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English Bloopers: 'Why you do me like this?'
Kashmira Patel, Dr. Sriram Srinivasan, SS Thukral
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July 04, 2007

English errors are everywhere -- hoardings, magazines and politicians' speeches.

So, with this abundance of bloopers, what's the big deal if you make a few gaffes?

Well, speaking and writing proper English is one way to make you stand above the crowd. Let's say you're applying for a job -- wouldn't you want your interview and resume free of mistakes?

On that note, let's begin another series of English Bloopers provided by users.

Kashmira Patel, a 32 year old Software Engineer from California, sent these bloopers she's heard from co-workers.

Wrong: I was bought up in Hyderabad.

Kashmira has heard this so often, she now quickly rejoins, 'And how much did your parents pay?'

Correct: I was brought up in Hyderabad.

Wrong: What I did for you? 
Wrong: Why you do me like this?

These are little nuances of the languages that you must learn through practices. Say:

Correct: What have I done to you? 
Correct: Why are you treating me like this?

Dr. Sriram Harish Srinivasan
, a 29 year old doctor in the UK, has heard this head-scratcher from time to time:

Wrong: My happy birthday is on January 27.

While you sing, 'Happy birthday!' to people, the actual day is just your birthday.

Correct: My birthday is on January 27.

SS Thukral
, a 45 year old HR professional from New Delhi, sent a handful of mistakes:

Wrong: Inflation has gone up in the last four month.

Months is the plural form of month. Since there are four, you must say:

Correct: Inflation has gone up in the last four months.

Wrong: Five players has been short listed to play for India.

Shortlisted is one word, not two. It should be:

Correct: Five players have been shortlisted to play for india.

Wrong: I have seen it happening many a times.

Since you say 'a' before 'times', it should be single and not plural.

Correct: I have seen it happen many a time.


MORE English bloopers

We thank our readers for the witty emails detailing common English bloopers they've come across! Keep them coming in, and we'll keep publishing them. Three times a week, we'll provide articles featuring your responses.

If you'd like to share common bloopers you come across when people speak/ write in English, do mail your list of common bloopers, along with their correct alternatives to -- we'll highlight them right here as a helpful guide to those trying to improve their English. Also make sure you include your FULL NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION and the CITY you are based in.


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