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Too much social networking linked to depression!
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February 12, 2009

Teenage girls, take note -- researchers say that too much social networking on Facebook can leave you depressed and anxious!

No, it's not just another bunch of hooey or a ploy designed by your parents to stop surfing the Internet.

Researchers at New York's Stony Brook University conducted a study that showed too much discussion -- or co-rumination, as it's called -- of a particular subject by young girls led to depression.

Now we all know that teens like to gab about everything under the sun, but going repeatedly over the same issues they face at that stage in life aggravates the situation.

In other words, the mediums they use -- Facebook, the telephone, e-mail -- allow this to happen and lead to a constant re-hashing of thier trials and tribulations, which in turn results in a depressed state of mind.

What do you think?

Have you ever found yourself stressed and anxious after networking with friends for an extended period of time?

Or do you think it's something limited only to youngsters?

Post your thoughts, experiences and opinions on the message board below.

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