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The Incident of the Columnist at a Disco
Sidin Sunny Vadakut

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September 18, 2007
Sidin Sunny Vadakut begins a weekly humour column.

Ah! Hello! We are meeting for the first time no?

Well, my name is Sidin and I will be asking you to give up a leetle bit of your time every Tuesday so that you can read this column and feel a nice warm glow afterwards.

This column is going to have none of the gravitas of those national security columns or the glamour of those Bollywood articles. Instead it will try to sit up and laugh, or at least smirk, at the general insanity of our lives.

And I am really hoping that you will smirk with me. Not much of a humor column if there ain't an entertained public, is it?

So without further ado, let me tell you why I think I am no longer the swashbuckling, handsome youth I one was.

I am going through this period in life I like to call Afteryouth.

Afteryouth is that troublesome interlude just after the tremendous mid-twenties and before the meddlesome early thirties. Suddenly your priorities are beginning to change and your body is helping things along by drastically dropping metabolism rates. Fat piles up during Afteryouth and the wife is beginning to notice it.

But then, putting it down to merely a question of age is imprudent. Afteryouth is also a matter of state of mind.

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