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Worried about Class XII exams? Here's help
Shilpa Shet
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February 01, 2007

It's that time of the year again when students cram for their higher secondary education examinations, nose to the books.


With the examinations looming near, many of you are feeling the pressure.


Don't panic. Experts say there is still enough time to study for the exam if you start today. 


Here are some tips to help beat the deadline.

Get the exam timetable


If you still haven't got your timetable, go to your college or visit the web site of your state board. If the web site of your state board is not available, visit this web site for a list of the nationwide schedule.


Focus on weak subjects


Identify the subjects you are weak in. Suppose you are weak in, say, Mathematics put that at the top of the list. Create a list in a descending order -- starting with your weakest subject and ending with the strongest.


Consult past question papers


Get the question papers of the last five years. If you have access to 21 sets, get them. Identify the most important lessons and chapters. Focus more on these.


But, at the same time, don't ignore the others. Every chapter will have one important point of discussion or knowledge area that you need to study. Be sure you identify it.


Create a study timetable


Refer to that list of weak subjects and begin with the weakest. Depending on your level of comfort, allot days for each subject. If Mathematics is your weakest, allot three days a week to it. If you are good at languages, you can allot one day each for languages. 


In this timetable, leave out the seven days prior to your exam date. For these seven days, you can create another table for revisions (you can name it the countdown table). This time, count down on the basis of the subject scheduled for examination. For example, if the first paper is Physics, then the first subject in your timetable will have to be Physics.


Note down formulae


Most important. Write down important theories or formulas during your revision. These help cement the knowledge in your mind.


Increase your concentration


Dinkar Bhat, who conducts private coaching for HSC examinations, says," Most students can do things that seem impossible if they concentrate. They can take a day or two getting there, but it is important for them to understand their own study rhythm." Bhat shares his tips.


~ Know your study style


Some people like to read aloud. Others like to sit in one place. Knowing what works for you could help overcome distractions.


For example, if you like to pace and study, go to a place where there is less furniture, and people.


~ Break it up


If you are feeling sleepy, get some tea or coffee. Then, come back and try to write down what you have learnt. If nothing works, lie down for 15 minutes. Set an alarm and get back to studies when it goes off.


~ Get a study buddy


Discuss your timetable with someone you respect. It could be your parent, a senior or a peer. If you slip on a lesson, let the person know. That way there is a check on your timetable. You can even reward yourself if you have managed something before time. An ice cream treat could do wonders.


~ Discuss problems


Fix a time of the day when you can call up a friend to discuss problems any of you may have faced that day.


~ Jot it down


Write down whatever you know or have learnt.


~ Take care of your health


Eat well, sleep enough, and do breathing exercises.


Beating the stress


Feeling the heat? Relax. First, identify the cause for the stress. The remedy will be based on that.


~ If it is your nature to get stressed out easily:


Try yoga or meditation classes. If your anxiety becomes acute, you might need to see a doctor


~ If you have not prepared well:


You are the safest, because it is just natural to be worried about your exams. But, don't overdo it. The minute you start feeling stressed out, take a deep breath, think of three things that make you happy. It could something as inane as talking to your pet.


~ If you have not prepared at all: 


You still have time, if you manage it well. The fact that you have left it to the last minute indicates you have done this before and are confident you will do it this time too.


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