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Are you erotophilic or erotophobic when it comes to sex?
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January 28, 2009

If you are one of those who think that sex is natural and something to be celebrated then you can call yourself erotophilic, but if your sexual views are restrictive and condemning, then you're erotophobic.

For many it may not matter if they are erotophilic or erotophobic, but being labelled as either type can say a lot about your sexual state and your sex life.

These traits affect your ability to embrace your sexual desire. They heavily impact how you feel about sex, sexual response, and libido, says Yvonne K Fulbright, a sex expert.

Being erotophobic or an erotophilic is so important that these categories have been used in scores of sexuality studies, reports Fox News.

Researchers have used these labels as a way to assess things like homophobia, the emotional tone of written fantasies, and even one's willingness to attend to sexual details when drawing the human figure.

And one should know where they stand on this spectrum, because it helps to understand whether one sees sex and sexual relationships as rewarding or not.

Also it can explain why some people are better about boosting their desire. Falling under either of these categories can even uncover why some are more into opportunities where they can express themselves sexually.

Other things, which this classification may help are:

Bedroom Antics

Being an erotophile is going to benefit you in the bedroom because erotophiles have positive views about sex and their sexual self-image. They see sexual intimacy as a means to affection, love and emotional connection. To these people, sex is a good thing that can help to maintain a relationship.

Erotophobes, on the other hand, have trouble relating to any of this. Sex is not something to embrace, but something to be done if it must be done.

Sex Communication

Being erotophilic should mean that you're more comfortable talking about sex matters and it can affect your ability to handle sex information. A study has found that being erotophobic is linked with the belief in sex myths and the transmission of misinformation to others.

Sexual Thoughts

A study revealed that erotophiles have more sex dreams. These individuals also have more frequent obsessive thinking about sex and more frequent sexually intrusive thoughts. Signs of sexual arousal are more frequent for these individuals. Such arousal to erotica is often met with greater positive feelings.

But, erotophobes respond to sexually intrusive thoughts more negatively. The feelings they experience include guilt, disapproval and a greater desire to avoid the thoughts. Signs of sexual arousal cause more sexual anxiety for erotophobes than they do erotophiles.

Sexual Health

Being an erotophobe or erotophile can impact your sexual health. It was found that one's level of erotophobia influences their likelihood of engaging in sexual health care, like breast self-exams (BSE).

Usually, erotophobes are the victims of negative sexual messaging or experiences growing up. Survivors of sexual abuse and trauma may be, understandably, erotophobic. For them, sex has come to mean something painful, hateful, or hurtful.

Any erotophobe may feel sexually restricted by the religious and societal norms, mores, restrictions, and taboos that seek to regulate our sex lives. All of these factors make it very difficult for them to sexually connect with their partner.

But, erotophiles tend to have received positive messages about sex while growing up. Some may have had or have a partner who has a healthy outlook on sex -- something that has rubbed off.

They may also feel sexually enlightened owing to positive sexual experiences and sex education.

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