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Success mantras for CAT 2008
K B Sharma,
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September 18, 2008

With less than two months to go for CAT 2008, adrenalin is running high among CAT aspirants, particularly those who have already started taking MOCK CATS and are getting neither a handsome score nor a high percentile. 


The aspirants are solicitous about the level of difficulty of CAT paper, about how well they will be able to handle it etc. Our simple advice: don't feel intimidated. CAT is only an entrance exam. If you have it in you, you will do well irrespective of the level of difficulty. Even if you don't do well here you will get many more opportunities to showcase your talents in other exams. So you have to overpower the anxiety. Only then can you expect to do well.


If you really want to bell the CAT, you have to dispel the myths and the apprehensions that are gripping your mind. This is of paramount importance and the necessary pre-requisite to success. Some of the myths about CAT that need to be demystified are:


CAT is tough

CAT is as tough or as easy for you as it is for everybody else. You don't have to fare excellently; you only have to fare better than the multitude that is non-serious. A majority of the test takers do so due to parental or peer pressure, or due to the stature attached to the test. They sit for the test because they have to. They are not really motivated and don't really have 'it' in them. If you are not one of them, you will do better than them. So let there be no fear psychosis.


CAT is just about IIMs

CAT is the portal to the cream of management institutes in India. It is not all about IIMs. You have other good B-schools that also accept CAT scores. There may be something like 10,000 to 15,000 seats in these premier institutions.


CAT is all about intelligence

CAT is more about smartness than about intelligence. You have to exercise your smartness -- call it intelligence if you like -- in analysing your strengths and weaknesses; in working on your weaknesses while you have time, but playing on your strengths at the time of the Test; and in prudent selection of questions to be attempted. Your knowledge of concepts will help, but what matters more is your ability to discern what can't be right, your ability to reason out.


Finish the task you have started with

It is not mandatory, not even desirable; to finish the section you have taken up. In the first go attempt 'time savers' from each section and in the second go, take up 'moderate questions'.


Attempts should be the priority

During the Test, the main motive should not be to maximise your attempts but to be accurate in whatever you attempt. You cannot and are not expected to answer all the questions.


CAT is all about English and Math

CAT isn't all about English and Math. It checks your potential to be a manager, your ability to reason logically, your proficiency to handle pressure and your decision making capabilities.


Studies are primary; practice is secondary

CAT aspirants never hesitate to take mock tests. They try out different strategies in different MOCK CATS and see what works best for them. What is more, they analyse each MOCK CAT carefully and try to see what and how they could have done better.


So de-stress yourself and work smart for best results. And don't forget to register for a FREE ONLINE MOCK CAT scheduled to be held at on September 21, 2008 (Sunday).

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