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UK visas: 'Glasgow attack won't affect Indian students'
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August 06, 2007

UK universities are pushing for more Indian talent. But a common misconception here in India is that a UK education is unaffordable.

Paul Dryden, Third Secretary (Consular and Visa) at the British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata, answered questions about UK universities and student visas during a July 23 expert chat.

He discussed employment in the UK after graduation, the student visa process and resources for prospective students.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript:

reena asked, I have done + PGDCA 4 yr. in private tell MKT. i wanna know that wherther i can got immigration for uk & what is the procedure. plz tell me

Paul Dryden answers, Please clarify your question. Which category do you wish to travel in?

gau asked, sir how much chances of refusal if i apply for stuent visa or how much chances of geting a call for interview

Paul Dryden answers, A good question. Each applicant is assessed on the documents provided. If the visa officer is satisfied with the documents provided then the student would not be called for an interview and a decision would be based on the funds available, ability to learn and if the educational establishment is listed on the Dfes register. See

Kunaldubw asked, Hi Paul i have conditional offer from Birmingham University in MSc International Business.I have fullfilled those conditions and will recieve unconditional offer shortly..I have not paid full tution fees yet,but applied for bank loan & it will be sanctioned in next month.So can i apply for Student Visa now and i have 250 GBP as a deposit.

Paul Dryden answers, You will need an unconditional offer from the University and you will have to show evidence of adequate funds for the duration of your course. The British Council have recently stated that on average a student will require 9500 pounds for living in London [Images] for a year and about 7500 pounds for living outside London for a year.

Partho asked, Hi Michael, In entry clearance do i need to show a letter from any UK resident about my living in UK? Please advise.

Paul Dryden answers, If you are living with a family member or a friend then you will have to show their immigration status in the UK and evidence of accommodation available for your stay. However if you have no family or friends in the UK this will not bar you from applying for a student visa.

Peedi asked, Can I be sponsored by relative in London? What is the necessary procedure should I take to do this?

Paul Dryden answers, Yes you can. If they are sponsoring you will have to submit their last six month bank statements, tax returns and pay slips and any other savings they may have.

AGAM asked, i did +2 in non medical(PCM) from cbsewith 89%marks in total, can i study in U K at scholarship help because my parents cant help me in financial matter.

Paul Dryden answers, For scholarships please see

rathod1 asked, My grandmother gifted me 4 lacs rupees for higher studies (2 lack by cheque+ 2 lacs by cash). (we have made a writeup regarding this on stamp paper.) Can I show that money for visa purpose?

Paul Dryden answers, yes

Shyam asked, Sir i have some date of birth difference in my schooling documents and passport.Pls advise and help me is it a problem for visa application..pls sir..

Paul Dryden answers, If you have a discrepancy in your passport you should contact the local passport office for an observation in your passport

gauri asked, my course fees is 8550 pound and accomadation 9500 adding up all these comes 18050pound i am paying full tution fees in advance which is 8550 pounds and showing 10 lakh will i get visa without interview

Paul Dryden answers, Good question. The visa officer will make their decision on all documents submitted and not just financial ones.

seema asked, Hello Mr. Paul, My cousin completed BE in Electronics Engg. He want to apply for higher studies. What's the procedure pls advice.

Paul Dryden answers, Suggest you access and or contact your local British Council office

ss_bithra asked, Good afternoon. I had filed for a student visa to pursue ACCA at BPP London in February 2007.I was called for an interview but some how visa officer was not convinced and my application was turned down. I resubmitted my new application in July 2007 explaining and clearing concerns raised by the visa officer but again my application was refused based on the Ist application. We held the United Kingdom in very high esteem and believed it to be a fair nation. Also, that the British High Commission followed reason and rationality while evaluating student visa applications without any prejudice whatsoever. However, we are pained to inform you that most of the facts and the documents in my second applications were grossly ignored and a decision to refuse a visa was taken in haste. High commission advises to appeal but again it takes around 6 months. What do you say on such cases?

Paul Dryden answers, I am unable to comment on this but the appeal system is very transparent and if the Appeal adjucator is happy with your grounds of appeal he might overturn the decision in your favour.

JDK asked, Hi, I heard there is lot of students visa rejection for past few weeks after the terror attack in UK? Is that true?

Paul Dryden answers, This is not the case. The UK would be delighted to welcome genuine students from India and throughout the world.

Thangaraj asked, Hello Sir, I got UK student visa rejected twice in Jan 2007 because of improper guidance and for not providing good sponsor. After rejected twice only I came to know that everything happened because of sponsor. These things happened due to rooting of the consultancy. But now I am planning for sep 2007 intake and paid the tuition fee in full and that too moving with a good consultancy. Will the previous applications affect my present application in any means?

Paul Dryden answers, If you meet the student visa requirements your visa will be issued. Please make sure you address the concerns of the previous applicantions that were listed in your refusal notices.

Florence asked, Sir, I'm living in Italy [Images] but I'm Indian passport holder. Where do I go to get study visa to UK?

Paul Dryden answers, British Embassy in Rome

soju asked, sir my younger brother passed high school in 2004 after that he took 3 year preperation gap for madical enterance examination ..........he is also having mathas as his additional subject ....what i want to know is that ......if any one want to do MBBB OR BACHELOR OF ENGGERING FROM what r the procedure for it and what type of vise is required and about the exams which any one have to clear to do his bachelor degree in UK.

Paul Dryden answers, Your brother will have to apply for a student visa. For more details please access the following website and for more details about UK educational institutions

Shoeb asked, Paul, I'll be in UK on work permit sometime in September which is valid till Jan 08. I want to bring my brother-in-law for management studies. Is there any option I can apply for VISA for both of us. Also let me know is there any possibility I can come alongwith my mother. My wife will get dependent VISA and she will accompany me.

Paul Dryden answers, Many questions. Your brother in law may apply for a student visa anytime and if you are in the UK as a work permit holder your wife and children can go as dependents and anyother relative or family member will have to apply as a Family visitors to visit you in the UK

Tomorrow: Part II

Paul Dryden is the Third Secretary (Consular and Visa) at the British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata.

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