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Interested in working at GE Money?
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September 18, 2007
GE Money takes a fresh approach to banking by focusing on simplicity. In a world of clutter, this financial service provider is dedicated to providing everyday money solutions with organised speed and ease. GE Money is a subsidiary of the American giant General Electric and as such, jobs at the organisation are very sought after. Here, in an interview with A Ganesh Nadar, Rohit Thakur, vice-president, HR, discusses what it takes to land a position with GE Money:

Tell us something about yourself and your tenure at GE Money so far.

I have recently taken over as the vice-president HR for GE Money India. Prior to this, I was with GE's John F Welch Technology Center in Bangalore as general manager, HR.

I have been associated with GE since 2001 and have worked in various HR leadership roles for the organisation, such as global HR leader for Information Technology at Aviation, Cincinnati, USA; HR manager for Aviation IT-India and organisation and staffing leader for GE Corporate India.

Prior to GE, I have worked with Eicher Goodearth Ltd, Bausch & Lomb India, Cadence Design Systems.

Each assignment with GE has been a learning experience for me -- it's a great place to work and learn. You grow and develop in a professional capacity at every stage of your career.

Does GE Money allot a specific recruitment period for each financial year? How long is the average hiring period?

There is no allotted period in the year for recruitment -- we conduct interviews as and when required. As for the average hiring period, it's four to eight weeks, depending upon the profile.

When you do hire, what is the ratio of experienced people to freshers?

The ratio is need-based. At the end of each year, we hold a planning session to decide upon manpower requirements and campus strategy.

Do you hold campus interviews every year? Are there any preferred colleges or universities when it comes to recruitment

Yes, we have a list of colleges we visit to induct fitting candidates into the management and functional trainee programme.

What qualifications do you normally look for?

Qualifications required are role-dependant -- candidates may need to be merely graduates of any faculty, or then MBAs or CAs.

What attitude do you look for in potential candidates?

First and foremost, we need to assess whether a candidate possesses the GE cultural fit of values and growth traits. We believe that values are inherent and a must; they can be learned too, if you have the right attitude. Of course, relevant skill sets are also required to match the position.

Do communication skills play an important role?

Yes they do. Communication is the basis of conducting business and the ability to ut thoughts into words is an essential requirement for any professional.

Does knowing a foreign language or two help improve a candidate's prospects?

No -- it's not a job requirement and is therefore not considered.

How does one apply for a job at GE Money? Tell us about the selection process.

We have various recruitment channels that candidates can use -- mainly vendors, an internal referral programme and other means, such as applying through our Web site, walk-ins etc.

If a candidate is not selected, can s/he apply again in the future?

Yes, but only when six months have passed after the initial application -- one needs time to upgrade one's skills and be reconsidered for the job.

What positions can a fresher aspire to? What postings can a newcomer expect?

Freshers are considered for roles in sales, collections and operations. The basic requirement is the right attitude and a willingness to learn.

What are the growth prospects in your company?

We have a well-defined and robust performance management process, which has career paths designed in various functions that employees can move into.

What age group do you prefer?

That is role/level dependant.

Do you have any preferences when it comes to the nationality of recruits? And what about those who hail from different Indian states?

No, we are open to hiring from any part of the country.

How important is loyalty to the company?

Very important -- it's a reflection that the employee has faith in the organisation and is prepared to be a part of its journey through thick and thin.

What is the work culture like at GE Money?

GE is one of the most admired companies in the world -- what makes it so is its culture of values and integrity. We believe in developing tomorrow's leaders. We live by our 5 point mantras, that we call growth traits -- external focus, clear thinking, imagination, inclusiveness, and expertise. We promote and encourage our employees to embody these growth traits. Of course, leaders at GE Money are also role models to their employees.

How does your existing staff relate to new recruits?

Every organisation always has some percentage of new recruits at any given point in time. The good part about new hires is that they bring in fresh and new ways of thinking and challenge the status quo. Our challenge is to integrate the new recruits to become part of the organisation as soon as possible. We have various forums and programmes to facilitate this. At GE Money we promote a culture wherein the older employees feel responsible as role models for the new recruits.

What advice do you have for prospective GE Money employees?

Be clear about your aspirations and be candid/honest about your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you secure a position you'll be able to shine in. Once you get the job you desire, go all out to deliver your best, as there is no substitute for performance.

GE Money India
4A, DLF Corporate Park,
Qutab Enclave, Phase III
Mehrauli -- Gurgaon Road,
Haryana 122002
Phone: +91 124 2358 030 TO 041

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