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"I want to lose 20 kgs by December"
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October 06, 2006

Get Ahead reader Priyanka Jain wants to lose 20 kgs by December. Is her fitness goal a realistic one? We got Get Ahead expert and fitness instructor Brinda Sapat to review Priyanka's profile and recommend a good diet/exercise regime for her.

Priyanka's profile

Age: 25

Vital statistics
: 35-36-42 (in inches)

Weight: 71.08 kg

Occupation: Film Journalist

Working hours: 8 am to midnight

Daily routine: I wake up by 7.30 am, have a glass of water, a cup of tea, a HerbalLife slimming shake. After two hours, I have an apple, then tea/juice/apple/idlis for breakfast at around 11. Lunch comprises one or two rotis, one vegetable, some rice, one papad, a salad and some curd. I have tea at 3 or 4 pm and, sometimes, a plate of fruit at around 5 pm. Dinner is not fixed. 70 per cent of my work is on the desk. The rest of my time is spent travelling. I do an annual medical check-up, and have had no problems so far. I sometimes get very bad headaches though. At times, I feel too weak and drained, and my stamina has dropped a lot over the past few months. I tend to be lethargic and sleep a lot. I don't do much physical activity, apart from a little walking.

My fitness goal: To lose 20 kgs by December.

Brinda's verdict

Hi Priyanka, congratulations on taking a step towards weight loss and a healthy body! Let's get started.

When it comes to weight loss, one has to set realistic goals. Losing 20 kilos by December is not one! Weight loss has to be gradual. The slower you lose it, the more likely you are to keep it off. Drastic weight loss has harmful side effects, as you don't get sufficient nutrients by following fad diets. A diet plan should be as natural as possible, making it easy to follow over a long period of time. Let's re-work your fitness goal to a realistic 5 kgs by December. For weight loss to occur, you have to burn excess calories through exercise and ensure that you consume fewer calories. Stored fat is the excess calories and needs to be burnt. Dieting does not burn fat, so sufficient physical exercise is important.

Walk, walk, walk

As you have very long working hours, you need to make sure you squeeze in 30 minutes for a brisk walk every day. If you have to travel very short distances, walk. You need to walk at least five days a week. The pace has to be brisk, elevating your heart rate. Wear proper shoes to protect your knees and ankles from impact. Apart from this, try and keep moving as much as you can. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get things you need yourself, instead of calling for them.

Exercise at your desk

1. Head Circles: Drop your head to the right shoulder and make a slow half circle down the front to your left shoulder and reverse. Do this four to five times.

2. Shoulder Rolls: Lift your shoulders up, then roll them backwards. Repeat eight times.

3. Arm Stretch: Link your fingers behind your hips and gently raise your arms as high as possible without leaning your upper body forwards. Do this twice. It stretches your arms, shoulders and chest.

4. Chair Squats: Sit on your chair, feet on the floor, legs hip distance apart. Put your hands on your waist. Push yourself into a standing position. Go down again slowly and, just as your hip touches the chair, lift up again. Don't rest on the chair, keep moving. Repeat 12 times.

5. Knee Extensions: Sit on the chair, arms by your side, feet on the floor. Extend the knee and get your feet off the floor until your legs are in line with your hip. Lower the feet and, just as they touch the floor, lift them up again. Do 12 repetitions.

6. Foot work: Extend your legs, then point and flex your toes alternately. Do four repetitions. Next, circle your toes clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Do four repetitions.

Do these exercises about twice a day to keep your body active. You can find many more desk exercises online.


Your diet requires small changes as you are eating fairly sensibly.

When you wake up

Have a glass of water. No slimming shakes, please. Weight loss has to be natural and healthy.

Breakfast (to be eaten BEFORE you leave for work)




Evening snack

Fruit platter or a handful of nuts

Dinner (to be eaten three hours BEFORE bedtime)


Eating out rules

Health tip

With long working hours and no exercise, it is only natural that you feel exhausted. Once you start this exercise and diet regime, you should start feeling better in a couple of weeks.The walking will help increase your stamina and make you feel more active and fresh. Check with your doctor about taking multivitamins.

Try and follow this plan as closely as possible to achieve your goal. Good luck!

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-- Brinda is the head of the Group Exercise Department at Gold's Gym, Napean Sea Road, where she also runs her classes. Certified with Training Zone & Progressive Fitness (USA), she has been a fitness instructor for the last nine and a half years.

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