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The secret to looking good...
Juhi Dua
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January 08, 2007

As we welcome another New Year, it's time to take stock of all the resolutions we have made, and will be breaking, in 2007. But if your resolution this year has been to dress better and look more attractive, we will ensure you keep it.

'Never enough time!' 'Never enough money!' These are not valid excuses if you know the secret to creative dressing. The trick lies in starting small and building gradually on it. Your existing wardrobe probably holds the options you need for a refreshing new look. All you need is a little creative push for your imagination to run wild.

Here are some 'doable' fashion suggestions that don't cost you an arm and a leg, but will stand you in good stead in the coming year and beyond.

Fashion suggestions for women


Remember, the more the merrier. So go out, girl, and befriend the roadside vendor at Colaba causeway/ Janpath or that little niche in your town to pick up little knick-knacks. Bring that junk jewellery out again. Beads and other matching jewellery, in same or contrasting colours, can add an intoxicating flavour to your attire.

Get coloured

So what if it is winter and you have to dress warm? You can wear colours that are brighter and warmer. Don't forget to add a dash of vibrant silver and gold as well. If you have stone-studded jewellery, nothing like it. Show it off!

Jazz it up

It is surprising what you can do with a measly little scarf. Use it as a wraparound with your denims, twist it around your hair or sling it around your neck. Get creative with that piece of delicate silk. Experiment with the colours of your scarf -- go vibrant. 

Layer it

Ah! You've been meaning to try it. What better time than winter to wrap yourself up and look like a million bucks in the bargain.

Here is a hint. Wear a string top with denims or a short skirt. Wear another top, say a tee-back this time, over it, in a contrasting colour.

To look really interesting, you could wear a crop top, inside your blouse/ shirt/ top in a different base colour and let it show. The more the layers, the better. 

The little black dress

Pull out that oft-used 'perfect black outfit'. It can come handy when you 'just don't know what to wear'. Do ensure you have classy silver, platinum or diamond jewellery to go with it. If you are thin, chunkier jewellery will look great on you. If you are bulky, go for delicate but visibly rich designs.

Fashion suggestions for men

Look for your own style

It is easier said than done, but not impossible. Start off with something simple, like a new hairstyle, groomed with a touch of styling gel, or mousse perhaps. It can make all the difference between you and a 'NEW YOU'.

Get a blazer

If you can't think further than your jeans and a tee shirt, this one is for you. Buy a well-fitted blazer if don't own one already. This addition to your ensemble will take you a long way. From being arguably stuffy to being teamed up with just about anything (with shorts? Only in Hawaii please!), it is an easy way to get an image makeover. 

Put your wallet on a diet

Your wallet does not need to be as fat as a double sandwich. Get an elegant, slim leather wallet for all your cash and cards. All that other nonsense can go into your desk drawer. You don't need it.


Be discreet with all those gold bracelets and chunky chains. Let's just leave the bling to the ladies, please.  

Deodorant and perfumes -- yes, please

A deodorant is good for you, and for those around you. Using a deo does not make you less macho. In fact, a great fragrance can distinguish an ordinary man from a sexy one.

Start this year on a great note, by smelling sexy. Invest in a good perfume and you are sure to attract some serious attention.

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