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Homeopathy: No side effects?
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January 31, 2007

Most of us have suffered from one disorder or another, and a visit to the doctor can result in numerous tests and a hefty bill to boot.


Sometimes the treatment works and sometimes not. But, the side effects of some of these medicines can make us sicker. Homeopathy offers a natural way to treat various maladies that plague us from time to time.

In an hour-long chat with Get Ahead readers on January 23, homeopathy expert Dr Mukesh Batra offered his solutions for various health conditions. 

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript:



Dr. Mukesh Batra says, Dear friends, I'm Dr Batra and I'm here to answer your queries.



Dr. D.LNandeshwar asked, Hallo sir, I am facing the problem of hyperacidity and hair falling and digestion as well. Could you please give me direction in this regard?
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear doctor, the first thing you should do is to eat your food on time. Also, take small and frequent meals. A single dose of Nux Vom 200 at bedtime will help with your problem of indigestion and hair fall.



Hasan asked, I am a psychiatric patient. Please advice what should I do?
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Hasan, you need to give details of your symptoms for me to help you.



Shivangi asked, Hello Dr.Mukesh, I am 23(f). I suffer from lot of dandruff because of which I have acne on my face, which leaves black spots on my face. Also can you suggest some homeopathy medicine for glowing skin and is it possible to put on little weight through homeopathy medicine. My current weight is 40kgs.
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Shivangi, dandruff causes acne, so please keep your hair away from your face and forehead. Also, use an anti-dandruff shampoo regularly. You could try Dr Batra's anti-dandruff shampoo as well. Regarding your weight, you should take Oleum-J 6C, 5 pills, twice a day for at least three months.



Mahesh asked, How is homeopathy different from allopathy and ayurveda? What are the ingredients of homeopathy medicines?
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Mahesh, homeopathy is based on a German science which works on the principle of like cures like. It is the opposite of allopathy. Homeopathic medicines can be prepared from anything under the sun and undergoes a special process called dilution. It is commonly prepared from plants and minerals.



SANDEEP asked, My child is having his ear problem only during the winter season for the last two years.
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Sandeep, you have not mentioned the symptoms of your child's ear problem. If there is pain and discharge, it could be Otitis Media, an infection of the middle ear. This can be controlled by Skookum Chuck - 6C.



Raghunandan asked, Hello Dr Mukesh, good afternoon. I am suffering from throat dryness since two years. Suddenly it goes to dead dry condition. As of now I am going on with polo- the mint. This gives me little relaxation. Can you please suggest/advice me of a permanent cure?
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Raghunandan, there are three common reasons why this happens. Diabetes is one of them and if there's a family history or if you are around 40 years of age, you should get your blood sugar checked. This condition also occurs if you have a nasal problem like a deviated septum or a polyp. This can be ruled out by doing a plain X-ray of the sinuses.



Sharad asked, Hello sir, I'm suffering from pain in my right side thigh. This pain starts from the lower back where we put pocket and end with knee. In MRI, it is slip disc but no relief from any medicine or treatment even from homeopathy. Kindly advice.
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Sharad, a slip disc is a recurring problem. It may result from a sudden jerk or an injury. The pain can be kept under control with homeopathic medicines. You should try Rhus Tox 200, five pills, thrice a day. Once you feel better, you should also do some back-extension exercises to strengthen your back. 



Wag asked, I am having repeated attack of Colitis with pain on the right side abdomen. I am also mentally very low. Can you help please Dr? Thanks
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Wag, colitis is an inflammation of the colon and can give rise to pain in the abdomen. Sometimes there is loose motion with blood. Avoid spicy food and alcohol. Take five pills of Nux Vom 200 at bedtime. This condition is also related with stress.



Deepak.j asked, my blood pressure is slightly high, say 130/90. Exercise is not possible due to work schedule. Suggest some homeopathy medicine. Also, I have acidity and gas problems.
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Deepak, you should relax and do some meditation and deep breathing exercises. Take Kali Phos 6X and Nat Phos 6X for your gas, acidity and mild pressure.



Zara asked, Want to know about some hair tips for hair growth and hair fall.
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Zara, you should wash your hair frequently with a mild shampoo. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of proteins. Learn how to relax mentally and do mild exercises like walking at least thrice a week. Avoid artificial dyes, harsh shampoos and use of hair dryers.



Pramada asked, I am 23-year-old girl. I have put a lot of weight. I have pain all over my body and sometimes I find swelling on my arms, legs, shoulders and arms. I also have problem of hair falling. Can you please give me solutions for these problems? I am unmarried and working in a call centre. With these problems I am very much worried.
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Pramada, a sedentary life style can cause obesity. Exercise and control your diet. Avoid sweets and fried food, and try walking briskly for at least 45 minutes every day. For hair loss try adding high-protein food like soya in your diet. Take five pills of Fucus V6C twice a day, half an hour before your meals.



Krishna asked, I am having white patches on my body. Have taken lot of medicines. Still have patches.
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Krishna, there are many reasons for white patches. They could vary from fungal infections to vitiligo. Vitiligo is caused by an auto-immune disorder which gives rise to de-pigmentation. The cure depends on the extent and the number of patches and the age of the patient.



Amitk asked, Hi doctor, is there any cure for migraine in homeopathy? My wife is suffering for quite some time, but has not a great faith in homeopathy.
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Amit, it does not matter if your wife does not believe in homeopathy as long as she continues with the treatment. Give her five pills of Lac Deflor 200 twice a day to treat the migraine. This will help reduce the intensity and frequency of the headaches.



Rumana asked, I have a problem similar to Vibha. My hubby (32 years) has started developing balding signs. He takes finesteride 1 mg and applies mintop lotion for this. We are currently in Singapore and interested in doing Dr Batra's medication.

Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Rumana, we run a very successful cyber clinic where we cater to patients from 86 countries. You should be aware of the fact that both the medicines used by your husband may have side effects. Some of them can be severe and long-lasting.



Jyotsna asked, Currently I am doing job. It is not a high pressure work then also I get physically tired a lot by evening. At the end of the day I get down and out and just go to sleep after finishing my house hold work. Please provide some homely solution so that I don't get tired and have good stamina.
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Jyotsna, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. To combat this, you need to plan your time well and keep some time for yourself. Also, check your haemoglobin level, as a lot of Indian women are anaemic. You can take four tablets of Ferrum Phos 6X, 4 twice a day.



Jyotsna asked, I am a married woman. After a few months, my sex drive seems to get less. I don't come in mood easily enough. My husband wants that I should be in a good mood on a daily basis and support him. I also want to be the same but can't. So what to do in this situation?
Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Dear Jyotsna, it is not the frequency of sex but quality of sex that is important.


-- Dr Mukesh Batra is the Chairman and Managing Director of Dr Batras' Positive Health Clinic Private Limited (DBPHCPL)

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