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'Internships are crucial for career success'
Karan Gupta
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August 01, 2007

Gone are the days when students used to view internships as a way to get out of classes. Statistics reveal that since 1979, internship participation by college students has increased from one in 36 to one in three.

Getting an internship while you are studying at a foreign university is crucial for you to get a job after you graduate. Most students who intern with organisations during their course of study are recruited by the same organisations once they graduate.

So naturally, every student pursuing a degree abroad should try to get an internship with an organisation to ensure that he or she gets a job after graduation. Keep in mind that this is a difficult and sometimes, very frustrating process.

There are several factors that will help you get an internship. Your resume and networking skills are of utmost importance to you successfully getting an internship. Searching Internet sites and posting your resume on various job placement sites are also helpful.

What to do when you are called for an interview

Once you are called for an interview, there are several things that you must take care of.

  1. Always research the company thoroughly before you interview with them.
  2. Your appearance is important and hence wear appropriate business attire.
  3. If you are being interviewed by a group of people and are nervous, tell the interviewers how you are feeling.
  4. Be honest. Many times its better to be honest than make up stories that sound weird
  5. Be confident in whatever you say or do
  6. Ask intelligent questions

Some TiE members have also reported internship success stories. TiE is "an organisation of individuals who share mutual respect and meritocracy as their core values. This organizstion is chartered by entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals with roots or an interest in the Indus region, with the explicit goal of benefiting entrepreneurs." (

Being a member of TiE is very advantageous and at TiE meetings you can meet 'important' people from the industry who will be able to assist you in finding internships. The main objective of TiE is to enhance networking among members and you can get loads of information from working TiE members.

TiE has chapters all over the world and you can join a chapter close to you. Before you go for any TiE meetings, make sure that you have done adequate research on the companies that will be present in the meeting. It is a good idea to have your business card made, so that you can give this to prospective recruiters at times when you cannot hand over a resume. TiE does not help you get an internship but networking with TiE members can help you get a job or an internship.

Networking is the single most important factor in getting an internship. Any form of networking, including talks with alumni, career placement cells in your school, professors etc. will help you get an internship and eventually a job. Talk to alumni from your school and ask them for advice on the career options that you have. You can even show them your resume and ask them for suggestions on how to improve your chances of obtaining an internship. Talk to your teachers, friends, family and whoever is willing to listen to you to make sure that no resource goes untapped.

Top Six Resources to tap for your internship

Name of Organization

Web Link



Internship Programs

Council on International Education Exchange




The author is an education consultant and can be contacted on
Chat with Karan tomorrow at 3 pm

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