point. People must change their habit to vote on the line of party, religion, caste, language and other minor factors. People must vote. National interest and patriotism must be kept above everything else. To vote for the right person is very important. This will force all the political parties to have only right and good persons as their candidates. Jai Hind.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:22:11 2009
Petition:Highly condemnablem, more condemnable, chief minsiter of Karnatka, indirectly supporting those immoral and illegal action of so called hindu traditional zelots, worst than taliban. Law and order issue is subject to be transferred from State Govt. to Cental or independetn Authority. As all state Govt. proved spineless to tackle law and order situation and indircly favrouing vandalisam and goondanisam of local regional parties/group.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:24:19 2009
Petition:Mr Chief Minister, Let us make no statements which make no political , moral or economic sense. Please look at Delhi CM if you want to really know why she has been elected for 3 consecutive years without making unnecessary remarks.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:24:39 2009
Petition:Please ask this Moral Police that where were they when Mumbai was burning on 26/11. Where was MNS when some Non Marathi (pakistani) people where gunning down the Marathis..... In plain language all these people are goons,dividing india on basis on gender,region and castes. They are worse then terrorists.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:25:24 2009
Petition:I would have been glad if the so called sena actually took bold steps to prevent PUB CULTURE, instead of beating women they should look into more serious issues like bringing about a ban on liquor, which would have actually been supported by general hindus as such, instead they went about molesting women and beating them, and to cover up their act they released a cowardly statement that they were separating hindu women from muslim boys.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:25:46 2009
Name:Raju Khan
Petition:Although I am not in agreement with the method adopted by Sri Ram Sena, but at the same time against pub culture. How many of those talking of freedom of women, will like their sisters/wife/ daughters go to such pubs, drink and smoke with men of shady characters and return home at 3 A.M. And in case she becomes pregnant, will they accept that as a blessing. So, first we should think about any issue with all pros and cons and then decide as to what is wright and what is wrong.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:26:37 2009
Petition:In India, when a german woman is raped there are fast track courts set up and sentences are pronounced in no time..whereas when a Indian girl is raped the courts suddenly get onto slow tracks....why?...hippocrisy.. When an aishwarya rai(a mangalorean herself) wins a Ms world title evryone is proud to be an Indian..and when there is a fashion show conducted in India, they want to vandalise the function...why?...hippocrisy.. NCW comission member Mrs Vijayalakshmi conducting the inquiry into Mangalore incident has gone on air saying she spoke to the culprits in police station and in her words she says that the boys EMOTIONALLY told her that they wanted to save the culture... when they said that they were so emotional she says... Well, if they were emotional y is madam vijayalakshmi becoming so emotional...Pls ask the rowdies to get emotional on camera instead...y dont they have the videographers and photographers with them when they r emotional...hippocrisy everywhere....At least i dint expect this from u Ms NCW member.... U people are making a mockery of Indian democracy...Happy belated REPUBLIC DAY...!!

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:27:34 2009
Name:Vyankatesh Sambrani
Petition:If any of the Senas (meaning: armies) wants to live by its name, its place is on the border, not within the country. What for would anyone need any army within its borders to be active in its fighting duties? Whatever they do in the name of "religion" is perversion of - and a shame on - this noblest of human institutions. True religion of mankind or for that matter, any of the prophetic religions do not endorse intolerance or violence. It actually liberates man whereas in practice, it is the opposite. This perversion is getting so widespread that one is left wondering whether any state in today's world will be able to curb it. As far as we in India are concerned, the way democracy is actually practised makes this even more difficult. Still, voice must be raised and I add mine to this effort.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:34:12 2009
Petition:Every Indian citizen should strongly protest against this and such similar incidents. It is truly shameful that people take law into their own hands and try to dictate how other's should live and attack their freedom. We have so many serious issues to deal with like poverty, female infanticide, dowry, terrorisim. If these self styled gaurdians of national moral have so much time and energy they should try and address serious issues, not create a nuisence of themselves. They should be severly punished and a clear message should be sent out that India cannot be taken back to the dark ages. Our culture was very liberal and progressive as can be evidenced by the maturity of our ancient writers like Kaldasa, Shudraka and classics like the Mahbaratha. How can these goondas claim to ever represent our cultural values by being so represive.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:35:38 2009
Petition:People who are overly concerned with others' morals are most immoral themselves

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:40:56 2009
Petition:How can a bunch of hoodlums for the sake of political mileage violate our basic constitutional rights? And how can so called 'patriots' and 'guardians of our society' who take pride in beating women and humiliating them in public get away the way they have been? Where do they suddenly disappear when terrorists attack our country, when women are raped and young children go hungry? There's only one solution, VOTE... vote such people out of power, tell them that your opinion counts. Really our country needs to be saved from such elements, they are really not taking our country any forward

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:40:59 2009
City:United Arab Emirates
Petition:This is a shame, what has happened in mangalore. These guys should not be left scot free.If they follow taliban rule, let this be done, thrash these guys with belts and hammers in public, make these guys naked and kick there private parts with bamboo sticks. Bring their family and show them, if their children do something like this, we will revert back with more aggression. God Ram did not preach violence who are these people,they do not seem to be Hindus also,they talk abt Ram Sena. Jai Hind, is a secular country and nobody will tolerate any violence of these and any sorts.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:41:31 2009
Petition:Mr.prashant kinlekar May be would have sung a different tune had your sisters Or your daughters(if u r elderly gentleman)were treated by the hooligans.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:47:47 2009
Petition:Talibanization means putting acid on the women if they go to learn in school and gain knowledge, in short not allowing women to be wise , educated and knowledgable. Drinking and drug addiction is the biggest curse for our society. It has been proved scientifically that smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction has more adverse effect on women. Going to bars at odd hours in the night is not something that can be called an achievement for women's liberation. In fact drinking enslaves women and men alike. Gandhiji wanted complete prohibition in the country. But the liquor lobby is out to make money and share it with our graet politicians. That is why some people are happy if women go to pubs. In Mangalore the attack on pubs has proved to be a blessing in disguise for these women as they will not go astray due addiction to the liquor. Millions of men are destroying their families due their addiction to liquor. They are selling their family wealth and future of their families for liquor. Do you want women to destroy their families and culture or do you want women to build their families, culture and future. The attack on wrong things should be welcomed by all the right thinking people as it will dissuade these young women from going astray. Further you know the situation of law and order in our Country. Women are loooted and raped in Bangalore. Who will provide the security to these women when they are not in senses at odd hours in the mid-night. The pseudo-modern womens are least bothered about safety of women. They are on the pay rolls of liquor barons. Shaem to these people.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:48:21 2009
Petition: It is the responsibility of the parents and the grownup people knows what are they doing, if thugs takes law in to there hands where is the nation heading to ? who has appointed them as moral police ? because of jealous these so called senhas or what ever there names are ? tomorrow they will say all women cover there face in public or donít go to work stay at home and only cook is it possible ? where we stand in the eyes of the world ,they are pushing our country 50 years behind .will any country respect us if we ill treat our women ? we must show tolerance and restraint , just going to pub will not spoil our great culture , we are destroying our culture in so many ways eg Ė corruption is rampant In our society 1st we must address this evil , I request Karnataka CM to take firm action on the culprits who has created this demon before it devours the CM himself.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:54:01 2009
Name:Vijay Padiyar
Petition:The differences between us and our leaders could not be worse! They focus on the most insignificant of issues when the significant issues have become so significant that they threaten to consume us all. Anarchy is taking over our society. This "rule of the mob" is on the rise because development and social justice hasn't reached most people, leading to frustration. This is because of corruption and lack of accountability in the establishment. Politicians want to do NOTHING about corruption and accountability. Why don't they implement police reforms, build many more courts, etc? They don't WANT to. Their real power lies in the current problems in the system. All this talk about morality is just to keep us fools' attention diverted from the real issues.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 21:58:43 2009
Name:Rahul Raghavan
Petition:These immoral bunch of moral police called Ramsena/Bhajrandal/RSS etc are no different from Taliban and should be banned from our soil. They have shattered the foundation stone of our civilized society with this barbaric act. They not only are against the free Indian women, they believe in treating women as animals. I wonder how these barbarians were born! Where they test tube babies? They dont even realize that they also have atleast one woman in thier life called 'mother'! The BJP CM's reaction is unbelievable.He has once again showed the hidden hindu fanatic face to outside world. These people should be tied together with taliban and should be given the punishment they deserve. There is no other way, anyone can wake up a sleeping person, but noone can wake up those who are acting to be asleep.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:00:39 2009
Petition:Mangalore like incidents are just pushing not only karnataka but even india back to the B.C.'s. Its out of everyone's brains what the so called "Ram Sena" wants to prove. There was a similar incident that took place in M'bai few years back when the Shiv Sena was in full swing - this is nothing but a repetition of the same. Quote this - Muthalik: "Indian women drinking and dancing in pubs is not in our culture" Some time later, as shown in the clips on Times Now: Muthalik: "It is the time to Bomb...Every indian woman will carry bombs" - Is this in our culture?? Today if women are walking parallel to men, its a matter of privilege that we have progressed this much. Mother, daughter, sister, wife and so many acronyms we use for a woman. What price are they paying for? For being a woman? For being the fair sex? If a woman devotes 12 out of 24 hrs for her family, her social responsibilities and if she likes going out to a pub with whomsoever it may be, does it mean she is out of the indian culture? Cant she enjoy a couple of hours of freedom for her ownself? Wake up guys. Its high time we change our thinking. Hit the real issue which is out here - hit those guys who think women who go pubbing are a loose character. Its a modern generation. You cannot ask women to wear a sari with head covered and go to a pub :) Enjoy things the way they should be and not injuring the morality.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:05:19 2009
Name:Gopal Madduri
Petition:I read with anguish and pain the voices which unfortunately are based on half truths and bias. All those people who raised their voice against the incident are perhaps giving vent to their false prestige. just imagine what a parent will do when the children do not follow the rules and misbehave. Most parents will resort to beating/slapping. Imagine what a teacher does to an errant pupil. Imagine what a crowd will do if they catch a pickpocket. Thrash him/her. what would you do if a thief is caught. Break his bones. what do neighbours do to a rowdy who misbehaves. beat him black and blue. ARE THESE ACTS PERMISSIBLE IN LAW? If a young girl goes to a pub it is by all means unsocial to those who believe that going to a Pub is bad. I challenge all those people who are raising their voice to ask 100 girls and women near them if they support the Pub Girls. Not even 5 will support for it is not our culture. All of you may have time, internet access and a desire to condemn the act and so voicing your biased thoughts. Think of those middle class, God-fearing, simple and general girls and women who are struggling to make their ends meet. Did anyone come near them or hurt the girls/women ? It is not correct to go on extending the impact of the incident as if all well-behaved women and girls are being attacked. If one were to extend such conclusions i can say that the defenders of pub going girls will not object to nudity, free sex, drugs, premarital sex and immoral acts by their so called MODERN and misconceived life style ? I ask you Is this what you are promoting ? WAKE UP NOW. STOP THE ROT AND SAVE THE NATION'S MISGUIDED GIRLS AND BOYS. DO NOT SPARE THE ROD!!!!!

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:05:28 2009
Name:Sandipan Sen
Petition:It's an entirely personal choice whether to drink alcohol or not, whether to go to pubs or not, whether to dance or not. Further, the Constitution of India has conferred equal rights on men and women and none can force the women not to exercise their personal choice!! Let us raise a voice against those who conspire to rob us of our constitutional rights.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:06:32 2009
Name:Praveen Ojha
Petition:Its all a political gimmick. The incidence should be made an example of by punishing the perpetrators as terrorists. That will raise the price against future such incidence for small political gains. I just wish I were in power. You shoot one of the miscreants dead on the spot and the rest dissappear for ever. All these goondas are paid a few bucks to create the ruckus. Exactly the same issue with MNS. You kill a couple of these miscreants and all this problem will dissappear. After all nobody will risk his life for a few bucks to create trouble.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:09:21 2009
Name:Karan Hans
Petition:i wonder why a society which essentially embraces liberty and freedom and is known for its tolerance how can it condone violence against women. its disgusting when a certain moral code however irrational and outdated is imposed in such a violent fashion on the unsuspecting populace majority of whom are mild and accepting of the very foundation of our nation - freedom , freedom of thought of expression and since when did a country so accepting of modern thought act so immaturely as far as matters of sex are concerned. rremember the khajurao temples - that is the real india which accepts this ultimate act of intimacy and love not the islamicised version which is passed around as indian culture - kneejerk and narrow minded. lets face it we love our women. lets make them feel loved and wanted.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:10:05 2009
Petition:Mr. CM, 1. Can you please make sure all the major roads in bangalore are free from potholes? 2. Can you please make sure pedestrians/elderly people are safe at home and have enough space to walk when they go out? 3. Can you please make sure there are proper street lights provided and in working condition in all the major localities in the city? 4. Can you please make sure your MLA's refrain from taking bribes? 5. Can you please make sure there is proper utilization of the taxes we pay to the government? Compared to all these, your anguish on pub culture is as good as a street dog running behind any and every vehicle. Will await your reply to these.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:12:01 2009
Name:sunil murmu
Petition:it is a very shameful,horrible and disgusting act of a few hudlooms.and they are doing this in the name of lord ram?they should be severly punished and the politicians supporting them should be taught suitable lessons by all citizens.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:15:55 2009
Name:Roshan Bava
Petition:Its extremely shameful that incidents like these are happening in my city. These morons who harass people in the name of religion should be strictly dealt with. Its only a small portion, mainly rich and powerful ppl with political backing, who are encouraging these activities. Majority of the local population are tired and fed up of the nuisance caused by these people. These people cant use the name of culture/religion to do whatever they feel like. This is not our culture nor what our religion says. We cant take it anymore and we shall fight for justice.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:17:24 2009
Petition:Some time back in Manipur women had gone out of their homes to blacken the faces of their men and boys who had taken to addiction and drinking. Similarly in Andhra Pradesh, in many villages women protested against setting up of liquor shops and attacked men for drinking. Why? Is stopping people from drinking and getting addicted to drinking Talnanisation. Are development of good habits Talibanisation? No! It was only to stop their families from getting destroyed due to alcoholism? Did we condemn the action of theses women. Why the action of these people in Mangalore who attacked pubs is being condemned? They attacked pubs so that our families are not destroyed due to addiction. Why are there de-addiction centre and Alcoholic Anonymus if going to pubs is modern culture. When ever the evil in the society becomes pre=ponderant people are left with no alternative but to attack those who are hell bent on destroying the culture of the country and destroy their own familis. That is why women came out of their homes in Andhra and Manipur. Today Ram Sevaks have come out of their homes to attack the degeneration of the society in karnataka. We should welcome them and not condemn them.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:18:32 2009
Name:Pranav Siddharth
Petition:Culture/Religion is not a hard pill to be pushed down one's throat. It should be practised on one's own free will. Forcing those girls to stay at home and not allowing to vent them out as they want in pubs(or where so ever) will just keep them dubious. They will be one chunk of people split in their will and way. Why is Ram sena wanting to keep such split girls behind themselves forcefully to promote their ideology? Just to show that there are enough number of heads following their ideology not by will in heart but by sheer fear? Ram Senaities - Just think on these words, guys. Compartively small but self content, self controlled and motivated Ram-Lakshman or Pandavas were the ones, who were able to get scores of people on their side to fight their cause. If you guys are given a platform to speak your ideology, I doubt how many sane heads you can attract. With such actions of yours, which trusts just brawns not brains, I wish to help you by naming yourself better as VANARA SENA than RAM SENA!!!! LET PEACE PREVAIL ON ALL LIVING BEINGS HEART, MIND & SOUL.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:19:45 2009

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:40:13 2009
Petition:This is a very shameful incident. Who are these people including the Politicians who talk about Hindu ethos. Do they really live the way of life like a HINDU? Do they really know and understand the CULTURE, which they so profess. India is a land of FREE PEOPLE, RIGHT of FAITH, RIGHT of FREE SPEECH. Who are these morons who come and preach us what to do and what not to do? What is this thing about PUB Culture. If I want to Drink in a PUB, I will. Who are these people to enforce their MORONIC IDEALOGY on everyone else. These people are loosers including politicians taking advantage of the current situation. Moral-less people, loosers of the first rate, cant stand other people having fun, cant live like other successful people as these MORONS dont know what it takes to become successful. These MORONs should be confined or thrown into the wild to fend for themselves without any second thoughts.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:43:24 2009
Name:Sant Lal
Petition:I am of the clear opinion that women are equal and deserve proper respectand protection against any type of violent act. Yes, physically beating up them is strongly condemnable, no matter they were in a pub. At the same time I am against the pub culture. Our conduct must be in civilised and socialised manner - for both men and women. I have read the views of respected 'petitioners' and mostly found that they are seeing only one side of the coin. They are using extreme words like 'talibanise' which can not be justified. We must go foward to the developed civilization and socialization and not backward to the stone-age, specially in our dressing. This incidence (which is strongly condemned) is done by some so-called Hindu activisits and that is why we are crying, otherwise we always keep mouth-shut even on much serious incidents done by other religion people. So, if a petition is needed to be submitted to any competent authority, should be on an issue which truly protect the dignity of women and not on pub culture.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:56:46 2009
Petition:This is such a shame. This political group should be called Ravan Sena. Who the hell appointed them moral policing. If they really follow Indian Sanskriti.. the first thing they should do: 1. As Ram followers, never lift hand on a woman. 2. And these old leaders should take sanyas and go to himalayas.. bcos thats what is there in Indian sanskriti. Where are they when there are so many other problems in India: child labour, dowry, corruption, etc. Do they know how much black money is asked when u go to buy a flat.. 4-5 times the white money. Why don't they look into all those problems? I can go on and on but these leaders are blind and deaf. Please India this time don't forget and teach these leaders and self proclaimed groups a lesson.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 22:57:47 2009
Name:Ron Victor
Petition:Dear Chief Minister Sir, Please do ensure that the people behind this incident that stormed into a pub in Mangalore and attacked young women unnecessarily, are brough to justice. This incident could set a precedent if not handled with a firm hand. Sincerely appreciate your consideration.ron.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 23:00:58 2009
Petition:This is highly disgrace. They are trying to ruin peace and harmony in the name of culture, religion and what not. Pubs exists in India since many decades. If youth find relaxed going their whats the problem to such moral police.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 23:11:28 2009
Name:Anonymous Human Being
Petition:Is India a democracy? The present goings-on do not represent a democracy. Why are people allowed to trample the rights of other people? Why is violence being condoned? Why are some peoples' human rights being violated? As long as men and women do not have the same rights to live and dress as they wish, progress is not going to be made. Or perhaps, the Indian government wants to trample the rights of women and certain sections of society? What is Indian culture? I don't think there is one specific Indian culture. We have a multitude of cultures, some are patriarchal and some are matriarchal. In some rural areas, women smoke and drink. In certain societies in India, women are the breadwinners. Countries that treat women and men as equals prosper and develop. Countries and states that treat them unequally are doomed.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 23:29:10 2009
Petition:I highly against these horrifying attacks. This is attack on personal freedom. Those attackers donot have right to do what they have done.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 00:22:05 2009
Name:Ram Kudukoli
Petition:Religious groups should never be allowed to be moral polices. Culture is something that is followed as part of one's love for it. It should not be enforced on anyone. Freedom of Expression is the foremost right of an individual as long as it does not hurt anyone. The girls going to the pub did not hurt anyone. The girls did not do anything illegal. On the other hand these so called moral goondas hitting the girls was an assault on their freedom. I guess we can see what kind of women-beating culture these Shri Ram Sena people come from. It is an insult to Ram that they have chosen his name for their immoral activities. These people are no better than Taliban and should be dealt with using the strictest of laws.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 01:09:33 2009
Name:Vijay Indian
Petition:Why is the government not doing anything for women's right and stop Polygamy practiced by a section of Indians

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 02:01:56 2009
Petition:Beating and kicking women is not Hinduism!!! So stop acting like protagonists!!!..Hinduism has always believed in giving right to live your life in your own terms and not act like dictators aka Talibanese..Go and try to imbibe these values on your sisters and wife's. Please do not dictate your morals on someone else's one has given you those rights. Try to maintain the actual culture which is respect for others and please don't shake the real morals of the religion.Jai Hind!!!

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 02:11:26 2009
Name:aastha agarwal
Petition:i just want to say that you have been given a very important job of controlling the country. if we have the right to give our country in your hands we also have a right to kick you out of your better do your job well or ......

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 02:35:21 2009
Name:Pratheesh Money
Petition:Do not treat women like this and for God's sake do not misuse the religion

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 02:42:13 2009
Petition:Fully agree

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 02:44:28 2009
Name:Gopi Krishna Gajwelly
City:Sheffield, UK
Petition:Such kind of incidents are not acceptable in any country. No one can achieve any thing by talking about culture and religion as place for non-violence. Every citizen has right to adopt the cultures they are comfortable. People who encourage such things should be punished with out concerning about their position.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 04:29:49 2009
Petition:Such miscreants should be severly punished WITH NO DELAY. No one has the right to molest girls and hit them on the account of "immoralization".

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:01:42 2009
Name:Bodhisattwa Dasgupta
City:New Delhi
Petition:This is utterly ridiculous. HAve all the problems of this country solved that we have suddenly started to take extra care of culture? More so the politician's statements make it look even more disgraceful. Who is a politician to decide what a grown up adult would do?

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:01:51 2009
Petition:Who are they to teach us what is good or bad? We have our parents to teach us the same. It is an individual's wish whether he / she wants to go to pub or any other place unless he/she causes any physical harm to anyone. How come all these things start just before the elections? Shri. Ram would be ashamed that His Holy name has been used by these goons. We live in a democratic country. The biggest problem is we, people citizens of India vote for these goons. Let us this time kick them out of power and show them the POWER of Common Indian Man / Women.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:08:50 2009
Petition:If the respective State Governments (esp Karnataka & Maharasthra) and the Central Government do not take effective steps then it will be the death of Democracy. Who are these groups and what right they have to attack others? Even the people visiting pubs and holding hands are Indians and are proud of their culture & heritage. Ask these groups to mind their own business and if they are genuinely interested in helping the State then there many beneficial things that they can do, rather than resort to hooliganism. Majority of the activits in such groups are umemployed and are cowards not willing to work hard for a living, so an easier option join such groups and create trouble in numbers and make some money as their leaders pay them. Also the leaders are looking to make a quick impression to get votes. The EC should ban MNS, Ram Sena, etc.,

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:11:53 2009
Name:joadchim D'Souza
Petition:Our Nation is a beautiful place to live. Let us beautify the image of God- the image of Woman. she is the sorce and inspiration for us all to tolerate one other and serve the mankind. let us protect our female section. Punsih the people who go against them.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:13:02 2009
Petition:This action by Ram Sena must be condemned as no body has right to beat up the girls, we talk about the equal rights in India for everyone in respect of caste, creed, color and religion but it is shame that it is not that so. The culprit will go free but it will encourage more attacks on girls. Why is Ram Sena doesnt voice or attack when girls, even minor girls are raped by sex starved man. If they are really standing up for the Indian culture than they should also act same on issues like rapes, skimpy dance and mini skirt in kannada movies, smoking in movies as all these doesnt go with our culture.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:13:15 2009
Name:Freedom Lover
Petition:It is indeed a shame that the CM of Karnataka seems to be supporting an organization which functions clearly in the realm of extremism! What culture are these cultureless goons advocating? And if the intentions of those shameless, self-styled "moral police" were noble, why had they kept quiet about the issue all thes years, and decided to take law into their own hands suddenly, as elections are nearing? It is a matter of shame that these custodians of "cultural values" could be seen on the media behaving like a pack of wolves in exhibiting their "culture"! Any organization that acts to curtail the freedom and fundamental rights of people should be banned at the first display of anti-social activity!

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:17:40 2009
Name:Bijay Bhujabal
Petition:Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! on you all the fundamentalists and terrorists ! If Muslim fundamentalists are hell bent on taking their society to the ancient ages, then these Hindu radicals are not far behind. One thing is certain; all these religious bigots are the same. For ages, they have befooled common people in the name of religion. Behind the dark veil of religion, they have enjoyed everything that they ban themselves and have deprived the common people of independence of thought and life. I fully agree with at least one assertion of the Communists, that, "Religion is like Opium".

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:22:41 2009
Petition: Dear Friends first off all we should take care ourself. We should not give any chance to any one to do any crime. If we will leave open our house, then this is open invite to theft. Likewise we first of all we should follow our culture first. With culture we should represent ourshelf & our womens too. Now a days we are taking about moderniztion. We are not uropians, we are not english men. We are Indians! Proudly speaking we are Indians. But why we are following uropian, western culture????? To stop crime, My humble request to every every citizen to follow the culture & to make India Proud. Jay Bharat Jai Hind!!!!!!

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:23:01 2009
Name:Raj Nair
Petition:All Sena's are doing the same, Ram Sena, Shiv Sena, MNS Etccc...., even there are so many othere which i dont even know the names, Trash them, Come on Indians ,,, Raj

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:23:42 2009
Petition:This is very unfortunate to see such activity in India. I am surprised to see on TV that disgusting bunch of people went inside the pub & started attacking girls like this. Government should take some serious action against those peoply. Along with that Governement should take preventive action to avaoid such incidents in future. Dhikkar hai ..Dhikkar hai... aishe DARM ke dekedaaro pe...

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:26:13 2009
Name:Abdullah Saikh
Petition:I am really scared if BJP come with full majority then what will do these Hindus extremist??? Mr.Advani pls control all these & dont give them chance to make taliban in India!!!

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:28:09 2009
Petition:I am against Physical attack of Civilians by any body. At the same time society needs a sort of Decent behaviour ( Dressing etc) when we are in public places.This we need to understand as still the level of good education has reached hardly 30% of Indian population and hence most of the so called western behaviour appears provocative.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:28:16 2009
Petition:Though we not favor pub culture but the behaviour of self styled moral police Ram Sena is deplorable. They themselves took responsibility to misbehave with women. Is there only nudity way to fame. The women of India should be like Kiran Bedi, Indira Noori, Barkha Dutt and numerous other trens setters but certainly not like thwe ones who pose to go any extent in shelfing their clothes in the name of art or drinking and going to pubs in the name of modernity.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:29:59 2009
Name:suraj k
Petition:first of all i wil tel u " we condem this attack on women" * but those who condem this attack should understand this , this is totaly politicaly motivated * one should not blame the present govt for this attack or any attack now , because loksabha election is very near & they wil not do it. * there are lot of other organisation & even we saw other type of molesting women in our society. why women organisation is not condemning it. sexual abuse of women we can see in the name of film & fashion show , why women organisation is not condemning it. * i wil ask one question to the mother or father of our sisters " do you agree with ur daughter , if she does or act in uncultured manner in or any where , where we respect women culture?' * this is medias game and to defame the govt backed by other parties * there are other organisations also do taliban act " why we people not condemning it? * how many of , those who condemn this act go for voting ? u do not know your basic responsibility , then how wil you condemn the act * be responsible , professional, respect, cultured . then only you wil understand the idealogy of vevekananda, nethaji , sardar etc. donot folow the idealogy of mikhal jackson, pamila andorson etc. utleast read one book of our great leaders

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:30:41 2009
Name:Sudeshna Sengupta Saikh
Petition:I strongly condemned the coward act & requesting to Advani pls control it. Kandhamal,Mangalore one by one is happening!! Otherwise we'll take law in ours hand.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:30:54 2009
Petition:Check out how many of these goondas are educated. I am sure these are uneducated hoodlums. They HAVE MOLESTED GIRLS under the pretext of 'protecting' indian culture Indian (hindu in particular) culture preaches RESPECT for women. GANDHIJI would not supported this act on the part of 'Shri Ram sene', if he were alive today. 'Shri Ram sene' members should have raised their voice(not hands & legs) only to protect women. BAN THESE CRIMINALS -who wear the shawl of Lord Rama's name to MOLEST girls.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:32:37 2009
Petition:We all should stand united and not allow politicians and such elements to exist in the country.We are a Democratic Country and we have a freedom to fundamental rights.Why should we allow such elements to dictate our lifestyle.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:33:58 2009
Name:Sanjivan Lal
Petition:I think it's time to change the vote-bank politics in India. These people have misplaced notions about their activites winning them vote-bank...something needs to be done! If we need to find an Obama here...then we need to set our system right to be enable to find the right man for the rightjob! I advocate two party SYSTEM..Presidential system.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:36:24 2009
City:New Delhi
Petition:Everybody has got the right to live the life the way s/he wants to live, but also keeping in view that it does not encroach other's freedom in their vicinity, community, state, and the nation. But life is not only about good, there are bad elements, and we have to ensure that our policing is and justice is prompt, so that a wrong message is not sent across the board. And policing doesn't only means state police, it involves each and every citizen, when the vedieo shooting was done, why wasn't there anybody calling the police, at least this could have been done, the uncomfortable questions are 1) why the pub management didn't inform police 2) why any media person didn't call police, taking newsbyte was important, but at the same time saftey of those girls were important too 3) if the culprits are caught what kind of treatment they are getting in jails. 4) why the cheif minister and home minister are coming with conflicting views. If they don't want the culture ban the pubs, but they won't do that, and let the common people get harrased and mollested. There is more politics in this whole episode, and the victim is India. In chandigarh fast track court, a German female national was given justice in just 2 flat months. Can we expect the same speed of judgement for our own females. I guess not, we can have pettion for changing the name of a movie (SDM), but not a pettition for wanting justice on a speedy basis. That's the irony.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:40:28 2009
Petition:The monsters who masqueraded as keepers of our culture, their leaders who spew venom and hate at every opportunity, our political masters of the universe who conveniently adopt a 'holier than the pope' attitude when it suits them, the sycophantic and puffed-up toadies at the helm of the NCW - all these nasties and hypocrites sadden my heart immeasurably. Is this what our forefathers fought for? I cannot stand Deve Gowda but he was spot on in describing these incidents as the talibanisation of our country. Do our political leader drink at home? Why don't the self-appointed keepers of our faith go around wearing dhotis if they are so fanatical about our culture? It do not care a hoot about which party in is power as long as it works for the common citizenry. In this case, however, I feel the BJP has shot itself in its foot over it divisive politics. Mr Yeddyurappa must also realise that he fools nobody when he announces on TC that the govt has 'already' arrested 13 people, 36 hours after the despicable incident

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:40:37 2009
Name:durgesh raje
Petition:we know that elections are nose away, Please do not repeat such socially abnoxious act.This is a democratic country and people are free to express their openion, views and act within law.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:41:56 2009
Petition:Its gruesome, a more politicised version of Attack. Political parties using Saffron color and culture background for their own benefit. Why do we allow Women to work even per se if we are so backward in our thinking, stop their education even, As its not been our culture. We must tell these moral policing brigades, that tell your sister, mother, wife , daughter not to go to school, college, shopping as its not in our culture. We need to come up and over all these stupid thinking process. Its we who have developed culture or a tradition and no one else. Let us join togather and make these moral policing stupids get out of the country.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:45:13 2009

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:46:12 2009
Petition:Who the hell are these people to attack on women.? These type of bacterias should be hanged at once...with no regrets.Who made them the caretaker of culture..?Do these people know about culture.?

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:46:50 2009
Name:tarpan patel
Petition:bjp is not getting my vote for sure nor are parites like shiv sena and all the otehr SENA'S of the world. SHAME SHAME SHAME

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:49:37 2009
Name:mohan muju
Petition: It is stupid that Girls are not able to sit with their Friends in Restaurants. But Parents ould be aware of such situations and generate a sense of confidence and morality level in Girls to desist from drinking in pubs.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:50:35 2009
Name:True Indian
City:Tokyo [ Japan]
Petition:Hi Guys, I have been to Rajasthan few weeks back and i came to know that Government banned selling Alcohal after 8.00 PM , how this is different from what Ram sena did in Banglore India is a world's largest decomcracy and everyone should be allowed to do whatever he wants under the law... I am not sure if in India a husband takes his wife to pub, its very common in Japan , will you accept someone beating your wife because she accompined with you in the pub ...

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:54:00 2009
Name:gautam saha
Petition:A goonda is a goonda is a goonda. No two ways about it. Who has given these roadsie goondas a 'licence' to represent Hinduism ? Are these guys sadhus, or experts on scriptures, or have been appointed by Lord Ram Himself ? Lord Ram, wherever He is, will squirm when he knows that these petty thugs have manhandled women in His name ! While I am not condoning licentious behaviour by ladies or young girls in Public, what these thugs have done is downright unacceptable. This is the only way they could come into the limelight as they have no other 'positive credentials'.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:54:34 2009
Name:Roy Joseph
Petition:India is known for it's diverse culture and harmony. Now cheap political/religious/terrorist (I dont know what is the correct definition for these kind of paties) want to get mileage by disturbing that. If they believe in a culture let them be. But who are they to make others to follow their culture. If the people in the pub is doing anything against the IPC, let the police take action. That is their job. If the laws are not enough let the legislatures make the laws. that is their job. If you cannot do the job, step down and make way for people who can do the job. These people including the ministers are concerned about ladies drinking beer but they dont have any concern over the rapes and robberies happening in bangalore. i am in bangalore, working in IT field. never been to pubs, but that is my personal choice. Some others can make a choice to go there. I dont think my culture will get offended by that.

Online PetitionSat Jan 31 09:55:25 2009
Petition:Gandhiji said the day a woman in india walks back home alone without any fear,that is the greatest day for India. Where we are heading? Let us give our children a loving,confidencial and peace ful socity.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 16:40:19 2009
Petition:Pubbing or celebrating the Valentine's is the expression of the same democratic principles that make each of us a free citizen and that a modern day democracy can be proud of. The manifestations of our freedom being labelled as Westernization of the pure Indian soul is just another bullish attempt at maligning the image of Indian culture and creating internal rifts too.If only the elected leaders of our country can take some time out of their busy schedules and do some governance too. It takes a lot of time and effort for a country to surge ahead, please don't take us so back so soon.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 17:25:20 2009
Name:Vikash Bohara
Petition:I am a 22 year old who has never been to a pub but I fail to understand the mentality of these so called 'protectors of our society'. There is absolutely no leadership in these people who call themselves as 'leaders'. The first rule of leadership is lead by example. Before pointing out fingers at others have you corrected a simple thing of teaching discipline in your organisation? When you agree that the manner of the protest was wrong then please correct yourself first before talking about others. One needs to introspect whether he has been a perfect example for the people. My dear 'activists' understand one simple fact about human psychology you need to inspire your countrymen, dictatorship will not unite but break people. Please focus on much more urgent and important issues in our country. Even today you will find child marriages, torcher on women, dowry system, untouchabilty etc. in our society(And people are forced to follow this atleast nobody is forced to go to the pub). Shri Ram never forced anyone to follow him, he just did what he believed in, people followed automatically. Thats leadership my dear friends. When the question of western culture and indian culture comes, unfortunately it has won over our Indian culture because people have chosen it willingly. Nothing was forced. But by telling this I no where mean to degrade our culture. Not being biased I (Likewise every Indian) believe that Indian culture is the greatest of all. But highlight its greatness rather than enforcing it. Our culture needs to be spread amongst the people.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 18:47:24 2009
Name:Shivangi Varma
Petition:The attitude of all people and parties involved is shocking and reeks of hypocrisy and an archaic attitude towards women. Indian culture has always been a progressive one and therefore the Indian civilization has survived transitions across ages.. Today's so called moral police is just looking for opportunities to prevent change and evolution of the Indian society which will only damage the Indian culture in the long run.. We should not get swayed by the regressive ideas they are trying to sow in the minds of all Indians and should raise our voice against them to tell them that we are living in a free democracy and will not be dictated by the whims and fancies of a few regressive people..

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 19:25:52 2009
Name:Future Prime Minister
Petition:Hi, 1) Where are the so called 'moral policemen when women/girls are getting raped or eve-teased or molested? 2) Pub culture is not Indian culture, fine. But, is beating people up, especially WOMEN, Indian culture? 3) Even if women/girls are dancing nude or semi-nude or in any obscene way INSIDE the pubs, nobody from the OUTSIDE can see them dancing, can they?? This is equivalent to married people being intimate with each other within a house and not in front of everyone. Of course, it can be argued that married ones are different, but, even in pubs, couples who are in love with each other dance with each other! What's their(so called 'moral' policemen) problems? 4) Smoking/Drinking etc TOO are against Indian culture. Why is it that i find ALL the sena activists drinking/smoking/chewing tobacco and spitting on the streets all along their way?? 5) Formal Shirts/Pants are DEFINITELY NOT Indian culture. Whey wear them then? 6) Working for foreign companies is not good for Indian culture and in NO foreign company is Indian culture being followed, ban all the foreign companies and let everyone be jobless and unemployed! There are 50 more things i can come up with and argue about, but i am not so jobless as the sena activists. If people want to enjoy, let them enjoy. If you dont want your kids to enjoy that way, then dont let them. Leave others alone. It is a 'democratic' country and like muthalik can voice his opinions out, similarly those who want to enjoy and freak out, CAN do so!!! P.S: PLEASE send this to the chief minister and MAKE SURE he READS and UNDERSTANDS what i am trying to tell, especially the last line!

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 16:42:01 2009
Petition:I saw the videos of the attack and i could not see any improperly dressed women.... government have to take strict action aginest these kind of attackers....

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 17:07:11 2009
Petition:Hindutva ka mazaak banaana band karo.

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 17:15:46 2009
Petition:All these politicians deserve to be thrashed and throw out into the space or into some big black hole.No one cares a hoot about this country. During election times they create this drama and if they win they fill their pockets and let India rot away .I can see no future for this country

Online PetitionTue Feb 3 18:19:31 2009
Name:Pramod Dangi
Petition:If this is the RAM RAJYA of BJP or other Hinduta Party.. than I guess woman will be better off in RAVAN RAJYA. I never heard that woman were abused in public by its own people in such a way even in Ramayan's Lanka.. SITA had to give the fire test in RAM RAJYA and now that abused happaned in BJP's so called RAM RAJYA.. Regards

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:48:25 2009
Name:Naresh Shah
Petition:Shame on you guys!!! Apparently, all those who were blaberring about the Indian & Hindu culture were dressed in a Denim & a T-Shirt which arises from west. I think Dhoti & Kurta is the right choice for SriRam sena. Also, they have displayed their thinking by attacking the weaker sex in the society. Imagine Dalip Singh (Khali), the popular wrestler partying in a Manglore pub with few of his HINDU female friends, who would dare touch them? I think they need to grow up in their thought process & look forward to better things in life. Regards, Naresh

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:43:53 2009
Petition:I'm a devout Hindu. I pray every day. I'm proud of being Hindu. I understand we have a ancient culture that we should all be proud of. My family is devout and cant think of beginning a day without shlokas. I'm shocked. I'm apalled. I'm distressed. I'm confused. I can't begin to comprehend how my religion has been sabotaged by perverts and cowards. My family shudders to think our Hinduism is now seen through a prism of bloody saffron. I'm not scared to put my name here. I'm scared not to put my name here. I'm scared Not to. By the thoughts of how the silence of the majority can be seen not only as consent to such dastardly behaviour, but also as a spur to other such people. I know I am not alone. Or am I?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:01:38 2009
Name:Irene Dhar Malik
Petition:I am appalled that some men actually behaved in this barbaric manner and have got away with it, that their leader justifies what was done, that some men think they can collectively decide how women in this country should visit. We live in a free country but it seems that the freedom is lopsided. A woman is not free to visit a pub. A man is free to bash her up, to molest her if he chooses to. I am glad I am a woman. I have nothing to be ashamed of. A man does. Because men have behaved in such a shameless manner.Even though I am not ashamed, I am afraid. For myself and all other women in this country. For my young daughter above all...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:01:05 2009
City:New Delhi
Petition:There are guys who would like to take us back in civilization but they are not even sure how far back. What they forget is that society has evolved over ages and become far different from what existed before by learning from its mistakes and embracing new ideas. They are renegades trying to resurrect retrograde ideas. They are also root cause of all terrorism and violence. What they forget is that we are living in a democracy now and a democracy is never compatible with the ideas kings and their advisers. What ever had been done or advocated in the past could have been relevant then at the most but can never become use to our dynamic civilization.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:16:17 2009
Petition:There must be a strict regulations and rules to conduct such activites,and enforce them strictly. As a parent do the children have concurrance ?

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:18:16 2009
Name:Sumit Mehta
Petition:very disgraced act. These is more of chuvanists approach the of a civilised human who wants to co-exist and join the happiness of others. these people are disgrace to any socity and should be punished.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:19:21 2009
City:New Delhi
Petition:Dont have words to describe the kind of fear this so called Hindu activist are posing on our mind. Who gave them the right to decide what we should and shouldn't do. They dont mind burning girls in the name of dowry or killing a girl child before its born but would take swords and go to any extent to shout their agenda on SAVING HINDUISM.These ignorant people should be taught the true meaning of RELIGION. Why this double standard in the name of Religion. Today only read the statement by the Karnataka Chief Minister and i was really furious knowing his agenda. I feel sorry for the people who have voted for this person.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:25:31 2009
Petition:People who carried out this attack on young innocent boys and girls should not only be tried immediately in courts but their punishment should be far more severe than what a similar attack on a boy or a girl would otherwise attract. This is because in Mangalore it was not just an attack on 5-6 individuals causing them physical harm but an attack causing grave damange on many fronts. It was an attack on our freedom of expression and freedom of choice - two fundamental rights guaranteed by constitution to every citizen of India. It was to instill a fear psychosis in the minds of young, urban, educated youth. It was an attack on liberalism and modernity and to pull India back into medieval ages. Hence, the punishment should be swift and severe to desist the rest of the Taliban like barbarians masquerading as Morality Cops from making any further attempt to undermine the tolerant fabric of India and individual's constitutional rights.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:27:21 2009
Petition: Mangalore incident of beating girls in the pub is condemnable. But girls, specially rich girls are going to the pub and drinking is not tolerable and it is against the Indian culture. Who will give respect to such girls. Due to some girls who are going to pub and drinks, respect of other women community will get tarnished. It is sorry to note that Rediff have made some interviews with rich family girls. Definitely those girls will give such reply only. Also I am fail to understand why Rediff andother media are blowing up such a small incident to such an extent? There is a lot other problems in India. Why can't media can focus on other burning issues? It is really unfortunate that media is blowing up small matters. We have fed see again and again the said Mangalore incident.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:30:16 2009
Name:Partha Narayan Mitra
Petition:If our CM really wants to do something good for the society then let him first root out corruption. This is the best way to enighten the society and bring Ram Rajya!!

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:31:38 2009
Petition:The incident i n mangalore was an isolated case.the media only exaggerated the issue by leaps & bounds to attract more ratings for their tv channels.the party that started in amnesia at about 1 pm went on for prolonged period with boys and girls indulging in indecent behaviour in an inebriated condition.somebody from inside the pub informed some activist of sri ram sena who gathered in some large numbers with an intention of exposing this immoral behaviour.but what has happened is being seen by all thru' electronic media.let's stop discussing about the furthur implications of this particular incident and try to live harmoniously forgetting this particular incident as a bad dream.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:32:13 2009
Petition:It is a shameful act. In the name of culture and religion these vultures are prying on the privileged privacy of a person's life. And more despicable is the attack on women. These rascals should be put behind bars. And a resolve should be made that anywhere at anyplace in this country if ever a group of hooligans under the guise of a political or any group attack any body in public place, the other people at that place should not be a silent, inactive witness to it. These people should be given a fitting reply, by thrashing the lives out of them. And if they ever attack a woman, the witnesses should also be treated as a party to the crime. have every right to do everything you deem right. this country has a right to give a character certificate to anybody. And for that matter even a beggar or a thief has more character than this political groups driven by religion. For, Ashok Gehlot and all those old BJP politicians, its time they retire and head off to wherever they find peace of mind. If you cannot respect a woman, you do not deserve to lead anything forget about leading the country. May these statements, doings and stands of these politicians be highlighted at the time of elections. Rediff and its fellow news media, please take note of this. Make a political biodata of each of these vultures so that we remember not to rest anything in their hands. Its a shame that Sonia Gandhi has still not spoken anything about this issue considering that Sheila Dixit sent out such a beautiful message by saying, my children go to the pubs. I will never stop them. Thanks.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:33:09 2009
Name:Rajesh Kamath
Petition:Is this what we call Democracy...?? This has been a long unanswered question atlest when it comes to such issues. And I have strong feeling that this is the buildup for the Feb 14th celebarations. All these issues have two sides...above stated is one of them.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:35:59 2009
Petition:Hang those men in public, so that no one dares next time such henious act.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:37:14 2009
Name:Neeru Dubey
Petition:Don't try to use religion and culture for your gone good. Our culture stems from Vedic age where women were quite educated and liberated. This ban on women and other things have been brought by Mughals in our country, so this is definitely not our culture. Each individual has every right to visit any place they want and to live there life as they want.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:38:30 2009
Petition:Who is resposible for this.....we..coz we are one who choose people in power...few vote wrong people for religion and few don't bother to vote..ultimatly it is we who are victimised.....Standup and Vote for right people and never stop your self from voting

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:40:00 2009
Petition:these are indian Taliban. anotther face of raj kind of politics. genesis is hate and spread fear by demolishing mosques, beating women, beating on ground of cast and creed hate to such politics.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:40:07 2009
Name:pascal Fernandes
Petition:Very true. I have always said, we do not need Pakistan Islamic terrorist to attack here in India. We have got out own Hindu Terrorist who can carry on the act of Islamic terrorist. It is now time for the youth of the country to get together and finish this once and for all. Remember the elections are here this year. Change we require.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:40:10 2009
Petition:It was no less than a barbaric act in the so-called civilised society. Attack on women is the resort of a coward. What do they want to prove? Who are they to tell us what is moral and what is not? Beating up girls is what seems moral to them? Nonsense. This anger must not phase out so soon and its we, the youth, who have to take the matter now in our hands than making the Govt. shelf it up like they have been doing for years!!

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:43:04 2009
Petition:I feel ashamed to be an Indian over the attacks in Manglore. Even when I assume that going to Pubs is bad -who gives one right to ewxpress oneself violently and that too only against the weaker sex.Its just so sexist too ! Top of that the chief minister also makes a regressive statement supporting in principle the action of some cowards.He is not worthy to be the CM as his idealogies are primeval and barbaric too. Shame on these cowards .

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:43:50 2009
Petition:No doubt whatever was happened in Mangalore is wrong and every body accept it uncivilised manner the way youth [gents] treated to girl[youth]. It is barbaric but one thing girls should clear their mind that they donít have any extra constitutional power which they can cross the limits. In fact Mangalore police commissioner told in front of media that there is no law to take action against him. In fact PC should not reveal the fact this will encourage the culprit and they will arrange good lawyer to scot free. As we know laws are 1947 laws and there are big loopholes and if you have good lawyers like shanti bhusan, Prashat, Harish Salve, Soli Sorabjee and many senior supreme court lawyers who are experts in their profession and once they start the arguments in supreme court the judges are also thinking how to move and which direction will go. We should also know that present supreme court lawyers are long back student of above lawyers and nobody want to overrule the teacher morality. This is fact, which we have accept. In regard to Mangalore case good lawyer should come forward and fight the case for government so that culprit can not able to freely roaming

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:43:58 2009
Name:pascal Fernandes
Petition:Very true. I have always said, we do not need Pakistan Islamic terrorist to attack here in India. We have got out own Hindu Terrorist who can carry on the act of Islamic terrorist. It is now time for the youth of the country to get together and finish this once and for all. Remember the elections are here this year. Change we require.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:47:11 2009
Name:Naina Pandita
City:New Delhi
Petition:India is a free country and a girl/woman is free to go to a pub whenever she wants. No can stop them. Mr C.M. wake up we live in a free country where a woman has equal rights as the men. Ask those men who attacked the girls what do they do when they are they pray once in a day?; do they treat the women of their family equally? Wake up India!!

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:48:28 2009
Petition:Hi, Firstly i would completly support what happned in Mangalore.If that gal who came on national television says that she was molested and people were trying to pull down her clothes,what was she doing in a PUB so early in the day? what substance was she taking?has she told her parents whom she clames to be very mordern and librial, about her whereabouts that day.and if she/or othar gals have not told then they should be taken to task ,coz of these kind of gals the other gals also start doing such negative things,and when a colt is trying to help them come out ,they are talking utter nonsence.i just want to ask these ladie,if going to pubs and discsis ur culture then be ready to face wht just took place,dont cy whensomeone is trying to correct you in life.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:48:45 2009
Name:Ravi Rawal
Petition:Its with utter disgust that I renounce this cowardly act of attacking women in broad day light! A woman respects only those who let her decide what she wants ! Every adult citizen in this country has a right to do whatever she feels like ! Attacking and trying to create a fear psychosis is no way to treat ANY ONE. I'm filled up with so much hate & disgust for the people who did this that its clouding my thoughts to think sensibly at this moment.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:50:16 2009
Petition:Those Ram sena guys including thier leader should be sent to a girls school, where the students can trash them with their chappals. Only then will they learn a good leason.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:52:12 2009
Name:Prema K.Thomas
Petition: Let Women Beware. The atrocities perpetrated on women in the pub attack in Mangalore is made the more horrific by the claim the hooligans published.They acted out of 'brotherly' love for the girls they abused,assaulted and molested. Another claim that such acts are intended to 'safeguard'and'protect'the glorified image they have of women is to be recognised as dangerous. Who decides that a woman should dress,eat,drink,talk in a particular way? Surely not vandals,uneducated boors whose authority in society is nil! Let Women Beware--To be depicted in the way these hypocritical hooligans paying lipservice to decency,honour and dignity is an insult to woman.We are women with all the rights the human race has earned.We must not be taken in by false brotherly love,fatherly protection and the like.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:58:40 2009
Petition:Today I am ashamed of myself. Ashamed that I belong to a generation who boasts about entering the twentyfirst century yet still living in the sixteenth century!!!! A country who worships Durga, Kali, Laxmi, Saraswati...all women yet don't blink an eye before opressing women in the name of religion, morality, culture. A country which boasts of having women as their PM and President yet have opressed them for decades... Mangalore pub incident was a tight slap for all of those who believed that India is a democratic and secular country. It has once again proved that a bunch of illiterates hooligans motivated by age old beleifs and instigated by political parties with vested interest can create havoc in our lives. And we the educated mass, the youth, the future of this country are nothing but spineless creatures who do nothing other that becoming mute spectators to such atrocities. Ladies, its time that we stop relying on our brothers, fathers, husbands to protect us. Its time to WAKE UP. Wake up my Durga..Wake up my Kali!!! Time to fight back!! Its time for Women power! Time to show that the hand that can rocked the cradle can also raise their hands to protect themselves. So all my sisters out there...stand up for yourselves. Fight to stop this country in turning this country in another Afghanistan

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 16:59:17 2009
Petition:This party should be banned and declared illegal. The leader should be deprived of the rights of playing leadership of any party. All the goons should be severely punished.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:04:06 2009
Petition:Hi! The attack is wrong and there are no doubts about it. How can we forget allow even think that in present day and age we can have some outfit acting as moral police. I live in mumbai and i have seen double standards that can be debated and discussed for hours together. The same very people who want to act as moral police, leach and leer at women a little away from their stongholds, the very own women who are part of the moral police, cannot stop their teenaged daughters from wearing tight jeans and t-shirts and flaunt their assets when they step out of the houses. Down with any kind of moral police, the girls and their parents are old and learned enough to take care of themselves. No amount westernization will ever turn our beaches into topless beaches , no ladies bar will ever turn into a pole dancing or lap-dancing places. Grow up your double standard and filty minded people.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:06:46 2009
Name:Bharat Shetty
Petition:Mr. Chief Minister. This is not we except from Karnataka. As a chief minister, this is the right time to act and punish those behind these attacks. Freedom should be respected and if you have any issues with the pub culture then the govt. can always make some rules that will be legal abided. By ignoring the sentiments of the masses, you are tarnishing the image of our State. Please act fast and prove that your government is not biased.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:11:46 2009
Petition:The incident at Amnesia pub in Mangalore is not acceptable in whatever means,though these goons support themselves as moral policing.Its purely a personal choice whether to go to a pub or not and hence these goons need to be properly dealt and humiliated publicly and put behind the bars.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:11:57 2009
Petition:This is a new trend now, to make yourself popular amoung the innocent middle class and below middle class people. They try to attract attention doing wrong things with help of some goons wearing their name tag or label and naming it as Hinduwata or Indian sabhiyatha, and trying to prove they are changing this society. These guys all they have criminal records and they are trying to get into politics and they are playing all dirty games to make differences between two communities and gain out of it. Itís the duty of Indian government and the State government to stop such kind of activist and should be shot or put behind bars for life. If you have to win the war against the external terrorist you should first eliminate these terrorist within our country only then you can demand Pakistan to do their job. We feel sorry for the pathetic condition of Karnataka Chief minister not acting promptly to this incident and trying to change the Pub and bar from the country, so that he don't lose his vote bank. Karnataka Cheif minister has let down not only all womens of Karnataka but also India.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:12:16 2009
Petition:It is indeed disturbing when I come across such news but almost always end up feeling, there's no way I can reach out to other people who feel like me and would want to put an end to all this. Groups attacking women, doing communal politics, no resolution to terrorism issues, broken roads, recession, people losing jobs. Who will eventually hold the politicians responsible for all this and get them to move their asses from the chair and get onto solving these issues. Its now upto you guys to do something and make sure that our voices are heard where it matters.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:27:19 2009
Petition: I am not highly perturbed on the news!! Most of the time the "media" stinks . The INDIAN tradition and culture have already given a highly respected stature for MOTHER/WIFE in society.By all means the "MOTHER" a semi devine figure: worshipable in most cases. Most males always tries to dominate and take advantage of any situation. I feel that women must avoid places where they donot feel safe / not well protected. It is always better to prevent unwanted incidents. Do not go crazy on western style: even they are finding it difficult to control the disasters in social set ups in their countries. Men should appreciate the very special qualities of women and women must try not cross the barriers, which can result in self destruction.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:28:09 2009
Name:harish vyas

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:35:13 2009
Name:Sekhar Sharma
Petition:Govt. should bann such type of redecules parties. They are cheating people in the name of GOD or Hinduism. We should oppose such type of activities or political parties, so that India can grow. This type of incident is one of the main cause of our bad condition. We can't live life freely in our country, Govt. should tell us where should go for live. Should we leave India? I think in India there is value of human being.They(Ram Sena or such type political party members) are nothing but criminals. Thay always trying to show our culture, i think tehy forget we are Indian too and we know the meaning of culture better that these people. I think they do not know the meaning of our culture. In our culture we should respect human beings. We'll feel to

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:37:43 2009
Name:sandeep k
Petition:I feel it is absolutely ok to talk about certain restraints with the liberties that we enjoy. Are we sure that our 18-20 year old girls have any clue of what they are getting into. I hope that their parents also have no clue. Most of the sexual harrassment and relationships even before reaching legal age happens with these kind of situations ! Screw all these shouting from our intellectual new age girls. I think they should first start respecting themselves before giving all these petitions.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:01:13 2009
Name:Deepak Dongre
Petition:This is plain ridiculous. The police will put these idiots behind the bars and release them after some days. This is a big problem in Mangalore actually. Something or the other by these so called Hindu Gangs keep happening there and they go about harassing the minor community. Who are they to decide whats moral or not? Are beer bars moral- why not shut them then? These are the same old idiots who will eve tease girls- suddenly this moral transformation is all bullshit. I'm a Hindu and its hurting to see the word "RAM" being used by Goons to represent their party.Its high time your govt does something Mr. Yeddyurappa? Shame on you if it goes un noticed.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:59:43 2009
Name:Deepak Kumar
Petition:Though i am opposed to pub culture but for that sake i cannot accept few hooligans thrashing our fellow citizens in the name of culture .Those who had done it should be severely punished and all the SELF Appointing agencies should be banned.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:59:56 2009
Petition:i think it is a uncivilized activity carried out by sriram sena is highly condemnable.just they want to publicize themselves.thats why they have carriedout this attack.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:00:11 2009
Name:P. Narayanan
Petition:The act of cowards at Mangalore is to be contempt and dealt with strongly by the government. It is nothing less than Talibanism. Talibans at least declare their terms in advance whereas these people have attacked the pub all of a sudden.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:00:34 2009
Name:Aftab Mohammed
Petition:Stop This Violence Against Women !

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:00:52 2009
Petition:I agree the objective of SriRam Sena, not the way they handled it. All people who is seeking must understand one thing. In the name of so called pub culture something happens, do you think our law is strong enough to punish the guilty, please see what happened in Goa German girl Rape case Involved Congress minister's son. Do you really want women rights actvists, wanted culprit to book, then why did not you put petition. Is that you are paid by Congress and communists. Do you know what is happeniing in bangalore, these dirty pub culture people luring poor girls flesh trade, you have guts protest against that. I support the objective of SriRam sena, but not the Way. You people are just watching TV channels, they are biased what where they doing when German girl rape happened. Also do u think TV channels really give local accounts what happened. Please do not put petition blindly, study clearly the local situation.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:00:55 2009
Petition:Yes, I strongly recomend some sort of code of conduct.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:01:41 2009
Name:Viswanath T K
Petition:Attack on women is a cowardly act. If it is found that something illegal or against the law is happenning, then the matter should be brought to the notice of relevant authorities. People should not take law into their hands.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:01:44 2009
Petition:Hi, Fact that there are pubs means anyone has the freedom to go there. We have to decide how we behave in public. The guys who have perpetrated this horrific act in the name of culture should be banned from holding any public office or post or supporting any political party or standing for any kind of election, local, state or nation-level. They are infringing on a fundamental right of freedom of those lady citizens to make their own choices. They have to understand what the implications of such infringement should be.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:01:45 2009
Name:Gautam Laungani
Petition:All these political parties who claim to have Indiaís best interests at heart are a bunch of jobless, mindless, hungry for any publicity, retards. The only solution is to ban them from contesting elections and ideally they should be thrown behind bars for life for behaving like mad dogs. If this kind of hooliganism is allowed to continue, I donít think that day is far when this country will surely go to the dogs.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:01:49 2009
Name:Emy Pereira
Petition:Please punish the culprits and don't allow them to go scot free as usual. The Political Hooligans beat women instead let these people go and fight on our boarder instead of creating goondaraaj in our country. We all know what these people do behind their closed doors. It is high time our system changes, let the hooligans are booked for maximum period and don't leave them on bail. These people know very well that they will be scot free within few hours. Let our Ministers treat this as a serious offence, then only people will think twice to do it again.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:01:57 2009
Petition:Such kind of groups should be banned and the leaders should be heavily fined, then only the such gondaism will be cutdown. Its really shame on our country till date political parties using religion for vote bank instead of speaking of progress of the country.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:02:08 2009
Petition:Our vedic culture is all about individual transformation. It talks about the free will to each individual to live life as he/she wants.It clearly states that Existence is so loving that it has given free will to be in bondage. Time and again these so called "Culture Police" indulge in vulgar and violent activities in the name of saving our culture. First they don't know anything about it that's why they are doing all this and second they are unemployed people with too much idle time to peep into others life and see what others are doing. Have they reached the state of "Enlihtenment" for whcih the whole vedas is all about.If not then what right does they have to preach to others. Our culture believes in changing oneself not forcing others to change.Let these yet to mature people understand. And don't bring Rama into it. We know our Rama much better than others and we need not learn it from violent kids.Give these people some work, all the problem will disappear. They have too much time as of now...idle mind devils house.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:02:32 2009
Petition:Such kind of groups should be banned and the leaders should be heavily fined, then only the such gondaism will be cutdown. Its really shame on our country till date political parties using religion for vote bank instead of speaking of progress of the country.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:02:40 2009
Petition:Such violence & use of force is not tolerable in a free country. Its against basic principles of our constitution. It should be stopped now !!! If not we will be heading towards indian talibanization ???

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:02:44 2009
Name:Hardeep Singh Chadha
City:Ambala Cantt
Petition:its not right at all! me being a male,,,,,, even i feel its not right at all. This is no taliban. and this should be dealth with at this stage only...... and should not b allowed at ALL!!! wake up govt!!!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:03:02 2009
Name:Akshat Rathod
Petition:Attack on anyone is wrong... be it men or women... Lets not link this case with any government or any agency or any religon. Attack on anyone is wrong...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:03:04 2009
Name:Shishir Rai
Petition:Every Hindu family teaches thr basic ritual,i.e. to respect the Maa + behen. The mother is worshipped and the sister is protected from any evil thing. We never try to harm them even verbally forget about being physical. It is clear that,without Mr.BS Yeddyurappa,being soft & turning a blind eye such incident would not take place. We are responsible for all this show of power. We must learn to respect & protect the lady.It would be another shameful news item to show the World that what we preach don't practise.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:03:31 2009
Petition:I agree the way they treated the girls is wrong and they should be punished.But Do u think Whether the girls or boys so called next generation of our country involved in the activity is right.Pls don't call me narrowminded it is not an excuse for you.Does freedom mean this?Don't you think it is one of the cause of insecurity of women...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:03:41 2009
Petition:What happened on that afternoon in Mangalore was a henious and pathetic act. These so called keepers of Indian culture have forgotten the basic rule of not raising hand on a woman. In fact, these people are nothing but goons who have nothing else to do.The head of this Sena should be taken to court and punished.But we all know they have government and police support.God bless India.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:03:52 2009
Petition:Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa insted of being appologetic made a statement -pubs are not in indian culture, by saying so he is clearly supporting the so called Ramseana cheif with criminal records. Yeddyurappa should be ashamed and all of his likes should be thrown out. we can not allow these politicians to be the self styled protector of indian cultute.Mr.Yeddyurappa - was molesting of girls in manglore indian culture? Mr.Yeddyurappa should learn the basics of indian culture and learn to respect the women.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:04:03 2009
Petition:Hi, For the record, I am not a Bihari. So I ask you did you have this same enthu to raise questions and forward petitions to Maharashtra CM when MNS goons were attacking people in Mumbai. They may not have been women. But certainly poor human beings!! I hope you dont filter this message out.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:04:11 2009
Petition:Discrimnation or harrasment of any type, against women is against the Consitution of India and hence Ram Sena should be banned and its leaders tried for treason and defying the constitution.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:04:26 2009
Name:Deepak Kumar
Petition:Though i am opposed to pub culture but for that sake i cannot accept few hooligans thrashing our fellow citizens in the name of culture .Those who had done it should be severely punished and all the SELF Appointing agencies should be banned.Government should spread awareness about our culture through peaceful means.And our younger generation should also behave properly.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:04:38 2009
Petition:This is very dangerous for society, Yeddi should act now to ban the Sriram sena.If he support these nonsense Yeddi will loose the value in Karnataka

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:04:39 2009
Name:govarthanan prabhu
Petition:brutally beaten is not ok,but ram sena did good job, i was expecting this for many years,pl bring back my indian(traditional) culture ..

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:04:59 2009
Name:Dilip Coulagi
Petition:We have a host of such self-appointed 'defenders of our culture'. Included are fanatics like these and two bit politicians seeking publicity. To them I say, 'who are you to decide what our culture is and isn't. The illeberalism you espouse was imposed on us by Victorian mores and Talibani practices in the past. What you espouse is emphatically NOT our culture. Beating up women and girls is our culture? Shame on you. Your behaviour will be wholeheartedly approved by the fanatics of Taliban. How are we any better than them if we behave like this?' The Govt and police must take the strongest possible steps against such fanatics. Beat them up black and blue, and throw them into jail with no bail, and keep them there for a long long time.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:05:10 2009
Name:sasi sodhan p
Petition:I heard from my friends who belong to Bangalore that most of these guys are goondas and workless persons who in the name of Ram sene are molesting, beating the ladies sitting inside the Pub. These fellows should be shot at or made permanantlt disabled.These goondas should be made to understand that if it is described in the Indian constitution that going to pub is wrong, then caretakers of Law and order will take action. The police should take a Suo moto case and arrest them and keep them in confinement so that never such despicable acts are encouraged.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:05:14 2009
Name:neeraj balani
Petition:Incidents such as these, need to be investigated throughly and special emphasis be given that the criminals who carried out these attacks are given exemplary punishments.The problem with our social and legal structure is that men who join political parties have enough economic incentives to commit such acts. An analysis of the men convicted in this case will revel that if not un-employed, these would be radicals who have an extemist behaviour and hence have not been doing well professionally.Even if someone pays them 1000-2000 rupees with some biased gyan on "morality", these guys would happily do this same act over and over again. An eye-opener for us, Indians, indeed.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:05:15 2009
Petition:Dear Sir, Pls do something about this incident. I being another woman strongly condemn this and is hopeful that your government will take the right action and will set an example for such hooligans. Regards Poonam

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:05:39 2009
City:Navi Mumbai
Petition:In our Country no one raise their hands on the women, we respect them you have shown by hiting them that you are NAMARDS.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:05:52 2009
Petition:I as an indian feel sad with for the living condition of an indian. Why dont politican and such group let the people to live without fear and peace. We have to struggle daily for our livelihood. We are eating two time meal by doing hard work and there are so many other problem also. We have not snatch money from others. We are doing work then we are getting two time meals. I think politican has given the different meaning for coming in party . Now people are coming in politice to make money.... And easy way to come into power is using criminal record or by raising cheap matters, thats why we have crimical coming into politics. Who needs these types of parties.I feel these type of parties should be banned as they are taking law into their hand. And if you want people to follow and obey law then law should be same for all citizen of india. Why these parties are doing goverment job. Is over government is capable enough to handle the situation and then should give their power to such parties. Freedom fighter has provided us freedom from Britishers, who will give us freedom from cheap politicans and beauracats.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:05:59 2009
Petition:Dear AllPolitics depents on majority. Justice has no need majority. Truth can be one, and untruth can be many. In democratic country majority overcomesminority i.e. many overpower one. Truth disappears. Evel preveils. Only way to live truth is, keep away the politician and its theme from Juridiction court, Police, Public servants etc. Now only we can hope, people will b edicate to be truthful to his neighbours. Let the mischieves are encouraged by therulling party not of the any person or any group. Incapability of Gvoernment cultivate untruth. Without any partiality to any P.P. Lonappan.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:06:18 2009
Petition:Who are these to decide what we women should do or what we shoudn't do.The abusive behaviour of all these gunda's and no reaction from our politicians is makingus believe that all pple sitting in power are ..can I ask mrs sonia gandhi...what is she duing abt it?????.May I know why can't they put these pple behind the bars.Once a strong action will be taken against them then no body will dare to do this gunda act again..but interset of politics.....these all politician's are corrput..rather then telling what woman have to do better tell these polotician's what they have to do.We keep on blaming pakistan for terrorist activites .what abot these pple.they are dividing out conutry one the name of religion state,language....??? Komla hain kamojar nahi shakti ka naam hi naari hain.....

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:06:32 2009
Petition:I think they have done a good job by beating those woman, who left their children/husbands and parents in home and came to pubs for drinking and dancing. Why all are including congress party new channel(NDTV) is showing this issue in naked eye. They have not attacked the woman who came to the temple or any other place. This will be condemned by those people who wanted to distroy our cultre.ONE THINGS ALL SHOULD REMEMBER WE WORSHIPED WOMAN AS SHAKTI MAA IF SHE FOLLOWS INDIAN CULTURE, IF SHE IS IN PUBS WE HAVE TO BEAT THEM. RAVI

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:06:42 2009
Name:Arnab Chakrabarti
Petition:A shameful criminal act of some uncivilised criminals. They should be punished to stop this type heinous acts in future.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:06:48 2009
Petition:I strongly condemn this attack. Never keep an eye on vote bank. Keep an eye how to protect the common people. Whoever has been involved in the attack should be severly punished.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:06:56 2009
Name:Arati Menon Carroll
Petition:This is absolutely unacceptable. This assumed moral superiority has them impose their completely socially retarded, culturally desolate and lame-brained ways on the rest of the world. Sick sick sick men.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:07:14 2009
Petition:The DASTARDLY acts that are taking place in the name of culture are to be stopped.Our politicians can't sit around twiddling their fingers and forming Enquiry committees and wash their hands off these issues,each time it happens.These people are doing this for publicity and have no qualms about going down to any level to get that publicity.We cannot and should not tolerate these people and i think they should be PUBLICLY STONED and not arrested and sent out on bail.They want to behave like Talibans, then they deserve punishments like Talibans.Cut their hands off,Stone them publicly and throw them in a gutter.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:07:19 2009
Name:Maj Gen (Retd) H S Mangat
City:New Delhi
Petition:This attack on young ladies is a national disgrace. The conduct of the politicians is even worse--they will shield the GOONDAs. All such organisations should be Banned. Their leaders should be dumped on an isolated island in the Andamans and made to fend for them selves-- an honest days work will do them good

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:07:22 2009
Name:Jayant Gandhi
Petition:Sir,I strongly condemn whatever has happened in Mangalore Pub case. One should not have taken law in hand. At the same time one should not forget that it is safe for everybody to stay within the frame of our culture. If the society supports girls going to pub and involving in any immoral act is right on the girls part, please remember the same could be done by your own daughter and when that happens you should be ready to allow her to continue whatever she is doing without opposing it. One should think on this point also before commenting on the subject. May be we should work within the legal framework to curtail such deterioration in the culture of the future generation. In the land of Ahimsa and Dharna, kindly tell me where did the culture of girls going to pub come from. We should be ashamed of using such words like AHIMSA & DHARNA for these purposes at the same time Rowdism should also be not supported.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:07:42 2009
Name:ranjit kumar das
Petition:Who the hell is this Sri Ram Sena(or whatever), to decide how our youngsters should behave. Don't they know ours is a democratic country, and an individual has the right to live as he pleases.These goons have no right to impose anything on others, and manhandling women, and outraging their modesty, is a crime of the highest order.They should all, including their leader, be put behind bars, under RI, for a couple of years. A fast-track court should pass this judgement. If we go by our normal judicial procedures , they will be set free, in no time, to repeat their crimes. Enough of this nonsense by these so called "Senas". They are the scums of the socity ! The Government and Judiciary should act swifly, before the politicians botch up everything, as is usual in our country !!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:08:09 2009
Petition:What is the point of speaking through this forum? Since when did voices from forums start reaching the ears of politicians. Do you think he's even gonna give it a glance.First of all let us stop using these totally ineffective means to convey discontent. I'm sure every one would use strong and abusive language when they type these messages. Why dont you arrange a peaceful staging for a crowd of not less than a few thousand people. Lets see how many people come out and voice their support. I'm sure we'll find a million excuses then for not showing up. One of biggest strenghts for the youth in India, is the volume. Yet we choose to behave worse than ** when we need to stand together. For once let us display that we are different.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:08:27 2009
Name:Chander Shekhar
City:New Delhi
Petition:I have seen the news few days back and its really disgusting to be so ruthless to those ladies and in return they were giving fake excuses - they were doing to preserve the custom and tradition of our country and who has given rights to these policitically generated elements to do the justice in name of custom and traditions. Its really shameful even for those political parties who are not coming in front and opposing these attacks on women i think its not only police, political parties but ven evry citizen to raise their voice againt such attacks again women because today these people doing this to women not belongs to your family but it will to late to raise your voice when they will enter in your family, so lets unite and stand against these elements and sanghs etc out of our site and our country to keep the peace and harmony in the country.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:08:31 2009
Name:City Girl
Petition:These attacks will continue not only on women but other communities until and unless we stand up and do something about it. We Indians always have a habit of turning our backs and running away at the slightest act of rowdism. We just do not have it in us to stand our ground and fight them fist for fist. When people see somebody being bashed by such mobs most of the time they just stand around and watch the person being bashed or run away rather than fighting shoulder to shoulder with that person who is being bashed. People do not even take the trouble to call the cops on their cell phones when they see something like this. The only way to stop such incidents is that when passerbys see some mob bashing up a person all the passerbys should come together at once as a mob, beat up the bashers themselves, and then grab the bashers by their collars and take them as a group collectively to the nearby police station. This will not only rescue an innocent person from being bashed but will also be a deterrent for such future bashings. Every time some mob attacks passerbys should attack continuously. Make the bashers run for their lives all the time. Only then something like this will stop.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:08:43 2009
Petition:Dear Viewers/Indians,I totally regret for the things happened in violent manner but frankly speaking these guys did a good job becoz now girls will think ton times before dressing up badly and entering a pub too.Though we are a democratic country and we live in 21st cent, its not neccessary to undergo such cultural changes.My personal feeling is women will/should be respected only if she behaves in a pure woman's nature/culture else she shouldnt be treated. Lot of divorces/suicides arises becos of these kind of cultural change.Am not supporting the SRS team but what they did makes me to think such deeply. Though i also condemn the way they expressed their attitudes but appreciate their attitude to maintain culture. Women please be a women for ur own respects. I also ask media not to make this a big public telecast for ur own profits. Thanks,Vinod

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:08:58 2009
Name:Abraham Mathews
Petition:These people think they represent the majority of Indians and they protect religion. WHO R THEY TO TELL WHAT OTHERS SHOULD DO OR BEHAVE. I think what they did represents their cultural background! Govt of Karnataka should be held responsible for this, as it seems they r hand-in-glove with what hapened in Mangalore.Instead of taking them into custody, a tit for tat should be their punishment.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:08:59 2009
Petition:Well, To my knowledge i feel that these Womenshould be punished the way what has happened. These are the people who create the addiction of visiting a Pub or Bar. They do not beleive in GOD & if they did they should know that they have no rights in seducing the public for their materialistic benifits. It is Time to redefine freedom & try to logically think the effects of women or Men being involved in Pubs.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:09:19 2009
Name:Mubin Malim
City:Deira, Dubai
Petition:Dear Mr. Minister, These people should not be spared. Who has given them the right to decide what is moral and immoral? It is the law who has to decide. They should have approacehd the law if they had any kind of information. Nobody is over and above the law. These hooligans who talk about culture have themselves not followed the culture. Which culture says to treat women with such a kind of behavior and that too without any proof. Get these guys to learn a lesson and they should not only be caught up by the law but should also be humiliated in front of people. "Monsters" would be the name for them. Please act in the most stringent way to save the women from losing respect in our own India. Mubin Malim

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:09:20 2009
Name:Vipul Mohan
Petition:The people who went on the rampage at the Mangalore pub were indulging in criminal behaviour which cannot be justified or condoned by references to "Morality", "Indian Culture" or "sensibilities". They broke the law, and did so brazenly. Indeed, they ought to be prosecuted vigorously as per the law. It does not matter if someone likes or does not like to see women in pubs. They are citizens of this country and have as much right to sit in a pub and converse, or do whatever they wish to lawfully do there. The attitude of the people who created the mayhem or those who control them and sent them there in the first place betrays arrogance and a fascist mindset. This needs to be stopped, right now. Treat the perpetrators as criminals and deal with them suitably.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:09:25 2009
Petition:Since the television channel was aware of the incident and not informed the police, so we should blame them and they should be punished first. Otherwise no parent likes the girls going to pubs at late night and ÖÖ..!!!!!!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:10:04 2009
Name:peter dcouto
Petition:outrageous behaviour , goondaisim and intolerable acts of these groups in the name of religion, and culture should be curbed , and banned once and for all, the authorities and the goverment should take steps immediately, to prevent such acts infuure, and ensure that woman and girls r given respect and dignity, whereever they go .

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:10:05 2009
Petition:Dear All, This incident is really a shame for all of us. Also unfortunate for the people of karnataka. This incident day by day getting political edge. I hate this kind of act which is a treat for democratic india. All women activists are raising their voices, that this attack is on the entire women society in india. In actual scenario SRS attacked both men and women. They haven't targeted only girls or women. They dont have any rights to take law in to their hand. Also like to mention one more point for the young generation, who always interested to follow bad westren culture like drugs, alcoholism, dating, live in relationship, pub culture. Please respect our indian culture, tradition . I am not opposing the westren culture but take only positive things and leave out the negative things from western society. In this way we can build strong nation and healthy society and can avoid these kind of situation to occur once again in the society. Thanks

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:10:12 2009
Petition:they must be punished who cannot respect ladies and do politics involving ladies

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:10:47 2009
Name:peter dcouto
Petition:outrageous behaviour , goondaisim and intolerable acts of these groups in the name of religion, and culture should be curbed , and banned once and for all, the authorities and the goverment should take steps immediately, to prevent such acts infuure, and ensure that woman and girls r given respect and dignity, whereever they go .

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:11:05 2009
City:Thane (Maharashtra)
Petition:This is nothing but mere exploitation of the situation under which people want to show off. Indulging in these type of violence only reflects that we are educated derelicts and muscle power cannot exist for long. Let these people show their intelligence power ofcourse they may not dare to openup since they have their own class of poor education which will ultimately reveal them in real world.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:11:08 2009
Petition:Hi dont make this as a big issue....its good to save our culture.. the girls who are molested are not from an good cultured and orthadox families...Stop all pubs accross the state to save young generation.. Ramasene done well..Please think before express in mangalore huge nos.of pubs are there...but why they target that pub...think as educated...there must be some illegal activities are taken place..thats the reason for their attacks..we are also born with our sisters....None of indian will hit a girl simpy,there is something is going on that pub,police have to investigate on this issue..

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:11:11 2009
Petition:Hinduism is a culture, its not a religion by itself. so there can be no hard and fast rules to follow, no founder of Hinduism, no eternal goerning body. We are following a culture which our forefathers followed and passed it to us. How can a group of goons self style themselves as protectors of our culture and attack people? If they justify in a manner that women need to be conservative, which hindu upanishad/ veda/ purana mentioned it? These rouges need to feel ashamed calling themselves as hindus because respect for women is the highest priority in Hinduism, unlike other religions, we have female dieties as ultimate sources of power, knowledge and wealth. Is hitting and trashing a woman in public, a cultural deed? We, as Indians by and large are free individuals, and we have liberty to follow our path of life as long as we can justify our self (aatma). Certainly we need not follow any guidelines fixed by these goons. At the same time, we are Indians, and we hold a great respect in west because of our values. We have a big responsiblty to balance our modern social life and ancestral values and I am sure each and every 21st century Indian will be on my side.We are free and responsible Indians. We dont need to be guided by anyone.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:11:34 2009
Name:peter dcouto
Petition:outrageous behaviour , goondaisim and intolerable acts of these groups in the name of religion, and culture should be curbed , and banned once and for all, the authorities and the goverment should take steps immediately, to prevent such acts infuure, and ensure that woman and girls r given respect and dignity, whereever they go .

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:11:42 2009
Name:Waman Bandekar
Petition:This is sheer madness. This happens only because of the 'religion'. The moment we remove this civil evil called religion from our minds we will be free. This is what Taliban did to Muslims & early church tried with the christens. Stop being religious, we should rather the find God in ourselves and then probably respect others.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:13:26 2009
Petition:What else can be expected from a country where political parties fight 24*7 for power.Every party has taken hold of some segment or the other by raising subjects of racial discrimination, religion, pverty........ I still am not sure why the Mangalore incident took place.Was it to defame nyone, was it to protect what they so call- "Hindu Religion", or was it just a publicity stunt. Such people should be shot on spot, a hard action but a preventive one.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:14:07 2009
Petition:I feel pathetic not towards the cowards who beat the girls but the pathetic people who just stood there watching it, the cameramen who stood and covered it but dint have the guts to stop the people from doing it. If India is a democratic country and has to stay this way..Such incidents should be stopped. This can happen if the Govt takes strict action against the perprators of crime.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:14:11 2009
Petition:These goonda's need to spend their energy in a positive manner. Please make them do community service like cleaning of roads, construction and restoration of schools , hospitals etc. Maybe that will bring in some humility and self-respect in them that they are truly making this country and not breaking it.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:14:56 2009
Petition:This is one of the most Outrageous events i have ever heard or seen in my life. Firstly, who gave these ppl the right to do whatever they want.Who are they to decide how somebody lives their lives? How decided that they should take resposnisbility for maintianing the "snactity" of our relegion? If these so called ppl are the supposedly bearers of the relegion then where ever has it been written or told to treat women the way they did? Leave Hinduism, where is the basic humanity disappear and animalism come from? They really deserve severe punishment so that people realize and learn that in the name of relegion they cannot do whatever they want and just get away.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:16:10 2009
Name:Manorama Sonmale
Petition:I am sure we women would find many acts and habits of these so called 'moral police' immoral and against Dharma. All forms of religious fundamentalism should be avoided as they ultimately end up only curbing the freedom of women.We women in India have taken many years to get some amount of freedom and right to education and do not wish to pushed back into the dark ages. Resort to violence can never be justified and is another form of terrorism.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:16:11 2009
Name:Anshuman Singh
Petition:Shame Shame Shame..I can write it more than 100000 times right now..But what they(Sri Ram Sena Workers) did in Karnataka is more than shameful than that. It was very painful to see that act on TV. Gov. Should now give them punishment like death or cut their hands show that they or any one can't even think to do the same with womenís. How shameful was that whole event. They are exploiting the name of Lord Rama. Lord Rama Never wanted this type of brutal act against womenís. And who are they (Sri Ram Sena Workers)to decide that what other people should do to enjoy the life. Every one is free in India to do any thing to enjoy the life if they are not disturbing others life. It is government moral responsibility to protect citizen and I want to ask question to Sri Ram Sena Workers "Is it not attack on Our culture to attack and try to touch N Beat womenís like this???" Here I want to say that all they made it happen because they want to exploit all womenís sexually. But when they saw that that womenís not even gave them a look then this was the cheapest way to reach them and touch them. Again I must say only one thing. That this was the shameful day for our country. Gov. must take strict action and its our moral responsibility too to make sure that no one again dare to do that. Because this time may b you will be the victim.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:16:16 2009
Name:Satheesh Babu
Petition:I am a practicing Hindu. But before that, I am an Indian. By not taking exemplary actions on the self-styled culture police, I have come to the conclusion that this government is not keeping the oath it took to uphold the rights of the citizens. To Sri Ram Sene and others of that lot, stop teaching your principles (or lack there of) to others. I've a daughter and I'd rather have me and my wife take care of her upbringing.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:16:27 2009
Petition:STOP all these Cultural Policing, be it hindu, muslim or any religion for that matter. Treat everyone as human beings and respect everyones fundamental rights.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:17:08 2009
Name:Helen Peter
Petition:Dear Sir, Being a woman it is our right whether we want to consume alcohol or not. As a adult citizen we can do any activity that we wish as long as we are not breaking the laws of the country. Pls ensure that the perpetrators have been arrested and justice has been served. I had voted for the BJP but with such incidents happening I can assure you that my familty will never vote for the BJP. Only after BJP has come to power such incidents are happening in Karnataka.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:17:14 2009
Petition:Dear Cheif Minister, Please take strong action against the men who attacked boys and girls in the Pub in Mangalore. Violence is not part of our culture and so are Pubs. please close these pubs down as Indians have many outdoor activities which we can do rather than going in to a pub. Here in the UK I have seen the problems created by pub culture and this is not the future I would like to see for India. If gambling can be illegal, drugs can be illegal, pornography can be illegal then why not Pubs? We are a family oriented people and we do not need such activities to find 'happiness' in life. Unfortunately, people do not understand that the women in a society have a greater role to play in shaping up the future. We do not like to see our future mothers as pub crawlers. Since a society should not be biased on a gender basis, we also have to decide that men should not be allowed to go to pubs either. I hope you will take a fair decision on the men who committed the crime, as well as on the pubs that comes up in every nook and corner of the state. Regards, Sandeep

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:17:52 2009
Petition:I am Hindu but I can not tolrate these gundagardis.All women are equal and no body has right to assault the women.I strongly condemmn this.These people are not human.They are just and just goondas and not less than lunatic.They should be punished at any cost.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:18:02 2009
Petition:I have one simple question for these so called 'protectors of culture' why is culture protection limited to what women should or should not do. For God's sake , you want to protect Indian culture...great then start with wearing dhotis yourselves first...why are men in india roaming around in western wear? I hate this hypocricy...what about men going to pubs? how is that acceptable?...I will personally not go by the dictats of anyone who has these double standards. We should progress as a and let live.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:18:13 2009
Name:Diven Khanna
Petition:I just wanted to say that those people who attack women in any form or way are not men at all. They do not understand that they too are somebody's mother, daughter, sister or wife. People should understand by attacking women in any form is not manly at all.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:18:25 2009
Petition:It is disgusting that some psyches are taking such idiotic steps. What they want to prove? This is a democracy and there are steps provided by the legal system. Such psyches cannot take such actions. It is pathetic

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:19:02 2009
Petition:Stop this babbarism before it erodes our culture, values and US. A small set of bigotes does not reflect the thinkin of rest of the Inidans, who stand UNITED against all such acts of vandalism just like, WE stand together against all terrorist activities.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:19:14 2009
City:Vadodara, Gujarat
Petition:By no means we should allow such incidents repeat. This is against individual's freedom and against Indian constitution. These so called activists are trying to take cheap and short term mileage, like what Raj did in Mumbai. They should be send back to schools, as they have not learned how to respect a fellow human being. When India is moving forward with great expectations, such incidents will remain as a blot in India's image globally.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:19:41 2009
Petition:I strongly condemn this act...what a shame...these goons think themselves to be moral police and take the law in their hand...Who are they to decide what a female should wear or where she goes in the night? If they are so concerned, why don't they stop the males from going to the pubs, dance bars and prostitutes in the night? Why are they not stopped from drinking? Why are only females targetted by the so called male dominated society..I am really concerned about the safety of women in India now...The situation was not good earlier too & now it has only worsened..I feel really sorry for being a girl in this society..God is unjust to us..I hope these goons get severe the next time no body dares to do something like that...From beating their wives at home, they have now take to beating other girls & women. I urge the Central Govt to take some strict action against these self acclaimed moral the name of protecting the Indian culture, they seem to have lost their morals.. Hope for a better future..

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:20:51 2009
Name:Sujata Sriram
Petition:Why does Ram Sena assume that it is the custodian of Indian values? Is it Indian values to molest young women? Why is no action taken against lumpen elements who violate principles of humanity? What is Indian and who is an Indian - that debate will take some time to arrive at a conclusion? There seems to be an assumption that Indian=Hindu=Brahmin; all falsehoods!!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:21:51 2009
Name:Dipesh S
Petition:Mr. Yeddyurappa, Kindly consider that one of the girl's who is attacked is your own daughter. How would you feel irrespective of whether you approve her to go to pub or not? Secondly, as a CM you need to take a stern action against all the goons who actually undertake these pre-planned attack against general public under the clear direction of their leaders. Their leaders easily get away by saying that the incident has happened were when we were out of station or unaware of it at the time of occurrence; and is based on their followers sudden anger. This is a clear lie. These group of people are basically punishing others for their own shortcomings of either not able to afford the higher middle class life style or being too backward in thinking w.r.t the fast paced development happening in social or economic structure of cities like Bangalore. The punishment to the goons should be atleast for 1 year with a heavy penalty of Rs 1 Lacs per person and above. Also, the 1st hand statement of the ladies and men who were attacked should be considered the evidence enough to prosecute the attackers. Hope you also understand that had Lord Ram been the leader of Sri Ram Sena, he would not have crossed his 'marayaada' atleast in this barbaric style.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:21:57 2009
Name:vikash Gupta
Petition:Lord Ram and Shiva are our Gods. How can people call themselves Ram/Shiv sena and molest women. Lord Rams sena helped save Sita from Ravana. We cannot allow such people to molest our sisters in the name of god. They are pure criminals nothing more. Anyone who bears names of gods in their party shouild not be allowed to operate in India. India is a free country and no one can dictate a individual how to behave except the law of the country. If you have a problem with a individial then there is police and courts. These people should be tried under murder as they have actually virtually killed our sisters. These ladies will no longer be able to move along confidently . Anybody / party supporting such groups should be jailed and banned under the terrorist act. They are the Talibans of india. They are the shame of the country

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:22:12 2009
Name:Richa Tewari
Petition:This is highly disgusting way of 'saving our culture'. Nobody has a right to decide for others what's right and what's wrong - it should be people's own judgement.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:22:13 2009
City:Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Petition:I am a Dutch citizen of Indian origin. Every day I hear about the progressive Indian economy. This seems like TALIBAN in Afganisthan. It is embarassing to read and hear such news about India. We are in 21st century. Women are as good as men in every field.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:22:32 2009
Name:Amit Arora
Petition:No one has a right to tell us what and how to do as far as we are doing it with all due repect with the laws of the land. Then no one else has a right to teach us how to walk or how to talk....... if they feel something is wrong... speak out... that's our right but taking a action towards it is NOT ACCEPTABLE which is not within the law. And Law? Where were the cops to stop them dragging those gals out of the pub????????????? Are policemen hands tied at their back to stop these people who pretends to be good human being and do all the wrong things and against the law????????

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:22:47 2009
Name:filon pinto
Petition:Ban this Ram sene & Bajrang dala

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:23:09 2009
Name:Prafulla Rane
Petition:These incidents should be condemned and the guilty should be punished severely. Who has given them the right to decide for others. Politicians like Gehlot and R.R. patil should also be punished. Let them not decide for others but take care of their own. The Supreme Court should pull up the Chiefs of Police and the Cheif Minister and if the guilty are not punished the Police Cheifs and the Cheif Ministers should be held under contempt of court and lose their positions. Only then will things move in a country like ours. People take law into their hands under the guile of moral police and molest women.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:23:21 2009
Petition: I think the attack on women in the Mangalore pub is outrageous and shamefull.This is influenced by the Hindutva fundamentalists who should be totally banned from disturbing and damaging the secular fabric of our country. Time and again the saffron party and its allies have shown their biased attitude towards the minorities of the country. This is really intolerable and I wonder how the government is keeping a low profile in these matters of grave concern.Its high time the lethargic Saffron Govt of Karnataka get up from its slumber and initiate action against these lunatics instead of supporting their actions. The final verdict is its like`Pakistan funding and patronising the terror activities against India. Its these fanatics supporting atrocities againist minorities

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:23:30 2009
Petition:Act of vandalism must be declared as non-bailable offence and offender has to pay heavy price for his act and made to earn their meal in jail. MNS is not getting coverage they hope due to this incident. They might revive their activities afresh as this has taken limelight. Are we living in a democratic India where a bunch of people come from nowhere, attack people, Vandlise the place and get away.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:23:36 2009
Petition:Nobody has any right to infringe on personal rights of others. We live in a democratic nation, where women are respected. Women need to be revered as mothers and Goddess Durga, and not molested as done. What if some unruly elements had done the same to the mothers, daughters and wifes of the accused, would they have been cowards and kept quiet? If few women wear undecent clothes, fault lies with their families for permitting this, even then there is zero excuse for terrifying these women. Each needs to mind his/her own business and not act as moral guardians, when guardians turn a blind eye to the happenings. This attitude will not stop women in pub. If the present attackers are really keen on improvement of society, then their representative (preferably a female) could have gone over and told the ladies in the bar that by clinging or low neck clothes they are indeed inviting trouble for themselves. and hence the need to dress covered.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:23:51 2009
Name:Raj Kumar Shaw
Petition:I would like to know who is the person asking to raise the voice?? As per you "In Mangalore last weekend, a dozen or more goons stormed into a pub and attacked young women for being 'improperly dressed' and 'behaving immodestly.'" you are accepting that they were improperly dressed and behaving immodestly then what to do to stop this. You are right, somebody has to raise the voice and stop such immodestly and that is what common people like us with the organisation name "Shri Ram Sena" is doing. We can't clear the dirt but we can try. Stop barking and try to digest the truth that whatever they have done it is for our betterment and it is for our young generation. Stop the idea of western culture who likes to walk nude. Be a part of "Shri Ram Sena" and raise the voice to stop everything wrong going on in India.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:23:51 2009
Name:Jaganath Ravindren
Petition:This atrocity stems out of the fact that a party like BJP will protect this kind of act. If BJP is what it claims they should act at once else will see a repeat of the last state elections. Either way, time for Ahimsa is gone These Goons should be treated severely and made a case of at once.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:24:12 2009
Petition:Politicians should spend time in developemental activities and in constructive work. They always waste their time in creating issues and un necssary hype. Such narrow minded old fashioned people should realise that world has become developed and they should come out of their silos

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:24:29 2009
Name:ramesh n
Petition:i donno why this report is giving special treatment to women. Men were also attacked in this. Rediff must try to promote the voice agst suffering of both genders.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:24:32 2009
Name:Amitha Heragu Suparna
Petition:My blood boils as to when i think of the horrible incident which has taken place at the Mangalore Pub. Being a Indian, a women and a daughter I seriously condemn this act by the so called Ram Sena activists. First of all "Who are they?And what rights do they have to assault or even to touch a girl?" Worst is that the other so called males are busy watching the fun or taping it. I suggest these hooligans have to be arrested on non bailable warrants and be produced in front of a lady judge who an be more sensitive towards this issue. Also to all the girls and women in the country, please join self defense classes as nobody but only we can defend ourselves.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:25:21 2009
Petition: Take up the case of Tasleema along with Mangalore incident.Submit the Petition to Central Government also regarding outrages on women all over India.Take up the issue of Kashmiree sisters who were forced out from there.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:25:57 2009
Petition:I saw the footage on television, its so sad people in the country still react in this manner...i strongly argue Shiv Sena to stay out of indivisual's personal opinions in a free country like India, it will not take us anywhere.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:26:21 2009
Name:Bobby Kapoor
City:New Delhi
Petition:The propgators of violence on such issues are just not law abiding citizens. This is no way to impose cultural values. People should be culturely awakened, not violently. The violence perpetrator should be dealt with strong action against them. They are not doing good to society. Let Govt. tell them by strong action-that attacks on women is not civilised culture. Is it a heroic act to attack on women. It is a shame. These so called leaders of Ram Sena etc. are not leaders, they are goondas in search of fame, gather other goondas for such acts and become overnight the socalled leaders. They are just shopkeepers of netagiri. They fool our illeterate people. If they are the true social leaders of a civil society, they can send their message in other methods also- like one in Gandhigiri/through Baba Ramdev like movement and other NGOs. They can first set examples by putting their own families in front of such demonstrations and gathering mass appeal for a cultured society. Rather than that they should take law into their hands. But shame to our Politicial Leaders- who in the name of Rama will either garner votes or afraid to question such elements for vote banks. People should not forget that such politicians and goondas only questioned the heroism of ATS Chief, Mr. Karkare and others. And Sad part is that even our Baba Ram Dev also became blind in voicing his concern over arrest of Sadhavi. Baba Ram Dev, you are no doubt a great man of our BHARAT. But do not oppose anybody- if somebody is apparently SADHU. And Please better you remain apolitical and donot share dias with BJP leaders who take proud in sitting with Sadhus in the guise of Hinduism keeping an eye on their vote bank. Baba Ram Devji, your sainthood should not give birth to such false saints like Ram Sena Chief. Please be aware. And you must, and must seek apalogy for supporting political parties and other sadhus-when ATS Chief was doing his duty towards his Nation. He was not less than you. Baba Ram Devji, his and his collegues sacrifice is thousand time better than yours. In your zest of popularity, please do not forget, you will be victimisisng other saints, other simple people and also breed votebank politicians and such goondas who attack women in the name of religion. Babji- give a call to Indians who love you that attacks on women are shameful and that such people are not civilised. If you do that you will truly be a saint. Otherise preaching of your will only mean politicising your sainthood by political parties and you as well. Indian.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:26:48 2009
Name:Rajesh Kamath
Petition:Political parties, groups and others should NOT be allowed to force their views on others. Such instances should be dealt with firmly. The way the Mumbai, Orisaa, Bangalore incidents have been handled it looks like the estabilishment to pursue its own political agenda lacks the will to uphold the rights and privileges enshrined in our constitution. I think a PIL in Supreme Court may help.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:26:58 2009
Name:Subodh Chatnani
Petition:It is a shameful act. They cannot take law in their hands in the name of religion for their publicity or political mileage. They must be severely punished and it must set an example for other groups in the country who behave on similar lines.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:26:59 2009
Name:Asif Farooqi
Petition:it is disgracing that this happened in india. i wont write much about it, all i can say is if those goondas are not brought to justice, we will take matters in our own hands and show what the youth can do to goondas who dare to mess with our freedom and rights

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:28:21 2009
Petition:Rediff and other media are trying to politicise this issue, as this incident has happened in a BJP ruling state.... This news need not be given that much importance and coverage. Rediff and the TV channels are attempting to give more than 360 degree news coverage. My views Moral policing is not the right approach to do. Moral policing is a barbarous act. Now that it has happened, we the educated people, media giants and Rediff should help the government in stopping these kinds of incidents and instead the media and Rediff are lashing out at the Government............... What's the grave sin that Mr. Yeddiyurappa had done? The Government needs breathing time to act on that incident, without giving the breathing time Media Giants and Rediff had generously lashed out at the Government. The Government had taken appropriate steps by arresting the criminals involved in this act, but what else the Media Giants and Rediff expects, Will capital punishment to those criminals would satisfy their thirst ?.... Come on Media Giants and Rediff behave like an educated person and dispose you duties in a non biased way.... The lifelong best biased reporter award goes to Mr. Vicky(ed) Nanjaapa

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:28:28 2009
Name:Saurabh Jain
City:New Delhi
Petition:This is like one of the bad phase in our country n i am ashamed to call my indian where there is no respect for women.. This is the democratic country where everybody is free to do what they want to.. n no one can rasie fingers.. Where on one hand we want to be super power of the world n on the other hand we dont even respect each other.. I really request everybody to please raise the voice to this situation n barred all this party.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:29:53 2009
Petition:dirty minds have no religion.Those who are attacking and saying that they are hindus ,they are not . since when they have no respect for women how can they say that they are hindus.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:30:12 2009
Name:Ravi Gupta
Petition:It is the right of an individual to choose what to wear or whether to go to pubs or not. Nobody in the society has the right to act as the morale police and make a choice for others. As has been rightly pionted by some, Karnataka government should ban this particular organisation and put the goons involved behind bars. This would send a message to such people to mind their own business and would deter them against attacking the basic rights of the people in society.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:30:43 2009
City:Munich, Germany
Petition:Here in germany, we (women) feel so secure and respected by all others. Why in India the mentality of MEN is so bad to look at women? Why do indian men ogle women even-when she is wearing a good saari, forget about western outfit. This is all because of uneducated-mentally corrupt politicions who themselves does not have any morals. How can they make other civilians behave with civility towards girls-ladies-women? The mentality of Indian-men can only be changed if instant-punishment is given to those who mis-behave with women. A strict-action should be taken immediately. then only these thugs will atleast give a second-thought before harrasing women who are someones dear sisters and daughters.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:31:56 2009
Petition:Close all the terror minded, idiotic, stupid, talibanistic activist organisations in the name of religion. Book them into non bailable act and punish them severely

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:33:11 2009
Name:Mahadev Shastri
Petition:The problem to say the least6 is grave. The reason is the politician whose ambition is only self preservation. The country's interest is so far remove from his mind that the myopia goes no farther than his chair. He covers that myopis with endless moral posturing, He tries to tell us how he is saving us from hell by pushing us into it. Is there a more beautiful sighht than a group of young boys and girls laughiing and enjoying themselves with the gay abandon that only they at their age can muster? Political parties who pursue intrusive agendas for political gain must be kept out of power. Todays youth are responsible and capapble and aware. They need to live their life. Culture is never at standstill. Ancients created their own culture as they saw it fit. The present generation will create its own. Leavethem be. Progress is nver achieved by civilization which resisted change. They only vanished. I would appeal to the politicians to grow up behave like educated men with sagacity and wisdom. This country deserves it. Don't intrude into personal life. it will only create disaffection among people.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:33:30 2009
Petition: It was a terror and covered act by attacking younger people in the name of moral policing. Most of the people involved in the act was the senseless youngsters who act as per the tunes of politicians without understanding the intentions behind it. I feel this is an age of equality and both boys and girls should be treated equally. Behavior of the society should be brought in by the value system up-bringing than by beating up. I am afraid that tomorrow these kinds of people might break open your doors for eating non-veg, or drinking at home or something similar.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:33:37 2009
Name:Navin A
Petition:This crazy people who claim to be moral police should just check their profile and knowledge before teaching others. These hooligans are the worst sinners who are capable to rape, kill in the name of religion, assault common people for political benefit or destroy public property with the intention to loot. Sadly our government arrest them and keep them as royal guest in jails. They quickly get released from jail and turn political heroes. They loose their sense of shame and turn into beast. These beast are the backbone of political parties so no action can be taken. They are the creation of political parties. Common man who know their right and wrong better than them has to fight together to have a peaceful life. These few parasites take hostage hundreds of common man and we as a weak bunch follow their instruction. India is a young country but does this mean our youth has lost that power that our freedom fighters were young when they fought the British? India need a new revolution to crush such beast including corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Only the common man can do this by coming on streets to save our future and our countries future. Jai Hind!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:33:46 2009
Petition:Even though i didnt support the uncivilized activity like that but i have seen so many girls indulged in shameless activities like holding and kissing wid their bf's in public areas......if you wud ask the girls they mite support that also and wud term that as "Right of Expression" modest about ur deeds girls community over certain issues :-) take Care

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:34:16 2009
Petition:The attack on girls or even on any person who was engaged in a legal activity is barbarian and is nothing short of terrorism. No body has a right to curtail freedom of other person by taking law in his own hand unless it pertains to security of country and the act being committed is illegal. Unless and until harshest action is not taken this menace will increase. The example is MNS in Maharastra.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:34:21 2009

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:34:37 2009
Name:Vikas Kundra
City:Available on Request
Petition:This is just another terrible example of how these idiot boxes ....have crossed the moral & democratic limits and have insulted common man's values & dignity who is trying to live his life in this hypocritic world. How in earth, they have the authority to assault/insult anyone or anywhere. A wise man once said that Democracy is only successful if ADMINISTRATION IS ABOVE POLITICS; and this is my HUMBLE request to Indian Media and Indian Govt that Please take some steps and kill these kind of issues which are rotting the society. Please dont let these insects grow in the society in the name of religion; i am shameful and feeling helpless and i wonder if thats my own feeling or an indian feeling which is somewhere there lost in the crowds & hassles of everyday struggle.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:34:53 2009
Petition:A new way of protest has evolved in the country - Physical assaults. People involved should be brought sent to jail for at least 5 yrs (for others to understand how serious such crime is) and any political party involved in such outrage should be taken away the right to participate to be a social representative. individual state's CM should take a step rather than people expressing their angers.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:36:01 2009
Petition:I feel action should be taken not only against the people who stormed the pub and attacked, but also against the media , who inspite of knowing that some attack is going to happen, have kept silent without informing police . In the process, they have abetted the violence. Their role in society is not only to highlight injustice, but also to prevent such acts, since they have come to know of it before hand. Also it is a shame that none of the common men who assembled there tried to resist /oppose the attackers.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:36:43 2009
Petition:Where were these so called protesters when Taslima Nasreen was attacked recentely? Lately it is seen that anything to do with Hindus is blown out of proportion as that is what makes some people feel (READ HINDUS ONLY) secular. When have you seen these so called seculars raising their voice against religions other than HINDUISM. Hinduism and Hindus have become a soft target now a days, even for media as they very well know that they can say anything against it and get away with it. People who were protesting, are some times compared with the terrorists who carried out bombay attack and some time with talibanis. Anything to defame HINDUISM. How long?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:36:46 2009
Name:Rustom Boman
Petition:Using religion and terrorising the common man cannot be the way to garner political goodwill or win any vote bank. How different are these organisations from the Taliban which is sponsored by terrorist states ? Is Karnataka governed by people who have similar ideologies ? Either the BJP clearly shows it is not associated with these organisations by outlawing them and ensuring they are jailed with the maximum sentence possible, or we the people will ensure it is voted out of power in every state. If the CM cannot act, then let him say so. The people can then understand they are at the mercy of these organisations who have members that are criminals and molest women.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:36:51 2009
Petition:I am of the humble opinion that this is a barbaric act of the worst order. These self proclaimed moral activists need to be brought to justice and be shown no mercy. They have absolutely no right to take umbrage under the ever tolerant Hinduism to commit such acts of crime. Someone needs to give these guys a lesson or two on Hinduism, this is a religion which refers to the courtesans in the court of Indira, Rambha and Oorvasi as Maatha (Mother). I am a Hindu and I love my religion as a way of life. Not that I disrespect any of the other religions, each one is special in its own way. I strongly condemn such heinous acts of crime under the guise of religion. As an Hindu my sincere apologies to all those women who have been humiliated in this.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:37:25 2009
Petition:while appreciating your concern for containing moral policing it should also be mentioned that it is not in accordance with our culture where women go to pub for drinks and some other anti social activities. Still the way the women were attacked should be condemned because violence is no answer to any problem. Pubs should not be kept open beyond a certain time and alcoholism should be discouraged. But what is surprising is that while these type of incidents gets highlited (justifiably or not) in a big scale, the attack of MNS on hotels and universities goes practically unnoticed. This is realy a tragedy. May be we have a dual policy while dealing with such voilence. God save our country.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:37:59 2009
Petition:This a shame to the Indian Democracy. Hindus belive that Gals are like Laksmi's wen they are born. These guys form a group like Ram sena and dont even know how to respect them. Who gave them right to punish others as though they are the very clean. Organisations like this should be banned and even the courts should intervene in these kinds of cases where HUMAN fundamental rights are voilated otherwise these rights will be just useful for studies purpose in schools

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:38:38 2009
Petition:I support this act. Before not supporting this act, think if your sister, daugther, wife goes to pubs and consumes alcohol dances in unacceptable clothing. If you are ok with that being an Indian, you can protest it.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:38:40 2009
Name:Prakash R
Petition:There is no religion or culture in what happened. It was a pack of wild dogs attacking civilised human beings inside a human habitation. The attackers might have looked like human beings by physical form but they were not human beings. They have no human rights ..or even animal rights. These wild dogs should be chased and shot without mercy. Don't ban any sena, don't get into any debate; just shoot these dogs and throw their carcasses to other dogs in the jungle which are better behaved.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:40:01 2009
City:Pollachi. Tamil nadu
Petition:Very highly disturbing. This is a direct attack on personal choice and freedom. People who dont like pubs are free to stay at home. If this is allowed, then there is no difference to the Saudi religious police. We until now still believe we are a free nation. Strongest action must be taken against perpetrators to teach a strict lesson and prevent further occurence of such incidents.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:40:10 2009
Name:Lekha Raman
Petition:Please make sure the Shiv Ram Sena party doesnt exist anymore and I think the leader should be put behind bars for making a comment like that and likewise for the rest of them or even better just shoot them all, You dont need these kind of people in India. It's because of these people that India is still a developing country and women still prefer staying abroad.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:40:43 2009
Petition:I was shcked to learn that some political parties are taking law in their hand and attacking young ladies. Charity begins at home.Let them attack their own mothers because she has produced such spoilt child.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:40:53 2009
Petition:Please Do some thing. Ban Pub but don't hurt people.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:41:36 2009
Petition:Dear Mr Yeddyurappa, I strongly condem this cowardly acts. We all -- " Including you Mr CM " --- are born in country which produced people like Mahatma Gandhi and Basavana who have said to respect women with atmost respect. We have been taught in our school and home not to raise hands against women. You being a leader, follower and beliver of Basava philosophy should be the right person to rule the state with his idealogies in mind. I will loose little faith I have in this government which I elected if these incidents repeat again. regards, Vinay

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:41:52 2009
Petition: This is ridiculus. This should not be allowed. What I as an individual is doing is my problem as long I am not a mennace to the society. Whats the difference between Taliban and these people who are mistreating women.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:42:58 2009
Name:Fayaz Pasha
Petition:It is the most disgusting act of violence ever seen. I want to ask who does give them the authority to enforce morel values on free indians? This act is a direct attack on the rite to freedom of expression and if the state government cannot protect these women from these mindless gundas it does not deserve to remain in power. I strongly call upon our CM to show some accountability and punish those responsible for this crime so that in future no 1 threatens the fundamental rites given by our constitution.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:43:05 2009
Petition:Its so sad that women were molested by some criminals who claims themselves as guardiens of hindu culture. Such people should be punished severly. And please tell me which hindu text or god had asked for molestation of women. In hindu culture women are considered as mother and godess.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:43:54 2009
Petition:So, called "Custodians of Culture" are the Vultures in our society. Most of them are Goondas and Criminals. Let them take care of their own mothers and sisters. Nobody has given them right to attack girls or genaral public. Let them correct their behaviour & culture first. Let all join hands to protest this heinus crime.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:44:16 2009
Name:S. Suryesh
Petition:It would be foolish to attempt finding logic or reason for such acts, for there is absolutely none. All such rowdism has no base or ideology. This all serves just one purpose i.e. instant; superfast and cheap publicity through media. The head of so called ram sena is now a known face in national arena. Well, good enough incentive for causing such shameful acts. Local administration also give them long rope for their petty benefits. should be banned immediately.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:44:28 2009
Petition: This kind of event happening every where of the soceity most of the times keeps away from outside world. Woman sould get its proper stand in the soceity and sould be supported by the government rule.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:44:45 2009
Name:Aveek Kumar
Petition:We the people are the problem here. The entire system is corrupt. The politiocians are goons and we vote for them. I wonder why doesn't someone from an IIT or IIM become a politician? Why doesnt any big corporate house launch a political party? Where is the cure for the disease that eats into India every moment. Today anyone can come over and beat you up, rape a girl or even kill you for no reason whatsoever. The justice system is flawed. Anyone caught gets bail immediately. Look what happened to leaders of useless parties lilke MNS or Shri Ram Sena. All get bail easily. They should be presented in court and tried. Option of bail must be removed. These guys are testing the patience of the people of India. With the Mumbai Attacks still fresh on our minds, i warn all of them not to mess with our sentiments. It will not be long before you will face our hatred towards you. As for you Mr. Yeddyurappa, What have you done so far for the people of Karnataka? We have been asked to submit this petition to you. What will you do with it? Take a printout and use it to have bhelpuri in it? We will see what you do Mr CM. Ban these political parties from action. make sure they are punished strictly. one strict sentence should do the trick.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:45:21 2009
Petition:If a government cannot govern and protect its citizen, then it must go.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:45:24 2009
Name:Siddharth Verma
Petition:No self styled extremist group has any right to enforce their self-made laws in this country. The country's constitution is the common guideline we all must adhere to. Any group / party taking the law in their own hand is a criminal offence. Any government that is endorcing this kind of outrageous behavious has no right to govern the public and must go ASAP. A seriously stern action for one such activity would discourage others in indulging in such acts. I plead the supreme court to ban all such political groups and issue a urgent notification to governments of all states to take immediate actions. Lawmakers and police should be held responsible for this. When the cameras can reach that place in time why can't the cops? Let the highest court show these petty criminals cum wannabe politicians their place. Lock them up, issue a gag order on leaders, mass arrest these so called activists as soon as possible. MNS / Sri Raam Sena are prime examples of this spreading virus that infects all political wanna-bes...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:45:39 2009
Petition:The vedic doctrines propagated by our ancestors are way of life and no one need to impose or enforce the same on the people. As it was followed, being followed and will be followed hundreds of thousands of years. The vedanta philosophy never dies. Committing the acts of terrorising and intimidating the people in the name of religion is not acceptable to the Hindusam, which is known for its tolerance, dharma and ahimsa and embracing the humanity irrespective of creed, colour, community, religion, language etc., etc., under Vasudeva Kudumbakam. If at all the so called moral police is interested in protecting and nourishing the culture, they have to do the same in their houses first, then come to street.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:46:53 2009
Petition:We talk about our Indian culture. No doubt it is excellent but in our culture also, we have characters like Urvashi, Menaka, Rambha etc. That apart, let us realise that,in every culture, morality and good behaviour are expected of every human being , BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, not just women alone. Is it right that women whose definition of morals defer from ours be subjected to brutality and shamed in public? Whether the women in the pub were right or wrong is not the question here. If these women were being punished for the wrong they have done, then why are we not rising up so violently against every wrong act, immoral and anti-social, that is being committed in the country by BOTH MEN AND WOMEN? Have men been given any special concession in the Indian culture to be vulgar and immoral? Is it to be assumed that Indian culture condones / approves of corruption, goondaism, lack of respect for women, murder, abortion, divorce, child abuse, homo sexuality, etc etc.while it comes strongly only against immoral behaviour by women? Here again I dare not passing anyjudgment on those girls, as I do not know anything of what was happening in the pub. But one thing I want to ask..... How can pubs thrive unless they are frequentled by men, who encourage these women....and may even be the cause for these women to be present there. LET US THINK IT OVER! There are so many platforms, in a democratic country like ours, from which a right thinking individual can raise his/ her voice against the wrongs that happen in the society. At the individual level, if someone is genuinely concerned, they could try to help the people who have taken to unacceptable and undesirable social behaviour, through the help of some organization that take up rehabilitation programmes in such fields... and try to bring them back to good behaviour, by counselling etc. INSTEAD, if individuals / groups start doing moral policing, then it will give rise to lawlessness in the name of morality. This should never happen.AND IF AND WHEN IT HAPPENS THE GUILTY SHOULD BE PUNISHED!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:47:18 2009
Name:Ashok Jairath
Petition:The incident was nothing short of organized vandalism. NO one has right to take law in hand. Having different opinions about something is fine but applying criminal force in full public view is an offence. If certain part of behaviour does not appear right to us, there agencies that can be approached. Using force against girls is wild and savage. The meaning and framework of religion will change with time and it will evolve with time to take new shape and assume new textures. Why dont such organizations raise voice against coruption so rampant. This corrupting the religion

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:47:33 2009
Name:Soumitra Chatterjee
Petition:We have given over 60 years to oldies and experience people of this country to run the government and they have not done anything. Lets give the young brigade of politicians a chance to run the country. Perhaps they will be able to do something. These (Mangalore attack) are extreme cases and should in most extreme manner. Eg. After confirming the culprits from the visuals available with media, their hands should be cut at the shoulder level. We need to do this only once and then the results will automatically come. In case of rape too, the convicts should be eliminated through false encounters. We need to do these only in case of 25 to 30 convicts and once the news on false encounters comes out in open, the cases of rape will also come down. These might look as extreme steps but we need to do this for a better future and people like Pramod Mutalik and Yeddyurappa should retire and take rest at home kyunki inke umar mein kaam nahi karna chahiye, bulki ghar baith kar aaram karna chahiye.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:48:33 2009
Petition:politicians stop attacks in disguise.. we know its your drama. you have no rights to trouble women. stop all your cheap tricks.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:48:42 2009
Name:Madan Ullasa
Petition:I think this particular issue is being blown out of proportion! I agree what happend was a shameful act. The goons involved in this incident should be shot point blank. But at the same time I feel this issue is being given so much importance just because Karnataka is under BJP rule. Where were these people (Renuka an other fireband brigands) when Taslima was humilated, when a cranky mauli passed a fatwa that a father in law who raped his daughter did no wrong or when the gang rape convicts of Noida are being supported by Amar singh of SP? This whole episode looks murky and just based on this single event we can not tell that Indian society is being Talibanised. I believe Renuka has to be more impartial in her views.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:48:42 2009
Name:Ravi Nair
Petition:It is outrageous and high comdemnable act on the part of these self styled God Fathers of Hindu religion. Who the hell you are to manhandle the guys and gals having their happy hours in the pub in the grab of guardian of Hindu relgion? Who gave you right. Understand, India is not Afghanistan or Pakistan. India is the largest democracy in the world and we are proud of that. You cannot even ponder over Talibanisation in this country. We are highly educated, matured and very responsible citizens of the country, unlike you rowdies. I vehementally appeal to the CM to put the hands of law around their neck and prosecute them given the law of the land. They should be taught a lesson, under the law, that goes a long way towards non-recurrence of crimes of any nature, not let alone Mangalore Pub They should mind their own business and let not stray into others land.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:49:04 2009
Name:Ramesh KB
Petition:Hi All, I condemn the attacks on ladies and also would like to say...that girls/ladies should behave in the right way in pubs... The other thing is none of their family members know that they go to pubs...why is it...If u so jovial...pls tell ur parents that u r going to pub... Even ladies should understand their identity...and be well behaved. Not to wear any skimpy clothes...and take drugs

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:49:51 2009
Name:Dillip Kumar
Petition:Hi, Who have appointed these guys as guardian of indian culture.This is a democratic country and as a law bidding citizen we have right to do whatever we feel it is good for us unless it is illegal. I appeal to Mr.CM to respect civil rights and punish these fundamentalist people or organisation.The views or acts expressed by these organisation does not represents the majority people of this country. Regards, Dillip

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:51:16 2009
Petition:You will find after verification of all these who were took active part in violence from the community which are meant only for creating disturnance. They can't make or create a single pin. These all are Political Paltu workers.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:51:44 2009
Name:Akshay Shah
Petition:Strict Action should be taken against those responsible for the horrible act on woman. If they want to protest against pubs then they should do it legally and not take law in their hands. These people 'pieces of shit' should be given hard punishment so that it will send a right message to everyone. It is ridiculous that in a democratic country anyone can attack someone without getting any punishment. TAKE STRICT ACTIONS AGAINST THESE HOOLIGANS

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:51:48 2009
Petition:Hindu culture surely is not "beating up ladies". In the name of culture, some people misinterpret it to meet their own political ends and do it without being held responsibel by the state administration. Surely civil society can't let these lumpn elements get away We have poele talking of Indian Culture in western attire. I dont knwo from when suits became part of Indian culture.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:52:09 2009
Name:Pavamana S
Petition:Women have the liberty to do anything as long as it doesnt cause any disturbance to the surrounding or environment. They have equal rights as men to pursue anything they wish for... No one has the right to stop them, not even the government. We are in 21st Century.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:52:17 2009
Name:Aparna Agarwal
Petition:No one has the right to dictate women. If you are a true Hindu then learn to respect women.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:52:56 2009
Name:shikha singh
Petition:This purely a cheap tactics of politics which politicians are playing. This is not the way of teaching culture because its not our culture. These politicians are cause of every communal riots whether its mumbai or karnataka.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:53:02 2009
Petition:the pub culture should be banned at any cost.the women were man-handled in Mangalore and that is wrong......people attacking the women should be dealt with firmly....but at the same time...nothing constructive happens in a pub.....its a centre for boozing,senseless dancing and other indecent activities.if people dont know how to use their freedom and degrade the society then such pub going peoples' freedom should be curbed.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:53:11 2009
Name:Nekzaad Vakil
Petition:I think its time to start up a protection agency which can go and assassinate goons like the Ram Sena chief and his holligans if our cops can't do so. I'd love to divert my hard earned money to pay salaries of these agencies who should do the jobs that our cops should be doing.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:53:24 2009
Petition:This kind of behaviour is because of the people who support them. The Ram sena should be banned. They donot have any rights to hit girls. If they want to take object, they should only blame the pubs. This is pathetic and people involved should be punished severly.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:55:27 2009
Name:Heman Ajmera
Petition:India is a democratic country. Everyone has a right to be himself/herself. Your stuoid perception of "BAD CULTURE" should be kept to your self and dare not impose it on anyone. You live the way you want and let us live the way we want. DO NOT DECIDED what we have to do or what is right on our part. LAW is there to tell us and fine us if we are wrong. This is the act of cowardness to attack young women for what you think is being 'improperly dressed' and 'behaving immodestly' People like you'll are waste on this planet. HEMAN AJMERA

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:56:16 2009
Petition:What happened in Mangalore. That is 100% right. Atleast somebody is there to save our culture and tradition. Who can rise voice and hands againest those people who are trying to westernise our culture.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:56:26 2009
Petition:It's still a curse to be born as a girl in this country. I am sad to see that these gundas get support from politician as well as from many of their MCP supporters. I understand that woman need to behave in a responsible way for their own safety, but we don't need anyone to tell us what to do and what not to do. If we will take this issue lightly today, this is going to happen again and again. Therefore these hooligans should be severely punished and taught a lesson so that such incidents won't repeat in future.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:56:59 2009
Petition: Girls today are more educated than man in many aspects. Good or bad is a very subjective issue. Leave it to the individual selfs. All sex are equal says the government slogans, then why boys should be overboard? We condemn any act of intimidation of any one's life under the name of moralitiy or religion. Long Live Secularism and Freedom!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:57:03 2009
Petition:We are a republic Nation... The only republic where state is bigger than nation... Religion is above patriotism.... Moral police is above Law... So called leaders are above human... Human rights of terrorist are more valuable than those who suffered from it... We are Indians....

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 14:59:08 2009
Name:Imran Khan
Petition:No such incidents in future

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:00:26 2009
Name:Umang Jain
Petition:I just want to say who are these people to decide what I want to do? Who has given them the right or power to dictate how I should lead my life? As long as I stay within the confines of law no can tell me what to do or how I should do it. I dont need any moral policing. I set my own standards and adhere to them. If you have a problem with that I really dont care. Nothing gives me or anyone else the right to impose his/her thinking or beliefs on some else. This is a free country and if I wanna go to a pub or a disco I will do that. These people use the excuse of culture in name of commiting illegal activites and genenrally are supported by politicians. Using the "culture" they think makes all these acts of violence acceptable which is not the case. Too many people and groups are trying to become moral cops so that they can come into limelight or may be in power. I just hope people and govt. can see through all this and take some severely strict action against these people.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:01:52 2009
Petition:This is the most terrible incident i have ever heard of. Those people do not belong to any cast/religion, its not only a crime against women but against whole humanity. The culprits should be handed over to the common people/ women to decide their fate.If they can bring down the talibany rule to a pub then why can't we do the same to them.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:01:56 2009
Petition:Absolutely disgusting. Actually the police or the state law should take such stringent action against those goondas and the neta of that goondas, get them in middle of the street and call those victimised girls and smash them in front crowd. and show live on television. probably they will learn some lesson.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:02:54 2009
Petition:This incident just goes to show, people will justify any atrocity in the name of "saving Indian Culture", whatever that is. What is Indian Culture? Does it not advocate non-violence? This is a singularly shameful incident, when girls were targetted by a mob. Unfortunately, such groups like the Ram Sena, and other Senas, would keep getting voted into power, owing to caste and money politics.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:04:01 2009
Petition:Sir, Now that you have declared "PUB" culture as inappropriate please also do the same for the below mentioned :- 1. Children playing in public grounds in shorts 2. People swimming in swim suits 3. People swimmimng in public beaches 4. People shitting in public 5. People urinating in public toilets and lastly 7. Sadhus moving around in lungis!!! Regards P.S. If you cannot do something for the people at least do not demean the Indians with such rubbish.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:04:07 2009
Name:satish singh
Petition:all these political parties do not want us to progress, they just want to keep eating us which they have done in last 60 yrs. Till the time we keep all old people in power this will keep happening. all red light areas are flurshing under their nose and the pubs also belong to their near and dear ones. we are living in a democratic country let the person decide what is right and wrong..

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:04:25 2009
Name:Surendra Bhargava
Petition:Moralists, you have no right to vandalise. However, an advice to young generation, keep moderation

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:05:15 2009
Petition:YES , THIS IS OUR 'HINDU' CULTURE. Whatever those Gundas did , is the hindu culture: But those gundas must have remembered that India is not a Hindu country.None of the people in the Pub were indulged in violance : They were following Indian culture and not Hindu culture. So they were Indians and not Hindus. Throughout the Hindu history , Force and Violence had been the legacy. Does culture means to follow 3000 years old norms only ? What we did yesterday : can't be a part of our culture today ? Claiming themslves Hindu or Muslim publically should be banned. ONE HAS TO BE INDIAN ONLY . INDIAN CULTURE IS : WHAT THE INDIA LAW STATES AND WHAT WE DID YESTERDAY.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:05:58 2009
Petition:First of all, I would like to ask the gentlemen who are willing to take a petition to Mr.Yadurappa, CM of Karnataka. 1) Are we living in a civilized society or not?. If you say, we are living in a civilized society, then what is the problem in accepting customs & traditions drawn by our forefathers. 2) We are following rules & regulations as contemplated in our constitution. Since, we are following constitution, therefore, we are liable for actions under law. 3) Since we are abide by the law as framed by Constitution of India, we, being the common citizen, following our law. It means, there is law and we are a common people. 4) Has any right is given to me to go away from the path set by the forefathers? If yes, then, I am not the man who cares for law under constitution because law is made when forefathers designed our society. 5) If I am going out of path set by forefathers, I have no right to claim that law will protect me. You are justifying that pub culture is good and whatever happened against pub mates in Mangalore is bad. In such case, tomorrow, I want to move on the street nakedly, in front of fellow sisters & ladies. Do you allow me? If you allow me, then there is no need for any guidelines, civil codes, constitution of India, Courts, law & orders, govt. and all these are bogus because every body is free to do whatever they like. Please give answer this and then take petition to whatever form you want?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:06:01 2009
Name:Rohit Prasad
Petition:What has happened can only be described as inhumane, heinous and humiliating, and riddled with hypocrisy !! The particular individuals responsible should be brought forth and shamed publically, for them to understand what disgust and pain they have caused to the women they assaulted. What's even more baffling that these men are yet to be apprehended for their horrid act. What are the various law keepers and so-called politicians, who all are supposed to look after the very basic human-rights of the citizens of this country, where have they been absconding so far? How are they able to maintain silence of this issue, despite all the graphic evidence available from the incident. Besides, what about the morality of those bystanders, who witnessed this incident first-hand? Has this so-called modern and previously unheard version of the Hindu religion, propagated by this very particular Sri Ram Sena, made its followers lose all sense of their morality? Take law in your hands; cause harm to fellow human-beings; disrespect women - are these the followings of this new interpretation of the Hindu religion? And what about all the above described law keepers and policy makers? Have they also secretly taken allegiance with this modern interpretation of the religion, which allows them to refrain from carry out their professional duties and ignore crude violence? It is hard to digest that even in these modern times, such crimes are allowed to take place, and even go scot-free!!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:07:03 2009
Petition:This was a complete mad act. If this is they say is the culture and they are protecting the moral culture of, this is absolutely rubbish. Beacuse what ever they did was not right, not moral.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:07:41 2009
Petition:Ban the pub culture.. its spoiling our culture and the youth

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:07:49 2009
Name:prashant chakravarty
Petition:When Indian Society has no problem watching Mahabharat sitting with their parents and children where Draupadi walks with 5 husband while Kunti produced 6 illegal kids (Karan she threw in water) with what face our moral police are making noise against modern girls? In heaven Indra the king of gods, and graduate Saints watch munjra dance and drinks, what about these holy icons? The whole world knows India has red light areas and brothels in big cities where often kidnapped girls are sold, obviously Police and Politicians and Pimps(essentially men) knows why these men not attached? why burden of responsibility on women alone????? Just because girls have one cromosome less?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:07:55 2009
Name:Cameli Sutradhar
Petition:I dont want to feel insecure in my own country. How can anybody just dare and come and beat us up, molest us or rape us? Please take some action and prevent India from turning into a Taliban nation

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:08:01 2009
Petition:Elected Governments are responisble for protecting the freedom of people and should take strict action against self styled leaders who go into voilence under the guise of preaching morality. Individuals or collective bodies have no right to infringe into activities of others as long as it is within the frame work of the laws of the land. Today it could be attack on women and tomorrow it could be attack on a particular religion or caste just because it is not in tune with the liking of a particular community or gender. If there is any thing which is affecting the public, the Police is there to check and the Government is there to take action.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:08:32 2009
Petition:It is really shameful for a so called democratic country like ours. Something should be done

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:08:50 2009
Petition:The so called Ram seva activists have commited greater sin than the actual problem with their so called moral policing. I am not here to talk what is right and what is wrong in the Hindu culture. The way they reacted to their thoughts and beliefs by harming women is truly Un-Indian. If at all they had a problem with women going to pubs, there is a way to showcase it. This is definitely not the way to go about it which makes litte difference between these so called Ram-sevaks and the terrorists from pakistan. I would sincerely like to know how many Ram-sevaks who seized the opportunity to moral police women by way of molesting have read Bhagavat Geetha? I am 100% sure none of them have read it, because if they had read they would have never even thought about harming any living thing, leave alone women. My greatest request to the Hindu culture saviours is "Please do good to others in the name of your religion, people will start believing in you". For this you need to first read the whole Geetha (thats the holy book of Hinduism, not a name of a girl visiting pub) and start preaching the goodness in the religion by spreading its messages in day today activities. See the way christianity is spreading, their main objective is lending a helping hand. Can't the Hindu activists learn from them which has been going on for ages?. So my message to the Hindu activists is clear - Spread Hinduism through love, affection and help. Everyone will listen to you. Spread the divine messages of Lord Krishna from the Bhagavat Geetha to people of India. Show the true color of Hindusim, please resist goondaism and violence, it is not in our culture.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:08:55 2009
Petition:If you take the law into your own hands for moral policing or whatever, beware that we the youth can also do the same. We'll make sure that someone comes after you, chases you down and make you pay for what you did.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:09:05 2009
Petition:'Let's not Talibanise India' but let us also not crucify Indian culture. Those women got what they deserved. The people who have started this petition seem to be advocates of the rave parties and flesh trade too.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:09:35 2009
Name:Arun Mylavarapu
City:London/ Hyderabad
Petition:This is absolutely outrageous. I completely agree that events are Talibanising India. This is by far the most ridiculous thing I've seen and this event matches the anti-North India rhetoric by MNS. "FAKE CUSTODIANS OF HINDUISM" like these should be given warnings against inciting hatred among the uneducated youth and must be stopped. These parties stand for everything that is against freedom, unity and brotherhood among us Indians. I, as an Indian Hindu Brahmin, REFUSE TO ACCEPT THEIR ATTITUDES ON HINDUISM. We should nip this in the bud now before it becomes a stronger force that we cant control. If I have a daughter some day, I would like to believe that,as an adult, she can go to anyplace she wants, not be harrassed and not be influenced by such sickening events. Before 1947 we fought for freedom from the British. I think it is time NOW that we start fighting for freedom from radicalisation, hatred and communal politics. Arun Mylavarapu

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:09:45 2009
Name:Samit Bhatta
Petition:It is of utmost shame to see this kind of treatment being given to women in your state. We are living in a democratic country with right to freedom of our desires and needs. I really feel sorry that you as the chief minister is unable to protect innocent people from 'goonda raj'...After witnessing this incident I am really feeling Is Karnataka a safe place and if BJP becomes the government in India, will it be safe to live in india...or should one take one's family to a foreign land and immigrate. I am not feeling safe for my children, wife and mother anymore in Karnataka and if BJP comes at the centre then in India. Please change your thinking style and be with the times.....we are living in the 21st century not in 19th....and run the government taking today's perspectives and by what the youth of country wants. regards

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:09:56 2009
Name:raju gangadhar
Petition:Why such an awakening call from many quarters in the name of female emancipation. Female babies are killed, sold, given secondery treatment in most of the villages and towns, women of weaker sections are gang raped or molested in may parts of the country but the one in which some girls are unfortunately abused is becoming a national topic.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:11:15 2009
Name:Raja Hindustani
Petition:Moral policing from any religious group is not accepted. Youth must have the right to choose whatever way they want to lead the life. Any restriction on our freedom will not be tolerated and Youth must come forward to organize and fight with these goons. It seems that the day is not when youth will be beating these goons on the road.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:14:03 2009
Name:subhash sirur
Petition:India is not a democracy any more. We, the "commonman", have to fight for our rights.No goon or politicain should go scot free for such acts.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:14:27 2009
Petition:this is a free country and we can do what is within our is all the politicians who have to be now brough to justice...imageine for every politican there are a 10000 it is time 10000 people meet every politician theycan in groupos and bring them to justice for treason against the state for bribery, injutice, robbery, drugs, prostituition, gambiling, smugling, kiiling people, etc.... the time is come to stop this once in for all..

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:14:54 2009
Petition:Wow!!! I've forgotten which century it is!!!! Instead of moving forward with the times, we seem to be going back. It's interesting that they attacked the women in the pub and not the men.... Aren't they immoral as well??? Or is there is a different moral code for men???? By the looks of it, there is!!!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:16:49 2009

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:20:45 2009
Name:Ankit Srivastava
City:New Delhi
Petition:are we living in "democratic society" or few political goons turning it into "taliban colors". PLEASE CONFIRM?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:23:13 2009
Name:Vijay Kumar Singhal
Petition:We should not allow anybody to raise any finger on girls even if they dance naked publicly. We should allow every girl or woman to wear wahtever she likes and do everything whatever she likes to do.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:23:15 2009
Petition:What Culture is he talking about. Why dont he roam about in bullock card. Tele serial are the biggest culture breaker. What has he do then ? 26/11 biggest diaster terroist attart. Where was these sena then?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:23:16 2009
Petition: In my view, What they did is correct, Where our culture is going in the name of civilization. Please stop all the nonsense dressing of ladies. Please wear like indians and not westerns. Incedents like this should happen once foe a while to have fear in the people for not wearing indecent dresses and indecent culture. Please avoid pub culture in the name of socialiasation or civilisation.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:23:37 2009
Petition:Hang the goondas in front of the people in the middle of the street.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:25:32 2009
Name:Shashikant Patole
Petition:The Mangalore incident shows complete failure of law and order, not only in city but across the country. Few morons calling themselves "Moral Police" can not attack liberty of any citizen. It is solely an independents or his parentís choice how they want to live. No one can enforce his/her thought on any individual. These organizations are using this agenda more to get publicity than any social reason. Was MNS not enough that we are seeing few more organizations like it? Had government nabbed MNS at time, we could have saved from few more incidents like this. There should be a provision to punish persons causing damage to public property and to society and this should be a severe enough for all others to understand the repercussions of disobeying law and order. There should be a fast track court which can move these cases faster to punish responsible persons to avoid more issue in future. Letís save our country from getting changed in to another Pakistan or Taliban.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:25:45 2009
Petition:Next turn is not us may be urs means who Supporting Pub Culture .Anyway They did Mistake by hitting Women instead of destroying pubs.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:27:52 2009
Name:Manish Grover

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:29:10 2009
Name:abdulaziz hajeebhoy
Petition:the purpose of an elected government is to ensure that all citizens irespective of caste, religion and gender are safe from any kind of hooliganism and to ensure equal opportunities to all. no individual or organisation has the right to indulge in any kind behaviour which runs contarary to our constitution and if they do then they should be dealt with by the law. i trust that better sence prevails.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:29:38 2009
Name:Poopathi Mudaliyar
City:Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai
Petition:Be a bit sensible Mr. CM is all I can say. cause I know that saying anything to a politicians in India is like reciting the Holy books like Gita, Bible or Quran in front of a Donkey. They will not understand a common man's language.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:29:39 2009
Petition:I am a responsible Indian citizen who has voted and abided by the rules. I visit pubs too with my friends. I do not think that it is immoral or illegal because the pubs are licensed places where people are allowed to go and drink. Also, I am not harming anyone by having fun with my friends in any pub. My husband also drinks and does not object to my drinking. I Strongly condemn the attack on girls in a pub in mangalore as I would love to live as a free citizen in a country known for it tolerant nature as long as people live together in peace.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:30:29 2009
Name:S Kumar
Petition:Are we in 21st centrury and moving ahead or are we moving towards 18th century. Also who has appointed these handful individuals as protector of Hinduism. Where in Hindusism it talks of supressing love. India is a free nation and there is freedom of speech, expression. Unless someone is not hurting other these should not be a problem. If there is pub culture whats wrong in it? The people going there aren't causing voilence, nusiance or any other damage to anyone else. So why these self appointed moral guardians just shut up and mind their own business. If the Govt & CM can't provide security they go to hide in name of culture. Look at Bangalore it used to be so charming city and well known for it's night life. Just for not being able to provide enough security to people they take refuse to such thinking. Man is not machine that it does not need any entertainment. The type of entertainment should not be directed by the state to an individual. Please get into business of developing India further and pay heed to improvement and progressive projects rather than indulging in such worthless acts.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:31:18 2009
Name:vijay reddy
Petition:Why are others being allowed to dictate what I wish to do. As long as I do not inconvenience others they have no business interfering. eg. loud music and noise is an inconvenience to some but who cares, the anti pollution board is a laugh - self serving only

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:31:21 2009
Name:Jose Thomas
Petition:"Terrorism is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce". This is clearly an act of terrorism and the offenders should be treated just like the other terrorists (external or internal). Just like we saw during Gujarat riots, no political party is going to take a strong stand because of the fear of alienating vote banks. It is left to the people of this nation to decide whether they want to sacrifice freedom and democracy in the name of culture or religion. The CM who was quick to disown the group of hooligans should come on record and state that THIS IS A CASE OF AN ASSAULT ON A GROUP OF WOMEN WHO WEREN'T VIOLATING ANY LAW OF THE LAND BY BEING IN A PUB OR DRESSING THE WAY THEY WERE. If the citizens of this land can't be protected, let the authorities resign. We, the citizens, can fight these barbarians.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:32:05 2009
Name:Mammen Antony
Petition:The Mangalore attack has been shocking and every citizen of this great nation hangs his head in shame. It is an attack on civility. Above all the reactions and the rhetoric comes out of the perpetrators and the masterminds are quiet similar to the denying and delaying tactics of Gilani-Qureshi-Zardari trios from across the border. Perhaps Mangalore Incident is the beginning of the process of the Indian Talibanisation and this virus is spreading across the Indian Subcontinent, slowly but steadily. Similar to the happenings on the other side of LOC,we too have a splinter Group of saffron family vie for notoriety and resort to such vandalism to catch the public attention. Right Thinking people should condemn such organizations, and politically annihilate those leaders and parties who encourage such hoodlums. Every new 'Sena' comes into existence is definitely going to be a migraine of Indian democracy, and sooner we will be having a status that our rogue neighbor currently has. M.Antony-Chembur

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:32:07 2009
Petition:Whatever happened in M'lure is not acceptable. No one can take law ito their hand. If ladies going to pub is not correct as per these goondas. Is gents beating, pulling ladies is okay to these goondas?. I feel only thease people wants publicity. Instead of improving society first they should improve themselves.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:32:34 2009
Petition:It is not the matter of women or men it is part of social life pub life have nothning to do with social life .those who goes there they go on their own will.The pub owner should take care of any outrage or misbehaviours happening within his premises.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:34:19 2009
Name:Thomas Fernandes
Petition:Since the CM, B.S. Yeddyurappa has taken over, the Hindutva groups have become very aggressive in the State giving vent to their unwarranted feelings. First they destroyed Churches, etc and now innocent girls were bashed up like stray there law in the State Mr. Yeddyurappa? Is Karnataka Govt following the Indian constitution or following the Chinese Rulers?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:36:37 2009
Name:anshuman Patel
Petition:Well..what can I say apart from stating for the nth time that I am ashamed of being a Bangalorean, Hindu and above all a law-abiding human being and a citizen. Every evil formation starts with a modest beginning - LTTE, AQ, Taliban etc. It's the duty of an elected Govt to nip these movements in the bud. Pl. uphold the rule of law without getting into the usual trap of religion, politics etc. Whatever happened is deplorable..period. Pl. don't ever try to give this Sena any justification or respectability. To me they are just goons out to make some money and itching for their 15 mins of fame. That's all.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:37:44 2009
Petition:I strongly oppose

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:38:51 2009
Name:Paul Rufus
Petition:Dear Sir, Our younger generation is much more intelligent and much more patriotic then we were when we were at their age. This very generation will take our country to such heights that you or me only can dream of. They respect our culture as much as we do.So please let them have occassional fun and do not provoke them. India is young country and almost 75% voters are in this segment and with this kind of administrative action this huge section who is till now is firmly behind BJP will go away. Choice is yours Paul Rufus

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:39:49 2009

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:40:37 2009
Name:Naqi Abbas
Petition:I support your views. Right or wrong is for us to decide. We dont need a moral police.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:42:32 2009
Name:kunal patil
Petition:Those indulging in such acts are tarnishing the name of Lord Ram. Lord Ram must be crying in Heaven looking at the tv footage of hoodalums beating ladies & girls.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:43:33 2009
Petition:A true leader is one that takes ACTION !! Act now for the sake of your own survival. Or it won't be too long before the fairer sex take things into their own hands and heads will roll, and in all 'fairness' they have much more cunning if needed.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:44:07 2009
Name:madan malhotra

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:45:41 2009
Name:Thomas Abraham
Petition:I strongly condemn the attacks on women in the Mangalore pub last week. If the attempt was to uphold cultural values, will the Sri Ram Sene explain what according to them are Indian norms of behaviour with women? Is there any cultural aspect there? Is it enough to apologise for molesting a woman? Having said that, I also fail to understand why governments are attempting to stop "pub culture", "mall culture" and the like. I am a teetotaller, and against the consumption of alcohol for reasons of health and faith, but I do not believe in using force to popularise my ideas. Don't the actions of the BJP and its supporters like the Sene amount to "forcible conversion"? I believe that anyone who opposes "pub culture" must first ban the sale of alcohol rather than closing pubs. I do not understand the difference between drinking at home or in a pub. The present attempt to close pubs is merely a publicity stunt aimed at rural votes. Nobody wants to ban alcohol for obvious reasons.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:45:50 2009
Petition:Attack on women, its totally unacceptable thing. Womens are very much respect in India. But when we respect our Womens they also mentain their dignity. Western culture realy take us in to grave. We Indians respect Mata Sita,Savitri n many more. But now a days these culture came to India, we totally lost our culture. I think attack not solution but ban on these PUBs may be something we cover.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:46:32 2009
Petition:Nothing wrong with PUB culture. This incident is just an absolute ... Any one can go anywhere in this country and anything they can do. They just need to make sure they are not hurting some one else. These Ram sena people donít have any rights to hit these girls. They are crooked. I hate this incident.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:46:57 2009
Petition:The rise of Mob incidents are very alarming for many reasons. But the most important among them is that these perpetrators think they can get away with anything just because they are only one face in a crowd. And moreover, that makes it easy for police to give an excuse that it was a mob reaction/crime and the real culprits cannot be identified. We need some tougher laws which make the leaders of these Mobs responsible for the actions of every individual. Else people will get an efficient way to commit a crime - collect a crowd of 10-20 in the name of culture/god and go rob, rape or even murder. Most of all, we need to set some examples else these incidents will get repeated again & again.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:47:54 2009
Name:Jatin Batra
City:New Delhi
Petition:In stead of only focusing and discussing the events occurring across the international borders, Indian government should first focus on clearing the country of this kind of menace. We cannot let some rowdy monsters to carry out Taliban-like acts in India.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:48:21 2009
Petition:I condemn such acts

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:48:46 2009
Name:Navin Nair
Petition:I strongly agree that such groups have no rights to determine our rights. Our fundamental rights are challenged by such "nonsense" groups which have mushroomed all around. The government needs to take action and the courts should pull them up incase the governments fail to act.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:49:01 2009
Name:Bhavin Kapasi
City:New Delhi

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:49:05 2009
Petition:It is a shame that these unruly elements are allowed to get away with such prepostorous behaviour. This is a democratic country and your government is doing nothing but making a mockery of democracy. I don't think anyone likes other people telling them where to go and how to behave. The uncivilised lot are the so-called moral police who are nothing but a mere bunch of goons, looking to pass the time and get some cheap thrills by attacking women. A national shame.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:50:02 2009
Petition:I condemn the Manglore Attack. Please stop moral policing.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:50:29 2009
Name:BK Ganesan
Petition:I strongly protest the attack on the girls. But at the same time in public place teenaged girls coming in indecent clothes and behaving in a uncultured way is also not appropriate on their parts. They can have this type of dance party in any social clubs with their parents and surely not alone in some remote place where they are vulnerable to badboys teasing.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:50:52 2009
Name:Chary, G.V.N.
Petition:The incident at Mangalore is quite unfortunate and unpardonable. The way Sri Rama Sene activists bounced on ladies and the men shows how they are senseless. Who gave them authority to watch the activities in the society. Mr.Yeddyurappa, the CM says he will not allow pub culture. then, why so many pubs are given licences in Bangalore and Karnataka State. They can not change the society in this fashion. Mr.Pramod Mutalib openly stated that BJP will incur loss if Sri Rama Sene is banned. What does it mean. Did BJP was elected to the power with their support in the state. Are they trying to make this state like Maharashtra where MNS is nurturing hatred among people. Is Mr.Mutalib thinking that he is Mr.Raj Thackery of Karnataka. Our CM should act very tough on these issues and abn these outfits immediately or the public will retailate and form self defence groups to protect themselves. Dear Mr.CM do not suffronise this state and develop as a model state. Have a good and matured Home Minister.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:51:53 2009
Petition:Any group or organization who does such diminishing act should be strictly punished. All the culprits of Mangalore pub attack should be jailed with RI. Jai Hind. Saurabh

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:52:57 2009
Petition:The incident which happened last week in Mangalore is a shame to Indian Democracy. Every Adult in Indian Republic has the freedom of expression and movement.Noone has the right to question decision taken by an adult in our country unless it causes any harm to others. I am sure that these girls who visited the Pub did so without causing any harm to anyone.So, these so-called "moral responsibles" have no business in doing what they did. The very act of visiting a pub by women was termed as "immoral" and against out tradition. But, does the action of the SriRam Sena Sainiks pomote Indianism? Is it inline with the customs of our country? This incident againg brings into focus, the male dominated society of our country. Its high time, such chauvnist men stop wasting time in "trying to create fear and havoc" and bother about promoting our cluture and tradition through meaningful medium. Hoping that the Government takes some action at the earliest without waiting for the public's extreme reactions. This issue is above all parties and politics. Hope the CM understands that.. Asha.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:53:11 2009
Petition:While condeming people taking law into their own hands it is funny how I didnt see any protests or petitions IN SUCH BOLD WORDS when Mumbai was burning, when there were bombs in Bangalore in July 2008 or when colege girls were set alight by hoolums in Coimbatore over 5 years back... SHAME on you guys with selective passions and false pariotism...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:54:29 2009
Name:Nil V
Petition:We should ban ram sena, shiv sena, MNS and bajrang dal.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:54:38 2009
Name:Ashish Mashelkar
Petition:If people / organisations start proclaiming themselves as 'Custodians of Culture' and so on, do we need the Government / Law & Order system / the Hon'ble Courts. If we feel that someone has done something wrong should we punish the person ourselves. The Government should not take the Common Man for granted. He is only silent because he has other responsibilities to perform. He knows his rights and duties. Imp: The Chief of SRS said 'In a group when people react, things are bound to go wrong'. The Chief should be told that He is solely responsible for the acts of THE GROUP. If he cannot control his GROUP, don't form one.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:56:00 2009
Petition:I was in Mysore at a resort on 25th and 26th Jan. While women were attacked in Mangalore, Mr. CM was relaxing and getting massage and spa treatment at the resort in Mysore. This is what our leaders are doing while women are being beaten up by their goondas. And they talk about values.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:56:30 2009
Petition:Sir, I am totally disturbed with the incident of goondaism at the pub. Who are these people to decide on what is good for us or what is not. What is the difference between these people and the barbaric Taliban ? What made them don the mantle of moral police of the free citizens ? These people are very mistaken if they think that we would fall for their definition of Hinduvta. We Hindus know what Hindutva is. We do not need such hooligans to teach us. It is not that I like pub culture. I never go to pubs because the atmosphere there is not my cup of tea. Just because I do not like it, I cannot dictate and violate the freedom of others who choose to go to the pubs. What has angered me is not that these hooligans went and raided a pub, but the anger is for the violation of fundamental rights. These hooligans touting themselves as moral police should be locked up once and for all. Regards, Muralidhar.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:58:43 2009
Name:BM Sharma
Petition:The goons should be booked under section 302

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 15:59:32 2009
Petition:Teenagers both boys and girls must go to colleges during day time and play in the evening. Those aged below 18 yrs should not be allowed to drink alcohol alone or collectively. More pubs more cinema halls and discos MUST BE CLOSED. TV serials must be CENSORED

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:00:47 2009
Name:giridhara upadhyaya
Petition:iam really surprised the way the electronic media and others are blowing this issue out of proportion. whwat the sri ram sena did was wrong everybody should condemn it. but at the same time this pub culture imbibed by our youths should also be tackled by democratic ways by us. if somebody thinks that its my right to drink and take drugs and engage in such activities its our duty as citizens to bring them to right path. there is no necessary to give a petition to cm of karnataka(its happening just bcos bjp govt is there) in delhi every almost week a woman is raped how many petitons have u given to the delhi govt which is ruled by a woman chief minister. media should not play double game and act as agents of some politicians. its a shame that today english media is acting like agents(either they r JNU bred or their greed for money). be fair and condemn and give petitions to all the chief ministers where violence against woman i9s there(in nandigram 100s of woam were raped and killed by cpim goondas where was rediff at that time).shame on biased media. stop licking the boots of politicians for ur needs.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:01:00 2009
Petition:Dear Sir, We do not need to learn the so-called Indian Culture as viewed by your Government. We have been brought up by our Parents in a particular way & we adapt to the World around us. We are living in a free society & the Constitution guarantees freedom of expression. Your Government may suitably focus on development of infrastructure & creation of jobs to our citizens. You can advise Indian culture to your followers only please. Many Thanks, Sreedhar

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:03:17 2009
Name:Sumit K Mazumdar
Petition:We are a free citizen of a free country and nothing, I repeat, nothing has given you any right to decide for me how I lead my life. I deplore your comments which is nothing short of an exhibition of a vulgar talibanised mind set. I condemn the action of those thugs who beat up girls in the name of protecting culture. Who has given you this right ? Who are you by the way, our masters or our servant? If I ever get a chance, I like to give a hard slap to the leader of that group. If you have the capacity , use your time for well being of people, stop corruption, expose the people with ill gotten money, expose those travelling to Switzerland frequently, stop bribery, provide shelter to poor, provde them with employment, provide medical facility to poor. You are nobody. You can not step out of your home without protection. And lastly, pl do not treat this as a petition, take it as a warning.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:04:05 2009
Name:Chetan Patwardhan
Petition:Dear Goverment, Democracy is ' by the people, for the people' and not ' for only a section of people'. As far as the legal guardians, parents or anyone who is a guardian, does not have any issue with women visiting pubs, it is not the goverment's concern. The goverment should ensure there is no ilegal activity under the laws of India- that's it, nothing more than that. MORAL POLICING IS NOT THE GOVERMENT'S OR ANYONE'S SUBJECT MATTER. If people have elected you right now, they can also remove you from office. You have been elected to provide free and fair governence, good infrastructure, good business enviroment, protecting individual rights, and such/similar things to the very ethos of INDIA. PUT THESE GOONS IN JAIL FOR 20 YRS AS PUNISHMENT. LET ANYONE WISHING TO VISIT PUBS AND DISCOS CONTINUE DOING SO, IT IS NON OF YOUR GOVERMENT OR ANY ENTITY OR ORGANISATION'S CONCERN. FREEDOM. FREEDOM. FREEDOM. Self discipline is best solution than moral policing.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:07:35 2009
Name:Joideep Singh
Petition:How does filling up this form help? Pls call people for a protest demonstration - let the politicians see the votes slipping away. Thx.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:08:23 2009
Name:Hari Narayan
Petition:People in power have no right to interpret law through their own hued glass.No one has the right to tell an individual how to live his/her life as long as he/she does not infringe upon the personal freedom of others.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:09:21 2009
Petition:In Andhra Pradesh almost everyday illiterate less educated rural poor women rally against the government to close liquor shops . Renuka Choudary led such attacks on liquor shops when she was in NTR`s party. Now she calls it talibanising. IMPOSE TOTAL PROHIBITION.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:09:28 2009

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:10:41 2009
Name:Rakesh Kr. Mishra
Petition:Respected Sir, Your move and thought are 100% correct. We are with you. Let us stop making this beautifull country turning into hell. We support you. All these so called modern people must understand that women empowerment and emancipation can not be achieved my making tham drinking wine and dancing. Sir, please go ahead majority wants to see them safe and secure not mad for wine and dine. Regards Rakesh

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:10:41 2009
Petition:I have been very proud that I am from Mangalore, a city where women are respected at home, at work, outside, everywhere & now I am ashamed trying to deal with the fact that such a horrifying act of harassment has occurred in our lovely city. Why do people like these think what they think is always right & try to implement their cheap behavior in such a city where the people are always living in harmony & the Shri Ram Sena leader has the audacity of calling this a small incident!!! How dare he!! I wonder why we are surprised then, when any terrorist attack happens. According to the terrorists, the acts they do are also very small scale. Can we forgive them for those acts of terrorism? No, we cannot, then should we forgive these people for their action, NO we should NOT. We have had enough of people trying to tell us what is right & what is wrong, who are they to decide this in the first place. We want these people who are ravaging our country in the name of culture & religion stopped right now.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:11:15 2009
Petition:Those girls got what they deserve. Madam renuka chaudhary is just shouting because their own UPA is not ruling there.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:11:24 2009
Name:Ramakrishnan K.R.
Petition:There is a need for these so-called self-declared Hindutva Organisations who wants to impose their feelings on others. Let them control their own people. They should not be allowed to come on the street and vandalise on the lives of other fellow countrymen. These moral polices are the first whom you can get to see in the beer bars and country liquor bars. In their own way they can do any thing but not to others, this is their policy. It is because of our law enforcing agencies due to political interference or considerations that these goons get away with this kind of anarchy. LET US NOT BE RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISTS. I want to laugh at the Chief Minister who says that he wants to restrict the "Pub Culture". If the pub culture exists, the licence for that has been given and maintained by his own administration. Why the CM has awakened just now. Why are we not able to screw up the law enforcing agencies who act just mute spectators at the time of incidence and hesitatingly act after everything is over? Why can't they be pro-active and act according to the Law of the country? I think first we should enact a law for punishing such criminals who collide with their political masters.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:11:31 2009
Name:Pratik Patel
Petition:Not one of those girls was so called dressed or behaving ĎINDECENTLYí as claimed by you, Mr. Prasad Attavar. And if this is how you treat your Ďsistersí, Mr. Prasad then one wonders how you treat your mother, your wife and your sister Ė in Ė law? Oh, lets not even talk about ordinary ladies who are not any of the above because their fate will be worst than a stray animal whom every person walking by will kick out of the way. Mr. Prasad, you claim that you are protecting Hinduism, your party is named Shri Ram Sena. However, you are atheist! What do you know about Hinduism or for that matter any religion? ALL religions teach peace, respect and tolerance. Above all, no religion teaches that you are to incite hate and violence against any other living creature let alone these young girls. Mr. Prasad, you are morally and mentally bankrupt and cannot even standby want you have done. If you even have an ounce of morality and believe in god, know that you will answer to all that you have done; if not here then up there in godís own house.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:14:41 2009
Petition:Issue non-bailable warrant against these goons and put them behind bars for assault

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:14:54 2009
Name:Karthik R
Petition:We are not slaves to our politicians. Nobody has the right to dictate what we should or should not do. This is democracy. Yediyurappa, Sri Ram Sena, Ashok Gehlot, and all those insane people has no business on telling what is our culture. Our culture has evolved over 100s of years. We have abolished a lot of evil practices. Our culture is every changing and we should let is take its own course. Tell them to stop this non sense.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:15:26 2009
Petition:Sir, The barabric act of Sriramsena is to be condemned.At the same time the pub culture should not be encouraged. Govt should intervene and if required pubs should be abolished.This culture will take the generation to oomany bad and dire consequences.Parents should be much careful also.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:15:51 2009
Petition:It has become a fashion to encourage immodesty among women in the name of pubs and freedom. Let`s draw a difference between social drinking and loose behaviour.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:20:50 2009
Petition:i agree that women should not be victimsed. therefore, they should conduct themselves in a proper way in keepig with the culture and traditions of this great country.we are not USA. if women want to have full freedom, USA is the right place for them.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:22:04 2009
Name:Jahangir Shams
City:Abu Dhabi
Petition:We, Indians, have a civilization dated back many thousands years B.C. And it is a land of varied cultures, where people live in harmony, irrespective of their sex, caste, religion, wealth or color. This unique culture & civilization made us feel proud among the rest of the world and others feel real jealous on it. In order to disturb it, the external forces injects relegious poison in the brain of common man and cultivates terrorism as we have seen in recent times. Just following the "Divide & Rule" policy of uncivilized barbarians. A person with common sense should understand these and try to protect the values of our nation by taking strategic decisions & policies, used by our Father of the Nation. Not by developing counter terrorism. It doesn't help in any way. We, Hindus Muslims christians Sikhs and others, of great India should unite together to encourage and motivate younsters & prevent them from evils & bad-doings. Instead of this, if we start behaving like this, .... it is really shame on us. Are we turning ourselves uncivilized?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:22:36 2009
Name:alphonse selvaraj
Petition:Though I am Christian by faith I feel proud of our culture which is thousands of years old. The so called pub culture is not in any way related to ours. Why our young girls get fascinated to it? The lesson given by Sri Ram Sena is highly appreciated and see this culture of western nations should not flurish in our nation of purity at any cost.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:22:46 2009
Name:Dr Edgar Menezes
Petition: Nobody has the right to ban anything may it be smoking,alcohol,or impose anything on its people eg choice of dress,school, lanuage etc. No one is forcing u to smoke, drink alcohol etc.It is your personal choice and you are aware of the consequences of excesses. I am not supporting any political party but 99% of Indian politician are alcoholics, chain smokers, womanisers,criminals and scoundrels of the highes order.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:23:42 2009
Petition:Dear All, pls do not make yr self lowered below the level of degnity. you all are the mother of all men. Pub is not for you. not for mens too. gdgupta

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:25:44 2009
Name:ps sogal
Petition:vote this people out of power.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:27:15 2009
Name:Taranjit Kaur
Petition:Want to see the perpetrators beaten up similarly and thrown in jail. Nothing less!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:27:19 2009
Petition:Hi All, It's a good move . i appreciate it. Every body has rights to enjoy freedom. But no body should cross that line. Those who crossed the limit should be punishable. Regards, Indian

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:27:55 2009
Name:Suresh Hegde
Petition:Attack is attack whether or not it is on women. Becasue every woman wants equality with men in India. Hence there should not be any descrimination and hue & cry that it is attack on women. There were boys too. Why no one talks about boys who were beaten.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:28:20 2009
Name:Akshay Shenoy
Petition:We need to make ourselves heard. The Moral Police has no business in trying to run our lives. The shameful statements made by the BJP Chief Minister that he won't let "Pub Culture" flourish only add fuel to the fire.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:28:38 2009
Petition:all politicians are using every incident to gain votes. regardless of that, such acts are unacceptable. violence will not be tolerated and as a citizen of india i want my freedom and liberty to express myself. i will fight for it. anarchy shall not prevail. the karnataka chief minister cannot make rules of his own will. the people decide what they want, and they will decide your fate. and if such is your attitude, your fate is sealed mr chief minister.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:28:47 2009
Petition:Its 2000 or 0002 . I think there are like (attackers) Devil's son. This is equal to 26/11 hit. Very same of all. Last 3 months worst hit ; 1. 26/11 Mumbai. 2. Women Hit. 3. Ramalinga Raju Hit Indian Honesty.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:30:55 2009
Name:Sathish KR
Petition:This is definitely the act of goons. These hooligans use the name of Lord Ram and indulge in violence against women. I am sure they use this as a pretext to molest women. Tomorrow the same goons will attack girls dressed in a particular way, girls attending colleges etc. They show guts only against hapless women. Even if those women were wrong, the "moral brigade" has no authority to take law into their hands. If these goons have guts to change the system, let them attack the male drunkards who spoil their own lives and kill people after drunken driving, let them attack the men who indulge in eve-teasing, sexual harrassment, let them fight the corrupt politicians. The words of the CM Yeddy is not surprising. I think if this goes uncontrolled,India will become the next afghanistan. I have very faint hope that the rogues will be punished. Shame on the hooligans !!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:34:02 2009
Name:Prachi Athavale
Petition:We are a civil and responsible society. We don't need moral Policing. Such acts cannot be tolerated. Beating up inoccent people is not our culture. We are know to be peace loving and tolerant society.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:34:30 2009
Petition:sir, the present campaign only highlights the role MEDIA is playing in highlighting the non-issues. as i understand the events were as follows : (a) a pub was admitting women in along with male escorts and permitting them to booze and dance, though dance in bars is prohibited in Karnataka (b) some 'goons' got wind of it and planned the attack. to gain publicity, journalists were informed in advance. (c) the goons gained entry into the pub, drove the people away, misbehaved with the women and beat them up. (d) the events were captured in camera by the journalists present on the spot and beamed to the nation (e) all channels / newspapers / online media have lost no time in questioning both the purpose of the attack, the necessity for attacking helpless women. they are also questioning WHAT THE ONLOOKERS WERE DOING when the beating was going on and are APPLAUDING PAWAN SHETTY AS THE SOLE HERO. This raises a question mark over the sincerity of the the MEDIA itself. It is clear that MEDIA had advance information of the events which were to unfold. if MEDIA was sincere about protecting the women, why it did not inform the police ? The police would have come in time and prevented what were to happen? MEDIA wants some events to survive. events are the bread and butter of the media. it wants some unfortunate events to take place, records them and beams them to the nation and harps on that for several days / weeks so that its columns / news slots can be filled. this has been the conduct of the media earlier during mumbai terrorists attack and the death of wife of a karnataka MLA as the bar owner and the chief perpetrator were both from the same town / community we can easily suspect that it has to do more with personal rivalry / hafta for allowing illegal operations - rather than any ideology. it may be noted that a person involved in yellow journalism had arranged a demonstation at MANIPAL a couple of years ago in front of a bar / dancing club - because the owners refused to meet his demands for money adequately. later he was murdered when the demonstration was in progress. it is high time, journalists start thinking that they are citizens first. the priority should be on preventing things from happening rather than doing post-mortem. if journalists think that their duty is journalism and reporting and nothing else, they should accept that every other individual of this country also has a right to have a narrow-minded view of things and his role - and STOP QUESTIONING OTHERS, POLICE, GOVERNMENT, ONLOOKERS ETC.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:34:43 2009
Name:Sovik Chakraborti
Petition:It is always a matter of personal choice. It can never be dicteated to anyone. If someone wants to live life in a certain way, it's his/her choice and no body in this world can order him/her about it. Religion or culture is in one's mind and nature and can never be thrust upon.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:35:33 2009
Name:Peter Albuquerque
Petition:I fully agree with your views that the talibans of various religions want to take control of society and absolutely must be prevented from doing so. The best thing that can happen is to send these guys to the swat area of Pakistan where they will meet like-minded people. Both sides then can argue their case with all at their command - the results would be hugely beneficial to both societies.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:35:45 2009
Name:A V Koshy
City:New Delhi
Petition:I strongly oppose the morality brigade that is out to keep a check on the moral code of people who live in independent, democratic, republic of India and petition the Government of Karnataka to take the strictest action action against these hooligans.. India has always been a pluralistic state that has welcomed everybody with open arms. The Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, the Zoroastrians, the Parsis, the Baha'is, they all have been welcomed and they have shown their gratitude by seamlessly integrating themselves in the pluralistic fabric of India in the best manner possible. Of course, it has not been a complete assimilation. However, that has only proved to be a thing of beauty than otherwise. The government of the day is voted in to pursue and implement political policies that do good to the populace. They have a legal framework and an executive to ensure that the laws that they frame are honoured by the population. Nobody, absolutely nobody, has the right to take law into his own hands and dispense justice as s/he feels fit. The Mangalore incident is an absolutely abhorrent act that I condemn in the strongest manner possible. I, as a citizen of this country, hereby requests the courts to take suo moto action against these moronic hooligans and not to let them go to jail. Instead they should be asked to work on any socially relevant cause and the proceeds of the same should be disbursed to the ladies who had to go through that horrific incidents. If the perpetrators of the crime are made to go to jail, it will only add to their sense of pseudo-causeism. Instead they should be made to pay for their misdemeanours in a manner that thrusts into their meagre brains the fact that their conduct was not only foolish but also at a great cost to themselves. In addition to the litany of charges that can be filed against them, I also propose the following: 1. Complete debarment of holding any public office. 2. Complete and comprehensive withholding / revoking of driving license. 3. 1 year compulsory duty at an old-age home.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:36:43 2009
Name:Pinto Alfred
City:New Delhi
Petition:Does the Constitution of India permit moral policing ? Do the politicians who only look for pecuniary gains have the right to deprive the citizens the right to freedom and expression ?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:36:44 2009
Petition:I remember a hindi song - "Ram ka naam yu badnaam na karo". It means please do not spoil the name of Rama like this. When my colleagues in London read this news, they asked me, is this the India, is this the Indian Culture and is this the Chivalry of men? I had no answers !!! Would Lord Rama even dream about beating men, let alone women. Would Lord Hanuman even advice anybody to touch women like this, let alone molest them. Shame on Politicians ; Shame on Judiciary ;I read a news article that leader of Sri Ram Sene has apologised. I am sure he will be pardoned by the Chief Minister now. Where is the judiciary? Any such "Goonda" act deserves a minimum of two years rigourous imprisonment and is a non-bailable offence. But we will see these goon off on the road very soon. Public Display of Affection is a controversial topic. However, any thing done is in a private setting is completely upto the adults. These goons raided the pub and then raided a private party as well. What gives them this right? Even head of states like CM of Karnataka and CM of Rajasthan are going beyond belief in endorsing such acts. India is not what it used to be like when they were teenagers. Where are Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Jyotirao Scindia, Priyanka Gandhi ???

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:38:25 2009
Petition:shame on BJP to make india backward. Most of IT company will leave bangalore. Why donot they ban everything like taliban. BJP cadres should ban their children from study in english medium school, music and other modern civilised society. thanks sandeep

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:38:38 2009
Name:Mahesh Shetty
Petition:Arrest the culprits and ban the outfit. Only that will give confidence to the affected girls and all women in karntaka.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:39:11 2009
Petition:we are not in 10th century for god sake. This is 21 century, everyone has the right to do whatever he/she wants, provided what they do is legal. Please stop these moral policing.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:39:52 2009
Name:Mahesh Shetty
Petition:Arrest the culprits and ban the outfit. Only that will give confidence to the affected girls and all women in karntaka.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:41:16 2009
Petition:its sad that a handful of politicians are commanding life of 100 crore plus peoples of india....reason they have the power and the entire machinery in their one can become a goonda without political and police support...nothing will happen in this case and there will be several other incidents ahead on V-DAY watch out... as we are asking a thief to catch another thief...this is the agony...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:42:06 2009
Petition:I dont see This as an attack on women. Eveteasing is an attack sexual harassment is attack. I do condemn the excessive use of force, though.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:42:16 2009
Petition:Let us all unitedly in one voice say :We are the citizen of a democratic nation INDIA and we condem such acts with the strogest words and we will not tolerate such acts.BAN ALL SUCH OUTFITS

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:45:50 2009
Petition:Next time i want the media to give a call to police rather then being busy shooting the girls being bashed. To media: - I know each team of media that goes to cover certain events has a camera person and a reporter, if camera man is busy rolling in to cover up the entire gimmick so that culprits be caught, i would like the reporter to inform the authorities as soon as possible. To authorities: - "Slap for a slap" if you are able to identify people who slapped innocents then make that innocent slap that person in full public. Law is for educate who abide by them not for goons and terrorists coz they dont follow any law so why treat them under and law...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:46:01 2009
Name:Saurabh Bassi
City:Rampur Bushahr
Petition:I'm ashamed of such an act presented by some bastards, calling themselves Proctectors of Hinduism. It seems they are being trained at Talibanian Camps. The only difference is the JEHAD is continuing in Hinduism. I know some girls dress indescently, but it never goes like this. If you want to improve the ciulture, ban Tobacco producing companies, Alcohol factories, distilleries and pubs. This was and will be of no use as we Hindu Youth won't be frieghtened by some nuckle busting devils. We can and will fight for the Women power in our country. I hope everyone will come up and raise the voice to save our mother, wife, sister and all as tomorrow it maybe their turn if you don't turn up. India's democracy will be maintained and not be turned to Hitlerism or Dictatorship. We have the right to speak, read, write anything except it should not be hurting any entity. If the politicians are going to continue the cultutre improvement in such a way, I'm afraid if all women are going to change their religion. No women will be a Hindu, and then we all be ashamed of what happened that time, when someone asked us to raise our voice, and we just ignored it. I'm deeply hurt from this incident and I'll try my best that no such things happens in my place or anywhere in India.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:46:53 2009
Petition:You needn't use panicky terms like "Let's not Talibanise India," in this context. The Talibanising elements are different. By the way, can't the girls, or for that matter any Indian, keep away from drinks and pubs at least for a very few days in the year - like the Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti...? Pubs and dens are the places where brawls could come up, if not on this, on some other occasion. That too why did the girls choose to do it at midnight? It's all right to gloat over the need for freedom and all that stuff. Are we not seeing how girls and women are being teased, raped and even murdered in many parts of the country. Is not expected of educated and sensible girls to be wary of booze parties that too on nights and outside their home? Do these girls and their supporters think of the other vast sections of people in the country, including the poorer. The non-boozing women far outnumber the boozing girls in the country and they cannot expect to have a field day and manipualte to spread their culture everywhere.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:47:45 2009
Petition:I am also a fellow mangalorean. What has happened there at mangalore has tarnished the image of normally good mangaloreans. Lots of friends and colleagues have lots of questions for me for which I have no answer. If this Shri Rama Sene is interested in protecting the society let them find out the hiding LeT members in mangalore and handover them to law authories. That is the best they can do to restore their lost image.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:48:41 2009
Petition:Stop implying a moral police in india..that too just to gain some stupid votes. Stop fooling the uneducated by such stunts. You've just harrased women thats the bottom line. Don't digress the topic.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:49:09 2009
Name:Maria Abreu
Petition:It was horrifying to see the scenes unfolding on our screens on Sunday,25th January. Have our forefathers fought for freedom from the British Raj for us to experience such unsettling happenings in our India which was supposed to be a most peaceful nation? Nobody has the right to dictate morality to others We want an end to this moral policing whether in Karnataka or anywhere else in India.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:53:49 2009
Name:Arun Kumar
Petition: The attack on the [indecently dressed, drunken] young women is condemnable but at the same time we have to caution our young women from going astray. Men always respect decently dressed and well behaved women.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:54:16 2009
Name:Suhail Shaikh
Petition:The whole democracy is a vicious cycle. I dont think netas are interested to implement law and make government officials accountable for their actions. The law is for the people who binds themselves with it, anyways these people are scared to do anything. Till the time blind faith of leadership is not eradicated the whole system will corrupt. It is difficult to make government officials accounted for their actions. The law that prevents them is the same law which frees them...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:54:27 2009
Petition:We live in a democracy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It would be better to say that we live in what we think is a democracy. The government that we elected has let us down as it always has. It has given silent powers to organizations to terrorize the people of this country in any way that it likes. The fact remains that we elect governments that doesnt care for its people. A government that does not respect its people's right to freedom is a dictatorship. Suddenly the word culture has far reaching implications to people like me. It has become a stick with which people can be beaten to submission, to accept that which is not acceptable. Mr. Yeddyurappa, I voted for the BJP this time because I felt cheated by the other parties that formed earlier governments. It now makes me believe that yours is no better than the others. I thought I saw an Obama in you, alas I have never been more wrong. No government can tell its people what it should or should not do. The least that you can do is to enforce the right to freedom of the common man. If you keep pushing us like this, one day we, the people will hit back like the tsunami that gathers momentum with every wave. Please Mr Yeddyurappa, do what is good for the people and let that be driven by the people themselves. Great leaders dont become great by doing what they think is good for the people but by listening to the people and doing what is good for them. I dont believe that you or your government will do anything to safe guard the common man's interests. I'm sure you and your government have your own agenda. I'm just hoping that change will come to India.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:55:12 2009
Name:Remo F
Petition:Its most despicable act in recent times. All these self styled goons nurtured and promoted by the political patrons do not have any place in civil society moresoever in a democratic set up. If a person can vote at the age of 18 then the person can also choose their own way of life. Who has given rights to these self styled so called leaders of culture to impose their will. And after attacking the so called leader has the gumption to call these victims as "my sisters", no wonder thats the value system and thats the mind set one must have inherited. Lets not create this environment where free citizens of this country should not feel that their rights have been snatched out. Lets promote a serene peaceful, loving and sense of brother hood that is the culture we need to promote and that is the culture this great country created and will continue to promote. Where there is freedom of speech , expression and all can live in togetherness free from ill-will and hatred.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:55:38 2009
Name:benoy mishra
Petition:it is disgusting the way mns in mumbai and now ram sena and for that matter any one wanting to enjoy free titilation can indulge in such ugly vulgarism and create a sena.their punishment must be examplary,may be first few cases like andhra acid throwing case.politicians supporting this be ostracised and taught a lesson at the electionthe statement of cm karnataka is regretable.he shpuld first nensure drastic punishmentto all the culprits in a first tack court.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:55:58 2009
Petition:"We won't allow this pub culture in Karnataka to grow" :- Nice..We completly agree with you.So , Please close down all the wine shops , please close all the pubs immediately.Please also ensure not a single drop of liquor is served suring elections. And after doing all this, if any politician is find drinking, please call us and we will beat them in public with live telecast on all the channels. Also if you could let us know "hindu" culture , it would be great , coz for all the vedas , geeta etc infact whatever is documented about "hindu" culture doesnt mention that "pub" culture is not hindu culture.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:56:34 2009
Petition:I fully endorse your views. These people should not be allowed to get away with their totally unjustified ,uncivilised behaviour. Who are they to decide how we conduct ourselves in our private lives? We have a right to our privacy and nobody should be allowed to interfere with that. These Ram Sena do not even know what Ram stood for or what he preached and practiced. They should be banned from spreading such hatred and handed exemplary punishment. K.K.SETH

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:57:09 2009
Petition:Whenever high-class society is attacked, the reaction is high profile. Terrorist attacks in trains; roads had no such impact as of Taj Mumbai. This reaction seems to be sponsored by pub lobby. Rajsthan government is closing pubs in their state; CM is saying that BJP encouraged pub culture in last 5 years. Punjab police took action against drunken girls few days back. Now India is reacting as if women were attacked while attending prayers. Are these responsible citizens fighting for the rites of their mother, sisters, daughters or their wives, Know they were attacked in a pub, Lot many rape cases of lower & middle class reported but no one reacts for their rites. No need to define morality in India. Drinking alcohol is certainly bad.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:57:37 2009
Petition:Mangalore incident cannot be considered as Talibanisation but, print and electronic media is creating a pyshic phobia in the minds of the citizen. Even though we strongly criticize the violent incidents happened in Mangalore, we fully supports any organizations attempt to protest pub culture and drugs culture prevailing in India. These pub culture and drugs culture is ruining young generation as well as countryís prospects very badly. It is the duty of parents and the matured younger generation to be an Indian and behave like an Indian and not imitate any type of foreign cultures to grow in India. If Govt. of India and States acted promptly and timely, these types of incidents never will happens in India and Indian Culture and civilization would ever prosper any types of foreign invasion. It is the habits of so-called secular and intellectuals to talk only in foreign language even in their house or in any public place and even in the working place even though majority of the people are well versed in the local language where they are residing. Because of this only our countryís greatest languages are in bad shape on all states. Instead of supporting the pub culture, we should strongly oppose it for the benefit of our Indian Culture and Civilization to be kept intact. Govt. of the country and States to protect this by law and individual organizations to come forward to organize protest rallies against this culture peacefully. Violence struggle but to be avoided.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 16:58:13 2009
Petition:So far, the CM has not shown a strong side to deal with hooliganism of any sort severely, be it the church attacks or the attacks on women in a pub. Both times, we know that groups which are in some way connected to the BJP called the shots and the CM bowed his head before them. He is a CM in a secular country and he has taken an oath to discharge his duties without favor, compulsion, or any sort of influence. So far, we do not see this. I am afraid that the leaders who instigated these attacks will go scot free and become more stronger and daring in their actions. We want the CM to stand by the oath of office he has taken and discharge his duties with honesty rather than with any allegiance or favoritism to any particular group, religion, sect, political party, culture, etc. Let the common man/woman know and feel that he/she is protected and can live as a free Indian in a great democratic country like ours. We need him to take stock of the situation and punish the hooligans of these incidents severely that they do not raise their heads again. We need the CM to pay more attention to improving the infrastructure in the city and providing better amenities to Bangalore and to all the towns, cities, and villages in Karnataka. We want him to help the farmers have a better life. Bring welfare to the poor who live in slums. Help the underpriviledged. Clean up the government offices of corruption and favoritism. Make the police force free of corruption, discharge their duties free of political influences, and protect the citizens with honesty, integrity, honour and courage. Please, please CM, distance yourselves from hardliners like Bajrang Dal, RSS, Rama Sena, etc., who seem to have a free hand thinking that you will not do anything to them come what may. Tell them and make them realize that the rule of the land (India) is above their rule and you are a strong CM and will not allow them to do anything as they like to terrorize the people of this State and Nation.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:01:28 2009
Name:sandhosh kumar
Petition:i want the girls who got tortured to come on media or go to the police station to file a case against the culpirist. now you should not say that that will expose their identity becoz in this case, we awnt to hear frrom the victims. can you do something or this excercice is to get votes and opinions for congress party ?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:01:49 2009

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:02:35 2009
Name:Pratap Ganatra
Petition:It is a disgrace and we are living in shameful society where we have Moral Guardians (!) in the guise of politicians who have looted and made this country economically, morally bankcrupt. No we do not need any guidance from political parties as how to conduct ourselves. Let us protest and make ourselves heard by the political parties.In Mumbai during 26/11, none of the politician dared to come out fearing backlash and anger of the common man. Thanks

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:04:19 2009
Name:Sunil M S
City:Ernakulam District
Petition:If the law of the land is being broken, every citizen has the right and duty to report it to the police. If people indulged in illegal obscenity or nudity, any one who witnessed it was bound to report it to the police. The Ram Sena members too, as law-abiding citizens, had the right and duty to report to the police if they came across illegal obscenity or nudity. The Ram Sena members could have enforced their right and duty in a perfectly legal and appreciable way. They could have gone to the place, entered the spot one by one, observed the proceedings and, if the goings-on there crossed the legal limits, they could have stood up together, peacefully protested by shouting slogans, displaying placards, and urging the persons (who indulged in illegal obscenity or nudity) to abide by the law. If any lady was nude, the Sena members could have provided her with enough cloth to cover her nudity, and urged her to continue whatever she had been doing but without being nude and without breaking the law. If the legal bounds of obscenity and nudity were being exceeded, the Sena members could have video graphed the evidence, called in the police, provided them the proof, and asked for appropriate action. The Sena members should have shunned violence all the while. Had this been their approach, the Ram Sena would have received wide appreciation and support. Many members of the public would have even come forward to join the Sena, attracted by its non-violence. Several other, similar organizations would have emulated them too. And, more important, their ideological mission against illegal obscenity and nudity would have been accomplished. Instead of following the non-violent approach, what have the Sena members actually done? They beat up ladies, groped them, stripped them and molested them and would, perhaps, have advanced further but for the several cameras that were vying with each other to capture as much as possible. I fail to see any ideology worth the name in the Sena membersí conduct. What they displayed was the clear intention to exploit the occasion to the hilt, for molesting ladies, under the guise and protection of ideology, culture, civilization and so on. If the idea of the Ram Sena members was to prevent obscenity and nudity and thus protect culture, why did they themselves indulge in obscenity by groping, stripping and molesting ladies, throwing to the winds the very culture they should have protected? Sheer carnal desire was their driving force and not any lofty ideology. They were more cunning, crafty and vicious than the common eve-teasers and molesters found on the street and should be dealt with accordingly. Coming to nudity and obscenity, what are these anyway? What or where is the legal limit? A woman should have the full liberty to dress the way she likes. It should be her own choice. If she goes nude where is the need to punish her? It is we, the men, who should bridle ourselves. Our lack of self-control is not reason enough to punish women. It is time men respected women and womenís rights. The extent of protection, respect and indulgence that women enjoy in a society is the best measure of its civilization. Where women are not safe, where they are forced to wear straight-jackets and chastity-belts, we cannot claim to have advanced much beyond the barbarian-stage. Men who are easily overcome by carnal desire and who, discarding the robes of civilization at the drop of a hat, molest women need to be kept fastened inside dungeons. I do not like nudity but I am ready to fight, to my last breath, for womenís right and liberty to wear or not to wear, whatever or whichever way she likes. Sunil M S

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:06:22 2009
Name:Alan Woods
Petition:I have a simple way to deal with these good for nothing people (2 simple steps). Firstly - conduct a proper check on the life styles of each individual and make public all results on the following points: achievements, education, profession, lifestyle (Indian/western) Secondly - all the idiots involved in this cowardly act need to be tied up & taken to a public place/ground & appeal to all the girls who were beaten up to gather do the needful with hockey sticks right in front of all the locals & Media (Live coverage would be an added advantage).

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:10:45 2009
Petition:All I want to say is that yes i agree that it is our fault that these things keep happening again and again. The fault lies with us because we have appointed uneducated fools to govern the educated hard working people. The fools are unaware of the ground reality that India is changing and that it will show no tolerance for the cowards (politicians) that govern it. All that these politicians can do is quote from the past and hide behind the words of great people. Muthalik says that the girls attacked are like his siters. I want to ask the CM Yeddyurappa if he would let someone hit his daughter/ wife and then call them sister and get away with it. Mr CM fell of the chair at a press conference and was seen giving a ear full to the poor security guard. Yes my heart goes out to the boys and girls who have been humiliated and hurt by the political cowards. I demand from the person employed as CM by the people of Karnataka to show efficiency and not take the security of his government job for granted. As for people like Muthalik all I would like to say is DUDE GET A LIFE, U DONT KNOW .. ABOUT INDIA.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:11:48 2009
Name:Male Nanga
Petition:its pure gundaism and such Senas should be banned in India. Are we a domocracy ? If yes where is the freedom and where are all human treated alike ? Shame to India & shame to all of us the so called Indians. We are a bunch of cowards. I am shamed.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:18:02 2009
Name:Anish Kumar
Petition:The word hideous falls short in explaining what was done by a few idiots.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:19:28 2009
Name:Shweta Mani
Petition:For far too long we have kept silent. I spent the better part of my childhood in Gujarat. In my time (before the BJP became a force there) Baroda was the safest place on earth..Navratri was when gscantily clad girls went out alone at midnight and came backin the morning..Till the BJP came and Talibanised gujarat..several hundu-muslim clashes and the gujarat riots later..gujarat is a regular terrorist target..Navratri has become a joke and the BJP has curtailed our freedom in every way. The BJP does this in every state it goes to - Karnataka is next. Pubs are as much part of Bangalore culture as navaratri was to gujarat. These self styled moral police have no right to determine our life and lifestyle.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:20:21 2009
Petition:If we donot force our sons how to follow there life then why our daughters.... if we donot force boys to follow some dressing then why girls....if the boys change there mentality towards girls,the problem will solve....

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:21:31 2009
Name:Paresh Prajapati
Petition:I am an Indian citizen and a law abiding one and i am ready to face the consequences as per the laws of the land in case i cross the line. That the onl law i recognize and nothing else. No one tells me what i ought to do as long as it is within the confines of the law. I dont care if it is immoral as long as it is lawful. my definition of the moral police is the saddist, impotent, coward group of people, underacheivers, losers who could not do anything worthwhile in their lifetime. The kind of people who could not control any aspect of their lives, neither personal nor professional. Eternal failures filed with insecurity. It is not a moral activity to find strength in grouping and attacking innocent females. To me it is no different than gang rape. One one hand they call themselves followers of Ram and acts which not even Ravan would have done. This is not a thing that a person with self respect would ever do. we are educated people here and you would find lots of them who would have done a better study Indian culture then many of your ministers. Let me remind you sire if you are unaware that a month back India faced one of the worst terrorist attacks. Therein our country faces a problem of much bigger magnitude and these issues which divide the nation internally and issues which are aimed at securing your vote bank are totally uncalled for.There are lots of things that India can benefit more from than from preserving the great "Indian culture" which once upon a time included socially flawed practices such as Sati, dowry, child marriages, untouchability etc. I am sure your state faces issues like crime, poverty, literacy, Employment, lack of infrastructure, poor health and till the time there is a visible progress on any of these fronts, respected Minister sir, we donot want you commenting on this hollow subjects such as this. Having given you the mandate, people look forward to you for their safety. Little do you realise by making such loose comments you are actually encouraging these anti social elements. Little do yo realise that this will lead to a heavy intolerant attitude in the society giving rise to crime. Moral values are not something that you can enforce on anyone. These are something that have to be imbibed in a person by setting examples through ones own actions. But then dont you find this a bit too diffucult?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:26:06 2009
Petition:These groups are fully supported by our POLITICIANS who need only VOTES from the public using this groups. These groups get money from the POLITICIANS, get instructions from POLITICIANS and they are act like a goondas. In public view these groups dosnt have any moral view, they need only Money from the POLITICIANS and publicity from the MEDIA. When such incident happen the groups leader get focuss by the media, so the leader demands more money from the existing POLITICIAN for doing other jobs like this. The POLITICIANS will not allow the leader to be PUNISHED. They safeguard the Leader of the group for their VOTE BANK.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:26:20 2009
Petition:Nobody has the right to decide or enforce what public should do and do not. If young people like going to pubs, let them go. All these illegal and not-good-to-public organizations should be banned and demolished. Its not the pub culture that needs to be stopped, but its these people who are mad who has to be banned. The truth is that the Government does not have the guts to ban these people. instead they know that it is easier to ban pubs.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:43:51 2009
Petition:Hinduism is being exploited to do what people wanted to do. No body is above the law, so please do not repeat such acts

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:54:09 2009
Petition:I am S/w Engineer we do go out every week for a break . I have no idea why people had break into the pubs and showcase themselves. And MR Cheif Minister of karnataka need work on the city development not to involve in removing the pubs. We know our limits. It time to think about development work not to worry about how the enetertainment of the city.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:56:35 2009
Name:Debabrata Deka
Petition:stop this petition... nothing is going to happen...immediate public punishment is all that is required ... otherwise we all can happily go to hell.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:57:34 2009
Petition:This is INDIA not the Taliban for these kind of miscreants to control any induviual's life. This is India a freedom country,every Indian has the right to talk, right to write & right to do things we like without hurting or disturbing anybody's setiments. those who are doing so should be punished making sure that nobody interferes in others personal life when it doesn't affect the society in the other way. JAI HINDI JAI KARNATAKA

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 17:59:23 2009
Petition:It is unfortunate that, The media is given much important to a rampage and given publicity to Srirama Sene. Whether it is a Public intrtest matter.? Whether there is any huge lose for public or private propery. Is it that much warranted topic? This incident suppose to be limited to Police station concerned and concerned Evening news papers. Are there no news for media ? Really Surprising.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:00:47 2009
Petition:Please prevent such hooligans from taking law into their hands. Who are they to beat these girls? Have the girls done something illegal like drug trafficking or child abusing? It's upto them to spend their leisure-I don't see anything immoral in going to pub, drinking and dancing. There are different forms of enjoying life and this is just one of them. Arrest the culprits and send a strong message to the public.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:02:10 2009
Name:Vasant K Deshpande
Petition:Attack on girls/women was shocking and one wonders how you can stop any one going to Pubs in democracy. Few misguided youth cannot decide culture of others other than their own. Best way to this will be to form NARI SENA and protect against such vendalism in future. Secondly all girls/women should learn to protect themselves by learning Martial art/ Karate which can only save them . Imagine if few girls were to take on one or two persons no body would ever dare to hurt them . They should also know Police can never protect them in the times of need but their own preparedness can. No one attacks stronger one but choose weaker only . So why remain weak. Become strong physically which is possible in just 1 month's time. Good Luck

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:02:17 2009
Name:Pankaj Kumar Pandya

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:02:55 2009

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:04:21 2009
Petition:Well, they are the bane of India's slow progress. India needs people who can foresee the challenges, deficiencies in its step of progress and act on it. We don't need thoughtless, vision less, idea less people TO TELL us. since we 1 bil. people, let the Govt kill these and let some deserving people live in this country. Else these fundamentalists one day will kill India. Raping my country in the name of culture, caste or anything is intolerable. May all of those die soon.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:04:59 2009
Petition:This is utterly unacceptable. If parents are ok sending their folks to Pubs and discs, it is their own decision. Who are these folks to take law in their hands. Lets use Anti Terrorism laws against these hooligans and set a precedence. Regards Ram

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:06:15 2009
Name:Peter Correia
Petition:Hello, I am working in Q8.It is very disturbing, some cheap guys running and hitting one female. But lets look at the other side of news. Our news channel tells us that Pakistan is a terrorist state and even on Samachar had a website with the Muslim Terrorist Group leaders and its duty. We too in India should do the same for this crack Hindu fundamentalist, So many things are happening in India by these Hindu fanatics. Are we competing with the Islamic terrorist?????. It is we the losers. We need a strong and commanding Police officers who donít care for criminals. Just go in front of them and Bang Bang Bang.ĒPERIODĒ. We have just celebrated our 60 years of Independence. We are the largest Democratic in the World. We have to move on and stop this uneducated leaders ruling on us. VIVA

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:06:43 2009
City:new delhi
Petition:How dare can few bunch of people can decide our course of life which we acheive by works hard throughout our life & which these foolish people cud not able to acheive & tries to destroy our hopes...... We have to work out ways to protect our acheivements.... If the govt cannot attacin the goals of protecting the rights of it's civilized citizens.......

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:07:32 2009
Name:Sundara Raman
Petition:Whether you call it moral policing or preservation of our culture, no body has a right to affect my freedom as long as my actions do not affect others either directly or indirectly. It is not just against women? Can you justify an attack on men just because they were taking drinks in a pub? Fashion is a relative term. What is fashion to you may not be fashion to me. Just because you do not like the way in which I dress, you cannot stop me. My food may be a poison to you. But you cannot stop me from taking my food.One man's food may be other man's poison. I may beleive or may not believe in the Almighty. You cannot force your opinion on me. I may not belong to the religion you belong. You cannot criticize my regligion. I may belong to a forward community or backward community. You cannot prevent my from growing. In the name of reservation you should not prevent my growth and deny my opportunities. Unfortunately all these things are happening because there is no unity of purpose. The sole purpose of every politician is to earn wealth for his family and for generations at the cost of public. To achieve this, the politicians play with the public by creating discord between religions, communities and castes. There will be an end to all that are begun either well or unwell. Let us hope that atleast we will begin well and continue to be well. No one has a power to take law into his hands. You punish the party he belongs to. Reject them totally in the next election. Tell them effectively by your votes that you disapprove their behaviour. After all power and money will change a person. If we deny the power, people will change. Sundar

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:11:06 2009
Name:Allen MD
Petition:I want to see the morons of such outfits paraded in the nude in the heart of the city. We need to stone these perpetrators to humiliate and thereby ensure that no such incident occurs again.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:12:25 2009
Petition:attack on women. this is outrageous, who on earth these people think they are. if the government doesnot like the pub centres then they do have every right to close it. when they had given permission to run such pub centres then how could they allow to harass girls and support such unacceptable behaviour of unruly mob. it is a very sad state of affair, culprits should be punished severly. god save india.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:13:38 2009
Petition: Honestly , I am quite sick and tired of the games that are being played everyday in this country in the name of religion, culture ethics etc etc... Who are these leaders to decide whether or not I should go to a pub, or have a drink with my friends or smoke. My parents don't tell me anything. what and who gives them the rightto order me around. The fact is that these certain collective bunch of men cannot handle the fact that women have come ahead so much so that they are leaving these men behind! Our country is already facing problems of recession and terrorism, should'nt these so -called leaders be focussing on these issues? Instead, they decided to suppress women, minority religion and rampage public properties. We need to stand together against these atrocities now! Ask these so called leaders to ask all the women leader of our country to step down from there designations( since this is not in our culture for a women to stand for president!)Lost your moral policing guts now, hav'nt you????

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:15:18 2009
Petition:Dear Chief Minister, We elected you to keep us safe, and give us progress - not just material but also a progress in our ideals. The present incident only indicates that your government would have to do much more to meet this aspiration. I write to you as a citizen of this country, the contitution of which promises personal liberty as a basic right. We all, more so, leaders of people and opinion makers like you should introspect, whether that promise is being kept. More importantly, is there even an intention of keeping that promise? Your comment on the so-called "pub culture" indicates your wrong priorities. Can we first have you enforce the will of our constitution? Please bear in mind the tremendous responsibility you have towards the general well-being of people of Karnataka.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:15:40 2009
Petition:where were these sena people when mumbai was under attack......... even lord rama never hurt a women when he was under way to demolish ravana. Mangalore incident is no where a protection of hinduism...this is terrorism

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:16:18 2009
Petition:Lord Rama is know as "Maryada Purushothama Rama". What these goondas practicing in his name is nothing to do with our culture. This is sheer pervertism. Who have given them the authority to teach our culture to ladies of this country? We all know our culture and limitations. We know what is right and what is wrong. Do they know culture or did they practice Hindu culture when they were terrorising these young girls? They were hitting them and trying to pull down their jeans and take off their tops...! When did these people turn into Dushyasanas? Don't they know that Draupadi alone was the reason and the motivation behind complete destruction of Kuru Vansh? These people who practice hindu culture according to them, are seen in Mangalore, drinking at bars in the evening, taking girls by force by threatening them, doing hafta vasool in their "Ram Sena" name. I am not writing it just for the sake of writing. I have seen it with my own eyes. These people are not saints. They are cruel and psycologically disturbed. I have seen my friends going through hell because of these few bad men. These people will have to be punished severely, so that the rest of the society can live in peace. It is time that our politicians stop thinking about accumilating crores in their accounts and start concentrating about doing something for the people who elected them. Shame on them whoever is encouraging this terrorism.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:17:53 2009
Petition:CM says that PUB is not our culture so should be weeded out.curruption also is not our culture.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:18:59 2009
Petition:Firstly , I would like to know who they are to decide that if we can go the a PUB Or A RAM TEMPLE. Trust me ,If i would have been in any sort of power......i would have cut them into small small bits and feed the stray dogs.This people who call them as " Ram Sena " should be called " Taliban Sena" people without any Brains

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:19:37 2009
Petition:Change has to happen on all fronts to stop such incidents. Hinduism teaches tolerance and respect, and people committing this kind of terror are definitely do not belong to Hinduism. They are just a frustrated and good for nothing lot. If we keep quite and don't respond then it will be taken as weakness and as a society we can't afford to do that. Every citizen has to express his/ her opinion on such incidents and prevent India becoming a religious terror state like Afghanistan.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:23:25 2009
Name:Sunil D
Petition:'Let's not Talibanise India'

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:26:58 2009
Name:Gaurab Sengupta
Petition:One of the reasons why the world respects India as a nation is the fact that at least thus far since independance the values of liberty and freedom have not been violated with a few minor exceptions. Such incidents should remind us all that these are luxuries that are not easily won, and since we have them, we need to fight actively against elements like these which strive to take them away from us!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:28:54 2009
Name:Anil RS
Petition:Dear Chief Minister, I feel very sorry for you as You cannot inspire people to do great things.You cannot take the confidence of those people who are well learned.It seems as though you are acting just as a manager in a petty shop. Let me tell you one important thing that you politicians hardly ever think off.The attitude of the people in our state is selfish and they are only bothered about their family,their caste and their creed.Why this has happened is because of you politicians.You reach out to people only for the vote and always forget once the polls are over. Now let me come to the point.Karnataka has a rich cultural heritage you can see it in Belur and Halebidu If you are a rational human being you will definitely understand what are they.Now the Karnataka police target not the thieves,not the murderers or the terrorists,they are so hopeless that they only target the middle class people.They are the ones who encourage people to go against the law of the land.They are the ones who flout rules and act as though they are demigods and forget that they are public servants.It is because of you politicians that the police have started looting the people. Now here is a challenge for you.Go to any police station in Bangalore and have a random check or try to give a complaint you will come to know how those loafers behave with the public.And it's because of you that the police have become goondas and that is why the public hates you the politicans and the Police and because you are weak and cannot stand up for the right let even think what is right because you cannot even do your job properly.that's why we are still a backward state. wake up you are not living in 19th or 20th century.This is 21st Century and here only brains survive and not the brawns.You should be smart and be tactical yet be lion hearted to achieve the goal of a corruption free Karnataka as indicated in your earlier resoultion.You got to have right persons with right technical knowhow and those who have passion to work for the people and not those who are tooth less against the situation and are hungry only for power and frustrate the people especially the middle class. this is a wakeup call for you.If you do not act now your actions will be questioned in the eternity.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:30:33 2009
Petition:I wonder to whom we are going to give the petition. Todays politicians are hopeless. They ahve made India so divided. And they have proved again and again that they cant make us feel Safe anywhere. Some times i wonder is Democracy doing good to India. And even infront of the Media if they are doing things like this,that means they dont fear anyone.Coz they know that every ploitical party has to appease some particlular sections of the community. One thing is very clear from this In India if a crime is committed by a mob then they are untouchable.Unless we prove that wrong these kind of mob violence will continue to happen and our politicians will say as always that this was an instantaneous reaction or things like that. You know what our Govt's do.They Ban Smoking,but dont BAN cigarrets.They wont allow Pubs,but the Liquor Lors will Ö.them if they ban Alchohol...i hope u got the point.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:31:25 2009
Petition:This is totally a political move. Shri ram sena wants to be in a natioan ltelvision so they have done it so. Karnataka Police should be ashamed of their impotent behaviour. These cowards have choosen a small town of Manglore for their deeds dont they dare to do it in Banglore. If they want to stop all this then go to bars of mumbai were the girls are dancing without theor will. In pubs girls are going with their will only. You cowards better use your energy in some constructive work.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:32:43 2009
Petition:India is only Country out of all Asian Country where Women is given respect compared to our neighbouring Countries so with these incident we have lost the image what we have got and I sincerely request all the sena workers not to act like the Holligans. Acharyulu.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:32:54 2009
Petition: Do not sell people of Karnataka in the name of your vote bank. They will not forgive you. If you do not like pub culture, do not earn income and donation from them and from the factories that produces liquor. Just look back of your life, how clean you are with Indian Culture! You come now to speak of culture. You say that as if you are going to ban Ram Sena or you do not know your brothers. Time will revel your relation to them

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:34:38 2009
Petition:Why the police is sleeping, government not doing anything, and legal bodies keepin quiet on this issue? Had their own daughters and sisters been drageed in a case like this, would they still have kept their mouth shut? And question for the Press people as well. How come the press community knew that some attack of this sort is gonna happen? They knew it beforehand as they were present on the spot? Why didnt these guys informed police? Just because they wanted some masala for their channel and those neta log wanted some cheap and dirty publicity

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:37:21 2009
Name:teena mathew
Petition:They should be given severe punishment or shot dead to avoid anyone taking law into their own hands.The same should be done in every case which is disrupting our fabric as a democracy.Every politician who tries to use religion as a vote bank should be banned from politics.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:39:06 2009
Name:John Mathew
Petition:Indeed a very shameful, despicable and cowardly act. I wonder how these men, claiming themselves to be protectors of Indian values and culture, could beat up women who were defensless. Is this our culture? Though I do not think that drinking is the best way to relax, nor going to pub the best way to socialize, I don't think its wrong either. They were not drunken and creating any nuisance. All that was being done was within the closed corridors of the pub and what harm was there in that? Let's all understand that culture is not static and it was never like this 2000 years back nor shall it be 2000 years into the future. Cultures do mingle , share and evolve and if anything is construed as seriously wrong lets debate this and take the consent of the public before deciding on things. Unfortunately for us, we have people who think that they know what's best for the nation and pay no heed to such pleas, even though they are the least qualified and unsought for this. Much of what is happening is because our political class lacks conscience. Aren't their sons and daughters going to the pubs and drinking? They all know it isn't all that bad. But who would risk negating the conceptions of the great Indian illiterate vote bank and seriously jeopardise their politcal ambitions? The irony is that much of this vote bank would themselves gleefully watch their stars drinking and dancing in the movies and cheer them too, but when it comes to the urban class they wouldn't approve of it. Its not difficult to drive accross the point, but we need leaders who can call a spade, a spade. We need leaders who can lead from the front rather than being the agreeable person to all castes and communities. I would urge the leaders of the nation to come out openly and condemn such acts and dissuade people from taking law into their own hands. This acts needs to be punished severly and should not set a precedent. There have been too many incidents in the recent past of such nature and its high time we acted. India's cultural,relegious and linguistic diversity has no place for such bigotry. For those who say that this is a petty issue which pales in comparison to rapes and murders, understand this: a rape or a murder is ever considered wrong by the law ,the people and polity alike. The pitty here is there are people (mostly politicians) who pretend that this is not a crime, or rather think that it is chastened by the noble intentions. God help the nation!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:42:57 2009
Name:Arun Aradhye
Petition:This is not Talibanisation of India.Pl. do not utter such words.One thing is sure that the girls now a days are wearing dresses which are definitely provokative.Next is that their parents are allowing them to wander everywhere any time and do not mind keeping the relations which are not within the social ethics of Hindu Culture. So called modern people are just trying to be very smart and vanishing or rather tarnishng the image of Hindu culture across globe. Somewshere this needs to be stopped. However, the way it happend was not certainly good. Instead Sena people could have garlanded these guies in front of the people and also stage a programme in which the names of these guises(Modern) alongwith parents name could have been announed for there great show of modern culture by appreciating them openly and issuing certificates and also awards to there parents for allowing to dilute our culture and adopting western culture,. I appreciate the views of Gehlot and Yedu for openlgy criticising the Pub culture.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:44:05 2009
Name:Susmit Sen
Petition:No one can take the law into his own hands and no one is above the law. If the BJP or its chief minister or any other party feels that some things need to change they should discuss this on the floor of the Parliament or Legislatve Assembly. These politicians are looking for cheap political gains and hoodwinking the gullible electorate. THis is just another form of terrorism and definitely anti terror laws should be applied against the perpetrators of this heinous attack on our democracy.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 18:55:41 2009
Petition:No words to explain my feelings. Those guys have to be punished.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:00:21 2009
Name:Abraham Timothy
Petition:sorrry to hear that but its very sad i will ask those guys what abt their daugters dont they wear jeans dont they have boy friends or dont they visit mela (consider this as a pub for love birds) i bet they cant answer and they himself are indulged in such activity they are now following MNS pattern to make themselves famous by the grace of their god fathers (BJP,VHP,RSS) so public should in return beat them in full public view so it will be a good lesson to them and MNS also thanking you JAI HInd

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:10:35 2009
Petition:If these many girls are going to pubs,why to give reservations to ladies. Government think about it.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:11:35 2009
Name:Balaram Paul
Petition:I whole heartedly condems this kind of attacks against women.I dont think that the fate of a women will be decided by few persons. A womem can go anywhere she likes. Pub is not for male only .Drinking alcohol is not good, for health for human irrespective of sex. If any one wants to drink in a pub in her own money,who are we to torcher .

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:16:55 2009
Petition:It my request to all the educated and thinking people of this country come forward and step in to voice their opinion against such a horrific incident. If we remain silent then we are giving encouragement to these ruffians to carry out more damage to the society. These so called Hindu organizations who criticize Islam and Taliban are no less. Given a chance even they would like to model themselves on Taliban. If they get the power even they would like to push the women back into the confines of kitchen. Even they would ban education for women. Even they would put a ban on women doing a job. These people are nothing different from Taliban. In the name of God and Traditions they are playing the politics of hatred. They are not concerned with culture at all. For if culture was the concern then drinking is equally bad for both man and women morally and physically, but for these sick people it is bad only for women. It is only the women they attacked, they are ok with men drinking and frequenting pub, which shows that all they want is to put women behind the doors. It is not the tradition and culture that they want to preserve or they are worried about, what they are worried about is the liberalization of women. The problem is why she is going out, why she is raising her voice, why has she started defying the orders of men, why she has become their boss and giving orders to them. Attack on women in pub is just a way to give vent to these feelings. Today it is attack on women in pub. Tomorrow they will Attack any women standing anywhere as and when they feel... she is not wearing a proper dress or she has not covered herself fully or that she is standing with a male companion. Reasons could be any but I can see this kind of scenario in India in the future. If we as a citizen of a free, educated, liberated India do not speak up, do not put pressure on the government to put these goondas behind the bars and take exemplary strict action against them, then the above mentioned future awaits us. The government whichever party it belongs to, will not take action until and unless it is pressurized by its people. This has been the case with India always that is why such incidents happen. Since we have not spoken much in the past over similar kind of incidents, these goondas have been encouraged to create havoc in the name of god. Now we must stand and we must speak against and send strong message to our political class who call them representative of the common citizen, whereas in reality they are the representatives of only themselves and these kinds of goondas. We will and we should tolerate and we will not let India become another Taliban. MR. Yedurrappa , MR. Advani, Mr. Raajnaath Singh, the BJP and The Congress, and The Communists and The so called representatives of the people, do not sit quietly on this issue, please listen to the not let these goondas go scot-free...for if u do this then even u will be among those who will be remembered for sending into the DARK AGES.... I Was born in an independent nation, grew up in a post-liberalized era, seeing a nation opening up to a world and embracing a global culture Which is liberal, evolving and accommodating. I have grown up with dreams of a future that is secure, tolerant, progressive, with a better tomorrow....but increasingly I am finding myself living in a country which is becoming intolerant, radical, divisive, conservative, fractured, insensitive, Stagnant. I do not want this kind of future for my country and believe that most of you too, who are reading this, would not like to see this kind of scenario. So let us come forward, speak out our opinion in the loudest voice possible and make it heard to the ones whose ears are becoming increasingly deaf, eyes blind, and hands incompetent, that we are not going to take these incidents casually and we will not allow some illiterate, mad, and crazy goondaas to tell us what our religion accepts or what it does not....They are not even the last to have any authority to speak on the matter of religion, god and tradition.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:17:30 2009
Name:Pallav Sharma
Petition:These guys don't have work rather than playing on Politician's fingers to trouble people living peace-ful life. We Indians are troubled from all around the World, whether its terrorist, politicians, unsocial elements, party-workers life Hindu Sena, etc. How can they decide who we are & from what background we belong to. Even if we do a crime, we will still be Indians or belong to our respective Religion. Strong steps should be taken & such immoral parties should be banned immediately who create discrimination among US (INDIANS). Jai Hind !

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:21:03 2009
Name:Arnab Maity
Petition:After all this is the only Country where u can commit 1000 crime and still Roam as free as a Bird coz 1. U are a politician or Ur baap is a brainless politician and U are sitting under the tent of a political party . Attack on woman " My God , i guess we indians are used to this Blood bath since ages . First burn woman in the name of god with husband , then came the sage where we fought for the socio economic rites which increased the crime graph and the last era where once u make them liberated then make a pseudo fuss of some self proclaimed socio issues like Drinking and Pubbing ...abe bhai tera baap ka kya if gals drink or play or sing ...after all its a free man's world ....

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:21:30 2009
City:New Delhi
Petition:Unfortunately there are some people who will go to any extent to gain cheap publicity. Thus we have MNS in Mumbai bashing up Biharis, we have the followers of so called Ram Sena(sic) in Bangalore molesting girls and we had hoodlums in Kolkata who created mayhem and forced Bengali writer Taslima Nasrin to leave the country even though none of them have read her novels and she had a valid visa to stay in India. You will never hear them fighting the terrorists or going to Kashmir or NE India to fight against the country's enemies because that involves risk to life and carries no name and publicity. And the tendency to indulge in such cheap publicity gimmicks is rising because there is hardly any punishment.They like to consider themselves as modern day Robin Hood and impose their own fanatical thoughts on others.And there are some politicians who patronize such acts because it helps them to come in the limelight (prey how many of us knew about Ram Sena or MNS but for these acts).To curb this menace, we should hit them where it hurts them the most i.e. impose heavy penalty and the money should be given to their hapless victims and debarr them from contesting for any post for at least 5 years. Such things are unheard of in any developed country or even in China because of the fear of severe punishment. Otherwise the day is not far off when such Hindu Talibanism will engulf the whole country.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:21:45 2009
Petition:This is one of the most unfortunate events ever that can happen.. Such anti- social elements should be given the maximum punishment available.. Please do take necessery actions.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:22:01 2009
Name:Ms. Kamal Pandya Aftab
City:Dubai, UAE
Petition:Clearly Every BJP ruled state is in such dismay, they marganalised Gujurat,they created communal violence,then they're Hindu facist groups went on rampage in orissa,now manglore, then what next. You want to allow them to burn India?Being a Hindu i know its not written in any vedas to harm/kill others in word or action.Being married to a Muslim, i know in Quran it preaches tolerance and cooperation with all religions.Then how come these uneducated goons,politicians, end up doing this to my country?Its time for us youth to put these old,uneducated,lowlife senile people into retirement.BJP & they're sangpariwar has only ruined everything Hinduism stands for, Solidarity stands for and Democracy stands for. I am not blind by anymore. Neither should you be.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:34:15 2009
Name:ayusa dastidar
Petition:Why people r making noise for right act? then why u blame for the wrong? girls were not molested or real beaten like thing was happened! still why people make noise? is ur terrorism issue solved? u people need some issue to pass time! entertainment through news but do not realy want to do some positive! what these guys have done , how u r telling that they have done anything wrong? for those young brothers, in fact, we the girls r safe! if these rowdy women r not treated strongly, then the all characterless and rowdy boys will think that all girls will like their vamps! those boys will have the confidence to the wrong with us also! so, these SRS like moral organization is required in society to clean the waste! even regarding molestation of those girls r all wrongly fabricated! girls fell down of course due to their fear and awareness of wrong doing, u can tell guilty feeling! boys were beaten! and what respect r u showing to them was there anything to save their dignity? what is ur say abt Andra girls who r being killed in every alternate day and being threatened for not to go schools! acid is being thrown to their face if they dare to go to school! where is media there? no reporting! u people, media all have soft target on hindu organization! if the same act is done by muslim organization, then there would not have been even a word spell out! where was media and u when taslima nasrin was molested, man handled by muslims youth in hydrabad?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:45:42 2009
Petition:I am supporting on this incident/Attack -what ever happened on pub is right!. It is just warning to all guys& Girls who are all partipating /involving in unethical activities We should blame on Media /Woman organization Ėhere why these people are makeing big issue bec media donít have any other matter to focus &i feel they are not going in right direction Ė they are forgotten their duties/Values-they are just acting like they are rolling party & whatever they can do it !! Woman organization is not only for fighting against crime on girls/womanís ,they should more focus on their welfare that I am not finding Ė all women leaders are worried on their fame& trying to build their image in society Before ending I want to say Ė what ram sena did is right- except hitting on girls!! santhosh

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:45:48 2009
Petition:No one is greater than the law.... and no organization should be given such rights to do such a thing in broad daylight to the women in such mean ways.. it is shameful to see incidents like this happening to women in India... where is the democracy .... wat do u mean by pub culture... times have changed and people have ways and means to pass time and hang out.... such incidents insult the soul of democracy...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 19:57:55 2009
Petition:Outrage! That is the word burning in my mind. I am a woman in Bangalore‚Ķ 21 years of age, just about to finish my degree. I‚Äôve grown up knowing that the world is unequal, that life is unfair to a woman, especially in India‚Ķ But this? This is the end of tolerance for me, this is the end of resignation, and this is the end of hopelessness. I was not born a woman to grow up wondering why, when god made the entire world so beautiful, I was born with a curse on my brow. Men claiming to ‚Äėprotect‚Äô our ‚Äėculture‚Äô attacked women. Grown men formed a gang and barged into a pub and simply attacked young, surprised, unarmed, defenceless women‚Ķ or rather girls. And they are proud of themselves? Proud of outnumbering and molesting young women, chasing them down the road, grabbing their hair, tearing at their clothes and pushing them? Proud? And Justified? Enough of the smoke! Let‚Äôs let some breeze in and look at the fire. These men give themselves a name of a great deity, they claim that they violate the human rights of others for the sake of our ‚Äėculture‚Äô and ‚Äėreligion‚Äô‚Ķ That‚Äôs the smoke. This is the fire; these men are rapists, molesters, goons, thieves, assailers‚Ķ under the protection of large numbers where they hope that they can‚Äôt be discerned in the crowd, under the name of a god they so shamelessly use to cover their naked, sick hearts with. This time I cannot stand it. This time they have gone too far. I have grown up cynical; knowing that life would be hard and unfair simply because I am female. But when I look at my sister who is not yet 13, I have to ask myself‚Ķ Am I going to stay quiet while those criminals walk the streets? The same streets where my sister walks? The same streets where my friends walk, the same streets where one day my own daughter must walk? How can I tell my sister who is a mere child that she is a woman and thus by definition must look forward to a life where there is no freedom, where she has to walk the streets afraid of the eyes of lecherous men who have the gall and the right to hurt her if they chose and she has no right, by right of her being female‚Ķ. No! I know that I can stand the torture and the discrimination, I can stand the hatred and the cruelty, the misery and the unfairness‚Ķ but I will not let my own sister or my friends or my future children suffer this! This is not a plea for help, or a request that our leaders do something about these crimes against women‚Ķ this is a declaration that there is no more tolerance for such crimes against us women. The world is changing but the madness that runs our country has not changed. Enough of mindless dogmas and irrational laws‚Ķ enough of the unreasoning men and women who are our leaders. Enough. I want change, change for the better, change for the future of those who have not been born yet. Tomorrow my child will not suffer because I remained silent today. I only ask that all of you have the heart merely make use of your voice and speak! No more is required. This is the beauty of our country and our constitution‚Ķ because I know that the only reason the system stands is because it rests on our shoulder, we don‚Äôt have to shake it off‚Ķ lets just shrug.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 20:07:12 2009
Petition:This attack was a shame on nation. i still wonder why the government is not taking action against the attackers. Who gave these people right to be social police. We indian have right to go any where we want. How can somebody come to my place and say tha i cannot do it. I will request those females to come forward and demand for strict action against the attackers because it can happen to any one. They are still wandering around as they know that they have back support of Thakre family.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 20:33:19 2009
Name:Rajeev Saxena
Petition:First of all, I'd like to say that India is a country where you can not put restrictions. Our culture is all about freedom of expression be it our music, temples or literature like Kamasutra. So I recommend a total ban on moral policing. Infact I want parents to do moral policing. I guess everybody agrees that drinking and smoking are harmful but these activities are encouraged by pubs. So how do we deal with pubs that encourage such activities. Govt. should not allow pubs in residential areas. - If pub goers behave indecently on public places then they should be dealt with firmly. We should understand that we can not expose little children to indecency and bad habits like smoking and drinking. The young generation in India may consider these activities as glamourous but these habits are being frowned upon in west for health reasons. However I totally support right of person who want to smoke and drink himself to death but he/she has no right to expose young children to these habits. Finally this incident in banglaore follows a trend- 1. Da Vinci code banned in India courtesy christian taliban. 2. Taslima Nasreen hounded out of India courtesy Indian muslim taliban and communist taliban. 3. TV studios vandalised in mumbai for harmless jokes courtesy sikh taliban. 4. Mangalore beating up of girls, courtesy hindu taliban. So to say that ONLY hindus are turning orthodox or ONLY BJP is talibanising is total lie. Every religion and party are doing their bit talibanising India.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 20:45:10 2009
Petition:Women do not deserve this in 2009 ie the 21st century. Let not one incident tarnish the image of india where women are worshipped but at the same time the perpetuators should be punished and brought to justice for this inhumane act. Jai Mata di! Jai Nari ki!!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 20:47:59 2009
Petition:Dear All, It's not Talibanising India, first we need to address the issue on culture, culture is what always been changing. Long ago men were wearing dhotis and towels and women were wearing sarees as time passed it changed men started wearing pants and shirts and women after sometime changed to churidhars, then they changed to jeans and T shirts and then to mini and micro mini. It all depends on the mind set of women how they want to be looked at, as a Mother or a girl with soft heart or as some thing else. Men however they may be he is not the one in most cases who brings up the childrens, Only Mother takes care of child and if that mother was once dancing with guys in the pub and going with guys, how will she be able to bring up the child in a right manner. And tomorrow if that child comes to know that her mother was once roaming with many guys and dancing and drinking in pubs.. tell me how that child will feel about his\her mother. And moreover how this mother can bring up her child with good cultural values. Think about it guys.. And THE FATHERS AND MOTHERS OF THE GIRLS AND GUYS WORKING IN IT - COMPANIES IN BANGALORE AND ALL OVER - WATCH OVER U R SONS AND DAUGHTERS SEE THAT ATLEAST NOW U CAN TEACH THEM GOOD VALUES .. BUT TIMES UP .. U SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG. ONE STATISTICS SAYS THAT THE CHILD COULD BE MOULD AS HOW YOU WANT WITH MORAL AND ETHICAL VALUES ONLY WITHIN 5 YEARS OF AGE.. SO ATLEAST ALL THE GOING TO BE FATHERS AND MOTHERS MOULD UR CHILD WELL WITH HIGH ETHICAL AND MORAL VALUES//// SAVE THE SPIRITUALITY OF THIS COUNTRY.. BHARAT MATHA WILL BE HAPPY..

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 20:48:28 2009
Petition:Incident happened in Mangalore was disgusting, shameful, annoying. Government should find those hooligans and hang them in public immediately. How dare they touch girls or anyone. In democracy, e'one is free to speak,think and do. Those hooligans have hit and slapped into the face of democracy. Time to act and punish them severely.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 20:50:07 2009
Petition:why? media people are making thsi much big new of this small incidence. this is local news. this silly news. media is the big problem of this country. media is always opposite to hindus. psl stop this . be a Hindustani and hindu first........ Hindu

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:01:09 2009
Name:Mumtaj Khader
Petition:While I am always personally against this sort of pubs and partying, that act as contributors in promoting (though not always) illegal relationships, I strongly condemn such goons who were mainly after girls in this incident. Our societies should never allow violent criminals to take such actions giving excuses like protecting culture and safeguarding its interests. People who are really concerned about the well being of their youth would never act in this way. What rights have they got to molest other women? Would they have accepted if other men acted against their family women alleging immoral behaviour? They are not moral guardians of the society but mere ruffians acting in the most scornful and immoral way leashing out their male dominance by attacking women.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:01:49 2009
Petition:Dekho Ai Deewanon Tum ye Kaam Naa Karo, Ram Ka Naam Badnaam Na Karo! A shameful day for modern India. No, I do not mean that people have necessarily to drink and go to a pub to be modern. But freedom to individuals to have a lifestyle of their own choice, as long as they are acting within the realm of decency(decency, again, by reasonable, not Taliban standards), and not acting against the laws of the country, which the people of this country have given to themselves, is the essence of modernity. I am sure Ram, when he accepted Shabari's Bers was being modern. More than an act, it was a statement against the opression of women and the social inequalities. ram Stood for Change. Change and acceptance of new ideas, lifestyles, is the only permanent thing. Let not the Talibans, under any garb or name, prevail against Modern India. Jai Sri Ram.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:03:25 2009
Name:Kunal Vijayakar
Petition:The least we (the government, justice courts and citizens of India) can do is to enforce the law against these hooligans. We have all possible laws to book them but they are not enforced. After any incident there is discussion about creation of a new law to book the perpetrators. The problem in our nation is over-regulation and under-enforcement of law. In the great democracy that India is - Is it so difficult to arrest and convict a raj thakrey or the Ram Sena activists for creating communal rifts?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:09:30 2009
Name:Smitha Bhoomireddy
Petition:Put these guys who beat up girls in Mangalore pub behind the bars and beat them up black and blue. And yes, please do take a video of them being beaten up and show it to the whole country so that no body will ever have the courage to act like this ever again.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:13:32 2009
Petition:I am very much dissapointed with the statement of Chief minister Yedurappa itself. What does he mean by saying pub culuture? Does he mean drinking alchol itlself is wrong? or does he say drinking alcohol in pub is wrong? or does he say women drinking alcohol in pub is wrong? If he is saying drinking alcohol itself is wrong, he as a CM has all the power to ban alcohol in karnataka. Why cant he do that?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:21:51 2009
Name:Anamika Chatterjee
Petition:This incident is another example of the regressive thought process that still exists in the mindsets of a certain section. The government needs to take an unequivocal stand without mincing words that in a democracy, women have equal rights as men and also the right to wear what they please. If they are singled out or attacked for their attire or (legal)conduct, there should be no room to even consider the logic provided by goons. WAKE UP INDIA.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:25:39 2009
Name:Pinaki Chakrabarty
Petition:To Honorable Chief Minister Mr. B S Yeddyurappa, it is with deep regret that I write this letter. I have read and re-read the utter shameful incident at Mangalore where a group of people who have, yet again taken, the authority to determine what is moral and amoral for the rest of us for the rest of us. The attack on women is utterly disrespectful and the people who have organized and perpetrated it have to realize that in the name of morality they themselves have committed a heinous moral offence. Violence and attacks against woman or for that matter anybody can never justified under any cause and should be punished. I urge you to preserve the social and moral fabric of the city and state of Karnataka by ensuring that these acts of violence get the proper investigation that they deserve. Lack of action will only encourage these fringe elements Sir, the people of Karnataka have placed tremendous belief and support in favor of you and your respected party. Let the power of the government be used to send a clear message by invoking the required laws that will enable your administration to punish those guilty and send a clear message on what you and your government stands for. With Regards, Yours Sincerely, Pinaki Chakrabarty

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:27:30 2009
Name:Sunil Kumar
Petition:In my views every individual has rights to do any thing until he is not making any harm to himself, his society and his county. No body have any right to use strength on any body else, it is a biggest crime and in my point of view it clearly shows the failure of the present government if this incidence accurse In this case individual / group / party should be punished extensively and the present government should be responsible fully.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:29:05 2009
Name:Prashant Poojari
Petition:why should we be a taliban, hindu religion doesnot teach us to protect its culture, its free from every thing, it can flourish without any support if it want, from centuries its doing. in this globalised world we indians will rule. hinduism is free religion.....if any one want to save its culture this is not right way. Time changes every thing...if any thing should have done it should have done when moguls entered and when portugues, brithisher ruled. now we are part of each religion whether is christianity or islam. we should respect each and let it florish on demand and supply basis. every stuff has its own cause and effect and we have some possitives and negatives...we shld forget negatives and go further with possitives. if pub culture is wrong than is the poverty culture why there is no one to root it out, if western culture is wrong then r BPO,KPO, call centers culture which gives bread and butter. arnataka is such a big state and there are many other issues which will make some people smile rather than making sad.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:29:37 2009
Name:A B
Petition:Whatever happened was bad. But we need to have some policies on women going to pub and openly drinking. If they wear skimpy outfits and go to these kind of places nobody could guarantee them a safe haven. I blame all the ladies for whatever happened. Also since the men beat the ladies they should be severely punished.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:30:15 2009
Petition:Dear Chief Minister, I would request you to do a thorough investigation before you verdict the innocent. As a true citizen of India and love its culture, i will not tolerate our Indian Lady (who are a perfect example to the world for culture) to misbehave like the foreigner do .. We Indian do believe in culture and that is the reason our country is prospering well so far and i pray it will prosper for several centuries to come. WE will not allow our country to become like the Western Country. BHARATH MATA KI JAI. VENKAT

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:31:05 2009
Petition:This is just outrageousÖwho gave these goons the right to decide for others what is 'improper and modest'??? The character of these party activists is in questionÖ.I think this is just hypocrisy & cheap acts to gain publicity similar to Raj Thakray & Co. I hope & pray proper action will be taken & justice will be served.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:31:36 2009
Petition:this is a shameful act done in the name of religion and majority.this people are more worst than the people who does domestic violence.this is truly incorrect to take law in thier hands and to do such act towards girls and women.women are the most precious gift of god who are to be treated,given and to be seen with respect such act brings shame to the country and the people who just watch like spectators to the incidents like this.this coward people who had done this shameful act should be punished and in future government and police sholud take care that this should not be repeated anytime in future.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:37:52 2009
Petition:Reaction to lets not talibanise india I think people know what is taliban? If you dont know please refer books, newpaper, or google search. I am telling what the talibanisation is really. Firstly we have to face the fact. Talibanisation means if a women is seen by her legs, arms or hands or even eyes they will cut of your naked hands or naked legs of even naked eyes without burka. I think sriram sena didnt do this act to anyone. Or we really facing the factness Are the women who smoke, who drink, who do sex publicly in pubs are they really women? Are they really belongs indian culture. Any how what the sriram sena does is not right.We have to know the reality of what does the women or men do in pubs in midnight. If we have night vision cameras in pubs that is recordable clearly the whole world will know what is going on in pubs. THATS THE WHAT REALITY THE WORLD TO KNOW

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:39:51 2009
Name:Arvind Kamath
Petition:Shame on these people using Hindu-ism to justify their goonda-giri. I wonder how they would react if their sisters underwent similar treatment

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:43:27 2009
Name:Mrs. Gonsalves
Petition:This is attrocies voilence against women..I think India needs to come up with laws to protect women who are molested on the road by men..This is a practical and everyday thing that happens on the streets of Mumbai.. I grew up only to fear that when I walk on the road someone will come and dash into just to get a feel of the fleshy boobs...Is this not a terrible crime against every women walking on Indian streets... I certainly feel everyone has the right to live in a free environment and not grow up with fear...Yes its time to speak out..Are there any laws in place to take action against street molesters on the streets of India

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:43:43 2009
Name:Sridhar N
City:Farmington MI USA
Petition:This leftist journalists wants to add women sentiment to this issue at the cost of women respect. Do you treat half nude/nude girl as holy girl or respected girl who dancing in pub from 10PM - 2AM or later. Where all these guys and media when innocent thousends Kashmiri girls brutally harassed and raped. My fellow citizens, this media and a group of people want to project a bad image on Karnataka government and encourage pub culture at the cost of women sentiment.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:47:05 2009
Name:Skariah John
Petition:As a whole, the incident was shameful where the world watched girls running for their lives. But the pub culture in itself is not acceptable. Unfortunately we are copying anything and everything from the West. Pubs are trying to manipulate the young minds. This is not just the culture of INDIAN society, it is to be discouraged everywhere. This is not about a hardline view but a disagreement to the pub culture and the bad culture running through the veins of young people.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:50:39 2009
Petition:I beleive that violence of this nature is unwarranted and against human rights, especially against women. We reside in a democratic country and such actions atrnish our image on a world forum.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 21:54:33 2009
Name:abhinav sinha
Petition:god hasnt appointed you his deputy on earth and hasnt given u any rights to do as u please.whatever little powers u possess, have been given by the, please correct yourself before you are removed from power.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:00:02 2009
Name:Laxmi soma
City:Vellore City
Petition:plz discourage pub culture. it is spoiling many youngsters.i know my friends who literally who visit pubs ( Regularly)have ruined their lives. there is lots of immoral activities . in drunken state , also some have indulged in drugs. Pubs are ruining the youth.Please there should be strict control. such pubbing activities are ruining the moral family lives aand also emotional health.girls coming in poor dressing sense by exposing. heavy smoke and drinks can ruin the youth health.plz have a very strict laws. kindly see gulf country like kuwait. where there is no pubs at all

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:00:56 2009
Petition:We Indians always known for our adjustment towards new things. It is not a to crime adopt a thing which is new to your generation.You can not stop others as you had not enjoyed those things in your life. Public need not to take law in to their hands. There are goverment setups to deal with these matters. But our youngsters should also respect the values of our society. Please note that to destroy a nation you need not to have a war on it. But the demoralising of your society / culture will defenitely an indirect war on the country. Every act has its limits.When we are exceeding the limits,the situation becomes ugly. Both sides have to refrain from any severe action/reaction. We request you to make sure that no untoward incident is happening by vigilant Police force, Peace committee meetings,etc.,

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:02:23 2009
Petition:Such terrible acts and the lack of accountability leads to more such acts, since the criminal elements (linked to political groups) gain confidence. For these Goondas, as soon as the news about this dies down, they will be let free. And hence the indifference and apathy. Until we have decent people and professionals in Politics, there is no scope for improvements.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:09:19 2009
Name:DIvakara Naik
Petition:I would like politicians to concentrate on solving issues of the people instead of getting into moral policing.WHo are they do tell people what is good/bad for them.We have every right to decide what is good for us.BJP got a chance to rule Karnataka,instead of behaving as a modern liberal party,they are back to their old ways.I wish people will reject such political outfits. Thanks Divakar

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:18:26 2009
Petition:It was a horrible act, those people should be prisoned. I dont know why, it there in bangalore, even the politians are supporting the act. I am thankful that i live in delhi, not in mangalore. This has to be taken care of, politians who support this would also need to imagine about the growth, rather than using this hinduism to support such a illegal act.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:23:10 2009
Petition:India is a democratic country,each and everyone is free to act as per his correct gestures. Concentrate on the development of the state not on individuals. We dont want to talibanise india,this is 21st century,one needs to change in thoughts.The people who create this kind of problem are uneducated, they want an entry into the political arena,thats the reason they are creating this kind of problem. India is a developed country.There is nothing wrong in allowing the pub culture but there should be a limit on the timings.One should change their old thoughts, try to progress and think sensibily. drinking liquor doesnt make a person sinner,these people earn well and they have the right to enjoy their life, they can go to pubs,they dont harm anyone. Try to make india prosper,at the end of the day dont say we need to make bangalore like boston. Education and broad-thinking plays a very important role. The people who created this kind of problem might have enjoyed in their own ways so why stop others. INDIA is a democratic country and please please dont allow this kind of problem.It creates a bad image in the international arena.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:27:43 2009
Name:Ramya Murthy
Petition:I just want to Govt to stay OUT of my personal life. I don't want the Govt to police my morals. I can do that myself. Please stick to governance and don't drag women's freedom into this. And yes, severely punish the criminals of Ram Sene who are nothing but jobless people looking for a political plank. Also, please tell them to stop maligning my religion. Lord Rama would not have beaten up innocent women.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:27:43 2009
Name:PB S Sarma
Petition:Hi, FIRSTLY I STRONGLY CONDEMN THE PUB INCIDENT IN MANGALORE.All Ramsena guys responsible for ill treatment to the girls must be punished immediately effect. There are two sides to look at this event. It is not to support their acts. But either just think about the fact that, we are too much westernising ourselves by allowing our innocent women to dress up "improperly". Many times youger generation including women doing wrong things like boozing publicly, talking modern slang words, forget to respect our elders...etc. These behaviourial attitudes are at alarmingly dangerous situation. I don't support YOUNG GIRLS/BOYS/STUDENTS going to PUB. What they are going to do there? Every body calls this REAL FREEDOM? SHAME ON YOU. It is upto their elders of family to punish the wrong doings of their children. Otherwise these wrong, ugly attitudes rule the future of INDIA. Thanks, Bala.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:30:56 2009
Name:abdul aziz
Petition:we are very much disappointed the way these people deal with innocent ladies and men, next time this should not happened again anywhere in India

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:31:06 2009
Name:Vijay N
Petition:Government's job is to make sure law and order is maintained, security is maintained and to uphold the constitution, not to be a moral police of the society. That should be left to the parents.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:41:00 2009
Petition:What happened in Mangalore last week makes me feel absolutely ashamed to say I am from Karnataka. In this day and age, when women are travelling to outer space alongside their male counterparts, these people who say that it is wrong for women to visit pubs and drink, but is OK for men to do it are being absolutely ridiculous. Why are they oppressing women in the name of upholding Indian culture? Does the burden of keeping ĎIndianí culture intact rest only with the women of our society? What about the men who misbehave with us women even when we walk down the street? And how does wearing western clothes or drinking in anyway degrade our culture. If anything degrades Indian culture, it is the way some men look at women who wear western clothes..guys ..the filth is all in your mindsÖ Our scriptures say that women must be treated as mothers and sistersÖnowhere does it say that only women who wear Indian clothes or donít drink alcohol are worthy of respect. Guys, if you believe in the scriptures and our great culture so much, learn to respect women no matter what they are wearing and how they are behavingÖ.You are no one to decide what a woman must do to be considered respectableÖguysÖ.you are the same guys who expect your wives, sisters and mothers to be traditionally dressed but have no problems behaving indecently with other women and then saying it is their fault that you are misbehaving with them because they are Ďprovocativelyí dressedÖ.I think you should stop being so pathetic and learn to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:42:16 2009
Petition:First of all, this is a good initiative by Rediff to bring the goons before law. This incident has shocked me, just like many other fellow citizens. This incident is a classic case of Talibanisation - nowhere else can you come across such horrifying incident on women. Mr. Chief Minister - What we need as citizens of India is a clean, responsible government who is fit and mature enough to handle law and order and make sure these incidents never recur. Put all those people involved behind bars and make them undergo hard work to earn their daily meals. Also, broadcast the action taken so that people will think twice, before carrying out such horrendous acts. Thanks Jai Hind

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:49:35 2009
Petition: Hi, What happened in Manglore its good according to me. Our Indian women have forgotten our culture and started demolish our Indian culture. Its not talibanise. U guys dont know what talibanies do with their women. We are not like them but we expect our indian women to be in culture and not to wear dresses which expose their body, attend pubs, drink alchohol. It has to be stopped. I want to ask the preson who call is talibanes that will you allow your own sister to attend pub at nights with her boyfriend and to drink .....

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 22:51:08 2009
Name:Ravi Saraf
Petition:When are you going to be a responsible media? The attack is definitely a non-democratic act.. But what about the media which knew about the incident and still did not report it to police. They were waiting for "hot news". After irresponsible reporting of Mumbdai attacks, when the govt. had introduced a bill, you guys campaigned against it. Looks like the Indian media is holding the complete system on ransom. I think you need citizens like Punekars, who had beaten the media for incorrect reporting. Be ready for such a response from the people.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 23:00:07 2009
Name:R srinivas
Petition:No women should be handled in such manner.It is a brutal act.The persons involved should be punished

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 23:03:12 2009
Name:Tamil Arasan
Petition:I strongly condemn the actions of these men, but not sure why the hell media and other NGOs giving so much importance to such a small incident, which will be handled by the local police. This small incident is been hyped to a level of Mumbai recent terror attack. When scores of Hindus & Sikhs is been killed in Kashmir for may years, and nobody is bothered. But now a small incident in which few misguided youths took the law in their hand to do moral policing, the whole media is cying like a small baby. Close this chapter and concentrate your attention on Islamic terrorisms which is a big threat for our mother land.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 23:00:11 2009
Petition:When people from Kashmir impose restrictions on movement of women and girls, their dressing and watching TV we call them terrorists and all other names , why do these guys called as moral police. Are they also not terrirists. Are laws only for people who abide by it. politicians who support such radicals should be shunned.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:42:32 2009
Petition:I wonder if our country really has people with a culture. Very often, we women are forced to hear the same instructions, "dont do this and don't do that". How can one say that those victims of molestation have been immodest. What is the meaning of modesty according to our politicians? Is the act of goondaism called Modesty? Those perpetrators of violence all look like they had come for some very well-planned perverted action. All that they seek now is getting a bail for which our country is so famous. The result of the bail is to only encourage these perpetrators to finish the pending violence that was halted mid-way. I wish the laws were indeed very strict and fear-induced in the minds of all criminals, so that they shun future violence in any form.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:47:17 2009
Petition:The violent attack on a group of women in a Mangalore pub by activists of the self-styled Sri Ram Sene who could not countenance such innocent revelry is to be condemned in the most unambiguous terms. Ostensibly carried out to protect the ''morals'' of society and the ''honour'' of the women involved, the invocation of Hindu religion to justify the mob violence that included beating up the women and sexually molesting them is an act that ironically sullied the 'very idea' of India on the eve of the Republic Day celebrations on January 26. The irony is further compounded by the kind of security cordon that had been put in place along Rajpath in New Delhi and other state capitals to prevent any kind of terrorist attack on the Republic Day parade which symbolizes the idea of the Republic and the values enshrined in the Constitution. After every major terrorist attack in India and most recently after the Mumbai attack of November 26, 2008, it is reiterated that what is being threatened is the 'idea' of India and the values it embodies. The latter include the commitment to liberal, secular principles and respect for the spirit and letter of the law of the land. Regrettably while the RDay parade itself in Delhi and other state capitals was conducted with no untoward incident - the idea of India was attacked from within - by one fringe of its own citizens. However what is encouraging is the fact that all the major political parties and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)- led government in Bangalore have distanced themselves from this dastardly act and the perpetrators have been arrested. What remains to be monitored by civil society is the speed and determination with which this act of pre-meditated violence is prosecuted and the degree to which the punishment awarded will serve as a deterrent to those of similar persuasion. The fact that India will soon move towards general elections imbues the Mangalore attack with the potential to be exploited for sectarian political advantage. It merits recall that the national president of the Sri Ram Sene, Pramod Mutalik, has claimed responsibility for the attack and has even gone to the extent of threatening similar action in the future if such acts - that is women going to pubs - is repeated. Mutalik added: "Sri Ram Sene will not sit silently, watching the attack on Hindu culture. (The) Sene will not apologise for what has happened in Mangalore." Thus the gauntlet has been thrown to the Indian state and civil society - in Karnataka in the first instance. Will there be an approach of appeasement and obfuscation, as has happened in the past in Karnataka and elsewhere when faced with similar militant majoritarianism seeking shelter under distorted Hindu ideology? Karnataka and Orissa have been under a cloud after the attacks on Christians in 2008 and it is a matter of shame that the law has been applied diffidently and selectively in defending the values associated with a secular India. This is not an isolated incident and ever since the destruction of the Babri Majid in December 1992 and the events that followed beginning with the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 1993, the discourse in Indian politics and its correlation with the polity has been one of soft appeasement of one cross-section of the majority sentiment that is deliberately stoked. The objective is to obtain short-term political advantage and this malaise goes back to the Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi years when Sikh and Muslim sentiment was deliberately manipulated.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:58:11 2009
Petition:I am a practising Hindu who does not go to Pubs[are they synonymous with Restaurants- then yes],but I dont agree with what those goons did in Mangalore. Today it would be women at a pub, tomorrow a restaurent, a college, school, or a bustop. What is going to prevent them from draging some girl out off an auto or a cycle because they were not wearing something that fits their[the hoodlums']sense of traditional wear. It is not traditional to wear Salwar Kameeze in these parts until a decade ago,so will that become a non traditional attire? They claim to want to ressurrect "Tradition".Then why are they not in Dhoties and angavasthrams which are the traditional male Hindu attire.Why don't they have the shika/shindu on their head and earings in their ears?That is also part of our tradition.Which part of our tradition did they follow when they slapped and pushed and kicked the poor girls?

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:29:28 2009
Name:Uttam Maheshwari
Petition:These acts of hooliganism in the name of religion is against the basic tenets of freedom of speech & expression enshrined in the Constitution of India. If the groups had any grievance, then they cannot be permitted to take law in their own hands. And, it is high time that these groups are made to realise that their own acts of hooliganism would be a step in taking away the fundamental freedoms.

Online PetitionFri Jan 30 17:35:08 2009
Petition:Stop this shame in the name of religion. Also why is the worry on women, doing things, why not stop men. The so called Ram sena goons & MNS(maharastra) should be punished so severely, so that it ditters others from crossing the line of law. If the need is then stop rape, prostitution, child pornography, so called massage parlor,etc. These are not part of Indian culture or Hindu Religion. Jai Hind !!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:41:49 2009
Petition:Attack is barbaric which is highly condemnable there is no second thought on it. They have taken the law and to gain a popularity for the party also they need a political space so they themselves projected as saviour of our culture. These guys are talibans should be included in the terror list. But true the point is also need to be addressed. Yes our culture need to be preserved and no doubt these womens in pubs are real spoilers of our ethnics. They are the evils and tend to spoil the good ones. Too much of westernization will spoil the essence of our culture.Only in our country we have more goddess which mean we kept them in such place so purity levels need to be maintained.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:41:50 2009
Name:vivek mandrupkar
Petition:Beating girls was a very bad thing. Persons who beats innosant girls was only goonda people. They did not know Hindu Dharma. In our Dharma.. any woman except wife, are Mata or Bhagini. If that particular group of girl not behaving properly you should talk with them.. tell them your opinion about their behaviour. You only request them... you dont impose your thoughts or any other things. Teach them moral values.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:42:11 2009
Petition:The most shameful incident showed up on Karnataka. All talk of opening up of the economy and reforms are just bullshit, when these types of talibinisation is taking place across India. Yeduriappa must just think for a moment when his wife or daughter is getting beaten up and molested. We should also not expect the girls to come and give explanation. the tv footage is enough to take action.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:42:39 2009
Name:Mohammed Mansoor
Petition:This rowdism by fundamentalists should not be tolerated anymore by the public. The govt. has to act fast to restore confidence in students and working women a majority of them how are so terrified even if they have never been to a bar or club, even if they are as conservative as anybody else beacause the act of this cultural rowdiws is to instill fear among women, minorities and under-priveliged class of this country

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:42:42 2009
Petition:Dont make it Big eshu there r many more things to do

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:43:05 2009
Name:ravi shankar
Petition:The incident is suggestive of precipatation of our degenerative policies of promoting mobism, which has now come back to haunt in a monstrous way! No one thus becomes exception to this. My sisters or my wife or any one else' for that matter has now to stay in this country with a sense of anticipatory management with lot of cause and effect calculations: what happens if we do this and that? When such situation as is now becomes a reality, then why not through a legislation change this country from being a democratic nation to mobacratic nation and place it in a league with such countries as Afghanisthan & Pakistan? Shame on all of us that we let these incidents happen and what is shocking is our media people who call it a newsitem for selling! Does someone like Mr CM have some plans to save his state and country from this anarchy infesting us so fast than AIDS virus?

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:43:16 2009
Name:samrat sharma
City:new delhi
Petition:sir ,we are a civilized society. we should work to strengthen it and such acts only weaken us and our global outlook. the government is responsible and should take care that things like this are not repeated. remember the world is watching us and we will be a force to reckon with. samrat.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:43:33 2009
Name:Janmejay Patil
Petition:India is a free nation and every individual should have the freedom to do whatever he/she wants without breaking country's law. Whatever happenned in Mangalore is the ridiculous behaviour from the so called "Culture Police". If those idiots were so much in saving hindu religion, why were they wearing jeans and tshirts themselves. They should have been in dhotis. I feel sorry to see such people as my fellow indians. I condemn this cowardly act. No religion, no law gives a right to any man to hit woman for any damn reason. I expect government to catch the culrpits within 2 weeks from now and punish them publicly with severe physical torture. That is the only wy to teach these a55hO1e5 correct lesson.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:43:37 2009
Petition:Please ensure that discriminatory laws against men such as 498 A , Anti DV act are revised and ensure that both wife & husband are treated as guilty if anyone of them commit offence. There should be equality in terms of child possession and also in cases of divorce.If no one can raise their voice against such laws which discriminate then we cannot survive as a society.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:43:40 2009
Name:Akshay Shah
Petition:I think these self-proclaimed moral police have worsened the state of our society. These people indulge in all kinds of anti-social activities having criminal implications and then boast of being the saviours of religion. We need to enquire what is the status of women in their homes!!!!

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:43:46 2009
Name:videh kumar
Petition:It is shameful the way so called Ram sena people have behaved. They shoud be booked under stringent provisions of criminal offences. They should be barred from any civilians gathering and also from Mangalore as possible cause of disturbing peace and harmony. Their sources of income should be investigated to see who all are supporting them. The compensation for each girl attacked by them should be arranged by disposing the properties of these accused goons from Ram sena. There should be case for stopping the names like Ram Sena, Bajrang Dal Shiva sena as they try to misuse the holy name for criminal activities. The name of Ram Sena should be changed to say like Goons Sena and banned. Videh Kumar

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:44:13 2009
Petition:I am an Hindu by birth and not given any authority to these so called Hinduist fronts to represent me. Secondly, I feel I am more hindu than these people who are out on moral policing. When the parents of these women have no issues when there daughters are out who are these people? I saw a young man around 20-22years hitting in one of the videos, what understanding he has about culture leave Hindu or any other culture. These people are the ones who have no work and need these issue to run the fire in their kitchen. I see that in BJP governed states it has become a norm that minorities suffer and they try to propogate their principles indirectly. First Gujarat occurred, than carnage on churches in Karnataka and now in mangalore. If see a sudden rise of such incidences in Karnataka only after BJP came to power. We as Indians and not individuals need to work together to uproot all these ills propogated by politicians for that matter any party in India.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:44:18 2009
Petition:I fully agree that the methodology they followed was wrong by attacking the young women but I think we should concede that our cultural values are eroding fastly and we need to act somewhere.Freedom doesnt mean that we should learn only the worst things from western cultures. I am in MELBOURNE for the last 2 yrs and believe me the local Victorian Govt is finding so difficulty in tackling the drugs and alcohol use among teenagers.Young 12-14 yrs old girls are becoming pregnant and things are horrible for them and YES THESE PUBS have to Blamed for such a culture.If we dont control this now I think we are not far behind. Those who support freedom - Ask them how will they feel when their own sister or daughter will say --Its ok to have sex in park?When their young kids will be drug addicts and alcoholics???WE NEED TO LOOK INTO OURSELVES AND ASK WHY MUTHALIKS HAVE TO DO THIS??WE ARE WRONG SOMEWHERE

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:44:23 2009
Petition:This is Shamefull act, for our indian democracy.. Who are they(ram sena person) to decide what we have to do or what we have not to do. Our constitution has give us right to walk free and to do what we want untill it is not hearting any one, and i think it is not that act.It is shamefull for BJP that it is & it was supporting such party, who has so narrow thinking.If this will remain happen, I am going to support or even think that BJP sh'd ever come in power.If the people want to moral police they shoud act for the crective work like opening school, helping poor falilies, addopting chied education & should set example by doing right activities so that pleple get benifited from that. Jai Hind...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:44:28 2009
Petition:India is a democratic country and each citizen has the right to choose their religion, culture. Nobody has the right to infringe upon others' rights. What rights do these people have to control the behaviour of girls? Parents & family are there to take care of what is right or wrong for their wards. It is a matter of personal choice whether I go to a pub or not. Who are these guys to stop me? If they are so much worried about Indian culture, let them move a motion to bring a law to ban pubs totally including boys. Why allow men alone? Aren't enough families suffering because of this alcholic culture? Close down all lawfully the liquor shops that are sprawling in every nook and corner of the streets and spoiling lives of thousands of children. Unfortunately, the political parties will not do this, as they mint loads of money from them. Double standards!!Educate the children, both guys and girls about Indian culture and limits of decency. But dont try force your views upon them.. each individual has the right to choose what they want to become. IF you try to resort to goondaism, we will vote you out.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:44:37 2009
Name:prasad rao
Petition:The whole incident which took place in Mangalore was shameful and politically motivated.These people are confident that bjp govt protect their acts of hitting and pushing girls from back and insulting them.The pubs in mangalore were running earlier also and these people were not dared to do anything now since bjp govt there they do this.The pub owner has license to run it and it was well within prescribed timing and people were majors not minors.This shoes how goondism works in magalore.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:44:56 2009
Petition:It was shameful to even see and read about this ghastly act of violence on innocent women. And they call them selves the Shri Ram Sena, it is so ridiculous Lord Shri Ram was and epitome of perfectness, he was Purushottam, and respect for Women was of utmost importance. Any respectible "Man" will never even think of hitting a woman. As a democracy we Citizens of free India condemn this act and implore tha government to take very prompt and strict action agianst these offenders of morality.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:45:02 2009
Petition:Bars have become nerve centres of moral decay. Let the bars be shutdown.In Chennai a drinking couple -an airhostess was drinkng too much with other men which the bou freind found out. he murdered her and killed himself. Dear cheif minister don,t be guided by NDTV. It is acting like another pub encouraging moral decay

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:45:10 2009
Name:harish kanere
Petition:Hi, When we are talking about Indian culture, the first wrong thing that they did was beating women, which is against our culture of respecting women. Our Hindu Sanskruti does not permit us to hit a woman.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:45:35 2009
Petition:it doesnt make any sense, its a utter bull shit... can express more than this... the convicts should be hanged...

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:45:51 2009
Petition:When elections are on the face that time these political parties starts showing their existence and that is also by creating such kind of violence. Who has given these rights to political parties to punish people this way. If you have guts then put a ban on such kinds of pubs and that is also legally. Let police do their duties to punish people and not any political party. Now a common man also started understanding the laws and regulations by govt. if you want to prove yourself and win in elections do something good which people will like and prefer to vote you.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:46:07 2009
Name:Murtaza T Kharawala
Petition:Scoundrels such as these should be meted the same treatment as received by those unfortunate girls. A mob of 400 should beat those 40 bullies and then lets see how much spunk they have....keep up the good work.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:46:09 2009
Petition:first thrash media... media is the resposible for all these non sense drama

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:47:09 2009
Petition:Wever happned in manglore is really bad. we should raise our voice against such gunda elements. We are educated, we know wat to do and wat not to do..we don't want interference of any one in our personal life. Right to life and personal liberty is our fundamental right and we should not allow to any one to infringe our rights. Apart from dharna and writting such comments we should also file PIL in supreme court. I am a corporate lawyer and if you are ready to cooperate then we can take some legal action against such Gunda Party. i condemd the action of Shri Ram Sena (Gunda Party). I appreciate you movement against this incident. Regards, Sushil

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:47:24 2009
Petition:Abolish Rowdyism!!!!!!!!!NOW

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:47:27 2009
Petition:This is unbelievable. In a democratic country like India if people are threatened and harrassed this way, it's a shame for all of us. If some groups feel that a person't act is taining Hindu culture, that group should take that matter to a concerned body. If the act is really something which needs attention, it would be taken care of. But deciding themselves and then treating people like this is going to instigate many extremists and the laws of this "democratic" country are going to go for a toss. It was yesterday when I was going with my husband on our bike and a group of guys chased us and put in some remarks. Girls have become totally insecure in our country. Even if they are with their husbands, fathers, brothers, other well wishers, if a group of guys come and tease them, there's actually no escape. I would not want to stay in a country like this. And so government and other people should NOT blame people who left the country for a better life overseas. A person who wants to spend his life in peace would never want to stay in the country which does nothing to mend the extremist citizens.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:47:31 2009
Name:Iqbal Singh
Petition:Please stop this non sense...we need to respect women as they are like one of us...they are our friends,sisters and mothers ...we cannot ever repay we need to stop all these things immediately....people need to be taught about the mannerism in which to behave with the women folk...and media needs to take a positive approach in the sense that they need to monitor these incidents with care and respect for the women affected..

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:48:06 2009
Petition:It is most shameful for all Indians to have a handful of us assuming roles of moral police. More so when it comes to freedom of firer gender. Lets not be a barbaric society which our coming generation would be ashamed of. Lets give the established law a chance. should some one find anything objectionable , it is only correct to take the prescribed course of law.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:48:26 2009
Name:meena malhotra
Petition:We all should stand together and raise our voice on this. What happened in Mangalore should not be repeated again anywhere. If women is considered delicate like Doll they should not forget that for our safety we can become Durga or Kali also....

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:48:26 2009
Petition:This is quite likely the worst type of unruly conduct I have heard of. No punishment is too harsh for the perpetrators of this act. It should make everyone of us hang our heads in shame. Also this should teach a lesson in that we ought to avoid consciously making unfounded comments--many of us do--about how women should conduct themselves. In my opinion that is one of the ways in which we open the door to such behaviour,when we cast the victim as a provocative agent. and women are as guilty of this as men.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:49:07 2009

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:49:19 2009
Name:Sonila shetty
Petition:Such rowdism should not be entertained. We are educated enough to make our own decisions. Why should we be forced by some people who do not understand the meaning of culture. They Call themselves Sri Ram Sena, but they do not know anything about Sri Ram, how respectful and righteous he was, if they knew, they wouldn't have taken such a shameful step. Ask them what constructive step have they taken to educate the young minds about the indian culture. None I would say. Its a Shame, what people do in the name of religion to gain fame and power and our government can't even protect us and punish the wrong doers. There should be tough act against such vandalism it is a form of terrorism which is going to eat the unity and strength of our country. We are the largest and longest democratic country but where is democracy, when we cannot protect or uphold the rights of women and marginalised people in this country.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:49:22 2009
Name:Sanjeev S
City:Navi Mumbai
Petition:The Ram Sena should not use word 'RAM'. Thats insult of hindu religion. Beating girls is not in our culture. Nobody has the right to impose their thoughts on anybody. Lets progress upwards......

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:49:34 2009
Name:Ramesh Khurana
Petition:No person has any right to comment or take any action against another's viewpoint or way of life! If someone is doing wrong, that has to be judged by the rule of the country and not by any individual. The act of goondaism that was witnessed at mangalore, that too against young girls, MUST be dealt with very seriously by the Karnataka govt. and the hooligans MUST be put behind bars for five years - that will also be a detterant for others with similar warped views.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:50:14 2009
Name:Lotiya Pathan
Petition:Indian culture does not permit women to visit pubs where they can dance with young lads, and show nudity to others. I am not talking about any religions, indian culture are mixed of hindu as well as of islam. Both the major religions do not permit it.These girls go to pubs , do all nonsense things and once something wrong happens to them, then they cry like babies.. Like now they are blaming all this to hindu cultures. Women must know their values to socitey, they are always respecetd, they should maintain dignity, real values. But at the same time, I dont support to those moral police who took total controlling by using mussle power. They can protest peacefully, even can talk to these idiots girls with gandhigiri.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:50:25 2009
Name:A true hindu
Petition:Ram Sena behaving like Ravan sena... that the apt phrase.... the culture training begins at home and and not on the road.... unfortunately, some people take the name of gods to indulge in to criminal activities....they should not be spared... should be punished and set example to our problematic neighbours as to how to deal with these fanatics.....

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:50:48 2009
Petition:This is not the first time that an Indian political party has acted immorally. It appears to be their tradition. Whenever they need attention they plunge into immoral activities. Parties like these mostly have illiterate members who are highly orthodox and hypocrites which is why they can go to any extent to achieve their political motives. Indian women have always preserved their cultural values. These hooldums believe that they are protecting Hindu culture by this immoral act of assaulting women. They are merely cowards. Where in our culture would such audacity and vandalism be appreciated.These hooldums, who are trying to achieve their selfish motives through such immoral deeds, should be thrashed and put behind bars. They should not be refrained from forming or entering any political party in future.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:50:56 2009
Petition:Just catch & shoot out these ram sena to clean the society fro a holy reason.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:51:01 2009
Name:Brinda Takley
Petition:The behaviour is retrograde and talibanisque and will not and should not be tolerated by civil society.It is time that these acts are nipped in the bud.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:51:17 2009
Petition:It is good effort, Please can you draw attention on Rape and murder case in Goa.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:51:39 2009
Petition:Dear Sir, You failed and completely.. you failed to protect the people you promised and it was your duty to protect. We are all watching to see justic done and think it our birth right for The Governing Body ensure such disgraceful attacks are never repeated.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:52:06 2009
Name:Shital Pajwani
Petition:I strongly condemn the act. I uge the bangalore government to take the strictest of action against the guilty so that it acts like a deterrent who think noone can be punished in India.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:53:00 2009
Name:CS Mahendra Salunke
Petition:Such an incident is absolutely inhumane. These persons under the shed of custom and traditions trying to get the cheap popularity. They must have forgotten that we are living in a cournty where women are worshipped. This attack is not only on the pub or the girl but it is the attack on the constitution of India which promises every person Right to life. The stricter action on the judiciary front must be initiated to protest and condemn such acts in future. Such political parties shall be permenantly banned. and particularly the group involved in this incident shall be strictly punished under the IPC.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:53:38 2009
Petition:As we all know, most of these incidents are politically motivated and just for publicity. And even if the culprits are arrested, they are let off because of their political connections. I think "A Committee should be formed which has people from ruling as well as opposition parties along with other prominent persons from Police, Media..e.t.c which will be responsible for taking action on these people without any pressure." Also it should be an open forum, where in, the public should be aware of the discussion happenings during each of their meetings. And the most important rule:Any outfit political\Non-Political irrespective of Caste\Religion indulging in such activities should be banned.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:53:45 2009
Petition:this is a shame,in todays world somethg like this is a shamefull act.these ram sena needs to be banned.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:53:57 2009
Petition:First and far most why you want to put our thoughts to poor yeddyurappa who was humiliated when he went to apologies to the bishop of bangalore. Second, the thought of ours should go to the central government for stringent law against such outrageous happening every where including the congress ruled states. Also, u cannot even talk such things in kashmir. Things will always apply to poor guys ruled by non congress ruled states. This is election time and all hell will broke out to create passion against non congress governments.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:53:59 2009
Petition:The issue of outrage of so called goons in Mangalore should not be looked in isolation as criminal ofense against women. The vedeo clips as available from the media displayed the ofense against both men and women. I am not in favour of act of "Talibanism". But one has to look into the issue with attention that why this type of mediaval action is happening particularly in Asia, Latin America and part of Africa. In all these continents with sizable population, there have been a planned approach of the colonial or neo-colonial rulers to destroy all heritage and social values to make them slaves without mind, brains and values. Even after departure of the colonial rulers, it is ensured that their local puppet governments follows their agenda. Since independence, India is no exception of such bad governance. Today's Hindi or regional films, the advertisement in TV channels or newspapers, the dancing mob in Disco Thecks or bar-girls, Rave parties are some of the bright examples of value errosions in the Indian society. The children from some of snob families, having quick earned money are participating in these type of shows, where incidents of other allied anti-social activities are also happening. Parents and families with heritage and social values find it difficult to maintain the values in their children. Event so called Marxist run states are no exception, they are against "Baba Ramdev" but no comment against these evils. To stop such social desease, government has to demonstrate their will in action to ban practicing such "Western (Yankee)" practices which is misfit for this country. "Talibanism" in Afghanistan didn't happen overnight and the same can not be overthrown overnight. Incidences in Mangalore is coming in light after we celebrated 62nd independence day. It is out-break of anger against sustained denial of good governance. People, particularly parents, who are providing the resources to their children needs to make them understand that freedom doesn't mean senseless activities without bothering the difficulties and sentiments of others, who can not afford to do so. I must appreciate the comments and programme of new CM of Rajasthan regarding his agenda againt such social evils. I also request the political parties not to politicize the issue before the forthcoming Lok Sabha election rather act firmly against the social evils.

Online PetitionThu Jan 29 13:54:00 2009
Petition:Let us get united against all those who believe in force to implement their iedeas and beliefs. They are barberous and uncivil. Like the Talibans and so called jejadis, they don't even know that it is most unlike a Hindu. IN Vedeic time, women enjoyed total freedom and they were participating in every walk of life along with men folk

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:26:16 2009
Petition:We need to create a civil society that fights against powers of state, market and terrorists groups. However, there is no visibility of civil society at all. Even judiciary, media and common people's opinions are influenced by the forces of political, marketing and divisive ideology. NGOs are also working for project oriented efforts that give profit or popularism. Most of the educated elites are more crooked and narrow minded than ordinary uneducated Indians. Consequently, there are only a small number of people forced to raise their voice in the wilderness against all these powerful evils. Many times, these small number are crushed or sidelined by the powerful. However, we need to create a space for self criticism forum on religion, culture, politics, markets, advertisements, cricket and cinema to achieve an equalitarian society in India. Everyday hundreds of women in India are forced to live an inhuman life. Do we raise our voice? However, something happens to the urban dwellers, everybody started to raise their voice. It is partial action in our approach. If we are genuine human beings, we need to fight against any inhuman actions in the society immediately. Shall we do NOW?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:26:34 2009
Name:Sarah Verghese
Petition:While some may debate this to have to do with simply 'disciplining the youth', the dangers here are ten-fold: - Citizens taking the law into their own hands going unpunished, is as ridiculous as the infamous 'Honour-Killings' that go on in UNCIVILIZED parts of the world.....if that is unacceptable in India, why is so-called 'Moral Policing' acceptable? - If violence and lack of strong law-enforcements is the way to go - how will our kids learn integrity and also importantly, to become responsible citizens of India?? - Being a Indian resident of UAE (an ISLAMIC country), there are certain 'Islamic Laws' that are set and followed with respect.....if THE NATION OF INDIA wants to 'set disciplinarian' rules, then please make the LAW say so and any self-respecting Indian will follow this. - Do the CM of Karnataka (and/or other states) realise how MANY NRI's and tourists visit or relocate to India? FYI, these are hundreds by the day....that too with the global financial crisis going on - several want to go 'back home'...SOON! While India is looking to move FORWARD, you have cities that are 'not safe' because of the so-called 'immoral values' that some "groups" misunderstand people to does one expect anyone having come from a 'forward society' to live in peace!?? - Issues of 'morality' are solely the issues of one's own household, if not one's own personality/character. It is NOT THE BUSINESS OF ANYONE ELSE - if there are people/groups in the country who have nothing else to do with their time, money or efforts.......THE GOVERNMENTS AND LAW ENFORCERS NEED TO ENSURE THESE PEOPLE PUT THIS TIME, MONEY AND/OR EFFORTS INTO CAUSES AND PRACTICES THAT HELPS OUR COUNTRY MOVE F-O-R-W-A-R-D AND HELPS THE WORLD AT LARGE!!!PLEASE THINK Bigger Picture and Long Term!!!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:26:55 2009
Petition:Who are these people to protect Indian Culture? What is their take on eve teasing, drunken husbands beating up their wives, teachers raping their students, teenage girls forced to prostitution by their own family members? Arent these men aware of these things? or keeping quite considering these things as part of great Indian culture?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:29:23 2009
Name:Vijay Viswas Lobo
Petition:Am very proud to say that am Indian. But after the incident took place in our city i fell shame that we have a government who supports this activity. If CM B S Yeddyurappa want to do any good work put all those anti-element in jail.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:30:27 2009
Petition:This is a very sorry episode. Such atrocities must be curbed immediately and people involved should be punished severely. What culture are these In-humans talking about. Is beating women our culture? Molesting women is our culture? This is absolutely disgusting and can not be tolerated. Such people should be thrown out of the state (Thadipar). Take action now or the belief that people showed in your government will wither away very fast.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:30:46 2009
Petition:Today it is a fashion that anyone trying to protect the so called Indian Culture are made heroes just because they are bringing religious fear among the people just as Taliban is proclaiming that they are upholding the Islam culture by giving their own interpretation of the Holy Scripture. Please allow us to be just Indians, respected Indians, not divided by Religion ,Caste ,Sex and Boundaries. Please do not allow anyone with POWER ,WEALTH AND SUPRESSING nature to become Hero worshipers .India does not belong to anyone individual ,religion or caste .Every Son and Daughter born to this Soil has the right to be Proudly Called AN INDIAN. No one should be allowed to curtail this right .The saddest part is the Law enforcing authorities are TAKING SIDES in dealing with those who are unlawfully taking LAW INTO THEIR OWN HANDS. I LOVE MY COUNTRY ,EVERY INDIAN BORN TO THIS SOIL DESERVE EQUAL TREATMENT AND EQUAL RIGHTS. Law Makers and Law enforcing authorities should not be a party of the Law Breakers instead be a NEUTRAL LAW PROTECTOR AND PROTECT EVERY ONE BORN TO THIS SOIL INDIA. If this happens we cannot see an incident of this sort JAIHIND JAI BHARATH MATHA

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:32:24 2009
City:Munich, Germany
Petition:Remember that incidents like this try to kill the modesty of women. They should be respected as they are an important part of society. (it could've been someone's mother / sister / wife) Foreigners are looking down more and more on Indians living in their countries as they lack the basic understanding of the concept of "Democracy", although we call ourselves a free democracy.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:33:07 2009
Name:navin nath
Petition:Dear Sir, the other day a Muslim girl from Pakistan was also beaten by one of these kind of Moral Police. These type of moral police is just one kind of Indian politics. It is the shadow of our political system because all these people have some kind of political support. Problem lies in the political system. If, one can do such kind of goondasism he has all the good chances of getting the ticket from a political party and can become a MLA/MP/ Minister/ CM or may be PM sometime. The best thing we can do that any political party providing ticket or support to these kind of people, we shall not vote for those party. Now elections are near and let us use this power. Media can also play a great role in this. They should keep on putting the pressure on the Administration to book these people and put them to task. Whatever we can not do we shall do that and show our strength that such kind of incidents do not happen and we Indian become a civilised society. Thanks,

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:34:10 2009
Petition:I really condemn the incident happened at Mangalore, really this is a shocking to whole nation. But we have to rethink from where the problem arose actually. My views may differ with many, but i want to confirm and very much concern. The Incidents in India happens with the present culture we are adopting from the west. Please think the way the present Movies are spreading the venom in name of Love stories where the girl or Boy runs away and faces situation and in finally everything goes well and the hero and heroine get united or they face wrath from the parents and finally commit sucide, this is the present situation in this country. I really get upset due to this, you can see near a womenís college where most of the girls dress like that they want to expose themselves in front of others, they show their cleavages and they are ready to show many more if needed. First let us think that we are in a country with different culture, where we respect them all. Today girls are themselves inviting trouble, if a girl calls me and challenges me about my Manhood, then certainly I am ready to prove in any form, First lets us bring change in our daily culture, then automatically everything will change, i do not blame for the incident happened in mangalore, i appreciate them as well as criticise them, Please ask our girls in teenage to be themselves in proper, i too have a daughter 7 years, I will give her all freedom, but will not accept this type of pub culture. Please revive the culture, boys may bad, but the girls are here to spoil the game.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:34:15 2009
Name:Kishore Bhandary
Petition:First of all I would like to say that we all Mumbaikars are condemning this horrible act. The culprits should be brought to justice and severe punishment should be given so that next time this should not happen in any part of India. Secondly put a ban on this Shri Ram Sene immediately. Who are they to decide who should do what? They don't have any right to control us as we are staying in India which is world's largest democratic country. If at all this Sena wanted to protest there were many other ways to do so. Not by molesting females. The video itself speaks out that they were not protesting but they were molesting. It was a chance for them to molest girls under the pretext of Hinduism.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:34:29 2009
Name:Mani Mete
Petition:Good women are not found in pubs past midnight. The girls did not come from good families. Those who dont agree with the argument can send their own sisters, wives, daughters and mothers to pubs past midnight and let men enjoy them.PRACTICE FIRST, THEN PREACH.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:34:35 2009
Petition:It is unfortunate that in a democratic country like India, we still have to fight for our fundamental rights. The communal political parties are responsible for the high moral of these anti-social elements. We should defeat such parties in election and tell them that this is not the way they can function now.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:34:42 2009
Petition:I think We people need to go and do the same thing to there families (goons who attacked the girls) there family will be same uncultured and will not have respect to women.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:35:16 2009
Name:Partha Banerjee
Petition:The act of these hoodlums are not at all acceptable. Nowhere in our culture is it permissible to beat women. It is the product of degenerated mind. We cannot let our society be talibanized by a bunch of uneducated, uncultured jingoists. These people go by the same doctrine followed by Taliban and our youth is facing the brunt of ignorance by these hatemongers. We have to nip this nuisance in the bud before they turn India into another Afghanistan. We have to give these Senas who try to get political mileage by beating unsuspecting and innocent people be it Ram Sena, Shiv Sena or any other Sena. Mere keeping them in custody cannot be the answer. We have to beat them in public or else lots of such Senas will crop up. And if your Government cannot take any stringent steps we the youth of India will take the control in hand and show that we are capable of toppling incompetent governments and punishing them as well.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:36:44 2009
Petition:It is really saddening to see such events happen. I have just one question for the people who perpetrated such crimes. Do you have the guts or spine to go help people who are in need? You talk about our culture and heritage? Tell me about one good you have done. If you are really interested in preserving the heritage, go get the list of corrupt politicians and leaders from Lok Ayuktha and bash them all. Go do something better with your life.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:36:50 2009
Petition:Raise your voice against women who are going to pubs, and dancing with guys who are fully loaded with liquor/drugs. good idea for rediffmail. human rights/women's rights activities are saving these kind of people then the hoolegans of ram sena are better.due to these activities of the English news channels/ human rights activities, BJP is growing to this level.every action has both pro & opposite reactions. s.nagarajan

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:36:50 2009
Name:Savita Joshi
Petition:I am a 50 year old woman and have a 25 year daughter and 22 year old son. I may not agree with all that they do, but that is between them and us parents. We do not need any SENA to look after our kids -- THANK YOU

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:37:42 2009
Petition:It is unfortunate country of Kamasutra is protecting their culture by controlling girls freedom. Hindu religion was most open religion, conservative concept came in India after middle age, the age of muslim ruling. Not a single country in the world has the courage to write a book like Kamasutra, a book of womanīs freedom, a cultural reflection of open Indian society. Freedom of girls is our culture, the most respected culture of ancient India.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:38:33 2009
Petition:Absolutely ridiculous approach by the Karnatk govt , just arresting is useless , an these outfits

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:40:27 2009
Name:Rohit gupta
Petition:Dear Mr. Chief Ministers, Attack on women is a shameless crime and god does not forgive such creatures. The person who is responsible for running the state, city,town are very much responsible and part of it. So, make sure this things does not get repeated.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:40:38 2009
Petition:Govt has to show more responsibility, and courage to punish the attackers. No one has the right to take the law on the hand.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:42:48 2009
Petition:make alternate arrangement for such people who wants illicit sex BJP has the moral responsibility to apply it's moral force! every parents, women voter all want these western unethical culture to be stopped where the prestige of house(girls) r going pubs/bar, drinking, sleeping with thousand boys, before marriage, doing illicit sex, dancing nude, corrupting the society! Anyway, these unethical, rowdy daughter, sons r not going to cast votes as they will be under the influence of drug on that voting days n they do not care to vote ! It is the responsible parents, brothers who will vote and so, if BJP want to remain in power, they should uproot this bad culture and should stop all such pubs! These moral activities should not be stopped! Be morally good and ethical, keep ur women dignity, nobody will touch u.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:42:54 2009
Petition:These type of barbaric actions should condemned and the guys who done these events should be punished severely so that others will not repeat these type of incidents again

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:43:51 2009
Name:Rajani Kanta Mohanty
Petition:Feels sorry, I am an Indian and proud about that. These things should be sorted out, it is a democratic country every body is free to do what he likes as far as law is concerned, we don't tolerate this type of foolishness. MAKE THESE PEOPLE OUT OF COUNTRY.THAT TIME THEY THINK HOW LIFE GOES WITH OUT FREEDOM....THANK YOU

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:43:55 2009
Petition:Where were you when Bangladeshi Writter Mrs. Tasleema was attacked by a group of Fanatics. Is this secular politics or Rediff Politics. Need a balance in reporting otherwise it is a cheap politics for the congress by a News paper for survival.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:44:25 2009
Petition:Mangalore incident. I am basically against male chauvinism. I do not like films portraying rape ,hooliganism etc against women society. I treat women in the house or outside with dignity. infact without them no man can survive( let us not talk abt exceptions.for such a person this incident brought untold sorrow. I can tell you these goondas are worst than the mumbai terroist in as much as they are from inside , indians ,having brothers & sisters. What the authorities are doing?nothing. What politicians are doing ?nothing. They are all playing hand in glove. what public are doing?; nothing. Britishers told at the time of leaving that we people are unfit to govern ourselves & we will go back to a barbarian world. Is it not true>? but truth is always are bitter to we indians. i pray Almighty to save our country.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:44:33 2009
Petition:Dear all indians , attack on women is a biggest shame for any group or individual. and that too in this nation , which gives every individual to speak, live, follow what they want . dont spoil our democracy. is this the thing you want us to speak . buddy i had seen the pictures of that incident . and i had anger in me but what the blogs and writing in the internet could do if any thing had to happen is law is having the photos of those criminals drag them out no matter to which commnity they belong and punish them befor the public whrere the commited the crime .

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:45:32 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:46:40 2009
Petition:What happened in mangalore was totally inhumane act. who gave them rights to decide that what is good and bad..? Who are they to decide that what is good for others children..? Who are they to interfere in others personal life..? If they want to preserve our cultural values, then why didnít they talked to govt. to stop the issuance to such bars & clubs which allow woman to enter and drink. They should have talked to the management of that club or to the govt. to stop these kinds of activities in city.. misbehaving with women was totally wrong step they had taken.. that shows that it was only a stunt to grab publicity in a short period of time and nothing else.. If our govt do not punish those culprits then it clearly shows that our govt paralysed by our wrongly elected politicians..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:47:50 2009
Name:Abhi Dsouza
Petition:I am ashamed n outraged with what happened in Mangalore.I do not think that the elected government of Karnataka wants to be in office for a second term or even finish this term. I guess BJP government likes instant gratification, be in power, display power in places where not necessary and finish their term. Stop the bloodshed, listen to the voices of the people for next time no matter how much u campaign you will lose... Please show us that you care by banning the Ram sena and punishing the people who were involved in that cowardly act.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:47:59 2009
Petition:I strongly believe this act is not against women. This act is support our culture. Its wrongly pointed towards attack on women. We need to understand the culture in which Indian women live and we all should be proud of it. So i strongly recommend in pubs females are not allowed. Come on this not a western culture .understand. So rather than making issues on this, try to engage in activities which can further enhance the beauty of Indian culture to the world. Stop bar culture to females otherwise we should loose respect towards females over a period of time. We never told women not to work, not to do that. even if we males say something its for the best interest of family, women and culture. Open ur lovely eyes FEMALES ,u r the role model of next generation .so respect admit and love Indian culture. Culture come first Pubs,individual & other things comes second.LADIES.......... So preserve indian culture Regards Ragesh

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:48:01 2009
Name:Narayana Prakash
Petition:Dear Sir, First of all, what I feel is that those involved in this incident where jeans clad girls were beaten up badly must be put behind bars for 5 years straight. How can Ram Sena take a decision of their own. What is Indian culture? The young girls have right to live their way. Nobody in India cannot change their way. Their (girls) father and mother would not have slapped them once but these goons had did this and must be taken strong action. Regards prakash

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:48:29 2009
Petition:Women r raped in Delhi and accused r free. In the jessica lal case in delhi congress people scuttled the case the accused r free. same happen to so many rape cases.same way abt this manglore case.women in india r not safe.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:48:55 2009
Petition:Dear Frustrated Girls, Let me voice a concern here: But on 1 condition - that my voice of concern shall be read and understood by such a lady who has a teenage girl as her child and who is a HINDU. Dear Friend, No body has the right to tell me or you what to do and what not to do, moreover nobody can beat me up in public or at home, unless it is my parents or my husband. So what has happened is wrong we need to condemn it and the wrong doers have to be punished. But there is another part to it. Does this mean INDIAN culture should be handed as a gift to be spoilt and trashed in a pub or some dance clubs by these girls. Does this mean that women who wear saris and still are respected need to lose their respect just because of these skimpy clothed girls. Does this mean that we raise our kids without letting them to know what is moral education and why we uphold it in todays society due to the main cause of it being that we are rapidly losing our morality and dignity to western culture.Do you all think that mother INDIA needs to be stripped of her sari clad respect and she be given a bikini, would you approve of it. Do you young girls who are thinking that your rights are being curtailed, i wouldnt say so. If you can appreciate beauty,then know that girls look beautiful not in their skimpy clothes but in the values that they possess. Over and above if you girls and guys think that girls going to pub will help mother India to shine and rise, please take your mom and grandma as well, i am sure u will get your answers then and there. Sorry dear you can and i can disapprove what these guys did, but not what you girls are doing in the pubs. I dont think this is what i was taught by my parents, may be your parents are westerners who have just no regret nor any respect for the LAND they live in. May be not now, in future when you become parents u will know it..... Please let INDIA be as INDIA not Asst. America I OPPOSE THE BOYS WHO DID WRONG I ALSO OPPOSE THE GIRLS WHO WENT TO THE PUBS thank you

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:50:26 2009
Petition:This goons are being protected by the state government, otherwise why would the leader of so called Ram Sena says the Congress Govt is trying to tarnish the image of the BJP government in his latest speech.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:50:49 2009
Petition:CM, Could you plz explain why it is that comman man has to suffer from all these nonsense? Do we have anything in position when we say we are democratic republic of INDIA? How many more cases like this will force the political class to take action and not to give mare statements, no matter which party is in gov? The people like these must get capital punishment for taking law in their hand. Could you plz ensure that these people get the capital punishment as this was a clear breach of constitution?Hope some day our politician will act in responsible way, else we are not far from being converted into Taliban.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:51:21 2009
Petition:I am ashamed to be born a Man and wish I did never take birth in this world what a shame on manking and menfolk, is this manliness , no country can be called a civilised country if it disrespects its women the guys should be severely punished for this and some example set so that the people take some lesson out of this shameful and despicable incident

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:52:37 2009
Petition:the polotical or any group must be totally banned and there must be severe punishment for the people who do moral policing by taking laws in their own hands.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:55:11 2009
Petition:I think such a thing is deplorable. My question is simple: Who has given these guys the right to moral policing if they think that was what they were doing? Incidents like these keep recurring just because we let go off them the first time they do it. Punish them so severely that no one will have the balls to even think of it. Ever. C'mon CM show some spine.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:55:12 2009
Name:Atul Sharma
Petition:It is utterly outrageous and heinous crime committed in the name of cultural protection. Who are these so called protectors of culture? Are they abiding by the true culture and traditions of India? They lecher around in the night and put up a saintly face in the morning. They absolutely have no right and authority to behave in such inhuman way. Whatever was done was done within the 4 walls of the pub, not in the public, that too they were all adults above 18yrs, they are solely responsible for their acts. These cultural goons, who are unethical, immoral in their thoughts, have no right to behave in such a way. Do these culture protectors abstain from sex, alcohol, bad language, TV, and films? If they are feeling depressed about degenerating women's lives, let them help the women economically and socially so that no thought of domestic violence should arise in any man's mind. If they were really correct in their action, they would not have run away from law like criminals fearing arrest. If they have guts let them come in public and educate public about domestic violence, social stigmas, and oppression of women. Then we can support them whole heartedly. These goons should be slippered in public if they are unrelentful for the act committed by them in Mangalore.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:55:45 2009
Name:Ajit Edlabadkar
Petition:New outfits find cheap ways of gaining publicity. I am sure that this Sena is a collection of frustrated, good for nothing goons. Where did they learn that it is in our culture to beat women. If these people wanted to do something good, they should first target the entire beauracratic and political system, which is illegely taking away public money which could be used for the poor and needy. We should try and find out the character of these folks first and find how many of them indulge in nefarious activities. Run a income tax check also on this organization. Our problem is that we take things lying down. Shoot a few such moral policeman and the rest will hide behind their women. Andhra police did a good job by killing the youths involved in acid attacks. It is time all policemen did this with such anti social elements. Muthalik, would you have enjoyed watching your mother, wife or daughter beaten up by goons who dont agree with their way of living???

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:57:05 2009
Name:rajesh p r
Petition:severe punishment to the perpetrators their faces shud be shown in media so that no girl would want to marry such guys in the future

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:57:19 2009
Petition:To rediff-If you raise this type of voice against terrorism, migrated Kashmiri people, victims of blasts in India, then it would be more appreciable. Attack on women is always condemnable act. But rediff and media should show the same promptness in other cases also. In this case, the promptness is just becoz BJP govt is in power in Karnataka and the org involved is Hindu org. Same promptness could be shown when taslima nasrin was manhandled by other groups.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:58:37 2009
Petition:dis Rama sena is nothing but seeds of hindu talibans... lets uproot the seeds before it becomes a tree. lets all work toward dis. India is one n our culture is the strongest.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20:58:49 2009
Petition:shame on all, specially our politician whom we trust them for security and well being our nation. These fanatic are bent in creating one or another issue to target the innocent women in beating and humaliting the modesty of a women. My request to the govt is take a strong action and see to it that this type (in the name moral policing ) will not take place.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:00:31 2009
Name:Abhinav Abrol
Petition:Those responsible for this DISGUSTING act have to punished severely , so that any person thinks 10 times before laying his hands on a woman !! We just cannot progress as a country if incidences like mangalore and nashik(on republic day) keep repeating. This is THE time for the karnataka government to act and make sure that our faith in DEMOCRACY remains intact.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:01:10 2009
Petition:I think what the Girls were doing at the pub was not suited for our culture. Youths should not try to copy foreign culture.But at the same time it is wrong to attack a women. Its too is not permicible by our culture.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:01:22 2009
City:gurgaon, haryana
Petition:The reason why a bunch of goons decide to act as moral police is only because they know that they will get away with this. It has happened in the past in other states. It's time govt. acts firmly and show these hooligans that they can not be a law unto themselves.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:01:22 2009
Petition:Felt such a disgust and disgrace upon reading this news.. At this phase soon we wont be any different from the talebans who dosent want women to go to schools..and start wrecking women schools.... " Wake up man it is bloody 2009 .... It clearly shows your mums were not educated and she let you get into such barbaric acts... If only she was educated ....." Ponmurugan.S.C.Bose

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:01:29 2009
Petition:A WOMAN!!! I wish I was not a woman.... As I took my first steps world was beautiful... But there were few waiting to tear my soul apart I never knew...They were there everywhere waiting for moments to be true... Helpless I moved on believing there is always a ray to look through.... Everytime i was chased ,tortured ,harassed somewhere always I wanted a wish to become true... I wish I was not a woman!!! I am ashamed to be born as a woman in this world. A female has to face harassment every single day only for one reason SHE IS A WOMAN !!! My request to Mr. Minister and to all males is treat every one as individuals be it man or woman.. Respect and treat all as equals and make world a beautiful place which GOD created for all to live peacefully and happily... Thank you.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:02:08 2009
Petition:A society can progress only when there is freedom of thought, speech and action. This freedom should not only be for males it should also be for females as they play an equal part in the progress of society. The fundemental right of freedom of an individual should be upholded by the law and the guardians of law. An individual should be free to perform any action if his actions does not affect an another person or society. M&S and groups like them have the right to carry out propaganda regarding their views, but they should never be allowed to resort to violence to enforce their views on society/people who contradict their views. Lets fight to uphold our fundemental right for individual freedom.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:02:20 2009
Petition:ladies should not go to pub. they should not spoil our culture. Instead of hitting the ladies in public, they should have warned the pub to close down atleast on republic day. Their parents [girls parents] should be held responsible for this kind drunken behaviour among girls. Shame on us.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:02:28 2009
Name:Subhendu Mohanty
Petition: These people should be punished severely and put in jail. They are starting a Hindu Taliban here and who the hell has given them the right to spoil the name of hindu Gods by using their names to carry out such shameful acts. High time such organisations are brought under control.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:04:49 2009
Name:Vincent Morris
Petition:I am the Managing Director of an IT firm in London. We are in the evaluation process of setting up an offshoring subsidiary in India. Bangalore, Karnataka was identified as a prime city in our list of preferred locations. Various considerations contributed towards this decision. Apart from the usual reasons like IT Skill Pool and IT Infrastructure were also social factors like equality of the sexes and cultural tolerance. Lately I have observed with growing concern, certain incidents that have eroded my confidence in Karnataka being a destination for our offshore software development centre. I am alarmed at the recent news and video footage of a political party publicly assaulting women and justifying their actions based on medieval concepts of morality. Equally disquieting are the spate of organised attacks against the Christian community, again by a political party. Our staff in London comprise largely of Christians and almost 50% of our workforce are women. There has been trepidation among my staff from visiting Karnataka. A few women executives have out rightly refused to travel there, fearing violence from the so called ďmoral policeĒ! Being responsible for the well being of my staff, I have put our decision to invest in Karnataka on review, pending evaluation of other cities in the proximity like Cochin. Though these concerns may seem exaggerated, you may find it interesting to note - this is the image that Karnataka as a state has earned in the business world.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:05:48 2009
Petition:This act was disgusting. This party wants attention and nothing else. I am sure these guys (100 % all are un-employed) sits everyday to "Daru" Shop coz they can't afford PUBs and that was there anger. Un-employment is the only reason for these kind of activities and if they are busy in some work they will not at all think of doing these things. Politicians (so called - Ram Sena) are using them...and they will do unless people are not having work...

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:06:49 2009
Name:V Harjani
Petition:The men that attacked the women in Mangalore should be sent to school to learn how one must treat each and every human being - with courtesy and respect. Unless they themselves are absolutely pure and above reproach, they must not think they have a right to take the law into their own hands by beating up any and everyone that they choose. The women were not committing a crime but were just having a good time. Mr. CM - these men attacked women - they committed a crime -proof of this in the video shown on the news which identifies the assailants. They should be arrested and jailed. If you do not have them charged, then you are saying it is ok to do what they did. If so, then, we ask, why are you CM, if you cannot protect the people of your state from hooligans and fear mongering idiots? If you have a wife and daughters, then do the right thing, Mr. CM. Behave like a human being.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:07:08 2009
Name:Dr Nazareth
Petition:Dear Mr Yediyurappa, A traditional congress supporter I voted for BJP in the 2008 elections. I must say that i regret my decision now. The political journey so far has been littered with unsavoury incidents beyond a normal person's expectation. Administrative problems are understandable, but the law and order status has deteriorated to an all time low in the present BJP regime and I wish to express my strong displeasure at this. As if the mangalore church attacks were not enough shame, the latest atrocities on innocent partying women again the same city have been the last straw to any law abiding and conscientious citizen of this hitherto peaceful state of Karnataka. I express my strong opposition to your laid back attitude at dealing with right winged, rowdy elements who openly flout the law and threaten to do so in future with alacrity. It is high time the government makes a strong case against the anti-social elements involved in the mangalore Pub attack and show the people of karnataka that this government is serious about protecting the human rights of both sex, and will not tolerate any such violations in future. The perpetrators of such attacks have political connections and that must be dealt with firmly also. They deserve the severest punishment and if the goondas are let go with minor charges I am sure that the state will witness further worsening of the law and order. We the citizens of karnataka hope that this time around the government will not disappoint us.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:07:41 2009
Petition:What ever happened is plain bad taste, doing bad things in the name of religion. I think this people need some knowledge on what Hinduism all about and who ever they these people are they deserve punishment.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:09:05 2009
Name:Just Saying
Petition:This is not a strange situation against which we should "Speak Out". It is just one thing which is being hyped up too much (for reasons unknown to me). The point is that our country has rotten to such an extent that we have to speak out against everything: shouldn't we speak out against corruption, shouldn't we speak out against murder, rape and thousand other crimes that happen in our beloved country, shouldn't we speak out against the poor state of infrastructure in our fast emerging world economy, etc. There are so many areas to speak out against. But what will happen of all this speaking? Specially when you insist that we should speak up to pursuade the elected government to crack down on such people. Has the elected government ever cracked down on anything for which masses have spoken out? What happened to the huge cry made after 26/11/08. Two months have gone by and our elected government has done no action. So, my suggestion is that instead of speaking out to the elected government, we should "Speak - In" to ourselves. The goondas who performed this act should "speak-in" to themselves that what they are doing today to others might happen in another form to their family tomorrow. The need of the hour is not to "speak out" against some one or some party but to "speak-in" to ourselves to commit on doing things that we want to see happening in our country. As is often said but never followed: Be the change you want to see!!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:09:11 2009
Name:Madan Gopal
Petition:Hi, With regard to the Mangalore Pub Attack, i condemn the RSS group who were involved for misbehaving against Women and Men. They have no right to do like this. We don't need Goondagiri, we need only through Gandhigiri. Through Gandhigiri method all can be changed. We need all the RSS bottom to the top level who were involved in this attack to get the Punishment and ban on the activities. The attackers should not get any bail to come out and start the same once again. Everywhere India's name is coming top. Buy doing this no one will be interest to invest in India due to this it loss to the Indian Youths and Indian Government. I know our culture should not be vanished out. We can't stop even the western culture, because we women have their own feeling to let it out. My only thought to the Karnataka Chief Minister is "Once again if they want to rule the Karnataka, Government should intervene in this matters and Ban the organization which is threatening the public. Government should make difference in respect to development, protect all the public and religion, employment for youth, to give opportunity to even rule the state also. I feel that Karnataka should be placed in No. 1 position in all the matters except violence.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:10:31 2009
Name:Raghav Nandyal
Petition:The scenes shown over and over again on TV concerning the Mangalore Pub attack on girls, and the apathy and lack of restraining power of the BJP government must come as a wake up call to Mr. Yeddyurrappa. I feel ashamed to have cast my vote for the BJP in the recent elections and the fact that I persuaded those in my influence to cast their vote for BJP. Who else but Mr. Yeddyurrappa, the chief minister, must be held accountable and responsible for the deteriorating law and order situation. Since I cast my vote for the BJP, I would like to tell Mr. Yeddyurrappa and his tribe without mincing any words - "if you cannot nip such acts of goondaism in the bud and, if you cannot deliver upon the promises of development and good governance, ... Get the Hell out of the Vidhana Soudha! NOW!"

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:10:48 2009
Petition:This is a very shameful incident. Being a political party, they should set an example for the people not to take law in their hands. A severe action should be taken if the CM is really capable.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:12:07 2009
Name:Prashant Dhole
Petition:Rather than talking on these issues the state should give more importance to the poor people.. these people who go to pub are taking western culture.. how many of those know or realise what other part of our society is suffering from.. they just enjoy on their parents money which is also earned by them through wrong ways. becuase if any parents earn money through hard work, they will never allow their kids to spend it on pub. dont make issue of girls getting beaten.. the issue will get diverted. check whether the boys and girls both were beaten. if so then it was against pub culture and not against girls specifically.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:12:27 2009
Petition:Do you still have faith in the system, they will be arrested and then freed, and then they will act like a big hero, will be projected as next big thing with these party itself. If you want any action, each of us have 2 hands, just donate one hands and everything would be fine. Enough of registering complaing, now is the time to spring into ACTION

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:12:46 2009
Name:Ravi Tandon
Petition:This is Indian Taliban. It is hard to believe that how can do that before the Media, they invited media first and then they attacked on Womens. They did it because they knew that they will suffer nothing because they will put behind the bars for some days and after that everyone will forget about it. How can any one decide the lifestyel. Taliban is doing same in Pakistan and Afganistan and so called hindu activist are doing the same job in India. What is the difference between them. How long we have to bear it. Some times ago we saw in Orrise and in Karnataka and we watched the same activity by MNS in Maharastra and again we are helpless to see the same pictuer in Mangalore. Where is law? Who will Stop them? They are same like the terrorists who attacked in Mumbai. Who will punish them hard to give everybody a lesson? Dear Cheif Minister do you have that courage?Or you will just give some statements but you will not do anything again? I request Chief Minister to not only ban Shri Ram Sena but ban all the members of such organisation so that they can not come again with any other new name. Dear Chief Minister please do something to save the justice,law and the comman man of this country. Thanks & Regards Ravi Tandon

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:13:04 2009
Name:Devan Solanki
Petition:This act of cowardice is sign of Taliban style of society. We as educated and civilized nation, should not tolerate such maniacs and half minded people. Elections are near and different parties wants to play politics in name of protectors of Social values. I appreciate your effort to raise our collective concern loud, clear and in most civilised manner. I would request Authorities to take strict action to avoid such mishappenings. Also, let the authority know, civilised people do also have 'iron fist'. If law cannot do it, then we should do it physically.Jai Maa Bharati!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:13:11 2009
Petition:i belong to karnataka... unfortunately... for the last few days since the incident,i have been severely depressed. can barely spk to my husband,can barely look at my so ashamed that men in my country are such hooligans...i cant believe that men who preach "indian ethics" forgot their own (thats if it ever existed), & used such brute force over hapless women. normal humans would think a million times even before raising their hands on animals!!....& these were young women... i'm a little embarrased to accept that i truly wish we can pay back the same way. you know,1000 lashings-taliban style.its what they believe in anyways....& then castrate them. i would like these self styled "moral guardians" to stuff their patronising & judgemental values some place else. i am from a very middle class family & i have NO problems with people leading their own lives.whatever it is they want to do. what hurts is that i know these beatings happen on a daily basis in many houses in india...thats what makes me so depressed...that i'm so helpless...when are ever going to learn.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:13:50 2009
Petition:3 Things that Indians should do 1. Rigourous Punishments to the molestors & the so called MORAL POLICE. We should use the same TALIBAN/SAUDI ARABIA punishment methods. Atleast such morons will start living in discipline. 2. Thrash these people the way they beat up innocent people 3.All the girls who were molested or beaten up by these Moral police should get a chance to OPENLY thrash these men.With live VIDEO COVERAGE. Let these MORAL POLICE also feel humilation they have caused to the girls. India is a DEMOCRATIC country & people like these should be put behind bars. Feel really sad that once a prosperous country is being held to RANSOM by such Cheap & Thrill seeking polciticians/sena's.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:14:12 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:17:26 2009
Name:Shashank Tikekar
City:Warri, Nigeria
Petition:This incident is really shocking for the indian citizens all around the globe. People supported BJP because it desplayed the descipline & cherecter inherited from RSS. But it's disturbing to see that wherever BJP came to power recently, hooligan have taken over. These people terrorise minirities & women while state administration watch helplessly. Though in Karnataka Govt has acted promptly after incident but it needs to destroy such organisation. We do not want Talibans among Hindus.Please protect our culture of tolerance.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:19:28 2009
Name:M Krishna
Petition:Dear Mr. CM, I am a person who is politically nuetral. I am also a son, Wife and Father. It is with extreme sadness I am writing this to you. I have read the news in Newspaper and saw the clippings of the girls being beaten up. The scenes are so violent that such a thing hapening to any human being cannot be justified. It was so very disgusting to see the girls running for cover and being beaten by Goondas in public vicinity, with the Cameras rolling. I just want you to look in the mirror and think for a minute and ask three questions below. 1. "What kind of Law and Order situation am I providing to my fellow citizens, who have elected me and send the first BJP government in South India?" 2. "What have these girls done to deserve such a punishment ? My own kids may go to the same pub some day and if they meet with the same treatment from someone else, how will I treat them ?" 3. Do I need organizations like the so called "Ram Sena" to protect the culture of my country and my citizens, when I handle the Law and Order of the State?" If you find the true answers to the questions above, I am sure that you bring the guys (very much can be identified on TV, and the leader has claimed responsibility), arrest them under the Goonda Act/ or any other Act which can provide the most deserving punishment to these guys, and set an example for others to NOT follow-suit. It is very clear that these guys are learning from Thackerey's and use those topics where they get maximum attention from the public. While Narendra Modi is being hailed for his development agenda, you have a long way to go to prove yourselves and I am so far disappointed with your performance as a CM, with the very fact that you are not able to protect Ordinary Citizens, with so many Killings on Bangalore everyday (21 so far in January in Bangalore city alone). You still have a long time to go as CM. But you need to act fast and keep these miscreants at the place they deserve. Hoping that you will take appropriate action and disappoint us anymore by doing only surface level actions from our very in-efficient Police force. Looking forward to some good news from you in the next couple of days. Thanking you. M Krishna

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:23:48 2009
Petition:Dear Chief Minister, In a country plagued by economic problems and social inequalities the administration is hard put in solving multitudinous problems affecting common man.The latest episode enacted at Mangalore strikes at the root of Indian democracy which is being watched and commented upon by all intellectuals around the globe.You would have yourself noticed when you came here last year and was honoured by us at the Balaji temple,that very few Hindu Indians living here, wear the mangalsutra conspicously or even adorn their fore-head with tilak. It is not because we lack respect for religion and tradition, but in a wider world where one could be branded with any external marks of race,religion or caste is abhorred and works adversely in our inter-action in public places and even subjected to physical violence by racists.If some body in our country forcibly engages in enforcing these personal codes, we will hate to be a part of that society which has no respect for individual's choice.What was perpetrated there smacks of Nazism, which we thought died after the II world war.A similar behaviour was evident among the "Dot Busters" in the early eighties here. As the Chief Minister belonging to a responsible party, which one day will rule over the nation, we expected you to come out with condemnation and immediate police action against the goons and parade them in public besides assuaging the wounded feelings of traumatised victims. You have not lived up to that expectation.The next time any BJP leader visits U.S. He will be confronted with contempt and all pretentions of nationalism or patriotism will not wash. Perhaps Congressmen have not still stooped to this degree of degrading behaviour is the conclusion, the intellectuals will conclude.The ball is in your court !

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:28:57 2009
Name:Manickam Krishnamoorthy
Petition:No one can change our culture.... Because culture is different & fashion is different.Culture is our fore-fathers and fashion is our children, without fore-fathers' guidance, child won't grow. So we are spoiling our children life only, not our fore-fathers. So leave it, no one can change others' attitude after this.Where money grows, you can't expect the culture or bla bla.... You can see illusion only.... Parents only can change anything.....

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:30:38 2009
Name:Satyajit Menon
Petition:This is deplorable. Bring the culprits to book and do not free them till death.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:32:20 2009
Name:R U Mahale
Petition:Attack on the women in Mangalore! This headline has appeared in all the leading newspapers and media - may be in foreign media also. This has cast us- the citizens of Mangalore in particular and Karnataka in general very low in the eyes of others viewing the media or reading newspapers. This is not the first incidence concerning the attack on women in Mangalore. The memories of attack on Church and police atrocities on Nuns are still afresh. The irony of it is that the present attacks are held in the name of upholding the culture. It is left to anybody's guess as to what is exactly our culture, if one is guided by the attacks took place. The people who indulged in these heinous acts and boasting of as the custodians of culture are glorified in the media as having done moral policing. This naturally amounts to support indirectly their mis-deeds. Their acts should be termed rightly as those of atrocities and should be condemned in a deserved manner. It is obvious that they have taken law in their own hands for which there is no room for in any civilised society; this cannot and should not happen in a democratic country like our where Rule of Law shall prevail. Nobody knows what dis-repute or acts of immorality the girls were indulged in the pub, that tantamounts to tarnishing the culture. Neither the organisers i.e. members of Ram Sena are specific in so far immoral acts concerned; neither is there any eye witness to describe the crime. Then, does it mean that visiting pub by the girls does amount to immoral act in defiance of the culture? It is not the time nor the issue to discuss the subject of morality attributed to the visit of girls to the pub. The concerned authorities (not the Ram Sainiks)would take care of various aspects involved.What really matters right now is the shame wrought on the society by these hooligans - Ram Sainiks in the name of upholding the culture in the name of morality but essentially causing atrocities on the girls. One would have naturally hoped that the Government would act swiftly. There is no denying the fact the Chief Minister of Karnataka has vociferously expressed of bringing the culprits to the books. But the statement of Home Minister an Police authorities are not befitting the occasion. It is irony that the so called moral police are hiding fearing arrest and police action. Had they been sincere in upholding the cause of culture, what prevented them to roam freely and continue such self styled acts. Obviously they are guilty conscious and obsessed with fear of legal action. Similarly a section of the people at the helm of the affairs of ruling the State are found to be finding fault with media and the opposition parties. This naturally doubts their credentials in so far as bringing those hooligans to the books. Certainly it is an act of dis-repute and shame and it is high time the entire society acted in unison forgetting political, regional, religious and other parochial afflictions.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:34:40 2009
City:Denver, USA
Petition:Mr. Chief Minister, Karnataka What happened in your state in Manglore pub was a despicable act of terror. We can't tolerate the behavior shown by the "Dushshasan Sena" -oops I meant Ram sena. BJP has lost face due to these attacks and will be losing votes in coming election. If you care for women's vote, please act in urgency. Take a stern action against Mr. Muthalik - the king of goons. His goons should get maximum possible punishment. Please listen to the youth voice if you have to defeat UPA in coming election. Don't dig your own grave. Sincerely, Shailen.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:46:35 2009
City:Groningen, The Netherlands
Petition:It was quiet shocking for me to see such an even happenning in public. Why didnt the pub management act immedeatly on this? Every time such an event takes place, the media comes into action and its a hot debate every where, but the sad part of it is: There are only speaches, discussions and debates, but where are the actions?. You cannot blame the government, You cannot blame the City authorities, its we, the people have to be blamed for it, because learning good behaviour and acting as a social being in the society. It is the people who make the society and not the government, the government is part of the society. So every one within the society should be guilty for producing such unhuman beings. Mothers should take pro-active role in shaping their children, imbibing them with good thoughts of action and educating them to be a responsible citizen. Make a change at individual personality level and you will see a change in the society, because you are the society. The Government should also enforce strict actions against the people involved to curb such a mishap again. You change to be better and you see the society chaning itself.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:49:58 2009
Name:Kenneth Mathew D'Souza
Petition:I think its our social responsibility to fight against such organisations who impose their ideologies on us. It is our personal choice and also the responsibility of our parents to teach us moral not hooligans and goondas. Being a personal friend of some of the victims and Pawan Shetty as well i strongly condemn this. Please make sure that justice is served, that so called "moral police" are punished severely for their actions now and in the future and that such incidents do not take place in Mangalore or any place in the country.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:52:13 2009
Petition:We are against violence and therefore, the attack on women is condemnable. Every one should abide by the law of the land. At the same time I am equallly concerned about morality in Mangalore. Mangalore has a floating population over 40000 . We are against "Improper dress" and Immodest behaviour. Mangalore is regarded as heaven of bachelors. It is not good. There is something wrong in the cultural arena. The land of Mangaladevi should not become a destination for sexual adventurists. I think Sriram sena has done a good job by making an awareness in the people regarding their age old culture and values. Money is not everything. Culture is very important. India is a united nation only because of it's culture. We should cherish our values and preserve our culture at any cost.For that a little bit force can be applied if it found necessary.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 21:59:53 2009
Name:Mathew T
Petition:Dear Sir, I urge you to take stiff actions against the people who have committed this crime.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:01:21 2009
Petition:due to the emergence of western culture in our society,people basically women demolised our,i think that what was done in mangalore it is good for our society.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:07:03 2009
Name:Satish Rajan
Petition:When goons take to the streets what chance does a civilised society have? What justice can we expect from persons responsible, will the elected government take action so that this is never repeated again? I am ashamed that this could happen in India. What right do these hoodlums have to decide what is moral? How could they touch these defenseless women? I can see how they must be treating their mothers, sisters and daughters at home. If man stoops so low to further his politics, we have very little chance. Who needs enemies when we have such ones at home? They should be whipped in public. Would they dare do this anywhere else? Would they dare to do this alone? Bullies and cowards, you have no place in India. And if policemen and politicians do not do their job, they should quit their positions. Think of your daughters, men in authority, how would you feel if someone were to do this to them for a reason that suits the perpetrator? Do what you are paid for, do what you have been elected for. Jai Hind

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:08:03 2009
Petition:Save Freedom............Save Nation......Save Our Democracy....!Dont Behave Like Nazis.we will fight till death to protect our democracy and freedom.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:08:04 2009
Petition:Yes, I agree that what ever Sena has done is abosultely wrong, but I am wondering same kind of attack has been done by other organisations too in Karnataka, why the media and politician did not act upon on that, why they are trying to hype now. It's all politics, politician trying to utilise the opportunity in Karnakata now. Regards M

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:21:43 2009
Petition:Every citizen should abide by the law of land and governemnt is reponsible for law and order. At the same time we should not forget the fact culture is something superior to laws and law enforcement. It is impossible for any government agency to protect all our womenfolk in the entire country. They are protected by our culture. If there is no culture and civilisation, women are vulnerable everywhere including inside the four walls of their home.The message from Sriram Sena must be looked in this context. If their members committed any excess they should be dealt with accordingly. At the same time we should always cherish our values and culture and the laws must be amended accordingly. Roaming naked or half dressed cannot be a fundamental right.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:29:51 2009
Petition:They have no right treat the women like that.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:33:17 2009
Name:Achyut Nayak
Petition: The Mangalore incident can only be described as an act of terrorism (the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion). Mr Muthalik has justified the actions of his party workers and termed it as a minor incident and has promised to continue along these lines. The Sriramsena should therefore be classified as a terrorist organization and the necessary action should be taken against Mr Muthalik and his party members. Incidents such as these are increasing at an alarming rate and a very strong message needs to be sent out to anyone who thinks they can dictate their morals on others forcefully. This case should be fast tracked and the sentencing done as soon as possible. The role of the media should also be thoroughly investigated and if the incident was staged for their benefit they should be held accountable. For the record Mr Muthalik and his goons do not represent my culture and I'm as Indian as they are. I am morally outraged at the use of Shri Rama's name for a party of women molesters.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:33:21 2009
Name:Allwyn d'silva
Petition:I apprecated BJP for Being good now i started realising that they r not the best ...... We have to show them that can not ignore the youths of the country. i will tell u 1 thing Dont teach us what to do we will do what we want to do

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:43:56 2009
Name:Sandhya Reddy
Petition:I think there are three people/groups at fault here.They are: 1. Media, for not reporting about the incident even though they knew about it.And also, for trying to sensationalize the incident by filming 2. The goons, of course. 3. The government for trying to turn a blind eye to such incidents,thus setting a precedent for more such incidents to take place. If the culprits are caught and punished in the shortest time possible when the incidnet is still fresh in the people's minds, then it will act as a deterrent to others.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:43:58 2009
Petition:what ever the incident happen is correct which makes girls of our community to behave as our community or society girls. we never wont western culture.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:45:19 2009
Name:joy bs
Petition:We are going on and on with the same argument for a long time now - who gives them the authority to meddle in somebody's else's life and morals? But these fundamentalists carry on their works unhindered. why not ? when the CM and the Home minister speak and behave in favour of the goons? It is utterly surprising, even giving a room to wonder whether there is sanity left in our leaders! or else why should they say "this event in Mangalore is stage managed, Septmeber 14 events were stage-managed?" to malign the government? yet they do not lift a finger to make the citizens feel safe in mangalore and in the country!!! Only when there is outrage highlighted through the media the same parroting goes on - "we have arrested 5, 10 ...or so." and we know the fate of those arrested jailbirds . they happily go to the jail only to be treated so well that it is a privilege for them to be there for a while. Is there any responsible and decent solution to the fear and terror we feel?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:46:33 2009
Petition:The so called moral police alias Ram Sena are no respected people. They are more immoral than the activities of those who got beaten. These people are only trying to show their prowess & trying to gain attention from Political parties & nurture their political ambitions. All of us know how politicians engage themselves in exploiting women & girls whenever they get chance to do so, will these Ram Senas go & beat them up. There are so many politicians, business tycoons etc. who have made headlines for exploiting Women & Girls but are moving freely, Do these Ram Senas have the guts to bring them to they can't bcoz they themselves are involved in all types of immoral activities, these are all goons & they they need serious drubbing in front of the public, similar to their action.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:46:43 2009
Petition:Men and women share equal rights. If those cowards who attacked woman had the guts, should be trying to prove their mettle against men too. Its a shame to the entire nation - that such people are allowed to go scott free on their silly principles and actions. These must be people who have no better work to do. Its time govt thinks about bringing in minimum education levels for anyone to form a political party or being a member of the party. All other smaller groups like these should be banned.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 22:52:20 2009
Petition:What ever happend in mangalore is correct, if my daughter or my Son does these things ,i am pretty happy that there is some one to tell them and teach them during the course of time manhandling does happen, the cause is correct and they say that Gundas attacked young women for being 'improperly dressed' and 'behaving immodestly.' ...its not the right thing, during such time these sort of thing happen and i as awomen accept it, women has right i belive but that dosen mean that u go and sit in pub and bar and roam with some guys when and were ever u want not and never acceptable, these women activities are all stupid ladies they never looked thier house properly what they will look into to other women issues..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 23:15:57 2009
Petition:Alright! im from the pub city. i do go to pubs. thats my right. they object women drinking and clubbing.. thats their right. they used force.. which was their mistake. but u cant paint them as taliban. its a one off incident. don make it big. just to inflate ur ego. they apologised. they wont beat up people, but they may put up banners next time. relax and go to work. or pubs. wat ever is ur flavour.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 23:21:19 2009
Petition:Whatever happend is not good. Since the laws in our country need to be more strict to deal with such henious crimes on females such things will continue to rise..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 13:58:29 2009
Petition:Why so much of outrage over a petty incident? Women are getting raped, beaten and abused in much more serious conditions elsewhere. Why not raise your voice against that? Is this outrage only because it happened to the upper class, english speaking lot?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 13:58:52 2009
Name:Ranjit Savant
Petition:It was a disgusting act.Need to prevent it in future.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:00:51 2009
Name:Naveen Jaiswal
Petition:The State Givernment has no right to remain in Power after this.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:00:55 2009
Name:Tushar Nerlekar
Petition:Please stop all this Non-sense, please not in the name of GOD. Shri Ram, is called the Maryada Purshottam, and there was nothing called Marayada in what the Shri Ram Sena did. It will not be very long, that Hindu way of life which is most tolerant, will give way to in-tolerance in the name of GOD as we are seeing it the neighbouring countries. Please don't behave like un-civilised people. I'm a hindu but do not support even .000001% of what you have done in the name of RAM.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:02:00 2009
Name:Balu J
Petition:People are reacting as if women were attacked while they were attending office or at home or in Temple or church or mosque. After all they were attacked in a pub. As if the most dignified or most disciplined citizens were attacked. After all the attacks were on immoral people. After all drinking alcohol is not bad but doing it in public is certainly bad. While smoking in public place is banned drinking in public is not banned yet. It s a soryy state. All sorts of immoral acts starts only in such places. Every responsible citizen knows it. Drink at home and sleep and no one would ever disturb you.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:02:05 2009
Name:Dr Vikas Mohan Sharma
Petition:The women in this country have equal right to relax and seek opportunities of entertainment. It is criminal to physically assault and molest women in name of protection of cultural identity. A common man's confidence in politicians of today is completely shattered today. And it's shameful that petty politics is ruining this country. May our leaders get a conscience and a soul!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:02:31 2009
Petition:The voilent act in Managlore is a shame on our society. Irrespective of our political view, it is the responsibility of those in power to punish the culrpits and give justice to the victims. let us not politicise and dilute the seriousness of the issue. The action taken must be a warning to all those who take law in to their hands. It is time for the Govt. to show its character

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:02:34 2009
Name:ashok surana

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:02:44 2009
Name:S Salian
Petition:This is an uncilised behaviuor of some jobless goons. This is to be condemned.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:02:48 2009
Name:chouhan ameen
Petition:No body can stop this nuisance in my country because they are all supported by the politician am sure no legal action will be taken against them

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:03:00 2009
Petition:To be true, these guys are a bunch of losers, not willing to work hard to earn, are looking for easy money which is provided to them by their so called "Political back-ups". Action needs to be taken against them, with a heavy fine (At least Rupees 1 lakh imposed on them/six months imprisonment) for disrupting law and order. Also, proper enquiry should be conducted to find out the mastermind behind this stuff, and he should be severely punished.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:05:16 2009
Name:pratheesh d. mony
Petition:Its so sad that women were molested by some criminals who claims themselves as guardiens of hindu culture. Such people should be punished severly. And please tell me which hindu text or got had asked for molestation of women. In hindu culture women are considered as mother and godess.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:05:27 2009
Name:kamal datta
Petition:It is very bad to hear it. It sholud be stopped.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:06:01 2009
Name:thomas varghese
Petition:cannot be tolerated. The govt must stop it .... NOW.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:06:24 2009
Name:Suman Ghosh
Petition:These self-appointed "guardians" of our culture are no less than the Taliban as in Pakistan/Afghanistan. We should stop them now itself, or else we will face the same situation as prevalent in those countries which are "Talibanized". All these monkeys must be sent to jail for the rest of their lives, so that people can live in peace. We dont need these idiots of Ram/Lakshman/Shiv Senas, and leaders like Raj Thakeray.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:06:46 2009
Petition:what a group of crap people? something personal can be understandable but who they think are to change the societ or clean the society.these groups have became nusance to the society and for their agenda they try to get mileage by these incidents. worst they have got political patronage. its time to tell these person on their face that they are nothing but craps and should stay away from civil society

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:06:53 2009
Petition:What do you mean by we could be next? Do you go to Pub and dance obscene? Or your family do that? Will never happen to us as we never do these things. So remove this nautanki from rediff.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:07:01 2009
Name:Rakesh Chaugule
Petition:Where the attack is made is most important to look into. The attack was done in the Pub where the womens were consuming alcohol. these shows what type of women they were. Its already a place which is not secured and aware of these facts even the womens were found there not only found there but were enjoying alcohols, which is not in Indian Culture. Because of such girls and womens we are losing our culture all over in country. They deserved it.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:07:30 2009
Petition:For whatever reasons, no one has got any authority to attack anyone, especially women. We are citizens of a nation having diverse culture. If some women and men want to dance in a pub, let them do it; they are doing it inside confined walls. Who are these so called ďMoral PoliceĒ to interfere in that? There is only one way of stopping this atrocity Ė deal with iron hand. Do not give any political angel to it. The people who did it and their leaders should be lashed with a whip.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:07:55 2009
Name:Sanjai Kumar
Petition:That organization should be banned and all those people involved in this should be punished to death. such people are not required for our society.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:08:52 2009
Name:Rajeshwar Prasad
City:N Delhi
Petition:Obscenely dressed women, drinking alcohol, displaying uncontrolled behavior ,while accusing others in the name of womens lib received what they deserved in Bangalore.The same treatement should be meted out at other stations also.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:09:00 2009
Name:alam singh
Petition:stop the IDIOT, These stupid should be brought of public and same sort of treatment should be given them.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:09:21 2009
Name:N C Rout
Petition:This type of Behavior is not acceptable at democratic country like in India. Woman should be respected whatsoever mistake their. If it is proof that they involve certain bad activity in society then their is social law for irradiation it. It is not good treatment in our civilian society.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:09:21 2009
Petition:Sar pe mat chadhao Ladies ko. The action taken by Sri Ram sena men were right. "Right to freedom" ke naam par nanga naach mat karo. What wrong they had done ? The people who are denouncing these act are themselves high society people. Channels are making much noise because they are not sati savitris. The so called high society people have no right to make noise. We must support Sri RAM sena supporters to bring back our glorious culture. Pls do not follow the high society people. Do the Filmi people have any moral right to talk about society, who themselves spread nudity in the name of acting.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:09:25 2009
Name:ashok surana
Petition:very shameful attempt, culprits should be punished. YEH NARI JATI KA APMAN HAIN.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:09:29 2009
Name:Vijayakumar A P
Petition:When a female journalist called Soumya Vishwanathan was killed in India'a national capital, the Chief Minister of Delhi Smt Sheila Dixit blamed the dead female journalist for her own tragedy by saying that she was too adventurous. The Media wholeheartedly supported Mrs Dixit and went gaga over her shortly afterwards, when she won the Delhi Assembly elections. When Scarlett Keeling was raped and killed in Goa and the needle of suspicion pointed to a strong nexus between the Goan Ministers, the drug mafia and the sex racketeers, the media played it very safe by conveniently choosing not to pursue the leads from the investigation. When a 14-year-old German girl was raped by Rohit Monserrate, the 21-year-old son of Goa Education Minister Atanasio Monserrate who is also a powerful political figure in Goa, and the girl's mother was repeatedly harassed and their lawyer was grievously injured in order to coerce him to withdraw from the case, the Media didn't find anything extraordinary in that. When Taslima Nasreen's press conference was rudely disrupted and chairs and all sorts of dangerous objects were thrown at her in full glare of the cameras by the "secular" muslim jihadis of Hyderabad lead by the MLAs of Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM), the Media didnt at all find anything amiss in that. When Laxmi Oraon, an Adivasi woman was brutally thrashed and paraded naked through the streets of Guwahati, Assam, with the whole police paraphernalia and official state machinery in tow, the Media chose to downplay the episode since, the victim was a hapless adivasi woman from the lower strata of society. The Media felt that since all the above unsavoury incidents had occured in the states lead by Madam Sonia Antonia Maino's puppets, it is all perfectly legitimate and absolutely secular and progressive. Kudos to the Media who are the Real Talibans of India.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:09:34 2009
Petition: i am a BJP suporter , but i do not approve of the SRS's attack on women in MANGALORE. but we must also give same publicity to the attack in NASHIK by MNS goondas .why is it not being done?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:09:45 2009
Name:Promit Sanyal
Petition:Please ban such organisations. They also fall in the category of terrorist groups as they instill terror in minds of people. India is a free country and these animals need to be taught that.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:09:52 2009
Name:Jitesh Kumar Agrawal
Petition:What happened in Mangalore is certainly not the right way of doing what they did and highly deplorable. At the same time I would like to say, this incident is again has come to limelight just because it is encroaching into a area where our society belives to be modern, similar to attack on Mumbai. Were there not terrorist attacks in India before Mumbai? Innumerable, just because this time they have hit the upper strata of society it has become a larger issue. Similarly is there no violence against women anywhere in India, many rapist and molestors are roaming free on street, ministers son's are being protected for rape charges and but nothing gets reported. The media has certainly made up its mind as to what it want to dole out to people.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:10:13 2009
Name:Venkatesh Potdar
Petition:Sir, Let's not Talibanise India. What makes this country better than Pakistan/Afghanistan is the freedom to do as we please as long as we are not impinging on the fundamental rights/freedoms of others.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:10:26 2009
Petition:I thought karnataka is forward & safe state.But looking into attaks on cristians & ladies I think I am wrong. Karnataka seems to be Taliban State,Unsafe,Communal and the state Government is Impotent.What SM Krishna did you lost everything. I was about to tour Ktka with my Family,But now I have changed my plan to other Sothern state. Shame on you & your Govt.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:10:27 2009
Petition:The group should be banned completely

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:10:36 2009
Name:Victor Menezes
Petition:Whatever may be the issue, nobody has right to take the law into their hands.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:10:51 2009
Name:Tanmay Amar
City:New Delhi
Petition:It is ridiculous that the SRS has still not been banned. The Govt should be chastised for not taking prompt action. Even the token action taken till date has been forced by the widespread media coverage accorded to the incident. The urban civilized society is fast losing confidence in the BJP, its high time they take the most stringent action agaisnt SRS and make an example out of them to ensure that such incidents are never repeated in any part of India.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:11:11 2009
Name:Karan Singh
Petition:This is one shameful incident and should not only be condemned but also be taken as a lesson for the ones who have the audacity of taking law in their own hands. The culprits must be brought to book & punished with maximum possible sentence. The very existance of such groups should be erased if at all we are to see a hopeful future for the nation.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:11:27 2009
Petition:This was a brutal act, correctly said to be an attempt of talibanisation of India. Such people don't have any place in a literate society. Government must act fast, in a transparent and time bound manner and bring the culprits (their supporters and masterminds included) to task. People of India should observe the action of government closely as it will provide a clear indication of mindset of BJP. If goverment fails to take STRICTEST POSSIBLE action, we shall ensure not to vote for BJP (though I am a passive supporter of BJP). Further, we shall ensure that any political party enjoying Ram Sena's support doesn't enjoy our votes. This will lead to the boycott of these people.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:11:59 2009
Petition:these ruffians who declare themselves as protectors of our culture should be humiliated in public.simply arresting them and later releasing them on a surety bond is of no use. they should be taught a lesson in such a way that they will never again dare to even think of committing such a heinous crime again.all their talks about preserving indian culture is bull-shit.please take severe action against these scoundrels in such a manner that should act as a deterrant for others who aspire to do the same.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:12:03 2009
Petition:The issue should not be politicized. The actual incidense (in side the pub) should be searched . The "Hindustani Taliban" word is inappropriate because the activities of Taliban are not known to all. in this age of terrorism media should control their language.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:12:19 2009
Petition:They are n't Goondas well wishers of the society,if people won't listen through soft words, this is the right way to teach

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:12:37 2009
Petition:This indecent act is highly unacceptable. Nobody other that r legal department is in the position to decide that who is 'improperly dressed' and 'behaving immodestly.' I dont support such a shameful attack.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:13:00 2009
Petition: The BJP,Shiv Sena and their ilk should be punished for making a mockery of law and order.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:13:03 2009
Petition:No one should be allowed to take law in thier hands. There are number of ways to protest decently. I request the CM to take appropriate action against the party and make it clear to everyone that breaking law to gain popularity is not acceptable.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:13:05 2009
Name:Sandeep Rishi
Petition:This should not happen again ever.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:13:31 2009
Name:Vinod Kandpal
Petition:Dear Sir We are shocked after seeing the attacks on women. How someone (cowered) comes in group and can beat people in a democracy and show his power by beating women. Are we dead as a society. In the past we have always observed what happens when people get arrested and live life king size after that. Is this an indication that if you can beat others, If you can break the law you get all the power? I know soon they will get bail and they will be doing the same thing again. This is the only fear we have with BJP, these kind of so called Moral policing increases, and people start acting this way. I never thought (it was out of my imagination thinking this) but now I think organisation like Bajrang Dal and Ram Sena, Shiv Sena, MNS should be banned like SIMI. otherwise BJP will never be able to win. Best Regards Vinod

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:13:42 2009
Name:manju kumar
Petition:It is really shocking to see such characterless men molesting and beating young girls. Who has given them this right? Who are they to decide what is right or wrong? Remember, unless women are not respected here, this country CAN NOT grow. The culprits should be severely punished. Illiterare and uneducated men have garbage in their minds,they should be taught lessons.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:13:44 2009
Name:Ashish Fitkariwala
Petition:Our anger is at the peak.... Leave Kasab and chasing other terrorists and fix these ***, who call themselves a moral police, first.Who the hell has given these GUNDAS right to save our culture.... do they worship everyday,,, are these *** clean...I follow my culture, worship my parents, chant Hanuman chalisa etc etc and even enjoy at discs and pubs... so is the culture ruined...Wish I had the power to take these Raj Thackerays's and other such bodies and uncloth them in from of Gateway of India and hit them to death....WISH WE COULD!!!!!!!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:13:50 2009
Name:Roopa Ashwin Kumar
Petition:Dear Sir, Mangalore is turning a center for all illegal activities like Night Life ,Pubs ,Drugs and the tragedy is that it's the community of students who are falling prey and to this culture. Kindly probe into the matter and bring about regulations or awarness programs which can teach our future citizens to be responsible. The attack on girls denotes that society has a code of conduct which when breached initiates actions not pleasent to any class of the society.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:14:01 2009
Name:Karan Singh
Petition:This is one shameful incident and should not only be condemned but also be taken as a lesson for the ones who have the audacity of taking law in their own hands. The culprits must be brought to book & punished with maximum possible sentence. The very existance of such groups should be erased if at all we are to see a hopeful future for the nation.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:14:28 2009
Petition:it is reaLLy a matter of shame. Women are the most beautiful creation of GOD and we must respect her as mother. We must get together and do something against it.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:14:45 2009
Petition:Those who are trying to act like social reformer and self proclaimed police should also be shaved on their heads like cross road under the live media. This should be done to give a justice to all those girls who have either been beaten up or molested by these so called SAMAJ KE THEKEDARS. If you do not stop and punish them now, then they would become shameless and BELAGAM ( without any LAGAM or control). So teach them lesson. Tie all these fellows to the nearest pole and get a shaver or barber and media for live telecast. Jai Maa Bhavani

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:14:54 2009
Petition:Ram Sena activists who have assaulted the ladies under the garb of upholding indian culture is actually just a preposterous attempt to gain cheap publicity. Why only girls, in case they want to uphold culture then start with the men and first and foremost themselves. They should first give up drinking. Start wearing the Dhoti & Kurtas ( no jeans & T shirts ). Alchohol is not part of Indian culture so they should raise voice for a dry state. Portray themselves in true culture & tradition & then raise voice againt any other person. They should be non-violent in all their endeavours. By beating helpless girls they are only bringing forward their sick minds and setting a bad example before the world.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:15:15 2009
Petition:Nothing wrong in beating irrespective any sex, if they do wrong in public place if that should show our culture worse like smoking, drink and dance, drink and disturb others social activities, driving wrongly. In my opinion it should spread all the pubs and stop women drink at public bar. If they want drink let them enjoy tht in their/friends house. This country already gone wrong, it is not safe for girls who are really good not like this drunken monkeys.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:15:26 2009
Name:Praveen Sonejee
Petition:According to me the culprits who are clearly visible in the video and the brains behind it should be banned from all political connections. And should be punished as the punishment that woulod have been given to ordinary person doing the same offence. The girls who were beaten should be the judge to the punishment given to the culprits. Their hands should be cut as are done in islamic countries of crimes committed against women. The party responsible did not have the freedom to do the same which the girls do today, so they are jealous. My dear partymen do not know that this is the 21st century and not the 16th century. It is my humble request to bar these men from the party and put them behind bars with non bailable so that no one dares to repeat the deeds which these illiterate partymen did. Thank you

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:15:30 2009
Petition:Although these attacks are not justified, the motive behind these is not entirely wrong. Someone has to take up the leadership to cleanse the Indian society of the evils of the West. The West is already suffering from declining birth rates and 50%+ divorce rates simply because women, under the garb of women liberation, have been addicted to a smoking and drinking culture and lost all morals. What the West tries to copy from us is yoga, ayurveda, etc. and what we copy from them are all the negative aspects. Getting drunk every other night and roaming around like sluts is a common sight in Bangalore, Mumbai these days, and its high time that this stopped.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:15:34 2009
Petition:I have heard that if a girl is molested or troubled unnecessarily in saudi arabia, then the fingers and if required the hand of such person is cut in the presence of all in a court yard. How about starting some thing like this in india so people will think 100 times before even touching a girl, forget about molesting. What ever I have written may be too harsh to be published on the net. I can think only of such a rulling in this country to bring down the attrocities on women.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:15:35 2009
Name:Anupama Kumar
Petition:An act of uneducated, misguided, frustrated, unemployed, narrow-minded,regressive retarded men!! If the Govt, Police refuse to protect women from this kind of shocking & senseless violence, then Women & progressive-minded men should unite & take the law into their own hands to teach these goons a lesson - publicly strip them, thrash them, break their bones & ensure no popular support for their Sena's activities! But is this the kind of lawless, anarchic soceity we want our great country to move towards? - unfortunately our closed-minded & self-centered politicians & law enforsement agencies are forcing citizens to use violent & pro-active means to ensure their own safety.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:15:55 2009
Name:capt .cornelio
Petition:Dear Cheif minister this has never happened in the history of mangalore even tippu sultan didt do it what your government has done to poor girls of mangalore.did u ur god ram also did this in his wonder lord rams followers are doing what their nboss did.i dont think bjp will ever come in power in karnataka .we people from karnataka feel sad for electing your party.if ur honest to ur constitution make sure these charectors are put behind bars forever that will show ur true colours.what happened to the people who attacked churches .u let them go scot free.very sad my hon .cheif minister.our blood boils when we hear the way ur govt functioning.will give u a fitting reply in the coming lokh sabha election.we dont need any one to tell us ho w we have to behave .you tell your mothers and daughters thats all warm regds capt.cornelio

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:16:17 2009
Name:Souvik Das
Petition:We dont nip these issues in the bud today and we let terrorism bloom tomorrow !!! Any person who can drag a lady out of a pub and kick on her back can take up any weapon tomorrow to send death right through our head. Kill the cruel today, or be ready to be killed by him tomorrow. Mr. Chief Minister, dont even try to think that sitting inside your villa is safe. Cruelty, hatred, treachery can transcend any fortification. Many high profile people thought Taj, Oberoi etc. to be as safe as your villa. But look, sir, look. You can still smell their blood. Teach a lesson to basic cruelty today. You save the bloodshed tomorrow.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:16:17 2009
Petition:Respected Sir, Donít fool us with your post. Think like a man before posting such messages. I strongly agree attack on women is not acceptable. But in mangalore case; especially after you Ďsilent majority' thinkers reaction, I support them strongly. I have a question for you. Do you allow your wife/mother/sister drinking and dancing in naked? If so, we will kick when they come out. Jai Sri Ram

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:16:50 2009
Name:Percy Jasavala
Petition:In the guise of enforcing decency, these people have stooped to vent their basest instincts. Who is going to check what they do in private !! It may be worse. Also, nobody has the right to enforce his/her will on what people do in private. It is not like they were being obscene on the road. What goes on in a pub is not in public view and by no stretch of imagination can it be considered offending the public. If they do not like it, they can go take a wherever.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:17:16 2009
Name:Jeetender Sindhi
Petition:I think the culprits should be hanged to Death in full public view .

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:17:34 2009
Name:Rohit Parakh
Petition:I am shocked with this incident and I can bet that this is not the only incident. We have observed similar cases earlier in other parts of India (mumbai, pune) at the hands of the shiv senas, MNS etc. We need to have stricter laws and such individuals should be rigorously punished. India is the worlds biggest democracy and we are allowing such goons to take the law in their hands. The government should take actions and control such actions before these miscreants become hitler. These individuals (from MNS and ram sena) are showing traits that are very very similar to hitler. I request the chief minister to take strongest possible actions against ram sena so that in future no other organization can think of doing any such act. I really wish that 5 - 7 years of rigorous imprisonment would be perfect. They can be tried under multiple law sections. Also please take action against people within the system (police, ministers etc) who are supporting these organizations. Thanks Rohit parakh

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:17:38 2009
Petition:Dear Mr Chief Minister, you have done a commendable job

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:17:39 2009
Petition:The next time your party or its supporters behave like moral police, remember that we can pay you back in the same coin. We will make our own Bharat Sena, filled with educated, middle-class, salaried and tax-paying citizens of India (parameters, which none of your party members meet). If you break the law to make a point, we shall do the same to you. If you beat our women, our families, we will beat up your families and terrorise your homes. If you deface our shops and businesses, we will deface your homes and blacken your faces. If you burn our cars, we will do the same to you. Don't test our patience.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:17:47 2009
Name:O Khare
Petition:Its a national shame.We try to present a pretty picture of "India shining" to the world but the atrocities against women never seem to lessen, forget end.Women pay the price in the name of religion and culture. This is dirty politics. These rotten people should be brought to books.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:17:51 2009
Petition:It should be discoured at any possible extent, India is a democratic country & all are governed by constitution of India, not by any such regional / politaical parties. We respect female in our society like any thing (Like Mother, sister, wife, daughter, Goddess, etc...) & any body trying to attack /harm them, should be punished & such henious activites should not be tolreated. We really condem this action.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:17:53 2009
Name:sanjeev kumar agarwal
Petition:i think the step was on the right track but the approach was wrong. i have seen what these girls & boys do in the pubs, they have lost their moral values & culture . they bunk schools & colleges to find a place in these pubs. they are a threat to the innocent parents who have faith in their children. I am not against the freedom of any body. every body has the right to live in his/her own style but they should keep in mind the social rsponsiblities too. i have given my views only from the angle of a respected father & have no intentions to hurt any body's sentiments & if any one thinks so then i am very soory. THERE SHOULD BE AN AGE LIMIT & TIMMING (ACCORDING TO AGE) OF ENTERING PUBS & DISCOS thankyou

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:18:09 2009
Name:Kokila Vaani
Petition: After BJP came to power in Karnataka the goons are doing what they want in the name of religion, culture etc. Who has given them the licence? Who are these people to introduce dress code? Why don't they keep to their home trimming their sisters and mothers? We are outraged at what happened? Who decideds what is proper and what is not? This sort of things should not happen in a civilized country like ours. Will you city fathers wake up and act?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:18:13 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:18:29 2009
Petition:This is a dreadful act against the women. These miscreants have no moral values. If they would like to protest against the prevailing culture or the modesty, they can raise thier voice through several available forums, but this is not the way to treat people. We know that our country is affected by the wester cult, but this cant be stopped by violence. The worst part is the karnataka government must be mature enough to act and must not encourage issues like this. This is not saving the culture of our country, it is indeed spoiling the morale. It is right time that the Government works on the development of the nation instead of promoting the barbaric activities. Jai Hind

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:18:35 2009
Name:Suresh Kumar Jagannathan
Petition:This is simply unacceptable. We are a democratic country, and none of the victims were doing anything illegal by dancing in a pub. The Ram Sena (clearly nothing to do with Ram!) is only doing this for deep selfish publicity. We must NEVER succumb to their goondaism, and the horror they unleashed on citizens of our beloved country, who were conducting themselves peacefuly and in totally legal activities. If they were serious about so called "morality" why only attack the girls and not the guys in the pub? Better still, why not attack Bollywood? Why not 'specify' what clothes all citizens should wear? Simply because.. they understand that these are 'tough' targets, whereas the girls in the pub were 'soft' targets and couldn't hit back at the thugs that assaulted them. Citizens of India HAVE to tell these self-styled (a)moral goondas that this is akin to the Talibans, and they have NO claim to "Hindu Morality" as they call it. The Govt. of Karnataka should clamp down SEVERELY on all prepetrators and also arrest ANYONE claiming that these atrocities are justifiable in ANY manner. NOTHING less than JAIL without any possibility of bail is acceptable, multiple counts of assault and goondaism cases have to be filed, and these hooligans should be in jail till the court gives the final verdict. This should include ALL leaders of Ram Sena (sic) and any other leader justifying this atrocity in the name of so called moral policing. Suresh. Bangalore

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:19:36 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:19:42 2009
Petition:ban sena, they are the worst people they didn't follow Hinduism n force to follow others.Their own childrens goes to English medium school with skimpy dresses(uniforms) showing their legs n thighs and showing boobs(not wearing dupatta).Punish them as per law.... They are targetting only minority people. Even in bangalore all top colleges or IIMS/IITS , they also wearing skirts/jeans/pants, they also do parties/pubs....but they are not targetting them.they are targetting only minority people. Actually we only voted BJP to come to power so that our state will improve.....if the Govt support these kind of happenings then sure next elections they will be ruined.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:19:44 2009
Name:Krishna kumar
Petition:The way Rama sena handled the woman was condemnable, and this sort of chances should not be continued here after has to be taken care of by the government, by punishing the people who are indulged in the incident, It is really sad to watch those incidents on media, Even Media should have called the police, they want themselves to become heroes is was the outcome of TOI, My suggestion is just for the sake of 20 or 30 ramasena activists, dont ban the entire organization, let the punishment given to those be a lesson in future for others not to continue the issue in the same manner, I would have been one amongst ramasena activists in that mood if and only if my sister or relatives had been to the pub, because i come from a hindu background, and i dont support my friends, relatives or sisters (Girls) to go to bar and have a drink.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:20:07 2009
Petition:I am sorry to say that I cannot raise my voice for this issue. Why such a forum was not there when Delhi women were getting raped for every week. I am not supporting RAM SENA when they man-handled those women. In the name of moral police they just over doing too mnay things. That needs to be stopped. But on the other hand if they had raised their concern in a more diplomatic way rather than beating/kicking those women I have would have supported. Let me also say one more thing that there are really too many good things that Indians can adopt from wetsren culture. But in the name of modernity let us not spoil our own culture. This forum is just to make woman drink freely or going to pub. I do not consider it as a freedom for woman. Woman means behaving in modesty in public places and woman's freedom means free from eve-teasers and rapists. In India when a rapist is given capital punishment all Human rights and media come to the rescue for the culprit where justice has been given to the woman. On the other hand when a woman gets beaten up while drinking in a pub forum like this "RAISE YOUR VOICE NOW" comes. Why a forum of this kind was not made when many women in India still getting raped. It's really a matter of shame for the media.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:20:20 2009
Petition:These people are ANTI-NATIONALS. They should be punished under the terrorists act. If the govt. gives simple punishment, it shows,the politicians who rule accept this kind of behaviour at their homes too and that they are willing to impose this on the state for the sake of votes and crores. A time will come when they will find their own grand-daughters being molested in front of their eyes,for,powers will change and it will be too late. By the time they regret the state will be ruined. This is what will happen if fools are allowed to rule and if we tolerate their behaviour.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:20:40 2009
Name:Hardit Gandhi
Petition:This people dont have work specially this is to create awareness abt there party which no where Exist all those people are asshole

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:20:56 2009
Name:Martin Francis
Petition:Sir Recently mangalore incident was a disgusting scene, where as we are a democratic country. Where is the independent? The way they treated was not acceptable and it is really goondas and hooligans. They cannot take law into their hands and if so we do not need any government ruling this state. As far as I am concerned they have to be put behind bars atleast for 6 months. They should not go scot free or else have to put Chief ram sena upto 5 years non bailable.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:20:58 2009
Petition:The involved people should be treated as Rapiest as they are Rapies, they have done not only for the sake of there leaders but they enjoyed to make these girls half naked and taken advantage of them, but did not thought of the indian culture where man are not allowed to such shamefull act, Dear, Mr. Minister there might be your girl in some other pub or public place, who might be treated as the same in future, so just give a thought on, and deal with these dangerous people right now.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:21:03 2009
Petition:This Goondaraj just waits for an opportunity. They are like hungry dogs. You must see how they ogle at the young women. What are they proving with their saffron robes? If they look around today, its their own people - the so called marathis, who move about with see through tops and waist low pants attracting passers by with their loud talks and manly behaviours. Why target other women? Its high time the Government implements strict laws like other countries. They should be dealt with severe punishment like getting lashes in public view. Once this is done, no one will even dare to do such things. Just arresting them and letting them off on bail will do no good. Instead they will be more daring and come out and do the same thing or even worse. If the Government does not take any action NOW, then we ladies and our daughters will feel insecure in our own country.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:21:24 2009
Petition:We will "RAISE OUR VOICE NOW", We know "WE COULD BR NEXT" and it is time to "SPEAK OUT", but are we PREPARED TO "BEHAVE PROPERLY & CULTURALLY". we are prepared to not obey the rules as we think in the way American things.Lets the girls stop dressing obscenely, lets not drink alchohol,lets stop kissing publicly in the parks , Lets respect our elders,then we will speak out.OKAY!!!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:21:26 2009
Petition:Jobless, dis oriented youth who have no particular ambition in life usually take up such anti social means to vent their frustation. Its another form of terrorism. A lesser degree of Talibanism. A deep rooted disease this, can be addressed only if the government decides to go into the overdrive. the pace at which this was addressed reminds me of the delay in time the NSG took to arrive in Mumbai. Frustrating! If the govt. can set up deadlines for the public to pay cess and taxes, then the public should also be empowered to set up deadlines for the govt. to address issues and ring in changes. The govt. falls if the deadlines are not met. A bill should be passed in the parliament regarding this!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:21:29 2009
Name:Bajrangi Singh
Petition:Mr.Cheif Minister You are the care taker and father of the state.Please for god sake dont allow these so called ram sena thugs to go on.It is so disgusting and painful to see how the leadership of the state is conniving on the issue.If this continues then be sure one day every one has to suffer from this mindless act and very fabric of peace and prosperity will go off.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:21:35 2009
Petition:Media is unnecerally dragging the issue.. The Real Talibans of India 27/01/2009 10:49:48 Dinesh Krishna When a female journalist called Soumya Vishwanathan was killed in India'a national capital, the Chief Minister of Delhi Smt Sheila Dixit blamed the dead female journalist for her own tragedy by saying that she was too adventurous. The Media wholeheartedly supported Mrs Dixit and went gaga over her shortly afterwards, when she won the Delhi Assembly elections. When Scarlett Keeling was raped and killed in Goa and the needle of suspicion pointed to a strong nexus between the Goan Ministers, the drug mafia and the sex racketeers, the media played it very safe by conveniently choosing not to pursue the leads from the investigation. When a 14-year-old German girl was raped by Rohit Monserrate, the 21-year-old son of Goa Education Minister Atanasio Monserrate who is also a powerful political figure in Goa, and the girl's mother was repeatedly harassed and their lawyer was grievously injured in order to coerce him to withdraw from the case, the Media didn't find anything extraordinary in that. When Taslima Nasreen's press conference was rudely disrupted and chairs and all sorts of dangerous objects were thrown at her in full glare of the cameras by the "secular" muslim jihadis of Hyderabad lead by the MLAs of Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM), the Media didnt at all find anything amiss in that. When Laxmi Oraon, an Adivasi woman was brutally thrashed and paraded naked through the streets of Guwahati, Assam, with the whole police paraphernalia and official state machinery in tow, the Media chose to downplay the episode since, the victim was a hapless adivasi woman from the lower strata of society. The Media felt that since all the above unsavoury incidents had occured in the states lead by Madam Sonia Antonia Maino's puppets, it is all perfectly legitimate and absolutely secular and progressive. Kudos to the Media who are the Real Talibans of India.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:21:44 2009
Name:Ramesh Shetty
Petition:What happened is really a SHAME. We do not need foreign terrorists to attack our Democracy & Sovereignity on the Republic day. We have our inhouse terrorists oganisations like the Ram sena,Shiv Sena & the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. They all are so called believers of Sri Ram and Shivaji. These Paramatmas would be ashamed of their followers who have disgraced the modesty of women, when they have taught us to respect women. The elected people are just spectators and are hand in glove with the so called moral police. We are going backwards with the present bunch of Politicians. They have given nothing to this country. They have just ruined the Nation as a whole. For that we all should pledge to vote out the bad leaders and bring in the brand new set of leaders and not Politicians. Jai Hind!!!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:21:48 2009
Petition:yessssss... we should beat this bloody..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:22:02 2009
Name:Rahul Gupta
Petition:Stop the unnecessary hue and cry. Focus on more relevant issues than just linking ur foreign masters ass. State govt did what it could. Dont politicize unnecessarily.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:22:04 2009
Petition:This Goondaraj just waits for an opportunity. They are like hungry dogs. You must see how they ogle at the young women. What are they proving with their saffron robes? If they look around today, its their own people - the so called marathis, who move about with see through tops and waist low pants attracting passers by with their loud talks and manly behaviours. Why target other women? Its high time the Government implements strict laws like other countries. They should be dealt with severe punishment like getting lashes in public view. Once this is done, no one will even dare to do such things. Just arresting them and letting them off on bail will do no good. Instead they will be more daring and come out and do the same thing or even worse. If the Government does not take any action NOW, then we ladies and our daughters will feel insecure in our own country.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:22:18 2009
Name:Bhaskar Balan
Petition:I do blame the government for encouraging acts of intolerance via violent methods. The recent incident is a reflection of what was ignored in the past 6 months starting from the violence against Churches. It is unbelievable that the central government had to step in for the state government to even acknowledge and take action. The current state government in Karnataka as well as anywhere else in India is incompetent in terms of providing fundamental right to live freely and express oneself. The concept of leadership is lost amongst Indian leaders as their inaction in such incidents is the bane of our society. The same goondaism is prevalent everywhere in our society. They might as well take out the word "secular" from our pledge as our politicians surely don't have the moral ethics, courage and commitment to protect it. At this point i can only hope that the society is sensitive towards the victim and support their recuperation.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:22:19 2009
Name:Dipti Jajurle
Petition:Such kind of groups should'nt be set free. They should be arrested. They no rights to take decisions for other women and to behave in such rediculous manner.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:22:29 2009
Name:neeraj jain
Petition:It is shameful act to beat & molest the girls sitting in Pub. Instead of doing moral policing why these people take up the civic problems & elimination crime from the society. If the 'sena' is so much concerned with the society, they should visit hospitals, courts, government offices, railway stations where the common man really need help of influential people in getting the work done. The youth who beat the girls were 'Psycs' who are jealous with the high society, at the most they could have requested the girls to wear clothes of Indian culture. Girls drinking beer/wines is no new matter in India, it is happening in India since history. The 'Sena' should be given strict sentence by court & written apology should be taken.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:22:35 2009
Petition:People who are taking law in their hands should be killed.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:23:06 2009
Name:R K Anand
Petition:I am an IT professional and always thought of Karnataka as a progressive state. The image has been shattered by this incident

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:23:21 2009
Petition:Rogue organizations like sri ram sene are definitely emboldened by the bjp government in bangalore. Though the government may not by supporting their causes, these organisations have a confidence that they would be let off. Local media channels, - who do not get any value or respect in the public - have also joined their hands with them for publicity. They are desparately trying to catch eye balls. I am sure, they will go with cameras even if their wives and mothers are molested. Because, it is the FREEDOM of media. If atleast 10 people stand up against a 40 member mob, it can make a difference. Because, everyone in the mob is a coward, gutless and sexually frustrated criminal, who has no guts to do anything alone. Sri ram sene members and leaders understand only violence. If all the college students in Mangalore come together (i am sure it would cross tens of thousands), and just march to their headquarters and give a taste of their medicine, probably next time they would think 10 times before molesting a girl. Or they might just get content with someone in their family.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:23:33 2009
Petition:women Hai To Kya Hua ? Galat To Galat Hai. Hindu Siskriti Ki raksha Karna Jyada Jaruru hai . Women Hai To Kya Galt kare To Bhi Gale Lag le Kya .

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:23:58 2009
Petition:I have been BJP supporter over the past, specifically great level of respects to Atal Ji. He has revolutionized and modernized India to great extent with competent developments during his tenure. I extremely condemn the recent incident at Mangalore, we understand that BJP does not have a direct involvement to it but it is imperative to eradicate these bad elements from the society which is eventually setting incompetent standards for BJP Govern state. You need to send out a stringent pragmatic message of zero tolerance to these type incidents. The progressive modernization of society enables individual rights and freedom with respects to every citizen.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:24:00 2009
Petition:Why rediff is silent on these crimes?? Medi si one sided/biased and media is playing politics and worse than politicians. Nun's under attack, No uproar - as it's not done by Sri Ram Sena! Thiruvananthapuram: Selective reporting and crucifying Hindu organisations is nothing new , Ironically on the same day as that of Mangalore pub attack, here back in Kerala an attack of similar kind in which women were targeted happened. Difference is that those under attack were Nuns, Not drunken and drug addict girls. The attackers targeted an orphanage, Not a Pub. The News havenít ignited any News Value! Yes , You are right Ė If a Nun is under attack usually our Media and Political leaders along with women right activist and Social activists will barge into scene of attack to shed crocodile tears Ė Then why this case havenít gain any attention of those vested interests? The clue to the question lies in who the attackers were! Ė Yes The Little Flower Convent in Njharakkal was attacked by the Church priest and other Church authorities! Sister Rais Rose(44) and Convent inmate Mariyakutty (46) is recovering in Govt. Hopital here. Dispute regarding the governance of Little Flower school resulted in this attack.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:24:03 2009
Name:Amol Yadav
Petition:No individual or group has the right to set itself up as arbiter of public behaviour. Even less does it have the right to take the law into its own hands, to enforce its unilateral diktat through acts of deliberate violence

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:24:13 2009
Petition:silent majority has to be come forward, againt these rediculash act--

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:24:41 2009
Name:Kiran Kumar N
Petition:Its a shame during the eve of our republic, the right of citizens of india is taunted by few hooligans who are self proclaimed savioyrs of indian tradition, Actually its the question which has to be raised at this penultimate moment"WHO GAVE THESE PEOPLE THE RIGHT TO MORAL POLICE US?". These few good-for-nothing people who want to take up the limelight, forget the basic hindu line that a man shoudl respect a woman and never insult her in public and abuse women in broad day light. I ask where are the women right and human right commision at this needed moment. Today it has happened in mangalore next it might happen anywhere the concerned governments to take action without bias and kill these organisations when they are weeds rather then suffering when it becomes a giant tree like its happening in Maharastra. Who ever may be the person behind should be mercilessly put behind bars and government should take a strong stand against such organisations. We need protection not moral policing. Who is at wrongnow women who were at pubs or so called hindu organisations which insulted women in public. Media people should also be held responsible for failing to inform police about the incident before hand, these cheap media people just to raise TRP's play with mora of a woman, would they have stood and captured the sameif the victim were their sisters or wifes? A responsible media would be the one which would have informed police and averted this shameless act. This incident has media and politicians directly involved, they should be arrested and taught a lesson.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:24:46 2009
Name:Saptarshi Roy
Petition:This kind of act should be condemed. Those culprits not only show their impotency but also corrupted the holy name of Lord Ram (The saviour of womenhood). Those culprits should be sent to the USA prison in Cuba where the talibans are kept by US govt. for torture. Some body ask those 40 goondas or the cheif of that organisation, wheather they are 100% perfect? wheather they know every thing about Indian culture, tradition and heritage? Wheather they can say a single sankrit line from Holy Vedas, Purans, Upanisads or Holy Gita. Those fanatics dont know their own religion, culture properly, they are dogs of dhobis who are neither Hindus (Ram senas) nor Indians not even from other religion, they are beast i.e also impotent beast.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:24:50 2009
Petition:they are not trying to do moral policing.. they just want to molest women.. for the sake of pleasure.. in the name of god.. they better go and do it with their female folks.. cheap idiots.. we must give a fitting reply to these road side dogs..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:24:55 2009
Petition:There is nothing wrong in punishing the wrongdoers man or woman. The pub culture should be surely attacked as it is not a civilized thing. Our country was more civilized until the muslims and britishers attacked us and put us back 1000s of years in terms of culture/civilization/poverty. We are still believing that what they taught us is civilization(of course there are some good things we have learnt but that is normal of any culture to have good and the bad and we are magnanimous in picking the good things from them). What we need to learn from western culture is orderliness, commitment, methods and processes built in everything we do. What we should not learn from them is drinking, non-vegism, selfishness(no family concept), cunningness, brutality uncivilized cultural practices like vulgar speaking, dancing, dressing etc. Both men and women should not drink due to health reasons. Especially women should avoid drinking and smoking since they need to carry the baby and it will affect the future generations' health. Having said that attacking women is not fair. But at the same time we cannot expect govt to do everything as they are bound by different peoples interest good or bad.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:25:23 2009
Petition: No unlawful means should be allowed to preserve the Indian culture.The womwn beaters should therefore be punished.Deccent protests should have been made.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:25:24 2009
Petition:It's certainly a kind of talibanisation which should never be allowed to happen in India. First and foremost action to be taken is the leaders of the group should be dealt with strongly so that it's followers learn their lesson. Though, you can not be PROACTIVE in this kind of circumstances, you should be REACTIVE IN A TIMELY MANNER. But, unfortunately, it has not happened. It's also high time we, the people of India, stop being mere spectators when this kind of incidents happen. If we can join our hands together, we can certain prevent these incidents.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:25:26 2009
Petition:Personal choices and public laws are different. When minority wants to impose its personal choices on the public we no longer are a democratic country but become fascist. Time to stop this NOW. Ram Sena, if you appreciate your views practise it, dont impose it, and dont break the law of the land. I dont know which culture allows attacks against women.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:25:33 2009
Name:saurav jalan
Petition:Dear CM It is your duty to see that the citizen of your state enjoys its fundamental right. No person has the right to curb other citizen right buy force. If you have a daughter, sister and ofcousre mother. Then bring those people to justice. Or elese you have no right to sit on the chair. And never sow your face to any woman.......

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:25:35 2009
Petition:Dear Sir, In case if you have forgotten, let me remind you that you are the leader of the government chosen by the people of your state. It is the duty of your government to maintain law & order in the state and see that such communal & radical outfits are not allowed to take the law into their hands. As a part of the world's largest democracy & as a leader of a democratic state government, it is your duty to check that a proper harmony exists in your state. What is the use of the law / constitution / police force etc. if such incidents are allowed to happen from time to time which not only harm a section of society but also lead to be a pre-cursor to something more shameful & unacceptable situation in future. Therefore, it is my humble request to you Sir to show these unwanted anti-social elements that no one is above the law. Please remember Sir, the voice of the people of your state or the country may not be audible to you in this regards, but I am sure that you can hear that one voice, which is the voice of your own conscience which knows what is right or wrong. Therefore Sir, please listen to your conscience and repay the faith shown by the people towards you. Regards, ToyBoy

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:25:40 2009
Name:Victor Zuzarte
Petition:I feel the police should be severe and should be able to create fear in the minds of such goons. The law should be more stricter and those responsible should be shot in public. Creating a fear for those who wish to take law in their own hands. And for the those of the group, I am sure ever God Ram would be embarrassed of the groups doing. Wonder whether Lord Ram would even be willing to consider these people his disciples. This group Ram Sena is actually tarnishing Gods image and subsequently tarnishing the religion. There are better ways to communicate your angst. I am sure, these people would be illitrates and jobless being blidfolded by their mentors.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:26:03 2009
Petition:If the Shri Ram Sena actions are justified, then why do we need you politicians to chair the postion you are elected for ? We all will set up our own oraganisation as per our belief's, culture and idiologies. We dont need any politicians or government and we too will go and trashup and beat all that is not as per our culture or religion or interest? Right Mr. CM. Why only conduct of women are under the scanner? Havnt men too changed with the change in times, why is their conduct or change not questioned? Is it only the women who are supposed to uphold the culture of India. And if the general public has compliants againt these so called pubs and their participents, why cant the parents themselve keep control on their children, why should they complain to organisation who are only working for publicity, new recuits, spreading violence and miss using their new found identies to carry our all types of atrocities, like eveteasing, molestation and prostitution. These organisation first must educate their representatives, in good conduct and a watch must be kept on them.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:26:33 2009
Petition:Those men who attacked the people in Amnesia, the Mangalore pub, are nothing short of TERRORISTS. And they should be dealt with as TERRORISTS. TERRORISTS come not only from Pakistan, but they exist in Mangalore also. And these TERRORISTS are shameless, attacking innocent women.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:26:45 2009
Name:Jayanta Mukherjee
Petition:Hi Friends, The BJP Govt of Karnataka should stop this immediately.It is a shameful act. Thanks, Jayanta

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:26:49 2009
City:New Delhi
Petition:Its pity that people have forgot the respect for women. They say that its against culture for women to drink. But do you think it is for culture to beat up the women. You speak about Hinduism , but do you know that in Hindu Myhthology, the women the given the most respect.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:26:52 2009
Petition:Mr.advani you have brought a shame to this country all over the world.and your Lt. Yuddi has spoiled ur chances and dream of becoming PM.if elections taken place bpj will lose badly in karnataka as we are fed up with bjp rule and the way goonda raaaj thriving.these all senas are nothing just exorting money from innccent people.what happened to the people who attacked churches.what action did your party take..I dontt think you are honest to the country and to ur self.change yourself if u realy want to bea PM of this great country. capt.cornelio

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:26:58 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:27:07 2009
Name:m. rajagaopal
Petition:After 60 years we have no freedam in our country and shame to karnataka govt.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:27:15 2009
Name:Nishith K. Mendon
Petition:What happened was the most disgusting of acts committed in public and this should be strongly condemned. I would suggest that such self proclaimed groups be totally banned and the law take up strong regulations on even formation of such groups. I would also suggest that these groups go and read about our indian culture fully where sex was very much accepted. We are a country known for Kamasutra. These people need to be reminded to "Make Love not War". Such joyless people are a big burden for progress of women in particular and the whole country in general. Morality and what is obscene is an individual choice and a person's right to live his/her life as per their own level of thinking has to be protected.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:27:28 2009
Petition:This should be targetted and tackled right now. Attacking people, be it some community or women, in the name of religion, community and/or gender should be answered in the same coin.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:27:37 2009
Petition:They are done good Job. Fathers are sending their childrens to study and not for Maja Masti.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:27:39 2009
Name:Narender Singh
City:New Delhi
Petition:These self styled "Thekedars" the so called enforcers of morality are the goondas of the highest order. They have no place in our society. They are advised to take care of their own daughters rather than bothering about the 'Samaj'. They should be given examplary punishment so that they don't dare to indulge in such acts in future. The likes of Ram Sene need to be dealt with an iron hand. The Centre and State Govts. don't deserve to govern us. If we don't curb such hooliganism in time, soon India will become another Talibani state. Wake up our shameless leaders: Stop playing politics & Start acting now. See the past record of this scoundrel who is self styled Chief of this Ram Sena. Now he wants to become the Chief Moralist. Who has given him this authority. Shameless character. Now he calls all the girls as his sisters and daughter. "Jail mein chakki peesne se dar raha hai. Pahle badi deeng maar raha tha."

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:29:09 2009
Petition:mangalore insident was shameful, outrageous, condemnable.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:29:53 2009
Name:Ajay Gupta
Petition:. Is man-handling women (or anybody) a part of Indian culture? . Who should define what I should wear, read, speak? Besides most of these guys were wearing jeans and shirt themselves that's indian right! . Who appointed these people the protector of the Hindu religion? . Aren't they terrorizing people the same way as the terrorists? I am a Hindu and a proud Hindu who beleives in the tenants of Hinduism. I beleive, I am more Hindu than the Sri Ram Sena followers and I feel ashamed of the these people. If they have the strength and power and following - why don't they engage in activities that will bring emancipation and uplift the weak and downtrodden and bring a better life to them. Please its my plea to my friends from Sri Ram Sena and other such organizations - help build a strong and peaceful nation and do your bit in acheiving that. You will go down in history not as hooligans but as inspiration for others.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:29:59 2009
Petition: All kinds of attacks on women should be dealt with very seriously. Particularly the heinous and brutal acts such as acid attacks, murder attempts on young women should be considered as severe crimes and the law should penalise offenders of such crimes with capital punishment.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:30:04 2009
Name:zafar s m
Petition:This kind of Hooliganism is totaly out of place in a democracy, These people to gain quick fame and recognition, unmindful of the scapegoats they make of innocent public. we should have stricter laws to deal with these organisations and a ban and a long jail term, will be the best compenstation for the humilation faced by the girls.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:30:04 2009
Name:Chitrak Gupta
Petition:India is a secular democracy. But it has rules which borders a Taliban regime. Here in Bangalore, all places shutdown at 11:30 p.m. There is no place where you can unwind. In India everyone drinks, but hypocrites that we are think drinking is bad. Give the government Babus a bottle of scotch and they are very happy. Yet, they are the ones to shout against liquor. What happened in Mangalore is a reflection of the times we live in. We strive to be a developed nation, but all in all, we are nothing but uncivilized brutes. We are morally corrupt and thus feel everyone else around is corrupt. That is the philosophy which foments groups like Ram Sene, to take up arms against harmless fun. And when did Ram had an edict of harming ladies? These poor souls do not even understand their own religion. And what to tell about our police. It is so true when everyone says, "rather go to a local gunda than a police station". Some goons come and beat up innocent people and the police goes and licks their feet of the dirt they gathered on their ways or stand at some road corner and harass some poor scooterist. Haven't we all respect for our lawmakers and law keepers. Probably that is why everyone is turning into a law-breaker.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:30:05 2009
Petition:I don't no what had happened. But taking law in to once own hands is not a good sign. But Law does't help either. hence this kind of things will occur & re occur. a good thing.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:30:19 2009
City:Karur District,Tamil Nadu.
Petition:The action like this shows how India is at present with rest out the worldÖ. if men can have smoking and drinks, why women alone should not have Ö. In democratic country men and women are equal but this action does not reflect the sameÖ so at least hereafter respective state government should take severe action against this rowdies groupÖand close the pubs etcÖ

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:30:22 2009
Name:raj malhotra
Petition:wat the hell are you doing..?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:30:27 2009
Petition:these hooligan people definetly get beaten by their wives whenever they goto a pub and have hard drink so they are doing this kind of beastful act in frustration. afterall women/girls should also have the same right in all aspects of life whether its our India or anywhere in the universe

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:30:48 2009
Petition:I feel that thsee klinds of *** should be hanged till death in public. They have no right to live and these people have bought dishonour and disgrace to the country. These kinds of people are good for nothing. They are burden of beast in this place and on this country.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:30:56 2009
Name:Jithin Tom Chacko
Petition:Dear Sir, Karnataka used to be the most cordial place for all types of people to come together and share ideas, be it Art, Culture or Business. We used to be proud of the fact that this state has got more freedom of expression than any state in India. But today I am ashamed of the state. How can we state that women are our "mothers" and at the same moment assualt them so brutally. What part of our culture are we displaying by abusing the freedom of expression. This is a crime against our fundamental rights and i urge you to do whatever it is in your power to bring these criminals to justice. Please render maximum punishment to these miscreants and ban these violence inducing outfits. I humbly urge you to make us proud again of the state we love so much. Regards, Jithin

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:30:59 2009
Name:Rupesh Jakhotiya
Petition:Hi, I'm a BJP supporter but still I condem such act and the guilty must be punished. BJP should not think this as a vote bank issue.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:31:04 2009
Petition:Before discussing all these feminism and liberty, just think of morality, values and behaviour. Drinking in a pub with boy friends is a symbol of cultured and civilised society? Hip hip hurrah? Absorb good things from the west. Discipline, honesty, selfless attitude etc. Drinking alcohols, dancing in a discothe, dating with boy friends would destroy the values and basic culture of our siciety. What sena rogues did was a blunder and unforgivable. Similarly, the behaviour of the teen aged girls is not either tolerable.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:31:04 2009
Petition:Does rediff support rapes and murders in Goa, Delhi etc as those states were ruled by CONgress? Why no petition was created for this and followed up with Delhi and Goa CM?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:31:12 2009
Petition:Hi, The constitution of India guarantees freedom to all its people to conduct their lives, practice their religion and beliefs, and does not differentiate based on caste, color or religion or region. The women of India or the women in India exercise this freedom guaranteed by the constitution. They are free to do the work they want, pursue the education they want, get married to any person of their choice, go out and come back at any point of time, visit any place of their choice and there is no judgement attached to this exercise of freedom. But incidents like these raise a question: DO YOU AS THE GOVERNMENT ALLOW THE WOMEN TO "FEEL" FREE? The women will freel free only when you take action - to prevent India from becoming another nation where morals are preached and forced down your throat. Please, if you are in doubt, read the Constitution of India and judge for yourself whether you are doing the right things for the country and its people. Regards Aditya

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:31:20 2009
Petition:Talibanisation of India is not a proper activity for patriotic Indians. Do not play with Ram and his name just because Ram had made Sita do fire test twice suspecting her to be spoiled by Ravana. Now you are suspecting Mangalore girls to do imoral activities and pull these girls by hair. Are you RSS family progeny of Dushshsana from Mahabharata who puled Draupadi by hair? Dalits of India hate Ram and BJP for their making Ram into God. You will get the results of this in the next elections when all dalits will vote against you. Christians already hate Ram sena and BJP for desecrating their churches. Who will vote for you? Muslims hate you for demolishing Babri masjid and the true Hindus are never for you.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:31:39 2009
Petition:How can this happen, and who are they to take such actions? I cant believe that our CM/Govt is taking so much time to take a simple decision of punishing those goons who abused the young women.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:31:45 2009
Name:Geeta Haribal
Petition:I am a Kannadiga and till a few days ago felt proud to say so , content in the belief that I come from a 'tolerant, cultured 'state. the recent episode has left me shattered and dumbstruck. How can such a thing happen and why was no action taken immediately? Instead I heard claims of sabotage being made by opposition parties to descredit the ruling government! Disgusting! Give us a break!! Even if that were the case, then the ruling government could have redeemed itself in everyone's eyes, by turning around and acting tough without dilly dalling for a minute! As for the goons who perpetrated this act... 'WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHAT WOMEN MUST DO?' We live in a democratic country which has given all of us - including women - of choice. So stop this lunacy and expend all the extra zest and energy that you may have on something more worthwhile like educating poor kids and helping them lead better lives.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:31:56 2009
Petition: It is time that such things are nibbed in the bud,no dilly-dallying,straight frighten them so massively so that nobody will ever dare attempt such acts in future.Keep writing,build a huge public opinion against.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:32:14 2009
Petition:Your news says the attacked were 'improperly dressed' and 'behaving immodestly. then it says we could be next. So I make my understading that you are so much worried because you do the above two misconducts. First of all learn to respect the society and get treated for your mental disorders, like exhibitionism and wicked characters. Before acting counter moral policing, you try to get councelling for yourself. In my opinions, the drug adict pub goes should be put in to dark rooms till their death so that society is trouble free. Just slapping them was quite insufficient.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:32:24 2009
Petition:The extremists right wing groups should be banned for life by the Government immediately. The enforcement of law and order is the sole responsibility of the State. Irrespective of the political party in power, such henious attacks on the public should attract stern action from the judicial and law enforcing authority and suitable legislation should be enacted forthwith which would instil a semblance of security in the minds of the public.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:32:43 2009
Petition:I think these people should be taken to task. We shouldnt tolerate such kind of behaviour. These so called moral policing should be treated with iron fist. These are goons with political help torturing people.who are they to decide what is right and wrong.Ask them to keep track of their house and not society. There are agencies meant for that.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:32:57 2009
Name:Amit Tyagi
Petition:All those who were invoved should be punished in public without going thru leagal trails and should be punished by the sufferer.So that next time all those who try to be moral police should know the consequences of their misendeavor.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:32:58 2009
Name:Leopold Menezes
Petition:These people should impose their views and opinions on their own mother,wife,daughters and sons.They dont have any right to hit other persons daughters or sons and impose their stupid views.Everyone in India has right to enjoy and such groups who terrorise and use violence for imposing their personal views should be dealt severly and be put behind bars for life.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:33:32 2009
Name:Munmun Nath
City:Brussels, Belgium
Petition:If we don't speak now, the day wouldn't be far when goons like these turn India into the new Taliban ! Karnataka is considered to be a safe place for women to work. I have worked in Bangalore for 2 years and never ever faced a issue like this before. I request you to please ensure that Karnataka maintains its reputation as a good state for women to work and live with their heads held high!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:33:51 2009
Name:Reena Sharma
Petition:Referering the above para , i must say, we should not keep silence, since the way how they acted on the situation is Exclusively Wrong. Even i was watching a debate between NGO supporting women rights & President of RAM SENA, The person who was representing, was acting foolishly and was not able to face the situation with appriopriate manner,clearly expresses that, they dont have appropriate sentences to support the action which they have made. RAMA SENA should first find out their motives behind their organisation, THEY DONT KNOW THE ACTION PLAN FOR THEIR business, How should they know that, how to dress women herself, instead of going to pub and beating the women , they should first go to sandalhood and hit the heroins. Since the pubs are declared the pewrsons who are entering must be over 18 years, who are well matured for their ages. Who has given the guts to them to execute this act. In Short this kind of acts must & should meet hard punishments, to prevent the same in future or else they feel thay are winged for next such kind of henious act with some other object. Such act can be similarsed with TALIBAN, where particular group thoughts are forcefully applied on the majority people. The appropriate solution for the current situation is PUNISHMENT PUNISMENT & PUNISHMENT I would appreciate, if somebody gives an opputunity to address the issue.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:35:08 2009
Petition:Whole heartedly I welcome this invitation to protest against such uncivilized behaviour.Is our tradition is to INSULT AND MOLEST WOMEN? Pub culture was also not there in western societies in the recent past. But things keep on changing with the changing world. I have seen young boys and girls drinking & dancing to modern tunes in a country like Iraq, way back in 1977. The civilised society must protest against such uncouth behaviour very strongly since such fascism is on the rise. Otherwise we shall meet the same fate as happened in Hitler's Germany. This reminds me of a famous saying of a German Reverand, who died in Nazi jail. He said,"First they came for the trade uniniosts;I did not protest as I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the communists and I did not protest as I was not a communist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not protest as I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and nobody protested as nobody was left. Regards S.P.Mitra

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:35:43 2009
Petition:If by beating up girls who went to pub is the solution to saving our Indian culture, then where did one find such scriptures that explains that if a women has done wrong, they should be beaten up in public....?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:35:47 2009
Name:Antara Ray
Petition:I strongly protest whatever has been happening in the name of 'protection of traditions'. Its surprising to see even the police doesn't take any action whenever there is any political party involved. Is politics above the law?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:35:57 2009
Name:Gaurav Kumar
Petition:I would suggest a STRICT action to be taken against people and groups like these. Their acts are just against the very essence of India and democracy which we all believe in. Nobody has the right to dictate his opinions on others. If they have any problems, they should go to courts and take proper democratic steps. Since these people have supports of political parties, it is up to us and Judiciary to step in and have more stringent laws against such behaviour.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:36:20 2009
Name:Babu N Pillai
Petition:This is a chance to reach voice of normal citizen of India to make their commence on serious issues. In my opinion our youngesters, mostly high profile background girls and boys, are going through a western ways to live their life only due to excess money overflowing and they are not giving any value of our country's own living style and they took middle level people also to this way and damage their life. We, Indians should respect our own standard of living and appreciate and inspirate youngesters to live with this world class no.1 Hindustani Style of life. No parents will wish to do such practices by their child. So we have to make some compaign in school & College level against use of wines & liquor. The way owned by the Shriram Sena is not a solution to this issue and I appeal them to not behave like this in future. We all Indians will be with those who will oppose in a passionable way to keeping out good values. Jain Hind. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:36:22 2009
Petition:Is going to Pub is illegal in India. Who are they to dictate what one should do what not. India has become a gooncracy and contry has no control over vandlists. This is another kind of terrorism. This must be curbed. Ram Sena, Bajarang Dal, MNS in Maharashtra is doing the same thing. After keeping quit for some time MNS has started it's activities again. These are just a bunch of people (Attention seekers) interested in all this. People sitting in power either don't care or have some interest if these elements are raised. We must gather in large numbers to protest of these guys across the country, so as we did in case of Mumbai terror attacks and try to shake state and central govts.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:36:22 2009
Name:Abhishek Khandelwal
Petition:Kill all these dogs, so it will be an example for others before taking such unlawful steps.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:36:35 2009
Petition:The accident is horrible.... The government have to take an strict action against the culprit..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:36:39 2009
Name:Julie Sharad
Petition:I think it is hard to even think that in the name of God, people are doing this to one another. It is shame to mankind as this could leave a permanent scar on people effected by this incident. Please punish these culprits and think that the girls effected as your own daughters and sisters.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:37:01 2009
Petition:Are we living in India ?? Administrator i.e. CM of the state has to answer this question. Only general public is harassed by these goons and sufferer. Maximum punishment should be served on these.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:37:30 2009
Name:Shadab Mallick
Petition:This is a horrendous act. They inflict a sense of hatred among people and we like idiots follow their idologies. Please call for an immediate ban on these organisations if we as a society wants to prosper.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:37:37 2009
Petition:Hello CM of Karanataka, Of late we citizens of Mangalore are witnessing the city being taken into ransom by a handful of hooligans for one reason or another.The government does not seem to be fulfilling its promise made to the people of protecting the Law and Order. I request you to look into the matter.People want development as an issue not sentiments of hatred against each other which the so called protectors of culture are trying to propagate. Please bring Mangalore and Karnataka back to its glory days and make it an example of brotherhood and peace. Please resepect every section of society and do developement activities.You will see for yourself how people will reward you in next election also. Please dont let us down. Thank you.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:37:43 2009
City:adelaide, australia
Petition:you all are sick people.... to have let this happen.....snd your most salable commodity is not your lies, but your idea of god.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:38:09 2009
Petition:what a shame !!!!!!!!!! are we living in a democratic country or are we heading for nazism in india ????????? for sure, this cannot be tolerated. these goons, in the guise of moral police [ selfappointed, of course], went on outraging the modesty of our sisters n daughters, and the govt. was sitting tight??????? SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! kindly punish these offenders in league with the rape sentence, as this was not less than a rape of our democratic rights !!!!!!!!!!!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:38:14 2009
Name:Sunil Barretto
Petition:Dear Mr Chief Minister, Shame on You. I suggest you go and stay with your cousins in Afghanistan. Regards Sunil Barretto

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:38:38 2009
Petition:This Violance against the girls is rediculas. this is their life their wish to go cos they are 18 and above they have all rights to go. Their parents has to take care not the unknown persons. Slaping a girl itself an offence they Hurted them very hard they have to punished.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:38:42 2009
Name:Sri Ram Sene supporter
Petition:It is amusing to see the silly indignation and funny outcry after some scantily dressed alcoholic girls got what they derserved -- a few slaps. Had their parents taken notice and acted earlier, this day would not have come. Now, let us talk about the whole legality and morality issue that all the leftists/secular wierdos have been harping about. How come no action is taken when a Karunanidhi makes outrageous insults against Hindu scriptures and deities? How come all the Govt machinery is diverted chasing a bunch of Hindutva dudes instead of killing jehaadi terrorists? How come nobody asks why groups like Sri Ram Sena act this way? Fact is, Hindus are scared. They get ridiculed, coerced to convert, maimed, and killed in their own land. Their culture and way of life is in jeopardy. This has been happening for centuries. When they scream for justice, they are asked to shut up in the name of secularism. Not surprisingly, Hindu patience is running out.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:38:55 2009
City:Rae Bareli
Petition:I would like to say to the elected govt that they should not allow such self claimed moral police to act above law. I would also like to know what serious action govt takes against such doers, otherwise, general public would start constuing that whole such activities were done in connivance with govt and govt should no more be allowed to continue.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:38:55 2009
Name:Prof. Gita Bamezai
City:New Delhi
Petition:In India people respond to events with a mob kind of psyche, with no mind and restraint. As some one said that 'a mob has many heads but no brains'! Political will translated into civil and administrative actions at all levels is to be seen and not just heard. At the citizen level we need to ensure that not only we protect our rights but also become a participant in ensuring civil rights are protected. Every citizen has a role and especially those who are manning administrative positions must be seen doing justice. Women in India will never get Justice even when we have a woman at the top position since we have never treated women with respect at home or given them their due.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:39:33 2009
Name:Koushik Dey
Petition:Any such incidence which seeks to curb individual freedom needs to be condemned and deplored. Whether it is women or men every individual has the fundamental right to lead his life through law full means and no group or political party in name of religion or any other pretext should intervene. Mangalore pub incident is highly deplorable and groups like Ram sena should be banned immediately. If groups like Ram Sena really want to protect Indian ethos and culture let them work against more serious issue that every indian faces today like Terrorism, Gender Bias, Poverty, Education, Illiteracy etc etc. We as Citizens of India should teach all those Political parties a strong lesson who ever is associated with such groups by Voting against them.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:40:06 2009
Name:Anupam Sharma
Petition:It is our life,we live in a free country,whe have every right to wear whatver we want, to drink as we please,to hang out at our favorite places,this is not taliban,these goons and hoodlums have no right to infringe upon out lives our privacy.these people who are talkong about india culture do they have any idea about it. i am sure none of them is even matriculate & searching for jobs, hence they have nothing better to do. we know how to manage our lives,its a free country,its OUR life,buzz off and find a job for yourself.What they are not afraid of is western culture but power slipping from their hands because kamasutra is taught by our culture

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:40:09 2009
Name:Tashfeen Khan
Petition:The reason sighted by the party involved, as per the papers, was to take corrective moral action against the women in the society and to prevent them from being misled. How come they perceive hitting women as a corrective action. There should be proper justice meted out to the people who take law in their own hands. So that it acts as an example for people to think before indulging in such immoral behaviours.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:40:22 2009
Name:Shibashish Mukherjee
Petition:I do hope the CM understands that the entire country is watching, and after 26/11 a lot of the apathetic citizens will actually vote in the coming Lok Sabha elections. What happened is shameful. However, this is also an excellent opportunity to set an example for India. The law must take its own course, but it must be helped substantially by the law enforcing agencies: Let the local police play an exemplary role in finding evidence and presenting it correctly, forcefully and timely, thus faciliating the process of justice, without favor or bias and without interference from the powers that be.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:40:24 2009
Name:Anupam Sharma
Petition:It is our life,we live in a free country,whe have every right to wear whatver we want, to drink as we please,to hang out at our favorite places,this is not taliban,these goons and hoodlums have no right to infringe upon out lives our privacy.these people who are talkong about india culture do they have any idea about it. i am sure none of them is even matriculate & searching for jobs, hence they have nothing better to do. we know how to manage our lives,its a free country,its OUR life,buzz off and find a job for yourself.What they are not afraid of is western culture but power slipping from their hands because kamasutra is taught by our culture

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:40:47 2009
Petition:Set up a dress code who enters into pub, as some of them behaves the pub as their bedroom and they are certified to do anything they like to do.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:40:50 2009
Petition:When there is quarrel between drunken and normal people, whoever mistake is, Always they beat drunken irrestpective of man OR WOMEN. Same thing has happened. This is very general and common thing that is happening over years. Why you want to change all of a sudden. If you support, tommorow, men will drunk , if they are beaten up for their mistake , they will always coat this instance. So ignore this episode and don't waste time of energy of others. If media wants , let them keep discuss in their homes.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:42:01 2009
Name:L Fernandes
Petition:At last after 200 days in office our dear CM seems to be taking action against the no moral/decency sangh parivar organisations like rama beema senes. It is a awakening call to him and I hope he will keep it during his tenure. I wish him all the best.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:42:02 2009
Name:anbudan BALA
Petition:This sort of Goondaism must be put down with an iron hand. New Laws should be made to ensure that these Goondas languish in jail for a considerable period of time for offences like these. If the cost to bear, in terms of penalty, is high, they will not even think of perpetrating such atrocious acts of violence. Violence against women should be condemned in the strongest possible manner as they are physically weaker. One can very well imagine the plight of women folks belonging to these goons' families :-( Who are these barbarians to determine what is modest for women to wear? What do these idiots know about Hinduism? Truth is, these so called protectors of our culture and religion may not even heard of Ramayana and Mahabharath !!! These male chauvinist demons (calling themselves Ram sena) are spoiling the name of Lord Rama and Hinduism which is built on Pluralism and Tolerance. There is no difference between these Goons and the Taliban. The Media must not give these goons undue publicity by interviewing them live on NEWS channels.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:42:02 2009
Name:K Sreenivasan
Petition:If drinking is bad per se, why are men allowed to drink and not women? These organisations who take it on themselves to enforce so called codes of conduct should be banned, their leaders and their goons jailed for a life time.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:42:27 2009
Petition: Sir, I am verymuch thankfull to you for the opportunity given to me. Only the media in our country will give human values to the real human beings. the TIMES NOW, INDIA TV & HEADLINES TO DAY ( I USE TO SEE THIS REGULARLY) EXPOSED the unjustice done to the innocent ladies. if thesse things not restricted definately they will RAPE and justify in future. sir, nobody to allow law and order into thier own hands. then what for police, courts and jails are in the country. this is not Taliban ruling state. this is democtatic country . To get people alert in our country the TV MEDIAS AND NEWS PAPERS are very important role to play. We dont have faith any in political party. We believe if India want to improve your sincere effort is vital.shivarajm

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:42:34 2009
Petition:This cowards are more dangerous than the terrorists...

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:42:54 2009
Petition: That all girls are not from local, They all from outsider & from rich family, I seen their cloths & dress on NDTV. They are half naked. These type of girl & boys beheviours not good for local area or city. So whatever SHRIRAM SENA did its absolutary right. Come on SHRIRAM SENA, You did the right job. We need to show that we, the silent majority in this country, do not support such acts JAY SHRI RAM, Vande Mataram Jay Hind

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:43:07 2009
Petition:we stay in a democratic country & we have our own rights "This is India & not mini thaliban"

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:43:07 2009
Name:anbudan BALA
Petition:This sort of Goondaism must be put down with an iron hand. New Laws should be made to ensure that these Goondas languish in jail for a considerable period of time for offences like these. If the cost to bear, in terms of penalty, is high, they will not even think of perpetrating such atrocious acts of violence. Violence against women should be condemned in the strongest possible manner as they are physically weaker. One can very well imagine the plight of women folks belonging to these goons' families :-( Who are these barbarians to determine what is modest for women to wear? What do these idiots know about Hinduism? Truth is, these so called protectors of our culture and religion may not even heard of Ramayana and Mahabharath !!! These male chauvinist demons (calling themselves Ram sena) are spoiling the name of Lord Rama and Hinduism which is built on Pluralism and Tolerance. There is no difference between these Goons and the Taliban. The Media must not give these goons undue publicity by interviewing them live on NEWS channels.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:43:21 2009
Name:Sachitanand Bhatt
Petition: The incident has bought forward the worst of the so called saffron moral brigades. Moral depravity. It is nothing but a case of exploiting the sexual frustration in the men, combined with their feeling of failures to succed economically by equally depraved leaders of fringe groups like Ram Sena. Though the BJP has publicly distanced itself from this act, theinactionby the Police(as shownby TV footage) needs explanation. It is not beliveable that theRamSena does not have the Patronage of te BJP in Karnataka. Sachitanand Bhatt

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:43:30 2009
Name:Joseph D'Lima
Petition:Dear Yeddyurappa, If you are really concerned about people of Karnataka then take stern action all those people who donít respect laws of the nation. No one should be allowed to take law into their own hand and nobody is allowed to misuse political powers to terrorize people. Those who talking about culture of India should first learn how to respect women.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:43:40 2009
Name:Ashish Menon
Petition:I think what these goons did was something disgusting. If there was somebody's sister in that pub would he have done that. This is utter nonsense and no bullshit RAM SENA can give a dictat to people. Like the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, they are also trying to divide India. These people are nothing but a piece of scrap. They have done something which has put all the country into shame. They should be immediately arrested and made to apologise to the girls with whom they misbehaved and then sent to jail for the demeanour act. I also applaud the boy who tried to save these girls single handedly. This should be a lesson for others who did nothing but watch everything as mute spectators. Regards Ashish Menon

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:43:52 2009
Name:anil gil
Petition:We not only condemn this irresponsble act on the part of these hooligans but also question the government for not doing much to discourage these kind of acts very strongly. We cannot and will not bow down to these mad people who openly display a primitive mentatality that needs to be checked and permanently stopped once and for all.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:43:52 2009
Name:k bir kumar singh
Petition:that forty people should be braught to justice. They have no right to be moral police for the society, let the soceity decide what soceity will do.They must get punishment before the same incident recurs again somewhere in some new form and it becomes indian TALIBAN

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:44:06 2009
Petition: One of the interesting facts to note is that these self styled moral police are talking about Indian culture and moral responsibilities! Can they protest against ANTI-INDIA activities in and around Mangalore or catch any one? NO THEY CANNOT! Potentially because they have no courage to do so, rather they go rampant, hit out and harass helpless girls. Everyone has a right to exercise their right to freedom and lead their ways of life. This attack is simply an unprovoked act of violence by some self-styled goondas for whom the only opinion on moral conduct that matters isÖ THEIRS! I hope the women, human right activists, student activists, everyone wake up and fight for their rights, protest till they are brought to book before political parties start playing their cards and dilute the issue. It is agonizing to see political leaders of BJP comment that this is a small issue. I fail to understand if BEATING UP WOMEN a small issue in this country, then what is the extent of irresponsibility these Politicians can stoop to? These people have no place in this society and should be brought to justice; the punishment meted out to them should be so harsh that others will think twice before they attempt such heinous acts again. If nothing is done, it will only lead to further distress and more such acts will continue to occur and prevent people from leading their lives. Being one of the worldís largest democracies, we must take pride in our plurality and respect the right of every man and woman to lead a life of their choice. Only then we can truly achieve progress. WEED THESE OUTFITS without mercy!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:44:19 2009
Petition:My request is to take action against those TV channels who are blowing a small incident out of proportion with an intention to defame BJP and other Hindutva organizations.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:44:19 2009
Name:Tanya Sinha
Petition:I am so sick n tired of the moral police ! Who do they think they are? God? Who gives them a right to tell me what kind of clothes should I wear or which place should I visit? Its my body, I can cover it till the extent I feel comfortable. I mean come on , wouldnt wear a next to nothing on the roads but even if girls wear jeans they get commented upon . If they think its bad to wear jeans , its in their minds, in their sick thoughts , theres nothing wrong in it ! I have been to Mexico for over a year and I have seen girls wearing very revealing tops which men dont even notice.No one comments on then or shouts on the streets. Such women take a taxi alone at 3 am in the street and reach home safe and sound ! Unbelievable right? Its does happen. I have seen it and done it.We destroy pulic property on valentines day saying its western culture to express our love , what about the ajanta and elora paintings? What about the kamasutra? They are a part of the Indian culture too ! Why dont we destroy them? We think talking about sex is a taboo then why do we have the second largest population in the world ? Can they answer that?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:44:21 2009
Petition:Why is the GOVT afraid to ban all these useless orgs like MNS,Ram Sena? Even God Ram would have felt ashamed of what is done on behalf of HIS name.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:44:38 2009
Name:Vanita Khanna
Petition:I cannot believe our politicians are doing "Nothing" about this episode. We want them to make it visible how they have treated these 'criminals'. These hooligans have put fear in our women and now these hooligans should know what 'fear' is, what 'punishment' is for their deeds. They are speaking of westerninsing the Indian culture. They were themselves so westernised in their dressing. They should be publicaly octrasized and made to slog for the rest of their lives.... This internal terrorism should be dealt with more force and ensure the country is united to fight the external terrorism. Heartfelt emotions.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:44:42 2009
Petition:I hate those persons, If it was men or women, who are they? If they love to the country and culture, I want to ask them if they will go to the border and fight... They can only fight inside the country.. Where are they when mumbai was in trouble 26/11?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:44:59 2009
Name:vicky Aneja
Petition: This is big shame for BJP govermnet they don;t have manners how to deal with people how to respect woman how to deal with youth people i personally says people don;t try be Taliban of india be a humen being deal with right way and make beautifull india we r india we are one . Jay hind. Vicky

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:45:12 2009
Name:Sudheer Hullemane
Petition:There is only one way to react to this monstrosity of "Ram Sena" volunteers. First of all, the name "Ram Sena" is a total misnomer. If they had even understood 1% of what Lord Rama stood for his principles and values, these "Ravanas" in the guise of "Rama Sena" wouldn't have committed such acts. "Ravana Sena" is certainly the name they should be carrying for their group. Responding to such vulgar behavior in same manner (hitting, throwing, breaking) will just strengthen such causes - so please don't use the same medicine/poison used by the perpetrators. Take every step, using every means - Media, News paper, TV Ads, Bollywood stars, spiritual gurus - anything/everything, to catch all such VHP/*Sena/radical organizations' attention, highlighting only one fact - By resorting to such actions, they are becoming one and same as their much hated/despised cultural opposites - THE TALIBAN.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:45:22 2009
Name:Sameer Kumar
Petition:No one should do the moral policing except Elected Government. Let their be law if something is not correct.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:45:22 2009
Name:Kundan Yadav
City:Bangkok, Thailand
Petition:To whom it concern.I am from Thailand and I am really shocked on viewing this horified actions on the news channels. I fail to understand what the Central Govt. or State Govt. is doing? We cant blame this to any plitical party like BJP or it allies like RSS or Bajrang Dal, etc. Its not happen for the first time. Few years back, Bajrang Dal had done the same thing on Valentine Day. Our Central Govt. had failed to take actions against these hooligans. People like Raj Thakarey, Munna Bajarangi, etc are openly challenging the Writ of the Govt. and our Govt. is doing nothing. This really encouraged these people to do again and again. If no stern actions are being taken against these people, days are not far when our India becomes FATA of Pakistan. My suggestion is that the Central Govt. should pressurize the state Govt. to take some concreate actions. If the State Govt. fail to take any action, Central Govt. had all power to take actions against these hooligans which will definitely appreciate by all the people. Its the duty of the Central Govt. to protects its people. I am Hindu and I really feel proud of my religion. But these people are giving bad image of Hinduism.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:45:44 2009
Petition:First let me state that I DO NOT condone the self appointed moral policing and bullying by the Sri Rama Sena. They would have better served their and Indiaís cause by working against the evangelican assault of India. All they are doing is driving the ignorant, self flaggelating Hindus into the arms of the anti-Hindu forces that are entrenched in the ELM. But what is amazing is how this one incident has been taken and re-spun as if the whole country was under serious threat of take over by the Sri Rama Sena. Excuse me, even in Pakistan which is for the most part already under the direct diktat of the Taliban you dont see this whipped-up paranoia. How come when Tasleema was assaulted by elected Muslim goons at a public function in Hyderabad you, the Indian Govt and the rest of the ELM never felt so outraged. Perhaps because she was attacked by the converted descendants of the This kind of goebellian, artificial, exaggerated, 24 by 7 assault on Hinduism is typical of the ELM under the Vatican government at the helm in New Delhi. So I am using this forum not to protest against the lesser evil of Sri Rama Sena's flawed moral policing but against the treacherous attack on Hinduism by the Talibans of the ELM.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:46:01 2009
Name:Akhil Sharma
Petition:those who think by molesting women and forcefully impose hinduism are just foolish nough not to understand that once a person suffers such a humiliation at the hands of self styled dharamgurus, will never like to return to that religion. If the victims are from same religion, they might even contemplate moving to other religions, which offer them more respect. No religious leader in this world, whether it is Lord Ram, Baba Nanak, Gautam Buddha or Prophet Mohammad has been able to spread his thoughts and religion by imposing his thoughts on the people. Infact all of them have taught in an inviolent way and have been able to establish such great religions in this world.The fanatics who attacked the women, their ideas will soon die their own death and they will get lost in history mysteries

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:46:01 2009
Name:Akhil Sharma
Petition:those who think by molesting women and forcefully impose hinduism are just foolish nough not to understand that once a person suffers such a humiliation at the hands of self styled dharamgurus, will never like to return to that religion. If the victims are from same religion, they might even contemplate moving to other religions, which offer them more respect. No religious leader in this world, whether it is Lord Ram, Baba Nanak, Gautam Buddha or Prophet Mohammad has been able to spread his thoughts and religion by imposing his thoughts on the people. Infact all of them have taught in an inviolent way and have been able to establish such great religions in this world.The fanatics who attacked the women, their ideas will soon die their own death and they will get lost in history ysteries

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:46:01 2009
Name:Akhil Sharma
Petition:those who think by molesting women and forcefully impose hinduism are just foolish nough not to understand that once a person suffers such a humiliation at the hands of self styled dharamgurus, will never like to return to that religion. If the victims are from same religion, they might even contemplate moving to other religions, which offer them more respect. No religious leader in this world, whether it is Lord Ram, Baba Nanak, Gautam Buddha or Prophet Mohammad has been able to spread his thoughts and religion by imposing his thoughts on the people. Infact all of them have taught in an inviolent way and have been able to establish such great religions in this world.The fanatics who attacked the women, their ideas will soon die their own death and they will get lost in history mysteries

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:46:15 2009
Name:Roshan D
Petition:I am really saddened by what has happened in Mangalore. These people represent the worst of Indian culture and tolerance. We need to act quickly and with a heavy hand to ensure that they never get out of prison in Exemplary action so that no one else will ever dare to dream of making India into an Afghanistan. I think the women should blacken their faces, make them ride donkeys and take them around the city where common people can throw eggs and tomatoes at them. How dare they dream of taking the law into their hands? There should be exemplary action. That is my petition

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:46:19 2009
Name:Ashish Menon
Petition:I think what these goons did was something disgusting. If there was somebody's sister in that pub would he have done that. This is utter nonsense and no bullshit RAM SENA can give a dictat to people. Like the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, they are also trying to divide India. These people are nothing but a piece of scrap. They have done something which has put all the country into shame. They should be immediately arrested and made to apologise to the girls with whom they misbehaved and then sent to jail for the demeanour act. I also applaud the boy who tried to save these girls single handedly. This should be a lesson for others who did nothing but watch everything as mute spectators. Regards Ashish Menon

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:46:26 2009
Name:Shankari Singh
City:New Delhi
Petition:This is ridiculous whatever is happened, I cant think of happening such a incident, that the women is beaten publicaly and there is no one to ask. I think i have heared this for first time that womens are beaten for having drinks. Who are the basteds to do such incidents. If the govenrmnet has any problem they can put a ban on drinking on women, the restaurant should not supply liquior to women, but who are these basteds to do such a idiotic incidents. I am really shocked to hear that these kind of incident is happening in our democrotic country. If the basteds has nothing to do tell them to fight with the terroists which india is facing tremendously instead of doing such a foolish kind of things. And I am really worried about our govt that they are allowing such a incidents, the govt should arrest the people who were involved in this and the particular partie should be banned for ever to do such kind of incidents.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:46:31 2009
Petition:This must stop here.The hooligans should be in jail for at least few years.The Karnataka C.M must own tne resposibility

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:46:50 2009
Name:Terence Lewis
Petition:Dear Cheif Minister, This is to tell you that we have had enough of this hooliganism from offshoots of political parties like the Shiv Sena, the Navnirman Sena and the Ram Sena and a host of other Sena's and other organisations who use religion to supress the Indian people. These people cannot control our lives. For us there is only one Sena and that is the Bhartiya Sena(Indian Army). Let me remind you that this is a democracy. If you fail to heed what the indian people have to say now. We will remind you during the elections with our verdict. Misuse of power to try and supress the very people who have elected you is not acceptable. Hope you have the good sense to heed this request now as later this could turn into a storm which could be very difficult for you to handle and could result in total decimation of the politicians who practice this dirty brand of politics. These people should be summarily punished in public and an example made of them to others, so that others dare not take this path in future. Yours Sincerely An Indian.Terence Lewis

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:46:59 2009
Petition:While I deplore all attacks on women,I request all of them to wear descent and not very revealig dress,all news chhanels not to project them as sex objects,all newspaper not to publish obscene pictures.All of them are guilty in equal measure.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:01 2009
Petition:This is one of kind incident happened in small town in India. The English media is making a big hype of it for political gains. By this one of incident English media got a stick is to fulfil its agenda of tarnishing anything to with Hinduism. There are hundreds of violations against happening all across India against women, children and underprivileged people, have the media ever conducted a canvassing like this? This is an incident happened between alcoholics and some hooligans. By making a campaign like this are you supporting the rampant alcoholism in the youth? Shame on irresponsible Indian Media.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:07 2009
Petition:Dear Sir, I think there is lot of opposition people who may be oppose your way of ruling. But I am always in side of you.In this case I think oppositions people hand is there.Just look at that shetty who is the member of Ramsena and try to find out what his motive behind this attack or he want to start his own pub by closing down existing one. I know that it is not in our culture that womans are enjoying in pub by drinking or dancing voulgarly, please make strict rule for that. I always with you and I pray to my god to give you full strength to give clear and justify government to the people of KARNATAKA From where I hails from. God bless you.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:22 2009
Name:Preet Grewal
Petition:The law should be strict. No body or organisation has right to struck any body's freedom. The culprits should be identified and strong actions to be taken against them so that nor could challenge common people's freedom of living. Every person has right to live their own. These so called Ram sewaks are just trying to be famous while their own sisters, mothers are going to pubs and having friends of all type. Punish them really hard to learn them and like other organisations a lession to avoid future mishapenings. They should not be survived. They should be replid same as they behaved with innocent women.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:34 2009
Petition:The entire world is watching us 24*7. The world will think that we are still in stone age. Let us be civilised first then we will think about religion, caste, region. Barbaric behaviour is not going to take us any where in the civilised world. Selective enforcement of law in this country can not go on for ever. Every Indian shoud be ashamed for Magalore incidence.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:38 2009
Name:Krisna Swami
Petition:Hon'ble CM, In my opinion, the media is making un-necessary hue and cry on this particular issue.Please focus your attention on the bigger issues and ignore it.My straight Q to the people who are raising this issue is that whether they will allow their daughters/sisters to hang around pubs to enjoy the alcoholic drinks and drugs?? This kind of trend is simply suicidal for the society at large and people who resisted it should be applauded by the parents of those girls.Moreover, if there was some physical push, it was ought to happen because if they could have approached by folded hands to leave that venue, I am sure, those girls could have not. At last,I request you to get the subsidy amount for CET (2006)Higher payment seat released at the earliest which is pending for last two years. With regards, Swami

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:40 2009
Petition:I want to raise my voice when ever I will find the situation like this because no body will be allowed to became the self styled guardian of ours. We should not sit silently and to depend on the govermnent to do the needful, because they are the main culprit. They will never take hard action against them because they have to depend on them for election. But specially I am conveying my suggestion to Mr. Yedurrappa that people have given you vote for the good governance not these holigans.if you think so then it will be the last turn for the BJP in the Karnataka. I also appeal people to karanataka raise your voice against these TALIBANI don't allow our country to became.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:42 2009
Petition:I just want to tell that the people who had done such kind of foolish thing it's not fair only to gain name and fame, who had given the rights to this idiots to beat normal innocent people, and this politians they itself visit the red alert areas like pub, ladies beer bar and so on, they too enjoy this things but behind the scene. First up all they fill their pockets with public money and then critise the public too.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:50 2009
Name:Dipti Jajurle
Petition:Such kind of groups should'nt be set free. They should be arrested. They no rights to take decisions for other women and to behave in such rediculous manner.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:51 2009
Petition:As the CM of Karnataka said, the incident is shameful. The opposition parties in Karnataka is searching any point on any nature to blame the Govt. Mind it, they are concern about the people, but the seat. However, I strongly condemn the incident, but the people responsible is using the name of lord Ram, which is objectionable. The culprit should be shoot at sight, no excuse. If they are justifying their act, as against the illegal activities of women, it cannot be acceptable. They are women, they cannot resist. If you want to fight, fight with the enemies, they will certainly kick you back. But not on the innocent people. Onceagain I condemn the incident, and I emphasis the need to shoot the culprit and not keep in jail.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:52 2009
Petition:Respected Sir regarding the incident of mangalore I would like make few points to note to all states governments of india and central government. Points: 1. youth need not learn culture from Siva sena or Rss or Bajrandal etc 2. government authorites need to mention the mode of conduct in pub and ethics concern 3. dont give law to the activists 4. forth coming valentinse day (lovers day). If GOVT OR ITS AUTHOURITES are interested to observe the mode of conduct let them appoint and give guideline before the event. We dont want these activists once again repeat same mistakes and lay hands on the youth and spoil the atmosphere 5. women concern let government and law decide the mode of conduct not by the activists. 6. youths must be respected and taught with love and affection and not with fear and tension. 7. let there be charity. 8. activists should give up the mind of taking law in to their hands 9. activists must respect law and government. 10. love and respect all religions equally

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:56 2009
City:Brussels, Belgium
Petition:Dear Reader(s), I feel pity for my fellow countrymen that in spite of one of the oldest and richest civilisation of the world we remain confined to middle ages. When will we understand freedom of thought and freedom of expression are the two most important criteia to become up-to-date with modern world ? Living in Europe I realised one thing very clearly, freedom of women are the primary driving force for so well being of these first world countries. Without respecting women and in general not indulging in others lives we can never realise the dream of great masters like Swami Vivekananda. Please take these moral teachers to book as hard as possible and make strictest norm in constitution so that anybody indulging in others personal live should be able to take into custody.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:47:56 2009
City:Tamil Nadu

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:48:11 2009
Name:Amar Shinde
Petition:It was the death of our moral to beat the women. Shame on us. This need to be stopped. I understand that pub culture is not ours, but bitter reality is those who do these kind of acts are actually more interested in such things. Show us the politicos who have not been to any pub, dance bar.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:48:19 2009
Name:Dheeraj Ahuja
City:New Delhi
Petition:It is really a serious concern and I am with you people.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:48:20 2009
Name:Zuber Ahmed Khan
Petition:Dear sir It is very shameless act done by Shri Ram Sena Terrorists. It is not new affairs or act committed by these terrorists. Every day is the same story. Women in every religion is having dignity and respect. In Islam she is having highest point as Fatima, Aisha, in Christian she is worshiped in the form of Mother Marry, and of course in Hindus she is worshiped as Sita, Radha and on. This is not first time what is happed in Mangalore. I want to remind the incidents of Gujarat several muslim women were gang raped in public what a shameless act. Even a pregnant woman was gang raped. A woman in very sympathetic and pitty condition still she had gang raped. What happed in Orrisa a Nun who has peak dignity in the society she was gang raped by these so called Hindu protection force like Bajrang Dal, VHP, RSS. That is not enough she was forced to move necked in public. Just to create fear and panic amongst others. Such types of Terrorists should be punished in public or should be handover to the diseased women or at least to their family member to take revenge.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:48:34 2009
Name:shalini duseja
Petition:i strongly condemn this act. we are living in a civilized democracy and not in some taliban rule. women dont need to ask their rights from such people / groups. our constitution is giving women of this country right to equality & no organisation / group / person has the right to go against constitution of india & take law in their hands.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:49:14 2009
Petition:I am ready to support the mass movement against any uncivic and goond activities.we can gather the support too.but i dont expect any action from expect action from him, himself killed his wife in beginning of his political carrier.dont expect anything from bjp ruled november they attacked radio statio in mysore for plying hindi song.if u ban one sena they will come up with other name like terror groups in pakistan.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:49:30 2009
Petition:It was a very small incident. Issue that is been faced in Mangalore is large scale Converting Hindus to Christanity. There is pent up anger with Hindus in Mangalore for that matter across costal area starting from Kerala. 25 years back there were hardly any churches where as today every small village has one chruch. This has distroyed the social fabric. Today's youth are misguided by this Christian Missionnaries. Do not look at this issue in isolation. What you see the so called small incident will grow big unless conversion stops. The karnataka Govt. should bring out a Anti conversion Law. This is the message to Mr.BSY

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:49:40 2009
Name:Basak S.Kumar
Petition:This is indeed shameful.Nobody should pose as a self appointed moral guardian on behalf of the general mass nor should take the law in the hand.Exemplary punishment to the miscreants or the perpetrators of the crime is the only way to combat the menace.They are non believer of the democracy and want to fish merrily in the anarchism at the cost of some human lives.No mercy for this sort of senseless violence.No politics,no religion ,these are criminals and anti-people. Arrange to Put them in the border areas to fight against the terroists for gainful utilisation of these rogue elements. Our society can happily spare thse criminals for the noble cause.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:49:43 2009
Petition:We are living in a Democratic , socialist & secular Republic. There is no space for thease type of henius attacks in this saread country. I strongly condemn the attack and request the Govt to ban these type of goonda organisations.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:49:48 2009
Petition:I feel the people who are involved in such kind of attacks are nothing but a terrorists in our own country. Who has given them athourity to judge what is wrong or what is right? Because these gundda's dont have any other work to do so they do all these kind of activities to get people's attention. If they are truly indian fighter, why don't they go to the boarder and fight against terrorists. When mumbai attach happend where were these people. I think all these people who were involved in this attack and molesting should have atleast 2-3 years of inprisonment, so that same kind of people learn from that and think twice before doing such activities. Also, we should make them sit on donkey with making their faces black with chappals garlend putting on them. Thanks.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:49:52 2009
Petition:don't try to create the issue out of proportion... don't get into politics of maligning the political parties... this issue is created by congress ahead of elections with the help pramod mutalik.... you guys better shut ur mouth and keep quite Ravi

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:50:02 2009
Petition:Shri Ram Sena, Keep it up.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:50:21 2009
Petition:Yes !definitely a thought provoking topic.Could you ask the honourable CM or the DIG what they would have done if their daughters were in this sort of a situation.Their families also have to go to places without the protection of their elite security.They are reluctant to take action because the elections are just round the corner.let them understand that such goons will not spare their daughters also as the frenzied mobs in such situations does not know the difference between an ordinary citizen and a VIP's daughter.these people do not react until something happens to their own family.In mumbai after the rain waters reached the CM's house,emergency work on the drains began.In kashmir, terrorists were released to secure the release of an Ex-Ministers daughter.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:51:13 2009
Petition:I would like to highlight that the attack was not only on women but also men who were along with them.. Why is the media and everybody only raising cries about women.. why cant we be gender neutral.. so if this Sena had only beaten up Men would media would have taken notice of it??? Common people wake up.. In the name of women liberalization and empowerment the men are being deprived of their basic human rights .. Just google and get to know how the women are misusing the laws which are made to protect them. ANd these so called women organizations like WCD and NCW are good for nothing.. they have not done any good to the humality as such have only succeded by breaking the family system in Indian. there is nothing for a women to feel proud of even they can be victim to the misuse someday..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:51:32 2009
Petition:I just have 2 questions? Is there any difference between these so called 'moral police' and 'terrorists'. Don't they both cause terror, fear and destruction in the name of a cause they believe in! If so, why shouldn't these perpetrators also be treated the same way as 'terrorists1" Why are they given preferential treatment of being arrested (if at all they are) and then being released on bail - leaving them free to go and spread further terror and destruction. Who has appointed them to decide what is right and wrong? what is decent and indecent? Does our culture teach us to molest women? What culture are they talking about? If you want to reduce this - have the political parties these 'moral police' represent pay for all the damage they do, out of party funds - that's what will hurt them! But do any of us have the balls to implement and enforce this?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:51:47 2009
Name:francis olivera
Petition:What is this really happening? Are we going back by centuries. Who are these people. sTake the name of God, saint or a king & decide what others should do. In fact, they are taking the name of god & doing the work of Devil. Are they trying to tell that men can do anything but not women. Are they going on the same lines as Islamic fundamentalists or of Taliban way. Men can do anything but not women? If we don't stop these non sense from these useless people, instead of progressing, we will go back. If these people are not controlled at this juncture, today it is a pub, tomorrow, they may enter every house & misbehave with women. It looks Yediyurappa Government is one of the weakest Government any State from South has seen so far. First BJP Government is South but the most useless Government.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:52:14 2009
Name:D Roy
Petition:Why blame the Taliban when we have the Ram Sena here. They call themselves the Ram Sena when Ram led the Vanar Sena against the tormentors of Sita Mata. Why don't they get their facts correctly? D Roy

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:52:16 2009
Petition:This Group (Ram Sena) should be immediately banned, and all those responsible should be punished severely, imprisonment for 1 - 2 years with fine of 50,000. Our laws should be so strict that noone ever dares to repeat these kinds of things again. All we want is that we should not only talk verbaly but actually some strict action should be taken against these people. Not only this group, all such groups which act like this have no righ to exsist and should be banned and punished severly.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:52:44 2009
Name:Arup Das
Petition:The entire episode was distasteful and utterly disgusting to state the least.I am a Hindu myself and to me Hindutva, as Swami Vivekananda stated is 'not just a religion but a way of life'; Is this the correct way to depict our way of life?What lesson were they trying to potray? India is a secular country and the law-makers and enforcers must ensure that radicalism and fundemantalism-be it in the form of Hinduism or Islamism should not be tolerated.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:53:22 2009
Name:Aniruddha Debnath
Petition:Hello Sir, India is the largest democracy in the world and everybody have their own right including woman. Please stop the blame game first and find root causes of the problem.Causes of these beastly attitude are -These people do not care about law and order. -Mostly uneducated drunk people are supporting the movement -Your party hardliners are prompting them Measures -Punish these people to the extent so that nobody can create a mockery of our law and order -Find the drive by which men joined this party -Discuss among your party members to stop this. -Keep a tab on the religeous movements in your state(Hindu,Muslim,Sikh and Cristian) -Arrest people who are spreading hate to other religion. -Organise rally and movement of free india(theme can be "Bharat Humko Jaan se pyara hai").increase national feeling rather than religeous feeling

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:53:31 2009
Name:Mr. J. Fernandes
Petition:India is a free democratic country. Every individual under the Indian Constitution has a right to live the life as they want, provided they do not take the law in their hands. All such acts should be strongly opposed and the culprits should be booked under the applicable IPC. There punishment by the law enforcer in the State should be an example to others.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:54:38 2009
Petition:If these things happened, doesnot make any difference between us and Muslim terrorist activities. Only we can control remove the BJP Govt. Should not be there in the state. Bcz they think that BJP will support us, whatever and any thing we can do. Actually i am BJP person, Personally speaking I am fedup of all the activities BJP Govt and Its support sangha parivars.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:54:54 2009
Petition:This Goons have no rights to attack young women which they have done,its a shame on police dept coz they can not even protect people when these goon,s did that shame on Govt too.Karanataka govt should not allow this to happnes ones again.Not only in Karanataka but throout in India.I support this mission.These goons should be behind bar.Pls take a strict action.jai hind

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:54:58 2009
Petition:I believe whatever had happened in Mangalore is a severe violation of Human rights. I am a Hindu and am very religious and is a very positive supporter of BJP and its approach in developing India.But this what happened in Mangalore is just barbarism.Hindu tradition and values has nowhere discriminated women against men and Hindu philosophy has never restricted freedom of women.Hindu culture is unique in its character because it worships 'Divine Faminine'(Shaktism)or Goddess worship.The protection of tradition & culture is a collective responsibility of the society and no group should be permitted take the responsibility on their shoulders.Sri Ram sena by doing so has tarnished the Hindu values and has tried to Talibanize Hinduism.So strict criminal procedures should be initiated against the Mangalore miscreants

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:55:05 2009
Name:Suman Kumar Gupta.Talluri
Petition:Respected CM, We Condemn this act of attacking PUBS and Public places. It really shame to say that Police are not in action , when the situation took for so much time.The miscriminants should be punished in front of Public because of creating Panic.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:55:19 2009
Petition:We are very much outraged for the role of media. For last three days they are running a campaign against Hindu Culture saying that hindus should be ashamed because some goons have attacked a pub in Mangalore. The goons have thrashed the drinkers in the pub. They have taken the name of one organisation 'RAM SENA'. My question is straight :- Did media reacted same way when attacks took place on Akshardham Temple in Gujrat ? On Hanuman Temple in Varanasi etc? Hindus were raped in Kashmir, Swami Laxmananad Saraswati Killed in Orissa ? Train was burnt in Godhra ? ------- NO ------------- The Ram Sena People will face the court of law as they have attacked a pub, because they have taken law into their hands. Why real issues are buried ? What people of Orissa think about this type of miscampaign against them? What people of Gujrat think about the National Media ? Why Media is not able to discuss about the danger the country is facing ? Our country has faced partition in 1947 because of this type of mentality. Part of India has been taken away in the name of religion. The same process is being followed by media people. -WHEN MEDIA WILL BE FREE OF DISHONESTY-

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:55:25 2009
Name:Anurag Jain
Petition:Respected CM Sahab, I Hope that you shall ensure that all those people involved in the shameful incident are severly punished. Thank you Citizen of India Anurag Jain

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:56:20 2009
Name:Sanjay Rai
Petition:It's a very samefull to INDIA & for our Hindusm.I'm Hindu but never expect the same from our INDIAN. We are proud to be INDIAN & think to improve our nationalism infront of WORLD.I'm feel very sorrow to express my words for the same. When i was seeing TV,some guys are trying to beat girls & some of them were trying to missbehave. They never belong to RAM SENA.And we never accept to blame anyone on our respected GOD. It's my warning to those people who are involved in this, be carefull for future as taking this type of stupid job.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:56:32 2009
Name:Suresh Sugathan
Petition:Every Indian needs to spare a second and think where are we heading for..?? From whatís going on in Mumbai, Mangalore is India the next Afghanistan. All these so called guardian of culture are people who have nothing else to do in life. Why can't people simply follow ďLive and Let Live.Ē Even if none comes and files a case in Mangalore incident the government should come forward and book cases against these people .Video footage is enough for that. They should be punished for their deeds. Strict action against these element is needed .We for sure do not want a Taliban here in India. Come on Mr.Yeddyurappa do something its time to stand up and deliver.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:57:08 2009
Petition:yes it is good thing that at atleast few people are there to save our indian culture. Just ask yourself a question that what you will do if u found your wife / daughter in pub with half naked cloths and glass of drink in their hands and a boy friend with them .. and kissing and touching....and blaaaa blaaaaaaaaaaa,,

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:57:10 2009
Petition:Dear Chief Minister, The philosophy of the Sangha was to create a Hindu Rashtra and the dream of Akhanda Bharat, or so as I know it from the years that I have seen it closely, through the eyes of my Late Father.Hinduism is a way of life, which has gained from all kinds of beliefs that it came across, and accomodated the good out of them while rejecting the rest. But never once did it occur to me that the elements who have originated from the Sangha school of thought would be ill equipped to deal with a democratic ethos and values!!! These and all others who disagree with the so called erosion of moral fabric, loose virtues etc. etc. can always raise their voices against the same in a very Gandhian way, and not try to enforce their thoughts or value system on others in such undemocratic and decidedly goonda method. After all, the evils of liquor and womanizing have always been there. But they have always been looked down upon and people at large don't indulge in them at India. What then triggers such violent reaction when such things have been around for centuries?!!! There is no room for violence in our society. These elements who take law into their own hands, and preach intolerance, against our National Virtues of pluralism, democracy and tolerance for others' values and beliefs, MUST BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE, AND FAST. This alone can restore confidence in the minds of people who have elected you and your party to the high office. In an educated society the expectations from elected representatives are very high. Please don't bely those expectations, as the younger generation is in a hurry to change India, and will not forgive non performance. Please read the writing on the wall, as the media will never let them forget. PLEASE DO THE LAW ENFORCEMENT IN AN EXEMPLARY AND PATHBREAKING WAY SO THAT NO ONE DARES DO SUCH A THING AGAIN. JAI HIND.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:57:36 2009
Name: Mani Thekkad
City:New Delhi
Petition:Will you really forward this message, then here it is: While violence against women is not acceptable under any circumstances, i think the various 'liberals' with deep pockets and bohemian lifestyle should not be allowed to impose their western value system on us or on our society. After seeing Western TV sit coms, where 'freedom' often degenerates to depravity, disrespect for parents, teachers and elders, I have no sympathy for the miniscule portion of our society who thinks these kind of 'values' are to be followed and anyone who opposes are hoodlums. While punishing those who use violence against women (these include those who attacked Taslima, against whom, unsurprisingly, these 'liberals' dare not raise their voice), ensure our value systems are not insulted and abused by those who think they know best just because they have money and power.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:57:38 2009
Name:Raj Aryan
Petition:This sporadic incidents keep happening and the perpetrators know that they will not get any punishment. Today's incident of girls beaten publicly is very hurting and we feel a pain somewhere deep inside. Please please please take some actions so that these goons do not try to promote this or take advantage of our patience.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:58:29 2009
Name:Trilochan Swain
City:Tromso, Norway
Petition:It is a right work done in wrong manner. Those are crying foul for the pub attack, can they say that if their wife,Daughter or inlaws will be in the same dress in their home what will be the effect on their children. People are talking about independence. Can anyone independent in himself or herself while in a society. I should be take the facility of my rights when only I can deliver my responsibility to keep the moral, psychological and physical right of others. If I will not do that people will protest to preserve their right. Nothing illogical in that. The government should see the regular booking of these black spots in society with law so that both types of incidents could be avoided.Not only BS Yedurappa government but the government of all the states in the country. Where are you all when Taslima nasrin was attacked in Hyderabad. Was not it a act sufficient enough to condemn, then why you media friend remain silent on that? Please answer through your works impartially. God(Allah,Jesus, Guru or any one else with supreme power)may save India. With regards Trilochan

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:58:39 2009
Name:Balahji Arunachalam
Petition:what they did is wrong. Beating a women is anywhere and anytime is not acceptable. But one thing everyone should remember. They didnt disturb women who is working, or who is not involved in public activities. They did this against the women who dressed improperly, that too in a pub. Why do women goes to pub. Is that our culture. First try to answer this question, then show your oppose.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:58:40 2009
Petition:hang this type of politicians

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:59:10 2009
Petition:Such a incidents should not repeate. Its a shame to mankind. Govt should take action against this.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:59:16 2009
Name:Thomas Mathews
City:New Delhi
Petition:If your grown up daughter wants to go to a pub with friends. Do you think you will be able to stop her? Dear CM, tell your carders to grow up.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:59:30 2009
Name:shoaib Yasin
City:New Delhi
Petition:Itís really shocking that a state like Karnataka cannot save their citizens from a bunch of fanatics who are trying to control our life. I have done my graduation from Bangalore and I always swear by this state when it comes to tolerance and discipline. This is just a propaganda used by all these fanatic groups to garner fame which will put them in the race of the power and politics. Being a responsible citizen I would appeal to Karnataka government to not to spare such people. You are ruling one of the most important states of our country. Please do not let this happen again. Take serious actions and please do not mix it with politics.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:59:33 2009
Petition:people of this coutnry are neither comfortable with the modern women who are behaving in an unacceptable manner in the hindu society nor comfortable with the people like Sri Ram Sena who are doing moral policing. Sri Ram Sena people should have filed a case on the illegal activities being carried out in the pub. They could done some demonstration in the city to let people know about the happenings in the bars and pubs. They could have opted to violence as a last resort if police and govt have not reacted properly to check such acts in the city. Taking law and order into their hands is really not acceptable as they are hurting the basic rights of the citizens of this country. Else the intention of them to stop such acts and making the youth behave in a cultured way in the society is acceptable. I saw some women talking in the television channel that, they can booze, they can smoke and they can behave in the manner they like. Then why women in the Hindu society and in India should be seen so specially. Why they should be given more respect. Why they should be given reservations. All men and women can are equal at work and enjoying the rights. But as a Hindu and Indian, we have got some ethical code and respect for Indian women in the minds of all people is at great heights. If some women is going against that and talking in favor of such bad acts is condemnable. Not many people are happy in the way media is projecting such women who speaks nonsense in the name of modenisation, westernisation.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:59:35 2009
Petition:men show their valour and bravery only with women because they do not have the capacity to attack them was the same same men who were really watching the horror unfold like a tv programme but i agree there are some exceptions and i salute to them. we need many karkares, kamtes and salakars rather than hooligans like these. Depict culture in showing respect to parents and being loyal to their spouses and speaking the truth and following high classes of dignity and discipline like Lord Rama

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:59:36 2009
Petition:It is a shame on our country.The gang which was behind these attacks should be punished to the extent that they do not repeat the same in future. The government should send a strong message to fundamentalist

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 14:59:47 2009
Petition:It is total sign of law & order deterioration. Political party patronising the negative shows. Political parties investing they strength and power to disunite the unity and investing as a boon when these incidents take place to guard the chair. If our Karnnataka legislative body really wants the good of the people (Even India it is the same) First do not shield the law breakers irrespective of language,Faith, Culture and irrespective of which wrung(social standard-False image)they come. In democracy what one should eat,drink,dress and whith whom one has to dine is not my neighbours duty.There is freedom for the individual why one has to intercept in others field? Give the police clear free hand by forming the rules that are applicable interms with the changing times and situation. To comment on "when asked our Beloved Ex-prime minister Vajepai: why sir you did not get married? when cows are freely availble why to tie the cow for milking?" In other words I say which of all these Bajrang dal,Shiv sena,Ram sena or VHP or for that matter all our Indians do not drink? Ask Mr.Vajpai and Advani or for that matter Yedyurappa,Bangarappa or V.S.Acharya-The sale of Alchohal not gone down when choicest ones are served for all these dignitaries and the highes is drawn to the treasury.So let us not be "Cat that became sanyasi",day time give lectures and at the sunset be part of the crowd.If nation or our state has to be saved from all these atrocities do not give rise to thes unhealthy groups of any wings that distort the image of our unity.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:00:46 2009
Petition:We should look at the other part of the coin . No on should be allowed to play with our ancient Indian culture Those girls should know how to live in our society

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:01:01 2009
Name:champa ghosh( ms)
Petition:Attack on womens by unsocial peoples, very very shamefull for all of us. In a modern society, who has given permission to these unsocial elements to attack womens. No parents have given them instructions to teach their sons/daughters to teach them what is wrong way and what is right way for social life. In my opinion, to take a drastic action against these antisocial people so in future no one can do misbehave with any female persons.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:01:27 2009
Name:Nishant Mishra
Petition:Being a Hindu, I strongly condemn this incident. Our culture does not permit to beat any women or female hence we are worshiping the goddess in nine form like Lakshmi, durga, sarswathi, kali etc. In our culture we believe a girl child as Lakshmi. Who the hell are they who talk about our culture. Who has given authority to talk about hinduism. Are they police, army or self appointed goverment??

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:01:32 2009
Name:chetan jain
Petition:it is realy very very nonsense

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:02:08 2009
Petition:The law and order should be taken action against this kinds of behavior of woman, but not Individual.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:02:21 2009
Petition:I would termed Ram Sena's act in Mangalore as a heinous and barbaric crime towards society and should be dealt seriously by the state govt ... Today Indian Womens are ahead both on personal and professional front from rest of the world and its shame on our part being a citizen of this country that we do not have guts to stop these nonsenses ...I request state govt to severly dealt with this and punish who so ever he / she may be in whatever political party they may belongs too . If u do this then i can assure u that womens in the country would feel safe and shall stay back or else i am afraid days are not so far when no parents would allow their daughter to stay here ...its a matter of concern for both State and Central Govt of India.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:03:04 2009
Name:A S Fatmi
Petition:Only those who have a weak logic use the barbeic method to prove their point. hat we saw in Mangalore is only an extension of the other barberic act which were not condemned in past. My request to the followers of Ram sena and other sainiks is to put an end to violence and vilent act and raise your points in the strongest manner in the print but allow people to accept or reject your views and you should have the guts to accept the verdict of people. I hope that you will not disgrace any men or women in future.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:03:11 2009
Name:Kiran Kumar
Petition:Please close the liquor shops first instead of raiding pubs. Have dharnas and same kind of treatment for liquor shops. Respecting women should be top priority. If you want to demonstrate, do so peacefully and punish these so called moral police severely.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:03:14 2009
Petition:In all the Regional language films the film actors and actresses are dressed very vulgarily, so there is no point in attacking everybody. Even during elections party workers and everybody want Liquor, women etc..this is just part of Indian system and there is nothing much anybody can do about it. If there was any other party other than BJP and same type of incident happened because of Muslims or any other minority community..would they take any action..not at all..other parties beleive in buttering Non Hindus for at the end of the day every party or Government is the same playing with the sentiments of the Public for their personal benefit. So just watch the system...nothing can be done to change our country...taking such things seriosly causes only see and forget it

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:03:17 2009
Name:Amit Kaushal
Petition:Dear All Just two questions to media. Is this incident big enough to be raised so much? Are there no corruption cases to be highlighted? Dear friends, it's nothing if we look into corruption. Regards Amit

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:03:29 2009
Name:Paramesh Kumar V.
Petition:Respected Sir, At the outset I personally like you very much because you have started your political career in a very humble way. And It gives a good feeling such a honest and a dedicated hindu person has raised to such a stature. Infact its so nice to see so many developmental programmes which are implemented and also a follow up being done regularly. In this kind of scenario Karnataka especially cities like Bangalore and Mangalore have been gaining a good momentum in terms of development. So the incidents like the recent humiliation to women in Mangalore is a big blot to the wonderful governance. It not has only degraded and humiliated the women but has also curbed their fundamental right. I do not feel any organisation in the name of Hinduism should tarnish the image of BJP rule in the state of Karnataka. Whats the difference between us and any other uncultured countries not to name them. I therefore earnestly request your goodness to personally look into the matter and get the culprits to books. This should be an examplanary action to any organisation or an individual who takes the law into his hands. These are black marks for the Shine Karnataka campaign. Thanks.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:03:56 2009
Name:rajbala hegede
Petition:Dear minister, are we paying the price of electing BJP in recent elections, every month your people find some reason for violence in mangalore,and made the local people and their business miserable.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:04:04 2009
Name:Inderpal Singh Chadha
Petition:The group should be banned forever & none of its member should be ever allowed to stand for any post. The members should be put under constant police supervision & should not be allowed to leave the city or state without informing police / officials. Also their leaders should be put under RI.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:04:23 2009
Name:dr mohan
Petition:a civilized society with intelligent people cannot behave inhuman way. India will have 45% of its population young and vibrant by 2020. Allow them to have freedom to enjoy. All human beings learn by mistakes only. Let us not preach morality. these days Youngsters are intelligent and know what is right and wrong.Please donot teach religion and morality. We oldies are just jealous and scared of these youngsters. leave them alone they have a life of their own. They are all like my own daughters. Donot harm them please.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:04:23 2009
Petition:It is a shameful act ,noting but to kill democracy for political gains we should stop t his at the beginning or else it will kill democracy. law should through this people out of civil society

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:04:28 2009
Petition:They should be punished by the public and especially by women and girls. Catch them and throw all of them in between girls group

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:04:48 2009
Petition:My support is with you.. RANE AMOL

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:04:52 2009
Name:Jai Hind
Petition:Ban all Pub in India. Ban smoking / drinking by women (possibly by men also) Ban Orkut / Youtube and other similar sites, (recently in a website there was a Video Indian girly pissing , captured in a office with Camera hided on top, Is this a matreial for entertainment and how cheap the media is making business out of it - I could not just imagine if I had seen one o my realtive in that video) Ban all internet stations which is having hided cameras and sell the captured videos of innocent girls as business. All internet stations should have transparent partition with a possibilty of remote view of monitors from outside. Give a real freedom for women not the Westernised / christianized type of freedom. Punish severely the person doing wrong against women especially for crimes like rape / Dowry etc. Last but not the least punish culprit the Ram Sena activities as no one take Law in their hand ( They would have been appreciated by the parents society if they had highlighted this issue with a peaceful demonstration) Jai Hind! Long Live India!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:05:07 2009
Name:An Indian
Petition: All these political outfits are a direct threat to national security. Besides, beating/molesting women or destroying property is a cowardly act and cannot be justified in any way. This is the time when the civilized people of India should raise a voice of protest, 'Enough is Enough' & ensure that such political outfits with goondaism in their agenda should be banned/destroyed/vanished. Down with Goondaraj, down with Bal Thackeray, Raj Thackeray & Muthalik!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:05:27 2009
Name:Pankaj Sharma
Petition:Shame on the so called moralistic people from the Sri Ram sena! The administration has to show that India is non tolerant to such incidents. It is our appeal that set the right example through fast and punishable acts to establish the sentiment of India.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:06:42 2009
Name:Wendell Rozario
Petition:I believe it is shameful that we live in a country where few people decide what is good or bad for the majority. Attention grabbing has become the order of the day for most political parties. We cannot inflict the entire blame on those morons that carried out the attack as they were nothing but puppets dancing to the tune of their masters. I wish to end this by stating that "I Love My Country" and hope and pray that our politicians come to their senses and for a change think about the general public rather than their prized chairs.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:06:55 2009
Petition:we are living in a civilised society and a democratic country.political differences bound to be there which are quit genuine. but this barbarious acts should be condemed and the culprits to be punished with out any favour .AND PREVENT THIS HAPPENING AGAIN IN KARNATAKA AND PROVE TO INDIAN YOUTH THAT KARNATAKA CHIEFMINISTER IS AFORCE AND WILL NOT BOW DOWN ON THESE TERROR ACTS.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:07:02 2009
Name:Harish sharma
City:New Delhi
Petition:we all need to take a steps against all these unsocial people and political parties .. we all should beat them on the road like criminals . all the regional party which are the responible for crime . we punish them. under the law of india republic .

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:07:04 2009
Name:H S Krishnappa
Petition:Many in India condemn the Taliban, Al-Qaida, Mullas, Imams and many other Organisations and individuals for their fatwas or diktats on moral and conduct mainly women and girls. These fundamental Organisations and individuals, according to many, are men-centric and have scant respect for the other sex. But what has happened in Mangalore is 'shameful' to say the least as these goondas have manhandled girls for supposedly being in the Pub and dressing on their own. We had the impression that Mangalore was the Mumbai of Karnataka and imported latest fashion and style. People in this very progressive and prosperous town are very forward looking.As it is unbelievable that this has happened at this place, it is all the more condemnable. Let us not politicalise the incident and involve BJP. If Rama Sena declares that it is a wing of either VHP or RSS, it is only for getting soft treatment for the heineous act committed.Let the Govt. authorities take stringent actions against all those involved immediately.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:07:11 2009
Petition:let us live our lives. this is the time of woman uprising .dare you stop us from doing what we want to do we are independent people of independent nation

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:09:13 2009
Name:Jairam Kalambi
Petition:Recent happenings in Mangalore - violence unleashed on churches and now on ladies makes me ashamed to tell anybody that I belong Mangalore. It used to be a place for brilliant minds with gentle manners where ladies were respected. After seeing what Mangalore has become in recent times, my family and I have decided NOT to return to our native soil. After all, there's not much to choose between the violence unleashed by Raj Thackeray's MNS and good old Mangalore's Bajrang Sena or Shri Ram Sena!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:09:14 2009
Petition:pls ensure that in future these types of incidents will not take place any where in karnataka. we need protection from govt.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:09:16 2009
Name:sanjeev sharma
Petition:I fully agree with women not adopting western culture as it will uproot our societies culture and values. But the way of protesting is not O.K.The idea is O.K

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:09:39 2009
Name:girls welfare
Petition:This is absolutely inhuman. No one can take laws in their hand. If the abused girl was his child will he keep quiet like this?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:10:05 2009
Name:mani arthanari
Petition:No body can impose their own agenda on others in our Democratic country, which has the law of the land for every one to adhere to. On that day the women were molested in Mangalore, I was not proud to be an Indian. All the Religions should carry on their beliefs and the individuals to follow as per beliefs. Such a scale can not be used for all others, as every one is entitled to their personal choice with in the laws of the country.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:10:05 2009
Petition:Why to worry for terorists..when we have taliban groups within India.. It should be tit for tat.. those guilty should be molested in public in same way they molested gals openly..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:10:27 2009
Petition:This is very ridiculous. Everybody has right to live. Our Judicial System is responsible for all this. Nobody has fear of law. Please levy some highest IPC procedures on these goons. They are really cowards.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:10:48 2009
Name:ramesh arvind
Petition: Dear CM of Karnataka I wish you will be in best mood to see the concerns of the citizens of india,I am sure will be checking whether the person writing this is from karnataka or not.The people those who did all molestation of girls in pub in the name of hinduism is shame on the indian mentality who thinks taking other's right in this hands.If this same thing is happened anywhere in india.The consequences will be very harsh as know the indian woman is prepared to kick . Please take an action on the goons as they learned in the name of hinduism,save the face of hindu. Jai Hind Arvind

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:10:48 2009
Petition:It is the right action taken. The females should realize their cultural values and not go to pubs.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:10:49 2009
Petition:Sir, I work in IT industry for past 12 years in a MNC compnay. Now as a father of a daughter, from my heart to say the girls were subjected to poor culture of drinks, drugs and dating by selfish people to make money in terms of pubs, resorts, entertainment etc., In these years I saw lot of south indian girls and their families committes suicide bcoz of this mordern culture, which was not known in public. The step taken by Shri Rama Sena is 200% correct, its absolutely required to save our Indian families and culture. Which should taken by Indian government. But the way it was executed by Shri Rama Sena is barbaric and arrogant. Media had blown up in huge proportion for making money and political parties utlize the same to increase their vote bank in coming elections. In positive way I forsee atleaset the girls will restrict to go for these pubs and save their lives and their family reputaion.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:11:14 2009
Petition:This is a politically motivatd issue. The people who donot know any thing about their nation, culture, life style, language are all raising their voice. There is no exception to media also. Some of the channels are giving lot of undue importance to the issue as they never telecast good programmes at all. The people should see bangalore for the deteriorating culture of the people. They call themselves as cultured people, but purverted with no front end and back end. No body comments on the life style of other unless it harms the helthy environment of the society. The so called big people(originally very worst) are unnecessarily giving importhance to thr issue for thei bebefit.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:11:21 2009
Petition:What is moral policing? Our custom and culture is to honour women. There are red light areas in the heart of Mumbai city.May be the government has legalised these centres. But so many young girl's and boy's life is getting ruined here. What does the so called moral police or the other such self style leaders do on this ?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:12:13 2009
Petition:its a horrifying experience even to watch it on TV. the culprits and the people who lead them should be brought to task with severe punishments. there is no forgiveness in such traumatising issues. there are so many incidents happening in the country which dont come to the notice of police and media. i thank the media for doing an excellent job by agressively following up such issues. for that matter no citizen has a right to take law nor dictate law except for the people who are appointed by the government. there should be an involvement from the central government as well by putting pressure on the ruling state government. such issues the ruling state government should also be blamed for not having a set of defined rules on such parties who are encouraging their party workers to perform such acts. i strongly strongly condemn this. this is an unforgivable act. none of the culprits and their leaders should be released on bail. they have to be sentenced with severe severe punishments. the punishment should send shivers to all the people who into such acts. NO......THIS ACT IS NOT PARDONABLE...............

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:12:14 2009
Petition:Dear Sir, This is infact a shocking news to hear that has happened against women in mangalore. But all those who are supporting these females(not only females,our great males as well) should understand one thing is whats happening inside a PUB is not that which we should support blindly.I have two questions to ask 1)What if they are students???What are they doing in pub instead in their class room??Whose money they are spending??? 2)Republic day is not an event to clebrate in a PUB..But still my comment is not to support those who attcked womens but this case we need to have a close look in both the side... Thanks & Regards

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:12:25 2009
Petition:This is a very shameful act which this goons have done.. who have given the rights to dictate others... this is a democracy country, everyone has rights to leave as per there own norms... now ever days karnataka is involving in all dirty activities with all neighbouring states (there are not other countries). Government should take a strict action against those criminals. First BAN all groups karnataka rakshana vedige, karnataka chaluvali, hindu groups, christain groups, muslim groups.. there shouldn't be any groups other than government..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:12:40 2009
Petition:what happened was totally outrageous....the culprits should be caught and punished.....ban sri ram sena as terrorist outfit....attacking girls and women is a sign of weakness...u as chief minister should be ashamed that your state cant protect innocent women...down down with fanatics

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:12:43 2009
Name:Gopinath P A
Petition:I Understand that moral policing is required but let it be limited to Parents, who are the best judge on how their wards should grow up.. No man apart from family has the right to say how a person should behave or live his or Her life, When Govtr it self has woken up to the Fact about Live in relationship merry Pub culture is understood .. Guys Grow up , Look around , as they always says get your house in order first then lets get society in place. If you were so worried about Indian Morals and Values , Remember we follow ahimsa and Dharna, Not Rowdism. Lastly use this technique to people who oppress women, compel them into flesh trade , bonded labour . Work for women who are suffer work towards their upliftement Finally its CHEAP publicity to a CHEAP organisation who failed to have a mature mind,

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:12:57 2009
Petition:I think we should ban these type of groups like, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Nsui, Ram Dharam sena, Ram Sena

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:13:28 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:13:28 2009
Name:Diwakar Sharma
Petition:While I do agree that one should not law in his/her hand, I am not upset with incident. The first reason is that Media is unnecessarily making noise beyond limit;secondly,one has to see the intention of so-called goons - that was certainly pure and an attempt of showing right path to new generation.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:13:31 2009
Name:Soumya Sankar Pal
Petition:Improperly dressed or not, behaving immodestly or not, every person (irrespective of them being male or female) is allowed to express or dress as per their freedom as long it is not harming any body !!! Nobody (read extremists) have any business even interfering, let alone dominating and abusing in anybody elses freedom. Any such extremist groups should be taught a lesson irrespective of their religion. If they can have no mercy for innocent weak people, they should not be shown mercy either !!!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:13:58 2009
Name:Sanjay Rozario
Petition:Shri Ram Sena, Shiv Sena, MNS, VHP, RSS & all other self proclaimed anarchists should be axed out of the political system & our surroundings completely. Let the CM not take us for granted. Let him not forget that we live in a democracy & we have the right to do what ever we want to do as long as it's legal & dosen't cross the limits of modesty. I'm a Mangalorean & so is my wife & our extended families. We will NEVER advise anyone to go to Mangalore to visit that place nor to invest any money. I feel ashamed to call myself a Mangalorean. We live in a free world but what we saw was sheer brutality. I salute Pawan Shetty, the only man who had the guts & balls of steel to stand up to a bunch of communal cowards. If only we the people could stone the leader of Shri Rama Sena to death publicly serving a proper & fitting reply to all the parties mentioned above that anarchy will NOT be tolerated. These idiots have misused & put a shame to revered names like Shri Rama & Shivaji. Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, please wake up to reality & get your act together as tomorrow it will be your daughter/mother/sister/wife. Please show us that you are a man as women are still braver as in the case of Zoya, one of the victims. Hats off to you Zoya. I could go on & on writing about the dastardly event but I also know that nothing will happen & all the rogues wil lgo scot free but I'm not giving up hope.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:13:58 2009
Name:Prashant Tayal
Petition:Violence is bad. Violence on women is worse! It shows complete lack of respect towards fellow human beings. They have not taken law in their hands they have violated the law. With ample video footage available these people should be immediately punished. Justice delayed is justice denied and this is encouraging people to resort to uncivilzed behaviour. These people should be sent to reformatory schools for 1 year and made to mandatorily work in the villages and slums for another one year. This is shameful for the nation and this shame has been brought upon us by the ineffective police and inefficient judiciary. I hope to say proudly, Jai Hind.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:14:15 2009
Petition:Please do stop selective journalism.There is no second thought that the mangalore incident is a shameful act.However the way media is giving coverage of this incident seems to have some hidden agenda.I dont belong to any political party and I am a common citizen of this country . But seeing the way media is behaving these days( Not referring to this incident only) , it seems like a new kind of mafia is emerging in this country like the mafia of politicians, Babus, criminals.No, i am not saying that all the channels are same. There are some good,balanced,sensible journalism by channels like CNN-IBN, NDTV,TIMES NOW ( however Times Now behaves sometimes too impulsive and it looks more than a police station than a balanced journalistic analysis). Just look at the way some of hindi news channels ( Except NDTV ) do offer crap to the citizens. Media is a strong medium to create public opinion and shape up the intellect of soceity. But it seems these channels have forgotten everything in the race of TRPs. they are feeding garbage to the masses and unfortunately these masses do trust and beleive whatever they say.Irony is that no matter what no other channel will ever report any kind of criticism related to other channel. they all have created a cartel and the people now slowly understanding this.Though media has played such a positive role in recent times, but that is only by few channels catering to elite. The masses are only exposed to sensational journalism by irresponsible channels . There is no apex body in media to control the conduct of respective channels. Is there anybody where I can complain regarding what media is showing? Can i lodge any complaint? Can anybody take action on why some of the channels handled ARUSHI MURDER CASE in such an irresponsible manner? No wonder, this freedom is seldom used with responsibility.These channels feel they can show anything without any moral responsibility. If media truly beleives in bringing change then lets create a interactive plateform . Real issues are there hitting badly the rural india. Hardly any journalists visit there and highlights the real issues. They find it too hard to give up the metro comfort of their studio and cozy comapny of me ..just a matter of time...most of media people will be equally or more corrupt than these babus...blackmailing and extoting money from the victims. Lot to say...may be i will someday find right medium wherin i can say what i feel like saying....till then ..i kw even this mesg will go unnoticed....

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:14:59 2009
Name:Hemlata Tolani
Petition:Nothing can justify the heinous act. They were objecting to the girls behaviour in the name of Hindu culture,nowhere does our culture endorse molestation, beating up and behaving with women in this manner. Instead of focusing on real issues that face our country today, these parties insist on making issues out of non-issues, waste and destroy our countries resources in the name of religion,go against the preachings of the very culture they claim to be preserving. It is a cheap tactic to try and draw attention, to try show their might!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:15:59 2009
Name:Manuel Pires
Petition:For me what happened at Mangalore pub is something similar to 26/11. I see no difference. These are our home grown Kasabs and their supporters are like Kasabs handlerrs in Pakistan. Why they should not get same treatment as Kasab. Karnataka governament does not seem to be in any hurry to take any serious action on these terrorists, virtually condoning their action.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:16:03 2009
Petition:This type of action is highly disgraceful in the biggest democratic country of the world. if these group will do like this, what the police or local administration will do? Even after that, no hard action has taken place against these so called guards of Indian Culture. these types of incidents happended in past also. If the police would have done at that moment, this incident would not have happened. Sir, I request you to take strong action against these groups, so that, every person whose is living in India, can feel safe and proud of our country. Thanks, Sandeep.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:16:55 2009
Petition:This is really outrageous. This should never happen again in our country. This has gone way too much, and touched the very fundamental of human freedom. Many people in responsible positions are saying that this is a small incident and trying to brush it aside, which is totally unacceptable. If they can not guarentee the security of free men and women, they should reliquish such positions immediately or should be forced to be out as this is so fundamental. This should be pursued to the very end and the guilty should be punished. I think media and fee men and women in this country has a larger role to play in protecting our freedom and making sure that justice is done. I would urge the media to keep track of this incident on a daily basis with the current status till proper action is taken against the guily.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:17:31 2009
Petition:this type of incidents are sameful for the people of india and for the govenment . it is our fundamental right to follow in religion and culture .but it does not mean that u have got permit to do any thing and cross any boundary on the name of god . these people and activists of ram sena knows who is ram if he knows any thing about ram then he had never dare to performed so cheap act. in my view these people had commited a cerime and for that neeed to take a strong step otherwise that day is not far when this single country india divided into a number of seprate countries on the basis of religion caste ,creed and culture.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:17:52 2009
Name:Arnab Biswas
Petition:This act of ram Sena is simply outregeious. They have no authority to take the law of the land in thier own hand.They should be tried according to the law of the land. If you people think that drinking or smoking is unethical why dont you people band those companies who produce liquers and cigerates.If you have the courage "to karke Dikhao" On the one hand you will collect huge revenue in the form of excise and sales tax and on the other hand you politicians are trying to enforcing the moral policing on the people of this country. You people are no different then Hijbul Mujahidin.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:18:37 2009
Name:Mukesh Tiwari
Petition:I Mr. Mukesh Tiwari hereby support the need to have a law to tackel such groups who think they can decide how others can and should behave. Go ahead Governtment, we the common but most powerfull people are with you.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:18:44 2009
Petition:Mangalore was such a peaceful place all these years. I am born and brought up there. Because BJP is elected for the first time we are facing this problem. All the Rowdies of BJPs allies have woken up and creating these kind of problem. It is a lesson for Karnataka not to select BJP for Loksabha. Hope KaRNATAKA PEOPLE have learnt a lesson

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:19:08 2009
Name:Ashish Nagraj
Petition:I regret voting for your party. I believe since the first general elction my family has been voting for Sangh parivar's political outfits. Not any more. You people are the most absurd people on the earth. We know you are not communal. You are defintely not Right Wing or Fasicst or anything else. You are plane opportunists. Had it been the case that being pro muslim would have fetched you the power you would have done that. I am going to warn you that we had enough. We will not allow this Talibanisation of India. We will teach you a very good lesson in coming polls. Go and tell Advani that he must stop dreaming of becoming PM. You may say that this goondas were not from your party but what about the protest against Valentine's day. We have seen Bajrang Dal activists doing the same in Bhopal also. So dear BJP it is the time we say you good bye for ever. Hinduism & Democracy have the same soul. Hope you understand that.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:19:30 2009
Petition:Mr.Yedyurappa, Please dont sleep, Act Now. You are not going to win the elections, by taking side with these goons. Regards,

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:19:39 2009
Petition:sir, i want ask authorisation to check Ram sena mother,wife,sister and daughter dresses, dicipline and other sex related complaints.I want permission what to eat and what to drink and what dress to wear for thier family and others.. can mr.yediurappa give permission or be a silent spectator. when i start doing this. then what for chief minister, police, courts and jails ment for. more than 50,000 people were killed by jehadi terrorist.thousands of our sisters getting widow every year. there so many communal attrocities in india do you have guts to fight openly. hitting ladies in public for one ladies to ten Ram sena is not your strenght. it is a cowardy act.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:19:53 2009
Petition:My only comment is that people should not vote the political parties who support these hooligans in the name of religion, culture and regions and these parties should not be allowed to form govt at the centre. People will certainly give their verdict against the enemies of the nation.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:19:56 2009
Petition: Hi All I believe that this kind of act is totally illogical as they themselves are not organised and well cultured. these rats dont even know what they are doing is right or wrong all they know is to follow orders from stupid and selfish politicians and their organisations like Shiv Sena, bajrangdal and etc... They do itonly for a bottle of alcohol and some money. what if their own family is attacked like they did to those poor girls and this is not happening for the first time... The organisations like these should be desolved but unfortunately who ever makes the government does not have balls enough to do that. I have lots to comment about but cannot....

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:20:12 2009
Petition:this type of incidents are sameful for the people of india and for the govenment . it is our fundamental right to follow in religion and culture .but it does not mean that u have got permit to do any thing and cross any boundary on the name of god . these people and activists of ram sena knows who is ram if he knows any thing about ram then he had never dare to performed so cheap act. in my view these people had commited a cerime and for that neeed to take a strong step otherwise that day is not far when this single country india divided into a number of seprate countries on the basis of religion caste ,creed and culture.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:21:56 2009
Petition:if this group really want to preserve the culture of India, ask them to stop following things, 1. prostitution in all villages, towns and city. 2. vulgar movies, in Kannada movies. 3. fashion TV. 4. all lingerie adds. ask them to be clean first and then talk about others, now we are so scared to go to restaurants, because many of the restaurants in Bangalore are attached with Bar, Mr. CM. Ban these groups first.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:22:27 2009
Petition:those found guilty should be severly punished and the orgnisation (Ram sena or whatever) should be banned indefinitely.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:22:45 2009
Petition:If all states allowed the useless, foolish, frustrated and illiterate ones to take the law into their own hands, India would become a country of chaos. Laws should be put into place BY THE GOVERNMENT and observed by all citizens irrespective of caste, creed, religion or parties. The law of the land should be respected. Immediate action should be taken when any one of the laws are broken and strict punishment meted out to the culprits. If this is done faithfully, systematically and strictly the lumpen elements of society will desist from indulging in acts that please them and give them a sense of domination and power. Because of lax laws and inept administration we are today in this situation. It is never too late to start now.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:22:57 2009
Name:Narendra Reddy
Petition:This is the most bizzare incident i came across...No one has the right to object to one's self respect...These goons should be beaten & wandered around for the hedious crime act they have done in daylight on women...We are a secular democratic country with high regard to the Women.I strongly condemn the act and hope these goons are punished in media glare.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:23:42 2009
Name:Navin Pai
Petition:This is the most sickening event I have heard in months. Before we jump the gun and say much more gruesome events occur in other parts of the country, let us pause for a moment. Yes more gruesome events have occured in other parts but this eventhas occurred in a big city in a advanced and peaceful state of thecountry; a state which till recently could legitimately stake a claim to be the torchbearer of the new India.alas the opportuity seems to have been lost. Secondly we can not have a India where vision is limioted to a strait jacket; we are a cosmopolitan and plurarlistic country and we shall remain so notwithstanding such attacks by bigots. But the need of the hour is to stand up against such forces.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:24:05 2009
Name:Alok Kumar Chaudhury
Petition: The mind-set of some groups to dictate force independent citizens to orient their behavior,life-style suiting their set standards is a latent threat to the fundamental rights of citizens. It is shocking to see that muscle men are physically assulting women in public.Who gave them the right to be judgemental? These criminals are to be charged not only on offences under IPC but also politically by rejecting the party they belong or affiliated with. Every citizen has to apply mind judiciously in his/her own domain and register protest.Word of mouth campaign against such crimes yeilds long lasting results. Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka may kindly rise above all petty politics and protect the DROUPADIs of his state from the ugly display of muscle by Dyuryadhan, Dyushashans...and the kauravs. Regards A K Chaudhury

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:24:14 2009
Petition:Whats wrong in attacking the pubs and beating them??? You may call it a attack on freedom etcÖÖIf thatís the case, then why we are attacking the terrorists who are trying to destroy our country??? When that is wrong, this is also wrongÖ Any country will be recognized basing on its culture, which is one of the major recognization aspect. When we are attacking and killing the people who are attacking the country, the samething is being done by these people, to the people who are attacking our culture and spoiling it. When the first one is not wrong how the second is wrong??? You may logically orgue that this is not your responsibility and government should take action on any of these. Agreed. Fully agreedÖ. Then can we, as a common citizen, stay cool and calm on terrorists also, even when we see any of their activities also, thinking that its not our responsibility and govt will take action against them. If this is acceptable then we can say these guys did wrong by attacking the pub. See, we are living in a secular country, where talking about the majority is called communalism. Where as talking about all the favours about the minority is not communalism. Its called secularism. What its leading into???Its leading the people of the majority to shift to the minority to get the benefits. A small example: In this country, an IAS officer childern who belongs to an SC catagery are treated as minority. Where as the poor hindu childeren are treated as OC. Where is the justice. May be irrelavant to the woman aspect. But the point to be noted, to highlight the justice we are been doing. Now coming onto the women attacking. Pl. do note that its just not to the woman they attaked instead they attacked the pub and beaten the people inside the pub, which includes both women and men. Then why these guys attacked the pub and beaten them? Who are they to do soÖÖBefore putting my further comments: Pl. do note that I am not a member of RSS or Bhajrangdal or any other so called communal forums that are existing in india or abroad. I am just a common citizen of India who is writing this letter. For the information, I hardly goes to the temple and never attended any of the religious functions my this 32 Yrs life as a Hindu. And I am having belief in God. Now coming to why the attack is justified. Can you tell who is the controling authority for Muslims and christians to decide what they can do and what not??? All of us knows that. So in their religious matters these controling authorities are having great control on what they can do and what they cannot do. Then can you imagine, who is the person in the world who can control that for Hindus??? We canot name anybody. Hinduism is given the people somuch freedom that they can do all the good things in life and live in god. Because they donít want to put restrictions on the persons life. Hinduism gave the rules and regulations to the people and expected them to live as per those. But no central controling authority. And I am not saying that all the initial rules given are good. And to your notice it undergone many changes from the inception of those rules. But what the new generations are doing??? They are feeling the western cultures are good and going in that direction and spoiling our own. They are going in the direction in which the lover culture is treated as the life. And there are many other elements which are encouraging this and adding fuel to these. And the safe heavens for these lovers are the pubs, which provides an environment where these people can do anything that they want. And the final results of these behaviours are the incidents that we are seeing in now-a-daysÖÖa lover killing another and all other rape cases and murder cases that we are having now. Whose fault is that who has to control that to happen. Itís the fault that caused due to the freedom the people are getting at young ages. Now they are getting the exposure to the other westeren cultures and the same they want to have in our country. This is very dangerous. I will narrate a small experience of mine while proceeding before. Last week, when I am traveling in a bus from my native to some other place, I happened to see a couple also travelled with me in the same bus, on the other side of the bus. I seen the lady at the time of giving sending to her parents and sister and boared the bus alone. And at that time, the guy who later sat beside her sat in another seat at the rearside. My impression on the family is good as all are well dressed and educated(it seems). Then when the bus started, the guy came forward and sat beside her. Then they are talking so closely that they are well known to each other. Its confirmed that when he spoke to somebody through her phone, may be some common friend. Then the whole night was, they are doing manythings in the bus itself. (Its night time and its Volvo. So the bus guys provide the blanket to protetct from cold, but for them it provided the shelter for their ugly or unethical things). And in the next morning, he gotdown the bus some where and she got down some other place as nothing happened. Where is the moral in this? What is the kind of meturity this is??? By all means, if she get married to another person, with what moral she can spend her life with the other person??? And what faith that guy will be having on this lady. And by all means, if he came to know about all these earlier so called love stories, what will happen to their relation. And we are seeing similar cases now, in all the places. So there is a necessity to protect our cultural valuesÖIndia is treated as the best for our cultural values. I visited Europe and USA and the regards they are having on our cultural values is extremly great. They praise us for those values. Now the western cultural people are spoiling all our values and believe me at that age, its very attractive. We need to save our cultural values from this indirect attack on us. Somebody has to start this leadership to change. This is precisely, a mother or father guiding their childern when they are doing something wrong. When that is not worng, this is also not wrong. May be the western effected people or the media might call it as communlism. But Its not communalism. Saving our own by any means suitable is not communalism. And we donít need anybody support to repair our own house. Many aspects to write, but time is not sufficient. As a person who is having full regards towards my own culture, I strongly support these. But my only suggestion to them is that: Explain the reason why they shouldnot do such actities. So that atleast they can understand and will not repeat instead of just attackingÖÖÖ.Jai Hind.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:24:18 2009
Name:Jones Mathew
City:New Delhi
Petition:To say that the assault on the women in Mangalore perpetrated by the Shri Ram Sena goons was a dastardly act would be an understatement. To make matters worse and even more reprehensible, we watch the Karnataka police and government machinery standing by as mute spectators. And Mr. Muthalik says that he was on the right track and the only fault was that his "boys" went a little overboard. What shamelessness! Th Karnataka CM must ACT right away. When he took oath of office I am sure that he must have sworn on the Geeta that he would uphold the constitution. And as far as I know, the Indian Constitution does not mention anywhere that so called messiahs and protectors of Indian culture can take the law into their own hands for any reason whatsoever.If the CM does not act due to political expediency, I would say that he should be liable to be prosecuted for abetting a heinous crime. So Mr Yedyurappa, Sir, if you want the citizens of this country to have any faith in the political class (which by the way, is non-existent after the November massacre of innocents in Mumbai by terrorists), pull up your socks and go after these hoodlums and anit-social elements with all guns blazing. Or live your life in ignominy and shame. And with the guilt of treason. Because that is what it is ultimately-Treason against the citizens of India; a betrayal of trust that life and limb of every individual citizen is protected by the state in this country. Dont let us hate and disrespect your tribe (of politicians) anymore than what we already do.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:24:22 2009
Name:Harit Shah
Petition:What has happened is totally unpardonable!!! These people should be made an example of!! It is because of a complete lack of political will that such incidents keep on happening with sickening regularity!!! Just see how often they vandalise shops and public property. At this rate, very soon, don't be surprised if these vandals and "home-grown terrorists" start attacking children also!!! We demand that our elected representatives take strict and stern action against all such acts and make an example of this so-called "Ram Sena" (a most inappropriate name) so that in future, anyone will think a thousand times before commiting such acts of barbarism. Harit Shah Mumbai

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:24:26 2009
Petition:I was devastated after seeing the news about the attack on these women. I never realised that a city as Magalore where even girls from Meghalaya go for further studies have such goons who are running around freely as these. And that too on camera and all!! Shameful Act! I condemn this heinous act..

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:25:10 2009
Petition:What had happened at the Managalore Pub was an attack on the fundamental rights of itizens. Who are Sri Ram sena or any such outfit to decide, what any woman or man should eat or drink or go where ? Who are these people to decide what is right for women ? Any citizen of India who has attained the age of 18 has every right to make their own choices, be it man or woman. The constitution does not discriminate between male and female in this regard. The perpetrators of the barbaric acts at the Managlore pub should be punished siviourly so that, it will sent a very strong message to any such other outfits who are thinking in similar terms, to attain cheap publicity. Also siviour action needs to be taken against all those news channels and journalists who had prior information about the plans of Sriram sena, and deliberately ignored informing the police. Any government who fails to ensure the fundamental rights of its citizen has no moral, ethical or constitutional right to remain in power.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:25:13 2009
Petition:Lets wake up to this moral policing, the gov. shud ban such hopeless scoundrels who treat women with such way. its culture they believe? under the disguise of teachin lessons, who the ** has given them these rights? they shud be handed over to those male freinds and family members of of the women they molested and the freinds/family members shud be given a free hand to manhandle those good for nothing men who had molested women in name of teachin culture. tit-for-tat. shud be the way of tackling the scenario so that no more useless sanghs and its rascal ppl think ever of moral policing. let ppl decide the course of action since over govt. is too busy and may take 10 more years to come to a conclusion over this given the loopholes in the 1847 legal system we have. On top of it, the moral police even may get a free hand again, once out on bail for such a ruthless and cowardly act. nobody involved in that act, who molested the girls should be spared.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:25:37 2009
Petition:Dear Hon'ble Chief Minister,Basically I am from Shimoga Dist. I have been watching your growth in Karnataka Politics from a long time. When you became CM, we celebrated. We thought we got the best CM. But, but... look at the goons in so called Ram sena, Ravan Sena, Bhajrang Dal etc., I strongly condemn the attacks on women, who are like your daughters, being molested openly in public... no afraid of law... as if they are the law makers!! Come on Sir.. I know your nature of short tempernes. Show this onto these culprits. Ask your policemen to shoot some of these goons in fake encounters. Please!!! Teach them a lesson. I know you didn't like this incident. Best Regards M.N.Gopalakrishna

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:26:06 2009
Petition:Organisation's such as the Ramasena, Karnataka Vedhike sanga, Bajrang Dal have to be stopped in their tracks, before it is too late, by Mr.Yediurappa, else the people in karnataka will be forced to throw out the BJP government in the next elections. However much Mr.Yediyurappa and Mr.acharya deny that these groups are not affiliated to BJP, their attitude and remarks clearly shows that these groups do belong to the BJP family. The people who take law in their hands have to be dealt with strongly. Leaders of these groups should be condemnned and boycotted from society by all sections of society. Their family should also be targetted in the same way and their children should be socially boycotted. Then let us see how they feel. They are trying to take India back to the 15th century, which is not acceptable by us. Hence BJP should decide whether it should go along with these groups or to dis-own them. Just dis-owning them is not enough. Treat them like the Dog's that they are and give them the most strict punishment possible. Request the Hon'ble Judges of the courts to to make an example of such people by giving them the severest punishment possible, so that others of their kind do not dare to do such things in future. Schools and colleges should not give their children admission and companies should not give them Jobs. Let them and their families live on the streets like the animals that they are. BOYCOTT THE SUPPORTERS AND ALSO THE AGENTS OF SUCH GROUPS FROM SOCIETY

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:26:21 2009
Petition:Mr. Chief Minister, What we have seen with the actions of Shiv Sena and Ram Sena are vandalism and hooliganism in the name of preserving culture. 1) What about men drinking and abusing women, is it part of India culture? 2) What about men going barechested and pissing on the roads? isnt that indecent too? Our laws say which is illegal and legal as per our constitution. If people object to any practice they have a right to protest democratically outside any pub but not going inside and abusing women. Tomorrow every group can claim to be the moral custodians of indian culture and abuse anyone. Our civil liberties are at stake. Those arrested should be give maximum punishment to deter others from indulging in such activities. 15-20% of voters are first time voters and another 50% are in age of 20 to 35. About 70% to 80% of the voting population is young and educated who will vote against your party if it fails to take action and prevents such activities in future.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:27:04 2009
Name:k madhav rao
City:mumbai 400078
Petition:The Karnataka Govt will ensure the issue fizzles out or dies a slow death by not nitiating any action for atleast two weeks. By then, some other bigger state / national issue would have come up for the BJP to voice their concern about. The Hooligans in question led by Pramod Muthalik will be 'bailed out' by Yeddyurappa, "conditionally". And lo !! The Sri Ram Sena will continue its rhetoric of Hindu "CULTURE' by attacking more women, since they have been given the "Goonda Licence Raj" by their own CM. Can Yeddyurappa act to the contrary?? The People of India dare him to go by his conscience. They know he cannot. The chair he holds is too pricey, you see.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:27:34 2009
Name:gouri s kokane
City:belgaum, karnataka
Petition:the incident has left me shell shocked!!! worse than that the response of the people at the helm of affairs !!! its my earnest request to the administration to rise above petty politics of religion , caste, creed and not to patronise organisations like ram sena, vishwa hindu parishat for political gains and crack down on such disruptive forces.please ban these organisations.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:27:37 2009
Name:anoop sudhir
Petition:Punish these so called men who attack defenseless youth. To not take strict action is a shame on your part. The state of Karnataka already seems to be a joke. These bunch of idiots give our country a bad name. They should be flogged in public.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:27:52 2009
Petition:Whatever They are doing is right.They are not teasing or raping girls.and morever they are not disturbing the girls doing job and wearing proper dress. don't create feeling of hate among us. v know ur(media) intension is to have business and good rating . u don't want anything else. u don't bother about culture. A person's dress indicates his/her character. how do you expect a good character from the person who put up bikinis.plz stop making hell

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:28:04 2009
Name:devi Mohanty
Petition:Who the hell the ram sena people .who has given the rights to bit the people of country .If this is the case then we student wing will create a party of ourself and start a war with them . Stern action should be taken for those who are responsible .Its our request otherwise you know the result .....

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:28:08 2009
Petition:Want to know from Karnataka CM 1. wheather this is Suraj BJP want to give? 2. Why Govt took that much time to act? 3. How BJP is different from congress by claiming congress as inactive? 4. Does that means BJP will do in all states if comes to power in centre. 5. This means we should not vote for BJP to avoid this.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:28:20 2009
Name:S. Dalal

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:28:42 2009
Petition:Dear Sir, The Hon'ble Chief Minister is requested to answer some question. Are these moral policing people's intention good. The way they looked they were in the least decent looking. They themselves were looking like goondas. First of all have these people got any principles and morals to advocate them on others. Who are these people to teach morals to the women. In a democratic country every individual has freedom to do anything without jeopardising others freedom. If the government does not bring in a law to severely punish these holy goondas things will go from bad to worse and a day will come when they will stop women going to the theatres to watch movies also.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:28:48 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:29:18 2009
Petition:I am from Mumbai, What ever is happend in Banglore that is a new things, from Mumbai we here the similar kind of riots has been carriedout by MNS or Shiv Sena, I request you we have to Act against Riots and Rioters, Just adding my name in this will njot solve our problem there should be a strict action against rioters, every day we can see many riots are happening every part of the country but the same day all rioters are free on bail, why this is happening?, our law is supporting rioters now, should stop it, we need strict law and politetion couldn't be interface policemen's duty, Then our system will start Improve, Raj

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:29:19 2009
Petition:It was the right thing dat happened here at this place cause we are leaving our rich culture and are motivated towards the western culture and thi ting should not happen. Women are seen as a role model in thier families, how well they kepp the culture moving. if they take such kind of a step then one day we will not even have a culture to follow. " I think " It was a right thing executed Ina wrong Way".

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:29:52 2009
City:new delhi
Petition:Sir, This incident is shame for us .Beating and abusive womens by those who consider themselves as only protecter for indian culture but those unich"s dsnt knew tat women r calld mother in our culture and is worshippd .I wish the same treatment for them and i knw they have all political back up. all i want 2 say is people dnt let these rascals go away.Hit hard dis time r we ll b nxt. Regards

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:30:29 2009
Petition:The clips on news channels were shocking and frustrating. A group of few people connected to Sri Ram sena attacked girls in bar, harassed them, beat them on the road is purely a talibani act. You can correlate if you have seen clips in news channels few years back in Afghanistan. I think we are heading there if a concrete action is not taken to stop these goons. The surprise is how can is happen and who gives them so much of power to carry out nasty actions against one gender, community, culture etc. what these people are trying to prove - is that they are protecting the culture? So which culture asks to beat women publically just because they cannot defend themselves physically? The head of Sriram sena now say that these girls are like his sister - the coward bastard, when it came to him, these girls became his sisters. Bring his sister on the road and beat them up to teach him a lesson. Also I am surprised with the behavior of police and politicians, why this press conference before arresting him - is he a hero of new born society? Why not beat him up on his way to police station. Few days back some goons threw acid on two girls in Anantpur and next day they encountered - this is the action public want today and you can see that there was no hue and cry in encounter, everyone praised police action even the father of slain culprit. We the people in India are becoming shameless and have no determination to change and voice out. Two incidents in Mumbai where women were molested publically - what happened after that? Nothing - no lesson to upcoming goons. Everyday ransacking northindian, art galleries, college for the name of one language - what is the lesson taught to leader - nothing. Where as a society we are heading to? What value these so called leaders have which can be followed? What is the legacy? And Culture - hahahahah You really wanna see culture - go to developed countries and see how they behave - I have been to more than 8 countries in the world, they have culture to respect women while we have on paper. We might be literate but cultured. This is the need of hour and wake up call for society to grow up with time. A nation without pubs is just a relic. Let women decide what they want, who the hell are these nuts who decide and have no standing in the society. Look at the face of those goons. Looks like they have never gone to school and cleaned themselves since birth. They will teach us culture. ha.h

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:30:42 2009
Petition:I appreciate the effort of putting thoughts on paper and generating a mark on people's mind.I agree the attack is not proper and shouldnt be done, but how far is it ok that the so called next generation indian woman are putting the western woman to shame with there western approach with lighter, tighter, shorter dresses with a cigarette in one hand and booze in another sitting in darker corners of the pubs with guys who is new everyday with a label of socialization and a tag of developing woman.Change your attitude and you dont have to demand respect, Men respect you from the heart.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:30:44 2009
Name:Neha Bhasin
Petition:People who carried out such attacks should be punished such that it is a lesson to others. It was shocking to see reports on how these women were abused. No body has a right to abuse/molest women in the name of culture.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:31:05 2009
Petition:Definitely the atrocities against women must be condemned. But I could not understand why the Mangalore incident is blown up out of proportions. Does any of the scribes (female) were bashed? If I am not wrong when one of the TV Crew was shot dead few months back the media has made a big hue and cry. Later what happened? Nobody knows including the TV Channels and Print media also. When there is no safety for young men and women in our Capital (please read they are not in pubs), why you bother about those women who want to spend their money and time leisurely in booz and drugs at pubs? Think about the women who work in villages and get underpaid or illtreated by the landlords. Report about the women who opposed such atrocities. Definitely I also raise my voice in support of them. Most probably the parents of those women who were ill treated at Mangalore will not support their misdeeds. If they support, definitely our country is progressing in the steps of America and we also must be ready to face the consequences like street children, street brawls, killing people for petty amounts,etc.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:31:35 2009
Name:Abhijit Rao
Petition:Dear Sir, I strongly oppose taking law into own hands .... and more than that I oppose people/culture/mannerisms that incite people to take law into own hands. The pub/discotheque has its own rules of dress code, etc. No one will allow a person in a Lungi inside. Similary the people getting inside the pub/disco should be sensitive to the dress code and mannerisms outside the pub/disco. There is no fire without a spark. The media and others here are talking of dousing the fire and not of how to avoid the sparks. No one has spoken of the measures that the pub goers should take to be sensitive to others beliefs/culture. on the hindsight if going to pub and dancing in low waist is not objectionable, there was no need to blur the girls images on video and display clearly the activists images. This is biased reporting. I strongly object to biased reporting and the way the law was taken into hands by the Ram Sena. It would have been a good way to reprimand them and do GandhiGiri.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:32:34 2009
Name:A. A.Sheikh
Petition:Since Sindhu Ghati Civilisation to till date nowhere in India we came to know that in name of culture, women are treated like an animal but it happened in a well civilised and progressive state of our country.It is shameful incident for us. Our reputation depends on our image.It is time to restrict those few hooligons who are trying to tarnish our image in world. Till tomorrow we critised Talibanies but this act is not less than what they are doing in there country.I request to head of state to take strong action against and punish these people so that no one can dare to repeat such incident in future and check activity of such self-appointed moral guards.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:32:38 2009
Petition:Shoot them in open ground.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:33:19 2009
Name:Venkatesh K S
Petition:Dear Mr. Chief Minister, For the first time in my life i voted for the BJP hoping that this change will bring about development to my city and state. Alas you turned out to be worse than the previous governments. All your achievements are in paper and nothing to see. I am ashamed i voted for a party that is gradually bringing Taliban culture into my Karunaadu. Shame on you and your party you never reacted in a way which a strict leader of the state should have. Would you have done the same thing if one of your own family members were beaten up like this in front of national television? I curse that your party brings itself down as soon as possible, I dont care even if it means the other parties indulge in horse trading to bring your party down from power but i would want to see your party losing power. The day your party loses power I will be the happiest person. I dont want my karunaadu turning into a place that doesnt respect women. I just read an article where your party functionary Pramila Nesargi said this issue is being politicised. No it is not it is the truth, your party has supported these activities in the name of Lord Rama. Being a follower of the same Lord Rama i never heard anywhere in the Ramayana he had beaten women. Once again I say shame on you and your dirty party. I will ask my family and friends to boot me if i vote for your party again. If there is anything called self respect in your or your home minister's souls you would have resigned by now. Men who hit women are not called men but are called Eunuchs, your Sri Rama Sene is filled with such Eunuchs. When the parents of such people know that their kids are going to pubs, its the amount of trust that they have on you. I have been going to pubs since the last 12 years and everytime i have gone to a pub my mom and dad know about it. Go and tell them that i have consumed alcohol they will outright tell you on your face we know what our son is he will not consume alcohol. That's the amount of trust they have on me. I have a question for your party members who support the Sree Rama Sene and the Eunuchs of the Sene - Have you never felt lust at a woman/man you have seen, have you never seen a nude pic, have you never watched a blue film. If one of them in your party/Sene irrespective of whether it is a man/woman answer no to any 1 of these questions I am sure they need to be in the Himalayas in solitude. Again I am disgusted wiht myself for voting for your party. With absolutely no thanks and no Regards Venkatesh K S

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:34:48 2009
Name:Suvarna Ghosh
Petition:What gives these men the right to attack women in broad daylight ? Why dont they attack men who frequent ladies bars and brothels if they want to do moral policing ? Must stop this before India is turned into Afghanistan

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:35:05 2009
Name:shrinivas patil
Petition:it is humbug on the part of media and opposition to give trouble to the state govt. also it is against our culture to send our girls to such pubs. there, in the pub, all mus. rich boys take part and they mingle with hind. beautiful girls and spoil our girls. hence it is a right step that shri ram sena has raised voice against such bad practice.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:35:33 2009
Petition:In a democracy this is not acceptable and such persons should be booted in public and also put in the jail. This all is happening due to corruption in every field.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:35:36 2009
Petition:This is one of the worst incident happd in India. Who ever did, please bring them infornt of justice ASAP.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:35:45 2009
Petition:Hi Let our ladies donot cross the limits. I request them to value Indian culture which is respected all over the world.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:36:09 2009
Petition:Women rise up and fight for equality in everything that is yours. We tolerate no goondaism in every place that belongs to all. The rowdies who had beten up the girls in public place must realize that same fate will follow their own sisters or mothers in one way or the other. It is sad to see Karanataka is getting Blood stains in its rich culture and fame as one of the fastest growing modern city of India!!! The CM has to act swiftly to curb and to put an end to such atrocities before it spreads to other places by any group.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:36:22 2009
Name:sush kocher
Petition:Mangalore bar-brawl in which men behaved like monkeys with their 'sisters' reflects on a sea-change that has thrown indian 'bhadrota' towards womenfolk out of the window and to the dogs. If men can booze so can women. There is nothing traditional or untraditional about it. The damage has been done; the guilty irrespective of poliical lineage ought to be nailed and NOT be sent to jail; they be made to do 1 year bar-tending service in the same bar and serve girls humbly and in total penance; then and then alone would they get educated and become better serving citizens.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:36:30 2009
Petition:As a woman who seeks to live by the choices I make, I sincerely appeal to you to book all these goondas under the anti-terror act, as what they have done is nothing short of terrorising innocent women

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:36:33 2009
Petition:This kind of behaviour is barbaric. India takes pride in its status as the "cradle of civilisation". Unfortunately, this incident illustrates how little we have evolved while the rest of the world marches on. Instead of consolidating our collective strenght as a nation, it is deplorable that a misguided few should choose to squander their time and effort in dividing society into different buckets to foster an unproductive "us" versus them" mentality. It represents a narrow view held by one group of people who consider it acceptable behaviour to push their bigoted views on the entire country and do not hesitate to use physical force to prove a point. Our response should be swift and exemplary - the government and legal systemm should respond decisively to show that no individual is above the law. Adopting a lenient stance with these criminals will only set a precedent for others to repeat such uncivilised behaviour with impunity.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:36:57 2009
Name:Sanjay Shilwant
Petition:Everybody wants to start a Sena and clean the society. But with this act, they do all sorts crime and saved by their bosses and their legal team.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:37:07 2009
Name:Rajneesh Kumar Gupta
Petition:This is an attack on democracy and a shameful event. It clearly shows the frustration t hey have and they know that they can not do anything else but to attack on women. Those who are involved in this should be punished severely. This also reflects that the state government is having no control over them and it can not protect the citizens of the state who have given them this responsibility.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:37:42 2009
Name:S Das
Petition:Shri Ram sena is a huge disgrace to free , progressive , secular modern India. Tomorrow they would molest airhostesses, actor, dancers, lady singers,receptionists, women working in hotel,restaurant, skirt wearing hospital nurses and ladies numerous professions.Not only all outfits like Sri Ram Sena( overtly an covertly promoted by Hindutva Brigade) should be banned , their leaders and hooligan cohorts given exemplary punishment which should be lesson for all such perpetrators.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:38:36 2009
Petition:That was ridhiculos .This was happened because everybody knows thar police in our society cant do anything

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:38:40 2009
Name:Karishma Saraf
Petition:Its a complete shame! whatever happened in mangalore last week is unbelievable! those rogues should be severely punished as its the biggest crime to raise hands on and push around innocent woment!! Absolutely unacceptable behaviour.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:38:44 2009
Petition:These things happen only in BJP ruling states.Whether attacks on churchs like orissa or in karnataka.The black patch on indian democracy is state sponsored riot in gujrat,these all r possible in BJP RAJ.I am not astonied by these act.There r more to come.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:39:32 2009
Petition:In a Love cum Physical relation, intended to develop into marriage. If a Boy EXPLOITS and LEAVES the girl, he is a RAPIST! And is charged and punished accordingly. But if the Girl EXPLOITS and LEAVES the boy, then What is she? What charges and punishment is given or is to be given to her? Please answer to yourself IMPARTIALLY! If there is no provision for JUSTICE! Then the VICTIM will take his own COURSE of Justice!!!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:40:04 2009
Name:Jennifer Suvarna
Petition:Goons who resort to such unreasonable, unjustifiable barbaric acts should be severely punished. Our girls should be protected.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:40:40 2009
Petition:I think the ladies who are going out, at wine shops and drink wine are really a slap on our culture . Even a prostitute follow certain rules within the society but this kind of girls who are consuming wine openly in a pub or garden even inside cars on the roads are evil faces of the society.I am very much impressed by so called bloggers and media persons who try to glorify the evil acts of ... girls of Good family background. I wish this kind of brawe persons within the Indian society comeout in every Indian cities and not only beat ....

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:40:54 2009
Petition:This is a very Shameful act. People responsible for this should be punished.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:41:08 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:41:20 2009
Name:ali shaikh
Petition:the organisation name is not ram sena they are ravana sena. women should take action against the culprit. now it happen to you next will be my wife, mother, or any other women. the india should recognise when there is war on terror that time islamic or muslim has been pointed what about these sena what action should govt take because they are hindu nothing will happen because there is bjp

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:41:25 2009
Name:Royston George
Petition:Please stop this barbaric behaviour in the name of custodians of indian culture. these people send their childrens to study in US & UK and never ask their kids to follow indian culture

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:41:47 2009
Name:viki gupta
Petition:they must be beaten black and blue for attacking the girls. I must also request the girls not to go to pub,bar etc

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:42:22 2009
Petition:I denounce this act of hooligans in strongest possible words. The 'thugs'are hypocrites and frogs in the well. Bankrupt in ideas and wisdom of wider worlds.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:42:23 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:42:30 2009
Petition:It is such a shame that a safe and decent state of KArnataka has stooped to such low attacks. It is such a crying shame that everytime in the country a fantatic party like BJP is in power that the Organiztions such as RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Ramsena and other Organizations comprising of criminals and dregs of the society flout law and get into criminal acts with government protection. What does the current government plan to do about this ? I think its the duty of every citizen to ensure Karnataka does not become an Orrisa.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:43:46 2009
Petition:This is an outrageous act which should be dealt with Iron Hand. Pls show your leadership here. Pls dont spare any one based on party association or any other reason.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:43:49 2009
Petition:I denounce this act of hooligans in strongest possible words. The 'thugs'are hypocrites and frogs in the well. Bankrupt in ideas and wisdom of wider worlds.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:44:20 2009
Name:munish gaur
Petition:This was pathetic move by these political goondas. This act shows that how disgrace they are, and the level of politics in the country

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:44:21 2009
Petition:All those involved in the attack must be given exemplary punishment. May be they should be hanged one after the other. But there are some unanswered questions. How come the media did not feel the need to prevent the attack when they reached the spot before the criminals? Who prevented them from acting responsibly? Why should action not be taken on them too as they did not care to inform the police about the prior information which they had about the attack?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:44:45 2009
Name:Ankur Charagi
Petition:These people should be punished so as to set an example for all such goons

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:45:10 2009
Petition:What a misery !! Thousands of innocent girls are beling burnt alive in society. Nobosy uttered the word. And see if one slapped some Ö. They are telking us Ö. ďRASE THE VOICEĒ

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:45:45 2009
Name:rakesh s nair
City:dombivli east
Petition:i am happy that the women and the men were driven out of the pub pub culture is doing no good for the indian society instead of boozing and smoking why cant women do something good or is it the only way they believe they can become equal to men i am also sorry the way the women were beaten as i think there are other ways of showing displeasure than being physical with women folks. they should not have been manhandled one other way could be this ram sena guys could have done a sting operation on the happenings of the amnesia club and brought the bad things out instead of creating a rampage now the tables have turned on to them and no matter how good the cause could be the time and again tv channels showing the women being beaten is very sick and we feel sorry for this women to have been drinking there and to be on the recieving end...

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:45:58 2009
Petition:Are we staying in India or Afghanistan?? There the taliban does not like the women to come out of the shells and in Mangalore the so called protectors of our culture hit at our women. Is this our culture? Is this what we want our society to come to? What face are we projecting to the world? India is still 99% in slums and we all behave like the slumlords.When movies are made which depict India as one big slum we all protest but when our own people behave in this fashion the world has to believe what is filmed in these movies.I personally feel that the freedom which is given in our democratic country is wrongly used by these so called protectors of our society and culture. They should be treated in the same category as the hardened crimanls are treated by our police.They should be taught o respect others freedom as well.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:46:48 2009
Petition:I agree that the whole issue must be condemned to a max extent. But guys, why dont you remember the tattoo incident happened in Mumbai few days before. because she belonged to a perticuler community and you guys dont have any guts , nuts and bolts. Huhh raise your voice!!!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:47:09 2009
Name:Devender Sharma
Petition:Shame on the them , who went to have this bloddy cheap act on womens, can they do the same with womens at their home ... i think yes they can since they are mentally sic peoples .... i think we have to have a strong feeling to bound our sentiments and feeling for our country men and women that we are safe together .... lets join hnd together and wipe off this kind dirty peoples from our country

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:48:20 2009
Name:Ankush Joshi
Petition:I Condemn the attack on womans.I think its utter rubbish to attack woman in the name of culture.Why dont these so called cultural activists attack rave parties .Pubs are not the places where u ruin you culture.All these bastards shud be behind bar.We want our family to be safe and sound.Freedom of choice is theres to stay. Jai Hind ,Jai Maharshtra

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:48:56 2009
Petition:always repeat always have a weapon with you. anything blunt, sharp, small big anything will do. when attacked by 20 or more make sure that you maim atleast one. always concentrate on one. when hitting make sure that he does not get up to attack you again. see the difference.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:49:04 2009
Petition:This act is an act of coward and ill minded people. These people should hang in public . Those girls should be allowed to hit these guys in public in the same manner. there is no difference between and taliban and these guys as both do the same things to women.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:49:47 2009
Petition:My petition is to REDIFF and other media which try to sensationalise things. It is a pity that if BJP is in power you get a "Double-Whammy" - Sensationalisation and also a secular tag. Stop this BULLSHIT!!! I do not remember you doing anything when women were molested (even the dress torn apart and lying naked) by a mob during the NEW YEAR PARTY in Juhu last year. Why this Double Standards?? Are you worried about the women or BJP?? Whom are you targetting. regards Vijay

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:51:01 2009
Name:Raj Yadav
Petition:Are we living in democracy?? Don't we have a right to live the life the way we want?? If yes then where is the law and order in front of which such things keeps on happening, day in and day out and till date NOT A SINGLE STRICT ACTIONS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AGAINST THOSE PEOPLE, WHO VOILET PEACE AND PUTS A VENOM OF VOILENCE ON THE NAME OF CULTURE, CASTISUM, STATISUM, RELIGION AND MANY OTHER UNLAWFUL THINGS!!!! Where is the system and law authorities in our country?? Why there is a different ways of dealing with law when you have a common man and when you have a VIP??? Why the VIPs are not put in the same Cell, when they voilet such peaceful environment??? Why those politicians are not barred strictly who just walk in and inject the poison of these non sense things, into people and those mindless fellows without even thinking what they are doing, they just hurt people, not even bothering that they are going to be a cause of someone's life and death??? Why??? Why??? AND Why???

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:51:02 2009
Name:Tvisha Tantry
Petition:What has happened in a Mangalore pub is totally shameful. The comments of the Sena President is a bit out of the way of humanity. On one hand he says he is protecting the culture and on the other hand he says "Matro bhava...Would he do the same thing to his wife, sister or mother? All those who attacked, do they have any conscience,I doubt. It all sounds so hippocritical. These goons think they can do anything they want and get away with it. Their very action on the T.V. shows that they are perverts who have the lowest respect for women. I would like to ask each one of them, if that is their opinion on women, why do they need women at all for the continuation of this world? If they think they are that smart, let them handle and show us how life can go on without a woman's help in any field. I am serious about this. Let them go first and do (what they did to those innocent young women)the same thing to their mothers and see how she re-acts? This action of theirs is deplorable and must be taken very seriously by the President. Whoever is responsible for this, must be severely dealt with, irrespective of their high position, or political clout.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:51:07 2009
Petition:Before this incident came to light I was having an impression that all the hindu organisations are like RSS which work with an ideology that we as a country should develop as a culture. But the incident was shocking and should be dealt with seriously. It goes without saying that these type with make our country go under a Hindu taliban.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:51:57 2009
Name:An Indian
Petition:wrong is wrong and truth is truth. you can't justify the wrong because some has done the wrong to counter the wrong from their point of view. Its like Taliban doing in Afganistan and now in Pakistan. These fanatics will also ruin India in the name of Religion, Region and Languages. Like Raj Thakre, Ram Dal, Bajrang or any muslims of Christan fanatic group are doing. Stop this immediately or it will engulf all of us under ite fire. An Indian

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:52:35 2009
Name:Alabhya Vaibhav
Petition:These goons should be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment. If they are employed by any organisation, their services should be terminated with immediate effect.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:53:35 2009
Petition:To Whom so ever concerned, This is a absoloute shame to our state and political party ruling our state, where is our democratic country heading towards,if a normal man don even have right and freedom to this extent then we don need police and political parties to rule us, let this bloody senas rule and spoile this beautiful country. People are closly watching all this and this is will not happen without the strength given by ruling party. we codemn this and the CM should resign Immediately, all the people who were involved in the attack should be punised to death. Regards, Bhavani

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:53:55 2009
Name:Shilpa Anand
Petition:The incident that happened in Mangalore last weekend was the most disgusting thing I have ever witnesssed in my life. I am ashamed at this section of men of our country. Some unlawful section of men beating up these women considering themselves as the gaurdians of culture/customs is the most contervertial thing I could imagine. Who has given them any rights or authority to behave the way they have behaved and our cutodians of law are so reluctant in taking any actions. This whole incident has not only surprised me but also made me think about where our 60 yrs old independent country is heading to. Today women is at par or even ahead of men in all the fields and still they have been discreminated. Please,I request to our government to take stringent actions against these men and ensure that women safety is addressed not only in this state but everywhere in the country. Don't let these incidents hamper our image infront of the international community. Take some serious actions not only to show but actually do something that noone else dare to even think of doing something like this again. This is the least we expect from our government.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:54:25 2009
Name:roshni verma
Petition:i strongly disagree to what had happened in mangalore.we are living in a democratic country and every one has a right to do whatever one wants.If really those pub were growing unfairly one must have bought in eyes of police and media rather than doing such shameless act.No woman can be touched at any cost.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:54:39 2009
Petition:Dear Mr. Chief Minister Sir, We Indians proudly call ourselves the citizens of a democratic country. Please don't forget Sir, that our ancestors shed rivers of blood, made countless sacrifices for the freedom we are enjoying today. As our elected representatives, we have given you the right to decide for us and the responsibility to protect our interests. Please rise above political consideration Sir, and act to ensure that the freedom our ancestors fought for generations to earn is not lost to a handful of men out to impose their own world-view. -An Indian.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:54:51 2009
Name:Shankar Ram
Petition:The BJP since it has come to power has shown its communal colour to its full extent. First attacking of minorities and their places of worship. Now that nobody was paying attention to it, they have started attacking the majority on some pretext or the other. This is just talibanisation of India and we need to defeat the evil designs of the sangh parivar.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:56:10 2009
Name:debangshu saha
Petition:The fibre of our society is liberal democracy . Unfortunately in a democracy the worst elements of society take refuge behind 3 sheilds - patriotism ( read politics ) , morality & religion . They usually use a mix of these 3 to give vent to their hooliganism and antisocial urges . What happened in managalore is very like the taliban . They are trying to dictate if girls are to go to school in afghanistan and pakistan .Here the ram sena is trying to dictate whether the women of our society should where western clothes or consume alchohol . Next they will dictate the school curriculum . This is democracy and no one has the right to dictate my moral principals . These goons should be brought to justice immidiately and exemplary punishment should be handed out to ensure freedom of the individual.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:56:23 2009
Name:Rohina Pinto
Petition:We womens of Modern India, beleive that the constitutional rights are equal to all citizens. We are concerned about our our Fundamental Rights.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:57:06 2009
Name:SM Hussain
Petition:I was shocked to see on TV that young women customers at a pub were attacked without provocation by well-built thugs. The defenceless young women were hit repeatedly on the head until they fell to the ground. These terrorists should be arrested and punished. I felt sad for the young women. At the same time I applaud the cameraman who courageously filmed the shocking scene so that the rest of the country could see the atrocities on the women. These are the Taliban of India, who should be suppressed immediately. The beauty of India is that it is a free and democratic country where all are treated equally.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:57:45 2009
Name:Thelma Paiva
Petition:I am objecting to the cruel acts of those people. I just cannot understand how they can attack women. I want the government to punish these culprits, so that the others will not follow these people. Women want to walk freely in this country, give us the freesom to walk

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:58:00 2009
Name:prc reddy
Petition:We request the Govt to take care that such incident won't happen in Bangalore. Any common working man will go to Restaurent once in two months along with wife/family. Sometimes we go to Bar and Restuarents also. We can't imagine such incidents. Thanks, PRC Reddy

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:58:17 2009
Petition:Very nice. Only then people will change.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:58:33 2009
Name:Dr. B.V.Bharati
Petition:this is the first step to create a talibanised nation. who gave the goons the right to decide our lifestyle in the name of morality? it is realy disgusting that such acts of voilence keep happening and the rulling party sits back and watches and then wait for it to become an issue of political debate so that one party or other can enjoy the spoils. i was born free and in an independent country and as such i don't beleive or need any dictation from anybody expecially from uneducated, uncouth, unlawful, idiots and goons.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:59:38 2009
Petition:It is disgraceful that the fundamental rights of Indians are at stake. This kind of activity must be taken very seriously and stern action be taken against people who are a treat to our rights.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 15:59:55 2009
Petition:Good work done by those people.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:00:12 2009
Name:Manojkumar Konasani
Petition:I believed BJP led Karnataka make a change in the lives of Kannadigas. But the kind of change message B S Yeddyurappa is sending out is clear and is un-acceptable. Any politician who is encouraging are neutral to such incidents should be sent out.And I don't know where Yeddyurappa stands.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:01:48 2009
Name:Stalin Bose
Petition:The concern is not just attack on woman, its attack on basic freedom. We cant offord to be slaves again

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:01:49 2009
Name:Kalyani M
Petition:This is a month of the girl child and girls being beaten up by self proclaimed moral police is really a shameful incident. We live in a free country and males and females have equal rights. There have been previous incidents of attacking youngsters in parks and restuarants. This should be addressed seriously and such activists and sena's should be banned. Moral policing should not lead to Talibanisation of our country. Girls should feel safe and comfortable in a civilized society. If there is something indicent about any activity people can complain to concerned authorities instead of taking law in their own hands.If such incidents go unchecked it may lead to disasters in future.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:01:51 2009
Petition:This group should be hanged to death in public those who have misbehaved. where is our freedom gone. If they wanna protest they can lodge the complain in police. They have no right to harm any individual wether its a man or women doesnt matter. They should be hanged in front of public.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:02:43 2009
Petition:without wasting a single minute they should be given punishment. they are creating an insecurity for women in the society. It is not talibaan so that women should coverup from the head to toe. Parents should also be alert for what kind a dress their girls are wearing but it doesn't mean that any nonsense came and misbehave with a girl.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:03:05 2009
Name:Vikram Gudadhe
Petition:who are they(sri ram sena)..? who gave the right to attack on women. What the hell are they doing.., when I was watching that video..I was so angry.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:03:17 2009
Name:Haridas Nair
Petition:The Mangalore incident last week was somewhat unprecedented and calls for strict and severe actions against the perpetrators. We cannot tolerate molesting of ladies by a group of hooligans. Though these groups are given godly names like Ram Sena, their actions are deadly. The Government and the EC should seriously look at these Sena Groups and ban them from contesting elections as most of the groups falling under the name Sena are attacking innocent people, schools, colleges and so on.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:03:21 2009
Name:Gopalakrishna Damodar
Petition:Nobody has the right to dictate how another person should live his or her life. If the BJP and its offshoots in the form of the various 'senas' think that they are the guardians of 'Hindu' culture then they are sadly mistaken. Who are they to define what is Hindu culture? In ancient times our women wore much more revealing clothes and enjoyed much more respect and freedom. All these 'immoral police' are nothing but rowdies and goondas who have the support of the politicians. They all appeal to frustrated young men who are waiting for a chance to make trouble. They are just jealous of the fact that today women are much more outgoing and enjoy more freedom. Their own incompetence and the inability of their egos to come to terms with this freedom is what makes them react like this. They need psychological counselling. The Home Minister who always makes irresponsible and immature statements after every such incident should resign. He has no moral right to oontinue in office.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:04:57 2009
City:Jamnagar, Gujarat
Petition:The attcks on the pub and especially condemnable act. This has to be stopped in right earnest, since, we Indians worship women as Mother. This is what has been told in our ancient texts and our culture too. Having said that, it is imperative that the Governent shall in all earnest prevent the misue of such pubs by curbing drug peddling, nude dances etc, which will prevent many women being exploited. Therefore this matter needs top priority by the Givernment and have a dialog with all the concerned.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:05:08 2009
Petition:I read the interview of Mr Pawan Kumar Shetty, the only man who defended the goondas of Ram Sena, in Hindu. He said the Camera men arrived 15 mins before these goondas arrived and were posistioned in strategic points. Who were these camera men? Were they from Media? When they knew, this was going to happen why did they not inform the police? Or were the police informed and they choose arrive late as usual? Why did the pub management not take any precaution when the camera men arrived 15 mins before the attack? Can anybody answer these questions? Lets clean our country before complaining Pakistan is not taking any action against terrorist in that country. What about these terrorist we have in our own country???

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:05:26 2009
Petition:This is inhuman and disgraceful. In a democracy no one is above the law and has not right to invade and insist his/her thoughts on someone else. These people should be caught put behind bars. They are a threat to any civil society.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:05:30 2009
City:New. Mumbai
Petition:this is one of the most disgusting act. this is a free country and i belive and know i have every right to live the way i want without morons and goons telling me what to do and what not. it's a shame that even after 60yrs of independance we can still be manipulated by such tyranical tactis. I was born a woman and noone can make it my crime. and neither do i seek sympathy. there was a time when southern states were safe and were considered more educated and civilised but even as education is growing we have developed lesser tolerance for people especially towards women. shame on you as leaders who sit and watch the country becoming a taliban ruled state.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:06:19 2009
Name:melvin rebello
Petition:This type of stupid action from this type of mad people must not tolerate.Give them punishment what they deserve,because we are living in an independent country where people can dress and live how they like.No one had the right to get into other's life.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:08:34 2009
Petition:if i would be there i kill womens who dressed improperly.they are raising the mens by wearing the improper dress with misbehaviour. they have to adopt indian culture. this is shame for the women's associaton. pubs are desroying indian culture.see worlds leading countries they will not let their culture.Ex: Pak,Chaina,etc.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:09:11 2009
Petition:What happened in Mangalore is absolutely disgusting & a shame for a democratic nation which has a good literacy rate. What are the authorities doing ??? They seem to all these fanatic groups to get away with just about anything. These groups are creating havoc all over the country in the name of patriotism and nothing is being done. Why don't the people of the same religion as these groups open up & speak.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:09:27 2009
Petition:Dear CM, From the news channels which I watched, it only appears that this is a preplanned act. to prove this I can say whatever action happened, how a channel could cover extensively, that is before the event. Similar incident happened in Tamilnadu also. With camera technique available in India, Karunadhi was dragged here and there and subsequently with voice addition, it appeared that Karunanidhi was dragged only when other channels proved it was completely wrong, people understood the real act. Likewise in Mangalore also similar thing would have happened. Only in India, Opposition Party means they can oppose anything and everything and if they get any chance, they can pull the legs. All these bad acts are going to end in another few months time when a god fearing and country fearing man will take care of future India after that such politicians will be thrown out by the people. Uptil then we will have to wait and watch such scenes. Thanking you R Murali Bangalore

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:09:42 2009
Petition:I am absolutely enraged at this incident. Are these goons trying to "protect the modesty" of indian women by molesting and humiliating them?? That surely is not the way to guard the so-called indian value system. Not only that, no one has the right to tell women how they should dress and behave. Just because most men are perverts and have no hold over their sexual fantasies does not mean all indian women should start wearing burqaa's, so that men are not distracted. Women should feel safe in a short skirt or a sari where ever I go. This group of uncultured and senseless men who committed this outrageous act should be severely punished. Surely Taliban - like behaviour should not be allowed in India.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:10:33 2009
Petition:Most of the youths in such Sena are not having gainful employment/proper education. This provides the breeding gorund for recruiting by the self styled "moral guadians", who are nothing but a parochial, prjudiced lot unable to come to terms with modern realities. The number could be large, thus here lies the root, but at the same time a deterent punishment is required least such incidents gain the label of being powerful & cant be stopped feeling. Also strict laws for punishment of such trampling of human rights need to be enacted.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:11:18 2009
Name:Aparna Rao
Petition:The government must take strict action against the members of Ram Sena.They have molested our daughters .We should hold these offenders responsible for their despicable action.Let us unite and raise our voices against this wrong.The future of our daughters and sons need to protected.There is no place for Ram Sena in OUR INDIA.Please catch those who are responsible for this incident and punish them.My hearts bleeds when i think of the young girls in "FREE INDIA" being beaten helplessly.Please help.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:12:07 2009
Petition:these knid of henious acts have been happening in this country for years. with the kind of leaders who are more into making money these incidents are used by them only for gathering votes and that's why nothing concrete has ever been done. it's a shame when we have woman collegues working shoulder to shoulder with us but we refuse to give respect to them. it's time we took such goons to task and punish them stringently so that the women of this country can be safe. what i wish to ask is who are these goons to decide what is wrong and what is right?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:12:07 2009
Name:Kamala Kant
Petition:These antisocials have only the power to target soft targets.viz.women,children,old people.They belong to every sphere of our life/society,though they themselves follow double standards.The politicians should not be blamed ( they are part of the society,which is drowning). The Law has to be strong and it should be implemented.Legal system has also failed in India - justice delayed is justice denied.First the social fabric which is coming apart should be remedied, then only we can be proud Indians.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:13:21 2009
Petition:any woman has the right to do or write or express herself as she wishes. i request the andhra govt to immediately arrest the MIM HOOLIGANS who beat upms taslima nasrin.her modesty was outraged.but the police did not even file an now mr ysr reddy must bring those unruly taliban type men to that women like us dont feel threatened to express ourselves.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:13:26 2009
Name:Rajesh Pandya
Petition:5000 years old civilization cannot be threatend by few girls spending one afternnon at a pub. Hinduism has survived in India- specially in Karnataka even after 500 yrs of Muslim rule. The country is facing immence challenges. Its better we spend our time and energy for education, cleanliness, building toilets, vaccinization eradicatein malaria etc...

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:14:07 2009
Name:bipin gupta
Petition:Sir I feel ashamed of the situation where young girls are getting assaulting openly by some sick people who are getting rotten ideas of reclaiming culture by stopping girls to visit PUBs. If they honesty want to reclaim culture then:- 1. why are they wearing shirts and trousers instead of kurta payjama. 2. why are they putting their point in groups rather doing it individually regularly. 3.why they do not reclaim culture by setting example. 4.If they think hitting people sets the things right then why same action should not be taken against them for committing crime. I wish I could do something for this and i mean it. By choice I am a employee in a private sector and do have plans to get into politics(what I understand is leading people by serving them). I condemn the whole incident and look forward for a strict action from admnistration. No guilty should be spared. regards

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:14:22 2009
Name:Swati Biswas
Petition:We have now become used to such news, especially in Maharashtra, due to the screwed mindset of a few. But sadly, it is general knowledge that nothing much will happen to anyone responsible for this act. Everytime we hope against hope that this incident will test the sleeping conscience of people in power, people who can call the shots, and they will use all means to crush such people and parties, so as to make a point that nothing is above law. More than attack on women, it is an illegimate hold on people's lives. The general public is made helpless in front of goons, inspite of the police supposedly protecting us. Politicians governing our cities do not understand that the politics to protect such people is spoiling there own city. Nobody can tell when a small incident left unchecked can catapult into an uncontrollable mess, for which only the people in power will be held reponsible.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:16:27 2009
Name:jawaid akhter
Petition:make these guys clean up their city of the slums and the dirt and see how much they are willing to co operate, its so easy to do all this drama. ask them to be the real men which i am pretty sure they can never be.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:16:38 2009
Petition:when the police arrests these goondas, you are actually giving them protection with government expense alongwith free food and accomodation. How can they be let out of bail? Maybe it is not your fault. But as the Chief Mininister you bring laws in the assembly where such goonda elements can be imprisoned for atleast 10 years without any bail whatsoever. How come their case is heard so quickly while there are so many important cases pending.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:17:14 2009
Petition:Can the true followers of Shri Ram act like this? They arefools who are fooling themshelves, people can see thru their actions. They are followers of demon pretending to be followers of Ram. Strong action is expected against them.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:17:17 2009
Petition:these knid of henious acts have been happening in this country for years. it's a shame when woman have been working everywhere but some refuse to give respect to them. it's time we punish these goons stringently so that the women of this country can be safe. what i wish to ask is who are these goons to decide what is wrong and what is right? this is a free world and we are born free and as such i don't beleive anybody can decide what i can or cannot do. and no one has a right to take law into their own hands. if anyone does not appreciate something they can always got to courts but this is barbaric. i hope the villans are booked and punished.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:17:50 2009
Name:kausar anjum
Petition:Whatever is happend at Manglore pub is unfortunate. Now it is time for all of us to think what we should do that this kind of goondaism dosen't happen again. The only way to curb this is Strict Punishment for those people who take law in their own hands, then only we will live peace fully. This is an act of Barbarian terror that we can't live on our own terms. This Moral policing must be destroyed with such force that people should learn not to repeat this kind of Hooliganism again. Jai Hind

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:17:53 2009
Petition:The health of a society is judged by the freedom it experiences and how resposibily we as citizens execute the freedom,A group of people who are also apart of the society and who are definetly a minority cannot and should not be allowed to enforce any ideology however and whatever justification they have. The law of the land is the collective affirmity to a certain way of living and represents the sane thoughts of the majority. People who enforce ideology with violence and show complete disrespect to law of the land should be punished severely and should be considered threat to the national security. People who cannot accept pluralism and believe in marginalising a group should be treated in mental asylums.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:18:11 2009
Name:Shanthi S
Petition:Hello Sir, We request you with earnest that you take appropriate action to bring justice. I dont think anybody has the right to do whatever was done in Mangalore. We all grossly condemn it. Please take appropriate action. Karnataka has been a peaceful and progressive State till date and that is how we could like it to be. Thanks, A hurt bangalorean.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:18:24 2009
Name:sanjeev kumar
Petition:this is a very problamatic situation arising and will definitely create problems in the coming future .WOMEN are an integral part of the world and the family and this kind of treatment should never happen . they have the right to enjoy , work and do anything what we as males do .we should respect women and stand with them always in whatever they do .nobody on this earth should have the right to do this kind of an act in future .

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:18:25 2009
Petition:We do not want this kind of moral policing happening. Who are these people, what gives them right to impose their beliefs on others.It is in no way different than what Taliban is doing in the neighbouring state and if our governmnent does not do anything to stop it now. I shudder to think what form such incidences can take in future. We want strict action to be taken against these goons. They should be put behind bars and should not be released on bail. If the government fails to act aginst these people, the government will have to answer to the people.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:19:04 2009
Petition:Hang the Mother****ers

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:19:14 2009
Petition:They guys who did this must be immediately booked under various criminal sections and should be prosecuted in fast track courts so that these incidents are not repeated. Also we need to condemn such people who take law in their own hands.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:19:36 2009
Petition:it happens only in india what about our leaders what about their night life the same leaders whose mind behind this drama.lets make the sting operation of these leaders night moments.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:19:44 2009
Name:Paramita De
Petition:The persons involved in such shameful activity should be thrown out of this country immediately or hanged .They are no less than the millitants that attacked mumbai on 26/11.I condemn this incident ,being a woman i feel disgraced and unsafe in my own country.For so long it was the millitants we feared now its our own country men ,shame on these men

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:19:55 2009
Petition:Please round up these criminals and make sure they are beaten up the same way they beat the girls in Mangalore. These so called moral brigades must be nipped in the bud, please do not tolerate such atrocious acts and see to it that justice is served. By allowing these cowards who attack in mobs to go scott free would be making a mockery of our values, our laws and most importantly, our respect towards women. If you fail to punish them, all my friends and I will see to it that the government does not get our vote in the next polls.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:20:10 2009
Petition:It is sad that these extremist hindu organisations are acting as so called moral law enforcers and have scant or no respect for the modern woman. India is progressing rapidly and women are now in charge of a lot of excutive decision making posts both in government and private organisations. Women are now working in offices doing responsible executive work. A womans only place is no longer the kitchen and attending to domestic chores though all women executives do the same for the sake of their families. Women are also entitled in their own right to seek recreation and enjoyment in order to destress from work tensions and should be free to visit social and public places for the same.It is sad that these extremist organisations think otherwise .. Such attack by the extremist is an invasion of the privacy and freedom of a woman and needs to be condemned. The attackers should be severely punished on the lines of rape, as it is infact a mental rape of the woman.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:20:18 2009
Name:R Guruvayurappan
Petition:At the outset I would like to join everyone in strongly condemning this attack and this kind of atrocity cannot be tolerated. Goverment must take stern action against such outfits. At the same time, Women/girls must dress up neatly when they move out of the house. If they are badly dressed at their home, nobody is going to question them, excepting their family members (father, mother etc). Our women/girls seem to be carried away by western culture and have given up our own culture. If we go to foreign countries, we cannot see any american(women) wearing saree. Our women/girls are dressing themselves in such a way that they draw the attention of people around them. Still there are people who dress up neatly. We are seeing in dailies that girls are being raped publicly by narrow minded people. Inspite of all this, is it necessary that we need to go to pub and dance that too badly dressed. We seem to be giving up our culture. If at all one needs to go for outing, they can go along with her brother, mother or father for the sake of safety. I submit once again that no one should take law into their hands. At the same time we should not give room for stupid outfits to get into this kind of activity. I am only expressing my views and it is not my intention to hurt the feelings of anybody.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:20:41 2009
Name:Deepak Sharma
Petition:Dear, This is ridiculous & disgusting. These Shri ram sena people shown their class & morals, taught by their parents to them, that how to respect female. These anti-social elements should have been beaten up mercilessely, in the open in front of society. With Regards Deepak Sharma

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:20:59 2009
Petition:Law of the Nation is Supreme. Such immature act is just a challenge to Law. This is an another face of TALIBAAN. No citizen, their likes or dislikes can be above the law of the Nation. It is just a demonstration of foolish power over the power less for that time. Why dont they oppose the other demons who are responsible for such petious and pathetic condition of women today. Today women in India have to think twice before leaving house even in day time. Today no newspaper or new channel can be found without the news of femal rape or molestation. DO YOU HAVE POWER TO FIGHT AGAINST THESE DEMONS. Please keep in mind, a country progress & stability only can be dictated by parameter of female safety and respect in the society. If there is no freedom and respect for her the progress and power so acquired is just baseless. Its a false. Please do not dictate your terms over them, help them to be equal citizens of the nation.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:21:04 2009
Petition:I just wanted to know why government hesitate to ban this organisation, who they r to decide for us, what ever culture they r talking let them apply that culture in their homes and on their family members, we r not going to tolerate this any more. Government should enforce strict laws to curd these sort of anti elements, and above all home minister should be removed first,

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:21:45 2009
Name:D D ROY
Petition:This calls for a movement by people on the same lines that brought out thousands on the street against Mumbis 26/11. First and foremost is that the government be compelled to bring a stringent law and include it in the National Security Act. It is most deplorable to see in the media these goons justifying their shameful act. These goons get arrested immediately to be released on bail makes a mockery of the whole process of civic laws. The people's movement should see that the legal process is disposed off speedily and the culprits get punished.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:21:52 2009
Name:George Nolis
Petition:I may request the state government and the central government to enact a law and term it as 'Vandalism Act' or 'VANDA' to curb the growing menace of vandals all over the country and eliminate the nuisance of party's such as Shiv Sena, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, Bajrang Dal, Ram Sene, VHP., and these offences should be a non-bailable with severe imprisonment of maximum ten years to minimum five years and in addition a penalty to recover the damages done to the public or private properties either singly or through the head of their political affiliations to which they may belong. Further, I may request the Supreme Court of India, who are the watchdog of our constitutional rights and obligations to find a provision where the people of India can jointly enact a law through mass resolutions because I am sure that no politicians irrespective to which party he/she belongs will like my idea and will ensure that such acts or laws gets defeated always. I may also want someone to put up my idea as a public interest litigation. George

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:21:53 2009
Petition:All of us need to take a strong stance against intolerance of any kind be it religious , cultural, ethical, language or regional, irrespective of our political affiliactions the educated and intellectual can influence public opinion ,the regional media and groups have a greater influence to curb this menance of cultularal policing by the sexually hungry and thirsty goondas in the name of Ram, Allah or Chirst.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:22:30 2009
Name:Dr M.Basar
Petition:The incidence of attack on women in Mangalore pub is shameful.The government of Karanatka should take exemplary action so that not only the wounds of the victims ameliorated but also we as citizen of India reassured of safety and freedom of living life in public places. Above and all this kind of organisation should be nipped at the bud.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:23:09 2009
Petition:Such incidents can only happen as because some vested interests indulge.We can start acting now as citizens but what about the politicians.WHEN WIIL THEY ACT.Each act,be it an attack on women ( who incidentally are the easiest to attack from times gone by )terror or any atrocity,is some how connected to a political party. The country is eagerly waiting to see what drastic action the state government will take against these goons or will they forget as some support is received from such political party's by the ruling party.One party happy that they will pin down another party.This is the way it is always.Give an take.But let a politicains wife,daughter,daughter in law be a victim you will see the drastic action that is taken to catch these goons. The Chief Minister should take moral responsibility and step down. ( Wishful thinking though ). The general public should take the law into their own hands and take action as soon as possible.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:23:22 2009
Name:Aspi Khambata
Petition:They talk about CULTURE. Is Violence against helpless women their idea of upholding Culture? What is the difference between these men and the Taliban? Both are criminals, cowards and perverts who pick soft targets unable to retaliate. They should be in jail for life.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:24:44 2009
Name:Saurabh Das
Petition:Disgusting display of meaningless act from deranged individuals. I want to remind everyone that the world is watching. Let's not shrug this one as a one off case, instead let's make an example out of this which sets the bar. The people responsible should be put through speedy trial and punished according to the law. I would like our politicians to be bold and take action which would enable restore confidence back in our leaders. I am asking you to ACT this one time and pave the way.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:25:12 2009
Name:Deepak Ramani
Petition:Hi, I, till a few days back, was an ardent supporter of BJP because I thought they would do the much-needed overhaul of the security apparatus here to stop any further terrorist attacks. However, now I feel that BJP is becoming a source of a different kind of terrorism. One which is much more dangerous than Islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorism doesnt change the way I live my life. However, moral terrorism might change everything for me. I will fear taking my wife out to a party or to a disc out of my protective instinct towards her. I am ready to fight for this freedom. Karnataka is spiralling downwards and backwards and I shall do whatever possible to stop this. And this shall start with me voting for congress in the coming elections. regards, Deepak

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:25:47 2009
Petition:Maybe its time that we drag out the women in these goons life - their moms, wives and daughters. they should be treated in the same way as the other girls in m'lore. DO NOT VIOLATE any woman's dignity in the name of culture, religion or caste. I hope we have a stricter punishment for these psychos who are employed by madmen to do these acts. and by the way why are they so concerned about women losing morality? dont men lose it when to go to a pub? if they really care for the country please ask them to go and join the armed forces. i am sure theyll be more useful there. and they serve the country too.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:25:58 2009
Petition:The action by sriram sena should not happen again otherwise image of BJP will take back should behave properly they overhype because of bjp is biased towards bjp ruled states.CM should control these media persons.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:26:58 2009
Petition:Any way its not our tradition, their parents should have done the public are doing. i dont feel anything wrong. insted of spending time in pubs, none of them seems to visit our temples at least ones in week.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:27:36 2009
Petition:who has given this people the right to decide what we should do and what we should not. Within a day this people all 40 of them shoulld be put behind bar and should be punished atleast for 7 years. The government should banned such organization forever.Infact nobody should be allowed to form such organization and do such hooliganism. Stop this vote politics or the next can be this politician daughters and sisters , i guess then they will wake up and by that time it will be too late.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:27:43 2009

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:28:21 2009
Petition:Look at this indian fools..... do u really b'liv in them... do they really look like they are the ones to conserv our social living/values.... i bet if stars like Ash or Kangana b brought in front of them, this very fellows will b the one sitting in the very front reserved seat with their popping eye n lolling toung.... Being their sisters or wife would b a curse in other way.Thank God i am born to my family with this wonderful brothers... we always say things bout muslims next time you see muslim women in veil dont ever think hindu is much better. ...No Freedom.....

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:29:09 2009
Petition:this is an shameful act....more so cause the state govt. took so much time to arrest these hooligans....this is a democratic country ...where there is no space or requirement for moral police' different are we compared to Afganistan or Pakistan where such hooligans under the name of Taliban and JUD implement such slave age rules....the govt should have promptly put these hooligans behind the bars....i m an hindu....and we are known to be a broad minded religion....these guys have no right to teach others what they believe is correct.......

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:29:28 2009
Petition:yes we should protest against attack on women. Then why these people did not protest when a single woman was attacked in a mumbai mall days back as she was having a tattoo on her body. first protest against this incident. then protest against mangalore incident. and second thing in society certain discipline should be followed. if it is not followed some times people may object.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:29:46 2009
Name:jyothi raman
Petition:This was an outrageous act and govt. should take action against it. Otherwise such acts would continue . Women should have the freedom to live life the way they decide. How can men decide what or how women should behave. And how can they take law into their own hands. As such there are enough restrictions imposed on women, like after marriage, they have to adjust in their new surroundings and yet be blamed, their parents have no role in their life after marriage, there is no safety on the roads or even at certain work places. I think strong action needs to be taken against the people who took law into their hands to avoid such incidents in future.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:29:51 2009
Petition:it is a state run GONDAGARDI must be stoped. The goons must be arested & jailed as per the law.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:30:09 2009
Petition:Enough is enough. if some people thinks they can be self proclaimed moral gurdian for indian society, we just have one thing to say: go to hell, we can take care of ourselves,

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:30:30 2009
Petition:Nothing looks much serious as per video given of REdiff. As per vedio it seem that they just slapped the galz (not even visible in video ) In such case if it proved in court of law At the most fine or 3-6 months punushment is applicable. I could have done same about my sister ( my sister would neve have gone to any pub thats a defferent point) Show some daring and raise voice about Afzal Guru and Sanjay Datt. Ram sena is just nothing infront of Sanjay Dutt and Afzal Guru.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:30:39 2009
Petition:This was a henous attempt of the so called Sri Ram Sena. In the name of God they are spoiling the culture. An immedicate action should be taken against those who are responsible in this case and the culprits should be funished.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:31:08 2009
Name:Anoop Mathew
Petition:These politicians who sit back and say action will be taken, we condemn the act, wait till the investigation is over, etc, should get their daughters or wives beaten up or molested by the ram sena holligans. Who do these hooligans think they are to impose what they think is Indian culture on other people. Such people are a shame to a democratic country like ours. Everytime an incident like this happens, political parties start talking about other incidental failures by other governments. Can they ever take action that the agitated public feels is relevant and just.The hooligans who have been arrested should be treated like animals and no human rights should be given to them. They should personally go and apoligise to every girl who was affected and make sure they pay in kind for what they did.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:32:08 2009
Name:culture lover
Petition:first of all i feel sorry for those girls.I dont know who wrote this article...can u tell me the meaning for pub ? before accusing and shouting please think of yourself wisely as a parent or a brother,what these girls were doing i pub ,ofcourse what happened was a wrong thing.the act was correct! but done by wrong personalities,it should have been done by the parents of those peoples remember this is India...!!!! In all religions,all castes,subcastes,all kinds of society whether it is poor,middle class,upper middle class or high class even any state of India no parent or a sibbling will want,allow,like their daughter or sister to dress half naked ,drinking alcohol and dancing in the pub.but still its happening means what kind of brought up by their parents?if someone not getting controlled in house means anonimously will be controlled in public,thats what happened now,obviously the women rights socities should have done this rather than shouting unnecessarily !than males getting disguised with activities of todays girls.!Please remember the bagvath geetha.when injustice and sins reach their heights it will be slaughtered by any means..!.it doesnt means iam supporting the act of those crooked peoples but the real fact lying behind arouses me !those peoples should have moved legally or they should have shatterd those kind of pubs !

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:32:26 2009
Petition:This is outreageous and violent inhuman behaviour.I strongly condemn this incident as this kind actions should not be encouranged at any point of time.It is a republican country and people have their own right to do anything other than illegal.I guess dressing is not a criminal act against beating woman in public.Why India is called a largest democratic Republic and secular country? to make rule for dressing? that is peoples right.. if there is not right to dress to our choice then the base for our country is demolished.It shouldnt be called a democratic country.Leave this.Who gaave the rights to beat others? There is a organization to take care of these and they have the right to take action.I hope the peopleĀ@in the TOP knew everything and hope they are educated enough to distinguish which is right & wrong.But who can save INDIA from the clutches of these evel politicians. JAIHIND.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:32:49 2009
Petition:Not only in the name of culture, any attach in the name of region, religion should be strictly handled by the center. Additionally any discrimination such as reservation should be eliminated.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:34:43 2009
Name:kshitiz saxena
Petition:I am Hindu and i will not allow any organisation to use my religion to teach others what is permitted in my religion and what is not. WE are all looking forward to your support on this matter, as we think you decision will excatly justify that BJP and other Hindu Organisation will not tolerate this episode painted with religious colours.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:34:58 2009
Petition:What BJP think about them selves,don't know. they think that the country is their own property,it is shame on india face that in public place women are treating like donkeys where as in india no one like to hit his daughter even she makes mistake and treating her poliatly and bringing mistake into her notice. This type of terorist activities to be banned in India along with the parties whoes are keeping crule face of India in front of World.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:35:05 2009
Petition:it is the irresponsible media that for its own selfish purpose try to propogate the petty issues. WHY U DID NOT RAISE THIS QUESTION WHEN THE MUMBAI WAS ATTACKED - 26/11. THE MEDIA IS SOLD AT HANDS OF POLITICIANS. WHY U DID NOT RAISE THE ISSUE WHEN RAMALINGA RAJU SUCKED 7000 CRORES OF INVESTORS.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:35:08 2009
Petition:Why we are working for Congress? Was there any such forum created by rediff for Mumbai attacks.Was it smaller than this? What will you answer to a mother whose son / daughter is spoilt by drinking habits developed within pubs? Were only women attacked - footage shows men were also attacked? By highlighting women being attacked aren't you exposing that we treat women as weaker sex-although women are serving army and air force? Why media is turning partisan and shameless? Why the Govt. is failing to motivate youth in other constructive activities rather than going to discos and pubs?

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:35:21 2009
Petition:Well in which culture it is written that men are allowed to misbehave and beat women in public. This act is against not only law but morally too. Such people should face insult in public along with legal action. It takes years for hearing of cases but such cases should have results in a weeks time so that all such groups learn a lesson before any such incident reoccurs. Why dont such people look at their own house/family members behaviour and iam sure there family members would be worst than the girls assaulted. Do these groups pay for the pub bills of the youngsters or others who visit these pubs. There are so many better causes in which there is need for such groups but these people just want to make it to news with such cheap behaviour. Irrespective of which government is in force there should be separate wing or section in law where some one is trying to force there thinking or ideology on others and that too in a forceful manner, where the action is really quick before people forget it as a routine incident.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:35:47 2009
Name:Praveen Kumar P
Petition:1. Please close all the pubs in Banglore. Karnataka has highest number of pubs in India. 2. Last week, there was incident of drunk and drive, who killed 4 people. So this kind of pub culture will lead to such incedents and this culture will not make this contry proud. 3. If anybody want to drink, let them drink in their house. 4. About attack on pub is right, but the way it is done is wrong. 5. Freedom of democracy, cannot not be taken granted for doing whatever you wish to do in this contry. There should be a limit for everything. 6. In Democracy people has right to protest, if the government is encouraging pub culture(bribing), it has to be protested. 7. Even police's are also involved in protecting these pubs. So we cannot expect through police these pub culture is stopped. See how the Lokayukta is exposing their black money. 8. Media should not over hype the news without knowing real fact what happend in the pub during the attack. Try to find out the how the pub was functioning there. Do not be biased. 9. There were rape cases in mumbai pub's, did midea showed that. Is that good? 10. Media is encouraging the bad habits like drinking, taking drugs, dancing by exposing, molesting etc. Please Stop this. 11. I am against the way they protested. 12. But firmly say bad foriegn culture should stop.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:35:59 2009
Name:Ajay Pillai
Petition:This situation has arised due to a complete lack of concern for the law, and the government is solely responsible for this. No sane person would even think of doing a crime if he knows for sure that he'll be severely punished for it; but in this case, it appears that these goons 'knew' that nothing would happen, and so they went about their act. Political outfits like this 'sena' should be nipped in the bud and be banned to prevent such unfortunate events in the future.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:37:19 2009
Name:Reena Tyagi
Petition:This was disgusting. The hooligans used this as a means to satisfy their own personal urges. They simply 'OUTRAGED THE MODESTY' of women. I dont see any other reason why a sensible man would behave like this with women. Leave aside the discussion of what the women were doing was right or wrong. In a democratic country like India, one is free to choose the lifestyle he/she wants to adopt. Moreover, none of the girls was a minor. But the way the hooligans of Ram sena treated them was certainly DISTUSTING. Who allowed them to use name of 'Sri Ram' and do such disgusting acts. The head of any such so called SENA should be dealt with stringently and be made an example to discourage others from repeat any such act of Goondaism.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:38:00 2009
Name:rajiv kumar
Petition:Hello Mr.CM, Please, please for better and peaceful living of people of this country/state, ban all these organisations doing moral policing. Please initiate a very strict action against all these people harrassing a common man`s life. Our country should stand ashamed in front of others for such atrocities. You must take strict action against people involved and ban all such organisations. Let us redefine the freedom and what democracy truely stands for.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:38:33 2009
Petition:No one can become moral police and take law in their own hands. At the same time, media should not make this issue at their discretionary power to blow out of proportion.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:39:20 2009
Name:Gina G
Petition:The behavour towards women in our country really suck. Its high time to act against these self-appointed moral police, who seem to have not even one decent bone in their body. Instead of just condemning such acts, why don't we do something tangible, like making an example of them? We should round up these hooligans and let the public decide what their punishment should be. Preferably on live television.

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:39:24 2009
Name:Samir More
Petition:Please be sure that Indian Constitution is above all. By doing such act they are denying that all Indians are brothers and sisters. If they think they can teach lesson to their sister by beating them then sorry they are into wrong culture. Please teach them lessons of cultural diversity and teach them to respect others. When thief enters house and dog do not bark...... Remember either dog is with thief or dog is sleeping. Please dont let this happen and take some stern action so that people do not take law into their hands. Jai Bharat.... Jai Ho......

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:39:51 2009
Petition:It was a Shameful Act ! When i saw the clips on TV, I felt Disgusted, What a Shame that People of the repulic country cannot enjoy on their own, I just want to tell you that Either we can be a Democratic country or a country which has a Ruler like the talibans. Nobody has the right to impose how people of the country should behave, the constitution is already in place. There should not be a parallel Govt. and moral Police. I am convinced that the attack was not aimed at the patrons of the pubs but for the extortion. These so called Shri Ram Sena Goons must have demanded some sort of Security money and the pub owner must have refused to pay. so instead of getting into Legalities by beating him, they vented out their anger on the innocent customers (many of them Tax Payers).. Since in our country if we call a BANDH, STRIKE, or Create Nuisance in the name of Religion/Culture/National Heritage etc everybody knows nobody in the impotent Govt. will raise the finger. Just Shout Slogan like Bharat mata ki jai, Vande Mataram, Jai Hind, Jai Shri Ram, and you are the Patriot of highest rank and anybody who try to stop is a "Gaddar" or Anti-National.So who wants to call himself a Gaddar hence nobody say anything to these " Desh Bhakts". I feel so disheartened, Discouraged, Disillusioned, sad, Depressed that India which is looked upto as a future Superpower is going back to the times of Harappa and mohenjo daro Civilisation. And you people call Names are ISLAM, Muslims for being in-tolerant. I call these people Cultural Terrorists.Hindutva cannot be forced. It will just give cheap Publicity for time being. history says Hundreds of thousands have perished who tried to Supress the Weak. If PUBS and Discotheques promotes nudity ask these people who are trying to uphold INDIAN CULTURE to stay away from it and let their family members be away from it. And by the way, these goons themselves were looking like drunkards and road romeos on TV... SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

Online PetitionWed Jan 28 16:41:10 2009
Name:M V Subramanian
Petition:It is surprising that none of the media is commenting on women going to pubs and d rinking. Is it Indian culture ? I do agree that the behaviour of the people is condemnable. Why do you call them Goondas ? N