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The truth about spot reduction
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September 29, 2006

One of our readers was comfortable with what she weighed, except for extra fat around her forearms. Another needed a 15-minute routine for post-pregnancy reshaping. A third was worried about her husband, who is diabetic and walks 5 kilometres a day.

There were a lot more queries about health, diet, fitness and exercise, and our fitness expert Brinda Sapat tackled them all during a recent chat with Get Ahead readers.

For those who missed the tips doled out, here's a transcript:

Part I: 30 minutes a day = weight loss

 kaja asked, Please suggest a 15 mt routine daily for a post pregnancy reshaping
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Walk for at least 30 minutes a day, three to four days in a week and do some abdominal and back exercises.  

Aruna asked, hi Brinda, What i think i am alright as a whole except for some extra fat around low abs and fore arms, which is difficult to reduce. Can you suggest something to reduce on these specific areas. Many thanks
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Aruna. Its not possible to lose weight in specific parts of the body. Fat burn occurs all over. But start walking 30 minutes a day, four to five days a week and do some simple exercises as home. You'll find it on the 8 weeks to a slimmer you plan.

ka asked, hello, i am 32yrs female wt72kg go to gym everyday do 15min fast walking on treadmill 15min cycling and 5 min on stepper every day also streching exercises of legs. still there is no reduction in weight. please give me suggestions for reducing weight.
BRINDA SAPAT answers, If you have just started with this routine stick on for at least two months before seeing results. If its been longer than that, you may need to change your exercise. Try an aerobics class.

05Pai asked, from 38inches of waist to 32inches! wat wud be a realistic time frame(no.of weeks required) to reduce waistline with a 30-45mins workout?!
BRINDA SAPAT answers, This will take quite a long time. I cant generalise. But keep at it, it will happen!

Beena asked, thanx brinda ma'am for the reply but pls. note that i'm forbidden aerobics and skipping due to health problems.will treadmill not help..
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Sure the treadmill is fine

anonypp asked, Hi Brinda, I am 27, 5.10", 80 Kg. I started working out in May this year and lost around 3 kgs. in 1.5 months. At that time i was 83 kgs. I had to break the work out due to some reasons. I started again last month in August start. Since then I haven't been able to loose further weight. Any particular reason why i am unable to looose wt ???
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Sometimes it takes time for the body to start responding, so be patient. If you still don't see any change within the next month or so, try to change your exercise routine and make sure you are eating healthy

Anirudh asked, I am an engineering student studying in a vilaage called Kopargaon where there is no gym and the food available is the one that our dabbawalahs can you give some tips like self exercises that I can do to have a descent physigue?
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Sure. Get yourself some dumbells (one pair medium and one pair heavy). For the upper body- chest presses, bent over rows, push ups, bicep curls and tricep dips. For the abbs, do some crunches and reverse crunches. For the back you need to do some hyperextensions and for lower body squats, lunges and calf raises.

parag asked, Hi Brinda, Iwant to put on my weight
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Weight train and eat more protein (paneer/fish/chicken/tofu/pulses) and carbohydrates (rice/roti/pasta/bread).

rahulkumar asked, what do think about yoga ? does it help reduce weight?
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Hi Rahul. Unless you are doing a more dynamic form of yoga suchas power yoga, yoga does not help for weight loss.

vijaya asked, My husband is diabetic. He walks about 5 km every morning in about 65 minutes. Can you suggest some thing more. He hvae cantrolled high B.P.
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Tell him to do some weight training.

kaja asked, My brother is 28 years . Weighs 89 Kgs for a height 5 feet 8 1/2 inches. He has been jogging 30 mts a day and has been on low salt and low fat and low carbo diet. But he is not able to reduce weight. IS there a sure shot way he can reduce. He is willing to put the effort. Can u also give your mail contact and phone. He will get in touch with you. He is based in Chennai
BRINDA SAPAT answers, He needs to do more exercise. Joining a gym for weight training will be good. 

Ashfaq asked, I am 27 and my weight is 50Kga how to increase the weight
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Weight train at a gym and eat more proteins and carbohydrates.  

Jag asked, I am a 5'7" male weighing 82 kg. I've been exercising around 5 days a week for a few months. I run around 4 km in 30 minutes followed by around 10-15 minutes of light weight training. I do around 25 situps 2-3 times a week. I have definitely slimmed down, I feel fit, am able to walk the 8 floors to my office without any problems. But my weight refuses to come down and has been at 82-83 kg for the past few months. What could be the problem?
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Don't worry about the wieght as long as you are feeling fit. You have gained muscle mass by working out and muscle is heavy so dont worry.  

rahulkumar asked, mam i have heart problems sometimes when i do igrous exercise my hearts starts beating at the speed of horse? wat shld i do
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Rahul, Plaese consult your doctor and exercise only as per his instructions. Do not,at any cost, do anything before talking to him.

Pramod asked, My Brother in Law is Diabetic. Please suggest the excersises for the control of sugar level
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Paramod, talk to the doctor for best advice. but light walks are good to artat him off with. 20 minutes, three to four day a week. Check with doctor.  

Shiv asked, I have sneazing problem. In the morning when I get up, the frequency is around 20-30 sneezes. Though I started Yoga(Anulom-vilom, kapal bhati etc) and going for morning walk for the last 5-7 days still problem is same. This problem is there with me for almost last 10 years. Please suggest something to improve on it.
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Shiv, check with your doc. You must be allergic to the pollen in the air.

pradeep asked, hi brinda I am 25 ,5'11 and 80 kg .I go to gym after office hours.I have noticed that I feel week when I go to gym continuously and getting leg pain .Is it due to tiredness ??Can I join aerobics leaving the gym.
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Try aerobics. I dont know what exactly you are doing in the gym, but aerobics might help since it conditions the body better

Abhishek asked, Hello mam, I am 25 years 5'7"/72 Kgs. I have problem of high blood pressure tell me what do.
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Check with your doctor first. Then ask if it is okay for you to do an aerobics class or any other form of cardio exercise like walking or swimming.  

rakhi asked, Hi Brinda. I am 26,5ft 2inches.2 years ago I was heavily into exercise and fitness. In fact, I strained myself too much in the process and lost weight at an alarming rate. To cut the story short, I became anorexic.My weight redused to 36kg. Following doctor's advice, I stopped gymming, ate normally and now my weight is 60kg. However,I think I am overweight and want to lose a few kgs. What type of exercise regimen and diet would you recommend for me? I stay in a hostel and don't cook myself. So please do not suggest food impossible for me to arrange. Thanks in advance for replying.
BRINDA SAPAT answers, HI Rakhi, Good to know you have recovered from anorexia. Congratulations! For your weight gain, walk four or five days a week or join an aerobics class.

randhir asked, Hi Brinda, I m 30 year old, 5.10", 64 kg weight. Is my weight is right as per my height. I want increase my weight and muscles. What to do for that?
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Weight train at a gym and increase protein intake.  

anirudhvoleti asked, Hi Brinda...I am a 21 Yr Old guy who has fought with his weight almost for the past 10 years. I have lost and regained the weight again and again...I have incorporated Cardio as well as Weight training into my schedule, but still feel something is missing...I do 3 days of weight training, and 3 days of Cardio and Abs
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Switch your exercise. Instead of your regular cardio try a different form like aerobics or swimming or cycling.

pradeep asked, Gym Vs Aerobics ???
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Both! Unless you attend an aerobics class and a weight training class. Cardio in the gym doesn't give you all the benefits as an aerobics class.

srsathe asked, hello seriously into bodybuilding and want to take up powerlifting as my career...can u suggest names of ny masters in this field or ny particular academy or gym who is seriously into powerlifting.
BRINDA SAPAT answers, Contact Gold's Gym.

v_verma asked, what is the best breakfast one can have?
BRINDA SAPAT answers, A bowl of cereal with milk, a glass of orange juice and eggs (without yolk) on wholegrain toast, tea/coffee.

Rocky asked, Hi Brinda , I asked my coach how to increase wt and he told me that try to eat sweet thing like sugar and ice cream before going to sleep , is this a good suggestion to implement ?
BRINDA SAPAT answers, No, it is an unhealthy choice. Instead increase your carbohydrate in your dinner -- more rice/roti/bread/pasta.

BRINDA SAPAT says, Out of time! Sorry I haven't been able to answer all the many questions! Hope I was of some help. Good Health! Bye !

Part I: 30 minutes a day = weight loss

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