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Celebrating women: She taught me responsibility
Santosh M

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March 15, 2007

On March 8, Women's Day, we invited readers to celebrate the woman who made a significant difference to their lives. We asked them to tell us why this woman was special and send us a photograph. Today, we begin a series that will feature the best entries.

And then, God created Woman! The embodiment of beauty -- in every aspect.

Let me tell you a small story. There was this guy who was a typical roadside Romeo and who, like any other youth of his generation, was carefree, without a worry about what would come next.

Enter this lady who took his life by storm and whom his mother dismissed as 'yet another one' of his infatuations! What was initially a friendship developed into love and eventually lead to marriage.

Fast forward. Seven years and counting -- the young boy is now man (he hopes!) with two wonderful kids and is the head of a family. During the course of these seven lovely years, as his career has grown and as his responsibilities have widened both at home and work...

And this lady

- who was earning more than him at the time of marriage,
- who was in a much better position financially,
- who was much more educated than him,
- who had to give up a promising career in banking to raise two kids (her career is back on track now)
- who stood by him during difficult times and still does,
- who educated him on financial responsibility,
- who helped him pay off his loans,
- who helped him build his dream home,
- who helped his brother study engineering,
- who has converted a 'mother-in-law' to a loving mother, (he is down the pecking order now)
- who has withstood his many mood swings,
- who showed him the path to success
- and, above all, who showed him what true love is all about -- selflessness

is none other than my wife.

Friends, this may be the story of many of us out there, but what stands out and would be common in each of our case is the selflessness of the woman involved. Those who have experienced the love and blessings of a mother, the chirpiness of a sister and the warmth of a wife are really blessed by the divine. I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful mother, a beautiful sister and a lovely wife.

I am sure that, at any stage, a woman has to don all the above roles and much more.

Today, I still have a long way to go, but my entire success so far is dedicated to the three of them and specifically to my wife, without whom I would be yet another speck lost in this world.

On this special occasion, I just want to convey a simple note of 'heartfelt thanks' to her and all the women in this world --
because words or actions alone, cannot really substantiate what I feel or want to say.

Dear wife, YOU are the light of my life.

Viva Women. Let them spread their wings and grow.

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