Valentine's Day Quiz!
1. What is your significant other's (SO) idea of date night?
A. It's different each time, but balloons, desserts, and couples' massages are a central theme.
B. Dinner at a favourite restaurant and then a movie.
C. A long, night drive with music and a view.
2. What is your SO's dream job?
A. Chef or event planner.
B. High-powered lawyer or businessperson.
C. Travel vlogger or professional sportsperson.
3. What's your SO's dream holiday?
A. A slow-paced sightseeing trip through Europe, touring beautiful, deeply cultured places like Paris, Prague, Venice, Budapest, Amsterdam...
B. An exploration of bustling, lively hubs like New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Las Vegas...
C. An adventurous trip through nature with a healthy side of partying in destinations like Rio de Janeiro, Hawaii, Maldives, Ibiza, Bali...
4. What would your SO like to do to relax after a hard day?
A. A long bath with bubbles, music, and a glass of wine.
B. Lie in bed watching Netflix and beg you for a massage.
C. Go swimming, cycling or hit the gym.
5. What would your SO possibly do if they won the lottery?
A. Renovate and create a dream house.
B. Invest the money.
C. Blow it all on a beach trip to an exotic island.
6. What does your SO wear to sleep?
A. Silk night shirt.
B. Matching pyjama set (one of many that are religiously rotated and washed every few days).
C. Whatever he/she wore the whole day.
7. How often does your SO clean their bedroom?
A. Once a week/month, but you'd better believe everything gets organised right down to the chromatically arranged socks and shoes.
B. His/her room doesn't need tidying because it never gets messy.
C. He/she doesn't clean; Exists in chaos.
8. Which one of the following shows does your SO enjoy, or possibly would enjoy?
A. Emily in Paris, Euphoria, Friends, Schitt's Creek, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Keeping Up With The Kardashians...
B. Suits, Mad Men, Ozark, YOU, F1: Drive To Survive, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones...
C. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Two and a Half Men...
9. Which meal would your SO most likely classify as comfort food?
A. Spaghetti.
B. Rice and dal.
C. Instant noodles and a Red Bull.
10. How would your SO deal with a serious problem?
A. Cry, whine, break down, all of the above.
B. Strategically plan and destroy it.
C. What problem?
You have chosen most A'
Your significant other is optimistic, loving, and maybe even a little boujee!
He/she ise whimsical, filled with joie de vivre and in touch when his/her inner child.
As far as relationships go, they must be romantic and dreamy.
Your SO might like a personalised item, available online, like a name necklace (Google: personalised name design necklace) or name engraved bracelet (Google: engraved or customised bracelet) along with a heartfelt note!
He or she would love an expensive watch or perfume that they could wear on special occasions.
Guess analog watches for men and women, for instance, are fun and start at 5k.
Or, for example, Tommy Girl or David Beckham perfumes are exciting stuff.
You could organise an intimate dinner and pull out all the stops!
This option will win you a tonne of brownie points!
Candles, flowers, favourite romantic music, and his/her favourite food.
You could do this in your very own living room if you're unable to find a restaurant to accommodate the request.
You have chosen most B'
Your significant other is hardworking, driven, and focused.
He/she leads a very busy, maybe even stressful or hectic life.
He/she loves you and are loyal to a fault, but often doesn't have time for big, romantic gestures.
Your SO might like something that can be incorporated into his/her day to make routines more convenient or less taxing – like a planner with a personalised pen (Parker has a cute range) or a massage gun/massage pillow (check out Belluxa or shiatsu cushions).
Does your SO need a phone upgrade that you could afford?
Or perhaps quality wireless earbuds (Nothing Ear has a lit range) so they can listen to music as they go about their day.
Maybe a streaming service subscription would perk up your SO after a long day of work.
You have chosen most C'
Your significant other is a free spirit -- adventurous, easy-going, and can be known to do a lot of wild stuff.
Life is a rollercoaster and he/she is here for the ride!
It's important to him/her in a relationship that you both have passions that you share.
He/she wants you to enjoy the things he/she is doing, and vice-versa!
If you can afford it, your SO might appreciate a romantic adventure trip, like riverside camping or night trekking.
A scented candle and a boAt waterproof speaker always make showers more interesting (available online. Google shower speaker)!
This would make a good gift especially if your SO thinks bathing is a chore.
If your SO is outdoorsy and loves to exercise, maybe he/she would appreciate a gym membership/subscription to a fitness app or a mountain bike and a fitness watch (FitBit, Noise).
Make your own outdoors right at home with a simple tent (good ones come for as little as Rs 1 k) and an inexpensive projector (Google: star projector) that displays the galaxy!
Download a sky scanner app on your phone and learn about constellations together.
Romance: 100.
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