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Calorie counter: Chocolate pudding vs fruitcake
Samreedhi Goel
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May 04, 2007

So you've got an uncontrollable sweet tooth, and want to make the most of desserts without gaining weight?

Get Ahead diet expert Samreedhi Goel compares the calorie counts of two popular desserts -- chocolate pudding and fruitcake, and suggests how you can keep those fatty calories away while preparing them.

Chocolate pudding

1 medium helping (315 calories, 9 gms of fat) = Dancing for 45 minutes

Chocolate pudding is usually made using heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, corn starch and cocoa.

However, this recipe can be altered subtly to considerably reduce the calories without changing the taste too much. Follow the instructions provided below:

~ Ingredients

1 measuring cup low-fat skimmed milk
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tbsp cocoa
A few drops of vanilla essence
Artificial sweetener (sugar-free Natura)

~ Method

Mix the skimmed milk, cornstarch and cocoa along with the required amount of water. Mix it well, so that the cornstarch is dissolved completely and a smooth mixture is obtained.

Heat the mixture on low flame, but do not bring it to a boil.

Once cooked, add the artificial sweetener according to taste, along with a few drops of vanilla essence.

Allow the pudding to cool and then serve.

As you can see, the above recipe completely replaces the fat from the cream and the milk, and substitutes sugar with an artificial sweetener, further reducing the calories.


1 big piece (304 calories, 16.3 gms of fat) = Dancing for 43 minutes

Fruit cake is made using flour (maida), eggs, oil/ fat, sugar and lots of dried fruits and nuts like cherries, candied pineapple, walnuts and raisins. Spices like cinnamon are also added.

Cakes are usually on the banned list for dieters, due to all the refined ingredients that goes into their making. Obviously, swearing off cake is not a solution for dessert-lovers, so why not just make up your mind to eat just a small piece to satisfy your sweet tooth, and then move on to a healthier option? Make a few alterations in your daily diet by eating lighter meals, so that the calorie load isn't too much.

Health tips

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