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'I live in a haunted house'
Rhys Pollitt
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July 26, 2007

We asked Get Ahead readers to send in firsthand experiences of supernatural phenomena. Rhys Pollitt (32) tells us about the mysterious goings on in his house:

I have been living at this house for five years, which have been interesting to say the least. Here are some of the things I found curious:

~ Just after I'd moved in, one night I heard some noise coming from the kitchen. There are two doors to enter the kitchen -- both are always closed since I don't like my cats going in there. I saw a spoon lying bang in the middle of the kitchen. I'd cleaned the kitchen before going to bed, so where it'd come from, I have no idea. It wasn't a spoon I owned. The previous tenant had removed all his possessions, of that I'm sure.

~ One of my cats has taken to yowling at the bathroom wall for apparently no reason. The wall separates our bathroom from the neighbor's; there are no rats/ birds/ roaches on either side or on the wall. The cat looks at the wall at a fixed spot sometimes, other times it seems like he's following some movement around the wall. This used to start at 11:30 pm and would continue until 1:00 am, but now he does it any time of day or night.

~ The same cat sleeps with his head on my pillow; he comes to bed at around 3 am and wakes up with me by 6 am. Often he wakes up at night with a start, eyes like saucers, looks at the bedroom door and rushes as if something/ someone is calling him, perches on the bathtub and starts yowling.

~ A few times I've felt something heavy settling on the bed near me but when I look, there's nothing there -- no cats, no humans either.

I'm a very light sleeper, and I'm terrified of ghosts/ the supernatural. I have no idea what is going on in this house. I know cats are mostly nocturnal creatures. But the things that're happening are definitely abnormal. I can immediately tell if anyone (human/ cat) has entered/ left the room, and I can easily tell which cat is walking around on my bed. I know which cat is doing what in the house by the sounds I hear. And I just know abnormal behavior when it comes to my cats.

Interestingly, the other two cats don't seem bothered by whatever's fascinating this cat. If it were a rat/ roach/ bird/ noises from gadgets that humans cannot hear, I'm sure the other cats would've been affected too.

Looks like I live in a haunted house!


Have strange circumstances ever caused you to believe in ghosts or in the supernatural? Mail your experiences and beliefs to, and don't forget to add your name, age, occupation and contact details -- we'll publish the best stories righ here.

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