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Is a bad mood as infectious as a smile?
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December 18, 2008

Picture this: You're happy as a clam, going about your daily routine with a song on your lips and a spring in your step.

Enter Mr Gloom, the office killjoy.

Mr Gloom has a face frozen in a scowl and has a habit of discussing only depressing news with everyone -- the plumetting stock market, ill health and relationship problems are his forte.

Do you feel your smile droop and eventually drop off? Do you find yourself worrying about your longterm investments or that cough you've had for a couple of days now?

Where's your girlfriend? You'd think that she'd at least call when she knows you're under the weather. She's probably flirting with that hottie from accounting at her own office.

There -- it's gone! Your good mood is just about history at this point. For the rest of the day you'll scowl, cough and stew in your own thoughts, right?

Or wrong? Are we underestimating your positive energy? Tell us what you think!

They say that a smile is catching. Do you think scowls and a negative frame of mind are infectious too?

Do you find yourself in a bad frame of mind if a colleague or loved one exhibits similar behaviour? Or do you merely shrug off their black moods and go about as cheerfully as before?

Do you fall prey to other people's negativity or not? Post your comments and experiences in this regard on the message board below.

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