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Study Abroad: Best B-schools in the UK?

November 20, 2008 10:45 IST

Want to study in the UK but don't know how to go about applying for the visa?

How much funds does your sponsor need to show proof of?

How difficult is it to get a job while studying in the UK?

What are the scholarships available to foreign students?

To answer these and many other education UK related questions, experts from the British Council hosted a chat with GA readers on November 19. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Nim says, Hi, Good afternoon, this is Nim Bahadur, Welcome to this webchat session on Education in the UK

Sonu says, Greetings from British Council. We are ready to take your questions.

messi asked, What is the amount of money one need to demonstrate in hi account to be eligible for MBA in UK

Nim answers,  Hi messi, you need to show that you have sufficient money to cover your tuition fees, living expenses including accommodation. The average tutition fees would be about £8000-£12000 and the living expenses would be about £600-750 per month

jung asked, i am planning to pursue a 3yr BBM in the UK. My consultant has advised that i need to demonstrate access to 18months funding, tuition and living and the remainder should be address by variable funding.And my sponsors income should be 6lac+. Is this correct. Please advise if there are any further implication's that i should be aware of???

Sonu answers, Hi Jung!! Thank you for your question. Up to 18 months of study your funding should be in the form of Liquid Funds Further years of study after 18 months it should be in Variable and Immovable Funds. Why dont to check  /  for guidelines on applying for UK visa.

ROHANM asked, How is CIMA rated for Post Graduate studies

Nim answers, Hi Rohanm, CIMA qualification is well known globally and highly recognised by employers around the world. For details visit  

Ashutosh asked, i have ben shortlisted by CRANFIELD for Phd program but they have not mentioned any phd grant, since amount is huge why they are not offereing any grants as well as teaching assistance ship since i have 10 years of teaching exp

Nim answers, Hi Ashutosh, for information on scholarships please visit our website . For PhD, you could apply for Commonwealth Scholarships (last date for 2009 just got over), Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards, Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme etc

Rahul asked, Hello. I wish to pursue MBA from a reputed Business School. Couple of my friends did MBA from LBS and some from warwick and cambridge University. But still they are jobless. Is getting a job in europe very hard even after studying from world class business school in UK. Is UK govt doing anything to prevent racism against Indian students in getting Job and other day to day activities.

Sonu answers, HI Rahul!! Thank you for your questions. Under the new Point based system tier 4 students will be able to work in UK for two after completing their 12 months of Education in UK. For further information please go to the resource website  

123 asked, I am having work ex 4+ yrs.. now wanted to do MBA can you suggest how shuld I move forward....

Nim answers, Hi 123, please visit our website for more information about studying in the UK. The British Council has produced an education information sheet on studying for MBA available at  

Madhav asked, Why do students prefer to go Abroad for studies when there are so many good Institutions in India?

Nim answers, Hi Madhav, the UK offers recognised and respected qualifications, value for money as you pay tuition fees for one-year for master's courses, improve your english, gain skills and qualities what employers want, multicultural experience, variety of courses and specialistations to choose from. The above are some of the reasons why studnets choose to study in the UK. For more information visit  

deep2254 asked, What is better for an International Business study in PG MBA or MS?

Sonu answers, Hi Deep!!! Thank you for your question. Its always better to check the content of the course and how that will help you achieve the objectives. YOur MBA in UK is only for one year which saves a lot of your time and money. Why dont you do a course search on our database  it will be very useful in finding out institutions which offers the course you want to study. All the best!!

kirav asked,  can I study in UK when I go there for work permit 

Nim answers, Hi kirav, since you will be under work-permit visa, you may be able to study full time as your main purpose is to work. If you want to study full time, you need to switch to student visa. Alternatively you could do part time studies which does not affect your work.

suresh asked, I need to improve my English, are there any courses?

Nim answers, Hi Suresh, please visit our website  and select English.

Mohthashim asked, Hi I am Telecommunication professional with a Valid HSMP.Can you please advice which university will be the best for me to do a part M.Tech program customized for Telecom Professionals?

Sonu answers, Hi Mohthashim!! Thank you for your question. Please use  to search the database of the UK institutions that offers you with part time MTEch programmes in UK.

shashank asked, i was interested in doing PRODUCT DESIGNING with a combined course of business management....are there any courses available like this?

Nim answers, Hi shashank, you could combine courses in the UK. You may need to check with the institutions directly on this. Visit  for more details

redrock asked, What are the various scholarships does the UK PG colleges offers and where can i get info abt them?

Nim answers, Hi redrock, for information on scholarship, please visit . Currently Chevening Scholarships is open at  

redrock asked, What are the various scholarships does the UK PG colleges offers and where can i get info abt them?

Sonu answers, Hi Redrock thank you for your question. Information on Scholarships please keep checking  Scholarships for UK education are released one year in advance.

Mustafa asked, Good Afternoon,I want to do M.A in economics from London School of Economics or MBA in International Business from the same Institute. Is MBA available in Oxford University??

Nim answers, Hi Mustafa, good afternoon. please visit  for courses offered by London School of Economics. Visit for MBA courses offered by Oxford University

suresh asked, English specialised courses please!

Nim answers, Hi suresh, please visit  for more information

ran asked, what is the fee for B.Ed program in UK?

Nim answers, Hi ran, you need to check with the institutions directly for the exact fees. Fees vary between institutions and on an average about £8000-£10000


Nim answers, Hi Suman, visit the information sheet on MBA available at . You will find information on: - The reputation of MBAs in the UK - The expected entry requirements for an MBA - The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) - Where you can search for MBA courses - Where you can find further information on MBAs

subhajeet asked, hi sonu... i am planning to pursue my Msc in finance from UK from a reputed school. I am an engineer and currently have 4 months experience as an entrepreneur. So can i get any form of scholarship for my course?Plz help me

Sonu answers, Hi Subhajeet Thank you for your question. YOu can search for the institutions providing with the course interested on . Scholarships are released one year in advance for UK education information on scholarships can be had from  

jyoti asked, hi ,i recently completed my B-Tech from a college through distance education via academic center.Will i have any kind of problems whatsoever in getting admissions to a good tier -1 college in UK?

Nim answers, Hi jyoti, you need to check the entry requirements of the institution where you are planning to apply. If you have got a good score, there should not be any problem in getting admission.

subhajeet asked, hi sonu... i am planning to pursue my Msc in finance from UK from a reputed school. I am an engineer and currently have 4 months experience as an entrepreneur. So can i get any form of scholarship for my course?Plz help me

Nim answers, Hi subhajeet, if you are planning to apply for scholarship, you need to plan atleast a year in advance. For more information visit  

swapneel asked, Hi, M planing to join up UCL for next year for biochemical engg course, can u tell me the job prospects after completion and also my chances .. I have 71.60 percent in my final year of B tech biotech, i have a toefl score of 90, have a 4 month professional experience, couple of projects related to subject. Also please do guide me about chevenings scholarship.

Nim answers, Hi swapneel, for full details on Chevening Scholarship and how to apply, please visit . Closing date is 31 December 2008. Once you graduate from the UK, you could could apply for Tier 1 Post-Study work visa which will allow you to stay back in the UK for 2 years. For more information visit  

Harshad asked, Hi!I am Harshad.I am Food technologist having 8 years experience in this Industry in India.Food Industry is having limited scope in India.In UK,this Industry is having major industrial share.I am pla nning to join advance course in Food Technology in UK. 1.May I get list of univer`s or college`s conducting this courses? 2.Can student work ther while studing? 3.After compliting the course,can student get work permit to work in Uk for 2 years? 4.What is the time frame to get student visa after submitting all documents to UK ambassy? You are requested to guide on above points. Thanks

Sonu answers, HI Harshad!!! Thank you for your questions. You can do a course search on . just key in your subject you interested to study. You will get a list of institution that provides you with the subject you are interested to study. as a student you are allowed to work part time in UK i.e. 20 hours per week during your term period and full time during your vacation. After completing your course, if its for 12 months or more under the new point based system called as post study work a student can work for an addition of two years in UK. Information can be had from  Guidelines on applying for a visa is available on  or  

soumya asked, hi.wht is basic crteria to get uk hsmp visa?
Nim answers, Hi soumya, please visit  for more information.

leo asked, Is MBA in UK cheaper as compared to MBA in US ?

Nim answers, For information on MBA in the UK, visit . You need to check the fees and make a comparision. As you may know, you could complete the MBA in the UK in one-year, so you will be paying one-year tuition fees and living expenses

subhajeet asked, hello sonu... thanks for your reply... what are the job prospects in UK after completing Msc in Finance.

Sonu answers, Hi Subhajeet !!! Thank you for your question. I cannot guide you regarding job prospects. You can use  for information on working in UK.

shobhit asked, sir i have done btech in electronics and communication and now i want to go for mba in uk what r the opportunities for me of scholarship?

Nim answers, Hi shobhit, for information on studying in the UK visit  and for information on scholarships log on to . You need to plan in advance (atleast a year before) if you are planning to apply for a scholarship

leo asked, Are admissions for mba in UK only in September Oct duration or also in January like USA ? What is the differnce between these two admission time ?

Nim answers, Hi leo, UK offers two intakes, September/October is the main intake and the second intake is in January/February.

Raj asked, What is the prerequisite for doing an MBA in UK.I am Btech Graduate in comupterscience?

Nim answers, Hi Raj, The entry qualification for an MBA is a first division or a higher second vision in Bachelors degree, GMAT score, 2-3 years of full time work experience and IELTS. For more information visit  

manish asked, sir i have done computer hardware & networking i will know to job oputunity in uk

Nim answers, Hi manish, please visit  for more information

Nicky123 asked, Hello Sir, I have a degree in Journalism and would like to get a Masters Degree in Convergence Journalism. Currently I am working and also doing a Masters Degree in Sociology. How should I go about it? Please can you help me?

Nim answers, Hi Nicky 123, you could start by visiting the Education UK website  

preeti asked, hello everyone I have work exp of 9.32(B.Tech) CGPI , 2.5 years , 600+ GMAT score and 107 in toefl . Kinfly suggest which universitites should i target for MBA .

Nim answers, Hi preeti, there are number of universities who offer MBA. You could do your search by visiting  or ,  and  (for courses accredited by the AMBA).

Arpit asked, Can u please tell me the scope of doing mba from UK

Nim answers, Hi Arpit, visit the information sheet on MBA available at   

Raman asked, hello sir...myself Raman i am currently doing my final year in B.A in Hospitality Management Degree Course in Goa. My area of interest is in Bakery. I would like to Do a postgraduate course in UK. Can u Give some colleges Name which offer Post Graduate Courses.

Sonu answers, Hi Raman You can do a search of institutions on  you need to input the keyword as bakery and choose options as career based course. you will get a list of institutions that will provide you with the course that you are interested to study in UK.

ssm asked, Can I consider my bank fixed deposits to get points under HSMP Tier 1 General Visa. he Fixed Deposits are in my name and drawn from my savings bank account under the same Customer ID.

Nim answers, Hi ssm, for information on HSMB Tier 1 General visa, visit  for more details

eyedis asked, hi, Can i know the fee for MBA program

Nim answers, Hi eyedis, the fees ranges on an average from £8000 to £25000 for MBA depending on the institution you choose

hits asked, i got admission without giving IELTS....i secure more than 60% marks in SSC & HSC, and completed my graduation in English medium. Is there any chances they call me for interview....???

Nim answers, Hi hits, normally the visa is issued based on the documents you submit along with your visa application. If you have got an unconditional offer letter without IELTS, the visa office might look for English scores in higher secondary/Bachelors level. Alternatively the institution can also mention that they are satisfied with your English.

saurabh asked, Hi Sonu Hi I have scored 700 in GMAT and have 2 1/2 years of experience with IT company working in Life Insurance Domain and want to persue MBA from UK top colleges in Risk Management field , but due to economic crisis ,UK visas restrictions am not sure . What are job prospectsq post MBA in this economic crisis , will I get decent ROI . What are my chances of getting Job in India

Sonu answers, Hi Saurabh Thank you for your question. You need to search for an institution that provides you with Risk Management course as a specialsation which you can begin at . Information on visas can be had from  or  After completing your studies you can work for addition of two years under the point based system. More information on this can be had from  

daya asked, what is the cost for pursuing mba from a average institution?

Nim answers, Hi daya, the average fees would be £8000-£12000

daya asked, what is the cost for pursuing mba from a average institution?

Sonu answers, Hi Daya the tution fees of Studying MBA from UK institution will vary between £4000 to £30,000 depending on the institution you are planning to study.

hits asked, how old bank statement of enough fund we should show?????

Nim answers, Hi hits, you need to show a minimum of 6 months


Sonu answers, HI Cherry The IELTS requirements will vary from institution to institution. Visa officer otherwise would like a student to have an IELTS score. Information on student visas can be had from  and  

skm asked, Hi, I a have done my M.Phil in Computerscience and planning to do Phd .Can you tell me what is the best time and also best college to do that

Nim answers, Hi skm, the normal minimum period required to complete a PhD is three years. However, majority of students takes longer than three years to complete 'writing up'. A realistic time frame for completion of a PhD is three-and-a-half to four years. Research programmes end in a dissertation or thesis of 70,000-100,000 words & must present original findings that are in principle publishable. Generally, it's a Masters degree or an MPhil and evidence that you know something about research procedures. Some experience of working alone on a research project is very useful. A research proposal is essential part of any research degree application. This should be short (perhaps two-page) summary, based on research in your field. The application process is quite simple, you need to obtain the application form from the institutions, and some of them also have online applications. You can fill up the applications, attach all the relevant documents and send it to the institutions. Research students may begin their studies at any point in the year, with agreement of the academic supervisor.

vasanth asked, i would like to study in uk, i did Bachelor Degree in Computer Science,

Nim answers, Hi vasanth, please visit  for more information

Jai asked, Is there any age barrier for higher education

Nim answers, Hi Jai, there is no age barrier for higher education.


Sonu answers, Hi Ay You can search for the institutions in UK on , there are varying entry requriements for UK institutions. If you visit any of the British Council offices you can ask for a MBA handbook which is locally printed for students. you can get that handbook for free of cost. There are no entrance examination for MBA. Insitutions may ask for an IELTS and GMAT score with two to three years of work experience.

rj asked, r there good schools for fashion designing ? Which r those? What is the cost of education and time period and job prospects?

Nim answers, Hi rj, there are good institutions offering fashion designing course. Visit for more details. Cost varies between institution. On a average it is about £8000-£10000. Duration of UG course is 3 years (except Scotland) and PG is 1 year. You can stay back for 2 year under Post-Study work after completion of your course. More details available at . You can also get more information from the information sheet on Fashion Design available at  

sidharth asked, is there any vocational course such as hair dressing,cookery.

Nim answers, Hi sidharth, yes there are vocation courses available. For details visit  

cherry asked, I M COMPLITE MY B.COM(in GUJARATI)IN-2005 I HV 3YRS EXP.i hv 76 in english in 12th. i m capeble for MBA WITHOUT IELTS? PLZZZZZZZZZ REPLYYY

Sonu answers, Cherry the entry requirements will vary from institutions to institutions. Please refer  for more informtation about MBA and entry requirements.

hits asked, sir my parents & brother's annual income is average 4.5 lakh. it is enough for abroad study . than also i have to show cash in my account? they can't consider regular family income????

Nim answers, Hi hits, for the visa purposes, you need to show that you have enough money to cover your tuition fees and living expenses.

Sonu says, Thank you all for your questions. This is all we have for today. Hope it was useful and wish you all very best of luck. Do visit  to know about the latest news on education UK accross India offices.

Nim says, We are currently organising the Education UK Exhibition and more information is available at

Nim says, Thank you all for participating in this session. If you need more information write to us at