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Is your skin behaving badly?
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February 15, 2007

Which is the best way to cleanse your skin, naturally?

How much would it cost to get rid of facial hair permanently?

Can radiation from computer screens cause tanning and freckles?

Skin care expert Dr Parul Kolhe answered these, and many more common queries, during a chat on skin and hair care on February 14.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.

Dr Parul Kolhe says, Hi Everybody, this is Dr Parul Kolhe. I am a skin specialist and cosmetologist and I would be helping you with your skin, hair and nail problems. You can post in your questions now?

venu asked,i previously used to geta lot of pimples.Due to that i got a lot of uneveness on my face , they look like a rough texture.I stil get pimples around my nose. Please give some solution.
Dr Parul Kolhe answers,Hi Venu, acne marks can be treated with regular peeling of the face. This can be done with natural scrubs like oatmeal, coarse gram flour, or professionally, by the form of chemical peels. These take about 15 mins to perform and have to be repeated once in a fortnight. These are done by almost all dermatologists nowadays, and good results are obtained in six to eight sittings.

m,m asked, How should I keep my skin clean naturally?
Dr Parul Kolhe answers, Dear m,m, you have not specified your skin type. For oily skins, natural face wash made of gram flour and rose water works well. For dry skin, ground almonds with a drop of olive oil, applied for two to three minutes and washed off with warm water, works well.

vel asked, i am geting requalerly in my foot some big cracks why? and how to avoid this, help me i am in serious problem with problem.
Dr Parul Kolhe answers, Hello Vel, you might be having a disease called Psoriasis. It's necessary to consult a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis and start appropriate treatment immediately.

spring555 asked, I have some thick hair in my chin area due to hormonal problem. Due to frequent threading the area has become dark. Please Suggest me some creams to reduce the dark spots. Also any cure of stopping the hair growth or any other means to curb the growth?(Hormonal medications stopped due to other reasons)
Dr Parul Kolhe answers,Hello Spring55. Permanent reduction of hair growth can be achieved by either electrolysis or laser therapy. The chin area would roughly cost Rs 2,000 per sitting for laser and four to six sittings might be needed. However, it is imperative to control any hormonal imbalance first.

anukris asked, My neck area is entirely dark and it is not because of any dirt. Please suggest ways to prevent darkening of my skin. I clean it with cleanser everyday.
Dr Parul Kolhe answers, Hi Anukris, it sounds like you have a disease called pseudo-acanthosis. Scrubbing would increase the darkness, so please stop that. You can apply Propysalic-E cream daily at bedtime. If you don't get a response within two weeks, I suggest you meet a dermatologist

shiva pillai asked, my nephew have small white dot in his body how to get clear it,he is 5yrs old.
Dr Parul Kolhe answers, Hello Shiva Pillai. Most probably, the patient has a birth mark, which is white in colour instead of black or red as is usually seen. This is a benign condition and does not need treatment.

Arun asked, i have dry and scaly kind of skin. Sometimes i get white spots all over body and it itches very badly. i have consulted doctors but no one was able to provide a permanent solution to this. when i take medicines it gets fine n later after few weeks again comes back. i also get allegries when comsume shelled items and when i expose to sun for longer duration. please help me out.
Dr Parul Kolhe answers, Hello Arun. You sound as if you have a condition called Atopic dermatitis. It is a kind of hypersensitivity of skin accompanied by excessive dryness, multiple skin allergies and is usually a life long condition. The only way to keep it under control is regular heavy moisturising of the skin every few hours, avoiding possible allergens. Complete skin protection with clothing, regular use of sunscreen and medical treatment whenever a new crop of rashes arise, are required. Please stay in touch with your dermatologist.

Rajy asked, My wife who is 28 years old is having a hypothyroid condition. She started taking Thyroxin 100 mg. daily and had a lot of hair-fall. Then, her dosage was changed to 100 mg. and 75 mg. alternately and her hair fall reduced. However, she is not comfortable with the dosage and may have to revert to a dosage of 100 mg. everyday with the concomitant hair fall. Do you have a solution for this?
Dr Parul Kolhe answers, Hello Rajy, thyroid problems are known to cause hair loss. It's necessary to continue your medication and concomitantly start a complete hair loss prevention treatment under the guidance of a dermatologist. It is possible to control and reverse the hair loss she is facing.

123 asked, Hello Madam, I am working, but before leaving for my office I do apply Suncreen on my face. I have lot of freckles on my face. Does working in front of Computer for 8-9 hrs led to tanning or skin problem? Do Suggest some home �remedy to lighten up the freckles? Is freckles are caused due to computer rays?
Dr Parul Kolhe answers, Hello. Radiation from computer screens is known to cause tanning as well as freckles similar to those from sun exposure. I suggest, you use sunscreen while in front of your computer and use a antiglare film for your monitor. A home remedy for your freckles would be to apply tomato pulp or buttermilk daily.

kmanoj asked, Good Afternoon I have been suffering from 'Photosensitive Eczema' for the past 6 years. I get itching patches on my face, neck and arms, when i go out in the sun. I have had several treatments with all kinds of ointments with 'betamethasone dipropriate' and tablets like 'L-Cetron'. They give me temporary relief. But after a week or 10 days i get the rashes again in different area . I am using 'Cinthol' soap as per the doctors' advice... Is there any permanent solution ? and How long it may take to get complete cure...
Dr Parul Kolhe answers, Good afternoon Manoj. Photosensitive eczema is not an accurate term. I think you are suffering from a Polymorphous Light Eruption, which is a problem manifesting as rashes and white patches on sun exposure. It's a lifelong sun-sensitivity. The best treatment is prevention by using high SPF barrier sunscreens, for example, Spectra Ban, and avoiding sun exposure by using full-sleeved clothes, wide-brimmed hats and umbrellas when outdoors. Stay away from windows as well to avoid indirect ultraviolet exposure.

rishya asked, What is maximum no of times the face can be washed with face scrub in a week. Though my face is dry its prone to roughness and uneven texture..also blackheads on the nose. Do the blackhead removal strips available in the market do any good?
Dr Parul Kolhe answers, Hello Rishya, a face scrub is ideally recommended three to four times a week for oily skins. But for dry skins, one to two times a week is enough. Mix a few drops of olive oil in you face scrub to suit your dry skin. Blackhead removing strips are useful, but are only temporarily effective. You need proper dermatological treatment to get rid of the root cause.

Tomorrow: Part II of transcript

-- The author is a practising dermatologist, with an M B B S, DDV and DNB in dermatology, and has worked as a cosmetologist with Nanavati hospital for five years. She can be contacted at (022) 25958412, 24506594.

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