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Not getting noticed at work? Here's help
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September 13, 2007

You are working hard in your office but still not getting noticed? You have an outstanding performance record in your office but the much needed salary hike is still eluding you?


Is you boss creating artificial presssure on you? What exactly is artificial pressure and is it good or bad?


In a chat with Get Ahead readers on August 29, career planning expert Deeksha Singh answered these and several other queries related to careers.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript.

Ravinder askedHi, I working in MNC, last year I was given a very high rating, but no promotion based on that, how one should convince their Manager for the necessary rise? Thanks

Deeksha Singh answers, Always have tangible evidence of your accomplishments. This would ensure that you are able to highlight the value you bring to the organisation. Your manager would be keen to listen to you if he sees the value you bring.

pooja asked, Hi, I am facing some prob at my work place, even after a good work I am unable to get attention in my team, some time I feel i am a useless fellow to them, is it only because i don't talk much to my teammates? plz help

Deeksha Singh answers, You need a mentor at work who can guide you. For getting noticed at work, read the following article:


sai askedhi this is sai , i want to quit my job but am unable to do so. i am not able to learn any thing from my job. i want to learn some thing from my job, it is research oriented and so some work are taking more time to complete which i think is hampering my career. what to do?


Deeksha Singh answers, Sai , I would suggest you to find more creative ways of doing your job. Quiting the job will not help.


Vaijayanta askedHow do I be more focussed at work without thinking of what others are doing around me? I get distracted very easily when I find other talking or laughing around me. How do I improve my concentration level while at work? Please help. Thank you from before.

Deeksha Singh answers, Distractions can effect your efficiency levels. Avoid gossip at work ,and don't let people know that you are keen on giving them an ear all the time. keep your self involved in things that interests you if you are not working.


Geetha asked, Hi, I am facing some prob at my work place, even after a good work I am not recognized in my team, some time I feel i am a useless fellow to them, is it only because i don't talk much to my teammates? plz help.


Deeksha Singh answers, Hi Geeta, it is good that you dont socialise during the office hours, but if you are confident that you do good work, and still feel left out, have a one on one discussion with your immediate supervisor and get the parameters evaluated again. Sometimes succes is not about good work but also about how well you are connected to your team.

sonudxb askedHi madam Good Day to you. I am in Accounts job but here in company is giving me all type of work, like retail sales, W/sales, Import purchases, admin, as i want to change my job according to the demand which job will be suitable?

Deeksha Singh answers, Well, every job would place different demands and I would say that you are working in an environment where you are learning everything but accounts, and the feeling of working out of comfort zone could be a little demotivating. Explore your skills and get going with your job. you could be promoted because of these skills.


Sameep askedHi, what is the way to cope with artificial pressure that is being created by some bosses every now and then ... though the job is on track and no pressure is required .

Deeksha Singh answers, Hi Sameep, Artificial pressure is sometimes created to make people perform. And if you feel that you are meeting the expectations and you are a performer, help your other team mates and share your success secrets.


Pradeep askedI work in export firm, as Marketing manager, I am not satisfied with my junior colleagues ever, as I alwyas have the feeling that they have less involvement than required, and I tend to over teach and over guide them at times. I wish to be a balanced Boss.

Deeksha Singh answers, Well Pradeep, you need to be a mentor, a leader and sometimes a counsellor. Making people perform will require more involvement from your end and they will have work to keep them engaged. Delegate work, inspire them to give suggestions. Don't spoonfeed them as they would start depending on you too much.


AnandC askedHi Deeksha, I work for an MNC and in a department where there is lot of partiality when it comes to hikes/promotions. They are given not necessarily to best performers, but people coming from a particular region in country. How to survive and grow under such situations?

Deeksha Singh answers, Hi Anand, you will have to focus on your performance. While there could be cultural undercurrents, it's best to overlook them and focus on improving your performance. If you have conviction that your performance is also being looked over, then it's time to move on.


harry askedhi how do i manage a team with not so knowledged person. I don't want to pinpoint anyone to the M.D. let me know how to manage?


Deeksha Singh answers, I appreciate you being sensitive to your people however there should be no room for underperformance in an organisation. If someone does not have the knowledge, they should upskill themselves. If you keep protecting your people, it will backfire in the longrun. If your organisation is willing to spend money on training them on a specific skill, then your job would become easy.


james askedi am working as medical representative, but my company has poor marketing policy, so please suggest me, how to grow my working?

Deeksha Singh answers, James, Why don't you take some initiatives in developing some policies and present it to your oranisation. Remember, you have all your facts right. If your organisation will see the benefit, then they would appreciate your efforts.


Rajesh askedHow to work around with colleagues who just indulge in bad politics and try to undermine very hard working people? And above all these people do get good appraisals and perks. Want to tackle with this situation.

Deeksha Singh answers, Well it is in your hands to avoid these situations. Grapewine conversation seems very interesting and engaging, it has its own pros and cons. Politics is a part of all organisations, keep yourself clean and stay from the gossip factory.


martianguy26 askedHi I recently changed my job from a pvt ltd co to an MNC. I am working as Executive Assistant to Senior VP, my concern is i am not finding my present job profile very satisfying & challenging, I was having a good profile in my prev co., pls suggest me should i speak out to my current boss or just go back to my old co. My current co has advantages in terms of employment than my previous one. Pls advice.

Deeksha Singh answers, You have to evaluate a job in totality. If you feel that an internal movement could provide you the challenge you are looking for, then there is no need to change the job. We all like comforts, but challenges also come in different packets. All the best.

richakverm askedHi, I am working as an executive secretary to the top management in a very well growing and flourishing field in northern india. I have been on this profile earlier as well and have in all 6 yrs of experience at this job. I love my job, am well paid and share good with my colleagues/peers. But somehow my job designation does not satisfy me much.... Pls advice which sector can I move to and grow in career??? I have a hospitality degree and good experience in admn and pr. pls advice.

Deeksha Singh answers, Hi Richa, The designation is just a hygiene factor and should not be a reason for a change of job. You may end up getting a fancy designation in another organisation but the work may not inspire you. So, choose the job profile and growth prospects over the job title.


Sohail askedHi. Deeksha, my question is that I am working in a Private Company. My responsibilies are to look 3 companies. I am responsible to my Director and he decide my performance every year. My Question is I worked very hard, but no one can recommend me to my Director regarding my performance and I could not explain my performance to my Director. Sometime I feel that I am doing nothing. I am very popular in my company. They all like me, but when I request them to say my good increment or benefit in front of Director, they said. You know Sohail, Director will decide himself. We can't do anything. Hope you will understand.

Deeksha Singh answers, You seem to be handling a huge responsibility, then you would also have the rapport building skills. It is time for you to use those skills and blow your own trumpet with some tangible reports of your performance.


Deeksha Singh says, Thanks everyone. I enjoyed interactng with you. That will be all for today.


Deeksha Singh is a Managing Partner and Head -- Business Development for WCH Training Solutions, a corporate training & consulting firm based in New Delhi. She has over seven years of experience in business development, corporate training and management consulting.

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