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Does an MBA makes sense for you?
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January 07, 2008

The Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, offers a one year post graduate programme in management. But do you know for who are these courses meant for? How to apply for these courses? What are the eligiblity criteria?

How does this one-year module help professionals working across industries? What are the advantages of doing these one-year management courses? How can it help you build a strong career?

Who can apply for these courses? How is the programme conducted?

ISB's Director - Admissions & Financial aid, RANGA RAO I V, answered all these queries and more in a chat on December 24.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:



RangaRao says, Hi. This is Ranga Rao and I am ready to take your questions. please note that since we have limited time I would like to address questions which have not otherwise been answered either by our website or by me in this chat.



sudhakrishna2003 asked, Hello sir, I am having 0 years of IT exp on Infrastructure management. I worked for HCL [Get Quote] for 8 year. currently working for American MNC. Am i eligile for this course,if yes what are the prerequisites to enroll into this course.

RangaRao answers, As long as you have more than 2 years of full time work experience post your undergrad qualification, you are eligible to apply. For further details please check our website.



rahul1234 asked, i am working in software industry from last 10 years. will this course be useful for me ? i have done engg and wish to do some management course.

RangaRao answers, Yes. It largely depends on your general career aspirations and specific post ISB goals.



RajFromIndia asked, Hello Sir, I have 10 years of exp and currently working as a Sr. Manager (Project Management) with an MNC Bank. I am B.E. (Electronics). What are the chances with 700 GMAT Scores, I have ok ok acads in graduation, however my undergrad acads are good (Topped in one subject in Final Year of Undergrad), Thank you

RangaRao answers, Your profile sounds interesting though your undergrad acads may drag you down since the applicant pool is highly competitive.



cpraidu asked, I am graduate in Commerce. Studied privately in telugu medium 20 years back.Am i eligible for admission.I am full time employee in private limited company. Is it usefull to my carreer.

RangaRao answers, You are eligible to apply. However, You will have to take TOEFL/IELTS(as your medium of instruction is not english).



ritu asked, i have 3 yrs of exp in consulting i'm an MBA my CGPA in my MBA-Xiss full time was 7.5+ but my graduation in History from DU was not very good it was less than 50% can i take GMAT for ISB and other courses of IIMs n XLRI

RangaRao answers, You can take the GMAT and if you get a very high score you may have a chance of being considered depending on the increasingly high quality of the applicant pool which is growing at 30% every year.



muru asked, Why GMAT score is given that much importance ? As it will not reflect the candidates success in future. Because I have seen ISB rejecting GOOD candidates because of low GMAT scores and others candidates with high GMAT and with low profile are getting in.

RangaRao answers, The GMAT is the globally accepted test used by the leading B-schools in the world and ISB being a global B-school follows this practice. However, our selection process is not GMAT centric but also assesses a number of other parameters from a holistice point of view. This helps in not just assessing the applicants current achievements but also his/her potential.



ajayiwayajay asked, I am an General Insurance professional with 4 years experience, how this course will help me as a career in core insurance. What will be requirement for GMAT Score

RangaRao answers, Given the tremendous growth in this sector the program should be able to equip you with the skill sets and knowledge to leverage on the career prospects depending ofcourse on what you would do with the learning. The GMAT range in the current class is 600-780 with an average GMAT of 707.



vasudev asked, What makes ISB MBA is a so hot issue in the market.

RangaRao answers, Our website would give you tons of information on what makes ISB so different; however, the ISB programme empowers its students with five powers. They are: a fast track one year program, global faculty, peer group, contemporary curriculum, world class infrastructure. The programme is today the largest single campus fully residential programme in the world. The average GMAT score of the class is amongst the top five business schools in the world.



Dilip asked, What is the Minimum GMAT score is required to be eliglible for ISB? If there is no limit, please metion the past 2-3 year statistics.

RangaRao answers, The average for the curent batch is 707 and the avg for the previous batch was 706.



vvvvv asked, would like to know whether ppl having research and marketing background will get benefitted with this program?

RangaRao answers, Yes to the extent that they are part of research projects involving the efficient use of resources with tight delivery deadlines. Also some one with a Marketing research background could be very useful to an MNC planning a major retail launch in India.



vvvvv asked, hi sir...would like to know who are eligible for this program and wot's the process for this course let us know the full details?

RangaRao answers, Details regarding the requirements,fees course structure etc... are available on our website



rajiv asked, I am a senior sales manager in a software MNC. I hold an engineering degree and have 12 years of experience. Would you suggest taking up a formal management education?

RangaRao answers, Senior profiles like yours may have placement issues coming up given the context of realistic management of one's expectations. in such a case it may therefore make more sense to arrange for a sabbatical sponsorship for the program from your organisation provided you meet all the other eligibility requirements.



abc asked, I am an IT professional with 8 years experience, how this course will help me as a career in banking & finance domain?

RangaRao answers, The program does help in making lateral career shifts. However, this would depend to a great extent on the domain exposure you already have and the elective choices you make while you are at ISB.



priya asked, Hello sir i m pursuing Is this course baneficial for me? Is this same useful as 2 yr MBA course??

RangaRao answers, MBA gives you exposure to real time business world issues as against an M.Com which analyses archival business transactions. MBA further helps in networking with business leaders and V.C's, grooming your professional profile to enhance your leadership skills.



Abhijeet asked, How much importance is given to extracurricular activities while selecting a candidate?Is community service included? Are they mandatory?

RangaRao answers, Due importance is given to such activities to the extent that they add value to your profile by virtue of telling us about your teaming skills, initiatives, social consciousness etc� However, these are not necessarily mandatory.



Anand asked, Sir, I am Anand form Chennai. Though international work experince is not a selection criteria, how far does this help one during admissions?

RangaRao answers, It helps to the extent that it brings in value in terms of diversity of learning, given that the class consists of Students from different backgrounds, domains, geographies and experience.



Ajay asked, Sir, I'm an MCA from Hyderabad Central University and aroun 7yrs of exp in s/w development.How does the 1 yr course in ISB will help my career ?

RangaRao answers, ISB's program could help you add value to your profile by equipping you with the requisite skill sets and competencies for taking on leadership roles.



Ambi asked, do these courses for experienced professionals really add value to them? are these people really get high positions or end up doing the same work as a normal MBA from an average institute does?

RangaRao answers, This depends to a great extent on the learning that you bring to the course as well as the learning that you take from the course. ISB alums do gain significant leverage in their career performance post ISB both in terms of compensation,roles etc..



swapnil asked, Sir I am a Software Engineer with 5 yrs experience, for candidate like me, what was the GMAT cut-off this year. I understand there are various other factors, can you atleast give me a range of score? Thanks

RangaRao answers, GMAT range is 600-780.



paras asked, Sir, does ISB offers or plan to offer PHd's !!

RangaRao answers, As we are not a university, we can't offer doctorate degrees. However, we do have a post doctoral program(PDP) and are planning to launch a pre doctoral program(PDP).



junky asked, ..isb doesn't give an MBA ....its a PGDBM course...ppl pls aware of that...

RangaRao answers, Just to clarify we offer Post graduate Program in Management(PGPM). The fact that we have equivalent credit exchange programs with over 35 leading B-schools from twelve geographies across the world validates the global acceptance of the program



Kajal asked, Hello Mr Ranga - I am an MBA from a very reputed institute in India. My CGPA is 3.19/4.00 during MBA(2005 -07) and in engineering(1997-2001) I scored 70%. I have pre MBA work EX- of 4 years and I intend to apply to ISB for the 2009-2010 batch. I wanted to know if I stand a chance for admit to ISB at these acads.

RangaRao answers, Your profile looks positive. However, it depends on how your overall application finally looks(GMAT, Essays, Referrals) in the context of the increasingly competetive applicant pool



Praveen asked, Hello sir, presently working in Egypt & planning to move to India. Pl tell me age factor (42 years) & exp 15 years problems/issues. Pl reply me.

RangaRao answers, Key challenges would be your adaptability, learnability and career aspirations given the background of a class size of 425 students with an avg age of 28years and 5 years avg work experience.



ankita asked, sir iam general physician with 2years of clinical work exp currently iam pursuing masters in hospital management from apollo hospital hyd sir i have met some physician at isb campus who are currently enrolled in prog after a brief discu with them i would like to do one year prog from isb sir please tell me eligibility criteria, gmat cut-off score is there any relaxation in selection criteria for women applicant

RangaRao answers, The eligibility and selection criteria are not gender specific and are consistent across all applicants.




RangaRao answers, Good scores in GMAT don't necessarily guarrantee admission since your undergrad acads are also evaluated in terms of academic consistency. Last year we did not select over 50 applicants who had GMAT scores of 750 plus



Sujay asked, Dear Sir, Im working with Microsoft as a Sr.Associate since 3.5 years.I'm an from Bits Pilani and MBA graduate from Symbiosis with good academics.My GRE score is 1470 and TOEFL score is 298. I wanted to know a) Do I need to appear for GMAT (GRE score does not count?)and b)Would this course contains the necessary course curriculam for one to understand the nitty gritties of the entrepreneurship?

RangaRao answers, You need to appear for GMAT. Yes the course would equip you with essential competencies to take a good shot at becoming a succesful entrepreneur with the support of the Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurship Development(WCED)



RangaRao says, Time for me to go. I would like to thank every one for participating in this chat. My best wishes for your success.



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