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Class X: 4-day study plan for science
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March 20, 2008

The CBSE Class X Science exam is on March 25. For most Class X students, this would be their last exam. After Mathematics, Science is considered the toughest. However, you can score very well in this exam, if you are well prepared.

TCYonline experts have selected some important topics for the readers of to be revised from the chapters given in the NCERT textbook, for preparation.

Day 1 and 2

Carbon and its compounds
~ Types of bonding in carbon
~ Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
~ Properties of Alcohols
~ Properties of carboxylic Acids
~ Questions based on identifying compounds based on given properties

Metals and Non-metals
~ Differentiating metals and non-metals
~ Basic Metallurgic Processes
~ Metals showing anomalous behavior (eg the metal which is a liquid at room temperature)
~ Properties and Uses of metals along with reactions
~ Bonding in metals and non-metals

~ Images and their nature
~ Image formation in concave mirror
~ Understanding of focus, focal length, aperture etc.
~ Laws of refraction
~ Refractive index comparisons between media
~ Image formation in convex lens

Periodic classification of elements
~ Predicting position in periodic table based on properties
~ Predicting properties based on position in periodic table
~ Limitations of Mendeleev's table
~ How modern periodic table is improved upon Mendeleev's periodic table?
~ Breakthroughs achieved by Mendeleev's table

Day 3 

~ Accommodation in eye with the help of eye lens
~ Problems in vision



~ Applications of

~ Causes of refraction and related effects
~ Numerical problems related to velocity of light and relative and absolute indices
~ Why do stars twinkle and why do they appear risen up?
~ What is the cause of dispersion and related atmospheric phenomenon?
~ What is scattering and related atmospheric phenomenon?

Our environment
~ Major environment problems along with their solutions
~ Ozone depletion
~ Bio-degradability of wastes and other pollutants. 

Life Processes - 1
Basic concepts related to

Control and Coordination

Day 4

Conservation and management of natural resources

Life Processes - 2

Heredity and Evolution

Natural Resources

Sources of Energy

Good luck!

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