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From night school student to accounts assistant to...
Vallari Shah
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November 29, 2006

Every one wants to succeed, but some of us have to go the extra mile to do so.

Take Sameer Madina, who grew up in Jharkand, for example. After completing his Class X, he moved to Mumbai and began working in a garment company. He didn't, however, give up on his dream of a good education and joined a night school.

Read on to discover why Sameer's story is inspiring.

Name: Sameer Madina

Age: 20 years

College: MN Dahanukar College, Mumbai

Currently studying: Second year, B Com

Working with: Vaishali Group of Companies (a local garment chain)

Designation/ job profile: Accounts assistant. Sameer reports to the head of the accounts department and helps handle the firm's filing and accounting work.

Salary per month: Rs 4,000

The beginning: After completing his Class X in Jharkhand, Sameer came to Mumbai which he believes is 'the city of opportunities'. 

Keeping his goal -- that of getting a good education -- in mind, he enrolled at the Sri Saraswati Night High School and Junior College to complete his Class XII.

Sameer spent the day working on the floor at the company's factory. In the evening, he would attend class from 6.30 pm to 10 pm. He lived alone in a flat provided by his employer. He cooked his own meals.

"My night school was really nice. The teachers were very co-operative and supportive. They have good standards of teaching and deliver quality education to students," says Sameer. "I now study in a day college whose timings are 7.30 am to 11.15 am."

Sameer also took up a job at another branch of the same company. He began as an office assistant and did a lot of filing work. Then, as he gradually proved his abilities, he was promoted to accounts assistant.

Some of his colleagues were sceptical about Sameer's ability to handle his new responsibilities, particularly since he came from a rural background. So Sameer made a conscious attempt to develop a comfort level with them. Today, his personal equation with them is very good. Sameer prefers maintaining a low profile at work and does not indulge in any quarrels or backbiting. 

Studies-work balance: Sameer finds it difficult to maintain a balance between studies and work, but he's learning to cope. He is determined to succeed in his goal.

In a 'fast' city like Mumbai, the one person Sameer trusts completely is his employer, Om Bajaj. Bajaj, he says, has helped him through his tough phases.

He is also grateful to his brother-in-law. Sameer says, "I got the job through my brother-in-law's reference, so I just had to prove my ability. I was the youngest employee and managed to do good work, so I earned the trust of my boss. He was impressed by my ability to multitask. Today, he sees to it that nothing hampers my education. He also pays for my college fees."

Time management mantra: Sameer's daily routine begins with college in the morning, followed by eight hours at the office. He then goes home for a quiet dinner, followed by few hours of study and then to bed at 1 pm. Sameer is strict about sticking to this schedule; this, he says, is the reason why he does not find it difficult to manage his time.

Managing exams: Till date, Sameer has not had a problem coping with his exams. During his Class XII board exams, however, he took leave for about one-and-a-half months to concentrate on his studies.

Skill-sets: Leading a life in Mumbai has taught Sameer that managing his daily schedule is of utmost importance. He has a better hand at accounts now, which helps him in his studies as well.

Talking about the harsh reality of the corporate world, Sameer says, "Having differences with people is natural; it exists in every firm. You must know how to keep your personal and professional life apart. Moreover, being exploited at work is bound to happen. I make sure people do not take undue advantage of me."

Family: Initially, Sameer's family was worried about how he would survive in a competitive city like Mumbai. Now, they are happy for him. He sends part of his salary home and visits his family once a year during the summer. His mother is a housewife and father is too old to work in the fields.

Despite his hectic life, Sameer says he constantly feels a sense of loneliness; he misses his family immensely.

Future plans: Sameer wants to do an MBA after his graduation, with a specialisation in accounts. He plans to take a loan in order to do so.

Sameer's tips for students: "Dreams are meant to come true, but how you realise them is up to you. Don't look around you for encouragement. Encourage yourself. Have faith in your abilities and you will definitely succeed," he says.

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    Sub: Night college students

    Congratulations Sameer. I also salute Mr.Om Bajaj who has given him an opportunity to study with a respectful job. Great. Prakash

    Posted by prakash chitnis

    Sub: night school student

    Don't look around you for encouragement. Encourage yourself....are indeed inspiring words !! all the best to the night school student may he reach his goals ...

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