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IT graduate? How to get a job
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January 29, 2009

When will the job scenario improve in India? When will the IT sector once again start recruiting as it did in its heydays? Where can you still find job opportunities in the IT/ITES sector today?

What should you to do make yourself employable? How can you upgrade your skills if you are in the final year of engineering?

To answer these and various other queries related to pink slips and job opportunities in the IT/ITES sector, Kamal Mansharamani of AlmaMate, hosted a chat with GA readers on January 28.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

 Kamal Mansharamani says, Hi This is Kamal Mansharamani. I am ready to take questions.

mamu asked, Hi kamal, I have done BE in Instrumentation engg. I want to join an IT company. What should I do?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, There are lot of institutes that impart professional training in IT like the NIIT [Get Quote]

Navin asked, hello, i m engineer student from mumbai university. i got campus placement in two IT firm, Mastek & TCS [Get Quote]. now i m in dilemma to which company to choose. or should i go for MS,as I have already given GRE also. pls,Help.

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Both are good compnies. I would recommend to take up a job unless you want to clearly excel in academics

convergence asked, are you planning to provide any programs for experienced ppl to switch industries?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Yes. Wath our website

sandhya asked, I have completed my BSC Comp, I would like to join in an IT company, sir pls help me.

Kamal Mansharamani answers, You need to apply directly or work with companies loke us that help you get a job

convergence asked, 1. what (if any) services do u offer for KPO industry? 2. what do you think about industries like nano technology, KPO - data analytics, tools like SaS? whats the future of these industries in India in the near future (say 5 yrs)? how does your statr up plan to provide services in these industries?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, KPO has a very good future over the mid-term - 5yrs

ranu asked, Hi,I hv done BA,Blib & A thr is any oppurtunity in IT level for me.

Kamal Mansharamani answers, You should look for LPO Legal Process Outsourcing. It is a great emerging mkt

hars asked, Im final year student, with no campus offers yet. What should I do? Higher studies OR try walkins after college?
Kamal Mansharamani answers, Look for both options. If you get a job great otherwise get higher studies. Do whatever to upskill yourself

indy asked, What kind of job opportunties shall be availble thru AlmaMate. Is it helpful for freshers only? Can u share the link of AlmaMAte

Kamal Mansharamani answers, It is helpful for freshers.

Soumya Ranjan asked, Hello Sir, I am a B.Tech graduate without any job....what can I do, so that I will get a good job as soon as possible?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Pls look at our website. You could work with companies that help get job.

RajuM asked, I have done BE (computers),but due to current market situation still not get job. Is it advisable for do MBA as market is not expected to regain for another year?Will u advice about it or any other computer course that is advisable. I am in Pune

Kamal Mansharamani answers, You keep looking for a job but in parallel upsskill. Do MBA or any other course to make yourself employable

rajat saha asked, I am Marketing professional having 3 yrs exp.I wanted to do course on SAP SD module. Is it right time to go for that course?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, This is good time. Best to do SAP after some industry exp

PSK asked, Hi Kamal. I am Btech CS. Do you still provide placement guarantee when industry is in bad shape. How many have you placed in indystry

Kamal Mansharamani answers, We go to IT companies and tke their requirements. Based on that we give gurantee. Pls remember that though mkt is bad, Industry is still growing @15% and is still hiring

convergence asked, 1. any centers in bangalore? 2. how is the current job market in the IT industry? 3. any technical skills provided as part of the training program (JobMate and CareerMate)? if yes, which would be the technologies? 4. cost details of the programs?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, No center in Blore yet. Mkt is slow and will continue probably till 2009. Training is in live projects and soft skills. Technologies are .Net, Java. Pls apply for cost details

Chandran asked, Hi Mr.Kamal, I have over 8.5 years of experience in Sales & BD. I have done my MBA(Marketing). After working so many years I took a deliberate break due to some personal reasons and its been six months now. Now its becoming difficult for me to find a job. Why companies doesnt consider candidatures with a GAP in resumes. Is it a crime to be genuine with your candidature. Please advise

Kamal Mansharamani answers, It is unfortunate that in India companies look negatively at gap unlike in the West. But if you have good skills then it should not be difficult to get a job.

rajat saha asked, How is the current SAP job market in India in this recession period?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, SAP mkt is good in India. It is growing as lot of SMEs are going for ERP implementations

sajai asked, hi kamal,am working for a software company in chennai..would like to upgrade my skills in dot do i do that?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Look for companies in Chennai offering .Net training. There would be lot of these companies

Sonel asked, Is it a good time to switch technologies for upgrade.

Kamal Mansharamani answers, You could switch but also a good idea would be to look at new tech trends. For example open source could be a good idea as lot of companies are moving to opensource to cut cost

mangu asked, i am studying in Std 10. PLs help me get a suitable job

Kamal Mansharamani answers, I guess you need to study further

niya asked, what is job status in IT

Kamal Mansharamani answers, It is slow. This year will be particularly bad. The reason is that the industry has been used to 30% growth. So they create a bench strength. Now with 15% growth companies are strugglong with existing bench

U asked, Hi kamal, Are there any jobs in your company ?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, This is through our jobmate program

Chandran asked, Sir as you rightly said if you have skills you can find a job, but in first place I am not getting interview calls. Feeling frustrated.

Kamal Mansharamani answers, We can help u connect to companies

raj12 asked, Sir I am a BE graduate with 3yr software exp. Can u pl explain me abt SAP opportunity for my career

Kamal Mansharamani answers, SAP is a very good opp. Jobs are very paying. You need to get yourself trained

hars asked, when will the situation improve? how long to keep trying for jobs?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, As I said 2009 will be a tough yea. but IT as an industry has a very positive future over the next 5 years. It is unfortunate but we have to bear with this slowdown

qAnand asked, Hi, How is the market for Oracle Apps DBA in India and outside?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Oracle DBA is a great mkt both in India and abroad. Also high paying

mangu asked, What course should i choose after 10

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Both commerce and science are good options

jitendra asked, helo when the IT market is going up?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Hopefully 2010

sulabh asked, sir, I m engineering graduate and I have the job offer with the company wipro but yet they haven't given the jning.They said it after march Hw should I utilize my time up to that?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Pls upskill yourself. Take any professional course. Do not sit idle.

Monu asked, I am working in Satyam [Get Quote]. Shall I continue here ?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Hard question however, personally i believe that things will work out and Satyam will stabilise

raaman asked, Hi Kamal...I am having a experiance of 6 years in java and now i dont have any job in hand...Previously i was working for Satyamcomputers.

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Upskill. Get project management certification. It should help

jags asked, Hi kamal, i was selected for Tata Motors [Get Quote] in campus selection.But till now i haven't got any joining letter.I think because of the recession Tata is avoiding us.I am a Mechanical can i get job ? or u prefer higher studies ?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, It may be good to go for higher studies

pll2 asked, hi kamal, i am a microsoft certified professional & wants to do the certification of cisco is better than MS? whts abt the job offer for CISCO

Kamal Mansharamani answers, CISCO and MS are different areas. Both offer opprtunities. Telecom /Networking is one sector that has got least hurt by slowdown

Ashii asked, In this situation when fresh graduates are not getting jobs, what will be your advice to them?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, My advise will be to upskill and make yourself employable. In a tough mkt, it is the survival of the fittest

shashi asked, Hello Sir, I completed my B Tech in 2008, placed in a top most MNC but till now didn't get the call letter. Presently I am working as trainee in the field of SAP ABAP but not getting any interview call, what is wrong with me?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Nothing wrong with you. It is the mkt that has gone wrong

cheena asked, Hi,While sacking should the companies pay gratuity (assume the person has contributed to 4 years) and performance pay(Assume the guy has worked for 10 months?If company doesnt pay can we drag it to court?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Not sure about the legal. But when companies sack they should be generous

vaibhav asked, I am currently pursuing MBA in systems from a premier B-school(Final Year), and have no prior work ex. With the current market scenario, what should be my plan of action for the next coupe of months so as to get a good job & start?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Look for internship in a good company. If you do good as an intern, it will help land a job

jitendra asked, what about c++,unix market?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Currently in slowdown

Shyam Singh asked, Hi Kamal ,i am in last sam of B.E. (Comp.) from pune university .. not placed yet ... Preparing for SCJP(java certification) , will that be help ful for getting a decent job

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Yes. Will help. Whatever u do to upskill will help

HR asked, What AlmaMate is? How can I be benifited from it?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, AlmaMate make campus graduates employable and deployable. It connects with the Industry and prepares grauates for specific job requirements

cheena asked, When the companies like google,yahoo,MS recruit again?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Sometime end of this year

gaurav asked, i was placed in techm.but techm postponed my joining

Kamal Mansharamani answers, It is relative. They are also hit but to a lesser extent

pll2 asked, hi kamal i am MCP with 5yrs exp.wants to be specialise in security.pls tell me which would be better for me microsoft or cisco?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Cisco

its asked, What will be the salary increment average to the IT indstry you can estimate this year ?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, It will be single digit. Some companies may go flat

amoln asked, when will recession ends???

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Noone knows for sure. 2009 will be slow

Ashii asked, Should city size matter when choosing for any course? I believe, students should opt for professional courses from smaller cities(ofcourse without compromising quality). And this will help them save money as well as upgrade their skills in lesser cost. Whats your opinion about this?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, It is the quality of the institute that matters asked, Hi Kamal, I am working in oracle applications with 4 years of total experience. I am looking for any opportunity abroad either technical or functional. Is there any opportunity for finding job outside India in this field as techno functional or technical/functional?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, This is bad time. wait for couple of quarters

Ashii asked, How is the market for Software Testing professionals? Are there good opportunities atleast for Testing professionals or they are also suffering from slowdown? How do you opportunites for Software Testing professionals after recovery from this slow down? Will it be a good idea to pursue Software Testing course in this difficult time?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Yes. It is a growing mkt. Growing @ 70%. Huge growth and job potential

pll2 asked, is almamate provide any cisco security training?if,details pls

Kamal Mansharamani answers, No

Anuj asked,  Hi , I have joined MNC two month back. But in current scenario ,i am facing layoff fear because company don't have the project and company is not able to make us billable.Plz suggest what should I do.Shold I acquire new skill set(Technology)

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Yes. Pls upskill. Multi-skill to remain employable


Kamal Mansharamani answers, Do not know

rohan asked, i m completed my BCA, but i cant find Better job for me? can u please suggest me something?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Again upskill. Take some certification courses asked, sir,ihave completed my mca in 2008.and doing from bitspilani.what are my chanches of joining any company as there is a economic crisis?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Upskill and take any job to get experience. It should help. We can help you connect with companies

Student asked, What sort of training programs are offered? What will be the duration for these training? What is the process to join Almamate? What will be the recruitment process through which a student will be getting interview calls?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Training is in live projects and soft skills. Duration 3 months. written test followed by interview. Apply on-line at

ccajhs asked, What are the opportunities for BCA graduates?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Low in the cuerrent year

Hemant asked, Hi Kamal i have 4 yrs exp(B.E computers Mumbai [Images] University) in dot net mostly related to website what more qualification to do to upgrade myself further

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Web-site design is a great field. Linked to that is the development of portals. Get exp in that

ccajhs asked, Can BCA graduates join almamate programmes?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, No. It is for BTechs and MCAs

sai.adapala asked, Dear kamal. i completed my mca, i cudnt get job last 2 yrs. can u pls suggest me something.?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Need to understand better. Last 2 yrs mkt was very good

igr asked, is doing CCNP worth will i get a job after that in that field

Kamal Mansharamani answers, It should help

Ashii asked, What is open source and how we can get in touch with companies to know more about it?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Open Source is the free software. Redhat and Sun are two companies promoting it

Monu asked, I have a 4 years of years of experience in SW testing. Is it possible to move into development without getting hurt financially?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, No it will not hurt. Though Testing itself has great opportunities

Student asked, Will AlmaMate assist in arranging interviews for recruitment?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Yes. In Jobmate program, we guarantee jobs

amik asked, hello kamal...can u plz tell me i have done btech in computers in june 2007. and coudnt get job after that..i have 78% in degree..iam from chandigarh..what shud i do to cover my gap as is asked many a times...iam doing mba corresp from june 08..can u give me ur email id plz.. mine is

Kamal Mansharamani answers, We can help you get a job.

ccc asked, Hi,Is there a basic criteria for interviews.I felt my interviewer in Directi was sadist.He called an ex-employee and made silly comments outside.How can I handle the situations like this?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, You need to understand interview skills. You can train yourself to have pleasant intervies. asked, Hi Kamal, is it good idea to go for part time MBA course? Do you think that might help me in future or should i opt for full time MBA course??

Kamal Mansharamani answers, You shud work for two years and then go for MBA. Both FT and PT options are fine.

sai.adapala asked, which is good market in IT industry .. java or oracle??. In Java without project. we cannot get work n salary. we might sit on bench. Oracle is better for customer??

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Oracle is better. Job becomes missin critical. It also pays well

Bharath asked, What is the current situation of IT in India?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, IT this year will be slow but will pick up next year. 5 year projection is still bullish

ccc asked, My company has 100 employees and dependant on only one person...And its in pretty bad shape and they used to tell it was growing like google in gud times.Should i be here or quit?

Kamal Mansharamani answers, Quit only when you get a better job/company.

ravi asked, How is the future for Embedded system programmers

Kamal Mansharamani answers, This is a good area. Though niche but high paying

Kamal Mansharamani says, Thank you very much. I have to log-out now.

Kamal is the CEO of AlmaMate ( An IIT Delhi [Images] alumnus, Kamal has worked with industry leaders like Telco (now Tata Motors), Bharat Electronics [Get Quote], DCM Technologies and has been the CEO of BirlaSoft till recently.

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