1. Can a woman have multiple orgasms during a single act of sex?
Yes, of course
No, it’s not possible
2. Which part of a woman's body has more nerve endings?
The clitoris
The vulva
3. Stress can make a man’s penis shrink.
No, stress is not a factor
Yes, temporarily
4. The size of the vagina increases during sex.
5. The chemical that floods your brain when you become sexually aroused is called…
6. When a man does not ejaculate, he could experience an ache or a discomfort. This is called
Blue balls
Red balls
7. A woman can get pregnant on any day of the month.
8. Is a guy’s shoe size an indication of the size of his penis?
Are you kidding?
Of course
9. When you climax, which chemical is released in your body?
10. Is 'pulling out' a safe way to avoid pregnancy?
No, it’s not.
Yes; this way, you don’t need to use a condom.

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