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Ladies, here's how flirting online can get you in trouble!

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March 04, 2009

The thought of meeting new people, chatting with strangers and fostering relationships on the Internet appeals to many.

After all, you're safe at home, typing away on your computer and you can easily rid yourself of someone you don't want to talk to -- it's easier than walking out on a disastrous date, right?


A Mumbai [Images] daily reported today that a woman doctor from the city was conned online into sending nude pictures of herself to a prospective suitor and came close to being raped. How did it happen?

A 45-year-old senior MNC staffer created a fake profile on a matrimonial website, using a male model's photograph. He then lured the lady into correspondence, which resulted in talks of marriage. He even convinced her to send across nude pictures of herself, claiming that he was working in Tokyo. After the unsuspecting woman foolishly obliged, the fake suitor told her to visit one of his closest friends in Pune. In reality, the 'close friend' was none other than him. Upon her arrival, he allegedly spiked her drink, attempted to rape her and when she realised what he was all about, threatened to post her compromising photographs on the Internet. Fortunately, the woman complained to the police and the accused is now in custody.

We've heard of several cases like this in the past, but a lot of folks continue to learn a lesson the hard way. While matrimonial websites are phenomenally successful and lead to a lot of successful matches, the bottom line is that getting flirty online is a risk. And you shouldn't be putting yourself in a position for anyone to take advantage.

So ladies, here are a few pointers for when you decide to look for prospective partners online. And guys, you may want to sit up and take notice too -- a conniving lady just could just as well take you for a ride!

What do you think of Internet dating? Have you ever had an unpleasant experience meeting prospective partners online? Ever been duped? Share your stories, thoughts and opinions with us on the message board below.

Illustration: Uttam Ghosh

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