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GRE: Solutions to Verbal Analogies
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December 21, 2007

Solutions and detailed explainations to the Verbal Analogies questions.

1. Characteristics. Though all the answer choices have a bridge; only (D) has the same bridge: (A) The chief characteristic of a Caravan is group movement (of people and camels) for Protection; just as a Cavalcade is a group movement (of horse-riders or  vehicles) in a Ceremony or in Procession. Answer: (D)

2. Young Ones. Definition: Fry  is a baby fish; and Nymph  is a baby Silverfish. Answer: (E)

3. Chronological Sequence: The preceding stage of Adult is Teenager; similarly, the stage preceding Writing is that of preparing a draft. Answer: (C)

4. Action and Significance. Preen is an action that demonstrates Pride; Lament is an   action that signifies Grief. Answer: (B)

5. Function and Purpose. The purpose of Strategy is to outmanoeuvre the adversary or enemy; the purpose of a Decoy is to Lure and trap the enemy. Answer: (D)

6. Definition. Moratorium is a delay in Payment; Reprieve is a delay in Punishment. Answer: (B)

7. Worker and Duty Variant. A Teller's task is to give out cash; In cards, a Shoe's task is to deal out cards. Answer: (D)

8. Residue or remains. Alluvium is the deposit left by a river; and (in chemistry) Precipitate is the deposit left by a solution. Answer: (A)

9. Typical trait. In fencing Lunge is posture of attack; and Feint is a posture of deception. Answer: (B)

10. Purpose. Brevity is the purpose of an Acronym; aid to Memory is the purpose of a Mnemonic. Answer: (B)

11. Lack of-- Apocryphal lacks complete authenticity; so also Fallacious lacks (sound) logic. Answer: (B)

12. Characterisitic. The chief characteristic of an Aphorism is terseness pithy; as praise is of Eulogy. Answer: (E)

13. Positive Quality. That which is Potable is fit to drink; that which is Comestible is fit to eat. Note: Comestible is also a noun  for articles of food. Answer: (E)

14. Type of Minuscule is a type of ancient writing in script; Hieroglyph is a type of ancient writing in pictures. Answer: (B)

15. Synonyms Muster and gather, both mean collect; Incongruous and asymmetrical both mean not in harmony. Answer: (E)

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