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Tackle your home loan with these simple dos and don'ts
Vivek Gondi
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June 28, 2007

Home loan EMIs can be a nightmare.

While you do have the satisfaction of knowing you will eventually own your home, you also have to grapple with having to spend less money, with fewer treats, with giving up on luxuries that you would otherwise have enjoyed.

We asked Get Ahead readers* to share their EMI stories and advice. Here's what Vivek Gondi said about coping with your home loan accounts:

Here are some of my views regarding a solution to EMI hassles. These are a few don'ts and dos that you need to follow.


1. Try to keep limits on purchase of clothes for your family. You could choose two occasions in a year to buy clothes instead of doing it on every festival.

2. Don't get tempted by all travel schemes proposed by travel companies. Travel involves a lot of planning, expenditure and an unnecessary strain on your finance if not planned meticulously.

3. Don't take any loans to purchase household items or electronic items just because they are introduced in the market and they appeal to your desire. If at all you have to buy it, make sure you have at least 70 per cent money instead of going for credit card or personal loans. These loans look good at the beginning, but we usually end up paying more money than the original price.


1. Try to prepay the loan by borrowing money from parents or friends; you won't have to pay them as high a rate of interest. DO NOT forget to pay them back.

2. Planning some money for charitable purposes will put your desires in control.

3. Think of the less fortunate ones before you think you need to purchase anything fancy and needless from a market/ mall near you.

4. If you are in the IT profession, try planning for one abroad trip so that you may earn a considerable amount for some down payment.                                                                                                                                                             


Are you facing a similar problem? Have EMIs crippled your life as well? If yes, how are you coping? Are you cutting down on your monthly expenses? Are you borrowing to repay your loan?

What solution have you developed for your home loan problem? Share it with other Get Ahead readers.

We will feature the best and the most imaginative/ practical solutions to home loan woes right here. Make sure you include your FULL NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, HOME LOAN AMOUNT, THE INTEREST AT WHICH YOU HAVE TAKEN THE LOAN and the CITY you are based in.

Your advice could help others manage their home loan problems. Write in now.

* This is a reader-driven feature. The views expressed by the  readers on this Web site are their own, and not that of does not in anyway endorse any contents of the expression of the readers. Please therefore verify the veracity of all content/information on your own before undertaking reliance and actioning thereupon.

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