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How lucrative is a career in design?
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February 05, 2007

Part II: Want to be a fashion designer?
ou are more creative than analytical.

But you feel lost in a maze of people talking only about management careers. Do you wonder what is the future of creative talent, today? Can you build a lucrative career in the design industry? 

Rashmi Bansal, JAM editor and Get Ahead columnist, feels there is no dearth of opportunities and training in the design field. She said during a recent chat on January 31:   

'Study at a good design or art school. Or else train under a person who is a great designer.'

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript:


Rashmi says, hello and welcome everyone.



Deepika asked, Hi, I wanna go for Part time MBA Pls let me know which is the best institute for the same where after completion i shall get money, power and respect.I am just confused what to do and what not as af now i am working in ITC Ltd. as a sales coordinator for fortune hotels but i dont want to continue for long term.I have copleted my BA in Political science pls suggest me what shall i do ahead.
Rashmi answers, Hi Deepika. A full-time MBA from a good institute would be more helpful in achieving your goals. Full-time MBAs get more money and respect from employers. If you have less than three years experience, you should seriously consider a two-year full-time MBA.



kaps asked, Hello Rashmi,I am a automobile design engg and design automotive interiors.I am a BE in mechanical.Can you suggest some things such as post graduate education which would be benificial for my future.I have an overall exp of 4 years
Rashmi answers, NID has a 21/2 year PG course in Transportation and Automobile design. Details are available at the web site. IIT Mumbai's Industrial Design Centre has no separate automobile design course but one of the papers taught in the Product Design course is automobile designing. Another option is to go abroad and study further, as well as work there for a while.



raj asked, Hi, I want to know what do u feel the future of creative talents in the field of designing in multimedia in near future? what are the different things which you mean by design and creative?
Rashmi answers, You need a basic aptitude for design -- software is merely a tool. Merely joining a multimedia course is not enough. Studying at a good design or art school is a must. The other option is to train under a person who is a great designer.



GS asked, Hi Rashmi, Which institutes in india offers new media design courses
Rashmi answers, Hi GS - are you referring to web site design when you say new media? There are many institutes, which teach you the basic software. On the other hand, this is a field where some of the best people are self-taught. There are millions of tutorials on the net and by observing the best work being done by others and keeping up with the constant innovation taking place, you can become an excellent designer. Of course, once again, aesthetic sense does matter. Hence many talented web designers are design or art school graduates. However, unlike say product design or advertising, chances of you making a mark in web designing even as an amateur designer are much higher. Good luck



ashwin1 asked, HI Rashmi this is ashwin, Iam a visualizer and currently working wd an ad agency, im lucky to get into 1 since i do not have any formal traing in art. Whatever i have is from my inclination and belief and learnt it by following other people. Right now im in2 my 3rd year and i m looking for a change. i do a bit of freelance current sal is 8.5 which is quite low. what and how do i plan my career ahead to get a better package and also to grow in the industry. especially coinsidering the fact i have no art background but still im doping well in my respective scope. plese suggest/..
Rashmi answers, Let your work speak for itself, Ashwin. Growth will happen and in the long run, lack of design background will cease to matter. Learn all you can from the best art directors/ visualisers in your current agency. Keep building a portfolio of work. Attend industry events. Take part in contests for young advertising professionals organised from time to time by the Ad Club of Mumbai . I'm sure your talents will shine through and attract better prospects!



tanu asked, hello rashmi, i have done my MA in fine Arts and pursuing my hobby of painting under a renowned artist. Iam looking forward for designing course,but cannot find one around chandigarh, can you please suggest some? i have also done a multimedia course as well.
Rashmi answers, Hi Tanu. It's not clear why you wish to do more and more courses. With your fine art background and the additional multimedia course, you are qualified enough. Now please look for a job where you can further hone your skills and put them to some practical use.



Raks asked, Hi Rashmi... wat is the scope for jewelry designers? Do u think it is a viable and good option to make a career out of it. I hav part time experience of working as a jewelry designer ...wat shld i do further? ..please suggest
Rashmi answers, Any career is as good as you make it. You have already experienced the field of jewellery designing. If you like it, go ahead. But be ready to slog in the initial period.



Rash Ban asked, Hi Rashmi , I am a average Student(Engineer) , It is Not possible for me to clear CAT or GRE . i want to take admission in prestigious MBA institute either in India or Abroad. I do not have any Problems Financially. Kindly Help
Rashmi answers, Any good school in the US requires GRE. Your alternative is to look for a B-school in the UK or Australia.



rahulcn asked, Are there any domains of deign that one can pursue as a hobby and not as a profession?
Rashmi answers, There are many short term courses in pottery design, interior design and jewellery design.



SachinKapoor asked, Hi Rashmi. I have done Course in Animation deigning and now i want to pursue my career in it. I am a fresher so can you guide me how to start with it
Rashmi answers, Try to get into an animation company and work your way up from the bottom. That is the only formula for success in this field.



Pawan asked, Hi i have done the BA and currently i am working with MNC comp . Now i wanted to do MBA Please let me know the right institute for MBA
Rashmi answers, A person with your kind of 'spoonfeed me attitude' had better forget about doing an MBA. Even God helps only those who help themselves. Do some research and get back with a specific question.


Part II: Want to be a fashion designer?

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