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Homeopathy cures for most ills
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April 16, 2007

Are you experiencing frequency of motions and an unexplainable loss in weight? You could be suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome


"Check your stress levels," says homeopathy expert Dr Mukesh Batra. "IBS often starts with stress and anxiety and is found more in people with Type A personality," he says during a chat on April 12.


For those who missed the informative chat on a variety of topics, here's the transcript. 


morgan asked, is there any homeopathy medicine for piles?


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Piles normally appears in patients who are constipated or who lead a sedentary work. Homeopathy can effectively treat piles but the cure depends on the stage of the condition. If they are thrombosed, it is difficult to treat them through any medication and they need to be surgically removed. However, in normal cases of bleeding or blind piles, you may try Paoena 30C, five pills twice a day. It will definitely help you to be comfortable.



qwe asked, any cure for anxiety


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Yes, anxiety can be treated through homeopathy. A detailed case needs to be taken of the patient and then only can medicine be prescribed. For temporary relief, you may try Kali Phos 6X, four pills at bedtime.



manjiri asked, Hello sir, my father is suffering from psoraris n had diabetes too, n some heart problem. Psoraris is severe only when he is tensed. advice some cure


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, There are different types of Psorasis and homeopathy can help. Since your father also suffers from diabetes, such patients are always slow to respond. He should do yoga and meditation to reduce his stress. It is difficult to prescribe for psorasis without knowing all the details.



Ramesh asked, I am 47 yrs old suffering from hair-loss which is almost 25-30 percent and my scalp is oily and it develops small itchy growth during summer due to heavy perspiration. Pls suggest a suitable treatment. Thanks.


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Excessive sweating can cause the oil glands in the scalp to be blocked, which may lead to hair loss. You should wash your hair frequently with a Ph balanced shampoo. Excessive oiliness in the scalp is also found in anxious people. Try to relax.





Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, You may be suffering from a skin condition called Sebhorric Dermatitis. This appears more commonly in anxious people. You need to take oral homeopathic medicine rather than depend on local shampoos.



Santosh asked, any cure for COLITIS problem

Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Colitis is an inflammation of the colon and the commonest reason is an amoebic infection. Avoid eating food from outside. You may try Nux Vomica 30C, five pills at bedtime.



ARR asked, Hello Sir I am 40 years old and I have been diagnosed with vertigo problem, a month back. ENT specialist did audiogram -- I am weak on my left ear since the age of 15, but the right ear is fine. I never had problems with this. In 1999, I was diagnosed IBS �D as well, I could deal with it fine. From Sep-06 to Dec-06, I was taking, Betacap-TR 40 and spasril for suppressing IBS symptoms. Some times I used to take Alzolam (quarter of .25 mg) In jan-07 I started having balance problems. And also have irritation using cell phones. Last week I got the MRI of brain done. Results showed everything normal. Doctor prescribed Vertin 16mg, 3 times a day. Have been taking it for 4 weeks now. It helps but the problem is still there. He suggested VRT as well. Could the anti-spasmodic pill (spasril) which I was taking be the cause of my current vertigo issue? Or does IBS pose vertigo like symptoms? Can you help, please?


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, There are many reasons for vertigo, the commonest being a middle ear problem. It is difficult to prescribe without going through all details of your case. I would recommend you consult a local homeopath who may prescribe from a couple of medicines like Cocculus and Conium which are very useful in cases of vertigo.



Srinivas asked, Hello sir, I am suffering from IBS , is it curable in Homeopathy.


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is very common in today's stress-ridden world. It gives rise to frequency of motions and sometimes loss in weight. It often starts with stress and anxiety. It is found more in Type A people. We will need to study your personality before we can prescribe anything. Maybe you should consult a local homeopath for help.



ajakur asked, My mother has got osteoporosis and has been operated in both hips. The first surgery was done on right leg three months ago and the second this Monday. She is not able to move herself. Is there anything which homeopathy can do?

Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, I would suggest that she takes Calcarea Phos 6X, five tablets twice a day.



sruthi asked, Hello dad is suffering from knee pain.joint pain...and he is unable to there any treatment in homeopathy?

Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, It could be osteo-arthritis. He should control his weight. I would recommend Rhus Tox 200, five pills thrice a day for symptomatic relief. He will have to be checked and all details of his case taken.



savithakumar asked, Hello Doctor, my husband is having leukoderma for the past 10 years. He took some unani medicines for 5 years and 90% got cured. Suddenly he again had the white patches flaring up. 70% of his total body turned pinkish white. Please advise. He is in diet (no citrus fruits and tamarind)


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Leukoderma is medically called vitiligo. There are different types and a cure depends on the extent of the disease and the number of years since it's appearance. Since 70 per cent of his body is already affected, it would be difficult to suggest treatment for him.



suchita asked, Doctor its really good to have chat with u for solutions Sir, I am facing lot of problem of my headache. my back headache pains every after 2 days i cant work normally that time just like hammering it pains this is from 8years sir, i gone through each and every doctors treatment in my city but no success, now trying at you.


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Since it is chronic it could be cervial spondylosis or migraine. I would recommend that you do a plain X-ray of your cervical spine. For symptomatic relief you can take Belladona 200, five pills thrice a day together with three tablets of Mag Phos 6X.


RR asked, hello sir, I have white patches on my face that appear only in summer season, when exposed to sun. I have this for more than 10-15 years now. it fades of after the summer. All dermatologists have asked me to stay out of sun and use high PF sunscreen. Is there no permanent remedy for this??


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, It could be photo-allergic dermatitis. It may happen as a reaction to the sun's rays. Your skin seems to be sensitive to sunlight. Use a sunscreen whenever you move out. Homeopathic medicine will help you build immunity but you will have to consult a homeopath personally.



Pooja asked, Dear Dr Batra Thank you for being here for us. My husband is 50+ and is suffering from a blockage in one of his arteries. He is taking Creatagus Oxycantha along with Allopathic medicines. Will Craetagus Oxycantha help in removing the blockage and strengthen his arteries? How long will it take? Can he safely discontinue his allopathic medicines once his blockage is removed via Creatagus? Thank you so much for your valuable time. Regards Mrs Krishnan


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Thank you Mrs Krishnan. It is difficult to advise you regarding your husband unless we know which artery is blocked and by what percentage. I would not advise him to discontinue anything right now till you are sure that an angiography is done which shows that the blockage is removed.



shyam asked, is there any cure for women ovarian cysts


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, There is a treatment for ovarian cysts but it depends on the size. If it is too big, I would

recommend surgery otherwise you can try conservative homeopathic treatment. Also do a USG to check the status of the cysts.



Ter asked, Having creatinen 1.4 ,is a problem


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, Createnin is raised in renal problems. The normal reading is 1. A 1.4 needs to be clinically correlated.



jk asked, Sir, my 4-year son is having cough problem for the last six months especially after waking up from bed in the afternoon or during night. He was administered allopathy drugs, but of no use. Problem gets suppressed with administration of a cup of mild warm water mixed with a blend of one tsp each of lemon juice and honey. Kindly if there is any permanent solution in Homoeopathic. Thanks JK


Dr. Mukesh Batra answers, There is a permanent treatment in homeopathy for allergic cough in children. A homeopath would definitely be able to help him.



Dr. Mukesh Batra says, This is all we have time for, today. Until next time, goodbye and good health! Get well soon!

Dr Mukesh Batra has over 30 years of experience in his field. He is the chairman and managing director of Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic Private Limited. He is also professor emeritus at the College of Homeopathy, USA, the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK, and honorary professor at the Homeopathic Medical Association, UK.

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