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Study abroad: 'Scholarships depend on a lot of parameters'
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September 06, 2007
Why should you consider a foreign education?

Even if you gain admissions, isn't it too expensive?

How can you possible gather all those funds?

So, what are the benefits of overseas studies?

And what career prospects will be available once you graduate?

Raj Ganguly, education consultant, chatted with Get Ahead readers on Thursday, August 30 and answered these questions.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's part one of the transcript: 

Callow asked, Hello sir, mr. ganguly, what is the quick way to get monies for study?

Raj Ganguly answers, 
Well there is no quick way to get money. Either you can approach a bank who provides educational loans or can approach a consultant who can lead you to an alternative course of action like a less expensive university or college. Or else, apply for a scholarship.

meera asked, I just completed my BDS. I am planning for advance / diploma course - I have already obtained loan of Rs. 4 lacs for my BDS course. Can I get more loan for the advance course?

Raj Ganguly answers, 
It depends on whether you have repaid your earlier loan or not. Check out with the bank from whom you have taken the earlier loan whether they would be willing to offer you again.

jaldi asked, What are the benefits of international educations

Raj Ganguly answers, 
I would request you to go through my article on this.


Raj Ganguly answers, 
Unfortunately this is a study abroad forum.

nitu asked, sir i am doing post doc research in UK but dont get any funds from anywhere...... I want to work for 1 year can i get scholarship from anywhere

Raj Ganguly answers, 
You are free to contact us and let us see what can be done.

prasanna asked, myself prasanna. what's good way to earn monies for studies/ may i work on the campus while i study?

Raj Ganguly answers, 
It depends on your capability. You can on-campus.

sunil asked, Hi Raj. im applying to US mba. 4 yrs work exp. above 705 academic, gmat 720. whats r my chances of getting scholarsips in good univ.

Raj Ganguly answers, 
It is difficult to answer like this because scholarships depend on a lot of factors, not just on experience or GMAT score.

praveen asked, sir i plan for Ms US in spring kindly state financial aspect to pursue study. how to get loan.easily. its
payment and other ways to avil expenses.Is any trust entertain higher studies

Raj Ganguly answers, 
I would request you to contact any educational consultant for this. I'm not aware of any trust that might be interested to fund you.

raj asked, hi what is the importance of a letter from a company stating that it is ready to sponsor my education. will i still require to show a bank statement while applying for a visa. this is for MS in electrical engineering in US.

Raj Ganguly answers, 
A letter from your employer would definitely help. However, you need to show your financial details for visa purposes. You need to keep in mind your employer would only sponsor your course fee, not any other expense.


Raj Ganguly answers, 
It would be unfair to state any country. You can consult any educational consultant and decide yourself.

sunkar asked, Hi Raj what should be the quantum of loan for full time MBA ( UK )(fee 16000 gbp + 13000 gbp expenses ) and will a ROI be there in a job in INDIA ?

Raj Ganguly answers, 
For a Rs 24 lakhs investment it would be difficult to get a ROI in India. I would not say impossible, but definitely difficult.

RajK asked, Hi I would like to know what can be kept as collateral for bank loan. For e.g. I need 10 lakhs as loan. How much do I need to keep as collateral?

Raj Ganguly answers, 
It depends on the bank. Generally they prefer a similar amount to be kept as collateral.

Rajeev asked, Doin an MBA from Gud US university is thata gud option than INDIA ....coz the cost are very high..if they can be met conviniently

Raj Ganguly answers, 
I think you need to decide based on your parameters. Good or bad is a very relative term.

sunny asked, Almost all the banks want some or other collateral while giving the education loans. But suppose we don't have property equivalent to the loan amount. In that case what needs to be done. Should we go for some LIC [Get Quote] policies? Are those acceptable by the banks?

Raj Ganguly answers, 
LIC policies are definitely accepted.

Ravi asked, My son has scored 1560/1600 in GRE and has an academic aggregate of 89.5% in his CS&E. He is targeting US for his MS in fall-2008. What are the chances of his getting financial aid?

Raj Ganguly answers, 
As I have mentioned earlier, it's difficult to comment with so little information. What kind of financial aid are you talking about?

praveen asked, what are various ways to vail finance for higher studies

Raj Ganguly answers, 
Please go through my article today.

gautam asked, pls tell what r the scholarship prosepcts for Me. B tech mechanical, gmat 720, work exp 55 months, int. exp 10 months. academic above 70%. weak extra curriculars

Raj Ganguly answers, 
Scholarships depend on a lot of parameters; so it would be unwise to make any comments regarding that. You can always apply.

ranjith asked, hi i want to do my MBA from what the steps required for that

Raj Ganguly answers, 
I think its better to go to an educational consultant and ask for his advice.

visweshwar asked, how does a consultant help in financing a education overseas.. and can u give me some examples of a few consultants

Raj Ganguly answers, 
It would be unfair on my part to name any one. You can find information from the British Council or from the Internet.

GREEN asked, Hello Mr. Ganguly, May you throw some light on the sequence of events to procure an education loan ,for overseas study, both from Indian banks and the bank(s) that are traditionally giving loans to students of the university (where one is possibly going to study)??

Raj Ganguly answers, 
I think it's quite a long process for a forum like this. However, you can send an e-mail to  in case you are looking for details.

Vrushali asked, I am thinking of an U.S. MBA. I am planning for CAT this year too..US mba is quiet it worth the money and which are the not so expensive yet good institutes to get an MBA from U.S.?

Raj Ganguly answers, 
If you are considering doing the same course from the same university at a cheaper rate you can contact me at

Tomorrow: Part II

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