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IIT-JEE: Study tips for Physics
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April 03, 2007

Are tuitions enough to get high marks in Physics or do books also count in the IIT Joint Entrance Exam?


According to IIT-JEE trainer Sharad Awasthi from Career Launcher, tuitions help you form the right strategy to clear the exam. "If you are capable of doing that, then the rest is your hard work," he says. 


These were some of the questions tackled during a chat on March 27.


For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.


Part I: IIT � JEE: How to ace Physics



Kapur asked, Hi, Mr. Awasthi, What do you think is the reason for the change in the IIT-JEE pattern? How should one change one's preparation strategy accordingly?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, The IITs have been changing their pattern almost every two or three years, so it is nothing to worry about. They are looking for people who are good in concepts and it has been observed that, no matter what the pattern, the subject-wise cut-off has almost remained the same. So one should learn how to apply a known concept in an unknown situation -- that is the key to success, nothing else matters.


IITaspirant18 asked, which is the best book to understand the fundamentals of Physics? I think HC Verma's book is good after we grasp all fundamentals!

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, I believe your school textbook based on your boards and after that H C Verma. No need to follow too many books.



Afreen asked, Sir, I m studying in Kuwait (CBSE board), here no coaching board preparation will be enough for IITJEE?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Which class are you in right now? You need to go beyond the board syllabus as they do not focus on application (numericals). Buy last few years' IIT-JEE question papers and attempt the questions of the chapters you have already done to understand the standard of the exam.


Shashank asked, Sir I have a habit of marking the answers in the question paper first. I now hear that they take away the JEE question paper back. Is it safe to continue my habit as I am more comfortable with it?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, See, you have to necessarily mark the answer in the OMR sheet. But on the question paper you may write anything. It does not matter.



initin asked, which book will u suggest for physics at this point of time to revise?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Revise those topics in which you are most comfortable to see how well you score in them. Give as many mock tests as you can and the marks should not fall below 40 per cent. No need to revise all the formulae and theory now.



Suraj asked, sir don't you think mechanics is less scoring and as u said cut off in JEE is only abt 35 per cent.So can we focus on relatively easy topics like modern physics, wave optics, general physics which also have considerably large weightage?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Yes, you can definitely do that based on your comfort.



Mamoon asked, Are tuitions important for a high rank or shall books themselves suffice? Sir, if no then which books (subjective) shall I buy?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Tuitions help you maintain regularity and guide you with the right strategy to clear the exam. If you are capable of doing that, then the rest is your hard work



Afreen asked, sir, I'm weak in chem, so what should I do to get more & more marks in PHYSICS?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, You have to focus on chemistry to clear the cut-off. Physics cannot compensate for it.


Avishekhsingh asked, i have cleared IITJEE 1999, when I see current IITJEE paper pattern. It is totally diluted, what you think reason behind it. And IITJEE is still able to take best brain of India, I doubt?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, IITs are still able to get the best brains because, in a competitive exam, the relative performance matters. If the paper is easy it is easy for everybody, the iits have to select the top 4,000 students.



Tejas asked, I have done Irodov, H C Verma. In these last 10-15 days, from where should I try problems?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Do mock tests now.



Sairajee asked, how do you rate dc Pandey physics book?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Good.



Rohit_v asked, i am a student who ahs been preparing for aieee. I recently completed my cbse board exams and expect to get good results there. But I have not prepared for JEE itself. Do you think with the new system of JEE I will stand some chance if my concepts itself are solid?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Yes, why not?



Rohit_v asked, there are various sample papers available for JEE from past years. Now that the exam pattern has changed from this year which type of questions do you think come close to what may be asked? Can you give some examples?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, MCQs with one choice correct or more than one choice correct, match the following, comprehension based questions, assertion and reasoning questions.



Pinto asked, I want to study Physics in any one of the IITs. What should my maximum AIR? Say with AIR of 3000 can I make it?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Yes, you can.


Part I: IIT � JEE: How to ace Physics


Sharad Awasthi is the CEO and President of the school test-prep division of Career Launcher, which was founded by Satyanarayan R in 1995. The company entered the IIT-JEE test-prep arena by acquiring Arc, the market leader in Mumbai and since then has been successfully training students for JEE in India and Dubai.

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