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August 28, 2014
How I cracked the CAT
Excessive effort in the wrong direction is equal to putting no effort at all, says Kumar Pratik who cracked IIM Calcutta PGDM admissions with a CAT percentile of 99.7.

August 27, 2014
Top 10 Xiaomi smartphones in India
Now, that Xiaomi has almost become a household name in India, it is time to explore the top 10 Xiaomi smartphones that have either hit or are expected to hit the Indian shelves soon.

The pros and cons of investing in ULIPs
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on August 26, Sanjay Tripathy, senior executive vice president, marketing, product, digital and e-commerce, HDFC Life, answered their queries on ULIPs.

August 26, 2014
Meet India's first professional female surfer
She first surfed at 17 and has been doing it for the past seven years. Ishita Malaviya on the challenges she faces as a surfer and the challenges she faces as a female surfer. She also spoke about the risks involved in surfing and how to tackle them.

August 22, 2014
Such bright colours! Such beautiful designs!
Designer Vaishali Shadangule showed her latest collection at Lakme Fashion Week and we were floored!

Here's what models do when they're not working!
Take #Selfies, of course!

August 21, 2014
Abs-olutely stunning! Rashmi Nigam shows off her toned abs!
Lakme Fashion Week is underway and here's who showed up!

Kamal ki baat! Guess who just walked out of our dreams?
Kamal Sidhu, that's who!

'You cannot fake your talent'
Model Meenakshi Khari shares her greatest learnings with's Divya Nair. Read on!

6 hotties who should be on the ramp but aren't :-(
We aim our cameras at the most stylish people at the Lakme Fashion Week NOT walking the runway!

The Indian who brought Pakistani designers to LFW
Priyanka Gill, founder and editor-in-chief of fashion website, talks about how she got Zara Shahjahan, Faiza Samee, Sania Maskatiya and Rizwan Beyg to showcase their creations at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

She's got the look! Kriti Sanon on the LFW runway!
The Heropanti star walked the runway for the British high-street brand, River Island.

August 20, 2014
Border ke paar: Sexy, flirty, elegant designs from Pakistan!
Four Pakistani designers showcased their collections at Lakme Fashion Week.

Pristine, clean cuts inspired by... tea!
Archana Rao's latest collection sought inspiration from Japanese tea.

Modelspeak: Good sleep, balanced diet reflects on your skin
Bangalore-based model Surbhi Rao gets candid, talks about her first stint at Lakme, the challenges of being a model and how she copes with it.

#People-at-LFW: Sometimes the pain is worth it
Snapshots from the sidelines of one of the biggest fashion events in India!

#People-at-LFW: Hottie alert!
Snapshots from the sidelines of one of the biggest fashion events in India!

#People-at-LFW: Up in smoke
Snapshots from the sidelines of one of the biggest fashion events in India!

#People-at-LFW: Finding contentment
Snapshots from the sidelines of one of the biggest fashion events in India!

The all new TVS Scooty Zest is all yours for Rs 42k
The TVS Scooty Zest aims to lure female buyers from Hero Pleasure, Suzuki Let's and Honda Activa-i

How do you solve a problem like Maria?
Here's a round up of all the celebs (besides Poorna Jagannathan) who showed up at the curtain raiser show at the Lakme Fashion Week.

Does it look like she cares?
Poorna Jagannathan showed up at the curtain raiser show at the Lakme Fashion Week in a neckline lower than the Sensex's worst performance of the year.

You will love this Yamaha for its mileage
The Yamaha FZ-S Version 2 addresses the bike's biggest flaw, fuel efficiency; the new one is more frugal and will thus appeal more to mileage conscious buyers

5 reasons why you must invest in mutual funds
We give you five good reasons why you must invest in mutual funds at an early age.

August 19, 2014
Top 8 smartphones over Rs 50,000
Are you planning to buy a high-end smartphone with advanced features? This list might help you in selecting the best handset money can buy.

He will turn your bike into a work of art
Vijay Singh Ajairajpura of Rajputana Custom Motorcycles follows his passion and does nothing else but improvise. However, the path was tough and he and his team have conquered the problems with their hard work.

Have you met her granddaughter?
Just in case you missed it, Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter Emma Ferrer has made her modelling debut. (And she has her granny's good looks.)

August 18, 2014
Five tips to achieve financial freedom
Once you achieve financial freedom you do not have to worry about being dependent on someone when you retire and do not have a source of income

How Bajaj plans to boost Discover's market share
Bajaj Auto has realigned its Discover line-up to reduce confusion and boost market share, says of

5 bitter truths about freelancing
If you too believe that the grass is greener on the other side and that freelancers have it all, here are realities you should know before you cross the fence

Beware: These popular workouts can actually hurt you
Watch out for injuries when using these machines/workouts.

August 17, 2014
Make in India: Top bikes under Rs 1 lakh
Here's our list of 8 and why they are the best in this price range.

Trip to Ladakh: Budget better, ride better
A bike trip to Leh-Ladakh includes the minimum and obvious cost of fuel, food, accommodation, but if smartly budgeted, can be done in a cost effective way.

August 16, 2014
How to fill CMAT application form
This article gives you an insight about the entire application procedure of CMAT 2014 to be followed by all the eligible candidates.

Revealed! What men really want in bed
A round up of all the sex news from around the world.

IN PICS: A fairy tale wedding
Philanthropists Dinesh and Kalpana Patel share colours of tradition from their daughter's wedding

August 15, 2014
Excuse Me! My name is Saumya!
What's in a name? Mispronunciations, awkward moments and sometimes even an identity crisis if your name is .

August 14, 2014
How to get a body like the Wolverine
Fitness expert shows how to build a strong, muscular body like Hugh Jackman's in Wolverine.

Parineeti Chopra... PERIOD!
Three women achievers -- actress Parineeti Chopra, surfer Ishita Malaviya and mountaineer Nungshi Malik -- smash social and cultural taboos associated with menstruation.

'Something cold touched my spine. One of them was about to die'
The magnetism of a yo-yo... two friends getting estranged over a game shooting incident that saves lives... A short story by .

PICS: The 2015 Indian Scout is here!
Despite the novelty, Indian Motorcycles has kept the true spirit of the Indian alive.

Ten ways to deal with annoying people
We are inspired by idiots plaguing many a good people's lives and hopefully will aid you a little in your own.

August 13, 2014
Let me share a Secret today!
Imagine what you can do when you don't have to look at yourself in the mirror anymore.

These students want to mentor India's at-risk juveniles
meets the founder and volunteers of Uplift Humanity, a non-profit organisation that skills, mentors and teaches juveniles and orphans and helps them build self-esteem and honesty

HTC One E8 @ Rs 35,000: Is it worth the price tag?
If you don't crib about the camera, the HTC One E8 comes closest to the much pricier HTC M8, says .

The adventure bike for long-distance thrills
The Suzuki V-Strom is a sport tourer that capably takes on different road conditions.

Caring for the caregivers
Rama Murali's CARE 3 -- care, connect and community - aims to build a strong caregiver community. Shobha Warrier meets Murali, the woman behind the enterprise.

August 12, 2014
The barbershop is a great place to while away an afternoon
finds a pretty real experience for an 8-ringgit haircut at Malaysian Tamil barbershop

Why Microsoft is betting big on Rs 1500-Nokia phone
With handsets like the Nokia 130, Microsoft is seeing a tremendous potential to deliver the experience of a 'mobile-first' world to people seeking their first device.

From Rs 2 lakh to Rs 8100 crore in 34 years!
Kid you not! This is for real. But USELESS information now! If you want to retire rich forget such stories and start investing now!

August 11, 2014
Top 10 smartphones under Rs 20,000
These are the best phones in the mid-range segment and if you have a budget of up to Rs 20,000, then you have a good variety to explore.

The traditional idli gets a makeover
meets the duo behind a start-up called Idli Factory, in Chennai

August 09, 2014
OMG: This Brit lady gets 15 orgasms a week
A round up of all the sex news from around the world

Still not heard of Croatia? 10 (more) reasons you should visit it!
Last week wrote about 9 reasons to visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Here are 10 more reasons why you must visit the country

8 reasons why YOU always lose money in stocks
Behavioural investment experts have their reasons, the media has its own reasons, and I have a combination of all of this, says !

August 08, 2014
Dancing with math: If X were a twirl and Y a jump
meets Kirin Sinha, who is turning how to teach girls to SHINE in math on its head, with dance

Your favourite TV stars share their Raksha Bandhan memories
Have you shared yours yet?

Watch out iPad: Samsung Galaxy Tab S is here
Samsung has finally let out an iPad killer

Credit card for students! Good or bad? Tell us
Do you think credit cards -- more so student credit cards -- if used judiciously can benefit you? Or do you think owning a student credit card is a sureshot way of jumping into a debt trap? Whatever your feel, please post your opinions here...

August 07, 2014
'I feel like I'm trapped in a dream within a dream'
Siddhartha Khosla of Goldspot, a rock band in America, chats with about his music, his separation and subsequent reunion with his parents as a child and that all-powerful motivator called acceptance

What is e-Insurance? What is in it for me?
S V Ramanan, CEO, CAMS Repository Services, answered readers' queries on electronic insurance in an online chat with readers August 6

What's a #half-girlfriend, #half-boyfriend?
Did you have a half-girlfriend/half-boyfriend?Were you ever a half-girlfriend/half-boyfriend?

These Pakistanis have designs on India :-)
Pakistani fashion designers Zara Shahjahan, Faiza Samee and Sania Maskatiya who will be debuting at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 in Mumbai talk about their visit to India.

10 reasons why Micromax BEAT Samsung
How did Micromax achieve this feat though? It wasn't simply a matter of better marketing but a combination of pricing, timing and offering that did the trick for the desi brand.

August 06, 2014
5 money management lessons from Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Follow these simple rules to create wealth for your family and you

The doctor who moonlights as a singer
At 61, Dr S Premachandran runs a 40-bed hospital in the day time and after 7 pm leads a band of 20 members.

All about paperless insurance policies
This chat is over now. Check the chat transcript on August 7

Inspiring story of a poor farmer's son
He fought poverty. He fought racism. He sacrificed his football career for his family. Today, Varun Chandran, from a small Kerala village, is the CEO of his own IT company and a dollar millionaire.

August 05, 2014
At what age are you most popular? 29. Apparently!
That's the age when you have the most friends says a survey.

4 reasons why we like Bajaj Discover 150S
The bike, a newer version of Discover, will begin sales August 11.

August 04, 2014
This Indian wants to discover the real America!
Fulbright Scholar Rajeev Gupta sets out on a car journey across the nation to meet 30 families in 30 days. reports

This personal loan has benefits for you!
There are many benefits of taking a personal loan against a fixed deposit than just taking a regular personal loan. Read more to find out...

Raksha Bandhan: Share photos of you and your siblings!
Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and we are inviting you to share photographs of your siblings.

August 03, 2014
Would you like to buy this pair of shoes?
Anvitha Rai who grew up and lives in Mangalore, Karnataka, has one overriding passion -- add colour and pizzazz to umbrellas, shoes and mobile covers. tracks her entrepreneurial journey

Leaked! Spy photos of the Ducati Scrambler
A fan has managed to click and leak pictures of the Ducati Scrambler which was showcased inside a so called 'secret room' at the World Ducati Week recently

August 02, 2014
Heard of Zagreb? No? Here are 9 reasons you should visit it!
brings back fond memories from the Croatian capital.

August 01, 2014
You can be a Social Entrepreneur too!
Master of Social Entrepreneurship, a flagship programme of Deshpande Center for Social Entrepreneurship, is a two-year full time residential programme designed to enhance entrepreneurial mindset among youngsters and create business leaders for tomorrow.

Miss America gives it back to haters, and aunties
Nina Davuluri proves once again that she is much more than just a pretty face.

Friendship Day: TV stars on their best buddies
Friendship Day is coming. Sara Khan, Manine Mishra, Saumya Tandon, Aishwarya Sakhuja, Nausheen Ali Sardar, Giaa Manek and Chandini Bhawanani let us in on the secrets of their true friendships as

The weight loss quiz: Are you doing it right?
There are multiple diets and fitness programmes to make you lose weight, but are you on the right one or is something amiss? Take this quiz and find out!

July 31, 2014
Manipal Global and Google India's digital marketing programme
Manipal Global Education and Google India's digital marketing programme for students and professionals. Here's what the programme entails

Top 10 smartphones under Rs 10,000
Sleek, smart and sexy: These ten come loaded with amazing features too.

July 30, 2014
Bike Wars: Bajaj Auto fights back
To regain its number 3 position from TVS Motor, the Chakan-based two-wheeler manufacturer will soon be launching Discover 150 S and 150 F priced at Rs 64,000 and Rs 68,000 respectively.

What is your listening strategy? Tell us!
Narendra Modi, by all accounts, is a fantastic listener. The prime minister listens intently to all points presented at meetings before he takes a measured decision.

Ladies Special: Investments just for YOU!
Financial service providers are wooing the fairer sex with special benefits on women-centric products

July 29, 2014
Do you really need Rs 8 crore for your retirement?
Don't take those who throw such magnificent numbers at you seriously! Even if you reach Rs 4 crore it won't be the end of your world.

July 28, 2014
Three really BAD reasons to sell an investment
Here's why you should not hit the panic button when the going gets tough. Also why you should not sell if the going's too good. :-)

The future is coming
The Smart Watch revolution is happening in India as you read this, and wearable gadgets will soon become as big as smartphones.

The secret behind Jessica Alba's fab post-baby body
Meet Ramona Braganza, the trainer who helped Hollywood actors Jessica Alba and Halle Berry get in shape.

July 27, 2014
Yaari dosti: Post your craziest friendshipwalla photo! :-)
Friendship day is around the corner and we are asking you to share with us the craziest picture you've taken with your friends.

July 26, 2014
Controlling your blood pressure is so easy!
A round up of all the important health news that matters to you!

Can exercise induce orgasms in women?
Yes! A study says so.

July 25, 2014
Bebo ya Bebo? Which Kareena do you like?
Vote for the most stylish Kareena Kapoor on the runway!

What we like in the new Passion Pro TR
With a price tag of Rs 53,531 (ex-showroom, Mumbai), Hero MotoCorp's Passion Pro TR sports couple of features that will make off-roading a fun and memorable experience.

Top 10 smartphones under Rs 30,000
Though there are a slew of smartphones priced under Rs 30,000, only a few of them have succeeded in creating a separate identity in the market. Here's our top 10 list.

Busted: Four conventional investment myths
These have been around for such a long time that people now believe they are true :-)

July 24, 2014
'My husband always distrusts me'
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers July 24, Love Guru answered their relationship queries.

Whoa! Kawasaki ZX-14R goes from 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds!
Here's the world's fastest accelerating bike. Which means, the Kawasaki ZX-14R zooms from 0 to 100 km/hr in lesser time (2.8 seconds) than any other bike!

Gone in 38 minutes! This Chinese phone is taking India by storm
Here's why the Xiaomi Mi3 is not just another made-in-China smartphone.

Should you go for EMI on credit cards?
Of course, NO! You must think of EMI option if and only if one is on the verge of defaulting on a payment.

July 23, 2014
Burn fat fast: 3 workouts that will kick your butt
These are raw, no frill workouts focussed on getting you the results. This is not for the faint hearted!

10 ways to ruin your career
Beware of these unforgiving blunders as they may hamper your professional growth.

Asus Zenfone 5: Is it the best smartphone under Rs 10,000?
A 5-inch screen, a memory card slot, front facing camera, FM radio and more under Rs 10,000 is something people can ill afford to overlook.

July 22, 2014
We want to kiss this guy! Do you too?
The world's second wealthiest person wants us to have a three-day workweek. But is it really possible?

This one's for Rs 23.5 lakh!
To celebrate 90 successful years in the world of motorcycles BMW Motorrad has launched a pure retro style roadster christened the R nineT in India. With looks that are sure to mesmerise you, the R nineT comes with a robust Boxer engine and will be priced at Rs 23.5 lakh, ex-showroom Mumbai.

Game, Set, Match: When I met Roger Federer
On a recent sojourn to the Swiss Alps, just happened to meet Roger Federer :-)

The Pride of New York
discovers how the SALGA float went from struggling to get people to show up to being one of the most vibrant contingents at the NYC Pride Parade

Steady performers: Top 5 mutual funds from LIC
These mutual funds from LIC have been steady performers since the last 5 years

July 21, 2014
Get ready: Paperless insurance is coming to you
Your insurance policy document will become digital and paperless like shares. Here's what you must know to save the hassles.

Affordable and stylish: Upcoming 150cc bikes in India
Suzuki Gixxer, Hero MotoCorp's Xtreme Sport, Bajaj Pulsar 150NS and Yamaha Fazer Version 2.0 are all gearing up to set the Indian roads on fire

July 20, 2014
TVS plans to go VROOM with three new bikes
After taking Bajaj Auto's number three spot recently, TVS Motor is planning a product offensive to continue growth in volumes.

July 19, 2014
We cannot take our eyes off of Lisa Haydon
She is fashion industry's latest 'It' girl and not without reason!

This ain't a joke! Brit couples 'crave sex 5 times a week'
A round up of all the sex and relationship from around the world.

July 18, 2014
Success mantras from Kotak Mahindra's president
Shanti Ekambaram, president of consumer banking at Kotak Mahindra Bank, talks about her success mantras, career and money management lessons she learnt, work-life balance for working moms and what India's youth should aspire for.

Hello Sunshine! This Vespa is for Metrosexuals
The Vespa S attracts metrosexual buyers with its premium image and exceptional performance.

July 17, 2014
Smoking may contribute to suicide risk
Nicotine in cigarettes may trigger psychiatric disorders, raising a smoker's risk of committing suicide, a new study has warned.

Main bhi James Bond! Smart wearable gadgets are here
Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nike and Google are all betting big on smart wearables that can help you connected with your home whenever, wherever!

5 reasons you didn't get a job even after a great interview
You went for an interview and just cracked it. Or so you think... It's been a dozen days and you are yet to hear from the recruiter. So what exactly went wrong? Here are the five real reasons that you won't ever hear from a HR even after a great interview.

July 16, 2014
Guess what! Investing in real estate just became simpler
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's Budget 2014 allows retail investors in India to have an affordable, liquid and convenient way to invest in real estate.

5 Hindi films that inspire entrepreneurship
From inspiring leadership in the most uncommon situations to standing upright and taking criticism in their stride, these Bollywood masala films tell you why you must let your actions do the talking.

It is time to have Hamara Bajaj back!
With every two-wheeler company except Bajaj offering scooters now, that day is not far when the company that made 'Haamara Bajaj' a household name will get back to the segment where it once ruled.

July 15, 2014
What makes him one of India's highest selling authors
Ashwin Sanghi gets candid with you, our dear readers! Read on!

Zoe Saldana learnt a lot from her breakups. Did you too?
Don't settle until you're not sure about the person, says Avatar star Zoe Saldana about her learnings from break ups she suffered. What did you learn from your break up? Tell us!

Nikon D810: What's hot, what's not
A peek into the features that will make or break this latest DSLR from Nikon

'Quiting Facebook is like quitting smoking'
Readers tell us what inspired them to quit Facebook and how they are coping with the addiction.

July 14, 2014
Six tips to get the best out of your bike this monsoon
A small to-do list that can assist you to keep your bike healthy when it pours.

From China with love: Top 10 smartpones and tabs in India
These Chinese devices are flooding the Indian markets with latest innovations and designs not to mention very affordable rates. Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG and all Indian brands beware!

Why it makes sense to buy home loan insurance
But don't buy this product blindly! Here's what you must know before you sign on the dotted line

July 12, 2014
This Vespa is designed exclusively for you!
The Vespa Esclusivo is the first limited edition model of the Vespa scooter in India. Only 1,000 units will be offered with every unit having a number badge to it, which gives it exclusivity!

July 11, 2014
When credit cards become debt traps
Most people do not understand how minimum payments are calculated on credit cards and thus end up paying much more interest than they should to the card issuers.

These two Asus Zenfones are the new Budget Kings
Asus Zenfone 4 and Zenfone 5 are clearly targetted at Moto E and Moto G and in days to come can seriously dent their market

July 10, 2014
'I am in love with my wife's best friend'
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on July 10, Love Guru answered their queries on love and relationship.

Have you ever tried to stay off Facebook?
Do you think your life will be more fun without Facebook's interference? Were you not living a happier social life before Facebook caught you unawares? Did you ever try to stay off Facebook and succeeded? Please mail us your story...

Budget 2014: Will you save or spend? Tell us!
Finance minister Arun Jaitley's maiden budget has put more money into the hands of the salaried. Would you like to share how you are going to make use of that money?

Budget Day for Investors: Go to Sleep! Wake up Two Days Later! :-)
If this headline sounds absolutely ridiculous to you, you absolutely MUST read this article. :-)

July 09, 2014
SHAME! This is 13-year-old Chinnu's workplace
Can YOU put an end to this shame? Can WE together do it? No, for an answer is our collective SHAME!

India's top 5 bikes under Rs 44,000
They are afordable, offer best mileage economy and don't cost a bomb either. We present top 5 commuter bikes on sale in India.

Should you buy LG G Pro 2 for Rs 33k?
With a brilliant screen, a very capable camera, and the power to churn out delectable graphics, LG has laid claim to be among the top 3 competitors.

Long-term investing always pays? Stop fooling yourself
Debunking some common notions that muddy the investment waters.

July 08, 2014
Can Yamaha steal the thunder from Suzuki Gixxer?
Two bikes launched by Yamaha -- FZ F1 and FZ-S F1 -- are a bit expensive considering their mileage-enhancing technology. Still they will manage to reign over India's youth and steal market shares from Honda CB Trigger and Suzuki Gixxer 150

Hemis Festival in 18 stunning photographs's Reuben NV witnessed the colourful Hemis Festival in the eponymous town of Ladakh.

Get inspired! 25 famous football quotes
From players, commentators, coaches, media, fans and even philosophers... none could control their urge to shoot when it came to expressing their feelings about the world's greatest game

The desi who wants to be Munnabhai
Meet Vignesh Selvakumaran, a bioengineering grad from the University of Pennsylvania who wants to be a doctor and believes that while medicine cannot heal every problem, listening to a patient's wishes and being compassionate can be just as effective.

Watch out! You too could break your back like Neymar
Spinal cord injuries are often the result of unpredictable accidents and/or violent events. of Qi Spine lists five incidents that can put you in Neymar's place and advises on basic steps to follow if ever such a situation visits anybody before expert medical help arrives.

MUST KNOW: 10 important rights of a bank customer
The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India, BCSBI, has stipulated customer rights, which public and private banks have committed to provide to their customers.

July 07, 2014
Give up already! Samsung's new camera phone is botched up
Samsung Galaxy K zoom is chunky. Many of its features will make users cringe and lament about compromises Samsung has made, apart from its poor battery life and mediocre display

July 06, 2014
16 simple steps to buying a home
The intimidating process of buying a house can be simplified if you follow these basic steps. Keep in mind that every step you take brings you closer to your dream.

Hero vs Honda: Hero gears up for bigger scooter play
Hero MotoCorp and Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India are headed for a showdown in the scooter market with the former partners looking to dominate the high growth segment.

July 05, 2014
How to teach your children to earn money
When a kid earns her/his own money it is when the kid appreciates the value of the Rupee. Not when s/he does a social service stint with a 5-star NGO, says .

TVS StaR HLX 125: Made for Africa
Two wheeler manufacturer TVS Motor Company recently launched a new motorcycle, StaR HLX 125, specially designed to suit riding conditions in African Continent.

July 04, 2014
RSS chief says educated couples divorce easily. Do you agree?
Whatever your views, mail them to (subject line: Divorce) and we will publish the most articulate responses on

Suzuki Inazuma, a commuter bike... for 2.98 lakh!
After paying such a whopping amount you would perhaps dream of racing with the wind. And that is where it fails. In the ultimate analysis, it is just a commuter bike, says

Wore a skirt or bikini on Goa's beaches? Send us your pics!
Have you done it? Why be afraid to flaunt it!

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y: 14-year-old Indian wins Spelling Bee
Winner of 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee Sriram Hathwar in conversation with on the challenges of winning the competition.

4 reasons why insurance claims get rejected
It is just not enough to select a life insurance company that is known for its high claim settlement ratio. The responsibility also rests with you to ensure that you play it right so that your claim is not rejected.

July 03, 2014
Relationship gone sour? How did you cope?
As former lovers Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia's relationship hit what seems like an all-time low we are asking you to tell us how you coped with a relationship that went sour!

Meet Boy Wonder Tanishq Abraham
Admission into high-IQ Mensa society at 4, college at 7, high school diploma at 10, currently a medical correspondent for the CBS talk show The Doctors and if all goes well a PhD in the near future, Tanishq Abraham is all set for academic glory, reports .

Sigh! Samsung tries to beat the iPad... again!
Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab S give the latest iPad a run for its money? It seems so, says .

July 02, 2014
Selling your house? 7 tips for you
Keep these points in mind before putting up a property for sale.

11 stunning photographs of iconic landmarks
Readers share their pictures of iconic monuments: from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal and beyond. You can share yours too!

July 01, 2014
What's so uncommon about this Yamaha FZ?
The Yamaha FZ's engine gets Blue Core technology which ensures maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption.

7 sins of money management
You think you can outsmart everyone else in the game of making money? Wake up!

June 30, 2014
Zzzzz! 5 remedies to sleep better
, yogacharya trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, lists five quick-fix alternative therapies to help you deal with insomnia.

Kawasaki Z250: 10 reasons why its the best
From power packed performance to scintillating appearance, this bike accommodates every possible feature a rider expects in a sportsbike

Why using credit cards to pay your wedding bills is a bad, bad idea!
Apart from your wedding and honeymoon here are five instances when you will be tempted to swipe your credit card. And here is why it's a bad idea

June 29, 2014
10 ways to identify a poor stock, sell it and scoot! :-)
Immaterial of whether the market is at 18700, 13800, or 9800... or 76,000 these steps will keep your life, wealth and happiness intact!

June 28, 2014
India-made KTM RC 125 all set to wow Europe
KTM takes GP fascination to streets via new RC series sports bikes made in India. RC 125, RC 200 and RC 390 manufactured at Bajaj's Chakan plant in Pune, will soon be launched in India minus RC 125, which is planned only for export to Europe.

Dead In A Mumbai Minute
A fading bollywood star. Her former agent who is murdered on her private island. The suspects are many. As investigator Reema Ray begins to crack the case, the plot gets murkier and bloodier. Can she crack the case before it is too late?

June 27, 2014
Take this: BlackBerry Z3 is no match for the Moto G!
With its poor camera, the Z3 will be a good option to consider if it is priced within the Rs 10-14k price range, making it a pretty good option for the budget consumer.

This can be yours for Rs 75k!
With more features and frills, the updated Hero Xtreme seems worth a bang for the buck, says of

She catches snakes to save them
P Manimegalai catches snakes in the city of Madurai and releases them in the forest.

June 26, 2014
Holy cow! The Amazon Fire phone has 6 cameras
What on earth is Jeff Bezos thinking?

June 25, 2014
Hic hic hurray! Knockout cocktails for the soccer season!
Alwyn Claudis, general manager, The Big Kahuna, shares five exclusive cocktails as FIFA World Cup football fever catches on.

Filing tax returns before July 31: Who should worry?
If you fall under any of these six categories, you better file your income tax returns on or before July 31, 2014.

India's best-dressed men! Pick your favourites!
GQ recently listed out the top 50 best-dressed men in India. Here's looking at a concise list. Don't forget to vote at the bottom of every page for your favourite guy!

The sexiest electric bike: And it's a Harley!
What can be more eccentric than a rocket roaring in silence? That's LiveWire for you!

June 24, 2014
First day at school: Cute and handsome!
Readers sent us pictures of their kids on their first day to school.

TV actor Mohit Mallik shares his fitness secrets
He admires Akshay Kumar for his fitness regimen. But is that enough to get a drool-worthy body? The actor shares his fitness mantras with

Why DU's 4-year programme should not be implemented
Delhi University's four-year undergraduate programme in its current form will inconvenience students as opposed to benefiting them.

Gang of six attempts to revive Kerala's handloom heritage
Raqib Rasheed, Ashik Salim, Syamkrishnan P A, Anto D Akkara, Shehaz V B and Muhammad Junaid have innovative plans to revive the dormant handloom sector in God's Own Country.

June 23, 2014
How many units did Suzuki Inazuma sell? THREE!
Yep! And now they are slashing the prize by Rs One lakh!

Buying a resale flat? 10 tips for you
If chosen wisely and each step mentioned here followed cautiously, buying a resale house could be win-win for the buyer

June 22, 2014
LG G3 vs Galaxy S5: You decide the winner!
A look at the top features of G3 and S5 that will be competing to grab your eyeballs.

June 15, 2014
What your job says about your sex life
A round of all the sex news from around the world.

June 14, 2014
Fighter for a world free of sexual assault
In the seventh part of the series on Presidential Scholars, profiles the multi-faceted Meghana Nallajerla.

June 13, 2014
All-India IAS topper's fairytale story
He quit a lucrative investment banking job in Hong Kong for the love of his country. Now, after acing one of India's most competitive exams, Jaipur boy Gaurav Agrawal is all set to serve his motherland.

10 reasons why you should quit smoking right now!
Here's why you should kick the butt right now before one of these smoking-related ailments make you it's next victim

Kirsten Dunst goes topless and more fashion news
We bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

This champ wants to create revolutionary medical solutions
Continuing with the sixth issue of our series on Presidential Scholars, profiles 17-year-old Akshay Rajagopal.

IN PICS: The all-new 2014 Hero Karizma bikes
While there are cosmetic as well as technical updates, Hero MotoCorp has not made any major changes in the prices of the new Hero Karizma R and Karizma ZMR

10 from Jammu and Kashmir crack UPSC 2014
Four from Kashmir valley and six from Jammu made the cut by cracking the prestigious civil services examination.

Love and money: These myths can hurt your marriage
Interesting observations from an expert on wealth and psychology

June 12, 2014
He wants to heal the world
In the fifth part of a series on Presidential Scholars, profiles Rajet Vatsa

How an MBA helps in redefining failure and success
, a recent graduate of Duke University Fuqua School of Business Daytime MBA Programme, on how failure - repeated failure - brings out the best in a person.

FIFA World Cup Scams: Don't fall for them
World Cup fans everywhere should watch out for free ticket scams, news service scams, and online streaming scams.

11 mantras of financially successful people
I have no clue whether the following traits will make you successful. However, these are the qualities/characteristics that I have seen in successful people, says

June 11, 2014
Writer, dancer, fighter, thinker: Meet Surabhi Beriwal
In the fourth part of a series profiling Presidential Scholars, speaks with 15-year-old Surabhi Beriwal

iOS 8: What's all the buzz about!
Can Apple dazzle competition with the latest iteration of its popular operating software? With the company rumoured to launch iOS 8 this fall (autumn) along with iPhone 6, we take a look at 10 ways the new iOS will make you swoon. Critics, are you ready with your ammo? :-)

How a filmmaker is trying to change India's healthcare system
Filmmaker Pavitra Chalam tells how her documentary on a poor girl suffering from a birth defect can help people partner with grassroots organisations to deliver better healthcare to India's poor.

7 steps to get yourself the RIGHT insurance cover
Buying a wrong insurance policy can give you nightmares when it comes to settling claims. Then there are other issues like cost, riders etc. Here's a seven-point checklist to help you buy an insurance policy that YOU need.

June 10, 2014
This 'princess' strives to make a difference
In the third part of a series profiling Presidential Scholars, meets Pranita Basulu who uses her earnings to help children and train women for self-defence.

How to use your credit and debit card smartly
Here's what you must know to derive maximum benefit from them

Canon EOS 70D: 10 things you may not know
Take this quiz and find out

June 08, 2014
15 things your broker will never tell you!
No broker nor an expert who comes on the paid channels is ever going to tell you the following things... be careful... read on.

Honda's 'neo-futuristic', fully automatic bike is here!
The Honda NM4-02 is a bike which gives us a glimpse of the future, says of

June 07, 2014
There are only bad loans and worse loans!
All loans are bad. If they have tax deduction, that just acts as balm, that is all, says P V Subramanyam

June 06, 2014
Fiction special: Interview with the world's oldest man
A heartrending story of Murali Kamma's attempts to interview an old man. Read on

This Presidential Scholar knows her words' worth
profiles playwright and poet Hanel Baweja, one of the 141 Presidential Scholars this year

#Dad-n-me: Share your memorable photographs with us
Got a photo with your dad? We'd love to see it! Post it here

PICS: The all new TVS Apache RTR 180
To take on Bajaj Pulsar 180 and Hero Karizma R and to celebrate the release of X-Men -- Days of Future Past, TVS has launched Apache RTR 180 Matte Black Edition. But will it succeed?

Million dollar-advice from investment guru John Bogle
Here's what made the founder of the world's largets mutual fund help his investors create wealth.

June 05, 2014
Will this Indian-American teen be the next Miss America?
Lucy Marion Edwards, crowned Miss Vermont 2014 recently, will represent the state in the Miss America contest in Atlantic City, New Jersey, September 14.

The world at his fingertips: Meet the Geographic Bee champ
Akhil Rekulapelli, 13, winner of National Geographic Bee 2014 spoke with about his preparation and future plans

6 most common lies job seekers tell
To land up a job many candidates fib on their CV. Employers beware!

Quiz: Which is the smallest planet in our solar system?
Take this simple quiz and find out more about the farthest, hottest, biggest planets in our solar system

June 04, 2014
5 rules to build a highly effective network
Invest in building a vibrant network. It will stand you in good stead, says

This girl wants you to 'Dial Kashmir'
Meet Mehvish Mushtaq, the first Kashmiri girl to develop an Android app dedicated to the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Sometimes, financial rules of thumb can do more harm than good!
Rules of thumb can get in the way of your goals. When it comes to managing your finances, gross generalisations are a problem.

Good morning! Here's how you can have a productive day!
5 really simple time management tips to enhance your productivity at the workplace

June 03, 2014
TVS Wego gets an update (and here's why it matters)
The brand new Wego is all set to take on the Honda Activa-i and the recently launched Suzuki Let's. The question is, will it be able to?

Young entrepreneur? 5 global trends that can change India
These trends not only provide opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures but can also change India, says

Find out if you are a bank defaulter!
Credit Information Report is one piece of information that can tell if you are a defaulter or not

June 01, 2014
8 HOT JOBS for young engineers
3D printing, UAV development, simulation tools, advanced materials, fuel cells, nanotech, energy systems and robotics will see a huge demand for skilled engineers

3 simple rules to make money in stocks
Try these and see how you will create wealth in the long term.

May 31, 2014
A 10-point programme to create world-class engg colleges
Prof Rambabu Kodali, Director, NIT Jamshedpur lists out 10 parameters that would help transform engineering colleges and details the best practices that an aspiring institute must follow to become a world class

Position trading vs day trading: What WINS?
If you are a stock market trader then investing for the long term can always be combined with position trading. However it has no connection with day trading. Here's why...

May 30, 2014
Is this how the first TVS-BMW bike will look like?
The BMW Roadster Concept gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming TVS-BMW bikes, likely to be launched in India next year

Which of these 6 cameras do you want to own?
If you want to invest your money in nurturing your passion and hobby, these cameras make a perfect choice.

May 29, 2014
'My wife looks at other men. What should I do?'
Miffed spouse? Angry parents? Long distance relationship woes? Love Guru answered these and many more relationship queries in an online chat with Get Ahead readers

7 ways to trick your brain to exercise regularly
Look forward to the exercise activity as an outcome of something that you love doing

10 embarrassing things that'll happen to you before you turn 20
Nobody will warn you about these but it's about time someone did.

Amazing: Top 10 safety features in your bike
These save the rider and the bike from skidding and thefts.

A dummy's guide to investing in chit funds
Though a popular savings option in India's villages and towns, chit funds have resulted in scams too. Here's what you must know about chit funds before investing your money.

May 28, 2014
Why Moto E is a huge hit!
After the runaway success of Moto X and Moto G, Motorola plans to beat the budget smartphone market hollow with the launch of Moto E for just Rs 7,000. Home grown budget brands, beware!

This bike costs Rs 23,00,000
And here's why BMW superbike S 1000 R costs a bomb!

Money management: 7 lessons from IPL
Even you can make millions just like the star cricketers by taking these financial planning lessons from the Indian Premier League.

May 27, 2014
QUIZ: How well do you know HTC One M8!
Answer these 10 simple questions to find out...

CAT Tips: How to crack Critical Reasoning
Remember not to draw inferences or conclusions before reading the options.

Bike wars: Honda CBR300R to take on yamaha R25
With a price tag of Rs 2.5 lakh Honda's latest is all spiced up to take on the upcoming Yamaha R25, Hero HX250R, KTM RC 390, Mahindra Mojo, Hyosung GD250R and Kawasaki Ninja 300

Rescued from a dustbin, preparing to be an IAS officer
Amazing story of two Indians -- the saviour and the saved - who are an example of how to face adversity and emerge victorious

May 25, 2014
How to choose perfect tyres for off-roading expedition
Good tyres are your best buddy while taking your desired riding experience. So select your buddy well.

May 24, 2014
A journey within: Exploring the mysteries of Asia
, who travelled from China to Mongolia to Siberia in 2011 offers a fascinating glimpse into the beautiful Lake Baikal and marvels of Siberia

Rags to riches in 18 minutes...
Lessons in saving and investing from a taxi driver :-)

May 23, 2014
'My wife says I am very unromantic. What should I do?'
Unromantic spouse? Angry parents? Long distance relationship woes? Love Guru has the answers

The really tough flag quiz!
Think you know your flags from each other? Here's your chance to find out how good you really are! Let the game begin...

Why R25 is Yamaha's most awaited bike!
The Yamaha R25 is the most awaited motorcycle of 2014 and lives up to the hype

7 popular lies insurance agents tell you
Anything goes when agents sell insurance policies to you. Even lies. Check out which lie did you fall prey to? :-)

May 22, 2014
Biking: Hero launches 2014 Super Splendor and Glamour
Hero MotoCorp continues to update its products, albeit silently, to take on competition from Suzuki Slingshot, Honda Shine and TVS Phoenix

How you can afford a second home
Here's a step-by-step guide to reach your dream

May 21, 2014
The coolest 125 cc bikes in India
These offer the best mileage, power, style and performance

Is real estate really the best investment? Read this!
You would be a fool to expect 200 per cent returns every time you invest in real estate. More so, when you don't count the risks engaged in such an adventure

May 15, 2014
6 little-known income tax deductions
There is more to tax savings than Section 80C. These six can help you optimise your tax savings.

Look: GenZe, an Electric Scooter from Mahindra!
Ten things you must know about the latest innovation from Mahindra

May 14, 2014
Test your fitness quotient. Take this quiz
How fitness conscious are you? Here's your chance to find out!

Giving a voice to girls' education
Priyanka Chopra, Shabana Azmi and Sakina Jaffrey root for a cause close to their heart. listens in

A dishwasher's daughter could soon be an IITian
Meet Fathima Shabana who's cleared her JEE (Main) and wants to study computer science from an IIT.

Retirement questions which NOBODY can answer!
Not even your financial planner.

5 commandments: Stay safe on social networking sites
However hard you try, there's no escaping social media today. So here's how you can protect yourself even while being out there. Read on!

May 13, 2014
Low on camera, high on UX: Can Moto X be a winner?
Can Google's Moto X win over consumers despite being low on camera functionality and an okay battery back up?

2 States: We got married without her parents' permission
We asked you, our dear readers to share your 2 States stories with us. Kiran Parmar shares his:

Cutting-edge technology that makes your bike go vroom!
Top 10 engine technologies Indian two-wheeler makers employ to give you the best biking experience

How you can make money on Election Results Day!
There are five possible outcomes based on the number of seats that current front runner NDA can win.

May 12, 2014
Is this Samsung SmartWatch worth its price?
With the second iteration of Samsung Gear, the company has replaced its earlier Android interface with Tizen. But given that the Gear Fit retails for Rs 15,450 -- which is more than the full price of a Motorola Moto G -- is it worth a look?

How to read your credit card statement
The statement contains a lot of crucial information. Ignoring it can sometimes be perilous and may land you in deep financial trouble

May 11, 2014
Fruits, vegetables could cut stroke risk
All the health buzz from around the world that matters to you

May 09, 2014
'My GF does not trust me! What to do?'
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers May 8, Love Guru answered all queries on love and relationship. Here's the unedited chat transcript.

The city of my soul: Why I love New York
, an assistant professor of psychology at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Bronx, on how New York's pulse and rhythm keep her going

One man's battle against rote learning
Arghya Banerjee, founder of The Levelfield School in Suri, West Bengal, on why he quit a high-flying job to teach India's young.

Why HTC One M8 is 2014's best smartphone!
One would have thought it near impossible to improve upon 2013's much-acclaimed HTC One, but with the new M8, HTC has achieved an incredible feat.

May 08, 2014
All that Jazz: The desi singer who's hitting the right tunes
discovers the musical influences that shape the unique vision of singer Kavita Shah

PICS: These 'Indians' will take your breath away!
Soon after its third coming in 2011, legendary motorcycle manufacturer Indian Motorcycles launched the Indian Chief Classic, Chief Vintage and Chieftain. Here are some interesting facts you must know about them...

How I recovered my stolen Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Recovering your stolen phone is an arduous task. Here's what it took to get it back.

The Love Guru chat on ZaraBol
Share your relationship problems with The Love Guru.

May 07, 2014
What is the best motherhood advice you've received?
Few things are perhaps as challenging as raising a child and we could all do with some help, wouldn't we? :-)

IN PICS: Why Coonoor is a picture-perfect paradise
Away from the blaring horns and puffs of choking fumes that characterise Ooty today, Coonoor is a haven for the stressed mind, says .

How to reduce your investment risks
Asset allocation is a difficult job that most people cannot get right. Here's why and how you should correct the flaws.

May 06, 2014
Why you will have to wait for Honda's CX-01
Delhi-based Honda is increasing its focus on the entry level segment. So much so that it has put the potential launch of a big engine premium concept bike, the CX-01, on the back burner.

Sax and the city: Why Delhi rocks!
The contemporary music scene in Delhi is deliciously complex and layered; while Bangalore may be the rock capital and Mumbai busy helming alternative, Delhi is revelling in a unique sonic experience, says .

10 things you must know about the Moto X
Are you ready to take this simple quiz and find out?

Why home loan borrowers should be happy!
The banking regulator, RBI, has come out with suggestions that would bring down the costs for the home loan borrowers in India and also bring in more transparency in the market.

May 05, 2014
Health Quiz: What is normal BP?
Do you know your health numbers? Take this quiz to find out!

Want to insure your expensive smartphone? Read this
7 important facts you must know before buying mobile insurance

Top 10 things you must know about the Nikon D5300
The Nikon D5300 is arguably the best mid-to-high range camera you can find. Ten things that make it worth owning!

May 04, 2014
Want to invest in stocks? 8 terms you must know
While investing and trading in stocks has always been considered the sexiest way to make money, it always helps to know your basics before you start!

How cheese and milk benefit the obese!
A round up of all the health news that could benefit you.

May 02, 2014
May-December love: Does age really matter?
Digvijay Singh and Amrita Rai have an age difference of about 24 years. Do you believe age matters in a romantic relationship?

Send this guy your best mango recipe! :)
Can your mango recipes lift the European Union's ban on the Alphonso?

Top 5 125cc scooters in India
Check out the best there is in the market

Samsung Galaxy S5 takes on iPhone 5S head on
Samsung's latest iteration in the Galaxy series is a pretty good device; it includes a number of features which makes it hold on to its own despite fierce competition from Sony Xperia Z2 and iPhone 5S.

Should you make that 20% down payment for your first home?
Tempted? Good. Now read this!

May 01, 2014
Triumph bets big on luxury bike segment
After opening its first dealership in Pune, iconic British motorcycle brand Triumph targets five more dealerships in cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai across India by end of 2014.

Smartphones can help you lose weight better
Want to shed those extra pounds? Turn to your smartphone!

6 common financial worries
Don't just waste time thinking about them. Try to find solutions.

How to fight bad body odour
When excessive sweating becomes embarrassing

April 30, 2014
Five reasons why your credit card could be declined
What if after making some hefty purchases at a store you pull out your credit card only to be told that your transaction has been declined?

April 27, 2014
Top 10 commuter bikes in India
Want a two-wheeler to simply get to and from work? Check out your best options.

April 26, 2014
My 7 major investment biases! What are yours?
Whether we like them or not, everyone has biases when it comes to investments.

April 25, 2014
Meet Sana Raoof: Harvard student, star debater, Soros scholar
Star debater, trailblazing athlete and Harvard medical student. Sana Raoof learnt from her immigrant family to be the best in whatever she does. finds what inspires this newly minted Soros Fellow.

Men vs Women: Who are better administrators?
While our politicians make observations in the passing, without thinking twice about what they are saying, we leave it to YOU to set the record straight!

April 24, 2014
The Indian-American who is fighting for a better world
Soros' New American Fellow, Sundeep Iyer's interest in grassroot politics comes from the altruistic outlook he has inherited from his parents, discovers

10 things you must know about iPhone 5S
Take this fun quiz and find out how well do you know the most-coveted smartphone in the world.

April 23, 2014
Students stand solidly behind beleaguered Xavier's principal
Two students from St Xavier's College and the Director of a management college stand solidly behind Dr Fr Frazer Mascarenhas for writing a mail to his students that has been panned by the Bharatiya Janata Party as an attempt to influence young voters.

Quiz: Who created James Bond?
The World Book Day is as good a day as any other to find out how well-read you are. Take this quiz and find out for yourself.

Walk out of a debt trap one step at a time
Only a systematic and disciplined effort can help you free yourself from a debt trap.

Can Suzuki Inazuma take on Ninja 250R, Honda CBR250R?
Find out how good is the Suzuki's latest 250cc sensation!

April 22, 2014
PICS: Most expensive cruiser bikes in India
These five are fascinating monsters with heavy and powerful engines.

'We are here to set high standards'
A peek into how Mumbai's youth are doing their bit to strengthen the nation's democratic fabric.

April 21, 2014
Your most common health questions answered
Noted obstetrician-gynaecologist and trained fitness and lifestyle consultant Dr Sheela Nambiar offers tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite time constraints and striking a better work-life balance.

3 TRICKY financial situations and how to handle them!
Immaterial of what age you are there are times when you get into a sticky financial situation. What are such situations and how do you handle them?

April 20, 2014
How to look great on your wedding day!
Wedding wardrobe blues? Wedding stylist of Bridelan tells you just how to nail it!

When to sell a stock
The secret to knowing when to sell a long-term holding lies in doing your homework -- even before you buy the stock in the first place.

April 18, 2014
Why rice is good for your health
A round up of all the health news that matters to you

April 17, 2014
This phone is the only serious competition to Galaxy Note 3!
At Rs 30,000 for 32GB and 3GB RAM, 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, a 2.5GHz process, Gionee Elife E7 is giving competition some tough time.

4 mistakes your credit card company wants you to make
Do you often miss payments? Do you exceed your credit limit? You are just the kind of customer credit card companies are looking out for!

April 16, 2014
2 States: From a nudge to the knot
Readers share their real-life '2 States' love stories! Don't miss :-)

April 15, 2014
Turn your home into a gym! Get the body you want
Beginner-friendly exercises to get that gorgeous body you envy but don't have.

11 money benefits your company gives you
Are you missing out on these?

From an Indian village to one of the world's top surgeons
He was born in a village in Odisha. Today, Dr Ramakant Panda -- who has performed more than 18,000 heart operations including one on the prime minister and built a world-class hospital -- is considered one of the best cardiac surgeons in the world.

April 14, 2014
IN PICS: Top 5 MotoGP bikes
A look at the hottest bikes that are burning the rubber at the ongoing MotoGP 2014

Trivia quiz! What is the currency of Singapore?
Take this quiz and test your financial quotient.

April 13, 2014
5 worst mistakes you can make before buying a home
Avoid these at all costs or there goes your dream of owning a house.

April 12, 2014
Here's why stock price of a company goes up
Have you off late seen stock price of a company skyrocket 25 per cent in 3 weeks?

Soaps, shampoos, toothpastes could be deadly for your nose
A round-up of all the health news that affects you

What is Heartbleed and the 6 things you MUST know about it
The latest bug threatening the Internet might just hit your computers too!

April 11, 2014
Travel tales: The most amazing stories from UP to Italy
travels down memory lane and comes up with stories he heard - some real, some unreal - that amused him.

7 WOW technologies that will change the way we live
From wearable devices to big data to augmented reality, here is a lowdown on technologies that will make a huge difference to our lives.

PPF or NSC: What saves you more tax and makes you richer
The Public Provident Fund and National Savings Certificate are the most popular tax-saving investments. But which one scores better when it comes to saving more tax or getting better returns?

April 10, 2014
Is rape a 'mistake'? BOO Mulayam Singh
Nobody in his sane mind would think so. Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav, though, is a notable exception.

Is your EPF account inactive? Here's what to do
Two simple steps can solve your problem

April 09, 2014
How to pick the best tax-saving mutual fund
ELSS, or tax savings funds, are diversified equity funds that offer a benefit under Section 80C. Here's how to make sure you invest smartly.

10 Harley Davidson Street 750 facts you totally must know
This beast of a motorcycle will be all yours for Rs 4.6 lakh. A quick scan to help you find if it is worth it.

April 08, 2014
REVEALED: Top 10 secrets of Samsung Galaxy S4
Paid a bomb for it? Get the bang for your buck by making the most of your Samsung Galaxy S4!

Travelling abroad? 5 handy credit cards tips for you
These will save you some money and lots of hassles.

Top 10 automatic scooters in India
More and more young Indians are going for these stylish, comfortable and affordable two-wheelers

April 07, 2014
6 things to check before buying life insurance
How high or low will be your policy premium depends upon these.

April 05, 2014
11 tips to make an effective presentation
Simple tricks to make your audience sit up and listen.

Marriage? Be careful boys and girls!
Six financial situations post marriage that will drive you nuts :-)

April 04, 2014
QUIZ: How well do you know Samsung Galaxy S5?
Take this fun quiz and find out!

QUIZ: How well do you know Samsung Galaxy S5?
Take this fun quiz and find out!

Why Yash Naidu's home loan was rejected
Besides a good CIBIL score, lenders also look at the applicant's ability to pay off the additional debt burden. This is where Yash had a problem.

April 03, 2014
Top 10 DSLR cameras between Rs 30k and 50k
High on features and low on price these are the best pocket-friendly digital single lens reflex cameras available in the market today.

How to invest when the stock market is at historic highs
We are at the cusp of something big today and retail investors need to wake up and participate early to make the most of it.

Get bikini ready: Workouts for a sexy back
Try these simple exercises to sculpt your back and get you upright.

April 02, 2014
7 investment lessons from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Follow these principles if you want to become a billionaire like him.

April 01, 2014
10 things you must know about this Harley
The out-of-production Low Rider is back on the roads. Here's why!

How to make exercise a habit
And get that sexy beach body you always wanted

13 myths that can make you poor
These might appear logical and consistent with common sense but they all suffer from fatal flaws, which can lead investors into losing money.

March 29, 2014
Revealed: The right age to start investing
The magic of compounding rewards early starters. Delay may make it impossible to attain your goal.

March 28, 2014
Don't let your insurance policy lapse. Here's why
What happens when your insurance policy lapses? What should you do in such a scenario? Read on to find out...

Quiz: What is saunf in English?
For all you aspiring master chefs, here's a quick quiz to find out how well you know your spices...

March 27, 2014
IN PICS: The all-new Hysoung Aquila 250
The latest Aquila 250 is an appealing cruiser with good attention to detail, says of

10-minute fix: Calm yourself down in a jiffy!
Five simple tricks to de-stress yourself quickly.

March 26, 2014
IN PICS: 12 things you must know about HTC One M8
HTC has finally announced the all new HTC One M8 smartphone with a premium finish and twin cameras at the back. We present you the smartphone's brief profile.

English quiz: How well do you know your phobias?
Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about phobias

A 20-point checklist BEFORE you buy a new house
Discuss these issues HONESTLY with your spouse, parents and maybe a couple of friends. Once you have answers to about 70 per cent of these questions, go and buy a house.

March 25, 2014
Even Harley-Davidson is no match for this Indian
The Indian Chief Classic brings in a lot of character, style. It puts even the Harley-Davidson in the shade.

Kajol won't go to work because of her kids. Would you?
Dear readers, we would like to know what would you do when faced with such a situation? What would be your priority? Why?

Top 8 reasons you lose money in stock markets
Identifying and rectifying these can make you a winner

March 24, 2014
Top 5 dual SIM smartphones under Rs 20k
Each one of them offers great value for money because of their hardware, display and performance

How to invest in mutual funds like a pro
Five things you must know before investing in mutual funds and you will be less likely to fret during market ups and downs.

7 tips to impress your boss on Day One
Start by doing exactly what your manager expects you to do in the first one month.

March 23, 2014
Is Samsung Galaxy S5 an iPhone 5S killer?
Feature for feature, Samsung Galaxy S5 beats iPhone 5S hands down, says . However, the real picture will emerge only after the phone launches this April.

March 22, 2014
Top 7 reasons YOU should save money!
There could be 100 reasons to save money... but these are enough for you to make a start.

March 21, 2014
Will Nokia's love affair with Android succeed?
Nokia, after scripting a comeback of sorts with its Windows based phones, has launched an Android phone through its new offering, Nokia X dual-SIM. Will this gamble succeed?

Yamaha Alpha: The latest competition to Honda Activa?
Will the new unisex scooter successfully take on the best-selling Activa in India? Read on

March 20, 2014
Get Budget Smart: India's cheapest 8-core smartphone is here
At Rs 14,990, Karbonn Titanium Octane comes with an octa core processor as well as with the latest Android KitKat operating system.

Vikas Khanna: On the Himalayan food trail
Vikas Khanna's latest book Return to the Rivers is not just a collection of recipes, but a collage of memories and stories he gathered on a journey across the mighty mountains, finds Arthur J Pais,

Why you must take that raise (on your credit limit)
There are four distinct advantages the most important being getting a good credit score

March 19, 2014
Top 5: The silliest health myths you must not fall for
A fresh insight into the five things that have been for long viewed as total no-no for our health and well-being.

Taxpayers: Here's why March 31 is important for you!
Neglect this date at your own peril! You can end up paying penalties AND add to your tax-filing hassles.

March 18, 2014
MasterChef India judge Kunal's recipes: Grilled fish, Ravioli, more
Nine mouth-watering recipes from Chef 's cook book, A Chef In Every Home.

Under Rs 35k: Top five smartphones with 6-inch screens
Ideal for those who want functionality of smartphones and tablets in one device.

12-year-old develops a Braille printer for $350
Shubham Banerjee's school science fair project has led to the development of a Braille printer prototype that costs one-fifth of what is available in the market today, reports

March 17, 2014
That's all folks! Kareena Kapoor at LFW's brilliant finale!
The year's first major fashion week drew to a close with the Bollywood star closing the show for Rajesh Pratap Singh.

PICS: Vijender Singh packs a punch on the ramp!
The boxer made for a knockout model at Archana Kochhar's show

March 16, 2014
Whoa! Priyanka Chopra just hit the ball out of the park
The Bollywood actor walked the runway for Neeta Lulla. And nailed it

Check out: Malaika Arora Khan turns up the heat!
Bollywood's original yummy mummy walked the runway for Anju Modi

All covered up: Sunny Leone at LFW
The former adult movie star made a stylish debut at Lakme Fashion Week

Sneak peek: The madness behind the calm at LFW
Rajesh Karkera offers these fascinating insights into all the backstage happenings at the Lakme Fashion Week.

ModelSpeak: Life is unpredictable, get used to it
What makes a model successful? Sacrifice, patience and focus, says Archana Akhil Kumar

PICS: Shantanu-Nikhil's breathtaking new collection is here
Snapshots from a collection that made us pine for all things gone by

Kalki, Gauhar, Adah: Vote for these celebs' styles
How high was the style quotient of these celebrities at Lakme Fashion Week? Take this poll and tell us!

The hottie who quit a career in designing for modelling
Meet Parul Duggal who discovered she'd rather prefer to be in the limelight.

March 15, 2014
Check out: Dia Mirza has a blast on the runway
The model-turned-actress seemed to enjoy every moment of being showstopper for Anita Dongre.

Magic in Maheshwari: Krishna Mehta's beautiful new collection
The veteran designer turned to the traditional Madhya Pradesh weave for her latest collection.

Sweet! Wendell Rodricks gets a standing ovation
The Goa designer was felicitated for being the latest recipient of the Padma Shri this year.

Fab or drab? Urmila Matondkar at LFW
Celebs from Bollywood and TV made a beeline to attend fashion designer Anita Dongre's show on Day Three of the Lakme Fashion Week

'Politically correct' fashion off the ramp and more
A politician-fashionista and digital brand strategist talk about dressing style and fashion trends.

'There is discrimination against dark-skinned girls!'
Model Nidhi Sunil was asked to be the face of a fairness cream brand. So what did she do? Read on!

March 14, 2014
ModelSpeak: How to get a flawless skin this summer
It's summer and model Rachel Bayros tells you, our dear readers, how to keep your skin glowing!

Why this Kashmiri model at LFW is feeling homesick
From Kashmir's Badgam district, Rouhallah Quazim, nicknamed Ghazi, talks about modeling, how the fashion scene is changing in Kashmir and why he is missing home so much.

Everyday fashion: Stylish women who aren't walking the runway
A Kannada actor, a design student and TV journalist talk about their fashion nightmares on the sidelines of the Lakme Fashion Week.

Traditional Bengali recipes for Holi
What are you waiting for? Read on and make these mouth-watering dishes at home today.

March 13, 2014
'Don't let a pretty face and stunning body go to your head'
'Don't think of yourself as god. If you are a famous model today, don't forget it is just a tag that won't last long.' Internationally acclaimed model Ninja Singh, who debuted at the Lakme Fashion Week, on her career, love and more...

These dancers want to make India proud
Meet Aparna Nagesh and her dancers from High Kicks, one of just nine groups chosen from 54 countries around the world to perform at the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Scotland.

March 12, 2014
What celebs are wearing at Fashion Week
With Manish Malhotra opening Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2014, could celebs have been far behind?

How often should you workout?
How often, how long, how intense should your workouts be? Fitness expert offers her take.

March 11, 2014
Kawasaki Z800: Fast, fun and rides beautifully
The Kawasaki Z800 is not only fast, it's practical for our roads too.

Busted: 9 myths about YOUR credit report
These myths can cost you a bomb!

March 10, 2014
Improve your marriage prospects? Get an MBA!
'At a meeting with a director of a business school, I told him there are over 3,000 business schools producing some four to six lakh MBA graduates a year. Industry cannot absorb so many MBAs, even if the economy grows at 9 per cent a year. If this is the case, why spend lakhs to send your son or daughter to a business school, I wondered. He explained I had missed the point. Getting your son or daughter through business school improves their rate in the marriage market. The boy can command a better dowry; and the girl can get a simple job, maybe find a boy and bring down the dowry rate.' decodes The Big Fat Indian Wedding.

IN PICS: Now, a Vespa for Rs 9 lakh!
One can buy 18 Honda Activas or three Maruti Altos or a Honda City for the same price.

March 09, 2014
Is this 2014's BEST smartphone?
By packing in a quad core processor, a high end camera, memory card slot among other features, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact may shatter the tradition that any phone with the 'Mini' tag has to take a hit on specs, says .

March 08, 2014
Apps to make life easier for women!
Whether it is fitness, advisories, fashion tips, taking care of lists and supplies or enhancing personal security, there is a wealth of apps for women to make their life easier

March 07, 2014
Career women, beware of these health traps
Iron, vitamin and protein deficiency along with stress can lead to serious health concerns for career women. But there is a way out!

March 06, 2014
7 Great Networking Tips!
'Be prepared to talk, but also learn to listen...' 'Don't be shy to drop names...' Some networking mantras that have stood social entrepreneur in good stead.

Enroll now to vote in this election! Here's how
You still have time till March 9. HURRY!

March 05, 2014
The 23 year old who is transforming lives
'Never give up on your dreams. It's important for people our age to dream and follow our heart. That's the only thing that can move us forward. It's our duty to give something back to the community. This will give you so much happiness that you cannot imagine.' Meet Smriti Nagpal, 23, CEO and founder, Atulyakala, a for-profit social enterprise, that is creating opportunities for deaf artists to grow, learn, share and live a life of dignity and pride.

At Rs 22k, is the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 overpriced?
With a processor and camera that just about makes the cut, the Grand 2 is bound to face competition in the market from home grown brands.

March 04, 2014
How yoga benefits breast cancer patients
Yoga regulates stress and fights fatigue in women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

How to make money in stock market trading
We hear stories of millionaire traders and their trading riches every now and then. What makes them successful?

March 03, 2014
4 mistakes every home loan borrower must avoid
If you are not alert about these pitfalls, it could cost you serious money.

'There is a stigma attached to children with disabilities in rural India'
Param Shah, 18, who helps disabled Indian children bloom talks to about the challenges and joys of his job.

March 02, 2014
Why Nokia's Android smartphones will disappoint you
Below par display, processor and storage are definite turn offs for Nokia fans.

Buying a new car? Don't opt for a floating rate loan
Is a short tenure (3 to 5 years) floating rate car loan a feasible option?

March 01, 2014
Guess what? Dark chocolate is good for your heart!
It improves your heart vessels and make arteries flexible!

February 28, 2014
New bikes bank on the X factor
Digital displays that tell you when to refuel, engine immobilisers to prevent thefts are some of the features late entrants are packing their models with to stand out from the crowd and boost sales.

General V K Singh's 'Five Cs' of leadership
'It is character that allows me to have the conviction, which allows me to have the courage, which allows me to stand up for what is right or wrong,' the former army chief tells the Harvard India Conference.

February 27, 2014
Meet Prem Jain, the man behind a $863 mn start-up!
'Stay grounded; never try to become a star in the sky. There are many of those and chances are you'll get lost.' Lessons like these made Prem Jain, a serial entrepreneur, who sold his start-up for $863 million to Cisco and now serves as an advisor to its CEO John Chambers.

February 26, 2014
IN PICS: The most spectacular university buildings in the world
A list compiled by Hamburg-based real estate data mining company Emporis.

How to crack JEE: Success mantras from a topper
A firsthand account of JEE Main preparation by Nikhil Chaturvedi, who scored an All India Rank 4 in JEE Main 2013

Smart investors: Madhuri, Devgn, Leone and more
Most (certainly not all) actors just act. But smart actors have been putting their monies in start-ups.

5 money lessons every parent should teach their children
Help your children become responsible with finances

Review: Nokia Lumia 1320
Should you buy it?

February 25, 2014
Indian techie's $300 Super Bowl ad wins a million-dollar prize
Raj Suri, producer of the now famous Super Bowl Doritos commercial, speaks to about being stretched thin between a day job and his passion and the big win that makes it all worth it

PPF: 6 great reasons to open an account
The Public Provident Fund, or PPF, tends to put people off because of the lengthy tenure of the instrument. But its benefits make a compelling case.

Move over, Windows? Nokia turns to Android!
Launches three new phones

Women on LinkedIn: Get more out of your network
Brag away, Women!

February 24, 2014
Ninja 250 RR Mono: Kawasaki's cheapest bike coming to India
The company will launch this bike in the country later this year, pricing it upwards of Rs 2 lakh, writes of

Bringing Carnatic music to underprivileged kids
Anil Srinivasan, who started Rhapsody Music Foundation to help underprivileged children learn music, narrates how he became a classical pianist after doing a Master's in Business Management in the US

11 ways to speed up your job search
Improve your chances of finding your next job

6 debt mistakes that can ruin your finances
Often made, these mistakes can send you down the dark alleyways of debt

February 17, 2014
Using social media to find your next job
In the final part of the series on 'How to find your NEXT job', Ketan Kapoor, Co-founder and CEO, Mettl, underscores on how social networking sites can help you land up a job.

February 16, 2014
Anatolia: Chasing the absurd and the exotic
Read 's travelogue

February 15, 2014
Top 5 smartphones above Rs 30k
Get set for the best!

The Rajasthani town that fell off the radar
Have you been there yet?

February 14, 2014
Dating tips from Kingfisher model Nicole Faria
Keeping it simple and leaving a little mystery is the key to the model's heart.

3 keys to a successful job search
Pramod Kumar Srivastav of PKS Management Consultants offers the nuts and bolts of finding a new job in the third part of the series on 'How to find your NEXT job'

Valentine's Day horoscope 2014: Is love in your stars?
Astrologer Yogi tells you what you can expect from your love life this year!

February 13, 2014
Ravinder Singh: I shared my grief with others
Ravinder Singh: I shared my grief with others

Are you ready for your next job?
Deepak Lamba, president, Times Centre For Learning, stresses on the importance how resumes play an important part in finding a new opening, in the third part of the series on 'How to find your NEXT job'

February 12, 2014
Single or not, wear your attitude this Valentine's Day
Dress to impress

5 ways to say I love you
Impress your love with these romantic recipes.

Gadget gifts to woo your Valentine!
Here is a list of gift ideas that you can consider gifting your gadget loving partner this Valentine's Day!

New job, new you?
Job change on your mind? In a series that begins today, four experts will offer tips on what to watch out for when looking for your next job.

February 11, 2014
Flappy Bird is dead! Long live the clones!
Enormously popular Flappy Bird's grounding by its Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong seems to have given wings to several other birds who are now flapping all over the web.

Is raw food diet good for your health?
Or is it just a fad?

Auto Expo 2014: Bikes that dazzled on Day 1
Major two-wheeler makers showcased glitzier and powerful bikes on the first day of the mega event.

February 10, 2014
QUIZ: How FIT are you!
Find out now

11 ways to get your education loan easily
, CEO, Avanse Education Loans, simplifies the complex procedure of availing a student loan.

February 09, 2014
Moto G: Will Motorola be second time lucky in India?
Motorola has given just one buying option to a consumer which is sort of a walled gardened approach at a time when all of Motorola's competitors are selling their products via multiple online shopping portals and physical stores.

February 07, 2014
Auto Expo 2014: Two days; 24 premium bikes!
Auto firms bet big on premium bikes

'The idea of eating snakes doesn't excite me a lot'
Vir Sanghvi tells all

'We don't make UAVs just to earn money and fame'
'One of our proudest moments was when our system was displayed on the DRDO tableau on Republic Day this year,' says Ankit Mehta, CEO of Ideaforge, a company that is the topmost maker of unmanned aerial vehicles in India.

February 06, 2014
Madhuri Dixit wants to empower the girl child
The star lends her support

Best tax-saving options
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on February 6, Anil Rego, CEO, RightHorizons, answered their queries on saving tax.

'Choose music only if you cannot live without it'
Ambi Subramaniam, the 22-year-old son of legendary violinist Dr L Subramaniam, talks about his inspiration and why he thinks classical music is popular among young audiences across the world.

February 05, 2014
Auto Expo 2014: Hot new bikes make a splash
Hero MotoCorp unveiled two new 100 cc bikes, Yamaha launched a new scooter and Vespa announced it will soon launch Vespa S at the ongoing Auto Expo 2014.

Moto G: Smartphone for the aam aadmi at Rs 14k
The Motorola Moto G is a cracker of a phone at an enticing price point believes .

An Extraordinary Indian: Risking his life to save others
Venkatesh, all of 19 years old, has saved over a hundred lives at Chennai's Marina Beach. The school dropout puts his life in danger almost every day for the sake of others, discovers .

February 04, 2014
3 myths about debt mutual funds
Debt funds are not risk-free, they can give negative returns and they are also meant for retail investors like you and me, writes as he debunks three commonly-held myths about debt mutual funds.

Top 10 tablets to expect in 2014
Some are rumoured, some confirmed. These devices will undoubtedly make their own unique mark this year.

February 03, 2014
These hotties will make heads turn in 2014
ace photographer Atul Kasbekar, who shoots the annual Kingfisher calendar, talks about three hot models who he thinks can create ripples in India and abroad this year.

Understanding your credit report and credit score
Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL answered your credit score related queries in an online chat, February 3.

February 02, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Gear: Is it really worth buying?
Does the recent price cut make the once exorbitantly priced watch, with still limited phones to work with, an attractive option now? Let's take a closer look.

February 01, 2014
A healthy diet for your gadgets
Six quick tips to whip your devices back into shape

January 31, 2014
Getting over Facebook!
Are Indian teenagers deserting Facebook? If not the whole hog then gradually? Where are they going instead? Why?

January 30, 2014
Top 6: Financial checklist for 2014
So what if the year has already started? There is still time to get your financial house in order!

January 29, 2014
How to get your first job
Three experts offer their advice on how to get your first job.

5 things you must do to keep your bones healthy
Faulty lifestyles and improper care of calcium and vitamin D intake cause loss of mineral density and can cause fractures very easily, says .

Royal Enfield Continental GT: Go retro!
Available at Rs 2.14 lakh in Mumbai, Continental GT looks like a million bucks thanks to its retro design

January 28, 2014
Salman Khan's safety advice to bikers
'Don't drink and drive. I don't understand why people have to zoom on bikes. These beautiful bikes are to be admired. Ride slowly and let everyone admire you with it. You zoom away and people can't even see who's riding, let alone the bike. I don't think this impresses women anymore,' said Salman to those who indulge in speeding and racing on bikes.

Please make mistakes. That's how you learn about life: Kalki
The actress talks about her career, her love for theatre and storytelling, and her future plans.

January 27, 2014
Suzuki unveils lightest scooter and flagship bike
While the scooter will take on Honda's Activa-i, the 150-cc Gixxer will rival the Yamaha FZ and Honda CB Trigger

How to delete your Facebook account permanently
Sounds unlikely that you would want to do this but just in case you want to do it, here's how you can go about it!

Why you should not to be a loan guarantor
Harshala Chandorkar, senior vice president, CIBIL, answered readers' queries on the risks related to guaranteeing a loan in an online chat with readers, January 27

Face off: Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 vs Nokia Lumia 1320
The Nokia Lumia 1320 is for someone who is comfortable with huge devices and of course Windows Phone operation system. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 though looks attractive than the Lumia 1320 in terms of camera and processor.

January 26, 2014
Top 5 smartphones under Rs 6,000
Feature phones are cheap but have limited ability. But with smartphones, you can install apps and do many more things.

January 25, 2014
Jungle Talkies: A walk in Bandipur
On this patrol on foot Get Ahead reader saw more than what he had seen in 20 years of going to national parks in a Jeep

January 24, 2014
28 states: Send us your best recipes
Do you happen to know how to make any of the dishes listed below? Share your recipe with us!

Why skipping breakfast is BAD for your heart
A breakfast can save more than your day... it could save your life, says .

PICS: Move over Harley, Ducati, KTM. The Indian is here!
Iconic brand Indian Motorcycles has launched three stunning bikes from its stables ranging from 26.5 lakh to 33 lakh

January 23, 2014
Five interview mistakes that can cost you your dream job
Common yet committed often, unintentionally perhaps, these mistakes can affect your job prospects. Avoid these to land up your dream job.

'It was a big step for a Naga girl to become a model'
Nagaland model Katheleno Kenze, who was featured in Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar 2014, talks about her modelling career and offers fitness, style and career tips.

Diabetes: Why you need to be worried
Dr A Ramachandran, president of the India Diabetes Research Foundation explains why Indians are so vulnerable to diabetes, and recommends some lifestyle modifications to fight diabetes.

January 22, 2014
'For young Indians today there is no risk of failure'
'If you are a young Indian today instead of just going with the flow it is the right time to sincerely think what your passions are, and pursue it for a few years... we are the first generation in India for whom the risk of doing anything we are passionate about is almost zero,' believe two young IITians who have quit their cushioned jobs to help India's underprivileged get quality education at affordable price points.

January 21, 2014
6 reasons your loan got rejected despite a 750+ credit score
Credit score may not matter much if banks find any of these 6 attributes in your credit history.

January 20, 2014
Quiz: What's your workplace personality?
The office space is filled with multiple personalities working in tandem. To figure out your personality and who you are most likely to succeed alongside, Susanne Rodrigues helps you out with this quiz

'Singapore needs is a little less discipline'
The straitjacketed Singapore has changed a fair bit says who's visited it intermittently for over 30 years.

How to get the best rate on auto loans
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers, Harshala Chandorkar, senior vice president, CIBIL, answered their queries on auto loans.

January 19, 2014
Top 5 smartphones with bigger screen
Not only humongous in size but these five smartphones also have powerful hardware inside.

They quit the rat race to start a motorcycle tour company
A dream for most riders, a dream that they live, Baljeet and Poornima have always been Enfield riders.

January 18, 2014
Top 5 free utility apps for Android
Make the best of your smartphone using these nifty utilities

The Great Rann of Kutch: Following in Amitabh's footsteps
Get Ahead reader , with husband and daughter in tow, spent several chilly nights and hot, delicious meals in the Rann of Kutch.

January 17, 2014
Never too old to run a Marathon!
Three women over 45, who will run the Mumbai Marathon this Sunday, talk about what keeps them going.

Downloading a popular app on your smartphone? BEWARE!
Scared personal data on your smartphone could be misused when you allow apps to access your data? You should be.

January 16, 2014
Your best pics of the year: Angry Bird
We invited you, dear readers, to share your BEST photographs of the the year. Check out these amazing photographs!

Acer Aspire P3 ultrabook: Review
takes a look at the Acer Aspire P3 ultrabook, and finds out why P3 could well be the thing that defines the future.

Meet Ladakh's first female tourist guide
She began her career as Ladakh's first woman guide, but now runs her own, all-women tourist company and won an award recently for rural entrepreneurship.

January 15, 2014
How to keep your heart healthy
Dr Vanita Arora, Senior Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist & Intervention Cardiologist answered queries related to heart health in an online chat with readers on January 15.

January 14, 2014
Harley Davidson Street 750: Coming soon to blow your mind
Priced under Rs 5 lakh, the bike will hit Indian roads in June.

Where are the jobs in 2014? Big data, mobile apps, social networks
A new category of jobs will be created in 2014 due to the whole social networking blast, say experts.

January 13, 2014
A financial plan to help you retire a crorepati
How should a family of five with a monthly income of Rs 82,000 today, plan to make a retirement corpus of Rs 7.5 crore? , certified personal finance advisor and trainer does the number crunching.

How to correct errors in your credit report
Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL answered queries on how borrowers can get errors in their credit reports rectified

January 12, 2014
How to find the location of your stolen phone
Knowing the IMEI number of your mobile phone comes handy to trace the location of lost or stolen handset.

January 11, 2014
Top 5 voice calling tablets under Rs 10,000
If you can handle the big stuff chuck that smartphone. The mantra now is: the bigger, the better!

Reader pics: When parrots try to make up after a spat!
We invited you, dear readers, to share your BEST photographs of 2013. Check out these amazing photographs!

January 09, 2014
5 important steps to become debt-free!
It may be difficult, but certainly not impossible!

The Indian teen who is New York City's Youth Poet Laureate
Bill Clinton was there. Hillary Clinton was there. New York's governor was there. But guess who stole the show at New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's inauguration? New York City 2014 Youth Poet Laureate Ramya Ramana! Ramya tells how poetry helps her fight inhumanity, racism and exploitation.

Facebook now has a Little Eye in India!
Kumar Rangarajan of Little Eye Labs, the first Indian tech company to be taken over by Facebook, reveals what got them the social networking giant's attention.

January 08, 2014
Why you must not miss India Bike Week 2014!
Exotoc bikes, exotic location and exotic people... all converge at Goa's Vagator beach January 17 and 18!

Your best pics of 2013: Let's stretch!
We invited you, dear readers, to share your BEST photographs of 2013. Check out these amazing photographs!

January 07, 2014
Super foods for gorgeous skin
Did you know that barley fights inflammation, the terrible scourge that causes redness, puffiness and sagging skin and that olive oil can make your skin look younger?

'99 per cent women have faced some kind of abuse or harassment'
Shocking details of physical abuse and harassment of women in India.

14 money things to do in 2014
Shun the belief that money management is tough

January 06, 2014
Awesome reader pics: Happy moments in a downpour
We invited you, dear readers, to share your BEST photographs of 2013. Check out these amazing photographs!

January 05, 2014
Top 5 tablets between Rs 10k and Rs 20k
Select the best Android tablet to read books, watch movies and do some work, for a limited budget of Rs 20,000.

January 03, 2014
Top performance bikes set to launch in 2014
Get ready to set the streets on fire this year

What it means to be Sikh in America
While her photographs of a Sikh Captain America caught the world's collective imagination in 2013, Fiona Aboud has been documenting Sikhs in the US since 2006. The photographer shares her vision of the community with's .

January 02, 2014
Your best pic of 2013
Readers share their best shot photograph of 2013. Here's the first set of responses.

January 01, 2014
Smartphones and tabs: What's coming out of these giants' bag in 2014?
, who keeps her ears tuned to the Internet chatter and the buzzing grapevine it hosts, offers a sneak peak into what all smartphones and tablets are coming your way in the New Year

Weird hangover cures from across the globe
Some exotic and unusual cures from across the globe.

December 31, 2013
What is your New Year resolution!
Lose weight, quit smoking, start exercising, propose your sweetheart, go for a world tour...

QUIZ: What all ROCKED the fashion world in 2013!
Test your fashion quotient with this quiz. Find out who and what rocked 2013!

'We are trying to conquer space, and we don't have tigers and elephants'
Vinodini Jayaraman began painting as a way to help her get over a frustrating stutter early in life. Now her work, an ode to conservation, covers a 100-foot wall at the University of Memphis.

Top 10 laptops of 2013
Some of these devices were launched i 2012 and only got better this year while some new entries showcase that there's still plenty of room for improvement.

December 30, 2013
Recipes for your New Year's Eve party
From healthy vegetarian snacks to mocktails, here are some interesting festive recipes for you to try your hands on this New Year's eve.

He dreams of paper microscopes, computers made of bubbles
In the concluding part of this series on three young Indians American who are pushing the boundaries in their respective fields, speaks with Dr Manu Prakash whose low-cost microscope and oral cancer detector that can save millions of lives were born out of empathy for poor people.

Reader invite: Share your best photograph of 2013!
Share with us that ONE photograph that you've wanted to frame in your living room.

7 BIG lies employers tell you in a job interview
From salary hikes to training and induction, here's how employers fib with fresh hires in a job interview.

The best power-packed bikes of 2013
From entry-level commuters to super sports bikes, India saw an awesome line up of two-wheelers catering to all bike segments.

December 29, 2013
What's good for your bike: Carburettor or EFI?
Find out the pros and cons of using and old as well as modern bike technology.

December 28, 2013
Whats App, BBM, We Chat, Line: Which is the best app for your phone?
If you are looking for an application which brings all your connectivity functions into one, Line is the best instant messaging app over multiple operating systems

December 27, 2013
Marshall Scholar fuses maths and Bharata Natyam
In the second part of the series on three Indian Americans who are pushing the boundaries in their respective fields, speaks with Kirin Sinha, winner of the prestigious Marshall Scholarships, who fuses dance and maths.

3 simple steps to get richer in 2014
Follow these and you will definitely be richer by the end of next New Year than what you are today.

December 26, 2013
At 18, he helps US Army with unique infrared detector
Saumil Bandyopadhyay was named a recipient of the second annual American Ingenuity Awards by Smithsonian magazine, the flagship publication of Smithsonian Media, for a unique, sensitive infrared radiation detector.

'No matter what the crisis, always look for an opportunity'
"At my age my father had confronted bigger challenges," says Meghna Ghai-Puri, daughter of showman Subhash Ghai. In this interview with Prasanna Zore, the 35-year-old president of Whistling Woods International Institute for Films, Media, Animation and Media Arts talks about her struggles and the lessons she has learnt as an entrepreneur.

How to look a million bucks this winter
Tired of dry and flaky skin in winter? Simple tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing through those nippy days.

December 25, 2013
X'Mas Special: The world's most spectacular churches revealed!
On the occasion of Christmas, we take a look at the angular, asymmetrical, colorful and just plain extraordinary churches from around the world.

Top 10 smartphones of 2013
What made them so special and worth owning despite the premium price tags some of them have

Only 50 people will get to ride this Hyosung superbike
To mark the first anniversary, DSK has launched a signature edition GT250R which is a limited edition model

December 24, 2013
'I insist on a public apology from Euphoria and Mood Indigo'
Arpita Biswas, an IIT-B student, who was present when Dr Palash Sen made those sexist remarks at the Mood Indigo fest demands the singer and the organisers must offer a public apology to women.

Joy, hope and despair: How 2013 affected Indian students
As 2013 draws to a close, we take a look at the events that influenced the lives and careers of the student community and how!

December 23, 2013
'I came to Mumbai to pursue my food media dream'
Celebrity chef Saransh Goila, who is also an aspiring actor, talks about his passion for cooking and passes on some handy kitchen tips.

December 21, 2013
Gran Turismo 6 is an absolute must for automobile fanatics
Just don't be surprised if you find yourself staring at the replays as much as playing the game.

December 20, 2013
Find the best exercise for your personality
Customised workout options for YOU!

Date-n-Nut Cake, Lemon Garlic Chicken and more party recipes
Treat your friends and guests to these finger licking recipes and make an instant impression this festive season.

Harley-Davidson changes gears in India
Trends indicate the Indian superbike market is ready to explode and Harley-Davidson's new sub-Rs 5-lakh bike and a factory near Delhi will help it prepare for the future.

December 19, 2013
How to handle fire mishaps: An expert's advice
Abhay Kale, Divisional Fire Officer, at Fire Brigade's headquarters in Mumbai offers basic safety and prevention tips people should take till fire brigade comes to their rescue

Live chat: How to maximise benefits of Leave Travel Allowance
Know the finer details to get the maximum out of your leave travel allowance. Balwant Jain, CFO and tax expert,, will answer your queries in an online chat on December 19.

Meet the voice of global change
'It is astonishing how many Indian politicians have been convicted of sexual assault and of various types of crimes against women.' Ricken Patel, founder of the world's largest online activist site Avaaz, on his work in India and how technology is revolutionising the fight for a more just world.'s reports from New York.

Here's how you can get out of loan defaults
A likely loan default is not the end of the world. Here are your options.

December 18, 2013
Choosing own business over job? Take a reality check
Ask yourself these soul-searing questions to find out if you have it in you to become one.

5 BIG money mistakes and what you can learn from them
Five mistakes that American investors have made that investors in India can learn from.

Ninja ZX-10R: From 0-299 km/hr in 18 seconds
The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is an extremely quick motorcycle yet very easy to use on a daily basis

These four young men are taking on Facebook! Will they succeed?
Four youngsters think their social networking platform can become an alternative to Facebook.

Hack attack: How to protect your online security
Everything you wanted to know about protecting your computers, mobiles and tablets from hackers.

December 17, 2013
7 ways to protect yourself in a bad economy
Falling economic growth, fewer job opportunities call for a smart response to handle your finances well. Here's how you can make a small beginning.

8 things really smart people do
Brace yourself for some tongue-in-cheek advice on how to play smart when you're caught in intellectual company.

How she made it: Success lessons from Senior VP SAP
When Uma Rani started her career, she was the only woman deputed in the factory of an automobile company in Chennai. Having grown to be part of the global executive team at multinational organisation SAP, she shares her success secrets with young professionals.

Get in shape for the party season
Fitness expert 's workout regimen to make you feel trimmer and slimmer and give you a wonderful glow!

December 16, 2013
Apple iPad Air: An innovation or ugrade?
Shut up, critics! Here's why Apple's iPad Air is a genuine innovation and not a mere upgradation of iPad 4.

Chat@3: How to manage your debt smartly in 2014
Here's your chance to get rid of your debt in the New Year! In an online chat between 3 pm and 4 pm, December 16, Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL will guide you on how to manage your debt smartly.

How to save money on your home loan
Tips to help you save money before, while and after taking the loan

December 15, 2013
Street 750 and 500: Cheapest Harley Davidson bikes in India?
Indians have got a reason to rejoice as these cruisers will be the cheapest Harley Davidson bikes since they began selling their bikes in India.

December 14, 2013
What's so great about this mirrorless camera!
For all of its unorthodox choices, does Sony Alpha A7R offer an alternative to the likes of Canon and Nikon for professional photographers? We find out.

December 13, 2013
How to make merry and claim tax benefits
Travelling on holiday is not only good for your health and fun but can also help you claim real tax benefits

Click click please!
In her sixth entry discusses the embarrassing things conventional wedding photographers and videographers ask newly weds to do and wonders whether or not she is ready to let them invade her privacy.

December 12, 2013
7 things no one will tell you about running a company
Find out why and how these simple decisions could cost you dear while starting a business.

Is HTC Desire 700 expensive at Rs 33k?
HTC Desire 700 looks somewhat like HTC One with a bigger screen. Its body is made of plastic but that doesn't look cheap.

When too much fibre is bad for your body
Intake of excessive fibre can lead to electrolytic imbalance, fatigue, excessive gas, inflammation of the intestinal tract indigestion and acid reflux.

December 11, 2013
11/12/13 just a gimmicky date, say astrologers
The century's last sequential date holds no astrological significance, say experts.

Why crimes against women are increasing
Book launch of The Edge of Power at the Taj Literature Festival in Agra. The launch will be followed by an absorbing session called Power Play, where well known columnist, Vinita Nangia will grill author Tuhin A Sinha.

December 10, 2013
Top 5 smartphones between Rs 10k and Rs 20k
Choose the best smartphones based on fresh release, recent software, good camera, decent display and fair to great battery life.

Burdened with too much debt? 9 things to do
How to lessen your debt without getting bogged down!

From grit to glory: These managers define true leadership
Find out how they took the stress in good stride and actually made their respective teams shine.

Pulsar 375 vs KTM RC 390: Which one will you choose?
What will you be game for? An affordable performer or a true-blue track machine?

December 09, 2013
Down the Centuries: Five Days and 1406 km through Punjab
For as long as he remembers, has been a traveller at heart. Recently, he travelled to Punjab and wrote in this fascinating travelogue which we are now publishing in four parts.

6 types of candidates you'll meet in a GD round
From the ones waiting to pounce on an idea to the ones who succeed in creating trouble, here are some species of aspirants you will meet in a group discussion round.

You're welcome, Australia! India sent over 15k students this year
With total enrolments up by 3000 since last year, Indian students comprise the second largest student population in Australia -- 9 per cent, only next to China that constitutes about 30 per cent of international student enrollment.

Unbelievable! India Inc goes on ego trip at IIT placements
Disappointed for not being given the Day One slot, leading corporates are giving a hard time to candidates at the IITs. While many skipped the process, others chose to reduce hiring.

December 07, 2013
Continental GT: Retro bikers rejoice
If you are an enthusiast and like to feel different from others, then this cafe racer is made for you.

Gaming review: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Set in the Caribbean, slightly before the Assassin's Creed III timeline, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag centres around a pirate unwittingly dragged into the conflict between the Assassins and the Templars.

Study abroad: 3 smart decisions that'll help you save money
Making the right choices about where and what to study can be crucial and influence your education budget.

December 06, 2013
How to pick WINNING stocks
Value investing works like clockwork, but your clock has to be really slow.

Wedding sari under 5k? You must be joking!
In her next entry, shares her bitter-sweet experience of shopping for the wedding saree and why she disapproves the age-old tradition of binge buying.

What it takes to reach the very top! IBM VP shares tips
Lula Mohanty, vice president, IBM India talks about the experiences that shaped her career and offers advice on how to be a good leader.

Remembering India's Ghadar Party... in California
An art exhibition called Our Name is Rebel, at the Guerilla Cafe in Berkeley, California, celebrated the centenary of the Ghadar Party, the Indian Diaspora-led movement for India's independence from British rule.

December 05, 2013
Meet Ishani Chowdhury, the unsung, community hero
Ishani Chowdhury deftly straddles the diverse worlds of activism and the arts.

In PICS: Triumph Daytona 675 R
Triumph has launched the Daytona 675 R in India which is priced at Rs 11.4 lakh

December 04, 2013
Is US safe for Indian students? Diplomat says YES!
US Consulate manager Nelson Wu asks Indian students not to feel apprehensive about racism incidents in USA.

Why you should NOT drink too much water
talks about instances when you have to watch out against drinking too much water.

Top 5 Windows 8 ultrabooks
If you want something more functional and feature-heavy than the latest smartphones you use, these ultrabooks are worth a look.

How to get back to work after a long break
Hear it from people who have been there and done that to understand why you should stop feeling guilty of taking that sabbatical and rather find ways to reclaim your career.

December 03, 2013
10 things I wish I knew before becoming a mother
Of course, you love motherhood -- with all its challenges and fun. But there are times when you wish you knew certain things before having a child.

I gave myself a voice: Rhodes Scholar Vinay Nayak
Rhodes Scholar Vinay Nayak, a senior at Yale and an expert in using the Internet for citizen engagement, talks about his achievements.

Quiz: Which famous cricketer worked as a stockbroker?
Answer this fun quiz to test your finance gyaan.

Desi teen bags award for his revolutionary nanotech innovation
MIT freshman Saumil Bandyopadhyay's invention has the potential to reduce car crashes and may also help spy and detect hidden land mines and monitor global warming.

It's a very, very tough world out there: Tulip Joshi
'Gratitude can help you keep fit and look great,' Tulip Joshi, who is making waves with her 'Pocket mein TV' ad for Tata Sky Mobile, tells's .

Top 5 smartphones under Rs 10,000
While selecting these phones we have considered minute details of their specification sheet. Most emphasis was given to the performance, battery and camera of the handsets.

December 02, 2013
A 7-day free musical extravaganza in Mumbai
A 7-day music festival Swar Naad in Mumbai. Seven global artisis -- classical dancers and vocalists -- will perform live over seven days in Mumbai in an event organised by Swar Naad.

Why credit card companies love you!
Paying only minimum amount due on your outstanding credit card balance? You are just made for credit card companies!

Educating the youth to 'cast an informed vote'
Anirudh Belle and Vineeth Samdaria, both 21, want to change the way urban youths vote.

December 01, 2013
In the isle of serendipity
's fear gave way to awe during his five-day long vacation in Sri Lanka.

Sony Cyber-Shot RX10: What's hot, what's not!
For what it does, the RX10 is an incredibly good choice regardless of your requirements

November 30, 2013
Why are couples weaning off sex
A roundup of recently published sex and relationship news

Little known charms of popular Indian destinations
5 must-sees when you are in Goa and Maharashtra

Need for Speed: Rivals is a perfectly fun game
But it's a little disappointing that the game doesn't try harder to freshen up the genre

November 29, 2013
Battlefield 4 is a fantastic shooter for multiplayer gamers
And it's faster, meaner, more intense and far more chaotic than its predecessor

November 28, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 3: The best smartphone under Rs 50k?
Is it worth considering against opponents like Apple iPhone 5s, HTC One and Nokia Lumia 1020?

How to achieve your financial goals
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers, Sailesh Multani of Edelweiss Financial Planning answered queries on building a successful financial plan.

Riding gear you must invest in TODAY
Never ride your bike without this safety gear

Workshop: How to build a second career
A workshop to guide women to build a second career after a break.

Five powerful women tech CEOs in India
The new breed of female tech CEO is here to stay and only bound to grow in number!

How to avoid being a loser in the stock market
Emotional imbalance, lack of knowledge and a short-term view of the market has often proved disastrous for investors

November 27, 2013
On a thali trail: Meandering through Delhi's state bhavans
Delhi's hidden secrets for food lovers

5 benefits of stretching after exercise
Yogacharya Shameem Akthar offers a case for stretching

Investing in MFs? Don't get swayed by past performances
Past performance is undoubtedly very luring, but should you rely on it?

Top 10 FMCG firms offering highest salaries in India
With a growth rate of 10 to 12 per cent, pursuing a career in the FMCG sector promises you lots of opportunities to learn alongside a handsome pay package.

November 26, 2013
Capturing memories of days gone by
Three engineers from India wanted their college memories to go beyond just a group-photo. They spun this thought into a start-up venture.

Monica Gill is Miss India USA 2013
The annual pageant held on November 24 in New Jersey witnessed 24-year-old Monica Gill take home the crown.

Olympus Stylus SH-50 camera: Is it worth Rs 23k!
Seek out a Nikon or even Sony instead...

How to get best rates on education loan
Comparing six factors mentioned here will help you get an education loan without burning a big hole in your pocket.

November 25, 2013
PICS: Kangana, Malaika, Shilpa turn showstoppers
The recently concluded Seagram's Blenders Pride Fashion Tour saw some of the popular celebrities from the tinsel town walk the ramp. Take a look at who wore what.

Teen from Mumbai's red-light district still needs help
Shweta Katti, a girl from Mumbai's red-light district, who was able to come to the United States to study on a full scholarship at Bard College in upstate New York, still needs help.

Motorola Moto G: 8 reasons why it is so HOT!
Motorola Moto G

How to use your credit card smartly
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on November 25, Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL answered queries on various aspects of using credit cards, payment defaults and how it affects your credit score.

Applying for a home loan? 5 things you must know
First time borrower of home loan? A quick checklist to get you going.

November 24, 2013
How your bike's exhaust improves its performance
The exhaust system works hard to take care of the bike and prevent any harmful impact of the gases developed during combustion on the bike's performance.

November 23, 2013
Gaming review: WWE 2K14 is for every wrestling fan
But that's about it. Perhaps next year's version will be better. Here's hoping!

'Failure is the gateway to success'
Sathish Babu, Founder, UniverCell Telecommunications shares golden advice for young entrepreneurs from his own career.

November 22, 2013
How the 'sure shot stock market investment tips' SCAM works!
Your greed and the desire to make quick money make these frauds successful

3 BIG benefits of strength training
Incorporating regular strength training sessions is the key to delay and reduce losses of bone and muscle strength.

Tired of Candy Crush Saga? 5 addictive replacements
Move aside Candy Crush Saga! Here are five fun games that will make you swoon for more

Applications invited for the Chevening Gurukul Scholarships 2014
Twelve future leaders of India will be offered an intense, all expenses-paid, 12-week course at the Kings College London (KCL) as part of the Chevening Gurukul Leadership Programme.

November 21, 2013
This man wants YOU to quit your job!
Vineet Bajpai, successful entrepreneur and author, encourages Indians to move out their stable jobs and opt for the ups and downs of starting on their own. Here's why!

Don't use your credit card to withdraw cash
Withdrawing cash through credit cards is a very convenient option in an emergency but it turns out be very costly if it is not repaid back quickly.

Will you buy this SMART camera for Rs 1.12 lakh?
If you always wanted an Android smart camera that delivers just the right amount of performance and battery life, price be damned, the Samsung Galaxy NX is for you.

November 20, 2013
10 things to watch out for before taking up that new job
With companies putting their best foot forward to please their potential employees, it becomes imperative for job applicants to know about the working environment to see if they can adjust in such a place.

Mistakes to avoid while investing in shares
Every so often, it's worth reviewing each stock in your portfolio to make sure the reasons you bought it in the first place are intact.

Top 5 cheapest Android smartphones with 1 GB RAM
Most low cost smartphones suffer from too little RAM making them incompetent for multi-tasking and gaming.

November 19, 2013
Wedding photos: A multi-cultural marriage
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Nexus 7 vs iPad Air: What's worth your money?
Take a look at 10 cool comparisons before making a choice.

Campus diaries: On a nature trail at IIT-Bombay
Behind the high profile cement buildings is a less explored trail where nature manifests itself, writes

Modi's kurtas, Sonia's Chanderis, Omar's suits
How do politicians fare on the fashion meter? What is the style statement of our leaders? Top designers decode their sartorial choices

10 reasons why you should not borrow money
Not borrowing money can give you peace of mind. So go and get peace of mind instead of consumer debt.

Eight hot new courses that will kickstart your career!
From sports science to aviation, here are some brand new courses that are available for Indian students at the post graduate level.

November 18, 2013
Top 15 qualities of good leadership
Whether it be leading a group for a project or managing a committee for a college festival, leadership skills are invaluable. Here's how to make an impact!

Why the number of Indian students in the US is dropping
Rajika Bhandari of the Institute of International Education's lead researcher and co-author of the annual Open Doors report, believes that the decline of Indian students to US for the third consecutive year, is largely due to the devaluation of the Indian rupee.

This chat is over now: Are personal loans cheaper than credit card loans?
Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL will answer your queries on personal loans in an online chat between 3 pm and 4 pm on November 18.

Sony PlayStation 4: Will it herald a new age of gaming?
The next-generation console represents a big step forward for gaming worldwide

Indian Army Major scales Mt Everest. Twice!
Most scale it once in a lifetime. Major Ranveer Singh Jamwal summited the Everest two times over in one year.

November 17, 2013
Riding in a group? Take these precautions
Why do we require precautions and tips when we are riding in a group of well-experienced riders? The answer is pretty simple.

November 16, 2013
This desi is making waves in the global eyewear business
Meet Kajal Sanghrajka whose niche eyewear line norn out of Columbia Business Lab is going places.

Make it last longer: Apps for better battery life
Five apps to improve the performance of your smarthphone

November 15, 2013
JEE Main 2014 registrations begin; Apply before Dec 26
To register for the first phase of the joint entrance examination students will have to upload their photographs along with their signature and left thumb impression online.

Victoria's Secret fashion show: Ten truly bizarre outfits
The hashtag and the smiley are fantastic while texting but best kept off the runway.

November 14, 2013
Dealing with break-ups: How to let go of a relationship
Nisha Jamvwal offers her sage advice on how to positively handle a break-up.

What was your most memorable Children's Day celebration?
Share with us your best Children's Day memories! We're dying to hear!

Doodle 4 Google: 15-year-old's doodle on Google's homepage
The search engine giant has featured the work of Gayatri Ketharaman to celebrate Children's Day

Here's why your loan was probably rejected!
3 ways banks use to decide your loan eligibility

November 13, 2013
How to deal with diabetes at workplace
9 tips to help you manage the silent killer at work

REVEALED: The absolute best places to travel to in 2014!
The last word in travel guides, Lonely Planet has released its list of the best in travel places from around the world. Where are you going in 2014?

The 25-yr-old who is spreading smiles through food
Vijay Abhimanyu Rajendran who founded Billion Smiles Hospitality Pvt Ltd in 2007 at age 19 talks about his inspiration behind launching the south Indian chain of restaurants and how he intends to spread smiles through his venture, both nationally and internationally.

'99% of decisions start-ups take is not because of vision'
Author of The Start Up Diaries, Gagan Jain, discusses how he wrote a book on entrepreneurs, in English, despite his vernacular background

Top 5 smartphones between Rs 10k and 20k
Quick look at five smartphones that manage to top the charts with variety of features and the trade-offs one can live with.

November 12, 2013
It is one of my dreams to be featured in Playboy
For a woman born and brought up in a conservative Kerala village to be an international bikini model is an unusual choice of career. Even more unusual, 25-year-old Resmi R Nair is a wife and the mother of a three-year old!

Study abroad: How to cut costs
Specific areas you can save money while on campus abroad

Wedding photos: When love blossomed into marriage
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Goodbye, Apple! 10 reasons why Android 4.4 KitKat ROCKS!
Android 4.4 KitKat adds a bunch of new features this time around, some more obvious and talked about than others, but there's no denying the excellent range of functionality on display here.

November 11, 2013
The 'single mom' who's got everyone talking
Priyanka Bose stars in a new jewellery advertisement. But that's probably just one of the feathers in her cap. Read on to know more.

Indian tech schools: Why they have lost their appeal
An increasing number of vacant seats, inadequate faculty and bleak hiring is threatening the growth of leading technical institutes in the country.

How to lodge a complaint against your bank
A five-point guide to redress your banking woes

Risks of being a loan guarantor
Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL answered readers' queries on the risks associated with guaranteeing loans.

November 10, 2013
PHOTOS: Superbikes for the rich playboys
The hottest (and expensive) superbikes that are available in India now

November 09, 2013
Going on a long ride? Tips to prepare your bike
Guidelines, rules and tips to ensure your bike is in good condition during your long drives.

November 08, 2013
Investing in stocks is NOT the same as gambling
Investments made on the basis of half-knowledge always result in financial losses

She is in the business of making students employable
Megha Aggarwal of LEAP is working hard to provide Indian students with both vocation and life skills to make them employable.

Yoga and Muay Thai workshops in Mumbai
Yogacharya Shameem Akthar and Muay Thai expert Biki Bora are conducting yoga and Muay Thai classes in Mumbai.

November 07, 2013
University of Warwick launches 2014 scholarships for Indians
A total of 17 scholarships are open for India-domiciled applicants with an excellent academic record.

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship 2014 announced
St. John's College, a leading college of the University of Cambridge, today released details of this year's prestigious Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships.

5 popular credit score myths debunked
There is a fair amount of half-baked knowledge and myths propagated that makes people wary about how credit bureaus function and credit rating takes place.

Why Sachin Tendulkar fell at an old lady's feet
Author Dev Prasad in his book Pitch It! Inspirational Stories From the Cricket Dressing Room to the Corporate Boardroom underlines similarities between the gentleman's game and corporate boardroom.

He beat cerebral palsy to help tigers with music
Hans Dalal overcame the limitations his condition posed to become a successful sound engineer. Then he fell in love with tigers, and decided to merge his passions. digs deeper.

November 06, 2013
A bad boss may cripple your immune system!
A stressful workplace may dramatically change gene expression in your immune system and significantly impact your health, a new study suggests.

Chat@2: How to prevent and control diabetes
Remember, it can happen to you too!

LG G2: Low on gimmicks, high on utility! Go for it. Now!
LG G2 looks somewhat like Samsung's Galaxy S4 but for all the features its loaded with, does it deserve its pricing?

Defaulted on your tax dues? Face these consequences
Find out if you are an 'assessee in default' and how it affects you.

11 muscle-building rules for skinny guys
Nutrition rules that can help skinny folks gain mass.

November 05, 2013
All of 13 and pursuing MSc in Microbiology! Meet Sushma Verma
An inspiring story of a young girl from Lucknow who is determined to wait for the right time so that she can chase her childhood dream.

Your Facebook wall can make or break your career
Recruiting agencies both national and international are looking at your social media profiles to find out if you are fit to be hired. What are they looking for and what must you do to make the most of the opportunity?

How to spend your credit reward points wisely
Learn to become a smart shopper and save money by using credit card reward points!

Top 10 Analytics firms offering the highest salaries in India
With more than a lakh professionals working in this sector in India, it is important for you to know which companies are offering the best remuneration for data analysts.

November 04, 2013
Desi stand-up comedian Rajiv Satyal conquers new lands
The comedian presents a solo show, about being solo in Los Angeles for the first time. He discusses dating, the challenges of his profession and why Indian Americans are the most privileged with .

Lanterns and firecrackers: Pining for the Diwali gone by
For , the sounds of the Deepavalis of childhood linger

November 03, 2013
For Rs 50k is Panasonic Lumix GF-6 better than a DSLR camera?
The Panasonic Lumix GF-6 offers a lot more than just the promise of better quality visuals, fast autofocus and strong low-light photography. But does it present a viable alternative to the standard DSLRs in this price range or compete with the likes of Sony and its NEX range? We find out.

November 02, 2013
How to ride your bike when it is brand new
Following these dos and don'ts will not only keep your new bike in good health but also help you get superlative performance.

'Nothing like Diwali in Amritsar'
The Festival of Lights is special for Sikhs too, finds .

November 01, 2013
Why I am looking forward to Papa's box of sweets this Diwali
Soon-to-be-married will celebrate her last Diwali at her parents' home. She looks back at some of her most memorable festive memories growing up.

WhatsApp vs BBM: What's hot, what's not!
A quick comparison of key features for WhatsApp and BBM.

Unusual Diwali recipes: Oats Gateaux, Jaggery Rajma and more
As part of our everyday series on Diwali recipes, here are some more unconventional recipes for you to share with your loved ones.

Revealed: What really turns women on
A round up of all the sex and relationship news that matters to you.

Credit card debt settlement doesn't end your woes!
Settlement promises to trim your debt but going for a settlement isn't really a good idea. Find out why!

November 0, 2013
Navratri rituals: Golu, Saraswati puja, Vidyarambham...
Find out how Navratri is celebrated in different parts of Southern India.

October 31, 2013
What Ranveer, Parineeti and Ayushmann are doing this Diwali
Bollywood stars and TV celebs revealed their Diwali plans to .

Can Hugh Jackman sell Micromax Canvas Turbo A250?
Make no mistake. Jackman is a huge catch! But even the star's celebrity status might not be enough to rake in huge sales as expected.

Smart, practical gifts for your loved ones this Diwali
Surprise your loved ones with unique gifts.

How the new insurance rules will benefit you
Anil Rego of Right Horizons explains how the new insurance rules will help policy buyers.

October 30, 2013
Diwali on campus
What was once a small affair in the common room of a freshman dormitory is now a display of South Asian music, dance, art, comedy, and more, finds .

7 incubators that help social start-ups
These incubators, realising the importance of the intervention, have stepped in to develop and launch new ventures in the country.

How your lifestyle is giving you headache
discusses lifestyle changes that may help control frequent headaches.

Top 5 smartphones to capture low light Diwali photos
These handsets priced between Rs 10,000 and Rs 50,000 are best for low light photography.

7 smart ways to spend your Diwali BONUS!
For those of you who don't have a clear plan, here are some of things that you can do with your Diwali bonus.

October 29, 2013
Smokers most likely to think about quitting on Mondays
A round up of the latest health news that affects you.

How this 19-year old eco-innovator wants to save the world
Param Jaggi, a US-based inventor has big plans to save the planet through his eco-friendly, affordable and easy to use inventions.

KTM RC 200 to be launched in India for Rs 1.16 lakh
The bike will be launched next year to take on Honda CBR250R

October 28, 2013
Busted! 5 myths about studying abroad
If rise and shine is your ultimate motto in life, then break the shackles of ignorance before you hop on to the plane to study abroad.

Diwali recipes: Susiyam, Adhirasam and more
As part of our everyday series on Diwali, here are some traditional South Indian recipes you can try at home.

Video Chat@3: How to write and speak correct English
On October 29, between 3 and 4 pm, Charmaine Ruth Jesudoss will answer questions on correct English usage via video.

Chat@1: How to get the best life insurance policy
Ashish Vohra, Senior Director and Chief Distribution Officer with Max Life Insurance will answer all your life insurance queries in an online chat on October 29, between 3 pm and 4 pm.

Here's how you can get 6-pack abs!
Fitness trainer Jivesh Shetty offers simple tips to get that enviable body.

October 27, 2013
Glamour news: How Kate Upton likes her men!
The latest buzz on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Diwali gifts that give back
By buying these gifts you can also help the poor and needy.

Nokia World 2013 tour through Lumia 1020
Enjoy the visual tour of the Nokia World 2013 convention at Abu Dhabi, UAE captured entirely through the Lumia 1020.

October 26, 2013
Want to be a chocolate connoisseur?
Chocolates don't just add inches to your waist; they can also add money to your bank account if you take on the role of a chocolatier.

October 25, 2013
60% women get sexually harassed by male colleagues at work
Here's a weekly round up of all that affects you at your workplace and jobs.

Biking: Honda CBR300R coming soon to India
When the bike lands in India, expect it to be priced at around Rs 2 lakh. A launch is expected early next year.

Chat@3: Why banks reject your loan application
Harshal Chandorkar of CIBIL will answer your queries on understanding credit report in an online chat with readers between 3 pm and 4 pm on October 28.

World's scariest airport runways revealed!
From sea ice runways to dropping down from a mountain cliff to do the take off, a travel deal website has revealed world's top ten scariest runways.

Where will you celebrate Diwali? Varanasi, Kabini or Goa?
Whether you like to be in the midst of the festivities or fly away into some remote destination, we bring you a list of places where you can spend this Diwali.

Mysore Pak, Kalakand and more Diwali recipes
As part of our every-day series on Diwali, here are some traditional recipes you can try at home.

Top 10 models who started their careers before 18
Even as the State of New York has passed a law to tighten rules for child models, we take a look at top models who started their careers well under the age of 18.

'I have seen both heaven and hell'
Former cricket champ Preethi Srinivasan was denied admission into the University of Madras for a distance education course after an unfortunate accident left her quadriplegic for life. This is her story.

October 24, 2013
What does the letter 'Q' in NASDAQ stand for?
Take this quiz to test your finance gyaan.

Apple iPad Air: Is it WORTH the price?
The iPad Air is without doubt the most powerful tablet that money can buy, and that's no small feat. The sad part is that it isn't much else at the price it's being offered.

'If you aren't happy, then you aren't really successful'
Fashion designer Kresha speaks about her tryst with fashion, brand Koesch, challenges she faced, and lessons she learnt as a young entrepreneur and offers her advice to young fashion designers.

Live Chat: How to choose the right study abroad destination
Chat with Anshika Singh, Senior Vice President - Student Engagement at Univariety, an organisation that works with students and helps them plan their college admission.

Simply delicious Diwali recipes. Share yours
A week ahead of Diwali, we bring you some unconventional recipes that you can share with your loved ones.

Nokia's LAST Hurrah! Fires two phablets and a tablet
Two 6-inch smartphones, one Windows RT tablet and three budget phones were launched by Nokia, considered last by many, before Microsoft completely takes over the Finnish giant.

October 23, 2013
Beat stress, blood pressure and diabetes. Here's how!
A round up of all the health news that matters to you.

Why you MUST have a personal accident insurance policy
Though unpopular, a personal accident policy is an important cover and comes cheap. Add this cover and keep the risk of loss of income due to disability at bay.

How far will you travel for food? India's best street foods!
Travelling for food can be nourishing for both body and mind. Find out more in this Indian street food travel guide.

Smartphones under Rs 20K with best battery life
Lenovo P780, Lenovo P770, Xolo B700, Salora PowerMaxx Z1 and the Sony Xperia C are currently the best Android smartphones under Rs 20,000 in terms of their battery life.

October 22, 2013
Gym injuries: Make your workouts safe AND effective
Keep these pointers in mind and you will drastically lower the risk of injury. Your workouts will be safe and effectively produce the results you want!

Declining b-school placements: Who's to blame?
It is almost three months into the new academic session and still just 38 per cent of top

Behind the wheel across continents
If you are planning on a 4000-mile ride, as the Silk Road riders did, you should heed their expert tips.

Nikon D5300: Should you buy it for Rs 60k?
If you need an all-purpose camera which delivers strong image quality and battery life, and allows you to share your pictures with the world, then you should consider the Nikon D5300.

10 things every homebuyer should know
Make a decision only after you have carefully studied these 10 points.

October 21, 2013
Karva Chauth: When Indian men fast for their wives
Although the popular tradition involves married women fasting through the day and praying for the good health and longevity of their husbands, the celebration of this festival has several layers to it.

Crystal gazing: What to expect from Apple on October 22
Fifth generation iPad, second generation iPad Mini, an upgraded MacBook Pro and souped up OS X Mavericks could be unveiled tomorrow at Apple's October 22 special event, says .

10 self-defense tips every woman should know
Raj Vadgama, a martial arts trainer, offers 10 simple tips for women to protect themselves when faced with sex predators.

How to get best interest rate for home loans
Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL answered readers' queries on home loan on Monday, October 21.

7 lessons you can learn from Sachin Tendulkar's life
There is a Sachin in each one of us and our job is to nurture it

Sci-fi ideas that became a reality
Aparna Sundaresan tracks down some predictions sci-fi books and films have made, and assesses how accurate they have been.

October 20, 2013
5 screw-ups, 5 learnings, 5 things right
Suresh Sambandam, founder and CEO of OrangeScape, a cloud service platform talks of the inspiring lessons he's learned from his entrepreneurial journey.

October 19, 2013
How to pursue a fascinating career in human anthropology
The study of mankind's evolution can help you revisit the past and connect its dots to the present and future.

October 18, 2013
IN PICS: 5 yoga poses for a great start to your morning!
These five poses will bring the chirp back into your mornings

Last minute tips to crack IBPS Bank PO exam III
In today's chat, Anil Nagar of CareerPower will take questions on how to prepare for the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection's Bank PO exam.

Will you buy this lens for your smartphone?
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-QX10 lens is a completely separate camera with its own battery life, image processor and memory slot. Sounds ingenuous for sure, but how does it operate as a camera?

The MS university topper who has four gold medals
S Alagu who recently topped her post graduation in Science with 95 per cent is the first student from MS University to have aced three subjects to receive four gold medals -- the highest so far.

Credit score vs credit report: Do you know the difference?
To most of us they are one and the same and are often used interchangeably in conversation. But they are not the same thing.

October 17, 2013
View: Do university rankings really matter?
While they provide data-points for students to make better decisions, they also act as beneficial benchmarking tools for universities

Live Chat: How to crack the CAT 2013
IIM-K alumnus and CAT expert Nishant Priyadarshi will take questions on CAT 2013, MBA programmes and b-school admissions in an online chat from 4 pm to 5 pm.

'Indian entrepreneurs are really, really driven'
'I love the fire in Indian entrepreneurs's eyes. I just hate how Indian society does not believe that entrepreneurship is a means to earn a living or create change. That limits us from doing or thinking beyond the ordinary.' A winner of the prestigious ITU Young Innovators Award, Varun Arora tells's Prasanna D Zore how he plans to change the way the world gets its education.

How to make the most of your fixed deposits
Rakesh Makkar, President & CDO, DHFL answered your queries on fixed deposits in an online chat with Get Ahead readers on October 17.

CAT 2013 Review: 'High on risk and errors, but thrilling!'
A detailed analysis of the nation's most competitive management entrance exam that commenced October 16, 2013.

October 16, 2013
Top 30 emerging Indian tech start-ups
Presenting a list of the brightest and most promising companies from India who will be participating in TechSparks 2013, a technology product recognition platform.

6 checks to get the best credit card in town
While some cards look exactly the same and some sound too good to be true, picking the card to suit you is the most crucial factor. Here's a simple checklist to help you clear the confusion and get the best deal.

Top 5 feature-rich tablets over Rs 10,000
We present to you a list of top five tablets based on Android and iOS platform in different price brackets.

October 15, 2013
Alia, Pallavi and more smoking hot fashion week showstoppers
Check out the Bollywood hotties who set the ramp on fire.

Here's how you can outsmart credit card thieves
Credit card thieves are getting smarter with the help of sophisticated machines and cameras. But have you become smarter and more cautious?

October 14, 2013
Why this maulana runs an IAS academy from a Chennai mosque
Maulana Shamsudeen Qasimi, who runs the Azhagiya Kadan IAS Academy from Makkah Masjid, Chennai, believes that the Indian civil service forms the backbone of the government and can help the Muslim community earn its rightful place.

How Panjab University made it to the world rankings
The university, once split by Partition and then rocked by terrorism, is gradually making its academic presence felt.

How to get a good credit score this Diwali
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on October 14 Harshala Chandorkar, senior vice president, consumer relations, CIBIL, answered readers' queries on how they can improve their credit scores.

48-hour strategy to crack the CAT 2013
In an online chat with readers, Rahul Reddy, IIM-Calcutta alumnus and co-founder, VistaMind Education, a CAT training institute, answered questions on how to crack the management entrance examination.

October 13, 2013
Apple iOS 7: What's hot, what's not
Apple has taken a different route with the user interface and changed experience with the iOS 7 software update.

Photos: The updated Hero Karizma R
Let's quickly get into what's new...

October 12, 2013
5.5-inch LG G Pro Lite smartphone launched
LG has formally announced the new G Pro Lite smartphone with 5.5-inch display and a dual-core MediaTek mobile chipset.

Own a superbike? 9 tips to ride it safely
Following these guidelines will certainly improve your riding experience.

October 11, 2013
From cabin to cockpit: How Apurva Gilche became a pilot
The story of a Pune girl who followed her dreams in the face of overwhelming odds.

India's best b-schools of 2013; IIM-A retains top slot
Business Today in partnership with MDRA has released the results of the top 100 business schools in India. We bring you the top 10 schools as per their findings.

The magic formula for creating long-term wealth
Sound Investment Principles + Right Investment Decisions = Long Term Wealth

October 10, 2013
'I was made to feel inferior, unattractive and unwanted'
How , an Indian-American make-up artist and consultant in New York was constantly made to feel unwanted in New York and looked down upon in India, overcame her pain and found solace in her culture.

The NEW Nexus 10: Will Google ditch Samsung for Asus?
Get Ahead reader offers the latest on Google's second generation Nexus 10 tablet floating in the cyberworld.

How to get hassle-free education loan
Neeraj Saxena of Avanse Education Loans will answer your queries between 2 pm and 3 pm on Thursday, October 10.

'Everyone has a motive to kill'
When you start taking feedback seriously that's when you become a better human being, says Ravi Subramanian.

'Women make it big despite the sacrifices and challenges'
I'd like to see more women at the top help other women climb the ranks says Paula Parkes, head of marketing in the APAC region for Adobe.

October 09, 2013
CAT 2013: 10 last minute tips to ace it!
With seven days left for the exam to commence, here are some tips that'll help you optimise your CAT score.

Applying to a foreign university? Seven things you must know!
Watch out for these blunders before you hit submit!

Live chat: Basics of futures and options trading
Nithin Kamath, CEO Zerodha, will help you understand the basics of futures & options in an online chat between 12 and 1 pm on October 9.

Chom chom, fruit raita and more festive recipes
From traditional Bengali sweets like chom chom and rose petal sandesh to snacks like dahi puri and fruit raita, here are some Navratri recipes you can try at home

Your credit card purchases are insured too!
Are you repenting not covering valuables you purchased using credit card? Fret not!

October 08, 2013
Top 5 smartphones over Rs 40k
If you have the money, these feature-rich, hot-selling smartphones are yours for the asking.

Cut calories: Lose weight without dieting
Weight-loss or diet management is this simple!

Top 10 qualities of a remarkable boss
Should he lead or should he demonstrate? Find out what qualities make an exceptional manager.

October 07, 2013
6 affordable destinations for Indians to study abroad
With the rising cost of education in the US and UK, read on to find out why studying in these countries will be an advantage.

PHOTOS: The NEW Hero Karizma R!
Next year the Karizma is set to get its biggest upgrade yet!

CAT 2013: Frequently Asked Questions
Prometric as well as IIM-Indore provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by CAT takers this year.

Why no 0% EMI scheme this festive season is good for YOU!
Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL offers tips on how to keep your finances intact and shop smart this festive season.

October 06, 2013
Sony Xperia Z Ultra: For those with deep pockets
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has premium look but one literally needs deep pockets to carry its larger than 6-inch real estate.

16 famous Durga Temples in India
As part of Navratri celebrations we bring you some of the most unique temples dedicated to Goddess Durga.

October 05, 2013
Navratri rituals: Golu, Saraswati puja, Vidyarambham...
Find out how Navratri is celebrated in different parts of Southern India.

Most irritating colleagues and more office chatter
A round up of stories that affect you at your workplace.

FIFA 14: A fun game of competitive football
Nevertheless, FIFA 14 hasn't improved enough to earn an outright recommendation.

Navratri recipes: Paasi Parippu Payasam, Ela Ada and more
We bring you the recipes of some of the traditional snacks served during Navratri.

October 04, 2013
Two-week strategy to crack the CAT 2013
A few students from the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) tell us what they did in their last 20 days before CAT.

Fasting recipes for Navratri. Share yours
We bring you recipes for some of the commonly served snacks during Navratri.

How to become a successful IT guru
Ravindran Gangadharan'' book Beyond Billing -- 5 steps to becoming a successful Technology Consultant advises IT consultants on how to face stressful times and emerge victorious.

Canon EOS 100D: What works, what doesn't
It's not trying to revolutionise the business like the EOS 70D or even trying to be the top-most DSLR in its field. So what is the EOS 100D trying to prove? Let's find out.

How to retire sooner and richer
Do you often ponder over this question without getting any definite answer? Here's a sincere attempt!

October 03, 2013
Hero MotoCorp takes on competition
Three new features that will boost fuel efficiency and safety of its upcoming bikes and scooters will help help the company set the Indian roads on fire.

Smartphone war: Can LG make a comeback with G2?
Touted as a counter to HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2's display and camera are are its major USPs. However, the camera button placement could be a major put off.

Great news! The 12th Five-Year plan will focus on education
Education is high on the agenda says Pallam Raju Union minister for human resource development while revealing details about the government's upcoming Five Year Plans.

Zero per cent EMI schemes: Here's the catch!
The zero per cent EMI option helps the bank and the manufacturer more than the consumer. This is what the catch is!

October 02, 2013
'I want to do everything: be an actress, an entrepreneur'
Ayesha Kapur, the child actor from Black who took a break to continue her studies is now 18 and is juggling between the roles of a student, and entrepreneur among other things.

The Mahatma Gandhi quiz: How well do you know Bapu?
Take our quiz that takes you through some important phases of India's freedom struggle associated with Mahatma Gandhi.

October 01, 2013
Mustard oil recipe: Potato and parwal sabzi
We'd invited you, our readers, to share recipes cooked with mustard oil. Here Nalini Kudalkar tells us how to make potato and parwal sabzi.

6 workplace lessons from Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Traits that make Indian cricket captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni an ideal manager at workplace.

8 healthy habits to help you live longer
These habits assure a healthier life and being.

Why Anil Gupta is New York's top tattoo artist!
gets a peek into the inside world of Anil Gupta, one of the topmost inkers in the US.

Sony Xperia Z tablet: Will you buy it for Rs 47k?
Coming for a price close to Rs 47,000, it might seem a bit over-priced, but with the features it has been embedded with, this can be one of the best buys, reckons .

September 30, 2013
University rankings: Should India worry about its poor form?
Building newer institutions may not be the answer to our higher education woes if we do not arrest the decline in the ones we already have

How to keep your dirty little mobile secrets
Here are a few applications you must have on your smartphone to maintain data privacy.

Investment tips to make you wealthy
With these tips to build a solid investment portfolio you can plan and achieve your financial goals.

Here's how you can get the best auto loan
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on September 30, Harshal Chandorkar of CIBIL answered their auto loan queries.

Less competition for CAT aspirants this year
Registrations for the Common Admission Test 2013 have seen a 9.3 per cent drop against last year.

September 29, 2013
How are disc brakes different from drum brakes
Both brakes have their respective strengths and weaknesses. An objective look at both of them.

8 simple ways to keep your heart fit
On the occasion of World Heart Day, , head of department, cardiology, of Delhi-based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, lists out a simple yet heart-healthy regimen.

September 28, 2013
How to keep your heart healthy
Sunday, September 29 is World Heart Day. , consultant, cardiologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune, talks about warning signs to be watched out for, rules the young must follow for a healthy heart, common heart health mistakes and ways to control cholestrol.

This desi American creates art for social change
Subhankar Banerjee, whose photographs of the Arctic catapulted him on to the global stage, espouses how his artistic sensibilities help him fight for social change.

September 27, 2013
Meet the Indian-American photographer demystifying the Arctic
Fighting environmental and political odds, engineer-physicist-photographer Subhankar Banerjee endeavours to bring out the untold truth about the Arctic.

Cash back credit cards: Are they worth it?
This latest credit card product is a double-edged sword. Beware before you get ensnared!

September 26, 2013
Why giving is better than receiving. A farmer's son explains
The fascinating story of Gopi Reddy who will give away his award money to two promising school students.

Why being a single woman traveller in Amsterdam is fun!
Mumbai girl recently travelled alone to the Dutch capital to bust some popular myths.

Chat@3: The best scholarships for overseas education
Join us for a chat with Anshika Singh, Senior Vice President - Student Engagement at Univariety, an organisation that works with students and helps them plan their college admission. Singh will be available on Thursday, September 26, between 3 and 4 pm IST.

The ultimate guide to being the coolest kid in college
We bring you an excerpt from the book 'Ghanta College: The Art of Topping College' by Cylde D'souza.

September 25, 2013
How to negotiate your salary
Career planning expert Amit Bansal will answer queries on how to deal with job interviews between 2 pm and 3 pm on Wednesday, September 25.

Up for a challenge? Take this English grammar quiz
Think you know your verbs and pronouns well enough? Find out how well you score in this grammar test.

September 24, 2013
Obama quit smoking for wife. What did YOU give up?
Obama quit smoking for Michelle. What did YOU give up?

Career advice: How to become a design manager
There is an increasing demand for management professionals who have a keen sense of design and can interpret it to develop businesses around it.

How to create wealth in the long term
Anil Rego, CEO and founder, Right Horizons answered queries on how to generate wealth.

September 23, 2013
Review: Grand Theft Auto V will blow your mind!
The latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series is here and it will blow your mind says .

5 reasons not to become a social entrepreneur
Too often the right people try to become social entrepreneurs for the wrong reasons.

First week at work? Make a GREAT impression!
, authors of You're Hired! tell you what you must do and what to avoid in your first few days of work.

September 22, 2013
Impressions: Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Sony's flagship phone has a brilliant hardware under the hood but leaves too many areas neglected.

September 21, 2013
Will you buy Nokia Lumia 1020 for Rs 40k?
Pre-booking of Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 MP camera starts in India

Biking: How to corner like Valentino Rossi
Simple tips on how to turn the corner like a pro!

September 20, 2013
Smart NAMO: The Narendra Modi smartphone is here!
Named Saffron 1 -- two variants -- and Saffron 2 the phones will be available this Sunday and are priced between Rs 18k and Rs 24k

TIPS: How to retire RICH
Ashish Vohra, Senior Director and Chief Distribution Officer with Max Life Insurance answered readers' queries on retirement planning.

Student credit cards: What you must know
If used well, it can bring a host of benefits.

September 19, 2013
Miss World Muslimah: A hatke beauty pageant
Miss World Muslimah was launched three years ago as a protest against Miss World. This year's winner is Obabiyah Aishah Aijbola of Nigeria.

For young Indians, time for retirement planning is now!
With over 50 per cent of its current population under 25 years of age, India's great demographic "dividend" needs to change a few habits-immediately -- or it may be too late.

First Look: Samsung Galaxy Gear
At Rs 22,990, this watch is all you will ever need, but only on Galaxy flagship devices for now.

Top 12: Excuses to NOT exercise today!
Surely you're tired of hearing about why you must hit the gym. We bring you reasons you must not!

How to overcome your fear of public speaking
The thought of going up to the dais and addressing a group of people gives most of us the heebie-jeebies. Here are some tips to fight the fear and anxiety of communicating in public.

September 18, 2013
2013's most underrated AND overrated jobs!
We bring you the most underrated and overrated jobs of 2013, as per California based jobs site's findings.

September 17, 2013
Study abroad: DITCH the education consultant and SAVE money
In the light of falling rupee adding up to your tuition costs, overseas education consultant explains what you can do to cut additional costs and fund your education abroad.

Are debt funds REALLY risk-free?
Three risks associated with investing in debt funds and how they impact their returns.

September 16, 2013
QUIZ: How much do you know about Hamara Bajaj?
Everything you wanted to know about the country's oldest two- and three-wheeler manufacturer and more.

Guaranteeing a friend's loan? Watch out!
While we must always help our friends and relatives at the time of need, it is equally important for us to know the impact of such favours on our financials.

VOTE: Apple iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4
Take our poll once you read through the hottest features of these flagship phones from Apple and Samsung.

September 15, 2013
Riding to Ladakh? Here's a checklist of must-have accessories
With these in tow have a humdinger of a time in the Himalayan outback.

PICS: World's most compact digital film camera
Check out the amazing features of Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera that was launched August 2.

September 14, 2013
How to maintain your bike tyre pressure
Knowing how to maintain your tyres is a necessity no matter where and how you are riding.

Gaming review: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
Being average may not be a bad thing, but the best thing that can be said about the Bureau is that it doesn't kill the XCOM brand.

Your Onam PICS: King Mahabali, Pookalam and more
Readers share their pictures and tell us how they celebrate Onam. You can send yours too.

September 13, 2013
PICS: Are these the world's UGLIEST animals?
A fish, a flightless bird and am amphibian have emerged as the world's ugliest animals according to a poll.

CHECK OUT: This is how Kerala celebrates Onam
You'll be surprised to learn that worshipping the Mahabali, making a pookalam and having the Onasadhya are just a miniscule part of the elaborate festival.

Layoffs: Don't take your job for granted
A former employee from the IT industry rants about what's wrong with the sector and offers his lessons to cope with layoffs.

iPhone 5S: Why new is ALWAYS better!
Apple always had an eye on the future. iPhone 5S seems to have provied some glimpse of what may be in store.

PICS: Royal Enfield's most powerful bike
The Royal Enfield Continental GT is powered by a 535cc and belts out 29.1 BHP of peak power and 44 Nm of peak torque.

September 12, 2013
Gaming review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist
A slick, well-produced big-budget game that starts with a bang and doesn't let up till the end credits roll.

TRY OUT! Six easy and quick traditional Onam recipes
The harvest festival of Kerala is incomplete without these recipes.

How to become a successful model
Four male models on their first breaks, their struggles, their learnings and what it takes to become a successful model.

5 money management tips to survive the downturn
An economic downturn is a testing time for individuals. While you cannot influence the environment, you can certainly do your bit to fortify your finances.

How to manage your BOSS
, author of the book Bosses from the Wild tells you how knowing your boss' personality can help you communicate better at work.

September 11, 2013
'We don't need to get inspired by the West'
In an online chat with readers National Award winning fashion designer Neeta Lulla addressed queries on what it takes to build a career in fashion designing in India.

The brainchild behind India's first magazine for the blind
How 24-year-old Upasana Mataki came about launching the country's first lifestyle magazine in English for the blind.

September 09, 2013
Want to be an entrepreneur? Jump off the plane!
Narayan Babu, co-founder of Dexetra, a digital applications' company talks about his entrepreneurial journey.

September 06, 2013
Ganesha recipes: Sweet Kachori, Modak, Karanji and more
Whip up these delicious traditional preparations to celebrate the festive season.

Life lessons from my heroes
Your hero may not be a celebrity, but he should be able to motivate you and give you hope when you are low.

September 05, 2013
'Which is the best country to study abroad?'
In an online chat with readers, Anshika Singh, Senior Vice President-Student Engagement at addressed queries on how to pick the right course and university abroad.

Teacher's Day: Words of advice from famous teachers
On the occasion of Teacher's Day, we bring you thought-provoking quotes by famous teachers from across the world.

September 04, 2013
He quit his IT career to start a dairy farm
Santosh Singh quit a cushy corporate job to start a dairy farm in Bangalore.

'What does it take to be a movie star?'
In an online chat, Rahul Puri, executive director, Whistling Woods International answered questions on what it takes to pursue a career in films

7 habits of highly successful people
Practice these seven easy habits and you'll be amazed at the results, says , chief evangelist at

September 03, 2013
Job interview: How to beat the stress test
Even when your employer is trying to build up the pressure, here's how you can stay confident and make a lasting impression.

September 02, 2013
Teacher's Day: 'I owe my success to him'
Readers talk about their favourite teacher ahead of Teachers Day.

Here's how YOU can work for the World Bank
Find out what it's like to work at one of the biggest international organisations whose decisions affect the entire world.

September 01, 2013
PICS: Saxony, where Aurangazeb still holds court
Saxony is much like an orchestra where every instrument and note is important in making up the whole, discovers while visiting Saxony in Germany.

August 30, 2013
The most anticipated smartphones, tablets
From cheaper iPhones to the most expensive Sony smartphone to Samsung's smart watch, there are several high-end devices set to be launched next month.

Kalki Koechlin SLAMS designer duo
Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin is miffed with fashion designer duo Riddhi and Siddhi Mapxencar after they allegedly called her "mentally unstable".

Layoffs: 11 tips to bounce back!
, Vice President (HR), Dun & Bradstreet Technologies & Data Services tells you what you must do after you've received the pink slip.

August 29, 2013
Get fit fast: 6 easy 15-minute exercises
These daily exercise can spruce up your fitness level without taking a step out of your home.

6 SMART ways to manage your credit card debt
Have you reached a stage where you cannot even pay minimum amount due? You need some smart help to get that debt burden off you.

Bike review: KTM Duke 390 is a pocket mein rocket!
The KTM Duke 390, with the performance it offers at this price, is simply unmatchable writes of

10 ways to impress your boss
Keeping your boss impressed is an art and we tell you how

August 28, 2013
In PHOTOS: Trekking in the Western Ghats
Ria Gada, a Class VII student, describes her breathtaking experience enroute to Peth Gadh, a popular trekking site near Karjat in Maharashtra.

Teacher's Day: 'Even after 40 years I remember him!'
We had invited you, our readers, to write about your favourite teachers and we've been inundated with your responses. Here is the first set:

Don't let Layoffs affect your career!
A former employee of a media company revisits the time she was laid off and shares the lessons she has learnt.

Top 5 smartphones under Rs 30k
Best devices one can buy for less than Rs 30,000.

How to save BIG money on your home loan
Choosing to partially pay your loan can vastly reduce your interest burden. Find out how!

August 27, 2013
Drinking coffee may lower your prostate cancer risk
Men who drink four or more cups of coffee daily are at a lower risk of prostate cancer progression and recurrence, a new study has found.

LOOK! What people wear at fashion week
While fashion on the ramp was a mixed bag, there were some off-ramp styles that got our thumbs up. We take a look...

PIX: Indian weaves go fabulously glam!
Designer Rahul Mishra launched his Handloom Couture collection called 'Sunehri' at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2013 on Day Four.

Models, designers protest Mumbai rape at LFW
Tad late perhaps, but a small group of women and men staged a silent demonstration on Day Four of the Lakme Fashion Week. This wasn't however the first time people came out in protest of something at the fashion event.

Janmashtami Recipes: Bhogi Kheer, Aloo Shak and more
Savour these mouth watering delicacies as you gear up to celebrate the birth of the blue god with your closed ones.

The photography quiz you MUST take
Are you an amateur photographer? Take this simple and basic quiz to find out how much you know about your trade.

August 26, 2013
PICS: Aditi Rao Hydari, Sonal Chauhan scorch the runway
Find out how your favourite celebrities upped the glam quotient at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week.

How Karisma Kapoor lost 24 kilos
The Bollywood actress and mother-of-two has launched her first book, a primer on motherhood and losing weight.

Can you get interest-free education loan? Find out
In an online chat with readers, Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL answered their queries on education loans.

CHECK OUT: Ramp hotties in sexy metallics!
Designer Amit Aggarwal's debut show on Day Three was filled with glitz and glamour.

August 25, 2013
PICS: What's Eesha doing with a sword?
The HOTTEST showstoppers on the LFW ramp so far

Glamorous in black: Ankita Shorey dazzles for Rocky S
The Mumbai designer carried forward his obsession with the colour with his latest collection.

FINALLY! Something for the men at LFW
Sharp suits, smart jackets, bowler hats... Troy Costa turns to the '30s and produces a smart menswear line.

Spotted at LFW: Neha Dhupia, Adhuna Akhtar and Gauri Shinde
These celebs made their presence felt on Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week 2013.

HOT or HOT? Sangeeta Bijlani just knocked our socks off!
Nope. That's not a typo! (And certainly not a question.) Here we have Bijli and more celebs from Lakme Fashion Week.

August 24, 2013
PHOTOS: Shilpa, Shamita and Shriya at LFW
Find out who all attended Day Two of the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

PICS: Outrageous, quirky fashion that blew our mind
Day Two of the Lakme Fashion Week saw collections from Little Shilpa, Sougat Paul and Anushka Khanna

PICS: Slinky, sexy beachwear and hotpants BURN the ramp
The Vicky Donor actor walked the ramp for Delhi-based designer who showcased her debut collecton at the Lakme Fashion Week.

August 23, 2013
SPOTTED: Kalki, Genelia, Tanisha and Richa at LFW
On Day One, find out who all attended the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

PHOTOS: Kajol, Lara, Jacqueline at Lakme Fashion Week
Find out what your favourite stars wore at the grand opening of the Lakme Fashion Week Winter 2013 in Mumbai hosted by Manish Malhotra.

Photos: Kathakali art on the catwalk
The second show on Day One showcased collections from Nikhil Thampi, Nishka Lulla and Nimish Shah

10 things to do when you're laid off
Tips to take control of the helpless situation.

August 22, 2013
How to spend less on auto insurance
Three ways that will help to reduce your auto insurance premium.

The youngest and first Indian to swim across 10 seas
Sufyan Shaikh, the first Indian to complete swimming in ten seas takes us through the spectacular moments that defined his life and career.

Layoff tales: They can happen anytime; be prepared
How to survive a layoff? A BPO employee who was sacked twice and is perhaps preparing for another one, reveals his successful fight against pink slips.

August 21, 2013
Have YOU been sexually harassed while touring India?
Please share your thoughts and experiences on this message board.

BEWARE! 7 really ridiculous insurance myths
You've heard of them, surely. But don't EVER fall for them.

No more tears! Onion-free recipes to your rescue
With the pungent veggie's prices touching the sky, we bring you some interesting culinary preparations that don't use onion.

August 20, 2013
BlackBerry users earn more, iPhone owners are vain!
Says who? An interesting research reveals that the phone we use says a lot about our personality.

Rakhi recipe: How to make Kopra Paak
tells you how to make the traditional coconut sweet.

Raksha Bandhan special: Luv u bro!
To celebrate the special bond between siblings on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, we invited readers to share special moments they've spent with their brothers/sister. Here are some of the responses we received. Share yours!

A seven-point checklist to make money in MFs
Now that the stock markets are in a treacherous arena these pointers will help you keep your head above the water.

Lost your job? 5 things you must do NEXT!
Here's how you can weather the storm caused by a sudden job loss.

August 19, 2013
A 27 year old's job survival ordeal in animation
A 27-year-old professional shares the ordeal he underwent in the last three years after pursuing a course in animation from Delhi.

Why Shah Rukh Khan waited 45 years to ride a bike
Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan revelas his passion for biking.

MBA schools have grown faster than there are jobs: Nachiket Mor
Don't worry about negative feedback. Ask if you are learning something: Dr Nachiket Mor's advice to India's young students about the career they choose.

Raksha Bandhan: Bringing back old memories
We are inviting you, our readers, to tell us of the most memorable moments you've shared with your brother or sister. Send us your rakshabandhan pics!

This app is a Life Saver!
Life Saver -- that's the name of the app -- is a bit of an ugly duckling, that later became a swan, says .

Top eight reasons to have a credit card
Credit cards have their advantages. Find out what they are.

How multiple credit cards affect your credit score
Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL will answer your queries on how to read a credit report between 3 pm and 4 pm on Monday, August 19.

August 18, 2013
How she is inspiring change through films
Independent filmmaker Pavitra Chalam talks about founding her company CurleyStreet Media and how she's making a difference through films.

August 17, 2013
People who have more sex make more money
A roundup of recently published sex and relationship news

August 16, 2013
World's FASTEST smartphone coming to India
Huawei Ascend P2, considered fastest in terms of data connectivity, can achieve network speeds of up to 150 Mbps

India's first and ONLY woman superbike racer
Alisha Abdullah who took to racing at age nine, takes us through the moments that defined her life and career.

August 15, 2013
Man on a mission: 28 jobs, 28 weeks, 28 Indian states!
Jubanashwa Mishra is the first Indian attempting an epic project of 28 jobs in 28 weeks across all 28 Indian states.

August 14, 2013
QUIZ: Test your gyaan on delayed TAX returns!
Find out the implications of filing tax returns after the deadline fixed by the Income Tax Department.

This Independence Day be the change you wish to see
As India completes 66 years of independence this August 15, here's a list of top 10 things you can do.

Rags to riches: From a cargo loader to a CEO
The inspiring story of Sudheer Nair who dropped out of high school at age 16 and is currently operating Eresource Infotech whose annual turnover is Rs 8.1 crore.

August 13, 2013
The study abroad calendar every student must have!
Want to study abroad? Heres'a quick look at the annual calendar that includes everything from admission dates, visa processing cycle and the course commencement dates for the universities in 11 major study destinations.

BlackBerry Q5: What's HOT, what's NOT!
Let's get one thing clear: the BlackBerry Q5 is a mid-range offering with decent battery and relatively better mobile operating system. The BlackBerry Q5 can be purchased for roughly around Rs 24,500 in India.

Vespa fan? Test your trivia with this quiz!
How well do you know the history of Italy's most iconic bike brand? Take this quiz and find out.

CAT 2013: What books can I refer for Quant and Verbal?
In an online chat with readers, Naveenan Ramachandran, head, 2IIM, Mumbai shared tips and advice on how to prepare for the upcoming management entrance test.

Money talk: How to retire early
In an online chat with Get Ahead readers on August 12, Sanjay Tripathy of HDFC Life answered their queries about pension plans and retirement.

August 12, 2013
Tips to improve your credit history
Harshala Chandorkar, Senior Vice President -- Consumer Relations, Communication & CIC Compliance Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL), on Monday, August 12, to get answer to all your queries.

Nikon Coolpix S31: Should you buy it for Rs 6k?
Don't dismiss the Coolpix S31 as yet another point-and-shoot camera. For the amount of punishment it can take, the price seems just about right.

6 tips to get noticed and rewarded at work
How to be a star performer at the workplace.

What on earth are Spam Zombies!
In computer analogy a 'Spam Zombie' can be better explained as a computer which is connected to the internet that has been taken over by a hacker and is utilised to achieve malicious activities through remote direction.

DON'T WORRY: YOU can still file your income tax returns!
Surprised? Don't be for you still have time till March 31, 2014 to file your income tax return for the financial year 2012-13.

TOP 20 Indian universities with best websites
The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities has ranked these educational institutes based on their web presence, up-to-date information and the average digital traffic it receives.

August 11, 2013
Can HTC's One mini take on Samsung's S4 mini?
Apart from the absence of a memory card slot and smaller battery this new entrant in the market has the potential to take the crown among the battle of the minis.

Tell people what to eat AND make money off it
This field positively impacts the health, fitness and the well being of millions of people, everyday...

August 10, 2013
Readers share their wedding photos
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

August 08, 2013
Dangerous bike stunts can be stopped -- WITHOUT bullets
An avid biker offers some practical measures that can help curb the dangerous biking menace without firing a single bullet.

From Rs 4k to 47k: 20 phones launched in July
From the cheapest Intex Cloud X3 to the costliest Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the Indian smartphone market buzzed with these smartphone launches last month.

Your photos: Observing Ramzan in China
We invited you to share your Ramzan photographs -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Lion, Eagle or Frog: What animal personality is your BOSS?
Bosses from the Wild by author Manjiri Gokhale Joshi aims to explain how understanding animal behaviour can help professionals contribute better in an organisation. We bring you an excerpt.

August 07, 2013
The pastry chef who chose macarons over law books
Pooja Dhingra started Le15 Patisserie when she was 23. In three years, her business has grown 200 per cent. This is her story.

What do employers want from YOU?
We decode the answers to some of the most obvious questions you'd always wanted to ask your prospective employer.

Top 5 slim Android smartphones under Rs 20,000
Choose a slim and powerful Android based smartphone that is ready to perform well and suit your needs.

When to sell a mutual fund? 6 SIGNS
Some situations almost demand that you hit the sell button.

August 06, 2013
IN PICS: India's most glorious temples
Readers send in their travel images. Have you sent yours yet?

Disappearing Indian recipes: Bhang Pakora, Sangri Ki Sabzi
The traditional kitchen with its focus on healthy food finally gets some attention in a new book.

Cheated by your insurance agent? What you must do
Yashish Dahiya, CEO and co-founder, tells readers what steps they can take if an insurance agent cheats them.

Top 7: Scooters setting Indian roads on fire
Auto majors like Honda, Hero MotoCorp, Mahindra, Vespa, Yamaha and TVS have launched a slew of products to take advantage of the rising interest in scooters in India.

Study Abroad: How to spot a FAKE UNIVERSITY!
In the wake of University of North Virginia shutting down due to lack of accreditation, , director, Grad Dreams Education Consulting offers advice on how students can identify a genuine international university from a fake one.

Yoga poses to fight low blood pressure
Simple tips to fight stress and treat low blood pressure naturally.

Pay credit card dues even if you DON'T get bills on time
Remember, the obligation lies with YOU. Not the credit card company.

August 05, 2013
Readers share their Ramzan photos!
We invited you to share your Ramzan photographs -- here's a fresh set of responses.

How to get a body like John Abraham
Fitness guru Vinod Channa, who has helped several Bollywood stars get fabulous physiques, offers some tips on how to sculpt a body like John Abraham's.

How to increase your CIBIL Score from 570 to 750
Harshala Chandorkar, Senior Vice President -- Consumer Relations, Communication & CIC Compliance Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited will answer questions related to your home loans and CIBIL Credit Score on Monday, August 5 between 3 pm and 4 pm.

Camera review: Canon EOS 700D
Is it a strong enough DSLR on its own or just a mere upgrade in the line-up? For that matter, is it a worthy investment when other devices like the EOS 70D are charting their own revolutions?

August 04, 2013
How Jennifer Aniston got in shape and more fashion news
Want to know what's happening in the world of glitz and glamour? In our weekly fashion round-up, we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Serene getaways: 5 great places to take a break
For those seeking refuge from the clock-work schedules of city life.

Friendship Day Quotes: What makes a friend so special
On Friendship Day, we remember some of the warmest things said about friends and friendships from across the world.

August 02, 2013
Travel: Driving through a Kerala rainforest
I lost myself in a carpet of green, soaking in the spirit of the monsoons, says .

Top 10: INSPIRING documentaries you must watch!
The documented lives of these personalities that make for essential viewing. Here's why

Now, a tablet phone from Kerala for Rs 7,999
Three engineers in their mid-20s, from start-up company Telmoco Development Labs in Trivandrum's consumer electronics incubator Technopark, who developed this Android phone want to make their product company as successful as Infosys is as a services company.

Health insurance: 9 most commonly asked questions
With all those intricate terms and jargons, health insurance is anything but simple. Here are answers to the nine most frequently asked questions.

August 01, 2013
Your photos: Ramzan at Mumbai's Mohammed Ali Road
We invited you to share your Ramzan photographs -- here's a fresh set of responses.

What's so 'unique' about these 5 start-ups?
India's first angel-backed start-up accelerator VentureNursery will train them intensely for 13 weeks after which they will get to pitch for seed funding.

What you must know about the new GATE 2014
Starting 2014, the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) will be held online for all streams of engineering. Here's what you need to know before you register for the test.

How to save and invest money smartly
Simple tips to achieve your life's financial goals

July 31, 2013
Common mistakes every entrepreneur makes
Anupendra Sharma, founder of Startup Leadership Program talks about the mistakes he's made in his career and what he learned from them

How Rithvik Dhanjani dropped from 113 to 77 kilos
Television actor Rithvik Dhanjani, who was once massively overweight, shares his fitness mantras.

July 30, 2013
Ramzan pics: Spreading the message of peace
We invited you to share your Ramzan photographs -- here's a fresh set of responses.

From a rented cellar in Trivandrum to Silicon Valley
The success story of six young engineering graduates who came together to build a unique product.

July 29, 2013
Eat early to lose weight and sleep better
From sound sleep to fighting obesity, early dinners have a list of advantages.

Mistakes to avoid while e-filing your tax returns
You have just three days left now for filing your income tax returns and avoid being penalised. Please avoid these 10 mistakes if you ae filing your returns online.

July 27, 2013
The case for organic food
The argument supporting organic food is simple. Organic agriculture uses techniques that focus on land and soil health and thus towards a balanced eco-system.

July 26, 2013
'Even Harvard MBAs do not have jobs these days'
Tata Sons director R Gopalakrishnan shares his views on MBA education in the country, its ills and why he never did an MBA.

Trekking high in the rains: My Annapurna Circuit tale
Get Ahead reader , an academician from Gurgaon who blogs at Travel Tales from India, took a trek to the Annapurna Mountain ranges and sent us these amazing pictures.

Top 5 study abroad destinations for Indian students
with rising costs and stricter visa rules, Indian students are now choosing destinations beyond the Big Four (USA, UK, Australia and Canada).

July 25, 2013
IN PICS: Dramatic bridalwear by Shantanu-Nikhil
Floor sweeping lehengas, figure-hugging mermaid dresses and dramatic anarkalis -- designers Shantanu and Nikhil showed their bridal line at the India Bridal Fashion Week.

Should Nikon and Canon be afraid of Fujifilm's latest?
Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR has a high digital zoom and if you have the extra money to spend, you might want to consider it.

July 24, 2013
Why Animation as a career isn't hot anymore
With leading animation houses like Crest Animation Studios and Rhythm and Hues facing financial crises, we speak to studio owners and creative professionals from different parts of the country to understand what a career in the industry means for young and senior professionals

Ramzan recipes: Share your delicious kitchen secrets
It is the holy month of Ramzan and we want to know what's cooking in your homes!

Ramzan pics: Blessed by the Almighty
We invited you to share your Ramzan photographs -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Want to look younger? Get some sleep!
Sleep-deprived people show signs of premature skin ageing and a decrease in their skin's ability to recover after exposure to sun.

YOUR photos: 'My fairytale wedding'
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

'Nine out of 10 engineers never wanted to be an engineer'
Adman, entrepreneur and author of 'You're Hired!' Sandeep Goyal explains how unrealistic aspirations are nudging young Indian graduates towards unemployment.

Are energy drinks effective?
Most energy drinks can provide a temporary energy boost but that may be because of its caffeine and high sugar content.

7 ways to make your kids money-savvy
This is how you must introduce money to your children.

In the footsteps of the snow leopard
Trekking in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, stumbles upon a conservation success story.

July 23, 2013
Skipping breakfast can increase your heart attack risk
Men who regularly skip breakfast may be at a 27 per cent higher risk of heart attack than those who take their morning meal, a new study has warned.

Ramzan Pics: The faithful observe the spirit of oneness
We invited you to share your Ramzan photographs -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Will Nokia Lumia 1020 shake up the smartphone market?
Nokia's latest in the Lumia range may well shake up the smartphone market if it gets its pricing right.

Royal baby: It's a boy for Britain's William and Kate
"We could not be happier," Prince William said in a brief statement, after he witnessed the birth of his son, an event that sparked an international media frenzy and the illumination of London landmarks in blue.

Take CHARGE of your life! Make your own DESTINY!
It's a story straight out of a Bollywood blockbuster. But here's the twist. One of the lead characters in the script could just be you! Learn from the role.

A 5-point investment strategy when stock markets are choppy
Challenging market conditions are testing the resolve of investors. We present a checklist of dos and don'ts to help investors ride out the present environment.

How to be a star in the sack and more sex news
Everything you wanted to know about in-between the sheets.

July 22, 2013
Will you buy HP's SlateBook X2 for Rs 40k?
HP has recently launched its Android based convertible notebook/tablet the Slatebook X2 in India. The hybrid device will be available for 39,990 from the month of August.

Going for credit card debt settlement? Beware!
If you're considering settlement as a solution to end your debt problems, take a step back and consider the risks associated with such settlements.

Bachelor degrees to make you a job-ready graduate
Here's a list of employment-friendly courses you can pursue after your class 12

July 21, 2013
DON'T MISS: Incredible India at its best!
Readers send in their travel images. Have you sent yours yet?

BlackBerry Q5: Will you BUY it for Rs 25k?
Blackberry is hoping that the pricing and the physical QWERTY keypad can turn out to be the peculiar traits to revive its fortunes in India.

Wedding photos: Celebrating togetherness
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

July 20, 2013
Wedding photos: 'A match made in heaven'
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Break a sweat and reduce your stroke risk
People who exercise enough to break a sweat may reduce their risk of stroke compared to those who are physically inactive, a first-of-its-kind study has found.

July 19, 2013
Readers share their RAMZAN pics
Readers sent us these photographs of mosques from different parts of the world in response to our invite.

'Women do not assert themselves enough at work'
Radio City CEO Apurva Purohit takes questions on issues women face at work.

July 18, 2013
Why the common medical entrance test failed to take off
Parents and medical students react to the Supreme Court judgement.

Top 12 birth control methods
Different methods suit different people. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the best one for you.

BIKE REVIEW: TVS Phoenix 125
The TVS Phoenix 125 is a comfortable commuter motorcycle and at Rs 60,500 is affordable too, writes of

Study Abroad: How to write a winning scholarship application
Dollar-rupee rate playing havoc with your study abroad plan? Expert tips to help you.

The inspiring story of a BPO in Rajasthan
Shrot Katewa from Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan started 'Source for Change'- a rural BPO to empower the women of his village through professional training activities leading to employment. This is his story.

6 CREDIT CARD charges you can avoid
Most of the fees that a credit card company charges can be avoided. Here is a list of few.

July 17, 2013
Your RAMZAN pics: Muscat's Grand Mosque
Get Ahead reader Kadir Shaikh from Muscat shares with us two pictures of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat.

Passion on a plate: Sensuous recipes by Vikas Khanna
Michelin starred chef Vikas Khanna offers recipes for your loved ones!

Unhappy in your career? Follow these rules for success
Apply these simple concepts to have a stable and successful career.

Top study abroad scholarships for Indian students
These global scholarships cover a range of programmes at the undergraduate and post-graduate level. Read on for details

Wedding photos: Adding colour to life
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

5 smart ways to save money on smartphones
Be aware of the marketing gimmicks and ensure you do not become financially un-smart here.

July 16, 2013
Your RAMZAN pic: Special prayers at Phoenix
Yousuf, a resident of Phoenix, Arizona shares this picture of Tarawih prayers during Ramzan.

Study Abroad:How are YOU coping with the falling Indian Rupee?
How should students aspiring to study abroad cope with the fall in the Indian rupee? Send us your ideas, suggestions and advice.

Wedding photos: Most memorable moments
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

3 reasons why India will need more interns by 2020
An analyses of the trends that will influence the demand for Indian workforce in the world economy.

Meet Ritu Beri, India's first designer to head a French label
Her love for taking risks and following her heart always helped Ritu Beri achieve success. The international fashion designer shares the inspiration behind her career decisions.

July 15, 2013
7 tips to enrich your MBA experience
To begin with, there is plenty for you to learn outside the classroom.

Monsoon recipes: Onion pakoda, apple pasta and more
These rainy recipes will keep your lips smacking

July 14, 2013
Study abroad: How to choose the right university
Deciding on a foreign university can be confusing and infuriating. Here are some pointers to guide you through the selection process

Wedding photos: Picture-perfect moments
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

July 13, 2013
Wedding photos: 'Happiest couple in the world'
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

July 12, 2013
Start-ups: 3 tips to build a great website
Jim Rogers, Head of Marketing, Neustar Enterprise Services tells you how choosing the right address for your website can help improve traffic.

July 10, 2013
Wedding photos: Celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime moment
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Owning your dream car is now very easy!
Based on certain conditions, banks in India are more than willing to extend a car loan to finance the major share of the car's cost.

July 09, 2013
How to survive your first month in college
When you're fresh from high school, it is but natural to be apprehensive on the first day of college. We tell you how you can get through those first few days...

Virtual Credit Cards: Four things you MUST know!
Here's a crash course on what you need to understand about VCCs.

July 08, 2013
PICS: The really cool Mahindra Centuro!
The tractor-to-cars-to-bike maker's newest two-wheeler features some really cool stuff.

Is closing your credit card good or bad for YOU?
Here's clearing this credit card misconception floating around in India

July 07, 2013
Wedding photos: Made for each other!
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

July 05, 2013
PICS: Vespa's sexy new model
The Italian bike maker launches the feature-rich VX.

Wedding Photos: India's most memorable moments
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

How to improve your smartphone SECURITY
If you don't follow these tips your bank details and credit card info could be compromised.

11 career tips for YOUTH in their 20s
Age and gender have ceased to be criteria when it comes to the corporate world. So do not think somebody out there is there to protect you.

July 04, 2013
PICS: LG Optimus G Pro in India for Rs 42,500
It is the first LG smartphone to have a 5.5-inch display.

July 03, 2013
OS wars: Android clubs the life out of Windows, iOS and BB10!
Android RULES! Windows, iOS BB10 lag behind.

All you wanted to know about the New Pension Scheme
Read this to find if you will be investing in the NPS for your retirement needs.

Wedding photos: Most adorable life partners
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

At 21 she is a successful dubbing artiste!
Priya Adivarekar who has been dubbing for films since she was eight, talks about her journey so far and how life has changed for her.

July 02, 2013
Wedding photos: Golden moments of life
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

8 simple ways to improve your English skills
These eight everyday tasks will help you improve your language ability

PHOTOS: Harley-Davidson's Street Bob is here!
The supremely splendid bike promises to change the face of city cruising for good.

He lives to keep the environment alive
Arun Krishnanmurthy has just one purpose in his life: to save the environment, animals, wild life and lakes.

July 01, 2013
Book your train ticket through a mobile phone
Only registered IRCTC users can use these services as of now. Currently, Indian railways don't allow Mobile ticket booking between 8 am to 12 pm.

Reduce stress by changing how you react
How to use the laws in physics to deal with multi-dimensional stress at work.

Filing income tax for the FIRST TIME? Things you must know
Most important thing to know is even if you do not have taxable income you may still have to file your income tax return.

To be successful, get your foot off the brake!
Just take your foot off the break. Get rid of those self-limiting beliefs.

June 30, 2013
5 CRAZY apps: Avoid friends, confess sins and more
These will help you record things that happened five minutes ago, allow women to rate their exes, avoid friends you don't like, quit smoking and confess to your sins.

CHECK OUT: Most memorable wedding pictures!
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

June 29, 2013
PICS: Most romantic shaadi moments!
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Gaming's FUTURE: PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One
The line between realism and games is further crumbling as these consoles become more powerful.

June 28, 2013
Top 5 common smartphone SECURITY mistakes
Be safe, be secure, spend some time beefing up your device's safety and security.

6 GOOD reasons why you must have a credit card
Surprised? Here's how a credit can benefit you.

This professor wants to help solve food security issues
Alagu Perumal Ramasamy from Chennai has plans to supplement the diets of a substantially large population in a limited way by raising fruit-bearing saplings.

7 things you should not tell your colleagues
Draw the line between a colleague and a pal. Know when to stop!

June 27, 2013
Wedding photos: Readers share their sweet memories!
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Your discarded smartphones, TVs, computers can harm YOU!
Electronic waste, if not disposed of carefully, can cause cancer, infertility and severe mental dysfunction apart from polluting the environment.

Delhi University's first cut-off list touches 100 per cent!
If the first cut-off list released by Delhi University is of any indication, admission for the new four-year undergraduate programme in DU will not be any easier for aspirants as the cut-offs for the various courses remained high.

11 SIMPLE tips to SAVE money
A dummy's guide to help you become rich. Simple, but effective.

Fatigue fighters: 10 foods that boost energy
A hectic lifestyle getting you down? Try out these superfoods that will boost your energy level and banish fatigue.

Hands on with Acer's Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet
Priced at Rs 27,999, it is the first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet.

June 26, 2013
'Raising angel fund in India is a huge challenge'
Start-up entrepreneur Ashish Chaturvedi speaks about the challenges start-ups face.

IIM-Kozhikode admits more than 50 percent women students
In an attempt in gender diversity, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode, has admitted close to 200 women, about 50 per cent, in its Post Graduate programme of the 2013-15 batch, some of whom are national talents in various fields.

Wedding photos: Life's most memorable moments
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here's a fresh set of responses.

Bajaj offers KTM Duke 390 at Rs 1.8 lakh
The Duke 390's pricing is introductory and KTM is likely to hike it in the next couple of months.

Travel: Surrendering to the quiet of the forest
writes about her visit to the Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu.

5 reasons why people BORROW money
There is no research in India done on topics like why people borrow, or how people invest. Here is an attempt at guessing.

10 values MBAs must learn outside of B-school
These values guide our actions and the decisions we make in life and at work and are crucial for career success.

June 25, 2013
Love is in the air: YOUR wedding photos!
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here is the second set of responses!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 now starting at Rs 12,000
The tablets will be available in three variants with 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch variant as well.

How to get out of a multiple loan debt trap
Three simple ways to reduce your loan burden.

He chucked campus placement to become a dance entrepreneur
Sandip Soparrkar shares the inspiration behind his career decision and the lessons he learnt.

June 24, 2013
47 per cent Indian grads unemployable for any job: Report
India churns out tens of thousands of graduates each year but less than half of them are "employable" or possess the basic skills necessary for any

5 REALLY COOL companies to work for
profiles five organisations that make work seem more like play.

'I had no money for school fees, but my son is going to IIT'
Students from underprivileged families crack the IIT-JEE Advanced thanks to Anand Kumar's Super 30 educational programme.

Wedding photos: Readers share their special moments!
We invited you to share your favourite wedding pics -- here is the first set of responses!

3 insurance policies YOU must have!
These 3 insurances people think they don't need, but actually do!

June 23, 2013
Planning a baby? 10 money tips for YOU
Apart from being physically and psychologically prepared for the new role you must be financially ready as well. Before you plunge into parenthood, the good idea is planning the finances.

India non-fiction fest: Being gay is okay!
In what was perhaps the most volatile session of the day, the queer panel took questions from audiences on Day Two of the India Non-fiction Festival.

Panasonic P51 is no match for Samsung Galaxy S III
Is Panasonic P51 worth buying for Rs 22,500? In terms of design, performance, camera and battery it is worth buying, but memory and processor speed are not up to the mark as compared to its competitors (Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus Vu).

June 22, 2013
India's BEST professional colleges 2013
In the fifth part of a series, we bring you the best colleges for fashion, fine arts and mass communication as per India Today's findings.

Health news: Amount of exercise matters, not frequency
Here's a round-up of the latest findings across an array of pressing health issues.

India non-fiction fest: The changing face of India
The first ever non-fiction festival got off to a flying start in Mumbai today. Here's what unfolded

9 SIGNS to tell you are living beyond your means!
If you show one or more of these signs, you need to set your financial house in order. TODAY.

June 21, 2013
Laughter can improve your sex life
There is nothing sexier than someone who can make you laugh. Why do you think Russell Brand has ladies queuing up to become his next conquest?

Mills and Boon now romances in Hindi, Tamil...
Romance fiction series Mills and Boon is now foraying into regional languages to perk up sales.

Top 10 tips for buying a car
Follow these expert tips and advice to get the best deal.

Top 5 smartphones between Rs 25k and Rs 30k
Each phone in this price band offers something distinctive.

India's BEST engineering colleges 2013
In the fourth part of a series, we bring you the best engineering colleges of 2013, as per India Today's findings.

June 20, 2013
'I want to become one of India's most renowned rappers'
Deane Sequeira, India's youngest female rapper, talks about her career and aspirations.

6 ways insurers pick out FALSE claims
From mining through claimants' social media updates to performing a background check, insurance companies have their own set of measures to sniff out whether the statements of the claimant are true or not. Beware!

REVIEW: Nikon Coolpix P330
The new point-and-shoot camera from Nikon tags a competitive price of Rs 16,950.

India's BEST arts colleges 2013
In the third part of a series, we bring you the top 10 arts colleges, as per India Today's findings.

June 19, 2013
PHOTOS: Exploring the Eternal city of Rome
, who recently visited Rome, is already contemplating his next visit. "I could visit Rome a hundred times and not get enough of the city," he says.

3 BIG marketing mistakes to learn from
And avoid falling into the same trap again and again, explains entrepreneur Unmana Datta.

REVIEW: Should you buy Honda CB Trigger at Rs 90k?
The Honda CB Trigger offers good performance while being quite frugal and dynamically potent writes of

Chef talk: How to perfect your knife skills
Cooking tips from executive chef and entrepreneur Manu Chandra, an alumnus of the Culinary Institute of America, New York.

India's BEST commerce colleges 2013
In the second part of a series, we bring you the top 10 commerce colleges, as per India Today's findings.

Want to be a flight attendant?
Work with Jet Airways as a cabin crew professional or stand a chance to win a unique Rs 5 lakh-scholarship from Virgin Atlantic to study abroad. Read on for details

How to deal with investment risks you can't control
In the concluding part of this series on managing investment risks, explains how to handle investment risks that are beyond your control.

June 18, 2013
PHOTOS: Top 9 PREMIUM tablets
Their features, design and usability stand out in a highly crowded tablet market.

Yamaha launches MT-09 to take on Ducati Monster 796
Sadly, Yamaha has no plans of bringing the MT-09 to India but the vehicle has been put on sale in the European markets at a price of Rs. 5.3 lakh.

Study Abroad: How a falling rupee hurts Indian students
With the Indian rupee falling almost 7 per cent against the US dollar since January 2013, Indian students in universities abroad or those planning to go abroad this year will have to increase their budget by at least 10 per cent compared to what it would have been late last year.

IN PICS: Indian landscapes from Kumarakom to Kashid
Readers send in their travel images. Have you sent yours yet?

He wants to replace notebooks with tablets in schools
-year-old V Subramanian aims to revolutionise the education space with his new venture.

From SRK to Steve Jobs: Speeches to inspire you
We bring you inspirational excerpts from some of the most powerful and inspiring graduation speeches by the likes of Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Azim Premji and Shah Rukh Khan.

June 17, 2013
Who needs Lance Armstrong when we have so many heroes?
There are many Heroes amongst us - just ordinary people with extraordinary courage, says .

June 16, 2013
IMAGES: Top 10 stars with the best shoe collections!
We bring you the results of a poll conducted by British website to determine which famous personalities sport the most fashionable footwear.

IN PICS: The amazing story of the Badami cave temples
Here's the fascinating history of the Karnataka's contribution to Indian rock-cut architecture.

IN PICS: The most affordable Ducati
At Rs 7.5 lakh, the Ducati Monster 795 offers some serious eye candy with performance to match, writes of

Father's Day: Nature's Top 10 Dads
Like humans, animals and insects too are equally protective about their eggs/offsprings/progenies. Check out these ten incredible examples of loving, warmth and care.

June 15, 2013
BlackBerry Q10 vs Samsung Galaxy S4
How well does the Rs 44k BlackBerry Q10 with its premium finish and a Qwerty keypad stacks up against Samsung Flagship Galaxy S4?

Daddy and Me: 'I am proud to be his son'
Readers share memorable pictures of their dads. Share yours too!

June 14, 2013
Travel: Follow the tracks of history's infamous villains
How about a bit of spine-tingling adventures along sinister streets and blood-splattered fields? For those who want a vacation with a difference, these eerie tours could be just what the coroner ordered.

Daddy and me: 'My dad, my hero!'
Readers share memorable pictures of their dads. Share yours too!

Gaming Review: Is Grid 2 made for YOU?
The iteration is not as stunning or as addictive as the first game was, but a perfectly acceptable racing experience nonetheless.

How to deal with credit report errors
These three steps will help you set the record straight.

June 13, 2013
Career lessons from a CEO
Sejal Gulati, CEO of Time Analytics Services, Bangalore talks about earning every penny by herself, making big mistakes and learning from them.

Five must-knows about a CAR LOAN
The excitement to drive your new car is no doubt exhilarating, but before you actually buy a car it is important to understand the terms and conditions of an auto loan.

iOS 7: Top 10 New Features
Apple reveals its new operating system and here's how different it is from competition.

June 12, 2013
'It is in giving that we receive'
Nipun Mehta's INSPIRING graduation day address at an American university.

June 11, 2013
Debt: Your best friend or worst enemy?
Debt is a two edged sword. Make it work for you by using it wisely.

June 10, 2013
5 tips to help you bag your dream job!
A crisp resume and a strong online presence will help impress prospective recruiters.

June 08, 2013
Spices and herbs for better health
Your everyday spices have more health benefits than you can imagine discovers Aditi Bose.

June 07, 2013
Indian engineers unwilling to sweat it out: IIT-K Director
The lack of right attitude towards understanding engineering has become a major concern today, says Prof Indranil Manna, Director, IIT Kanpur.

DON'T MISS: Running tips from Gul Panag
The Bollywood actress and marathoner talks about her running mantra, the gear she uses and the importance of having 'proper' running shoes.

June 06, 2013
How to improve your chances of getting a loan
Whether it is a home loan, a personal loan or a credit card, lenders are increasingly relying on credit scores to determine credit approvals and offer better rates.

June 04, 2013
Why procrastination is good for you
In a world where deadlines define our daily tasks, it is often wise to give some thought to the old saying Take Time To Smell The Roses.

India's ONLY female rider to cover 1600 km in 24 hrs
Meet Chithra Priya, the only Indian female rider to have completed the Saddle Sore endurance ride.

June 03, 2013
Top 5: Affordable camera phones in India
Turn photographer on a budget! Check out these really inexpensive camera phones.

He preserves musical gems for the next generation
Meet Moloy Ghosh who converts old records into new-age digital format for a living.

June 02, 2013
PICS: Danish stunner Nina Agdal models sultry swimwear!
Don't miss the Sports Illustrated beauty's hot new campaign for Maaji Swimwear.

SMOKING: Are bidis safer than cigarettes?
Find out just what effects smoking a cigarette has on your body.

LG Nexus 4: Will you but it for Rs 26k?
The phone offers very good performance, display and comes with a great price and promise of always having the latest Android version.

June 01, 2013
PICS: Amazing beauties of the wild
Reader shares these images of the beautiful country.

Restaurant review: Step in for a taste of Bihari cuisine
Potbelly moves away from the run-of-the-mill mughlai cuisine. Try it and you won't be disappointed.

Top 10 point and shoot cameras under Rs 30,000
Find out what suits your budget.

May 31, 2013
Jennifer Aniston's 'stripper body' and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Top 10 smartphones under Rs 10,000
These are the best ones in terms of features and performance.

How to find the BEST diversified equity mutual funds
Six parameters to help you to find the winners.

Your brain, lungs, sex life: How smoking RUINS your health
Since it's No Tobacco Day today, here's some added incentive to help you kick the butt.

DON'T MISS: Readers share their summer travel pics
We invited you to share your travel pictures with us. Here's the first batch of responses!

The entrepreneur who's creating waves in web technology
Find out how Abin Jose founded a web solutions start-up and made it successful

May 30, 2013
Smartphone wars: Nokia Asha vs Samsug Rex
Don't be surprised, for the Nokia Asha series smartphones offer better gaming, music, Internet and social experience than phones that come under the Samsung Rex brand.

3 ways to maximise your GAINS from ULIPs
ULIPs are not a curse on investors. You can reap more benefits from ULIPs by following these strategies.

PHOTOS: How Mohit became Mahadev!
The protagonist of Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev reveals the secret behind his six-pack abs and his choice of career.

IMAGES: Celebs flash the flesh in cutaway dresses!
Dresses featuring cut-out panels are making quite a fashion statement this year. We take a look at a few styles worn by the stars.

May 29, 2013
Yamaha Launches Ray Z In India for Rs 48.5k
The Yamaha Ray Z gets a lot of cosmetic changes which make the scooter attractive to male buyers.

Are YOU being bullied at work?
Here are some of the most difficult personality types in the workplace and how to deal with them.

How your Employee Provident Fund benefits YOU
Did you know that your EPF contribution also goes towards insuring you, giving you and your spouse a pension apart from giving you a lump sum amount after retirement?

The Love Guru chat on ZaraBol
Share your relationship problems with The Love Guru.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 is amazing but not a killer
The phone has already achieved the 10 million mark within a month, breaking the record of S III which achieved the feat in 50 days. So how extraordinary is the S4 that makes it so successful? Let's find out.

Top 10 benefits of meditation
Meditation can be more helpful to you than you know. Read on for its benefits.

May 28, 2013
Suicide second-leading cause of death among Indian youth
What is triggering this distressing trend in India?

Haircare essentials for great locks like the stars!
Celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani answers some common questions regarding hair health and provides expert advice so you can sport a super-stylish mane.

Natural remedies to LOWER high blood pressure
While medication can lower blood pressure, it may cause side effects such as leg cramps, dizziness, and insomnia. Here's how to bring down your BP naturally.

What you MUST know as an engineering student!
Here's everything you wanted to know about engineering

Meet the marketing brain behind Ra.One and Vicky Donor
Tanaaz Bhatia shares her success journey.

May 27, 2013
Stressed about exam results? Read this!
Dealing with stress is a two-way process that involves students and their parents.

Sexy supermodels at Cannes: Alessandra, Doutzen and more!
Here's a look at the hottest catwalk queens -- and what they wore on the red carpet -- at the recently-concluded film festival.

Reader photos: From Agra to Singapore and more
Snapshots from around the world.

Own a credit card that earns reward points? BEWARE!
Points to watch out for when you swipe a credit card to earn reward points.

Breast cancer: Has Angelina triggered an anxiety wave?
A doctor weighs in the fear of cancer triggered by the Hollywood star's mastectomy confession.

Meet the 16-year-old who climbed Mount Everest
On May 18 at 5 am IST, Nameirakpam Chingkheinganba became the youngest Indian ever to have climbed Mount Everest. This is his story.

May 26, 2013
PICS: Supermodel Behati's beautiful beachwear campaign!
The Victoria's Secret stunner has posed for a series of sizzling shots wearing the latest swimwear from Seafolly.

IN PICS: The amazing Chalukyan temples
The temple complex at Aihole offers a fascinating insight into the history of Chalukyan temple architecture.

PICS: Best foods for bodybuilding
So you're an aspiring bodybuilder? Here are some foods you must get started on right away.

10 ways technology is RUINING your life
Why you must be careful with that smartphone and that Facebook account.

May 25, 2013
Learn to educate your baby inside your womb
It is believed that child learns about outer world even when in mother's womb. Let it learn the right things.

The BEST rugged gadgets
Phones, cameras and other devices that have been tested to their limits.

Why this doctor OPTED to be an IAS officer
Dr Vineeth Sukumaran Pillai, who cleared the UPSC exam in his third attempt this year, reveals how he cracked one of the nation's most competitive tests.

Yamaha's brand new SZ series is here!
Bikemaker Yamaha launches the all-new SZ Series in India starting Rs 59,500.

May 24, 2013
Petra's hot return to modelling and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

FUTURISTIC gadgets that will change the world
The future is here. The gadget revolution has arrived.

How to become a crime scene investigator
Through books on Sherlock Holmes and TV shows like CSI, forensic science is well known around the world. We bring you study and career options in India for this wide field.

'You'll never know a decision is right until you make it'
His love for the language, his grit to fight the odds, helped Subramani Ramachandran realise his dream of publishing his book on Urdu poems.

How to manage loans when you lose your job
Sell unwanted assets, get out of costly loans, get out of assets generating low returns and negotiate with your bank, says experts.

Why EVERYONE needs to worry about breast cancer
Myths, facts, risk factors and how you can prevent it.

May 23, 2013
Top 10 traits of an exceptional boss
Does your current manager have these traits?

PICS: Sexy styles straight off international runways!
In a round-up of recent world fashions, we bring you the best of designerwear seen on catwalks from New York to Monaco.

He wants to build awesome apps for your mobile
Resilience of Mumbaikars inspired Shiladitya Mukhopadhayaya.

This is how a bank lends money to YOU
Ever wondered how a bank decides how much amount to lend to you?

Tips to get a flatter tummy
Getting rid of belly fat is simpler than you might have thought.

May 22, 2013
The Harvard grad who's committed to making a difference
Soros scholar Vivek Viswanathan shares his journey

Wardrobe must-haves this season, as seen on the stars!
From crop tops to colorblock handbags, we bring you the 'it' items of the moment.

Good news! More jobs for MBAs graduating this year
The 2013 Corporate Recruiters Survey reports four per cent increase in hiring this year.

7 simple ways to soothe away stress
Simple ways to help your mind and body reach equilibrium at the end of a hectic day.

Detox getaways: Hot spots to heal mind, body and soul
From the mud baths of Turkey to the mineral springs in the Czech Republic, the author recommends some offbeat destinations for healing the mind, body and soul.

IN PICS: The all-new Ninja 300 for Rs 3.9 lakh
The new Kawasaki Ninja 300 performs splendidly, it goes as fast as it looks, writes of

Top 5 tablets with calling facility
Even though phablets have eaten into the popularity of tablets, there are still people who prefer a calling tablet.

The medical student who received her degree in the ICU
Though Samidha Khandare has a slim chance of survival her family, who cannot afford her mounting medical expenses, is hoping for a miracle and financial help.

May 21, 2013
Alia, Mallika and more: VOTE for these celebs' styles!
Give us your take on these famous faces' fashionable (and not-so-fashionable) choices!

An Indian American's quest to reclaim his identity
In the second part of a series on Indian-Americans who have won the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships this year, profiles Columbia University graduate Nishant Batsha, who shares his experiences as a second-generation Indian-American and how he intends to use the scholarship opportunity.

An 'Indian' comes to India to take on Harley-Davidson
Iconic American bike brand Indian is all set to take on Harley and the likes.

These Harvard dropouts have solution to all your problems
How Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan founded Handybook, an online start-up.

How to pick the right MF investment company
5 steps to find out which mutual fund company you should trust your money with.

Indian American teen invents 20-second charger
The inventor, Eesha Khare, has been awarded USD 50,000 for further developing the tiny device.

TOP 10: World's friendliest countries for tourists
Head out to these nations for a warm welcome.

May 20, 2013
PICS: Hollywood's Hottest Bodies Poll 2013!
Website published the results of their 'Hottest Bodies Poll' last week. Here's a look at the stars --and the famous assets -- that helped them make the cut!

Harvard grad, activist, Soros Fellow: Meet Amar Bakshi
In a three-part series commencing today, profiles some of the winners of the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans. First up is Amar Bakshi, who fought and won a legal battle to uphold the freedom of the press in Zimbabwe and has studied at Harvard, John Hopkins and now Yale.

Include Hindi in Australian curriculum, says report
Skilled Indian migrants might teach Hindi in Australian schools

Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 720
At Rs 18,999, the Lumia 720 does face tough competition from Android devices but for those who want simplicity in interacting with the device -- Lumia 720 is the best bet.

TOP 10: Snacks to fight your food cravings
Today we bring you the ten snacks that can help you keep those pounds away!

How to manage your credit card debt
Important points to remember when you think of transferring your credit card balance.

May 19, 2013
PICS: Jessica Hart's sexy swimwear campaign!
The Sports Illustrated beauty has posed for a series of sizzling shots wearing the latest swimwear from Italian brand Calzedonia.

TOP 11: Super foods for weight loss
Trying hard to lose weight. Try out these super foods!

Top 3 reasons why Samsung is killing competition
The Galaxy S Series, accepting the Android platform and niche marketing helped Samsung emerge on top in India.

TOP 10: Amazing photographs of the London Eye
Images of one of the UK's most famous landmarks, the London Eye.

May 18, 2013
Up in the air: The rise of CLOUD computing
The benefits of Cloud Computing are innumerable and difficult to ignore. However, the various legal and security issues still need to be wrangled with.

7 innovative social media strategies for start-ups
Effective ways to use the potent power of social media

STUNNING PICS: The ancient land of Egypt
A selection of images of travel destinations in Egypt by the very talented Reuters photographers.

Six INCREDIBLE facts about Indian universities
Check out what's so appealing about them

May 17, 2013
Delhi University to host its first job fair on June 11
The two-day fair will be the first-of-its-kind in the city.

Gaming review: Dragon's Dogma - Dark Arisen
The latest edition of the 2012 game is here but is it worth it? Find out!

Beyonce's bikini ad in modesty war and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Top 7 smartphone user interfaces
While some may be gimmicky the amount of functionality these interfaces offer is immense.

4 ways to increase your home loan eligibility
Simple to follow, these tips can go a long way in increasing how much home loan you can get.

PHOTOS: The quiet dignity of Sri Lanka
There is more in common between Sri Lanka and India than we can imagine. Part three of a travelogue.

Want to crack the Civil Services Aptitude Test?
The Civil Services Aptitude Test is on May 26.

May 16, 2013
IN PICS: The most STYLISH celebrity moms
Always in the news and always making heads turn, Glamour magazine lists out the most stylish.

Quick fix: Get rid of oily skin, pimples and more
Are your armpits stinking or is your hair a big mess? Fear not, help is here.

How much do you know your insurance BONUS?
Your insurance policy is just not for saving tax. The bonus that accrues on your policy can also help you maximise your wealth.

Top 5 blunders fresh grads make in an interview
Some of these mistakes could cost you the job.

STUNNING PICS: The amazing Sri Lanka
Second in a three-part series of a journey to the island nation.

'Opera is just like Bollywood, full of drama'
Young opera artist Frazan Adil Kotwal shares his journey.

Nokia Lumia 925 vs Nokia Lumia 920
Though they are closely numbered, there lies several areas that are quite unique between these two devices from Nokia.

May 15, 2013
The SEXIEST men in the world are from these nations!
We already brought you US-based website's list of the top 10 sexiest nations when it comes to women -- now, here are the countries that rate highest according to the hotness of their hunks!

The SEXIEST women in the world are from these nations!
US-based travel dating website recently held a poll that rates nations according to the sex appeal of their citizens. Here are the results when it comes to the ladies!

The brand new DSLR is priced at Rs 47k. But is it worth it?

PICS: Backpacking in Sri Lanka
The island nation is more hospitable than you think. A three-part travel series.

A dummy's guide to creating virtual credit cards
Easy to create and convenient to use, virtual credit cards also offer superior safety against frauds and misuse in online transactions.

May 14, 2013
Breast cancer: Why Angelina Jolie had double mastectomy
You can fight breast cancer too

HOT: The 2013 'What is Sexy' list
The latest edition of Victoria's Secret's 'What is Sexy List' featuring the hottest women on the planet is out.

INCREDIBLE PICS: 10 Abandoned places in the world
Creepy, surreal, breathtaking but completely true.

IN PICS: The brand NEW Royal Enfield Bullet 500
The Bullet 500 is here and we are all drooling already!

This Jaipur boy emerged a topper despite renal failure
The amazing story of 17-year-old Prakhar Deroliya, who despite losing both his kidneys when he was just 15, made it to the Rajasthan Board merit list.

Top 5 life insurance myths
Though very popular, these harm the policyholder's long-term insurance objectives

Fake it. Break it. Make it: 3 steps to success
An entrepreneur from Australia shares how she made it big in India.

May 13, 2013
PICS: Breathtaking Indian weaves on Rajasthan runway
Vikram Phadnis showed off his Indian line at the Rajasthan Fashion Week in Jaipur.

How to be a 'super intern'
These tricks will help you make the most of your professional opportunity.

Mother's Day: Readers share their special moments
Readers share pictures clicked with their mothers.

Top 10 smartphones with AWESOME display
Rugged Gorilla Glass coating, whopper screen sizes and a high pixels per inch density will make you drool at the displays of these smartphones.

IN PICS: The legend of Akshaya Tritiya
Hindus in different parts of India celebrate the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya for different reasons. Here are a few beliefs associated with the event.

Indian teen is century's youngest California Univ topper
An 18-year-old Indian-American has become the youngest graduate topper of the prestigious University of California in more than a century.

7 reasons you must buy gold this Akshaya Tritiya
These are golden lessons learned from our elders over the years, says .

May 12, 2013
Britney's new bikini body and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Exploring Delhi: The fascinating Sunder Nursery
Under the shadow of the Humayun's Tomb lies a nursery spread across 70 acres.

5 lessons to learn from a borewell
Dig deeper, success may be just one foot away!

Nokia Asha 501 vs Samsung Rex 90
Both are smart feature phones. But who will conquer the market?

Mother's Day: Goddesses we worship
As we celebrate Mother's Day this weekend, here are some goddesses Indians have worshipped over the centuries.

May 11, 2013
How incubators are transforming student ideas into reality
Mentors with domain knowledge are helping young entrepreneurs

Top 5 affordable laptops in India
Feature-rich, portable and yet they deliver decent performance.

Mother's Day: Kids, 12 fun recipes YOU can try out
Presenting some really easy to make meals for your mom on her special day.

Best cheap eats in Delhi
5 places to head to when hunger strikes and you are on a stretched budget.

10 gifts for your mom this Mother's Day
From making flowers to creating scrapbooks to shooting a movie about your mom. Here are some rather innovative gifting ideas on Mother's Day.

May 10, 2013
Mother's Day: Sepia-toned memories
We invited you to share your memorable pictures with Mommy Dearest! Here is a fresh set of responses!

IMAGES: Hottest Women in the World 2013!
Maxim Magazine released its Hot 100 list for this year -- what they call the 'definitive list of the world's most beautiful women'. We bring you the top 20!

How to crack the CAT in 6 months
Smart tips to balance work and studies.

Corruption can't be erased in one day: IAS topper
Cuttack-based medical graduate Sriram Venkitaraman, who came second in this year's Union Public Services Commission examination says he has "realistic expectations" of his IAS career.

From sexy singers to CEOs: Most Powerful Mothers!
To celebrate Mother's Day coming up this weekend, US-based magazine Working Mothers has compiled a list of America's Most Powerful Mothers.

Have you protected your credit card against fraud?
If not, then do it now. Buy a credit protection plan. Depending on the plan you buy such programmes protect you for up to a maximum of Rs 25 lakh in the event of misuse.

May 09, 2013
Mother's Day: My most memorable photograph
We invited you to share your memorable pictures with Mommy Dearest! Here is a fresh set of responses!

Reader review: Samsung Galaxy S4
What makes it click and what doesn't.

Why a career as data scientist is hotter than ever
Get paid to analyse complex data.

Recipes: Seven really cool drinks to hang out with
Quick fix recipes for summer coolers to beat the heat.

Meet Kashmir's first Muslim woman UPSC achiever
'It's all about conviction and a burning desire inside you,' says Dr Ruveda Salam, the Kashmir valley's first Muslim woman to crack the UPSC exam.

Top 5 electric bike makers in India
Here are the best models in the market right now.

Tamil Nadu HSC results announced
The results for the Tamil Nadu State Higher Secondary Examination were announced at 10 am today. Read for more details.

May 08, 2013
VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl this May!
Here's a round-up of the glossies for May -- take our poll and let us know who you think makes for the most fashionable, sexy cover this month!

Courting controversy: Facebook's 'confession pages'
It remains to be seen whether this latest trend in social media is a boon or a bane, says .

PICS: 10 summer getaways to escape the crowds
Skip the regular hill stations and go for these pristine lesser-known ones instead.

Google Glass: The Future is Now!
Will Google Glass represent the next big leap in mobile computing or become an enormous privacy breach?

Mother's Day: All set to take off
We invited you to share your memorable pictures with Mommy Dearest! Here are the first two responses!

Graphic designer Saul Bass immortalised with a doodle
The search engine giant pays American graphic designer and filmmaker a tribute.

5 reasons why insurance claims get rejected
Avoid these pitfalls to ensure your family's financial security.

May 07, 2013
Developing software is like making sambar
The two processes are far more similar than you can imagine, says Dasarathi GV.

Kim, Gisele, Beyonce: VOTE for celebs on the red carpet!
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York held its annual soiree, the Costume Institute Gala 2013, on May 6. Here are a few pics of famous faces on the red carpet -- who do you think scored bigtime in the style stakes and who tanked? Vote and let us know!

My BEST train journey EVER!
Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi Express offers you a slice of luxury says .

Mother's Day: Readers share their photos
We invited you to share your memorable pictures with Mommy Dearest! Here are the first two responses!

IIT-JEE (Main) results declared
Those who qualify will be eligible for JEE Advanced.

6 work habits to impress your BOSS
These habits play a big role in getting a worker promoted.

From 179th to IAS topper: Haritha Kumar's amazing story
'One of my friends called to say I had topped the exam. I thought it was a prank. Later, he brought me a printout of the UPSC Web site displaying the results. My name was right on top!' Kerala's first UPSC topper in 22 years shares her awesome story.

How to WIN the mutual fund game
Invest money to meet your goals, not to meet the salesperson's targets

Lessons from a death threat: True story of an entrepreneur
How to choose the right employee and more lessons

May 06, 2013
IN PICS: Sri Lanka, a teardrop in the Indian Ocean
Snapshots of a stunning country recovering from a savage civil war.

6 tips to ace a video interview
Dress appropriately and practice in advance.

Swimwear trends 2013: Hot metallics and more!
We bring you a glimpse of sizzling styles to rock this summer, by the sea and poolside.

Card frauds: Protect yourself now!
Plastic counterfeiting and frauds have increased at an alarming rate. So how do you protect yours from being misused?

TOP TIPS: Get fit this summer
on simple dos and don'ts to lose weight and get into shape in the months to come

Top 5 smartphones under Rs 7,000
Buying a phone on a low budget comes with the risk of buying a dud. So here is our list of phones that you will be happy buying.

Top designer, Amazon creative director, bottle-seller
The extraordinary life of Narendra Kumar Ahmed.

May 05, 2013
Miley's raciest shoot yet and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

PICS: The quiet splendour of the Ganga
Presenting the many faces of India's holiest river.

You are an entrepreneur, be proud to be one
Three reasons why you must feel proud about your unconventional start-up.

Has WhatsApp killed the SMS?
The rise of the messaging app spells doom for the good old Short Messaging Service.

May 04, 2013
REVEALED: The secret superpower of grapes
The humble fruit can help reduce the risk of heart failure in those suffering from hypertension.

BUSTED! The truth about IIM placements
Quality of jobs are being ignored.

Unplanned pregnancy? Here's how to cope with it
Why abortion isn't always the easiest thing to do.

Samsung Galaxy Win vs Micromax Canvas HD A116
With Galaxy Win, Samsung is trying to contain the Indian brands who are selling quad core phones at very cheap prices. But will it succeed?

May 03, 2013
Gaming review: Injustice: Gods Among Us
Injustice: Gods Among Us may do a lot of things well, but easing fighting game newbies into its oceans of moves, counters and specials isn't one of them, says Murali Venugopal

IMAGES: The world's top 10 BEST-DRESSED women!
Take a look at the world's most stylish celebrities who made it to Glamour Magazine's coveted annual best-dressed list for 2013!

Why most weight loss diets FAIL
Most people are able to lose weight while dieting but once the diet is over, the pounds come back.

How to get the most out of your fixed deposits
Company fixed deposits offer many advantages over the traditional FDs

How to apply to the University of Cincinnati
Find out about the new courses, eligibility procedure and more

SHOCKING: How teachers are selected in India!
New universities don't know how to deal with the prospective faculty.

PICS: Snapshots of a city that never sleeps attempts to make sense of the city that never sleeps.

Phone review: How good is HTC One?
The latest Android phone from HTC packs a punch.

May 02, 2013
IMAGES: The Sexiest Women in the World 2013 list!
FHM Magazine has released its annual list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013 -- we bring you the top 20!

Top 10: Best messaging apps for smartphones
Staying connected is simple. And easy!

Have you cancelled your credit card correctly?
Watch out what you do with that piece of plastic

How to crack a tough job interview
Shradhha Mehta tells us how she cracked one of the toughest interview rounds...

TOP 5: Romance novels by first-time authors
Books that make us our hearts melt.

TOP 10: The BEST islands in the world
Users of TripAdvisor, list the best ten islands in the world you absolutely must visit.

The BEST courses to make you job-ready!
Choose from a wide range of skills-based courses

May 01, 2013
Planning to do your PhD abroad? Read this!
From finding your niche to picking the right institute, you must research well in advance before you take the plunge.

IN PICS: The history of Vespa
Looking back at the legendary bike on its 67th birthday.

Subhash Ghai's advice to aspiring filmmakers
The veteran filmmaker talks about how he got his first break, and why formal training can give you an edge.

PICS: Irina Shayk, hottest bombshell on the beach!
Don't miss the Russian stunner's latest swimwear ad campaign for Beach Bunny Swimwear.

These smartphones, tablets slashed their prices in April
Samsung, Nokia and Sony are leading from the front in making smartphones and tablets afordable

Maharashtra Day: Stunning pictures of majestic forts
On the state's 53rd birthday, a slice of history courtesy .

April 30, 2013
IN PICTURES: The world's most stylish royals!
As the Netherlands welcomes new king Willem-Alexander and his lovely queen Maxima to the throne today, we take a look at other equally glamorous royals from across the globe.

Asanas to control migrane attacks
Yoga tips to deal with the problem.

She quit Google to become an entrepreneur
Ritika Sanghi quit her job at Google to start Atlogys, an IT consulting firm.

Top 5 gaming laptops for Indians
They come with high speed processors, HD quality visuals, amazing resolution and huge RAM sizes. Perfect for gamers!

4 steps to build a solid financial plan
These basic things if not done properly can shatter your financial goals.

Do we have enough ready-to-use MBAs?
Business managers with engineering degrees have no clue about management subjects

April 29, 2013
The best glamour PHOTOS from across the world
We bring you the best photographs from events and red carpets across the world, featuring members of the glam brigade.

Unusual summer pics: Playing carrom with the sun
We invited readers to send in their interesting monsoon snapshots. Here is the next set of responses -- and you can share yours too!

12 tips to get your CV noticed online
Simple ways to be spotted on Linkedin

This credit card can boost your bad credit history
Secured credit cards linked to your deposit account is a good way to boost your bad credit history.

Top 5 Android phones under Rs 10,000
The best Android smartphones in the budget segment.

What start-ups can learn from Jacques Kallis
Lessons from the South African all-rounder.

IN PICS: The all new TVS Wego
Tough competition ahead for Activa and Vespa

April 28, 2013
Rihanna goes topless again and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

REVEALED: Why men prefer porn over real sex
Guys have never denied that porn is their guilty pleasure while girls have always been drawn to a more boring avenue -- erotica and romance novels.

Top 5 DSLRs between Rs 1L and Rs 2L
Each DSLR brings its own unique features to the table

April 27, 2013
What it takes to be an Iron Butt!
Like riding long distances on your bike? Be part of The Iron Butt Association.

Top 10 DSLRs between Rs 40k and Rs 1L
For amateurs or experts, there's a DSLR for everyone in this range.

World's richest alumni: Mumbai University beats Cambridge
With 17 universities in the top 20, the United States of America dominates the global alumni rankings.

April 26, 2013
Dummies' guide to STOP insurance mis-selling
Turn the table on unscrupulous agents selling policies you don't need.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Launched in India
The world's FASTEST smartphone, yours for Rs 41,500!

Last minute tips to ace the SBI Bank PO exam
The most sought after exam for aspiring probationary officers will be held on Sunday, April 28.

PICS: Sexy celebs show you how to wear short shorts!
It's summertime -- in other words, time to show off your tanned, toned legs. Here, divas both desi and from Hollywood show you how to style yourself in shorts.

What it takes to be an investment banker
Ridham Desai, MD, Research, Morgan Stanley tells us what the industry has to offer for aspiring investment banking professionals.

April 25, 2013
'Winning Femina Miss India last year felt like a rebirth'
Model Vanya Mishra discusses how life has changed ever since she won the country's most coveted beauty pageant crown in 2012.

Ten ways to perk up your morning
Simple tricks to up your mood in a jiffy

Applying for a loan? 5 things you must know
These pointers will help ease your home loan hunt

Ella Fitzgerald commemorated with a Google doodle
The legendary jazz singer would have turned 96 today

What is the most powerful mantra for success?
Success in life is determined not only by intelligence

7 tips to boost your sales career
Do the right things to advance your sales career.

Unusual summer pics: Taking a doggy dip!
We invited readers to send in their interesting monsoon snapshots. Here is the next set of responses -- and you can share yours too!

ENGLISH QUIZ: Do you make these mistakes?
Take this quiz and test your English language skills.

April 24, 2013
IMAGES: The 'world's hottest women' crowned!
ZOO Magazine has released its annual 'Hot 101' list for 2013 -- here are the smoking sirens who feature in the top 10.

Review: Micromax Canvas HD A116
At Rs 14,900 Micromax Canvas HD A116 is value for money if you can ignore its not-so-great camera quality

Get in shape: India's HOTTEST fitness books
What must you read to stay in shape? We recommend these books!

The CFO whose career kicked off with two pounds sterling
HDFC Standard Life's CFO and ED Vibha Padalkar shares her success mantras.

Five steps to get your finances in order
A simple checklist at the beginning of the new financial year

Tips to ace the NEET 2013
In an online chat with readers Soumya Banerjee, CEO, Attano Media and Education Pvt Ltd, an interactive educational eBook store and Navin C Joshi, CEO, ENTRANCEi, a leading education services provider addressed queries on how to crack the medical entrance test for undergraduate programmes in India.

April 23, 2013
Want to pursue a career in law?
In an online chat with readers Antony Alex, CEO, Rainmaker, an online learning company addressed queries on how to pursue a career in law.

PHOTOS: When the gods marry on earth
Celebrating the celestial wedding of Lord Shiva with Meenakshi.

Unusual summer pics: Taking a giant leap
We invited readers to send in their interesting monsoon snapshots. Here is the next set of responses -- and you can share yours too!

Top 5 free Android apps for Indians
Check train time tables, passport status, pay for your mobile recharge, listen to news stories as they break and get travel directions on the go...

Yoga poses to relieve neck pain
Get rid of neck peck with these easy-to-do asanas.

Part II: MORE sexy celeb nude mag covers from the top 50!
Website has compiled a list of the most amazing magazine covers from recent years featuring actors, models, music legends and more in the buff. We already brought you numbers 50 to 26 -- now here's a look at the top 25.

Why DU's 4-year programme should not be implemented
Delhi University's four-year undergraduate programme in its current form will inconvenience students as opposed to benefiting them.

'To get up, you have to fail once in a while'
Dipika Pallikal, the first indian to break into the top 10 of women's squash world rankings, tells us about her journey so far and plans for the future

April 22, 2013
Are credit card loans better than personal loans?
Instant approval, no due diligence, conversion to easy-to-pay EMIs, nominal processing fees are some of the reasons why credit card loans are better

Part I: 50 SEXIEST celeb nude mag covers of all time!
Website has compiled a list of the most amazing magazine covers featuring actors, models, music legends and more in the buff. Here we bring you numbers 50 to 26, in ascending order.

All you need to know about DU's Four Year UG programme
The undergraduate programme spread across eight semesters will be implemented July 2013 onwards. Read on for details

The scholar who grew up in Mumbai's red light area
Born in Mumbai's infamous red-light district, Shweta Katti has won a scholarship to the Bard College, New York. This is her story.

PICS: Kawasaki's spanking new Ninja 300
A vast leap over the Ninja 250R, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is powered by a 296cc, parallel-twin engine and will come in two colours -- green and white

7 must-have IT skills for job seekers
Gone are the days when MS Office and e-mail proficiency were top rated skills for professionals. Find out what the present day companies seek in you

Earth Day 2013: Stunning images of our planet
Revealing the splendour of Mother Earth through ten amazing photographs from across the world.

Earth Day 2013: Google doodles for the planet
The search engine giant celebrates Earth Day 2013 with a doodle.

April 21, 2013
PICS: Curvy Beyonce sizzles in swimwear!
Here's a first look at jaw-dropping stills from the superstar diva's latest fashion campaign for high street giant H and M.

Travel: Kerala beyond the backwaters
We list the best of the lesser known destinations in Kerala. Go explore!

Honda Dream Neo versus the rest of India
How does Honda's cheapest entrant fare against Hero Splendor Plus, Bajaj Discover 100 and Suzuki Hayate?

Top 10 convertible ultrabooks
Presenting the best of the transformers

April 20, 2013
Eat well to beat summer fatigue
Increase energy levels by choosing a healthy diet

REVEALED: 6 universal truths about start-up founders
Every entrepreneur should accept these truths before taking the plunge

10 things you didn't know Android could do
Control your PC, add contacts to your home screen, automate everything at will and more...

How to assess and manage investment risk
If you do these tasks well you can achieve your financial goals easily

April 19, 2013
Unusual summer pics: The perfect summer sky
We invited readers to send in their interesting monsoon snapshots. Here is the first set of responses -- and you can share yours too!

Kashmiri girl develops Android app 'Dial Kashmir'
Mehvish Mushtaq is the first kashmiri ever to develop an application

How to identify a love cheat
Three major signs

Ducati Monster 696 coming in India for Rs 5L?
Harley Davidson, Honda and now Ducati... international biking giants are bringing their premium bikes to Indian markets despite hike in taxes

How do students choose a university?
Despite glossy ads and television spots, the good old student feedback is the best means to rate a university.

Can SEBI stop mis-selling of mutual funds?
The stock market regulator's move to label fund schemes of different risk profiles with discerning colours could be simple but powerful communication. But how much would risk differentiation help?

Bombshell Kate on the big screen and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

April 18, 2013
Britain's 20 best young novelists
Literary magazine Granta honours the best once in a decade.

Top 5 dual SIM feature phones
Why carry multiple devices when you can have the best of both worlds in one without burning a hole in your pocket?

Honda launches its cheapest two-wheeler
At Rs 43,150, Dream Neo hopes to create deep inroads into the Indian commuter segment.

Bipasha, Mandira and more: VOTE for sexiest sari!
A lot of our B-Town stars are giving up gowns to go glam in saris once more. We bring you some recent pics -- vote for the looks you like!

5 tips to survive from failure at work
Making too many mistakes at work can shake your boss's faith in you and shatter your confidence. Before you get worked up, go through our list of tips to help you deal with failure at work

April 17, 2013
VOTE: Best-dressed pregnant celebrity!
We're witnessing a baby boom in celebrity circles this year -- tell us who you think is the most fashion-forward pregnant hottie!

Meet Raj Chetty, the 'Baby Nobel' winner this year
A 360-degree view of the man, his family and his pioneering work on education.

Management lessons from the IPL games
The modern day corporate world is something like the T20 game of cricket. It doesn't put too much virtue on seniority or past glory.

Indians vote Australia as 2nd best destination to study
Despite race attacks, Indians rank Australia among the Top Four countries for their study abroad destination

'Do not focus on grammar while learning English'
In an online chat with readers, Chander Madan, CEO of eAge Software Services addressed queries on how to improve English communication skills.

Indian Universities: Who's the next Harvard in waiting?
A perceptible shift is seen in the way the young breed of edupreneurs look at the universities they have inherited. Is it for the better?

The GRE topper who scored a perfect 340!
Mumbai's Ashwini Nene on how she achieved the impossible

Prepaying home loan can HARM your credit score
Sometimes being a good borrower and repaying your loans before time can also lead to a drop in your credit score

April 16, 2013
Bike review: Hero Passion xPro
Should you buy this bike for Rs 59,000?

A financial planner for education
Interest cost variation can also be a burden when planning for higher studies

Want to be featured in Vogue India?
The winner will get to feature in a fashion shoot in Vogue India along with a one-year mentorship programme with an industry professional.

12 tips for pregnant working women
Carry mini meals, take your boss into confidence, never let the guilt sink are several things working women need to keep in mind for a smooth pregnancy.

Planning to start-up? Seven points to remember
Talvinder Singh, founder of, an online marketplace lists out seven key tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sonam, Lara, Shriya: VOTE for the hottest showstopper!
Here's a look at all the bejeweled muses from the recently-concluded India International Jewellery Week -- take our poll to let us know your favourite!

Google doodles for India's first passenger train journey
0 years since the first passenger train chugged out of Bori Bunder for Thane.

7 traits of successful job-seekers
Do you have any or all of these?

Sony Xperia Z or HTC Butterfly: What should you buy?
Sony Xperia Z holds the advantage but only because it costs Rs 38,990 against HTC Butterfly's Rs 45,990.

April 15, 2013
How to choose a mutual fund agent
Check out your agent's credentials; s/he should not charge you any fees as well

Here's how to lose weight FAST!
Small lifestyle changes can help you lose weight naturally.

Meet the 6-year-old girl who is a millionaire
At the tender age of six, Isabella Barrett is a millionaire, who has already developed a taste for the finer things in life.

IN PICS: The hottest IPL wives and girlfriends
The sexier halves of our swashbuckling cricketers.

PICS: The new and improved Royal Enfield Bullet 500
Can it get better? Apparently it just did!

Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 620
For those seeking an affordable smartphone with an overall good set of features and without any fancy/powerful hardware, for a decent budget price.

Top 10 BLUNDERS in written English
Prof Malavika Nagarkar, faculty, Business Communication at WeSchool points out the common mistakes professionals make while writing English and tells you how you can avoid them

6 tips to get noticed at an online job fair
How to make the most of an opportunity and land yourself a job

DON'T turn entrepreneur just so you can play boss
If you're planning to quit your job and pursue a personal business venture, be prepared to face criticism, more challenges and excruciating work hours -- and that's just to start with.

April 14, 2013
PICS: The fascinating history of the Khan-i-Khanan Tomb
The tragic and endearing tale of Abdul Rahim Khan's tomb.

10 reasons why dating an entrepreneur is a bad idea!
Written by a girlfriend to an entrepreneur who wanted to stay anonymous, this post will resonate with everyone related to the startup world.

Hero Splendor to turn 20!
A fascinating history of the machine that changed the face of biking in India

Now, an iPhone 5 that costs Rs 83.5 CRORE!
The diamond-studded gadget that's possibly making Steve Jobs turn in his grave

April 13, 2013
Ashley's steamy mag cover and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Bike tips: How to start up with low battery
When you can't kickstart and your battery's dead.

PICS: Kuala Lumpur, the shopper's paradise
Hit Malaysia's capital with a few extra bags

The top 10 camera smartphones
These come loaded with features that help click superb photographs

April 12, 2013
How to recover after your partner's had an affair
Affairs can be painful and shocking, and can often cause untold damage. However, for some couples, an affair may also be a path to strength and to a renewed and even stronger relationship.

Top 10 smartphones with strong battery life
Because a smartphone is only as smart as its battery

3 Indian univs in Asia's top 100 universities 2013
Has your favourite Indian university made it to the list?

Style Poll: VOTE for Aishwarya, Deepika and more!
Give us your take on these famous faces' fashionable (and not-so-fashionable) choices!

Taking jobs to the doorstep of rural youth
Five social entrepreneurs are changing the way employment is generated in rural India

April 11, 2013
'You're a minute in the life of a book'
'Motherhood, loss, questioning your faith, redemption, the bonds of home.... Whether you're in Swaziland or Breach Candy, these themes are going to pervade every life. You are going to find a connect with something that's so universal.' Novelist Avan Jesia discusses her first novel, Tower, with's .

PHOTOS: How India celebrates New Year
The beginning of the Hindu Lunar year is celebrated in different parts of India by different names and each has its own significance. We take a look at how India celebrates the Hindu New Year.

Bikini babe Nargis poses in swimwear, dishes on love
We bring you quick bites from an interview with the Czech-Pakistani beauty published in GQ India this month.

Top 9 recipes for Navratri!
MasterChef India winner 's special recipes for the Hindu New Year

Why home loan customers are happy this Gudi Padwa!
With banks offering competitive interest rates, no processing fees, EMI waive offs, cash backs and an additional deduction of Rs 1 lakh on interest amount, home loan customers need to make merry

Samsung Galaxy S4 in India for Rs 39k?
Leading online retailers have confirmed that they will start selling the much-awaited phone by April 25 at an approximate starting pricing of Rs 39,000.

April 10, 2013
8 reasons you'll love your internship
Law student Srishti Aishwarya Shrivastava lists out the not-to-obvious reasons why you should look forward to an internship.

Nine things you NEVER tell your spouse
Long-time, happily married couples sometimes need to watch what they say and how they say it!

Smartphone review: HTC One
Why this spanking new phone is a top-notch gadget

Shopping for home loan can hurt you!
How and why too many credit inquiries can hurt your CIBIL score and hence make lenders wary of lending to you

Jab We Met: In the mood for love
We'd invited you, our readers to share your love stories.

VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl this April!
Who do you think makes for the most fashionable, sexy cover this month?

Top 8 start-up opportunities for college students
Rare insights and ideas for college/MBA students who want to start a business.

April 09, 2013
Guys, here's 10 things you NEVER ask a woman
An author has come up with a list of 10 top dating tips to guide men on what they should never say to the opposite sex.

The mystical world of a cat-philosopher
An exclusive excerpt from Rohit Trilokekar's book The Kitty Buddha.

Hiring drops in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai: Naukri
While Chennai reported the least hiring activity, cities like Mumbai and Delhi also saw a dip of 5 per cent from its February performance.

Meet IPL hottie Rochelle Maria Rao
The former Miss India on men, saris and 'jumping jhapak'

Tips to crack the SBI Bank PO exam 2013
In an online chat with readers Soumya Banerjee, CEO, Attano Media and Education Pvt Ltd and Deepak Agarwal, Founder Director, AIETS, addressed queries on how to prepare for the SBI Bank PO exam.

IN PICS: Sexy saris set the runway on fire
India's favourite garment at the Lakme Fashion Week

What ails India's education system
This professor shares what ails the Indian university system and tells who are the real driving force behind good universities?

10 things you must know about PPF
A comprehensive look at one of the most-preferred tax-saving investment option for the salaried class

Top 8 tablets under Rs 22,000
Apple, Samsung, Google and more all the big guns feature in this list

April 08, 2013
HOT: Top 20 models in the world
Industry authority has recently come out with a list of the top female models in the business. We bring you the top 20.

'Discipline and self study key to sucess'
Three toppers who cracked the CS professional level exam in the first attempt reveal their time management and stress relief mantras for sheer success. Read on

BEST college campuses: Readers share their pics
Readers share photographs of their favourite college campuses. You can share yours too.

Top 10 job interview myths
If you think you know all about job interviews, you need a reality check

Eat, play, see: What you must NOT miss in Singapore!
A quick guide to one of the finest cities in South East Asia!

Cool your house without an air conditioner
Small changes that make a big difference

Stocks Corner: 4 BIG BETS in the IT sector
These can give decent profits to investors in the next six months, says stock market expert .

April 07, 2013
Demi Lovato goes topless and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Top 10: Windows 8 notebooks under Rs 40k
Workhorses all, they offer the best value for your money on the latest Windows platform

DON'T MISS: The amazing history of the Indian scooter!
How the unassuming two-wheeler became India's favourite ride

Jab We Met: 'We decided to stay good friends'
We'd invited you, our readers to share your love stories. Reader Sunny writes about his love story.

April 06, 2013
A girl's guide to surviving tricky situations
Let's face it, being a woman is tough. Here's advice on how to tackle some tricky situations every girl faces.

TOP 6: India's most romantic destinations
Head to these destinations to do the cheesiest things with your partner.

Google Nexus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Both are available in India for Rs 15,999 but which one should YOU buy?

Last minute tips to crack the JEE 2013
In an online chat with readers, Ramesh Batlish, head, FIITJEE, Noida centre addressed queries on how to crack the IIT-Joint Entrance Exam.

April 05, 2013
Top 10 travel essentials in the digital age
CNN's international business correspondent and avid traveller Richard Quest writes about ten essential things one must carry while traveling in this digital age.

Top 5 courses for commerce students
Those looking for a career in commerce can now opt for specialisations in Banking Law and Practice, e-Commerce and Insurance.

How does Ducati's sexy new bike measure up?
The good and not so good observations about the highest performing motorcycle in the world

Facebook Phone! Now yours for Rs 25k!
Apart from HTC First, Facebook will also make the new user interface available on the Google Play store for other Android users.

Jab We Met: 'I miss her each moment'
We'd invited you, our readers to share your love stories. Reader Leena M writes about his unrequited love.

Job burnout: 10 signs to watch out for
Feeling tired all the time? Lacking motivation at work? Two of the 10 reasons why you feel burntout at work.

Four steps to becoming a millionaire
A professional speaker and self-made millionaire reveals four secrets to become a millionaire

The 8 best pre-workout foods
Want a great workout? Try out these foods before you hit the gym.

IMAGES: India's most beautiful campuses
These beautiful and charming college campuses having a good mix of vibrant, intellectual and enviromental-friendly set-up.

April 04, 2013
'Delhi rape deters int'l students from coming to India'
The intake of foreign students in the country has reduced by 50 per cent post the incident.

DON'T MISS: A Kingfisher model gets candid
Model turned actress Lasini who will be making her debut in a Tamil film gets candid about as she takes us on a memory trip through her career.

The AMAZING story of Siri, the third city of Delhi
Read on and be fascinated by the mind-boggling history of India's capital.

POLL: 25 hottest men at IPL 2013! Vote for your fav
Checking out the drool-worthy men in this season of the Indian Premiere League

Applying to the London Business School? Read this first!
Oliver Ashby, Senior Manager-Recruitments and Admissions, London Business School says the new visa rules do not affect Indian students and that they can continue applying for internships and jobs after completing their course at the institute.

TOP 5: Meet the youngest tech millionaires
They've made their millions much before they completed school! Here are five really, really wealthy techies.

5 smart ways to use your BONUS
Got a decent bonus after appraisals or expecting one? 5 smart things you need to know NOW!

April 03, 2013
STUNNING PICS: The swimmer who's a full-time mermaid
The amazing story of former model Linden Wolbert who now works as a professional mermaid.

PICS: What you SHOULD be wearing this summer
The summer-resort 2013 edition of the Lakme Fashion Week offered some insights into what you can expect to see in the stores this summer.

Review: BlackBerry Z10
A spanking new operating system, spiffy hardware that loads apps really fast and a cool design makes BlackBerry Z10 a cool device.

Girl checking you out? What it means
Do not read too much when you find a woman checking you out. A few interpretations

PICS: Vidya, Sonal, Hrishita turn blushing brides!
Fashion designer Neeta Lulla and jewellery designer Varuna D Jani presented wedding trends for 2013 through a lavish wedding fashion show called Shehnaai 2013 in Mumbai.

Planning a pregnancy? Prepare better with these tips
Having a baby is one of the greatest life-altering decisions you will make. Once you decide to go the family way, follow these tips.

How to manage financial risks
There is no foolproof formula but if you plan your financial goals carefully the chance is you will fulfil them.

April 02, 2013
Want to be a high achiever? Learn from these top CEOs
Up at the crack of dawn to be a high achiever -- that's the message from top business people.

Can't sleep? 6 tips to beat insomnia
You can take charge of your sleep by eliminating some of the bad habits that may be keeping you awake and restless.

Backstage: When models get a bridal makeover
Nothing can best describe the candidness of pictures. We snapped the backstage action at a recent bridal show.

Want loans at cheaper rates? Read this
Only a good credit history can help you avail loans at competitive rates. Here are two ways to jumpstart your credit history.

Want to improve English? Listen, read, practice!
In an online chat Chander Madan, CEO of eAge Software Services addressed reader queries on how to improve English language skills.

Reader Holi pics: 'My son's wildest Holi'
Readers tell us how they celebrated Holi this year.

'Who cares what happens to the youth?'
Chairman of SEAA Trust, Dr Thothathri Raman examines how spiralling population will disturb career graph of youth.

Poll: Who's the HOTTEST cover guy? Vote Now!
Just so the boys don't feel left out, this time around, we bring you the hottest men to grace magazine covers in these last few months.

April 01, 2013
IMAGES: How to dress up for the perfect Indian wedding
Fashion designer Neeta Lulla and jewellery designer Varuna D Jaani showcased their bridal collection in Mumbai.

Best budget phablets under Rs 22,000
These 5-inch plus tablets will get you the best of operating system, cameras, processors and many more bells and whistles for just under Rs 22,000.

Must Read: 5 myths about stress
Stress is apparently everywhere and we deal with it at almost every area of our life, but too much of it can be hazardous to our health, according to experts. However, some ideas about stress and its risks are not correct. Read on to learn more.

8 steps to achieve your dreams
Words have power to create or destroy and by choosing words wisely you can accomplish what you want.

'I want to help India's youth find their inner calling'
Dinesh Singh, vice chancellor, Delhi University feels that Indian universities must redefine themselves. We must not become irrelevant. Knowledge must connect with the needs of the society. Read on

10 common English mistakes desis make
Prof Malavika Nagarkar, faculty, Business Communication at WeSchool points out the common mistakes Indians make and tells you how you can avoid them.

Stocks Corner: 4 must-buy pharma stocks
We asked readers to mail their queries about stocks they want to buy, sell or hold. Here's the response to their queries.

TELL US: Will you wear these outfits?
As Lakme Fashion Week drew to a close last week, we are selecting a few outfits that appeared on the runway and asking you if you'd wear them.

March 31, 2013
How to deal with commitment phobia
If you are taking too long to decide on your relationship, chances are you are suffering from commitment phobia. Find out how you can let go of that fear and take the next step forward.

Hot Sofia Vergara turns blonde and more fashion news
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Top 5 DSLRs in India under for Rs 35,000 or less
There are so many DSLR cameras available in India, that too at mouth-watering price ranges. To make your choice easy and simple, here is a list of top 5 in India in no particular order followed.

March 30, 2013
DON'T MISS: Kasar Devi, a piece of paradise
, Co-Founder travels to Kasaar Devi for a spin and returns with a bagful of memories.

Entrepreneurs, stop imitating! Find India's true self
Indian entrepreneurs must try and put an end to their obsession with the imported and all things western and instead focus on exploring what's unique to the country.

Samsung Galaxy S4: AMAZING Camera Features
A smartphone with a 13MP rear-end and 2.1MP front-end camera can't define the true value of the phone which is why we've come upon some technical features to take you more into the in-depth specs and let your head get the upgrades.

March 29, 2013
Are you suffering from Burn out Stress Syndrome?
If you are working late nights and skipping meals, it is likely that you are suffering from Burn Out Stress Syndrome. Find out how you can avert the situation.

A career in statistics: Giving life to numbers
Statistics is more applied than mere Mathematics, and has the potential to impact many lives. A statistician's role is to give life to data, literally.

Review: Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider is the perfect spectator game, says, .

March 28, 2013
Top 4 myths about healthy sex busted
Dr Jennifer Berman, author of For Women Only, has busted the top four myths that couples shouldn't buy into.

Top 5 smartphones under Rs 15,000
These come with 1GHz processors, great cameras, build quality and battery power.

Bips? Priyanka? Bebo? Who's the HOTTEST on the ramp?
As the summer-resort 2013 edition of the Lakme Fashion Week comes to an end, we look back at some of the celebrity models who came out in support of their designer friends. Tell us who you think was the best!

Rise and shine: Morning stretches to do in bed
We bring you an exclusive excerpt from wellness expert Vesna P Jacob's book Work it Out Without a Workout.

7 ways to get noticed at work
Do you suck at self promotion? Here are some tips on the subtle art of promoting yourself that invites others to take notice.

March 27, 2013
PHOTOS: Kareena Kapoor closes Lakme Fashion Week
The Bollywood star walked the ramp for the grand finale designer Namrata Joshipura.

March 26, 2013
HOT: Sultry Bipasha reveals her dark side
The Aatma star turned up the heat as a showstopper for Shantanu and Nikhil's show.

Celeb Style Poll: Vidya, Jacqueline, Genelia and more
Do you like Vidya Balan's saree or would you vote for Jacqueline's hot skirts? Take our style poll and let us know

'Mamata Banerjee made hawai chappals fashionable'
Agnimitra Paul who showcased her collection on Day Four of the Lakme Fashion Week discusses how she would dress up Mamata Banerjee, Priyanka Gandhi and Amitabh Bachchan

PIX: Glamming up the runway, Prabhudeva style
Archana Kochhar showed her latest line inspired by the spirit of Mumbai.

PIX: Neha Dhupia catwalks to Save the Tigers
On the final day of the Lakme Fashion Week, the actress along with designer Rohit Bal and director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra walked the ramp to support the cause of tiger conservation.

On the fashion trail... away from the Fashion Week
A sneak peek into how designers solicit business far from the maddening crowd at Lakme Fashion Week.

SUPER HOT: Mandira Bedi burns up the runway
It was a riot of colours as three young designers showed on the final day of Lakme Fashion Week.

ModelSpeak: Item songs are like stress busters
Supermodel Kavita Kharayat speaks about live-in relationships, how she works out and how she overcomes stress.

PIX: Chitrangada, Prachi, Hazel Keech turn showstoppers
Designers Daniel Syiem, Gaurang Doshi, Shruti Sancheti and Purvi Doshi showcased their collection on Day Four.

Red Hot: Aditi Rao and Vidya Malvade on the runway
Farah and Firdos and Payal Singhal presented their collections on Day Four of the Lakme Fashion Week.

Images: Belly dancing and Madhubani art on the runway
Agnimitra Paul and Rohit-Abhishek presented their collection on Day Four of the Lakme Fashion Week.

Images: Malaika, Ileana, Dia walk for rural India
At Vikram Phadnis' show for the Swades Foundation, practically half of Bollywood showed up.

March 25, 2013
Spectacularly delicious Indian weaves on the runway
Soumitra Mondal and Vaishali S showed their lines at the Lakme Fashion Week. Clean, simple silhouetes, whites and haunting tracks marked the show featuring two of India's finest young designers at the Lakme Fashion Week.

Photos: Trendy, cutting-edge styles hit runway
Here's what designer Rajat Tangri showed on Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013.

IMAGES: Formal wear goes fabulously sexy
Although he personally dislikes the practice of naming a collection, Sailex chose to go with Garden Safari. Check out what the collection was all about!

'Kareena's sex appeal is infinite'
When asked to rate five celebs based on their sex appeal on a scale of 1 to 10, fashion designer Swapnil Shinde went ballistic with his own rating system. Sonil Dedia spoke to the designer at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

PICS: Dazzling Parsi gara and Bihar's stitch art
As part of the textile day at Lakme Fashion Week, three young designers went back to their roots and created these dazzling pieces. Read on.

Celebrate Holi with natural colours, here's how
Why invest in toxic colours and risk your skin when you can make them in your own kitchen?

SPOTTED: Kim, Yash Birla, Preeti at fashion week
Find out who all attended the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai on Day Three.

EXCLUSIVE: Backstage at Naeem Khan's show
It was the show that everyone was waiting for. Naeem Khan, the Mumbai boy who struck gold in the US was back to where he belonged, showing in his hometown for the very first time.'s Uttam Ghosh was backstage watching as the action unfolded.

PHOTOS: Celebrating the festival of colours
Hobby photographer Sumit Bhosle shares candid pictures of how people in Mumbai celebrated Holi last year.

Photos: In heaven's gateway
Haridwar keeps sprawling out, but lives round its core the Ganga.

PICS: A riot of colours on the LFW runway
Two distinct styles stood juxtaposed in a single show on Day Three of the Lakme Fashion Week.

DONT' MISS: Vintage cycles, bomber jackets and more
Arjun Khanna hosted the first all-menswear line at the Lakme Fashion Week. And what a show it was!

March 24, 2013
Spotted: Freida Pinto, Gauhar Khan, Rohit Bal at LFW
Our photographer had a blast capturing these ravishing lovelies as they attended Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2013 in Mumbai. Enjoy!

Mouth-watering Holi recipes!
Forget gujiyas and bhang, try these easy-to-make recipes and share it with your loved ones.

PICS: Diana Hayden on the catwalk
The former Miss World walked the ramp for deshner Sounil Gohil on Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2013.

IMAGES: Bold, see-through outfits at the fashion week
North-east designer duo Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradhan play with silhouettes and sheers. Check out their collection!

Don't Miss: Wearable styles at Lakme Fashion Week
Javed Khan, Shikha-Vinita and Sneha Arora were among those who opened the show on Day Three of the Fashion Week.

PIX: Gorgeous bridalwear for the summer bride
Bhairavi Jaikishan presents a bridal line for the wedding season this summer.

CHECK OUT: Hot Evelyn Sharma sizzles on LFW ramp
Rocky S unveiled his newest line at the latest edition of the Lakme Fashion Week starring the Bollywood actress of German origin.

HOT OR NOT? Women in men's clothing
The androgynous look has been in this season with womenswear being inspired by men's clothing. Take a look if you don't believe us!

Spotted at LFW: Minissha, Shazahn, Sophie
Find out who all attended Day Two of the ongoing Fashion Week in Mumbai.

March 23, 2013
ModelSpeak: Women talk a lot, men should listen patiently
Model Tanvi Mishra on the three men she has the hots for

PICS: Glamorous red carpet looks by a master designer
Naeem Khan the famous New York-based designer ended Day Two of the Lakme Fashion Week with his sexy outfits.

PIX: Showstoppers Shahid and Arjun Kapoor steal the show!
Leading menswear designer Kunal Rawal shows us how grunge can look sexy! Check out the pics.

Photos: Bewitching Bikini Beauties
Pia Pauro's Grecian Goddess collection dazzled on the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2013.

ModelSpeak: My privacy has been compromised
Supermodel Pia Trivedi talks about how modelling has changed her life and offers advice to aspiring models.

IMAGES: LFW goes fashionably patriotic
Day Two of the Lakme Fashion Week saw designs from Aartivijay Gupta, Anushka Khanna and Sougat Paul.

Narendra Kumar: People are starved of watching naked women
And that's the reason they make an issue of wardrobe malfunctions, says the veteran fashion designer.

Images: Fashion gets beautifully feminine at LFW
Rehane's ultra-feminine women's wear collection was a fashionable offering at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013.

PICS: Genelia, Neha Dhupia attend Fashion Week
Day Two of the Lakme Fashion Week saw a lot of celebs in attendance.

Photos: Is androgynous fashion sexy?
Nikhil Thampi, Nishka Lulla and Nupur Kanoi showed their collection amidst an array of Bollywood celebrities

PICS: Red carpet glamour at LFW
Here's what designer Arpan Vohra had to offer at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013.

SPOTTED: Shruti Hassan, Hema, Kajol at Fashion Week
Find out who all attended Day One of the ongoing Fashion Week in Mumbai.

ModelSpeak: I would love to do Kareena's role in Chameli
Supermodel Alesia Raut opens her heart out on fashion, her first crush, bollywood dreams and three hottest men in India.

IMAGES: Dazzling dresses rustle the ramp
With bright bold colours, Anupama Dayal's eclectic range paid a fitting tribute to the spirit of Indian woman.

HOT: Parineeti Chopra catwalks for Masaba
The Ishaqzaade star opened the show for the talented Masaba Gupta's show on Day One of the Lakme Fashion Week.

'Marry someone 20 years older to get ahead'
Chairman and CEO of Xerox, Ursula Burns, has revealed that one of the keys to her success was marrying a great man 20 years her senior.

IMAGES: Sizzling beachwear on the LFW ramp
India's foremost beachwear designers Shivan and Narresh showed off their dazzling spring-summer line on Day One of Lakme Fashion Week.

Don't Miss: Asha Bhosle rocks the ramp at 80!
The veteran singer made a dazzling appearance at the end of Manish Malhotra's show.

PICS: Priyanka, Kajol, Karisma set the ramp on fire!
The who's who of Indian cinema made sure they were at Manish Malhotra's show on the end of the first day of the Lakme Fashion Week.

March 22, 2013
Pix: Flirty dresses, awesome jewellery on the catwalk
Three young designers with their distinct sensibilities showed their collections on Day One of the Lakme Fashion Week.

Images: Sexy drapes by Tarun Tahiliani
Here are glimpses from Tarun Tahiliani's off site show for Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2013.

Pics: Celeb spotting at Lakme Fashion Week
The Tarun Tahiliani offsite show for the ongoing Lakme Fahion Week attracted its fair share of celebs.

STUNNING: Shriya Saran sizzles on the ramp
Day One, show number two. Heavy-weight designers Asmita Marwa and Narendra Kumar show their collections.

PICS: Gen Next designers set the ramp on fire!
Lakme Fashion Week gets off to a blazing start with six young designers showing their collections for the very first time at a fashion week.

Holi Special: Share your favourite pics with us!
Share your Holi pictures. Tell us about the most memorable Holi you celebrated.

Bike review: Hyosung Aquila Pro
The Hyosung GV650 Aquila Pro isn't cheap but is the most affordable big cruiser in the market today, feels .

I follow my father's footsteps: Rohan Marley
Rohan Marley, son of one of music's great legends Bob Marley, talks about his new brand of audio products, his trip to India and the Marley legacy.

Photos: Emma Watson strips off and more fashion news
Here's the lowdown on the latest fashion news!

LFW: Sneak peek at Kunal Rawal's collection
The Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2013 begins today. Here, menswear designer Kunal Rawat showcases his unique collection ahead of the big day.

Top 6 Tablets Under Rs 20,000
How do you choose the best from scores of tablets that sell below Rs 20k? Here are the top 6.

A magical way of turning back time
No matter how old or successful you become, meeting your school friends has a magical way of turning back time, says , who spent 10 years as a boarding school student at La Martiniere College, Lucknow.

March 21, 2013
Gaming review: Crysis 3
Crysis 3 is a game burdened by circumstance, given how customers are tiring of trilogies and the industry being in a bit of a rut. Those issues aside however, you've still got a very impressive game on your hands, writes

Photos: Arjun Rampal, Genelia hit the runway
A host of Bollywood celebrities walked the ramp at a fashion show hosted at the ongoing India Fashion Forum in Mumbai.

Worst mistakes you can make on a new job
The first 90 days will make or break your success, say experts.

IMAGES: Hot models sizzle in saris
So you thought there were just a few traditional ways of wearing the sari? Take a look at what designers at the Wills Fashion Week have done with this traditional garment.

Teen girls pressured to look like porn stars
Pornography is destroying young women's confidence and creating a culture where women need to dress like adult stars to impress men, an Indian-origin researcher has claimed.

Nokia Lumia 720 and Lumia 520: First impressions
These latest additions to the Nokia Lumia series offers superb features for the youth for a price of Rs 20,000 and 10,500 respectively, writes

Home buying tips for women
Here are a few takeaways from some successful women investors...

2013 FIM Superbike World Championship begins April 7
There will be lots in store for the Indian bike racing enthusiasts when the race begins April 7, writes of

Resume writing tips for tech professionals
Here are nine tips to make your resume look just like how the tech companies want them to be.

March 20, 2013
Xolo X1000 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand
Read this to know which smartphone is better...

12 pregnancy foods you must have
Here is the list of pregnancy foods packed with plenty of nutrients for mommy-to-be and baby.

5 money management tips for the youth
Young and confused about money matters? Don't worry, help is at hand. We present five money management tips for young investors.

Photos: Dogs show emotions just like us
For dog owners who always tell you that their pet is almost human, now there is hard evidence that they may be right.

English Quiz: Do you know when to use these words?
Think you are an English whiz? Take this quiz and find out!

On the catwalk: The magic of muga silk, rediscovered
Staying true to her trademark style of blending contemporary designs with Indian textiles, Vaishali Shadangule transforms the traditional attire of Assamese women the Mekhla Chadar into glamorous red carpet ensembles.

Start-up: He wanted to print dosas like the printer does
Eshwar K Vikas, who has made a dosa machine and patented it speaks with about the odds he faced in his entrepreneurial journey and the road ahead.

March 19, 2013
'Finding one's own balance in this world is a challenge'
Mythili Prakash started practicing Bharatanatyam at the age of eight and performed for the President of India when she was nine. Now 30, she talks about growing up in California, learning dance under her mother and pursuing a full-time career in dance.

How to deal with 'bitchy' co-workers
Workplace 'bitches' can be classified into 8 main categories. Here's how to deal with them.

Tax planning tips to help you save money
A tax plan is not just to save taxes, but should also assist in achieving other financial goals such as buying a home, a car, children's education, retirement, etc

Pic: Sonam Kapoor attends Manish Arora's show at WLIFW
The actress wore a black and neon sari from Arora's collection.

10 morning rituals for men to look better
A healthy start every day may help you become a better man, according to a men's online magazine.

Review: Google Nexus 4
Get Ahead reader Rohit Kadam reviews Google Nexus 4.

Photos: Manish Arora closes Wills India Fashion Week
Ace fashion designer Manish Arora brought the curtains down on the 21st edition of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn/ winter 2013 in Delhi.

March 18, 2013
Preity Zinta's FITNESS tips
Preity Zinta recently opened up about her fitness secrets and addressed different health issues with her fans on Twitter.

Top 5 dual SIM Android smartphones
Dual SIM smartphones are no longer rare. All smartphone vendors have options to offer. Here are the five best.

PIX: Jaqueline, Esha, Sidharth catwalk for Manish Malhotra
Bollywood's favourite designer Manish Malhotra showcased his new Punjab inspired collection on day three of Wills India Fashion Week in Delhi.

IN PICS: The MAGIC of Kenya
Here are five new things you can do while in Kenya this summer.

Why multi-currency cards are better than credit cards
Travellers, here are 8 solid reasons you should prefer to use a multi-currency card than a credit card when you travel abroad

An uneducated person has more avenues: JNU-VC
For Dr Sopory, vice chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, education is much beyond employment. If you internalise it well, then it empowers your mind to serve the society in a different way, says he.

March 17, 2013
Kate Moss to glam up Playboy and more fashion news
Here's the lowdown on the latest fashion news!

TOP 20 bikes between Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000
of lists top 20 most affordable and fuel-efficient bikes to hit the Indian roads.

March 16, 2013
Honda's PREMIUM commuter bike for Rs 75k?
A sneak peek at Honda's latest premium commuter bike: CB Trigger

Photos: Tarun Tahiliani brings Maha Kumbh on the runway
Models sashayed down the ramp in saffron dresses amid the chant of mantras for Tarun Tahiliani's 'Kumbhback' collection at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013 in Delhi.

Galaxy S4: Samsung's ULTIMATE device till date?
Has Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-empted competition from the likes of Apple, Sony and HTC? Read on...

March 15, 2013
Tips to CONTROL your DIABETES naturally
ways that will help you in taking care of your blood sugar levels in a natural way

IN PICS: SEXIEST ads by celebs
Celebs aren't afraid to get a little sexy when it comes to ad campaigns.

Travel: 10 lesser-known getaways around Delhi
Here's a list of 10 offbeat places for the next time you plan a quick trip from Delhi.

PHOTOS: Samsung Galaxy S4
A look at Samsung Galaxy S4 unveiled on March 14 in New York

Preity Zinta showstops for Surily Goel at WLIFW
The actor tweeted a backstage picture with the designer Surily Goel.

Prepare for your home loan balance transfer NOW!
Paying higher EMIs on your home loan? Don't fret. Here's a simple way to get lower interest rate on your home loan.

PICS: Masaba's fun and quirky Satya Paul beauties
Designer Masaba Gupta displayed her debut collection for Satya Paul at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2012 in Delhi.

Quitting your job to start a business? Read this
From tackling both internal and external conflicts to seeing your plans fall flat, here are some challenges a first-timer must be prepared for.

March 14, 2013
8 things I wish I knew before marriage
Here's what every girl should know about marriage while dating.

Pics: Hotties Mugdha, Kashmira set the ramp on fire!
We bring you sizzling glimpses from the Blenders Pride Fashion Week, which debuted in Indore recently.

Samsung Galaxy S IV: RUMOUR round up
The truth will be out when the company unveils the real Galaxy S IV at around 4.25 am, IST.

Common job interview mistakes to avoid
Tackling that first job audition is an art. Find out about the tactics you need to bag your first job.

5 HIDDEN GEMS for your mutual fund portfolio
These equity mutual funds may have fewer assets under management than their more known peers but are our analysts' favourites.

Jab We Met: 'Gautam did not recognise me'
Reader Shilpi tells us how she fell in love with a guy whom she first disliked from his photograph.

March 13, 2013
REVEALED: Why women FIB on Facebook
Women often lie and exaggerate on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to make their lives appear more exciting, a new survey has found.

IMAGES: Sexy lingerie on the Paris catwalk!
Here's a look at world-famous lingerie giant Etam's showing in Paris.

Unravelling Cervical Cancer Myths
Discarding these myths can help in prevention, early detection and cure of Cervical cancer

Honda CB Trigger to take on Yamaha FZ
Likely to go on sale in May, this bike may come with a starting price tag of Rs 75,000

They bring hope to mentally ill homeless women
The amazing story of how two young women set up a home for mentally ill homeless women.

Review: Nokia Lumia 820
Can Nokia Lumia 820 offers solid competition to the likes of Samsungs and iPhones? Find out

ENGLISH QUIZ: Do you misuse these words?
Think you are an English whiz? Take this quiz and find out!

Five reasons to invest your money in debt funds
Here are five simple situations when prudent investors can use debt funds.

Jab We Met: 'We were separated by fate's rude play'
Readers share their love stories.

March 12, 2013
Yuck! Kim Kardashian gets a 'vampire' facial!
The 32-year-old reality TV star was seen undergoing a 'vampire' facial - a procedure where ones own blood is splashed on the face with the help of tiny needles - in the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

Jab We Met: 'Arjun was everything I could dream of'
Anisha tells us how she met her prince charming for the first time.

20 jobs where workers hate their bosses
These are the professions with the largest number of bad bosses, according to US jobs and salary website PayScale, reported.

Travel: Snapshots from Palampur
GetAhead reader shares pictures of her visit to Palampur.

Stocks Corner: 4 BIG BETS for investors
RIL, ICICI Bank, Tata Motors and Punj Lloyd can give decent returns in the next six months, says .

Entrepreneurship gives flexibility to women: Rashmi Bansal
Writer and entrepreneur Rashmi Bansal talks about her new book and the insights that she attained during the course of writing this book.

5 mistakes men make when approaching women
Actually, it is more than 5 - it is infinite, but we'll start slow!

Review: Samsung Galaxy Grand
You won't regret buying the Samsung Galaxy Grand even if you buy it now for Rs 21,500.

10 things to do before getting pregnant
If you have decided to step into motherhood zone, here is the list of things you must do before getting pregnant.

UPSC's new exam format: Get your FACTS right!
Students will mostly benefit from the new format, says Ajit Padwal, Founder, Lakshya IAS Academy, Mumbai. He decodes what the new paper holds for aspirants and tells us why the UPSC, barring a few exceptions, has mostly got it right.

March 11, 2013
'Private school education costlier than higher education'
University Grants Commission chairperson Ved Prakash feels finances are vital but their generation should not give education a business orientation.

Jab We Met Returns: Share YOUR Love Story
We want to hear about how you met your partner and fell in love, so write in and let us know!

Get fit: Traditional Indian games to tone up
It's time to put those cricket bats and footballs away and make room for sports that will push you to your physical and mental limits. We bring you to five sports from India that will both tone your body and fire your imagination.

VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl this March!
Here's a round-up of the glossies for March -- take our poll and let us know who you think makes for the most fashionable, sexy cover this month!

How credit card payments affect your home loans
Harshala Chandorkar of CIBIL on why you must not delay your credit card payments

Google doodles for Douglas Noel Adams' 61st birthday
The search giant celebrates English writer and humorist Douglas Adams' 61st birthday with a doodle.

4 ways you can use social media to HIRE talent
Find out how you can use social networking sites to both attract and retain talent.

March 10, 2013
IN PICS: Hands on with HTC One
HTC's new flagship model, the HTC One, is packed with powerful features.

PICS: India's BEST affordable bikes's compiles a list of 20 bikes between Rs 50k and Rs 90k. Go, take a ride...

IMAGES: Top 11 Shiva temples outside India
To mark the festival of Maha Shivratri, here's a list of temples dedicated to Lord Siva in various parts of the world.

March 09, 2013
Why couples must watch porn together
Contrary to popular belief, watching porn can actually do wonders for your sex life.

India's TOP 8 entry-level performance bikes
With more power, better performance and reasonably marked price tickets, these bikes are emerging as the perfect solution for India's youth.

Top 5 feature phones under Rs 5k
Feature phones options that provide good quality for reasonable cost.

March 08, 2013
'Why can't men stay indoors after 8 pm to stop rape?'
Author Anuja Chauhan lashes out at the discriminative attitudes against women while sharing her insights on the challenges that confront women every day at work, at home and within society.

Women are not doormats, but fighters: Sakshi Tanwar
From being objectified on screen to being denied security in the nation's capital, your favourite TV stars tell us about the unresolved issues that confront Indian women and more

Now, boost your cleavage with wine filled bras
Women will now be able to boost their cup size by filling their bra with wine.

Top 9: TVs most stylish on-screen divas
The most fashionable women characters from Hindi television serials.

VOTE: Most inspirational young woman of India
On the occasion of International Women's Day, we ask you, dear reader, to vote for India's most inspirational young women.

'The bechara attitude in women must go'
Women need to stop feeling victimised and helpless all the time, says founder of India's first all-women taxi service, Revathi Roy. For those who are willing to risk, and move ahead of the challenges, the sky is the limit, she beckons.

March 07, 2013
Women must snatch their rights by excelling: Saina Nehwal
Olympic winner and badminton ace Saina Nehwal on how women can go about empowering themselves through rightful education.

The secret to KISSABLE lips
Here's all you need to know about getting irresistible lips in 4 simple steps.

Will Sony PlayStation 4 hit bull's eye?
The pros and cons of Sony's 8th generation gaming console

New UPSC exam will focus on general studies
Ealier this week, the Prime Minister had okayed the proposal to attach more weightage to general studies in the upcoming civil services exam.

ENGLISH QUIZ: How perfect are your tenses?
Take the verb tenses quiz and find out how well you perform.

Dow hits record HIGH! Should YOU be WORRIED?
One of the world's most-watched index reached a record high yesterday. Here are some key takeaways for investors.

Why he QUIT Apple to join an Indian start-up
Only love and passion can drive a person to quit a company like Apple and take the leap into the world of start-ups.

Top 10: The world's highest hotels
hotels that have breached the 400 metre mark and offer splendid views of their surroundings

March 06, 2013
A baby girl for William and Kate?
As Britain waits with bated breath for a new entrant into the Royal family, Kate Middleton made a rare slip of tongue that suggested the unborn baby is a girl.

ETS announces 21 TOEFL scholarships for Indian students
The annual scholarship programme comprises one US$10,000 TOEFL scholarship and twenty US$3,000 TOEFL scholarships for students in India.

The spirit of Indian women is incredible!
Author Manjiiri Gokhale Joshi tells us why she salutes the spirit of Indian women and elaborates why we must employ immediate measures to make their work lives better.

'There's lot of anger around us, especially in Delhi'
'For the young elite, the problem is that their lives are moving faster than their country would allow them. They may have the fastest cars, but there aren't roads to drive them on, they can wear short clothes, but can't go anywhere in them. As for the middle class Indian, the dilemma is the inequality between men and women. The women are moving at a faster pace than men and that's making the men very angry.' Novelist Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan in candid conversation.

Shiamak Davar: 'I found strength from humiliation'
This contemporary dance choreographer is renowned for calling thousands of Indians to contemporary jazz and other western dance forms.

Stocks Corner: Alok Ind, NMDC, IVRCL and more
answers readers' stock maket queries.

Priyanka, Shriya and more: VOTE for these celebs' styles!
Give us your take on these famous faces' fashionable (and not-so-fashionable) choices!

Delayed flights? 3 things you must know to avoid trouble!
While this is definitely not an all exhaustive guide on the issue, it is a start enough to acquaint you with the basics when faced with the delayed flight crisis.

March 05, 2013
How women-run banks will better society
Founder of India's first rural bank for women, Chetna Sinha says more women run banks will empower them financially and lead to betterment of our society.

6 BEST JOBS in the world
Tourism Australia is set to give away six "best jobs in the world" around the country as part of a 4-million-dollar youth tourism campaign.

First look: Samsung Galaxy Note 510
The Note 510 just tries to fill the gap left by 5+ inch devices and the bigger 10-inch device.

How to save tax post Budget
A checklist that will help you save taxes in financial year 2013-14 which begins April 1, 2013 and ends March 31, 2014.

Top 12: Pregnancy MYTHS in India
They are usually fictitious and have no relevance with the actual facts. Here is a list of common pregnancy myths in India.

Pics: Manish Arora blends India, Nevada on Paris catwalk
Here's a glimpse of Manish Arora's fashion show during the recent Paris Fashion Week.

Why Yahoo!'s 'work-from-office' policy makes sense
Four reasons why Yahoo! is right when it asks employees to come to office and work

March 04, 2013
PHOTOS: Women tattoos: Bigger, Bolder
Hate it or love it, you can't ignore it -- here's a look at the latest in tattoo designs from across the world.

'Women are always underestimated'
Successful Indian women air their views on issues women face today

Dating:15 types of men to avoid
Women should scrutinise their potential partners carefully early on in the dating process to avoid ending up in a bad relationship, an expert has said.

'India will gradually have to adopt the virtual office'
First response to 'Work-from-home vs work-from-office' debate.

Fit to lead: India's super-toned billionaires
Running a multi-billion dollar business is no mean task. It calls for immense energy. We list five super-toned billionaires who know that to stay wealthy, they need to be both wise and healthy.

5 quick and delicious salad recipes
Don't feel like indulging in a heavy meal? Try these tasty salad preparations.

Does your CV pass the 6-second test?
Six seconds is the average time a recruiter spends on a resume, before he passes or rubbishes it! How do you grab the employer's attention?

March 03, 2013
The 10 new rules of DATING
Forget your ex, confess your love and don't hesitate to make the first move.

Are you suffering from insomnia?
Insomnia is the body's way of saying that something isn't right. Things that may cause insomnia include stress, too much caffeine, depression, changes in work shifts, and pain from medical problems, such as arthritis.

KTM Duke 390 coming to India in June at Rs 2.5 lakh
KTM will launch its second product in India, the 390 Duke in June 2013. The Duke 390 is the elder sibling of the Duke 200 and both have lots of parts in common.

March 02, 2013
2 in 3 women say they can balance work and family
The survey conducted by networking site LinkedIn has revealed that a majority of women could juggle their professional and personal life well.

First Impressions: Nokia's CHEAPEST Windows 8 phone
Nokia Lumia 520 at just 139 euros or Rs 9,800 has potential to challenge its Android rivals.

PICS: Hot superbikes on Indian roads
Priced between Rs 90,000 and Rs 3 lakh, here are top 20 superbikes that can evoke extreme feelings in you.

March 01, 2013
Pics: Cameron Diaz goes topless and more fashion news
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Want to start a restaurant business? Here's what it'll take
Unlike what most of you think partnering with a big brand is just not enough, counsel entrepreneurs who manage some of the leading restaurant chains in the country.

Revealed: 52 per cent teens watch porn on their mobiles
In a shocking revelation, a survey conducted in India found that close to 52 per cent teenagers watch porn on their mobile phones.

Budget 2013: What's in it for YOU!
Good news for the first-time homebuyer, stock market investor and individuals wanting to buy insurance in the Union Budget 2013-14, opines of

Why the world will need 6 million project managers in 2013
Project-driven fields like IT and construction need professionals with unique skills set to ensure smooth execution of ambitious new ventures.

4 Indian universities in world's top 100
Harvard University and Stanford University were ranked in the first and second positions respectively.

February 28, 2013
PICS: Sexy styles from international catwalks!
We bring you the hottest designs from fashion capitals London and Milan.

Simple yoga poses for beginners
Basic poses to ease your entry into the practice of yoga.

'Mumbai is a very harsh, lonely place for newcomers'
Sidharth Malhotra gets candid. Bollywood's newest prince charming talks about his student years, his acting debut and more.

India's Pulsar goes to Colombia; Europe next
Bookings have already begun and after Colombia, Bajaj Auto plans to take Pulsar 200 NS to the European markets by the year end

10 things you must do to ace job interviews
Admitting your ignorance and saying thank you can help you leave a mark on the interviewer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 gets MASSIVE price cut
The 7-inch tablet, which comes with 3G and voice calling, now costs like many tablets of Indian brands.

February 27, 2013
Budget 2013: How you will get affected!
Let's have a look at the key expectations from the budget and how our wallet and stock investments could be affected.

DOs and DONTs to cope with exam anxiety
Students must pay attention to their health and avoid discussing the paper after the exam says Dr Samir Parikh, behavioural sciences expert from Fortis Hospital.

Dear FM, please HIKE 80C exemption to Rs 3 lakh!
And here's why P Chidambaram must do it, argues of

Stuck in traffic? This start-up offers help
Real time traffic updates and solutions to negotiate peak hour traffic with ease is what will make this start-up story a success, believe its co-founders.

TOP 4 scooters to look forward to this year
Piaggio Vespa Sport, Piaggio Fly 125, Honda PCX150 and Yamaha 125cc Scooter are going to make the biggest launch stories this year.

ENGLISH QUIZ: Pick the right homonym!
Take this quiz and find out how well you know these homonyms.

7 safe investment options for beginners
With these you can rest assured that your investment amount is not washed away

IMAGES: Inside Silicon Valley's Facebook office
Sriram V Iyer, founder of United Mobile Apps had the good fortune of visiting Facebook and here is a leaf from his diary...

February 26, 2013
Want to work with an MP? Apply for the LAMP Fellowship
The LAMP Fellowship places one legislative assistant to work with one MP for a period of 11 months.

How to woo your partner sexually?
Sexual preferences are so varied that it's easy to go from being a 'sex God' to a 'sex fraud'? Youth Inc offers you a handy guide to sexual turn ons and turn offs

IIPM DARES to take on the regulators
The business school has declared war on anybody who raises a question about its credibility. Here is a look at the slugfest

A fashionista's guide to shopping online
Online clothes shopping is on the rise. But with so many sites, it could get confusing. We guide you on portals.

'What is the difference between CA and CS?'
In an online chat with readers, Dr Jinesh Shah, CA, FCA, Phd, Mphil, Mcom, BCom and Jeetendra Nair, CEO and MD of Edulight Learning Services addressed queries on how to pursue a career in CA, CS and ICWA among others.

Top 8: Delhi's best street food places
We bring you the best places in Delhi to gorge on the tastiest kebabs, alu chaat and chole.

India's blues stars look back at a decade of change
Shillong-based blues band Soulmate, which in 10 years of performing has wowed legends like Carlos Santana and Buddy Guy, is recording its third studio album. tunes in.

Expert advice on how to deal with rude colleagues and bosses in your office.

Do you want to work for the world's largest HR company?
ADP, Inc., one of the largest service providers in the HR and human capital space seeks talented freshers in India

6 ways to lower your credit card interest payment
Here are some simple tips that can save you a great deal of money and reduce financial stress.

February 25, 2013
BlackBerry Z10 launched in India for Rs 43,499
Those who have pre-booked it earlier will get it from tomorrow.

IIM-Ahmedabad plans new fellowship for its students
The institute will provide financial support for those not wishing to join the corporate sector and instead pursue other interests.

Five Big NOs During Pregnancy
Pregnant and looking for what's good and not good for you at this stage. Here are the Five Big NOs during pregnancy...

VOTE: The LEAST desirable celebrity
Is it Ash, Kristen or Sherlyn? Who do you think is the least desirable celeb? Take our poll and let us know!

Budget 2013: An entrepreneur's open letter to the FM
Time has now come for a pathbreaking 'Entrepreneurship Bill' pleads venture capitalist Soumitra Sharma.

Stocks Corner: How to make money in Options Trading
We asked readers to mail their queries about stocks they want to buy, sell or hold. Here's the response to their queries.

6 CV mistakes that can cost you the interview
Vidhan Chandra, co-founder and director of iSource Services tells you why these mistakes can cost you dearly.

February 24, 2013
How to make money after retirement
Home owners can go for reverse mortgage of their homes to make some money after they retire.

Top 6: Mobile phone BLUNDERS to AVOID!
It's easy to forget your mobile phone etiquette these days. But don't ever commit these blunders. Read on!

Gaming review: Dead Space 3
Dead Space 3 puts on quite a show, says

February 23, 2013
For the love of dogs
Love for pets helped these Chennai youths become entrepreneurs

How Beyonce stays in shape and more fashion news
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

STUNNING: The BEST bikes in India
From Rs 3 lakh to 20 lakh's lists out the finest two-wheelers on the Indian roads.

February 22, 2013
How SEXperienced are you?
Find out how much you know about what goes on between the sheets

PICS: The spanking new Honda CTX series
Honda recently unveiled the CTX series of bikes: The CTX700N and CTX700.

Borrowers, here's why you must REJOICE!
CIBIL's new scoring system to rate borrowers keeping in mind the current trends and changes in the consumer profiles and credit data

TOP 10: The BEST beaches in India
Travel website TripAdvisor recently announced its list of top beaches in India that were chosen by millions of travellers across the world. Check out which beach destinations made it to the top ten list.

8 ways you can boost your MBA experience
Networking with the right people and making the most of your internships are just some ways to get started.

February 21, 2013
VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl this February!
Here's a round-up of the glossies for February -- take our poll and let us know who you think makes for the most fashionable, sexy cover this month!

Being unfaithful helps weight loss?
Having an affair may be one of the most effective ways to shed the pounds, a shocking new survey has found.

Nokia Asha 311 vs Samsung Rex 90
Which is the best feature phone among the two? Find out!

Breaking up: How to get a clean DIVORCE
In an exclusive excerpt from Breaking up: Your step-by-step Guide to Getting Divorced, lawyers-turned-authors explain the sticky process.

'What is a decent GMAT score?'
In an online chat with readers, Ashish N of EducationAisle addressed queries on GMAT preparation and offered advice on how to choose a good international b-school.

The RISKS of buying an under-construction home
There are advantages too. But BUYERS BEWARE!

Jobs: What ails India's fresh grads
It is not the lack of skills and poor education institutes, but the lack of passion to learn and poor choices that is holding India's young grads back.

10 myths and facts about stress
Learn how stress can affect your health and everyday life.

5 things to consider before accepting a job offer
Here's why you must read the fine print before signing on the dotted line of your offer letter.

February 20, 2013
PHOTOS: 8 bikes that will take your breath away!
Look and drool! At the Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Show in Jaipur recently, came across some wonderful pieces of vintage engineering.

IN PICS: Top 10 HOTTEST women in the world
Men's Health has released its list of the 100 hottest women in the world. We bring you the top ten.

How to SECURE your e-mails from HACKERS
Simple tips to secure your e-mails and important documents from internet hackers.

CORE to launch its first International MBA in Sep 2013
The education company's first global MBA course will be a one-year full time course and will be conducted across Canada, UAE and India

Interested in a career in cinematography? Read this
Visual thinking, rigorous technique and a problem-solving approach, go into the making of a Director of Photography, the person behind the look and feel of a film.

8 investing GEMS from Warren Buffet
This is what makes the legendary investor's investing philosophy a WINNER.

February 19, 2013
PICS: Hot models on New York Fashion Week ramp
We bring you images from the recently-concluded New York Fashion Week.

Aspiring models, get yourself a KILLER portfolio
You too can get an awesome portfolio picture says , Director of Rectriangle Pictures.

WINNERS of Valentine's Day SMS contest
These are the three winners of the Valentine's Day SMS Contest for the most original and creative chat-up lines by our readers!

Study US: Want to apply for a Fulbright-Nehru fellowship?
The scholarship will allow you to study, research and offer teaching and professional development in the United States.

Meet Aditya, the 24-yr-old racing champ!
The first Indian to win an international race at the Buddh International Circuit in Noida.

5 ways to successfully launch a product
It is important to be well prepared to not only grab the attention of your potential users, but also to sustain their curiosity and take it to the next level.

PICS: The sexy Victory Vegas 8-Ball
Watch out for this mean meachine as it hits the Indian roads by the end of this year

Top 7 features of the new Blackberry OS 10
Shining new features that have been introduced into the latest OS by BlackBerry.

How to prevent MISUSE of your credit card
What to keep in mind before you swipe your credit cards at foreign locations and three things you must do before leaving for your journey

February 18, 2013
IN PICS: Top 10 celebrity Power Women
We bring you 10 most powerful female celebrities according to Forbes who have not just built empires by themselves but have also left their mark in the world with their philanthropic work.

STUNNING PICS: Rare bikes at vintage motorcycle show
Few things make heads turn as classic motorbikes. visits the Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show in Jaipur.

Top 5 smartphones under Rs 30,000
There are plenty of smartphones under Rs 30,000 but these are the top five across all major smartphone platforms.

14 reasons why your CV will be TRASHED!
Vidhan Chandra, co-founder and director of iSource Services, a recruiting and executive search portal tells you why you must avoid making these mistakes in your CV.

Stocks Corner: A GUIDE to intra-day TRADING
of StockFundoo answers readers' any and every query about investing in the stock markets.

February 17, 2013
PICS: New York, the city that never sleeps
Great many things have been said about New York. In the pages to follow we bring you ten of the best quotes about the American city.

February 16, 2013
Start-ups: Top 5 tips for campus entrepreneurs
Saikat Ghosh, founder and CEO of Taskera says young entrepreneurs must be prepared to take risks and carve their own niche.

KTM to launch two NEW bikes in India
KTM has aggressive plans for the Indian market. This includes the launch of two new bikes in the next 15 months.

Weight loss: 'I lost 44 kgs in 10 months'
Mihir Trivedi who weighed 120 kilos tells us how he shed those extra kilos and got back in shape.

IN PICS: The amazing history of Delhi's Purana Qila
Purana Qila may be a regular weekend haunt for many locals but the history behind the landmark is as fascinating as it is bloody finds out .

February 15, 2013
Expert tips to crack the board exam
Anthony Fernandes, founder of addressed queries and offered advice to students on how to ace their preparation and crack the exam.

Mahindra STRIPS down its Rodeo
In a bid to boost sales amid tough economic conditions, Mahindra 2 Wheelers has come up with a cut price version of its Rodeo automatic scooter.

RECIPES: Get your man to cook a seven-course meal
Valentine's Day may be over but the weekend is still young and it may just be the time for you to remind your man to get you to cook this simple but elaborate meal for you.

Is a top-up home loan right for you?
Top-up loans may be the best choice available if you want to raise some cash for personal purposes. Do explore it before looking into other expensive options.

IN PICS: How the world celebrated Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is over and done with. Here's looking at how the world celebrated the day of love!

8 tips to keep your Twitter account safe
Zafar Rais, founder and CEO, MindShift Interactive shares a few guidelines for keeping your Twitter accounts safe.

Job hunting online? Don't make these mistakes
Rajesh Nair, CEO, TopGear Consultants has advice for online job applicants.

February 14, 2013
Jab We Met: 'She's my lucky charm'
Readers share their love stories on Valentine's Day.

DON'T MISS: Uttam's take on Valentine's Day
Love as illustrated by a's cartoonist ...

HOT: Behind the scenes of the Kingfisher Calendar
We bring you all the action that went behind the making of the Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar 2013. Keep clicking!

TOP 10: Aphrodisiacs in your kitchen!
You don't have to go too far to rekindle your love. Kitchen might be a good place to start says Anita Rao Kashi.

Valentine's Day: Learn to love, the Yoga way
Five different methods that can help you connect with your loved one.

4 stocks to buy this Valentine's Day
These stocks can move up and make good money for you.

POLL: Are you a new-age husband?
With the rules of relationship changing with times, take this poll and find out if you've moved along too.

Jab We Met: 'I proposed marriage without meeting her'
Readers share their love stories on Valentine's Day.

February 13, 2013
IN PICS: Couples lock lips to break record
With a day to go for Valentine's, these couples try to break the world record for the longest kiss in Pattaya.

V-Day: Your romantic horoscope for 2013!
Astrologer tells you what you can expect from your love life this year! Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

Jab We Met: 'I found my first love in 45 years'
Readers share their love stories ahead of Valentine's Day.

IN PICS: The ten most romantic drives in India
Hit the road and rediscover your love. recommends you to shift gears now

Protect yourself from online and credit card fraudsters
Basic precautionary tips to save you from online and credir card fraudsters

February 12, 2013
Jab We Met: 'He was red with nervousness, but looked cute'
Through this love story, Janakiraman Subramaniam shares an inspiring message of patience and determination.

IN PICS: Sexiest bikes in India under one roof!
The recently-concluded India Bike Week was everything it promised and more finds out

Top 5 mistakes students make in a board exam
With barely a week left for the board exams to begin, Dr Ruchi Seth, Principal of DPS Sushant Lok, Gurgaon appeals to students to best utilise the time available at hand and avoid these mistakes to score well

3 ways to AVOID Internet Banking Frauds
Your vigilance is the only hope and this is one area where prevention is not just better, but probably the only cure.

Jab We Met: 'His photograph looked ridiculous'
Monika Desai says it was love at first sight when she met Vipin at the Cafe Coffee Day. This is her story.

Top 5 smartphones for Valentine's Day
The top five phones that you can gift to your loved ones on Valentine's Day to make it memorable.

RED HOT: Celebs walk the ramp for a cause
Check out who walked the ramp to raise awareness of the risk of heart diseases amongst women.

Want a friend for life? First, be one!
If you have a good friend -- or are in search of one -- here's a story you must remember.

PICS: Why you MUST head to Australia NOW!
This Valentine's month come discover romance in a destination which is so varied and stunning, it just takes your breath away.

TOP 15: Things women say and what they mean!
Author of bestselling romance novels, agrees that when women say one thing, they usually mean something else altogether. So here's her dummy's guide to understanding women!

10 worst Valentine's Day gifts EVER
From the plain cheesy to the downright dangerous, don't even think about these really terrible gifts for your valentine this year.

February 11, 2013
PICS: The BEST commuter bikes in India's lists out the most efficient commuter bikes to hit the Indian roads.

Here's how to get Google to hire YOU!
There are really three parts to this answer: getting the right experience, creating a good resume, and submitting it the right way.

DON'T MISS: TV stars on making relationships work
What does love mean to your favourite small screen actors and how do they make their relationships work?

How does a HOUSEWIFE make money in stock markets?
of StockFundoo answers readers' stock market queries.

PHOTOS: Behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week
As the first of the Big Four fashion weeks goes underway, we bring you some stunning images from behind the scenes.

V-Day QUIZ: How dateable are you? Find out!
Take this quiz and find out whether you make a real, edible date.

February 10, 2013
IN PICS: The romantic city of Paris
There is perhaps no other city in the world that is almost synonymous with love as Paris. We bring you these stunning pictures shot by photographers from Retuers of Paris over the years.

Top 5 smartphones under Rs 10,000
The low-cost smartphone option is very limited if you intend to buy anything other than Android, but we have tried to give the widest choice here in terms of best smartphone for less than Rs 10,000.

Going for home equity loan? Check THIS out!
Important factors to be carefully evaluated before taking a home equity loan

February 09, 2013
AMAZING PICS: The very BEST of Konkan
We bring you some of the most stunning images of the most popular travel destinations along the Konkan coast.

Top 5: Two-wheeler manufacturers of India
Who is ruling the booming two-wheeler market in India? Read on to find out more!

BEWARE of these Valentine's Day scams
Cyber-criminals are lurking on the web to loot you this Valentine's Day!

Jab We Met: 'Office romance is dangerous'
A reader who did not wish to be named sent us the story of how he was smitten by a female colleague at work and how they came about knowing and loving each other.

February 08, 2013
Last minute tips to crack the GATE 2013
In an online chat, Jitendra Sinha, co-founder and head of academics, Gateforum addressed students' queries on how to crack the GATE 2013.

'Accept me for my talent and not the way I dress'
Sanobar Sultana, a multi-talented, burkha-clad radio jockey, tells why she prefers to wear a burkha and why people shouldn't judge her by what she wears.

Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions
On the occasion of Chinese New Year, we bring you a look at what 2013, the Year of the Snake has in store for you!

Top 8 entrance exams beyond the IIT-JEE
Your opportunity to study at a leading engineering institute just got better.

MUST READ: Top 5 things women really want from men
Bestselling author on what women really want from their partners. And no it's not what you think!

Kochi Biennale: Art that challenges!
and Rajesh Karkera bring you glimpses of the extraordinary international artistes who are participating in the India's first ever new-age art extravaganza, the Kochi Biennale.

Jab We Met: 'His words touched my heart'
Manju from Gujarat tells us how she met Adharsh from Maharashtra through a matrimonial website and fell in love.

HOT workouts to get in shape by V-day!
Try out these simple exercises to get fit and get hot this Valentine's with this workout regimen. Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

February 07, 2013
Jab We Met: 'I gave her a gerbera flower'
Abhishek Simon says he feels incomplete without his wife Sweetie and thanks her for standing by him through the years.

Buying a new home? Read THIS first
Choose from these two options and save a great deal of money and effort.

IN PICS: Lives of India's wedding band musicians
No wedding in North India can be complete without a brass band that announces the arrival of the groom. Photographer Mansi Thapliyal aims her camera at the always seen but never recognised band members.

Jab We Met: 'She had tears in her eyes'
Sadiq Ali cherishes the special moments he shared with a classmate in his college.

Top 10: Simple ways to be HAPPY at work!
Forget yearly appraisals, try these simple ways to be happy at work.

How to clean your touchscreen SAFELY
Protect your gadget's gorgeous touchschreen by following these steps.

Board exams: 10 tips to revise better
Try out these cool new strategies and make the most of your revision time ahead of the exam.

February 06, 2013
GLIMPSES of the 2013 India Bike Week
If bikes are here can be far behind? Take a look at what happened at the recently concluded India Bike Week

POLL: What is the worst first date moment EVER?
Walking in with your fly open, running into your ex or spilling your drink on your date. Vote for the worst every first date mishap.

Jab We Met: 'I followed her bus on my bicycle'
Reader Udit Handa waited for 11 years to get married to the love of his life. This is his story.

PHOTOS: The Museum of Broken Relationships
A unique exhibition space at the CentQuatre exhibition ahll in Paris displays relics of sentimental disappointment.

How to get the BEST Credit Score and loan rates
And get lenders offer you the best possible interest rates on home, personal and car loans.

STUNNING PICS: How to set a Viking boat on fire!
Some like to drink, others like to set Viking boats on fire. Check out these amazing images from the unusual festival of Up Helly Aa.

Cakes, pizzas and more: Bake your way to success
The baking industry which is touted to be a Rs 5000-crore industry by 2015 is expected to generate more employment and revenue in the next few years. Read on to know why this is the right time to pursue a career in baking and how.

February 05, 2013
'Men are a luxury': Best quotes on love and sex
With Valentine's Day around the corner, we bring you some of the cutest, funniest (and some outrageous) things said about love and sex.

STUNNING PICS: Romanian teen's jet-engine bicycle
Raul Oaida from Bucharest used his pocket money to build the first-of-its-kind engine in three years.

Want to study in Canada? Read this first!
An immigrant friendly nation, Canada has a lot to offer to international students besides its varied programmes most of which are good value for money.

PHOTOS: Nagaland at its very best!
Even six decades after our Independence, India's North East continues to remain elusive to most of the country. recently travelled to Nagaland and returned with a bagful of memories.

He'll help you grow a forest in your backyard
Shubhendu Sharma's start-up Afforestt is helping build natural urban forests that grow in a short period of time and are maintenance-free.

PICS: The top 5 camera smartphones
These five are the best camera phones available in the market just now.

Jab We Met: 'It hit me like a bolt from the blue'
Reader Amit Bhagwat takes us through the various ups and downs in his relationship before and after marriage and shares an important lesson for everyone.

IN PICS: Harley Davidson turns 110!
The 110th anniversary celebrations of Harley Davidson are in full swing. reports.

February 04, 2013
TELL US: The secret to a happy marriage
How do you make a marriage a happy one? We want to know from you!

Top 9 entrance exams for aspiring doctors
All about eligibility, test pattern and selection processes to crack All India and independent medical entrances across country.

Stocks Corner: What to BUY, what to SELL!
Response to readers' queries on stocks they want to buy, sell or hold.

Jab We Met: 'I was ignorant about love, until I saw her'
Srinivas Bhailikar from Dubai shares his story and tells us why the month of February is so special to him.

6 tips to be an effective job-seeker
Keeping your CV up-to-date and networking with the right people are just some ways you can land your dream job.

She quit her job to explore India
Shivya Nath quit her corporate job to pursue her travel interests and explore a different India.

February 03, 2013
PICS: 2013's most popular 110cc scooters
Peppy, powerful and practical these five scooters will set the Indian roads on fire in 2013.

3 things you must know about health insurance
A lowdown on some salient points that you must keep in mind when opting for a health insurance.

Gaming review: Devil May Cry
How good is this edition of the DMC series? weighs in the pros and cons

Why the first time is important and more sex news
Welcome to the sex and health news round up where we bring you the latest from in-between the sheets.

February 02, 2013
IN PICS: The updated Hyosung GT650R
The new Hyosung GT650R is here and it looks drool-worthy. Check it out!

Best diet and exercise apps to keep you fit
5 apps that help you keep fit by controlling your diet and recommending simple exercises.

How you can save your dying relationship
Simple things that you can do to help save your relationship. Read on!

Jab We Met: 'We shared a berth for 24 hours'
This story was sent to us by a reader who remembered her love interest as 'the guy with sparkling eyes'.

February 01, 2013
Reader invite: The song that made you fall in love!
Music starts where words end. Tell us about that one song which made your heart melt and made you fall in love!

Living with diabetes? Keep your feet healthy
Interventional diabetologist Dr Suresh Purohit from Mumbai tells us why diabetics must take extra care to protect their feet, specially in cold weather.

Fashion news: Kourtney reveals post-baby bikini bod
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

TOP 12: India's most romantic destinations
STUNNING PICS: 12 Unusual and Luxurious Romantic Destinations in India

10 Indian-Americans among 40 Intel science finalists
The finalists will present their research findings across 16 branches of science between March 7 and 13 this year.

Jab We Met: 'I'd wait outside her hostel to meet her'
Here, a reader takes us back in time when there were no mobile phones and recollects how he fell in love when he was in college.

Look: The BlackBerry 10 smartphones
BlackBerry has formally announced the two smartphones with BlackBerry 10 operating system.

8 investing blunders that can bring financial RUIN
Here are some common mistakes most individuals make when investing.

February 0, 2013
8 investing blunders that can bring financial RUIN
Here are some common mistakes most individuals make when investing.

January 31, 2013
Smart tips to crack law entrance exams
Law aspirants must focus on mastering English, follow developments in the legal field and improve awareness of current affairs

MBA in India: 90 percent graduates unemployable
The study revealed that campus placements in the new b-schools has gone down by 40 per cent since 2009.

IN PICS: The life of a fashion model
Being a model isn't all fun and games. In fact it is everything BUT fun and games. Photographer Philippe Wojazer followed French model Marine Deleeuw and caught her on camera as she went about her day.

Recipes: Lip-smacking soups to beat the chill
Try these easy-to-make soups recipes to beat the winter chill.

DON'T MISS: What perfume must YOU wear?
The fragrance you use defines who you are. Take this quick survey and find out what perfume you must buy for yourself.

Live Chat: How you can raise funds for your start-up
Join us for a chat with Founder, Nurture Talent Academy on mistakes young entrepreneurs make on Thursday at 4pm!

Jab We Met: 'The universe played its role'
Reader Joel Saldanha from Dubai revisits the moments that led him to meet his future wife and gradually fall in love.

PHOTOS: World's first Barbie-themed restaurant
US toymaker Mattel has licensed Taiwan's restaurant group Sinlaku to operate the Barbie Cafe. Snapshots from inside a little girl's dream come true.

BEWARE! Apps that use your PRIVATE DATA
Once these apps sit on your smartphones, they filch private data with or without your permission.

January 30, 2013
Is WhatsApp violating privacy laws?
Tell us!

Look: India's FIRST quad-core smartphone at Rs 11k
The Indian market is expected to see launch of the first quad-core smartphone, S1 Titanium, in first week of February by Karbonn Mobiles.

To bring about change, change yourself FIRST
Let's not fume in rage, or cry in fear, rather let us try and revolt with our own consciousness, says Deepak Warrier, who thinks that change must be brought about from within

Jab We Met: 'I didn't know we'll be together forever'
Reader Shruti Narula from Delhi remembers the first time she met Mahesh in Mumbai and how their friendship materialised to love and ended in marriage.

How to get the best home loan rate
Will your home loan rates drop now that the RBI has signalled the onset of lower interest rates after 0.25 per cent cut in repo rate and CRR?

The ultimate workout for ripped arms, chiselled chest
on what it takes for rippling biceps and bulging pecs with well cut definition.

Careers in Law: A step by step guide
You can pursue law in two different modes. Those who missed applying after Class 12, still have a chance to study after graduation.

Start-ups: 5 secrets of a winning product launch
The tact lies in building a story so that you keep the curiosity alive and engage your audience through the presentation.

Kochi Biennale: A magnificent visual feast!
It's the only Indian destination mentioned in the Forbes list of '13 cultural events to be seen' across the world. Set in the historical port town of Kochi, India's first ever new-age art extravaganza, the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, has received great response from the global art world. brings you a glimpse of some of the Indian artistes participating in the Biennale. Photographs: Rajesh Karkera

Jab We Met: 'We met at the shorthand institute'
A reader who did not wish to be named shares this interesting story of how God helped him unite with his love.

India's most fuel-efficient bikes of 2013
These five bikes could help you put a lid on your fuel expenses

Defaulted on a car loan? Here's what can go WRONG!
What constitutes a loan default and what happens when a borrower defaults on a car loan? Read on to find out

January 29, 2013
PHOTOS: Bikini models rough it out in a man's world
Don't miss fashion photographer Manish Chaturvedi's 2013 calendar, featuring bikini clad models indulging in sexy role-playing!

5 ways to increase your home loan eligibility
Home loan lenders not giving you enough loan to buy a home? Here's how you can make them increase your home loan eligibilty.

Jab We Met: 'True love knocks your door only once'
A reader who wished to be anonymous shares memories of his first love and how fate separated them forever.

Five ways to become a SMART MF investor
Follow these to see how you make more money out of your investments

Live Chat: How will RBI rate cuts affect home loans?
Join Rajiv Raj of Credit Vidya on how RBI's rate cut will affect your dream of buying a home.

Summer placements: Finance firms offer MORE JOBS
Of the total 381 summer placement offers at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 24.4 per cent roles were offered by financial and banking services.

Jab We Met: 'I secretly nursed a crush on her'
This is Arun and Deepti's love story that reveals that true love demands courage and eventually stands the test of time.

FT Global MBA Rankings: ISB, IIM-A fare poorly
The only two management schools from India that made it to the global rankings have slipped down further from last year.

How he bagged a Rs 1.16 crore offer from Google
Rushabh Agrawal, an alumnus of BITS Pilani was recently offered a job at Google for a package of Rs 1.16 crore. He shares his experience and offers advice to young aspirants.

TOP 10: Hotels for romance in India
Tripadvisor lists out the best romantic hotels in India. Have you made your Valentine's Day plans yet?

January 28, 2013
She helps create tomorrow's leaders
The story of Shaheen Mistri, CEO, Teach for India who helped transform the lives of over 16,000 underprivileged children so far and refuses to stop.

Don't miss! The incredible Kochi Biennale
It is India's first-ever New Age art extravaganza. No wonder then, art lover abandoned both her job and her family for a few days to get a glimpse of the Kochi-Muziris Art Biennale. Photographs: Rajesh Karkera.

Jab We Met: 'I was on cloud nine'
Readers share their love stories ahead of Valentine's Day.

TOP 5: The best quad core 5-inch phones
If you thought mobile phones are only getting bigger and powerful, think again.

Stocks Corner: What to BUY, what to SELL!
We asked readers to mail their queries about stocks they want to buy, sell or hold. Here's the response to their queries.

Top 5 reasons you won't be hired
Despite having everything going for you, why is it that you haven't heard from your prospective employer yet?

PICS: Living my Bond fantasy through fencing's attended a fencing workshop and came back enlightened but bruised. Photographs by Hitesh Harisinghani

Yogalates: The HOTTEST new workout to lose weight
Business Standard's Priyanka Sharma attends a session of yogalates, a strenuous mix of yoga and pilates, and finds that the fitness trend offers a key to a stronger body and a stress-free mind.

January 27, 2013
IN PICS: Amazing creations at the Paris Fashion Week
We bring you some stunning moments from the final of the 'Big 4' international fashion weeks.

IN PICS: 2013's Battle of superbikes
With DSK Hyosung launching a cruiser and sports bike recently, the Indian superbike market will be on fire in 2013 with Harley Davidson and Kawasaki adding oil to it. The Indian superbike enthusiasts, however, will be spoilt for choice.

Top 5 smartphones under Rs 10,000
Got to buy the best Android smartphone under Rs 10,000? Then look no further.

Weight loss: Why skipping food, dieting will not help
Obesity consultant and cosmetic physician Dr Manjiri Patankar who is also the founder of Instasculpt clinics in India, Dubai and Kuwait reveals that weight loss and obesity are less to do with unhealthy eating habits and more to do with human behaviour.

January 26, 2013
STUNNING PICS: World's oldest supermodel at 81
As the oldest working fashion model set the ramp on fire at the Paris Fashion Week, we bring you images of the stunning lady -- Carmen Dell'Orefice (81) -- in her various avatars.

Jab We Met: 'She loved someone else'
A reader who wished to be anonymous shares his love story ahead of Valentine's Day.

5 ways to make your smartphone battery last LONGER
5 ways that can help you prolong the time between recharges

Travelling abroad? Read THIS first
We bring you a lowdown on some crucial 'whys' and 'hows' of travel insurance

January 25, 2013
MBA at IIMs: The truth about placement figures
The fourth of an eight-part series on one-year full-time MBA at IIMs looks at the salaries the graduates command

10 really WACKY holidays Indians must celebrate!
Pritika Behrawala makes an attempt to increase the list of national holidays keeping in mind the peculiarities of the country and its inhabitants, so gear up as the list unfolds.

Fashion news: Katie's beauty remedy and Beyonce's blog
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Chat: Tips to be a successful entrepreneur
Join us for a chat with Amit Grover Founder, Nurture Talent Academy on just what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur today at 4pm!

Jab We Met: 'A lot can happen over coffee'
Readers share their love stories ahead of Valentine's Day.

6 facts you must know about wealth tax
Here are some facts about wealth tax that all taxpayers should know...

January 24, 2013
PICS: Hyosung GV650 Aquila Pro in India for Rs 5 lakh
Hyosung's stunning flagship bike makes its presence felt on Indian roads.

Jab We Met: 'I would always find him around me'
Readers share their love stories ahead of Valentine's Day.

English errors: There is nothing called 'Expresso'
Manish Gupta, author of English Bites! offers practical tips to master English.

CA Topper: Proud to say I am my father's daughter
All-India CA topper Prema Jayakumar, whose father Jayakumar Perumal drives an autorickshaw to make ends meet, shares her success.

Jab We Met: A touching love story
Reader Tammi shares a rivetting love story.

7 skills every professional must have
After making a great presentation, you often fumble over the questions posed by the listeners. Charanpreet Singh, Associate Dean, Praxis Business School, Kolkata tells you how to tackle the audience with finesse.

January 23, 2013
Board exams: 10 tips to improve your memory
Here are 10 ways you can exercise your mind to improve concentration.

Jab We Met: 'We became the best of buddies'
Readers share their love stories ahead of Valentine's Day.

Want to study fashion? Admission guide to NIFT
The premier design institute has 15 centres offering design, technology and management programmes. Read on to know how to get in.

PICS: Incredibly crazy hotel rooms around the world
From rooms in a former prison and a discarded Boeing 747 to ones made entirely of chocolate and for doggies. We bring you the weirdest hotel accommodations in the world.

Images: Oops! Models falling on the catwalk
French designer Stephane Rolland's show saw some action as a model presenting his collection slipped and fell on the runway. We bring you ten such dramatic falls on catwalks across the world. Keep clicking!

Jab We Met: 'We fell in love without meeting each other'
Reader Bhavna Pandey tells us the story of how she fell in love with Santosh without meeting him and how their relationship culminated in marriage

The mridangam prodigy who set the stage on fire at 9
It was not expected of a young boy growing up in a small town in America to pick up an instrument like the Mridangam to play but then that was what Rohan Krishnamurthy did when he was an 8 year old. Here he discusses his journey as a musician with .

Jab We Met: 'I was attracted to the guy in red t-shirt'
reader Nina Mukherjee shares the amazing journey since she first met her partner 10 years ago. As they get to celebrate their 10th anniversary, she expects this to be the best gift for her Valentine this year.

January 22, 2013
VOTE: Rahul Gandhi's best avatar!
He is India's Prince-in-waiting and arguably the country's most eligible bachelor. We bring you Rahul Gandhi's evolution over the years. Vote for the look you like the most.

Samsung Galaxy Grand in India for Rs 21.5k
It comes with Android Jelly Bean, 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 1 GB RAM and host of other innovative features

7 valuable lessons to learn from 2012's top movies
What is it about formula films and remakes that audiences love so much? Is there a lesson we can learn from their successes as young entrepreneurs? Pritam Roy, founder and CEO of shares his insights.

How he mastered his fear of the English language
A fascinating story of how a simple bloke who feared English not only overcame his fear of the language to master it but also wrote an interesting book that can turn out to be a great teacher to those who fear the language.

Jab We Met: 'She made me a better human being'
Reader Raj Uprade from Amgaon tells us why he prefers to remember his story as the 'first and last true love'.

IN PICS: Mahindra Pantero vs the rest
How does Mahindra's two-wheeler Pantero size up against Splendor Plus, Discover 100T and Dream Yuga? of BikeDekho weighs in Pantero against its competition.

Job interview: 6 tricky questions you WILL face
Be careful how you respond to these questions for some of them are meant to test whether you really have the skills and passion for the job, writes Rajesh Nair, CEO, TopGear Consultants.

Jab We Met: 'We were 16 when we fell in love'
Reader Anil Gupta from Delhi tells us how he met the love of his life and how the challenges they faced before they eventually got married.

Banks charging more on home loans? Blame your credit card
Partial credit card payments, high credit card debt and defaults on previous loans make lenders charge you more on home loans.

January 21, 2013
Apply for MA in Public Policy
Read on to know how you can pursue a masters degree at India's first public policy school.

GRE rescheduled: Prometric answers your questions
Prometric India asks students not to panic while it makes arrangements for alternate testing.

Jab We Met: 'We had nothing in common'
Reader Sachin from Mumbai shares the story of how his office colleague became his life partner.

Four must-have smartphone apps for women
Get Ahead reader lists four apps that women can use in emergencies.

Investing in mutual funds? 5 TRAPS to avoid
Here are five red flags that should prompt you to look beyond a mutual fund's five-star rating.

'The days of 20-30% salary hikes are gone'
Job seekers, brace yourself for a tough 2013!

'There's no success without respect, loyalty'
The bronze award winning Olympian strongly feels that there is a lot of talent in the country, and we need to ensure that it is spotted and harnessed properly.

PHOTOS: Izabel Goulart's sexy swimwear campaign
Don't miss the Brazilian bikini model's latest amazing photoshoot for Agua Bendita swimwear.

January 20, 2013
PICS: The best smartphones unveiled at CES Las Vegas 2013
Seven best smartphones unveiled at Consumer Electronic Show 2013 at Las Vegas

STUNNING PICS: Top 10 World Heritage sites in India
TripAdvisor reveals the top ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India most highly recommended by its traveller community.

Ladies, reclaim your LIVES: Here's how
tells today's women how to get out of zombie mode and live right.

Top 5 powerful and fastest bikes in the world
These superbikes have set the standards in the market and leave a blazing trail on the roads

January 19, 2013
Megan Fox debuts sexy post-baby bod: Fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

AMAZING PICS: Postcards from Cuba
We bring you street life scenes from Cuba.

Top Android smartphones between Rs 20k-30k
Last year's top of the line smartphones now fall under slightly-affordable category.

Expert's take on your TAX WOES!
Tax expert Mahesh Padmanabhan answered readers' tax queries in an online chat on January 18.

January 18, 2013
PICS: Stylish stars we wish were fashion designers!
UK discount website MyVoucherCodes recently conducted a poll, asking women which female celebrities they would most like to see launch a fashion line. Here are the results!

Column: Will NRIs take away top jobs in India?
Many Indian graduates today have neither the knowledge nor talent, which the industry needs. Hiring overseas professionals is inevitable, writes Thothathri Raman, chairman, SEAA Trust, New Delhi, the global accreditation advocacy and facilitation organisation.

The entrepreneur who lost sight but gained vision
The story of a gritty entrepreneur who walked the path of success despite an unexpected setback.

Why YOU must pay off your education loan quickly
The fate of all your future loan applications lies hugely on how you service your education loans.

4 simple tips for lightning fast internet
There exist numerous ways to pace up your download speed. Here are four easiest ones.

January 17, 2013
Coming Soon: India's first 'skills university'
The TeamLease Skills University which will be the first-of-its-kind will open in Gujarat and be operational in July 2014.

Sex: The realities of One-Night Stands
Youth Inc magazine's Razi Shaikh tells you the good, bad and all that is in between one-night stands

Rigour of a global 2-year MBA in one year
The third of an eight-part series on the one-year full time MBA at IIMs looks at the extensive learning packed in a year.

Stocks: Buy, sell or hold? HCL Info, RCom and more
Expert advice on what you should do with these stocks

IN PICS: The quiet splendour of Kumaon
Traveller and writer recently visited Kumaon. He returned with a bagful of memories and these pictures. Keep clicking!

Jobs: Top 5 emerging career trends in finance
If you're in the market for a new job, here are five emerging careers that are making a mark and poised for growth in the coming years.

Are you eating a healthy diet?
Healthy foods are high in fibre content, vitamins, minerals and low in calories. Here's what your diet must include to strengthen your immune system and keep your energy levels up all day.

Piaggio cuts Vespa price; to launch 150cc scooter in India
Rs 20,000 drop in price, addition of disc brakes and launch of two classy 150cc bikes are among a host of measures underway at Piaggio India to take on its rivals in the scooters market.

January 16, 2013
Little-known mutual fund GEMS for 2013
These MFs are relatively unknown names, but have immense potential.

Fear: How we lost and discovered the courage of life
Entrepreneurs Himanshu Geed and Rajesh Sawhney share their thoughts on the most critical of all feelings: Fear

Heidi, Kate and more: VOTE for these celeb styles!
Here are a few pics of famous faces on the Golden Globes red carpet -- who do you think scored bigtime in the style stakes and who tanked? Vote and let us know!

Top 18 companies that will provide jobs this year
A detailed analysis of the recruitment process of 18 big companies

'Our myths aren't the heritage of just Hindus'
In an exclusive chat with Rediff users, bestselling author takes questions on his books, his films and his gods.

GRE rescheduled in 6 cities, no extra charge for students
Prometric to arrange for alternate testing. Affected students being informed by phone and e-mail

January 15, 2013
PICS: Sushmita, Shriya and more stars catwalk for a cause
We bring you glimpses of a special fashion show called 'No More Fear', which saw several celebs take to the ramp in Mumbai last night.

Career watch: Optometry and its future prospects
An upcoming field in India, there will be a demand for qualified optometrists in the years to come. However, the field still has no regulator.

'We have the potential to be the workforce of the world'
Shashi Tharoor, minister of state for HRD, outlines his plans for the young in India.

How to lose a kilo a week!
is a dietician who has been practicing in for over 30 years in New Delhi. In her book on dieting, she talks about the need to relearn how one eats

MBA at IIMs: An alumnus spills the beans
The second of an eight-part series on the One Year Full Time MBA at IIMs looks at the confusion regarding the course contents and value in the minds of students, the media and recruiters.

Best stocks to BUY in 2013
We list out five businesses you can look to buy in 2013

Travel: The long and winding dirty treks
Commercialisation of treks is slowly leading to the exploitation of the fragile ecosystem. Abhishek Bhati treks through Roopkund to give a first-hand account.

6 tips to survive office politics
Offices can sometimes be more brutal than a battlefield. Vatsala Chhibber tells you how to cope with the perils of office politics. Read on

January 14, 2013
IMAGES: Commuters ride trains in their underwear!
Passengers all over the world travelled without their trousers in a cheeky annual international stunt for 'No Pants Day.'

Chat@11: Amish Tripathi, author of The Immortals of Meluha
Amish Tripathi will take your questions on his books right here!

10 marriage firsts that every newlywed experiences
What are the crucial firsts that a newlywed couple experiences? The Huffington Post has compiled this list.

'The cakey view of fashion is bound to change'
Shefalee Vasudev, author of Powder Room on what it takes to write a serious book on the Indian fashion industry.

How the one-year MBA is different from an Exec MBA
Contrary to popular belief, the one year full time MBA programme offered by the IIMs is a 'regular' full time MBA and not an Executive MBA programme as perceived by many.

Top 5 smartphones under Rs 20,000
It is surprisingly hard to find the right device in the mid range. Here's where you can discover the one that's right for you.

5 MYTHS about your credit scores debunked
Loan defaults are not the only reason why you get a low credit score. of debunks five popular credit score-myths.

IMAGES: Supermodel Bar Refaeli stuns in innerwear!
Here's a glimpse of the Israeli hottie's latest campaign for Passionata lingerie.

This start-up aims to reform India's political leadership
Harvard graduate Rwitwika Bhattacharya's start-up Swaniti aims to bring a change in the country's political leadership. Read on to know how more about how the young brigade plans to do so in the next few years.

The three words that'll change your life
Prakash Iyer, executive coach and MD, Kimberly-Clark Lever and author of The Habit of Winning says that one of the best pieces of advice he received was from a childhood cricketing hero, many years ago. No, it wasn't words of wisdom from Sunil Gavaskar, or Kapil Dev!

January 13, 2013
10 rupee notes to soon become history!
Seems it is time that like 10 paise coin and 'chawanni' (25 paise coin) and that good old one rupee note, your friendly 10 rupee note may soon become history!

January 12, 2013
PICS: The Djinns and magnificent ruins of Firozabad
Rediff reader recounts how mesmerised he was after visiting Delhi's fifth city -- Firozabad

'She rejected me for my caste, but wants to be friends'
Is your love life under pressure? Are you troubled by your relationship? Get Ahead's Love Guru hosted a chat with readers on January 10 to help them deal with love problems. For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript.

IN PICS: The hottest superbike launches of 2013
of lists out the sexiest superbikes to hit the roads this year.

January 11, 2013
Tips to crack the GATE 2013
In an online chat with readers on January 10, Jitendra Sinha, CEO, Gateforum addressed queries on how to crack the GATE and offered advice on the scope of career after scoring in the exam.

Beyonce's red-hot mag cover and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Festival special: Pongal recipes with a twist
This Pongal, replace the rice with banana, chocolate or even oats for that matter. For beginners, here's our guide to make a tasty and healthy preparation.

Entrepreneurs, get a reality-check
An entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the dotcom space shares his valuable experience.

He cracked CAT 2012 in the first attempt
This 21-year-old mechanical engineering student from Pune credits his success to a modest upbringing and family support.

4 job-friendly diploma courses
Choose from a range of diplomas that promise you an exciting career ahead.

Pt Shivkumar Sharma, Ustad Zakir Hussain 'Live' on Jan 15
Catch the legends live in concert as they celebrate 40 years of their music collaboration at the Nehru Centre Auditorium in Worli.

Need FAST cash? Get a loan against your car
This loan costs you less than personal loans and credit card advances and you can avail of it even when your credit history is not exemplary.

First look: Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia has loaded Lumia 920 with competitive hardware and great optics to deliver quality imaging.

January 10, 2013
IMAGES: Irina's hot new swimwear ad campaign!
Don't miss the Russian supermodel's latest amazing photoshoot for Agua Bendita swimwear.

Top 4 must-have job skills for 2013
Amit Bansal, CEO, PurpleLeap, an organisation that makes graduates ready for employment suggests young professionals to focus on developing these key skills to succeed in their careers this year.

MBA admissions: Your questions answered
In an online chat with readers on January 9, 2013, Rajesh Balasubramanian and Naveenan Ramachandran, mentors, 2IIM, addressed queries related to CAT 2012 and offered advice on how to choose the best b-school based on their scores.

Two-wheeler makers line up launches for 2013
India's top two-wheeler makers have big plans for 2013

Should you BUY these stocks in 2013?
Last week we asked readers to mail their queries about stocks they want to buy, sell or hold. Here's the response to their queries.

January 09, 2013
Find your way to a healthy mind and body with yoga
Here are five good reasons why yoga should be one of your resolutions this year.

The backless celebrity beauties QUIZ: Guess who's who!
Can you recognise your favourite stars and their famous backless red carpet ensembles? Do you know them as well as you think you do? Take this quiz and let us know!

Is the rising cost of education affecting YOU?
With IITs and IIMs hiking their annual fees for the upcoming academic session, we'd like to know from you, dear readers, your views on the rising cost of education in India and how it affects your aspirations to study in these prestigious institutes and aspire for a better life.

CAT 2012 results: 10 score 100 percentile
The Common Admission Test 2012 results have been declared. 10 of the 1.91 lakh candidates who took the exam have got a perfect score of 100 percentile.

How your insurance agent can dupe YOU
And what you must do to prevent from getting duped

Using public Wi-Fi? 5 tips to stay safe
How not to get trapped and hacked while accessing Internet via public Wi-Fi networks

January 08, 2013
VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl this January!
Here's a round-up of the glossies for January -- take our poll and let us know who you think makes for the most fashionable, sexy cover this month!

'21st century belongs to creative minds'
Shipony Pavitran Suri talks to professionals who tell us why fine arts sees a positive trend in the 21st century and what aspirants must do to pursue a career in creative arts.

8 tips to SECURE your e-mails
Presented here are the eight e-mail security tips that you should keep in mind.

What alcohol does to your sex life
Experts have analysed what a cocktail or glass of wine, which can help us relax and even feel a little sexier, actually does to our sex life.

Tax planning tips for working women
The key to being a good tax planner is correct financial knowledge followed by smart strategies.

DON'T make these career mistakes in 2013
This year, find the time to explore the office beyond your cubicle and make reading a habit among other things, suggest experts.

IITs hike fees by 80 % for undergraduate courses
The fee revision that will be effective for the 2013 batch will be carried out periodically.

Potato talk: From health benefits to recipes!
Here's all you need to know about this humble tuber that is a staple and integral part of our diet.

An engineer who gives free guitar lessons
When he is not solving advanced math problems, Floyd Fernandes gives away the kind of information that music buffs spend thousands on, finds .

January 07, 2013
A week of zorbing, skydiving, bungee jumping and more
As part of Udaan 2013, the adventure sports festival in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, some 26 outdoor activities are available over seven days, from January 8 to 14.

Pics: The WORST-dressed stars of 2012!
From Mallika Sherawat to Mariah Carey, here's a look at the least stylish ladies of the past year from India and across the world!

Beware! Distance BTech under threat
As per an order by the ministry of HRD, technical education in distance mode will now be fully regulated by AICTE. Keep an eye before applying online.

Explore these FUN ways to improve your English!
Banker-turned-author Manish Gupta's book English Bites! is a unique guide to the Queen's language that will have you learning and laughing at the same time.

Apply for the Imperial College PhD scholarship
Applications are invited from academically outstanding Indian students to study for a PhD at Imperial College London.

Top 10 Indian role models in the start-up domain
Read on to know why and how these Indian entrepreneurs inspired readers and young start-ups.

Five promising mutual funds for 2013
A look at five consistently performing equity mutual funds which look promising to perform well in the New Year.

January 06, 2013
The covergirl who's actually a man: Fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

How to get good sleep in 2013
Shameem Akthar, yogacharya, trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Kerala on how you can beat insomnia.

10 must-have mobile apps for students
Read on to know why and how these Android based applications will make your life easier.

Travel: Breathtaking PHOTOS from around the world
What was the world like in 2012? We bring you some of the best travel pictures from around the globe. Keep clicking.

January 05, 2013
PICS: Make the most of 24 hours in Ooty
What do you do when you have just about 24 hours to spend in the Queen of Hill Stations in India? Here's what did.

How to bust stress with exercise
Fitness expert gives you some advice that will have you feeling fresh and energetic instead of stressed out and anxious.

PICS: The HOTTEST women of 2013!
Website has released its annual list of the sexiest female celebrities to watch out for in the New Year.

Top 5 dual-SIM phones under Rs 5,000
Need a good feature phone that has the features as well as budget range? Well, read on.

January 04, 2013
Kareena Kapoor: My love and other stories
We bring you another excerpt from Kareena Kapoor's new book 'The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva', in which she discusses the 'rules' of her relationship with husband Saif Ali Khan.

Students from the US 'experience' Hinduism in Vrindavan
Students from Rutgers University, New Jersey will be introduced to music, art and rituals associated to Hinduism as a part of their course.

IMAGES: Vogue's top ten models of 2012!
The fashion bible has listed the 'it' girls of the fashion industry who made a mark last year. Take a look.

Top 5 study abroad destinations
Forget the US and the UK, Naveenan Ramachandran and Abhishek Bhide, mentors, 4GMAT, Mumbai tell us why these nations offer the best for international MBA aspirants.

Top 5: Smartphones coming up in 2013
Many phones will be launched in the next three months, but the one's here have been anticipated for long, and they are very important phones for their respective brands.

6 lessons start-ups can learn from Walmart
John Fearon, CEO of Dropmysite Pte Ltd reflects upon the success of Walmart over the years and tells us what worked for it that did not for its competitors.

15 mantras to WIN the stock market
Morningstar's Chief Equity Strategist Paul Larson outlines the stock-investing principles that guide his investment strategy.

January 03, 2013
IMAGES: The hottest celebrity vegetarians of 2012!
Animal rights organisation PETA has released their annual list of stars who keep meat off their plates. Take a look.

STUNNING PICS: The best cities to travel to in 2013
Travel magazine Lonely Planet's list of top 10 cities to visit in the New Year.

IMAGES: Best bikini bodies 2012!
With the inaugural edition of its Mail Online Showbiz Awards, the Daily Mail has shortlisted the best female figures of the past year. Take a look.

15 leadership quotes to inspire you in the New Year
We bring you inspirational sayings from famous people to motivate you to start fresh in 2013.

Success mantra of a young hard rock musician
Lead vocalist of music band Scribe, Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy shares his exciting journey as a young Indian musician.

Stocks corner: What to BUY, what to SELL!
Have a query related to Indian stock markets and investing? Every week our stock market expert will answer your stock queries. This is the first set of queries sent by readers.

5 artists to watch out for in 2013
Subjective or not, you'll be hearing a lot about these artists in 2013 and beyond.

January 02, 2013
Top 10 countries to travel to in 2013
Travel magazine Lonely Planet's list of countries to travel to in the New Year.

Astrospeak: Your zodiac forecast for 2013!
What is the New Year looking like for you? Here's what the stars predict, based on your astrological sign.

Share your New Year's Resolutions
Post your New Year's Resolutions on Rediff ZaraBol and win prizes

6 young women share resolutions for a safer New Year
Indian women are resolving to fight a battle for equality and justice in 2013.

Top MFs of 2012 and how they will perform in 2013
As the New Year begins here's taking a look at the best mutual funds of 2012 and what you should do with them in 2013.

January 01, 2013
TOP 5: Yoga poses for strong sexy arms
, yogaacharya trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, takes you through five exciting arm-upper body toning poses.

10 New Year resolutions that get broken
According to a survey the tradition of New Year's Resolution almost never lasts for more than a month. lists out the ten resolutions that almost always get broken

IN PICS: 16 Hottest new games of 2013
What games should you be looking forward to in 2013? Business Standard's Abhik Sen lists out.

December 31, 2012
IMAGES: The best-dressed stars of 2012!
From Deepika Padukone to Diane Kruger, here's a look at the most fashion-forward ladies of the year from India and across the world!

Eight things you MUST do at the start of the New Year
From stocking up on health foods to moving on from misunderstandings, outlines a few vital dos for 2013.

The BIGGEST internet sensations of 2012
While Gangnam style emerged the most popular video on YouTube, home grown celebrities like Nirmal Baba and Sherlyn Chopra also had their fair share of internet fame. Read on to know why and how these people dominated the internet in 2012.

Best smartphones 2012 over Rs 30,000
Launched in 2012, these handsets come with awe-inspiring features but with a premium price.

10 types of home loans you must know of
he home loan market is brimming with diverse home loan products which cater to different needs of individual customers.

December 30, 2012
Snapshots from India: Readers share their travel pics
We asked you to send in your unusual travel pictures -- something out of the ordinary that you spotted and caught on camera. Here's a fresh set of responses!

Sex in the city: Is romance going out the window?
We live in times of low attention spans, where all joys of the stomach and flesh are available at the drop of a hat (or via mobile now?)! Is it just sex or is there some lingering fragrance to romance in our times, asks Nisha JamVwal.

Unveiled: The spanking new X60R!
The Italian bike chassis maker, Pierobon has unveiled updated version of their X60R superbike which they had first showcased a year back.

Gaming review: Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3 is one of the best shooters to have come out this year!

December 29, 2012
IN PHOTOS: The amazing Pallava legacy
Rediff reader writes about her travel to Mamallapuram.

Must read: The amazing history of the barcode
Everything you wanted to know about the wonderful evolution of barcodes.

The 7 'Ps' of investing in stocks
Get Ahead reader 's stock market success mantras.

Liz Hurley turns sexy Santa and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

December 28, 2012
The 10 most blushworthy scientific facts about sex!
Sex, which is a part of life and a subject of scientific research, was one of the most talked-about topics in science stories of 2012, it has been revealed.

VOTE: Hottest Indian model of 2012!
They've been the toast of the fashion world all through the year, but who's the sexiest of them all? Vote for your favourite Indian model of 2012!

'What is the cost of pursuing an MBA abroad?'
In an online chat with readers on December 27, Naveenan Ramachandran and Abhishek Bhide, experts, 4GMAT addressed queries on preparing for GMAT and offered advice on how to pursue an MBA abroad.

10 creative ways to spend New Year's Eve at home
Why would you want to get caught in traffic or in a crowd on New Year's Eve? lists out fun things you can do at home.

Investing in GOLD? Read this!
The pros and cons of investing in gold coins and bars, jewellery, gold ETFs and gold mining stocks.

Top 5 photo-sharing apps for Android lovers
Tweak images with different effects, overlays and borders. These images can then be shared over a social network or dedicated community.

America's best colleges 2012: The top 14
If you are aspiring to study in the United States of America, here's where you must lay your bet on.

December 27, 2012
VOTE: Celeb fashion risks 2012 that we loved and hated!
From Bollywood to Hollywood, here are the outfits that generated the most buzz on the red carpet this year. Vote and tell us whether you approve or not!

How much fibre you need in YOUR diet
We all know important it is to include fibre in our diets. But how much fibre do we need, exactly? Read on to learn more.

PICS: Winners of the best travel destinations in India
We recently asked you, our readers to vote for the best travel destinations in India. Here are the results.

Gaming review: Agent 47 is back, and he's back in style
Hitman: Absolution is a long overdue game not just for fans of Agent 47, but also for those of us that love IO's sense of style and nihilistic worldview.

How to make the RIGHT financial decisions
Rationality and careful decision-making is the key to a successful financial plan, says , CFPCM.

How 2012 affected Indian students
The year 2012 saw some interesting breakthroughs in the field of education for Indian students. While some brought joy, others spelt confusion and further added to their woes. We explore

REVEALED: The books India read in 2012!
India's largest bookstore chain Crossword released its annual list of the bestselling books of the year. Keep clicking to find out what India has been reading this year.

December 26, 2012
IN PICS: The most stylish men of 2012!
Men's magazine GQ listed out the 25 most stylish men of 2012. Here are some of them who made it.

Top 5 Wi-Fi phones under Rs 4,000
With smartphones becoming cheaper there are many options that offer Wi-Fi connectivity. Here are a few that you can look at.

Ilavarasi wants to study
A 22-year-old girl, born as an unpleasant surprise to her Tamil Brahmin mother and Thevar father, who later abandoned her, and who is now looked after by an NGO tells about two dreams she wished somebody could fulfil.

Important things to consider when choosing a B-school
MBA aspirants must be careful not to be carried away by institute-sponsored advertisements and bogus placement figures, writes Charanpreet Singh, Associate Dean, Praxis Business School, Kolkata.

5 ways to financial freedom in 2013
Simple tips to set your finances right in the New Year!

TOP 10: Holiday destinations on the rise
Travel website lists out the top ten destinations that are on the rise. Take a look!

IMAGES: Most stylish celeb families in the world!
A recent survey conducted by website has revealed the most stylish celeb clans from across the globe. Here's who made the cut!

Heart-healthy: All about the Mediterranean Diet
Here's all you need to know about this diet, which includes plenty of fresh produce, very little meat and is known to be good for your heart.

10 really simple steps to a rocking party
Just how can you throw a really successful party? Harnoor Channi Tiwary lists out ten really simple steps! Read on!

December 25, 2012
'Only the fittest survive in the corporate world'
Partha Sarathi Basu, author of Make It Or Break It: Mantras For A Successful Career discusses why he likens the corporate world to a jungle and dishes out some novel yet simple mantras to help India's youth carve out a niche for themselves in whatever career path they pursue.

December 24, 2012
Eight important tips to get fit in 2013!
Struggling to hide that paunch or those flabby arms this party season? Jasmine Chabria tells you how to flaunt a healthy, toned body when the clock ticks 2013.

Top 5 apps for a MERRIER Christmas
With Christmas just hours away, you must be worrying as how to make the best of the times. It's time for fun and enjoyment.

13 steps to make 2013 your best year yet
Based on decades of study, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have offered 13 notable, no-holds-barred, what-are-you-waiting-for tips to make 2013 your best year yet.

Photos: Varanasi among world's 10 most colourful places
What are the most colourful places in the world? lists out the top ten to help you find!

I'd still wear a bikini on holiday: Kareena Kapoor
In an exclusive interview with, Kareena Kapoor dishes on her new book 'Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva', her lifestyle and why she'd still wear a bikini on the beach if not on screen.

DON'T MISS: Hottest job sectors in 2013
Of the 10 lakh jobs that will be available in 2013, manufacturing and healthcare dominate the list of hiring sectors, while those looking for a job in the IT and IT enabled services may find it relatively harder, revealed hiring experts.

Now, easy financing for buying that DREAM superbike
Banks make loans available at lower rates to attract high networth customers

7 smart ways to fund your start-up
Nitin Mukadam, CEO at N M Consulting suggests seven smart ways to finance your business.

December 23, 2012
Energise! Fighting fatigue with whole wheat foods
If you need to up your energy levels without indulging in high sugar or high-calorie foods, here's the way to go.

The 10 UNLUCKIEST people you'll ever hear of!
Do you consider yourself unlucky? The next time you find yourself complaining about how Lady Luck is never on your side, consider the lives of these ten individuals.

IN PICS: The story of the tragedy of Lucknow's Residency
After his articles on the Chitradurga Fort, Daulatabad Fort and the Bada Imambara, Rediff reader sends in this story of Lucknow's famed Residency.

What you MUST consider before buying a tablet PC
Abhijith blogs about all the geeky stuff and more at He talks about the crucial things you absolutely must consider before buying a tablet PC.

December 22, 2012
IN PICS: Travelling to the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh
travelled to Madhya Pradesh and returned with these memories.

Revealed: Men love curves, women love abs
These sexy guides will help lovelorns discover what the opposite sex wants.

VS Angel Erin on how to look sexy and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Yamaha queues up a HOT new 250cc motorbike for 2014!
The motorbike giant will be rolling out an influential 250cc engine sports motorcycle in the Indian market within two years.

December 21, 2012
This aspiring doctor wants to cure mental disorders
In the fourth and final part of a series on Indian Americans who have won the George Marshall Scholarship in 2012, profiles microbiology student Paras Minhas, who wants to pursue a doctorate at the University College of London and treat mental disorders.

Top 10: Most popular travel destinations in India
According to the latest Hotel Price Index report by, Indian metros dominated the top 10 favourite Indian destinationslist amongst international travellers.

Why are actuarial science grads dropping out of college?
Many join the course but most either leave mid-way to take jobs or are not able to clear the exams.

7 misconceptions about male sexuality revealed!
So you think men are likelier to cheat in a relationship? Or that they never change? You may be surprised to learn the truth!

IMAGES: Stars attend Playboy's launch in India!
Akshay Kumar, Imran Khan and Geeta Basra were just some of the celebrities who attended the Playboy party in Mumbai on December 19.

Five yoga poses to boost brain power
Shameem Akthar, yogacharya trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, takes you through five yoga practices to help your brain stay in shape.

Top 5 SOS apps for women
These apps will help you alert your near and dear ones and tell them your exact location in case of emergencies.

The IIM student who is also a mother of four
The 34-year-old student of Indian Institute of Management Raipur who is also the mother of four children tells us how she deftly manages both academics and family affairs.

December 20, 2012
He'll be using his education to combat cancer, strokes
In the third part of a series on Indian Americans who have won the George Marshall Scholarship in 2012, profiles Rahul Rekhi, a biomedical engineering graduate who wants to revolutionise healthcare and find ways to tackle diseases like cancer and stroke.

Should you be worried about Instagram's new policies?
The picture sharing site Instagram has stirred up the hornet's nest with its renewed user policies. What does that mean for the everyday user? Sumit Gupta tells you just that.

Start-up tips: How to raise funds for your business
In an online chat with readers on December 19, Amit Grover, founder, Nurture Talent Academy addressed queries on how to pursue entrepreneurship.

ENGLISH QUIZ: Fill in the blanks with relative pronouns!
Answer these questions and find out just how good you are with relative pronouns in English grammar!

Applying for a dual degree programme? A checklist
Here are tips on what to look for before you invest your time and money in dual degree programmes.

Six seemingly innocuous foods that upset your tummy!
Honey, onions and curries can cause an upset stomach, a research has revealed. What other foods and habits inadvertently lead to bad stomach? Read on to find out more.

Lara Dutta: Good-looking people are not considered smart
At EVOKE 2012, an idea-sharing event organised by the US Consulate in Mumbai earlier this month, former beauty queen Lara Dutta partly blamed the media and male scriptwriters in the Indian film industry for the objectification of women, while sharing interesting insights into her modelling career.

3 key characteristics of effective leaders
Human resource professional and avid public speaker feels that a few leadership traits can be instilled in everyone and developed through self confidence.

PICS: Breathtaking scenes from India and around the world
We asked you to send in your unusual travel pictures -- something out of the ordinary that you spotted and caught on camera. Here's a fresh set of responses!

December 19, 2012
Top 10 tips to ace your job interview
Focusing on your past performance and using references can help you land your dream job.

This Harvard graduate is working to uplift the poor
In the second part of a series on Indian Americans who have won George Marshall Scholarships in 2012, profiles Harvard alumnus Aditya Balasubramaniam, who has worked in the slums of New Delhi and discusses what this academic opportunity means to him.

VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl 2012!
Each month, we bring readers a round-up of the latest stylish Indian magazine covers featuring models and celebrities and ask them to vote for the best. Now, based on those votes from January through to December, we bring you the hot monthly favourites -- take our poll and let us know whose you think was the most fashionable, sexy cover this year!

TOP 10: Travel destinations for New Year's Eve
Travel and food writer, nurtures an enduring passion for new places and experiences and a deep affection for old haunts. She lists out the best travel destinations for this New Year's Eve.

How to protect your cell phone from prying eyes
Simply protect your messages and calls from prying eyes with this free but very useful app.

Startups: 5 commando op rules for extraordinary success
Girish Mathrubootham, Founder, Freshdesk spotted a lot of similarities between the functioning of commandos and start-ups. Here's his guide on succeeding in the start-up world.

'My books reflect the sexual repression in our society'
In an interview with, author Madhuri Banerjee discusses her latest book Mistakes Like Love and Sex, why she hates the term 'chick lit' and how the characters and erotic scenes she writes hold a mirror up to us as a society.

My best 2012 moment: I bought a house!
We invited you, our readers, to share with us your personal best moments of 2012. Here is the next set of responses!

Kailash Kher: I didn't have the money to buy a bus ticket
Kailash Kher shot to fame in 2004 with the song Allah Ke Bande. But the route to success wasn't a cakewalk.

December 18, 2012
He won a scholarship for his HIV activism in the US
In a four-part series commencing today, profiles the winners of the 2012 George Marshall Scholarships, a prestigious programme which finances up to forty young Americans annually to study for a degree in the United Kingdom. First up in this series is Aditya Ashok, who aims to make the US healthcare system work for the largest number of Americans.

IMAGES: Hottest celebrity bodies 2012!
Fitness Magazine has compiled a 'fit list' of the stars with the best bodies and body parts for this year -- take a look.

Opening a bank account just got simpler
As per the Reserve Bank of India's new KYC norms, customers need not provide separate ID proofs to open a new account. Read on to know the new changes will benefit you.

How to avoid the siesta effect post your office lunch
Use these tips to avoid napping at your desk after an afternoon meal.

6 tips to actually KEEP your New Year's resolution
With New Year round the corner, it is time for new resolutions and an expert on 'goal setting and will power' from the US can help you to keep them.

Short story: One Night Stand in Hariharapuram
We bring you a tale of forbidden love by Mohan Raghavan, winner of the 'Love Stories That Touched My Heart' contest hosted by Penguin India.

Top 5 budget music phones in India
Here we present you with a list of devices that provide good music along with FM radio support.

Billionaire Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's advice to youngsters
The story of how a middle-class IT officer's son came to be featured on the Forbes' list of billionaires is as amazing as the man himself. At EVOKE 2012, an idea-sharing event organised by the US Consulate in Mumbai earlier this month, Indian investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala explained why he believes that India is a rich country, what money means to him and why he's not burdened with guilt about the country's poverty.

December 17, 2012
Throwing a festive party? 10 tasty Indian recipes
of London run a culinary website -- here's some festive recipes from their new e-book 'Christmas With Susan'.

PICS: Top 10 holiday destinations in India
shares her favourite holiday vacations in India this year.

Two weeks to a flatter tummy
Fitness expert gives you a routine that will whip your tummy into better shape within a fortnight.

6 tips for budding women entrepreneurs
Surabhi Dewra, co-founder and CEO of says the key to success lies in overcoming conventional thinking.

IMAGES: Hot celebrity hairstyles this festive season!
Check out top party looks sported by the stars that suit all hair types!

Meet India's youngest chess grandmaster
Parimarjan Negi was only 13, when he became the second-youngest grandmaster. With a World Chess Federation rating of 2641, he recently replaced Andhra Pradesh's Pendyala Harikrishna (25) to become the country's youngest grandmaster.

December 16, 2012
Readers share their best nature and wildlife photos
We recently invited you, our readers, to share with us the best nature and wildlife photos you may have shot. Here is the first set of responses.

Practice these yoga poses for better posture
The Art of Living Foundation shares certain yoga practices that can help improve your posture.

Your Christmas recipe: Meethe chawal
Reader Saraswat from Keonjhar shared this recipe of Meethe Chawal ahead of Christmas.

December 15, 2012
Top 5: Travel pictures from around India
We asked you to send in your unusual travel pictures -- something out of the ordinary that you spotted and caught on camera. Here's a fresh set of responses!

Pregnancy problem: 'I suffered from postnatal depression'
Reader Mansi Gupta shares the problems she faced during her pregnancy last year.

'Is it necessary to match kundlis before marriage?'
Is your love life under pressure? Are you troubled by your relationship? Get Ahead's Love Guru hosted a chat with readers on December 13 to help them deal with love problems. For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript.

Does eating meat cause cancer? What you should know
Nutritionist gives us the lowdown on investigations into the link between meat consumption and cancer.

December 14, 2012
Expert tips to ace the IBPS Bank Exam 2013
In an online chat with readers, Anil Nagar, Director, Bank Power Institute, Delhi addressed queries on how to prepare for the exam.

Kim's lingerie photoshoot and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Five yoga poses for better digestion
, yogacharya, trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Kerala, shows a few poses will cure your digestion problems.

VOTE: The BEST travel destination in India
We are asking you, our readers to vote for the best travel destination in the country. Tell us!

Ashwin Sanghi: 'I received obnoxious comments for my book'
What triggered young Ashwin Sanghi, having just returned from Yale with a degree in business management and a family business to take care of, to try his hand at history and mythology?

December 13, 2012
QUIZ: Can YOU figure out these British English words?
Answer these questions and find out just how many proper British terms you're familiar with!

Stay in shape without starving: Bebo did it, you can too
The good news is that we can eat and still stay in fabulous shape, in fact, if we are to believe Kareena Kapoor.

Love making things attractive? Become a display designer
Eye-catching displays always grab a shopper's attention. The Indian retail industry is now recognising the visual merchandiser's role in attracting customers.

Stop chasing the 'best performing mutual fund' fad!
There is more to investing in mutual funds than just chasing the fad of the day, says

'I want to pursue MS in the USA. How do I prepare?'
In an online chat with reader, Dipti Punjabi, expert, EGE Global Education addressed queries on pursuing a course abroad and offered advice on how to choose the right institute and programme.

IN PICS: Top 5 smartphones for gaming
of The Mobile Indian lists out the best smartphones for gaming aficionados.

Meet Ramesh Srivats, entrepreneur and Twitter celeb
An alumnus of IIT-Madras and IIM-Ahmedabad, Ramesh Srivats may be a serial entrepreneur, but he is more popular for his witty one-liners on Twitter. In a candid interview, he tells us more about his source of ideas and his plans for the future.

December 12, 2012
Most Desirable Women 2013: Kate, Candice and more!
Here's a look at the annual list of sexy sirens compiled by

At 16, she's performed with Zakir Hussain, Nitin Sawhney
Mohini Dey can't vote yet, but she has already performed with greats like Ustad Zakir Hussain and British Indian producer Nitin Sawhney. The young bassist from Mumbai is being seen as India's answer to Tal Wilkenfeld, and the next big thing in music. This is her story.

Hungry kya? Four myths associated with snacking BUSTED
If you're feeling peckish, don't deprive yourself of snacks between meals.

Christmas Special: Indian dessert recipes with a twist!
shares some unique preparations to get you in the mood this festive season.

Keep your credit card SAFE from fraudsters!
5 precautionary measures you must take to prevent any misuse of your credit card.

9 life lessons to learn from Rajinikanth
As Thalaivar celebrates his 62nd birthday today, we look back at his life and career and are left inspired.

December 11, 2012
Anushka, Bebo and more: VOTE for these celebs' styles!
Give us your take on these famous faces' fashionable (and not-so-fashionable) choices!

Meet the dosa hunters of Bangalore!
Three friends in Bangalore have embarked on an unusual quest for the best dosa in the city. of Business Standard joins them in their search.

Best 2012 moment: 'We brough our adopted baby girl home'
We invited you, our readers, to share with us your personal best moments of 2012. Here is the next set of responses!

Roberto Cavalli sings praises of B-Town fashionista Sonam
The Italian couturier has lavished praise on the actress, who is known to favour his designs.

Top 10 interview blunders that could cost you the job
You'll be surprised to learn that not showing up for interviews and being rude to potential collagues are among several common blunders that youngsters make in the job-hunt process. Read on to learn what behaviour to avoid, as it can lead to your immediate rejection.

'The urge to be something extraordinary is ingrained'
In a conversation that offers insights about her relationship with music, and her own journey as a 'hyperactive' career woman, author Chandrima Pal talks to Nishi Tiwari about her debut novel, A Song for I.

iTunes in India: Worth your time and money?
Now that Apple's media player and library application has finally created an online store specifically for Indian consumers, sizes up what it has to offer -- and at what cost.

My solo bike trip: Footloose in the Himalayas
writes about his solo bike journey from Mumbai to the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh. Riding Solo To The Top Of The World was the first documentary produced by Dirt Track Productions.

Want to succeed? Run towards fear
The story of the Zen master and the dogs in the temple has often been told and the message is that it can and has changed lives.

December 10, 2012
VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl this December!
Here's a round-up of the glossies for December -- take our poll and let us know who you think makes for the most fashionable, sexy cover this month!

'We lose 70 per cent of our bright students to the IITs'
Dr Nagesh Rao, President and Director of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad tells us why the Indian education system needs a global outlook and how we are losing a good number of students to the IITs.

Four high-energy foods for MEN
Guys, here's what your diet must include in order to keep your energy levels up through the day.

7 lessons I learnt from Life Of Pi
Pritam Roy, founder and CEO of shares some of the lessons he learnt from Ang Lee's recent movie.

Hiring boom for MBAs in the New Year
A global survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council has revealed that a majority of employers are willing to hire MBAs graduating in 2013. Read on for details.

December 09, 2012
IN PICS: The BEST New Year's Eve parties in the world!
As the world gears up to welcome 2013, Vatsala Chhibber tells you about the best new year celebrations across the world. Which one would you like to attend?

The many causes of hypertension
If you suffer from high blood pressure, here's what may be triggering the problem.

PICS: Kelly Brook's lingerie for the festive season!
The British glamour model has designed and posed in a new range of sexy intimates for high street brand New Look --take a look.

My best 2012 moment: I got married
We invited you, our readers, to share with us your personal best moments of 2012. Here is the first set of responses! Share yours too!

December 08, 2012
IN PICS: The magical fairytale town of Torun
Media professional and traveller writes about her tryst with Torun, the city of gingerbread men.

How to manage allergies at home
There is no cure for allergies, but the symptoms which we get from exposure to allergens can be relieved.

Sherlyn's Playboy silence and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

The bikes that changed the way India rides
Bikes in India have come a long way from the quaint 100cc motorcycles that were permanent fixtures on our roads. of takes a look at some of the middle-weight bikes that have been the backbone of personal transportation in India.

December 07, 2012
STUNNING: The BEST wildlife photographs of the year!
We bring you the best pictures from Wildlife Awards 2012. Text and Photograph courtesy magazine.

'Should I pursue an MBA from India or abroad?'
In an online chat with readers on December 6, Naveenan Ramachandran and Abhishek Bhide addressed reader queries related to pursuing an MBA abroad.

Facebook may decide if you will get an interview call
A new study has revealed that more than 90 per cent employers look for social media profiles before considering a candidate for a job.

'I've suffered failure in love for the fifth time'
Is your love life under pressure? Are you troubled by your relationship? Get Ahead's Love Guru hosted a chat with readers on December 6 to help them deal with love problems. For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript.

PICS: Sexy styles from international catwalks!
In a round-up of recent world fashions, we bring you the best of designerwear seen on catwalks from Paris to Sydney.

'I suffered during my pregnancy just like Kate'
We'd asked you, our readers to tell us if you have suffered a pregnancy condition like Kate's? Reader Anuradha Yogesh tells us the ordeal she faced while bearing her first child and how she identifies with the Dutchess of Cambridge.

India's top b-schools based on the alumni's job profiles!
For the first time, leading education magazine Careers360 has ranked India's top 75 b-schools on the basis of the companies where their alumni are employed and the type of profiles they enjoy. Read on to know where they are now and how much they are earning.

PICS: A glowing pregnant Kate leaves the hospital
The Duchess of Cambridge was discharged yesterday after receiving three days' treatment for acute morning sickness.

Top 5 Online trading mistakes
There are some things you must be careful of while using online stock trading websites. Here are five common mistakes that you must not make.

December 06, 2012
PICS: Kangna, Evelyn and more divas at a fashion do!
Harper's Bazaar India unveiled their December 2012 issue with a stylish do in Mumbai last night. Here's a look at the glamorous women who attended and their style statements!

Now, smartphone app to alert drowsy drivers
Falling asleep behind the wheel? Fear not, an app is here to wake you up!

Motorcycle Diaries: Riding to Goa on an Enfield
participated in Rider Mania joining hundreds of Enfield riders on a trip to India's beach paradise -- Goa. He shares his experiences with us.

For Kate and all expectant mothers: Acute morning sickness
Gynaecologist Dr Darshana Apte gives readers the lowdown on hyperemesis gravidarum, the acute form of morning sickness that saw the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge admitted to hospital two days ago.

Piaggio plans to take on Harley AND Enfield!
Most recently in the news for its cute Vespas, the Italian bike manufacturing company will introduce the cruiser brand Moto Guzzi next year.

Top 5 Android apps for kids
Got young ones at home? Then make sure you have these apps to keep them busy and entertained.

'There's nothing romantic about the life of a sex worker'
Having written four alternative Delhi guidebooks, Mayank Austen Soofi explores unfamiliar territory in his latest work 'Nobody Can Love You More'. Soofi, known for his poplar blog The Delhi Walla, explores the lives and experiences of sex workers in Delhi's red light area of GB Road. In an interview with's , he talks about life beyond the city's ancient Ajmeri Gate.

Federal Bank to hire 5k employees: How to bag the job!
Graduates from any discipline can aspire for a lucrative job at India's fourth largest bank. Here's everything you need to know about the Federal Bank.

'80 per cent of women still wear the wrong sized bra'
Richa Kar's story is one of the rare entrepreneurial success stories in India. To set up a business in an industry as personal as lingerie and disrupt it, is a commendable feat. Read on to know why she succeeds in inspiring many more women to take up the entrepreneurial route.

December 05, 2012
Top 10: Secrets to younger life, REVEALED!
Patrick Holford, author of The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing has revealed secrets to leading a younger and healthier life.

QUIZ: Figure out these old English sayings!
Answer these questions and find out just how many archaic English expressions you can interpret accurately!

'When I'm big, I'll leave this place'
We bring you an extract from Nobody Can Love You More by Mayank Austen Soofi.

Superfoods that help prevent cancer
There are several colourful fruit and vegetables that are linked to prevention of the dreaded disease.

'How much does an MBBS in China cost?'
In an online chat with readers on December 4, Dipti Punjabi, counsellor, EGE Global Education addressed reader queries about pursuing a course abroad and offered advice on how to choose the right programme and university.

TOP 5: Things to consider while taking a home loan
Young and going for a home loan? Aditya Prasad tells you about the 5 things you absolutely must remember.

10 reasons why employees quit their jobs
Lack of appreciation and work overload are some reasons why people quit.

December 04, 2012
In pictures: Kate's pregnancy so far!
Now that the news of the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy has broken and we know she's less than 12 weeks along, here's a look at her style statements during the early days.

Photos: Mean machines at the 2012 Milan bike show
For those who could not make it to the biggest motorcycle show in the world, here's what you missed.

Apply for the Manmohan Singh Scholarship 2013
Apply for the Manmohan Singh Scholarship and win a chance to study at the Cambridge University or take NIIT's Graduate Employability Test. Read on for details.

6 attractive scholarships for Indian students
You top every semester but inadequate finance pulls your aspiring feathers down? Try applying for the most attractive and profitable scholarships and bring down your cost of education.

Riding solo to Ladakh's Chang pa nomads
Documentarian Gaurav Jani takes a motorcycle journey to experience life in Ladakh. Read on

An exercise regime to get in shape by New Year's Eve!
Fitness expert elaborates on a routine to have you looking your best within less than a month!

7 things you need to know about the new cheque books
Check you cheque. Find out if it includes these seven key features.

Ashwin Sanghi: The birth of India's Dan Brown
In a two-part interview with Ashwin Sanghi, we bring you insights from the bestselling author of The Krishna Key, Chanakya's Chant and Rozabal Line and just how a young man from a family obsessed with numbers and business found love for history and the written word.

December 03, 2012
PICS: Bipasha, Paris and more beach babes on the ramp!
Here's a glimpse of the beachwear and celebrities on the runway on the last two days of India Resort Fashion Week.

Astrospeak: Your zodiac forecast as 2012 ends!
As the year draws to a close, discusses your astrological stand on the threshold of 2013, based on zodiac signs.

IBPS Bank Exam 2013: New rules explained
Anil Nagar, Director, Bank Power Institute, Delhi explains the new changes in the IBPS bank exam and also tells us why a career in banking is prospective for the Indian graduate.

What to expect on your first day at work
It is advisable to ask your prospective employer about the documents you will require in advance to avoid delays in your new workplace advises Amit Bansal.

How you can GAIN weight the healthy way
Dr Raju AT of tells you the healthy way to put on weight.

Your cheque book may be invalid from Jan 1, 2013
If your chequebook is not compliant with RBI's cheque truncation system (CTS), implemented from October 1, it may be invalid from January 1, 2013.

December 02, 2012
Eight minerals your body needs
What are the minerals that your body absolutely cannot do without? Dr Yogesh D of lists out!

Pics: Exploring a chunk of India's forgotten history
Orchha is a medieval architectural marvel that puts modern towns to shame. We explore a chunk of India's forgotten history through this erstwhile royal capital.

PICS: The world's first SMART bag
Get Ahead reader , a Class IX ICSE student from Pondicherry, tells you what all this magic bag can do for your smartphones and gadgets.

Kate, Naomi reunite for nude photoshoot: Fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

December 01, 2012
PHOTOS: Brides on the beach at Resort Week
You got a glimpse of what unfolded on Day Two of the India Resort Week here. Here are two more designers that set the ramp on fire.

14 'yucky' aphrodisiacs from around the world
Try these only if you are very desperate to improve your sex drive.

The amazing story of Lucknow's Bada Imambara
who has been fort-hopping visited the Bada Imambara of Lucknow and returned with this story!

Fat Bob: The spectacular Harley with a twist
Welcome the latest addition to the Harley family -- the super sexy Fat Bob

November 30, 2012
PICS: Shazahn in sexy beachwear at Resort Week
As the India Resort Week got off to a flying start, we bring you more images from the second day of the fashion extravaganza.

The risk factors and symptoms of kidney cancer
Majority of kidney cancers originate in the tiny tubules of the kidney and are known as renal cell carcinoma. Read on to learn more...

SPECIAL: An AIDS orphan in love
Everybody falls in love in his or her teens. So has Ravi, a 19-year-old AIDS patient. On the eve of World AIDS Day on December 1, Ravi shares his feelings with's .

Study Abroad: 'China made me independent, self-reliant'
American student Megan Lee who went to Beijing Language and Culture University tells us how the experience helped her in her career.

8 courses to pursue after GATE 2013
With public sector undertakings giving prominence to GATE scores, the prospects for engineering graduates just got bigger and better. Read on to know how an additional certification can add value to your career.

What you must know about cancelling your mobile connection
A couple of pointers that every consumer should keep in mind while dealing with such situations to avoid being cheated of their time and money.

How online scammers play on your emotions
Why online scammers play on your emotions and mostly succeed in defrauding you.

November 29, 2012
PICS: Sexy swimwear kicks off Goa's fashion extravaganza!
Here's a glimpse of the beachwear that lit up the runway on Day One of India Resort Fashion Week.

Homework is a waste of time: Do YOU agree?
A new study by researchers from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, US has revealed that homework assignments did not help students get better grades.

Hands on: Samsung Ativ Pro tablet-PC at Rs 75k
During the launch event we had a chance to check this high profile tablet and here is out first impression of the device.

8 things a graduate must do to become job-ready
Identify your calling, start early and invest in the right resources -- people. Towards the end of your graduation, you will have a job offer you can't refuse.

PICS: The PERFECT wedding outfit for your body type!
Fashion designer lists the best wedding dress options for various body shapes. Read on!

Apply for the Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships 2013
Thirty students who intend to pursue a Phd will be awarded a tuition waiver through the scholarship that is tenable up to three years based on individual progress.

'Chetan Bhagat has made readers out of non-readers'
Author Anita Nair talks about the art of writing, her latest book Cut Like Wound and more.

IN PICS: Paris Hilton arrives in India
Paris Hilton is back in India, this time to DJ at the India Resort Fashion Week. Pictures of her first landing!

Are you an emotional spender? Here's how to control it
While quite challenging it is not impossible to overcome emotional spending. Here's how

Meet the world's youngest director
Guinness World Record holder Kishan Shrikanth directed his first feature film at the age of 9! Now, at 15, Kishan has big plans for the future.

November 28, 2012
IMAGES: What we'll see at India Resort Fashion Week
As India Resort Fashion Week kicks off in Goa today, we bring you a glimpse of outfits that will make their way onto the runway.

Indian entrepreneurs win Intel Global Challenge
Two young entrepreneurs discuss their winning idea and how they plan to scale their business with .

IMAGES: Spanish styles meet saris on the Indian runway
Designer Suneet Varma celebrated 25 years in the Indian fashion industry with a spectacular showing in New Delhi on November 24. Take a look.

Flying alone? Now, a website for 'airport dating'
No reason to fly solo any more. Here's how you can hook up while you're on the move!

Top tips to improve your English skills
Trying to learn the language by the book is one of the biggest blunders in English communication. Instead, we must try and understand the language better through regular reading, writing and speaking, says Sarah Deverall, Director of Exams and Customer Services, South Asia, British Council.

PHOTOS: Majestic waterfalls, shimmering lakes & more
We asked you to send in your unusual travel pictures -- something out of the ordinary that you spotted and caught on camera. Here's a fresh set of responses! And if you want to contribute, post your pictures here!

'What are the career options after class 12 in the UK?
In an online chat with readers on November 27, Dipti Punjabi, counsellor, EGE Global Education addressed queries about choosing a good programme and university and offered advice on how they can pursue a course abroad.

'Knowledge is not necessarily always good'
The Israeli American professor talks about why managers need to think differently and be humble enough to doubt their own intuition.

7 tips to manage your money smartly
Finding yourself often cash-strapped? Can't seem to save up to buy that cell phone or cute shoes? Here's a guide on how not just to save money, but also make more with little effort.

November 27, 2012
Top 5 Android tablets under Rs 10,000
Check out these tablets which are unique in the sub Rs 10,000 segment.

Stressed? Blame it on your Facebook friends
The more friends you have on Facebook, the more likely you are to get stressed, according to a new report.

'How will I know what is the right job for me?'
In an online chat with readers on November 26, Mayank Gupta, COO, addressed queries on how to find the job that best matches one's skillsets.

REVEALED: How Anne Hathaway stays in shape
Apart from going on a drastic diet of having only two squares of dried oatmeal paste daily, the Les Miserables and Dark Knight Rises star dances away her pounds.

5 retirement moves to make in your 20s
We evaluate five easy-to-follow steps a young individual in 20s can implement to live a comfortable life in retirement.

7 habits that can kill your start-up
While some of these habits may work at the early stage, for those thinking of scaling up, these very attributes may bring your start-up down.

November 26, 2012
The man who said no to Google
meets Vineet Devaiah, the founder of TeliportMe that he believes will give tough competition to Google Street View

'How much should I score in CAT to get into an IIM?'
In an online chat with readers on November 23, Rahul Reddy, CMO and Centre Director of VistaMind Education addressed queries related to preparing for GD and PI and offered advice on MBA admissions and more.

PICS: Harley's Fat Bob set to hit Indian roads!
The legendary motorcycle manufacturer has launched the Fat Bob for a cool Rs 12.8 lakh.

Want an Ivy League education? Go online
Although India has woken up to the trend quite late, there has been a steady rise in applicants registering for online courses, share experts.

How to invest in gold, silver, copper, platinum and zinc
Investing in these precious and base metals is as easy as investing in stocks. Here's how

IN PICS: Stunning water bodies and more
We asked you to send in your unusual travel pictures -- something out of the ordinary that you spotted and caught on camera. Here's a fresh set of responses! And if you want to contribute, post your pictures here!

'What are the important subjects for ISEET 2013?'
In an online chat with readers on November 22, Vivek Gupta, co-founder, Plancess Edusolution addressed reader queries related to the new entrance exam for IITs and offered advice on how to prepare for ISEET 2013.

Weight loss: 'I lost 34 kg in a year'
Readers share the stories and strategies behind their weight loss. Today, Bhavin Jitendra Shah from Mumbai tells us his story.

Study Abroad Experience: 'I got a full tuition waiver'
Reader Karan Desai who studied at the University of Westminster in London, UK shares his story with us.

November 25, 2012
Gaming review: Halo 4 DISAPPOINTS
, a full-time marketing exec, part-time writer and a life-long gamer reviews Halo 4.

PICS: Laetitia Casta stuns in new lingerie campaign!
Don't miss the French actress and model's latest photoshoot for H&M lingerie.

November 24, 2012
10 really annoying habits of fellow travellers
loves to travel. What she doesn't love are annoying co-passengers. Here are ten reasons why!

'Is it advisable to tell my partner about my past?'
Is your love life under pressure? Are you troubled by your relationship? Get Ahead's Love Guru hosted a chat with readers on November 22 to help them deal with love problems. For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript.

Madonna strips off and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

LG Optimus L9 launched in India for Rs 22,000
The LG Optimus L9 is a mid-range Android smartphone and competes with Samsung Galaxy SII and HTC One S.

November 23, 2012
24 amazing innovations from young Indians
Student winners of IGNITE 2012 share their innovative ideas that aim to make the world a a better place to live in.

POLL: The SEXIEST Indian woman alive!
Last week, Channing Tatum was voted the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Now we want to know who you think is the sexiest Indian alive. Vote for your favourite pin-up from among these lovely ladies -- a poll for the sexiest Indian men will follow shortly!

REVEALED: Five really silly sex mistakes!
Author of Mistakes Like Love and Sex, writes about the mistakes and misconceptions about sex. Read on!

Study Abroad: Reference letters that improve your chances
Rather than choose someone because of their stature in a professional field, ask for references from an individual who you've impressed and who will therefore write a good letter for you.

'I think women just like bad boys!'
Author and journalist Chandrima Pal who launched her book, A Song for I at an event in Mumbai, talked about music, musicians and just why women fall for rockstars.

9 lessons in sales every entrepreneur must know
Kunal Gandhi and Gunjan Agrawal, co-founders at, an education start-up tell us why it is crucial for entrepreneurs to focus on selling their products and services.

Top five Windows 8 phones worth checking out!
With five new handsets ready to raid the cellular market from big names like Nokia, HTC and Samsung, it can be a little difficult to pick the right handset. Here's a guide to help you choose the best for your needs.

November 22, 2012
IMAGES: Expat women dress in Indian bridal finery!
They aren't Indian, but they were all dressed as brides from various states of India. Here's a look at some of the lovely ladies who participated in the annual Beautiful India Expatriate Photo Competition.

Sex, music, shopping: What makes YOU happiest? Vote!
Making love is the most enjoyable human activity, a study has found. Vote and tell us what you enjoy most!

MUST READ: Top 5 books for young investors
These books are the best guides for young investors in the rough and tumble of the stock, currency and commodity markets.

What you MUST know before taking an education loan
Cases of students defaulting on loan payments prompted Indian Bankers Association to review the educational loan scheme. We explore what this means for students.

STUNNING PHOTOS: The historic city of Segovia
is a media professional and traveller who recently visited Segovia in Spain. Here is her travelogue:

4 golden rules of effective communication
Alok Verma, a facilitator with Focus Adventure, a leading team building provider in India tells us why there's more to communication than merely talking and listening.

November 21, 2012
PICS: Caribbean beauties in hot bikinis!
The tiny Caribbean isle of Aruba was the setting for a unique swimwear fashion show earlier this month.

Need For Speed returns with a BANG!
Need for Speed's latest edition packs all the thrill and adventure you can ask for and more.

Suffering from anxiety? Tips to combat it
Everyone suffers anxiety from time to time, but if it's interfering with normal life, here's what to do about it.

Register for Hitachi Scholarship, get trained in Japan
Three winners from India will be given the opportunity to be trained for six-months under the supervision and direction of Hitachi in Japan.

'What are the job prospects after MBA in the UK?'
In an online chat with readers, Dipti Punjabi, study abroad counsellor, EGE Global Education addressed queries on the eligibility criteria, various programmes, admissions, job prospects and more.

5 myths about entrepreneurs BUSTED!
Serial entrepreneur Himanshu Geed tells us why being an entrepreneur is much beyond the fancy bucks and CEO tag.

How to manage multiple credit cards
Here's how you can do it without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Is India the new destination to study abroad?
Just as Indian students travel overseas for higher studies, international students are coming to India for a range of courses. Technology, culture, English skills and more are attracting them to India.

November 20, 2012
Honda's three superbikes that will make you DROOL
Check out the spanking new bikes from the Honda stables set to hit the roads very, very soon.

IN PICS: Go skiing in Gulmarg this winter
After going dune-bashing in Rajasthan , Co-Founder went the other extreme and tried out skiing in Gulmarg.

Do YOU want to be a Maths wiz?
Explore a summer programme that encourages you to ask questions and work along with your teacher to solve complex Mathematics problems.

6 reasons why you must seek professional investment advice
Professional investment advisors can help you attain your long-term goals, says .

Six SUPERFOODS for weight loss
Shed those stubborn kilos by incorporating these healthy foods into your diet.

First Salary: It changed my life for good
Readers tell us about their first salary and how they spent it.

6 tips to make the most of your LinkedIn account
Employing these smart tips will help you use the professional networking site to your advantage.

IN PICS: From the Himalayas to Greece and beyond
We asked you to send in your unusual travel pictures -- something out of the ordinary that you spotted and caught on camera. Here's a fresh set of responses! And if you want to contribute, post your pictures here!

November 19, 2012
Top 5: Tablet PCs in India
Here are the very best in tablets that will ease your reading, entertainment and also provide you enough computing support.

Kim, Miranda and more: VOTE for these celebs' styles!
Give us your take on these famous faces' fashionable (and not-so-fashionable) choices!

Register for College Hunt USA and live the American dream
Two winners of the contest will get the opportunity to visit three colleges in the US for an admission interview and experience the American campus life.

DON'T MISS: The stunning KTM-Bajaj Duke 390
Check out the bigger cousin of the KTM-Bajaj Duke 200 that is all set to change the rules of the game.

BUSTED: Myths about sugar and honey!
We had invited you to ask questions on how to deal with the disease on Rediff ZaraBol. Our in-house nutritionist answered selected questions that address most of the issues that you brought up. Today she busts the myths around different types of sugar and honey.

How this youngster is bringing jobs to students
Rishabh Gupta is a young entrepreneur who is helping the country's graduates find jobs, internships and more. Here, he offers advice to budding entrepreneurs and young graduates on how to make the most of their career.

10 things you MUST NOT say at a job interview
Do not give your employer the impression that attractive remuneration is the only incentive that attracted you to the job.

November 18, 2012
Coming soon: Two NEW BlackBerry phones on Jan 30
The Mobile Indian's reports that Research In Motion is all set to launch two new BlackBerry models.

Top 5: Fashion crimes men commit!
Youth Inc magazine lists out the most common fashion blunders men commit.

Stress: How to cope BETTER with life's challenges
When life and circumstances put pressure on you, here's how to diffuse it.

From Om Beach to the Eiffel Tower: Reader's travel pics!
We asked you to send in your unusual travel pictures -- something out of the ordinary that you spotted and caught it on camera. Here's the fresh set of responses!

November 17, 2012
8 fruits rich in antioxidants
Antioxidant foods rich foods have many health promoting properties like enhanced blood flow, boost healthy cholesterol levels, help reduce blood pressure, protect skin from aging and cancer, and protect eyes from free radical damage reduce inflammatory symptoms.

Game Designing: The sweat and toil behind the fun
From Pacman to Angry Birds, Farmville to the online Scrabble, we all like to play and score. But who creates these entertaining wonders? Meet the game designers.

Photos: Falling in love with nature
Rediff reader sent us these pictures of her visit to Lakshman Sagar in Rajasthan, a 19th century hunting lodge which is now a resort.

Heidi flaunts her figure and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

November 16, 2012
Top 12: Trends that topped the world in 2012
According to research by social analysts McCrindle these were the top 12 trends of 2012. Find the list unremarkable? Blame yourself, says Mark McCrindle.

10 DIRTY secrets of restaurants revealed!
From bread baskets circulating from table to table to waiters going missing in action (MIA), a London born American waitress has revealed 10 shocking secrets from restaurants' kitchens in her memoir.

Penelope defies superstition in sexy Campari Calendar!
Don't miss the red-hot Campari Calendar for 2013, starring Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz!

The 6 types of friends everyone must have
Take our word for it -- everyone should have these characters within a friend circle.

Wendell Rodricks: Rejection makes you stubborn
Designer Wendell Rodricks who began his career in hotel management is hailed as one of India's best fashion designers today. Here's what he learnt from rejection in the early days of his career.

November 15, 2012
5 important start-up lessons for entrepreneurs
Saptarshi, co-founder of Exit10/GamesINC is a geek-turned-heavy-metal-guitarist-turned-consultant-turned-entrepreneur. She takes us through the first two weeks of entrepreneurship and shares with us the lessons she learnt.

Why Indian universities don't make it to world rankings
While Indian universities stagnate, those in China are becoming engines of growth.

This HIV+ orphan wants to be an IAS officer
Read on for this inspiring story of a young HIV+ boy whose only dream is to make a difference to society.

Day-trading? How not to lose money
In response to an article posted October 24 -- Want to make money day-trading? 11 tips -- Get Ahead reader offers seven tips to help day-traders make money.

How smartphones can help you save money
A look at all the things your smartphone has replaced and thus helped you save a lot of money.

November 14, 2012
Diabetes day: Your queries answered!
Today is World Diabetes Day. We had invited you to ask questions on how to deal with the disease on Rediff ZaraBol. Our in-house nutritionist answered selected questions that address most of those you asked.

First Salary: I sent Rs 100 to my grandma
Readers tell us about their first salary and how they spent it.

'How honest should you be in a job interview?'
In an online chat with readers on November 12, Mayank Gupta, COO, Edukart addressed queries on how to perform better in a job interview.

Number of Indians studying in the US drops yet again
For the second successive year, the number of Indian students in the US drops; China leads among the countries that send its students to the US for studies.

Children's Day: Readers share their childhood photos
We invited you to share your childhood pictures on Rediff ZaraBol. Here is the first set of photos.

Children's Day: Chandigarh boy doodles for Google
Class 9 student Arun Kumar Yadav's award winning doodle is displayed on the Google home page today.

How to get a job at Symantec
As consumers around the world create more data, innovative techies must find ways to secure it. And if you have the passion for innovation, Symantec could be a great place for you to start.

VOTE: Sensual sirens in lingerie costing millions!
Each year, the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show features a showstopping 'Fantasy Bra' crafted from real jewels and worth millions of dollars. Here's a look at the hottest pieces modelled by the likes of Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr over the years -- vote for your favourite!

November 13, 2012
Diwali 2012: Five stocks that can make you rich!
A look at a few good stocks in Indian markets whose dividend yield is as good as or even higher than interest rate received by your bank savings account.

Reader travel pics from around the world
We asked you to send in your unusual travel pictures -- something out of the ordinary that you spotted and caught it on camera. Here's the fresh set of responses! Want to contribute? Post your pictures now!

Astrospeak: Your zodiac forecast for Diwali 2012!
On the occasion of Diwali, provides astrological counsel based on your zodiac sign.

November 12, 2012
Healthier Diwali recipes: Gujjias, Chaklis and more!
offers healthier sweets and savories for the festival.

'Ravana is not your run-of-the mill villain'
Anand Neelakantan tells of YouthInc just why he chose to narrate the Ramayana from the point of view of its villain in Asura -- Tale of the Vanquished: The Story of Ravana and His People.

Start-ups: Five common mistakes entrepreneurs make
Most great ideas fail due to lack of vision and execution, writes Bharati Jacob, founder-partner, Seedfund, one of India's leading early stage investors.

Reader invite: Share your Diwali pictures!
As the country celebrates the festival of lights, we invite you to share pictures of how you brought in Diwali this year.

7 must-see geological wonders in India
TripAdvisor picks seven unique geological formations in India you absolutely must visit.

8 tips to improve your written communication skills
A well-thought out e-mail, report or presentation gets recognised in college and at work. Here's a beginner's guide to honing your writing skills.

5 reasons your home loan could be rejected
Rupee Times discusses some of the uncommon reasons for rejection of your loan application.

November 11, 2012
Five tablets to light up your Diwali
If you decide to purchase one of these tablets, you can rest satisfied that you have made a wise decision, one that won't let you down.

Weight loss: 'I lost 19 kg for my dream girl'
We recently invited readers to share their diet and exercise strategies. Here is another response.

VINTAGE PICS: The servants of the Raj
Devangana Kumar is a New Delhi-based artist and designer whose exhibition Pageants of the Raj: The Work Force is showing at Tao Art Gallery in Mumbai. We bring you snapshots from the exhibition.

November 10, 2012
PHOTOS: 11 unique experiences in India
Bringing you's guide to 11 unique experiences in India

19 tablets that cost less than Rs 15,000
Tablet market is getting hotter day by day in India and it is propelled by low cost tablets that are flooding market. In October, 19 tablets were launched in the country and all of them were low cost tablet and the cheapest tablet was priced at Rs 3,999.

Rihanna and Kate's racy photoshoot and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

First salary: 'I laminated the first 100-rupee note'
We asked you, our readers, to tell us about your first salary and how you spent it. Here's the latest set of responses we received.

November 09, 2012
VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl this November!
Here's a round-up of the glossies for November -- take our poll and let us know who you think makes for the most fashionable, sexy cover this month!

10 ways to celebrate a green Diwali this year
It's not just about avoiding firecrackers and cutting down on sweets -- here's how you can still have fun!

Study US: 'Don't be fooled by big scholarship claims'
Dr Jonathan Weller, dean of international admissions at the University of Cincinnati, USA, offers Indian students advice on how to make an education abroad possible.

Your unusual travel pics from around the world
Yesterday, we asked you to send in your unusual travel pictures -- something out of the ordinary that you spotted and caught it on camera. Here's the first set of responses! Want to contribute? Post your pictures too!

First Salary: I bought an electric sewing machine for mom
Readers tell us about their first salary and how they spent it.

When arranged marriages go WRONG
Give that horoscope compatibility a rest -- there are other credentials one must verify, warn youngsters who've had the arranged marriages backfire on them.

5 equity mutual funds that can make you RICH
A look at five equity mutual funds spread across different fund categories which an investor can rely upon as part of her/his equity mutual fund portfolio and are expected to give pretty decent returns over the long run.

IN PICS: Dune-bashing in Rajasthan
Dilshad Master went dune-bashing in Rajasthan and returned with these memories.

OUT NOW: Hero Passion XPro launched!
Having reached the company's authorised outlets already, the Hero Passion XPro is available in five variants with their prices ranging from Rs 46,800 to Rs 51,800.

Best laptops and ultrabooks to buy this Diwali
For the shopping season ahead of us, we have compiled a list of the best laptops and ultrabooks money can buy you, across multiple price points.

November 08, 2012
Lingerie lovelies at the world's SEXIEST fashion show!
Lingerie giant Victoria's Secret held their annual fashion show in New York last night. Artists Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars performed live as supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr sizzled on the runway. Don't miss it!

How India celebrates Diwali
The Hindu festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated by across the country and indeed the world to mark the triumph of good over evil. While lighting oil lamps and bursting firecrackers are the norm during this occasion, did you know that there are actually different significances and ways of celebrating the festival in different parts of India? Read on!

Class 9 student's take on Microsoft Surface
Shashank PM, a Class IX ICSE student from Pondicherry, gives you basic information on Microsoft Surface tablet, touted as serious competition to Apple's iPad.

3 things young investors must know about equity investment
Stock markets are not scary. With investment basics in place young investors can make good returns, says .

10 tips to spruce up your Diwali this year
This Diwali, shuffle your wardrobe, buy that expensive bag you've always wanted to, and most importantly, pamper yourself like never before!

10 questions every employee must ask the employer
Even though the attractive remuneration combined with added responsibilities seems to tempt you, ensure that your prospective employer has the answers to these 10 questions.

First Salary: 'I bought a sari worth Rs 75 for my wife'
Readers tell us about their first salary and how they spent it.

November 07, 2012
IN PICS: The indomitable Daulatabad Fort of Aurangabad
After his piece on India's hidden gem of Chitradurga Fort, Rediff reader sent us this travelogue on his visit to Aurangabad's Daulatabad Fort.

First Salary: I still have a photocopy of my first cheque
Readers tell us about their first salary and how they spent it.

Kickstart your animation career with these diplomas!
If you are keen on pursuing animation, brush up your VFX passion and technical skills before you join the industry.

Best smartphones to buy this Diwali
As part of a special series on gadget shopping for the festive season, we bring you a list of the the top 10 phones you can buy, ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 45,000.

November 06, 2012
First salary: In 1954, my first paycheque was Rs 75
Readers tell us about their first salary and how they spent it.

Should diabetics eat fruits?
Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber and should be a part of a diabetic diet. Just be careful of the portions. Here are some fruits that are good for diabetics.

'I want to be the John Grisham of financial thrillers'
Ravi Subramanian discusses his latest crime thriller, The Bankster, with .

Kingfisher Calendar 2013: Bikini bods sweat it out!
Which of these beach bombshells will secure a page in India's hottest calendar? Here's a look at some of the finalists of the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl.

Your Diwali recipes: Sago crispies and Mini Chirote
Whip up these delicious traditional preparations to celebrate the festive season.

How Obama or Romney could affect your investments
For Indian equity investors, Obama's re-election would be a positive for their portfolios and surprise win for Romney might create lot of confidence in large economic business houses in the US. Typically, studies suggest that Democrat presidents are generally better for stock markets than their Republican counterparts, feels of

First Salary: I received the cheque and broke down
Last week, we asked you readers to tell us about your first salary and how you spent it. here's the sixth set of responses we received.

Must Read: A life lesson from porcupines
They appear harmless, but when provoked, all those 30,000 quills are quickly out to get you! Prakash Iyer, Executive Coach and MD, Kimberley-Clark-Lever tells us what we can learn from them.

November 05, 2012
IMAGES: Sonakshi, Kangna and more catwalking celebs!
Here's a glimpse of the runway action from the Mumbai finale of the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, which holds fashion showsacross six Indian cities annually.

Top 5 smartphones above Rs 30,000
Want the best of the best devices? Look no further as these smartphones are the top of the line in their category and there is nothing better that you could get.

Different types of allergies: What you should know
Here's a list of the many common allergies people suffer from and what causes them.

Tips to reduce your auto insurance premium
Here are few quick tips which can help you to save a little on auto insurance premium.

First salary: I spent Rs 2,500 on my family
Last week, we asked you readers to tell us about your first salary and how you spent it. Here's the fourth set of responses we received.

A career at sea: Many risks, but prospects look high
A job in the merchant navy allows you to earn big bucks and travel the world Veena Gomes-Patwardhan tells you more

November 04, 2012
The breathtaking Himalayan town of Kalimpong
Bornav Raychaudhury goes on a journey to this beautiful Himalayan town in West Bengal.

Diwali recipes: Barfi, cakes and more!
We invited readers to share their festive recipes with us. Here is the next set of responses.

Will YOU buy the KTM Duke 390 for Rs 2 lakh?
Bajaj Auto will unveil the KTM Duke 390 in mid-November at ECIMA Motorcycle Show. Powered by a 390cc engine the bike will hit Indian roads in March 2013 for a princely sum of Rs 2 lakh.

Microsoft takes on Sony on the racing track
, a full-time marketing exec, part-time writer and a life-long gamer reviews Forza:Horizon.

November 03, 2012
IN PICS: Top 10 heritage hotels in India lists out the best of India's heritage hotels you must head to this festive season.

HTC launches Windows Phone 8X, 8S in India
HTC Windows Phone 8X is priced at Rs 35,023 while Windows Phone 8S has a price tag of Rs 19,260. Both smartphones run the new Windows Phone 8 OS.

Weight loss: 'I lost 24 kg after watching Ghajini'
We recently invited readers to share their diet and exercise strategies. Here is another response.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini to debut in India before Diwali
If the grapevine is to be believed Samsung will not price the S III Mini above Rs 21,000 to take on the competition and make it available for Indian consumers just before Diwali.

November 02, 2012
Joanna's controversial nude ad and more fashion news!
Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

He wants to make 150 mn youth employable
Globsyn Skills, a Kolkata based vocational training organisation is far from complaining about the unemployability of our graduates. Besides having mentored and trained thou