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January 09, 2009

Now that you have got your CAT results you must be wanting to know about the cut-offs at differerent IIMs and other prestigious MBA colleges across India.

Do you want to know what will be the likely cut-offs for various IIMs?

How should you prepare for your GD-PI so that you can stand out in the crowd?

To answer these and various other money and invetsment related queries, financial planning expert Sanmeet Sidhu, hosted a chat with GA readers on January 9.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

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samardeep asked, My CAT score is 122 with a percentile of 98.19.What are the likely options for me please.

Sanmeet Sidhu answers,  at 2009-01-09 12:17:02The CAT score card would have mentioned whether you have a call from the IIMs or not...your score is excellent..the overall cut off for IIM-A is i think you stand a very good chance for a GD-PI call

erer asked, Hi I got 94.68%ile - QUANT - 31 DI 32 Verbal 36 - Can you please guide me what I should be doing? Do I stand any chance in SPJain?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, SP Jain is a profile based selection..apart from CAT it looks at your acad performance, extra curricular activities, work ex etc...even students with 89%ile and a good profile can expect a call

vickujoshi asked, my cat score is 123 oa 0f 98.28...but my grad %age is v bad and i failed in the final exams held in may and gave it agan this dec....which insti do i have a chance of getting thru with thes acdas(54%) and above avg gd pi?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, it is an excellent score...but the IIMs differ in their process of shortlisting students for GD-PI round...A has looked at CAT+10th and 12th perf; C has looked at only CAT; L has looked at CAT+acds+work ex; K has looked at CAT+work ex..

loser asked, score is 111(96.89) - quants- 30(90.8%le)- LR&Di- 23(75.77%le) - VA-58 (97.58%l3) Do I have any chance in SP jain. I have 4 years of work exp as S/W engrr

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, your profile is very strong..def stand a chance for SP, which looks at an overall profile and a certain competence level in the CAT (even students with 89%ile and good profile have been shortlisted)

kutte_main_tera_khun_pi_jaunga asked, is it good to do MBA in such economic scenerio ?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, I think the worldwide financial meltdown has really impacted the economy and the corporate. But definitely one can look at this period for skill upgradation and hence an MBA is definitely recommended

kutte_main_tera_khun_pi_jaunga asked, 98.98 ....pai kya chance hain yarr ?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, excellent score..def conforms to an overall cutoff for all the IIMs, provided that a section wise competence has been, the cut off for IM-C is 98.97 for gen category, with 95.52 in sec 1, 95.86 in sec 2 and 95.87 in sec 3

kutte_main_tera_khun_pi_jaunga asked, 98.98 ....pai kya chance hain yarr ?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, excellent score..def conforms to an overall cutoff for all the IIMs, provided that a section wise competence has been, the cut off for IM-C is 98.97 for gen category, with 95.52 in sec 1, 95.86 in sec 2 and 95.87 in sec 3

sukus asked, what do u think of MICA?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, MICA is a very good option for a career in communications; the overall cut off shld be around 90 to 93 %ile...

geekygod21 asked, what according to you should be the strategy for gd/pi in case of people who havent had a great ex 8 months and quality also not good!

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, the following skills are being evaluated in the GDs Idea generation, lateral thinking & clarity of thought,Prioritization and sequencing to display logical thinking,Initiative,Communication skills,Group Dynamics, Environmental sensitivity and an understanding of key issues of contemporary importance,Overall presentation skills-body language, confidence, poise, composure etc...i suggest the following action plan:-� Reading magazines and journals for an update on current affairs, with specific emphasis on opinion formation and clarity vis-�-vis controversial issues. � Watching news channels to develop an overall perspective vis-�-vis issues of contemporary importance, specifically the ones on socio-economic environment. � Undergoing practice GDs/Case Studies/ PIs for near real simulation of these activities. However, while doing so please ensure that the moderators are sufficiently equipped/ experienced to give you a constructive feedback. Further, you should be receptive to the inputs and incorporate them with a quick doze of skill and pragmatism.

Subhash asked, What is the average score this year, to get a call from any IIM ??

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, the IIMs differ in the cutoff scores and criteria they use for GDPI shortlisting---IIM-A cut off was 98%ile, 94%ile in secs 1 and 2 and 94.5 %ile in sec3. Additionally, it assigned a composite score to all such students on the basis of total percentile and pre bachelors acacd performance..

RAVI asked, CAT percentile 99.53; 83 in DI - have got a call from IIM Indore - are other calls likely to come later...?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, the criteria and cut-off scores vary from one IIM to another; you need to get a good total and a competent sectionwise score...IIM-C overall cut off is 98.97, sec 1 95.52, sec 2 95.86, sec 3 95.87; A is 98%ile overall and a composite score including your pre-bachelors perf etc

b asked, my cat percentile is 64.8 which instuites i should target

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, score not very competent; need to examine the urgency of doing an MBA this year; please ensure that you don't compromise on the quality of B-school; can target other tests like FMS, CET etc

anup asked, my CAT score is 94.24% ile, will i get a call from SPjain which is the only institute i applied as on today, can u guide me other institute to apply, if any. I am BE in E&C, final year.

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, score is good enough; need a strong profile(academics, extra curricular, work exp etc) for SP shortlisting

Whats up asked, Got 56%ile.what shud i do

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, don't lose hope; look optimistically at and prepare for other tests like FMS, CET, DU etc; the score for XAT are also yet to come; but yes, have an action plan and execute it smartly

Amit asked, wat is the cutoff for IIM-A?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, the qualifying pre screening cut offs at IIMA are 98%ile overall, 94%ile in secs 1 and 2, 94.5%ile in sec 3; however, all such students were assigned a composite score based on the total percentile and acad performance in class 10th and 12th and an overall score thuis reached was used to send the GDPI call; 609 students in the gen category have been called

rs asked, what is the cutoff for iim-c

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, Open categ--98.97 overall, 95.52 in sec 1, 95.86 in sec 2 and 95.87 in sec 3: SC- 86.6 overall, 77.65 in sec 1, 69.39 in sec 2, 70.63 in sec 3 ....only CAT score has been used by IIM-C for a GDPI call

kb asked, i got 99.19%ile. calls from B, L, K is there any special skill/area that iim B grills the students for??

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, IIM-B places a lot of weightage to your academic performance; addtionally the GD-PI rounds evaluate your group skills and overall personality...following tips might help you for the PI round:- � Introduction (students need to understand the the action reaction syndrome at the onset, the importance of "innocuous teasers" in the preliminary stage of the interview and the ability to skillfully handle the introduction part and give only those clues which portray their true selves and which they can handle aptly) � Academics, with focus on basics of the graduation stream, main/ favorite subjects, projects undertaken, empirical understanding of subjects � Extra Curricular activities, with focus on the recent most activities, and the learning therein. � Current affairs and environmental sensitivity, with special emphasis on major events and their impact on various sectors � Career ambitions , with a time bound plan and the relevance of an MBA � Personality based questions, with emphasis on strengths (with examples) and weaknesses (with remedies), role model

cvbcvb asked, i got 99.98 but i not received any call from iim

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, don;t be discouraged possibly didn't meet the section wise cut offs ...however, your score is very def stand a chance for other non-IIM CAT B-schools

nitss asked, sir,do u knw wat criteria is being applied 4 making calls at iim(shillong)??

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, Last year, IIM-S looked at a combination of CAT performance, acads, extra curriculars and work exp for the GDPI shotlisting

Whats up asked, 56%tile.urgency 2 do mba.which coll. Shud i apply?plz reply

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, score not very competent for a quality B-school under CAT; pl look at other tests (FMS, XAT, MAT etc) for the moment

Preeti asked, Can someone who has scored 97 percentile hope to get into any of the IIMs or NITIE?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, IIM A, B,C, and K are at or more than 98 with a good section wise score: L has released a policy document which doesn't specify the cut-off; but yes, NITIE can be a marginal case...depends on your section wise distribution and profile

IIM aspirant asked, i got 93 percentile.I am planning to give cat again next year?Is my decision correct??

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, You need to wait for the results of XAT and FMS...they are in the same league of B-schools; guess it is too early to be judgemental; just hold in for a while; also, carry out a self profile analysis

sknis asked, 905ile with 10 months approx workex as an RJ...which schools shud i aply to now?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers, you cam def expect a call from certain CAT affiliated B-schools; which ones--would vary from one year to another; nothing is wrong in being an RJ, as long as you can pull it off on the day of the interview-- i think it validates your ability to connect with people!

gaitonde asked, any tips for GD PI?

Sanmeet Sidhu answers,  The IIM-A post CAT selection process for the 2008-2010 PGP had an essay writing task followed by a PI last year. The IIM-B GD performance was evaluated on a scale of 15 marks, where the overall performance in the GD was given a weightage of only 5 marks, while 5 marks were apportioned out for a verbal summary of the GD and 5 marks were assigned to a written summary of the GD.. S.P Jain has been consistently conducting a Pyschometric Test and a Group Interview , as a post CAT selection process. FMS has had an element of extempore round ,over and above the conventional GD/PI components. The point which needs to be understood is that one needs to look at this round from a larger perspective and appreciate a range of tools--Group Discussions, Case studies, Psychometric tests( SPJain), Extempore (FMS), Essay writing ( IIM-A,IIFT), Personal Interviews, Group interviews( SP Jain),Group Task/Group Exercise (MDI-HR, MICA).

Sanmeet Sidhu says, Thank you for your may post subsequent queries at the best!!

Sanmeet Sidhu is assistant geeral manager, IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd.

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