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Do foreign B-schools demand work experience?
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February 26, 2008

Do you need to have work experience to apply to a B-school in the US or UK?

Are there finance options for students hoping to pursue a doctorate abroad?

Do Canada [Images] and Australia have world-class universities?

International education consultant Karan Gupta, answered these and other queries in a chat with readers on February 25.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Karan Gupta says, Welcome to the Karan Gupta chat

Karan Gupta says, I am here now so shoot your questions

sumeetbhandari asked, Hi Karan, I have done my ICSE (80%), ISC(61%) and B.E(63%). I am confident of scoring 700-710 score in gmat that combined with vital 3 years of work experience from Mphasis EDS company. Plus i am into charity organisation and I am part of Mphasis EDS corporate cricket team. What do you think about me making to good universities in USA for my mba programme? Which set of universities should i target? Someone told me that i should look only to top ten universities below that its not a good idea to take up mba in usa? Which are the top ten universities according to you?

Karan Gupta answers, Hi, Your profile is good and you can consider applying to the top schools globally. Harvard university, Upenn, Columbia University. LBS, Insead and so on are few of the good schools worldwide.

vadiraj asked, Hi Karan, I am an Software Engineer with over 3 yrs exp in IT field. I am planning to give my GRE in July. I plan to do a masters course in IT like MISM, MSIT,etc. Do you think i should try for the Jan intake, if so then can i meet the deadlines for Jan intake with a July date. What i hear is that Aug programs are better as more universities prefer taking students in Aug, is it true. How do you think the courses like MISM, MSIT,etc fare in the US market, do they have good long term prospects. Thanks

Karan Gupta answers, Very few universities offer spring(jan) intake. The MIS/MSiT is a booming field and has good job prospects abroad.

namit asked, hi Karan .I have got an admit in Schulich business school,York University , Canada Can you evaluate how good the university is

Karan Gupta answers, York is one good university in Canada. Study the programme offered by the university to check whether it suits your requirement.

Sam asked, Hi, I have Gre score of 1040.. Q=730, V=310, AwA=4 Can I target some good univ. which gives preference to Quant score. Also, How can I find about the package which students get after completing there MS.

Karan Gupta answers, You must check with individual universites for their requirements. Get in touch with the alumini of the university in regards to the job prospects.

leena asked, Hi Karan, i am BE graduate.i would like to know if i plan to go during spring to the US for MS, which is the right time to give the GRE? And is there any limit as to how many times one can take GRE?

Karan Gupta answers, You must take your GRE by June/July.

Sanjoy asked, Hi Karan This is Sanjoy this side i am pursuing my graduation in public administration i would like to know about the courses avilable in this stream

Karan Gupta answers, You can consider pursuing a Master's Course in Public Administration

sunny asked, i am currently an employee of indian MNC thinking of switching to some other carrier but not able to decide on can you help through this... Pilot and MBA is my options.

Karan Gupta answers, You must evaluate your long term ang short term career goals before deciding on your stream of study

anvaid asked, i wanted to know about post diploma courses in engineering(mechanical)in Germany [Images]. Thanx

Karan Gupta answers, Study the course offer by University of Johannes Kepler Universitat Linz(JKU). Language maybe a barrier thus it is essential to learn a basic language course in germany

BLESS asked, HOW TO SELECT A SUITABLE M.B.A program from premier U.S Business schools?

Karan Gupta answers, Evaluate your goals and then study the course content offered by universities. You will be able to then make an informed decision. Visit for a list of top ranked business schools.

Nachiket asked, I want information about CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

Karan Gupta answers, Visit for more information on the CPA

PRadeep asked, Hi I am Pradeep from Ballarat,Australia What is the difference between MBA and master in Information Systems? Does Master in Information Systems has good scope Abroad-Australia and US?

Karan Gupta answers, An MBA will teach you subjects such as Strategy, Marketing, HR and so on. An MS in IS will teach you only Information Systems. Information Systems is a very good field to be in.

Ankit asked, Iam currently pursuing Btech in Comp Sc. from KIIT Bhubaneswar..I want to pursue an MS from a reputed university in the US.I have already started preparing for the GRE and will be taking it late 2008. I want to know the prospects of getting a I come from a non-IIT/NIT..

Karan Gupta answers, Scholarships from foreign universities are not easy. However, an excellent academic background and a high GRE score will enhance your chances of getting funding.

ramkrishna asked, hi karan this is rmakrishna i wanna ask u some question like i had completed my engineering in computers in 2006 now i am going to take admission for uk for mba or msc can u suggest me the best universitied in uk and the better fee structure in the uk universities

Karan Gupta answers, Visit for a list of the top ranked UK institutes.


Karan Gupta answers, The IELTS is not a difficult exam for students who have been educated in English medium schools. Visit for more information on the exam.

Boney asked, I would like to know abt the course Logistics Mgmt. Is it a good one. Can u comment on this. Is Singapore university is the right one for this

Karan Gupta answers, Read the course content to see if you really like the course. This is a good course with good job prospects but you should have an aptitute for Logistics.

Jiken asked, Hi I've left 6 month to finish my B.E. in Computer Engineering and would like to go abrod for further study and spcialize in Database management so which course should i take and where? which countries shoudl i go for?

Karan Gupta answers, You could apply for an MS in Computer Science. Currently most students prefer US schools. You will need the GRE and the TOEFL for admissions.

Nandu asked, Good Afternoon, My dream is to go to USA. I have done my MBA from Kakatiya university and have an experience of around 8 years and working as Business Development Manager in a software firm. Now as I am not sure whether I will be going there on JOb visa, I would like to try out through student visa. I am 36 years now. I want to persue one year course in retail management or Insurance Management. Please advice how to go about it and what exams i need to take up for this and what will be the budget like.

Karan Gupta answers, I would recommend a second MBA for you. You can consider a regular or an executive MBA. Opt for EU schools, as the MBA is generally one year in Europe.

Goplakrishnan asked, Im planning for MS in US. Pls let me know which are good universiteis and what are their requirements to get admission. Im doing gre etc., I will be finishing my BE this year.

Karan Gupta answers, US universities look at many factors when granting admission including your GRE and TOEFL scores, past academic record, SOP, resume and letters of recommendation.

Neel asked, I did my M.Sc. In Chemistry two years ago and i am now doing part time research at Gauhati University,Assam but i'd love to go abroad if full scholarships are available. Can you guide me in this regard?

Karan Gupta answers, Full scholarships are sometime available for PhD students. Contact the universities directly for information on scholarships.

amit asked, for mba r there any good universities which dont demand any work experience.if yes then wat is the course duration.

Karan Gupta answers, No, all good B schools need candidates to have work experience in order to be considered for the MBA course.

SURESH asked, What is ur opinion about TWINNING pregramme ( BBA/BBM ) of Christ College Bangalore with Griffith Australia / Western Michigan University of US ? 2 years in Christ & 2 years in Griffith / WMU Is it Good, Value for money ?

Karan Gupta answers, I do not recommend such programmes. It is best to study at the parent university in Australia.

shamilona asked, which option is better for under graduate courses-india or abroad and why?

Karan Gupta answers, Undergraduate education in the US is preferred because of the course flexibility. If, however, funding is an issue, then consider post graduate study.

abhi asked, Hi, This is Abhishek here. I am currently working as a Software Engineer. I am looking for an MBA degree from the US. How much work experience is preferable? How much value does it add to the education ? And what is the minimum Under Graduation percentage they expect?? Thanks a ton !

Karan Gupta answers, Generally speaking, you should have at least 3 years of full time work experience before you consider an MBA. There is no minimum undergraduate percentage needed.

vicky asked, I am Planning to do my MS in USA but i am confused as in which way to go. Should i opt for masters in COMPUTER SCIENCE or should i opt for MIS(Management and Information System)i have completed my BE in Computer enginnering

Karan Gupta answers, Read the course content of both fields and then make a decision. Both the fields lead to very good career options.

skr asked, what kind of financial asssistance can i get for doing MBA abroad

Karan Gupta answers, Depending on your work experience and GMAT score, you may qualify for tuition scholarships ranging from 10% to 100% of the tuition fee. Loans are also available.

Shatrughana asked, I do want MBA from abroad so how to choose the courses..

Karan Gupta answers, Get a list of universities that offer an MBA and then read the course content on the university websites. After this, you will be in a better position to decide.

kamalesh asked, Good afternoon. Which australian university is economical to do MBA

Karan Gupta answers, In my opionion, the only good Australian universities are Melbourne Business School and Australian Graduate School of Management.

Mahesh asked, I am a law graduate, I have got an offer to study in the UK to pursue an LLM..what would be the benefits of this compared to an Indian LLM?What is the scope and job prospects of a foreign LLM?

Karan Gupta answers, The only advantage is that you would have foreign exposure. Multinational law firms here may prefer people with a foreign LLM.

ashish_rech asked, Hi karan, I got admits to Rotman and Schulich b-schools in Canada. Which one should I prefer for consulting & entrepreneurship. I know both of these are very good in finance.

Karan Gupta answers, Both are good. Schulich is a better bet.

Samir asked, Hello, I am pursuing the final semester of my post graduation. I want to go for an MBA abroad. Which would be a better place, Australia, UK or USA? Does UK or Australian univ demand work exprerience? And what is the best place for economical study? Also what would be the placement in these countries..??

Karan Gupta answers, Work experience is a must for all good business schools. US is the best to work in after graduation and hence most people prefer US business schools.

ankgupta asked, Hi,I am planning to do my MBA from a good business school in UK.I have 33 months of experience. Suggest me some good Bschools there.

Karan Gupta answers, You can consider London [Images] Business School, Manchester Business School and Oxford University.

jk asked, whts optimum age for abroad study

Karan Gupta answers, You can study at any age in US universities.

jack asked, Hello, I have scored 1100(790(Q)+310(V)) in GRE and also have 2 years of experience in software development in MNC so what is my chance of getting into good university with some AID.

Karan Gupta answers, 1100 in the GRE is an average score. Therefore, funding with this GRE score seems unlikely.

arsh asked, how much i have to score in gmat for getting into a good college in us,uk and canada

Karan Gupta answers, 600 and above

Junaaf asked, Hi i have an unconditional offer letter for MSc in electronic engineering from ESSEX,SUSSEX,SHEFFILED which University is better according to you.?

Karan Gupta answers, I would opt for Sheffield

raman asked, Good afternoon..which australian univ is low in cost for

Karan Gupta answers, Lamar University is one of the cheapest universities in the US

raman asked, Good afternoon..which australian univ is low in cost for

Karan Gupta answers, In Australia, you can look at RMIT

RahulK asked, Hi Karan. I am 28 yrs old and have done my M.Sc (Comp. Sci). I have over 6 years of work experience in the software field working in a Lead position. I have in the past got work offers for US (US based employer) and UK (India based employer), which were eseentially long term assignments of atleast 2-3 years on L1 & HSMP visa, respectively. I had not taken these offers then. Can I take up a job with the objective of pursuing alongwith any MBA program on part-time basis ? What are the requirements of Universities for taking in students for part time courses ? What sort of value would this sort of a program fetch me back in India considering my long term goal of moving into a marketing/pre-sales job ? Answer would be really appreciated. Rahul.

Karan Gupta answers, Most universities will allow you to study part time if you are working full time on a work visa. Degrees obtained by part time study are as valuable as degrees obtained by full time study.

giri asked, i am studying MSC(maths). Please tell me what i do furture study, i dont what M.phil.

Karan Gupta answers, Your only option then would be a PhD in Math

kamalesh asked, MBA in india / MBA in australia which is better option

Karan Gupta answers, It's best to compare individual business schools rather than comparing countries

ann asked, what r ur views on uk universities...any take on international campus of middlesex university in dubai? are degrees here decent enough?

Karan Gupta answers, In my opinion, this is a very average university.

abhi asked, Hi ! Abhishek here. What is the working hours normally permitted for part-time in the US ? What are the options that students normally choose out of it and how much do they make out of it? How different is it in the UK ?

Karan Gupta answers, Students in the US are allowed to work for 20 hours per week on campus. Students in the UK can work for 20 hours per week outside campus as well. You can earn around $600-$1000 per month.

urvish asked, I wish to give GMAT on 11th march I find verbal difficult. Please advise what to do now in last 15 days

Karan Gupta answers, Study from the Official Guide to the GMAT and practice from

GoingUS asked, HI Karan. I am Anand from Kolkata. I am a B.Tech in Computer Engineering from Manipal with 4.5 years of Work Ex in IT with Deloitte Consulting. I also have a PGDBA degree (distance learning) from Symbiosis. Now I have understood my real passion is in teaching and research and I want to do higher studies in Mathematics. Do you think I am too later for it? I am 27 years old. How should I go about with it given the fact that I am ruling out MBA and want to join a really good university to continue my studies. I have decent academics and work experience in USA too.

Karan Gupta answers, No, it is not too late for you to study abroad. Go ahead and apply for a Masters degree.

sachin asked, hi, i will require a list of univ which allow 15 yrs of education in usa for suply chain management masters. can u plz help? would u suggest SAT/GRE exam to be taken up? and which is better and an approximate cost of both alternatives?

Karan Gupta answers, For a Master's degree in a non business field the GRE is needed and not the SAT or GMAT. Visit for a list of universities.

Raj Malhotra asked, Hi Karan I need an advicefrom you that my parents are US Permanent residents as I want to go to US too for PHD or doctrate now the condition is as my parents r alreadt there n i'm unmarried will I be able to go to America ot do my reserach in ne university or not

Karan Gupta answers, You may find it hard to obtain a student visa, as the visa officer may not be convinced of your intention as a full time student.

shreya asked, sir,i have got 73 in TOEFLibt and 760 in GRE and my CGPA is 7.5.Will i be able to get admission in good universities?

Karan Gupta answers, Yes, with your standardized test scores, you most likely will not get into a good university.

azad asked, Hi, How much it'll cost to get MBA from Wharton (including tuition, living and all other expenses)?

Karan Gupta answers, Wharton is an expensive business school. Generally people spend around $100,000 - $120,000 for an MBA from Wharton. Visit for more information.

VarunSharma asked, Hello This is Varun Sharma. I am final year student of commerce stream ( Additionally, cleared my CA INTER, CS Inter. I'll be competing my CA, CS in 2009. By that time , I'll clear my ICWAI. I want to pursue MBA. Please guide me how shall i plan?

Karan Gupta answers, Take the GMAT and the TOEFL and then apply for the MBA one year prior to the year you want to start the programme.

sandy asked, Hi Karan, I am into IT but would like to get into journalism. Have already applied to Columbia last year but was waitlisted. Have reapplied this year; however, I was wondering whether writing now to the professors (with updates about my career and writing) would strengthen my chances or be misconstrued as something else?

Karan Gupta answers, Yes, its a good idea to talk to professors/admission office ONLY if there is something new in your file.

vineet asked, hello karan, i want 2 ask u that what are the job opportunities after completing MS in US?

Karan Gupta answers, It depends on the university you are in and the field of study.

Venki asked, Hii.. I am working for a software company. Am a UG outcome of 2007-may. GMAT score is 490. Suggest me good stream to opt for in US. In respect to MBA/MS(Management) etc?

Karan Gupta answers, You should gather more work experience and maybe even retake the GMAT and then apply to business schools. You can opt for any stream that you are interested in, including finance, marketing or HR.

Karan Gupta says, Thank you for insightful questions! Unfortunately, we have run out of time and have to end this chat.

Karan Gupta says, Please look out for the next Rediff-Karan Gupta chat. Have a great day! Goodbye!

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