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Are you too busy to have sex?
The Rediff Get Ahead Team
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November 5, 2007
Life is becoming increasingly hectic these days so much so that working couples are too pooped for action!

Is your frantic routine affecting your sex life?

Is the stress of it telling on your relationship?

And more importantly, is it time to take action?

Take this Get Ahead quiz to determine whether your love life is on track, suffering a low, or almost non-existent!

The results of this quiz will be published in the coming week, so that we can determine just how busy the lives of working couples today have become!

1. The last time I had sex with my partner was:
Around a week or two ago.
About a month or two ago.
I don't remember.

2. When I get home from work, the first thing that crosses my mind is:
Sharing a meal with my partner and watching television together.
Eating a good dinner and going to bed.
Spending some quality time with my partner before we go to sleep.

3. When we do get intimate, my partner and I:
Are usually so tired we just want to get it over with.
Use anything it takes to keep the spice alive!
Do our best to spice things up in the bedroom with a little extra effort.

4. As far as satisfying each other while having sex is concerned, we:
Both do our best to make things enjoyable for the other.
Look out for our own satisfaction -- because we engage in it so rarely.
Have a hit or miss situation going -- sometimes we're both satisfied, sometimes not.

5. On a weekend, I usually:
Catch up on rest.
Sleep in all day with my partner to make up for a hectic work week.
Am out shopping and tending to household errands.

6. The thought of sex with my partner crosses my mind:
Once or twice a week.
A couple of times a day or more.
I've stopped thinking about it -- when it happens, it happens.

7. When one of us is in the mood to get intimate, we:
Try to make it happen, unless fatigue catches up with us.
End up in bed together.
Usually end up cuddling and going to sleep, because the other isn't in the mood.


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