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US student visa, denied?
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November 23, 2006

What would my US visa application be rejected even if I show sufficient financial proof? This is a common worry for those wishing to pursue higher education in the US.


Though the US visa application procedure has been simplified in the recent past, it is important to know what works for you when applying for a US visa. US visa expert Dr Arun Vakil clarified such doubts during a live chat with Get Ahead readers on November 16:


'Weak presentation or disorganised documentation works against the applicant. A lot depends on how you answer questions. Weak communication skills can run you into trouble.'

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.



ARUN VAKIL says, Hello everybody. Greetings and best of luck to future leaders of India, who are aspiring to push forward their knowledge frontiers with higher education in the US. Let us chat.



thehimalayas asked, Sir, my F1 visa was rejected twice in the year 2003 for an undergraduate degree in the US. I Have completed my bachelors degree in India and wish to pursue a MBA in the US. am crrently pursuing MCOM, CFA and working in a BIG 4 consulting firm. request you to enlighten on my visa chances and if the previous experience will deter the application this time..
ARUN VAKIL answers, The Visa officer will definitely examine past reasons of rejection. This time you have to prove that you will come back after your study, by showing strong financial documents of family and also social ties in India. I think you should make it this time.



Vikas asked, I intend to persue a MBA in USA within a budget of 4-7 lacks, is it possible? will it make easy chances for geting the permanant resident in there after MBA?
ARUN VAKIL answers, It is possible if you get a university that accepts this amount as fee money. You have to explore possibilities on the internet and also through your contacts/friends. After graduation, you can get H-1B visa, and thereafter, work for permanent residency. It is a two-step process.



sonnen asked, Hello Mr. Vakil. I will be applying for a F1 visa soon and would really appreciate it if you could answer my query. I have completed my BS in the US and am back in India. This year (in April 06), a US company applied for a H1B visa on my behalf. The petition has been approved. Unfortuantely, the company that applied for my H1B cannot hire me right now as they have enforced a hiring freeze owing to the loss of a contract. Now, I want to go back to the US to get my MS. I have all my documentation in order such as I-20, Proof of Funds, GRE score, etc. Would the approved H1B petition (not stamped) on my name cause a problem as far as getting a F1 visa is concerned?
ARUN VAKIL answers, Not at all. Explain to the Visa officer about H-1B developments, and say you are now interested in doing MS. I see no problem.



USABOUND asked, I will be leaving for the US on a student visa for a PhD. I will be accompanied by my husband, what visa will be applicable to him and will he be allowed to work there on that visa?
ARUN VAKIL answers, Your husband can go on dependent visa (F-2). He cannot work on this visa.



manu asked, sir the bank statement which these people require should be how much old
ARUN VAKIL answers, As current as possible.



karamjot asked, I am doing engg. and i want to obtain mba degree from us after completing my engg. what i have to do to get student visa .i have my relative in us.will this help me?what exam i have to pass to study in canada.
ARUN VAKIL answers, You can approach MBA colleges in the US via the internet and apply for admission. You also have to pass the GMAT exam. The university will send you I-10 form for admission, with which you go to apply for student visa.



Vikas asked,  does speaking in US accent with visa officer help in any way or not?
ARUN VAKIL answers, No. Sometimes it can work against you.



manu asked, sir my brother is in thailand for long time and is working there what should i say if the visa officer asks me of my brother
ARUN VAKIL answers, Speak the truth.



viva asked, sir iam vivek here i know this not the right question for today but still for tourist visa what is the min and max validity they give
ARUN VAKIL answers, One month to six months.



john asked, Sir,i am john here.I have done my civil engineering(2004).Got a gre score of 1300,toefl ibt - 98.As far as my finances are considered ,i am thinking of Sponsoring my education thru 1)sponsors in the U.S.or 2)thru a church society in U.S.sir,how does it affect my visa chances
ARUN VAKIL answers, First you should get I-20 form from a US university. You have to answer queries whether you have to repay your sponsors and the church society and, if so, how. If you have satisfactory answers for the officers, you are through.



manu asked, does a good gre and a good toefl score matter in getting vis
ARUN VAKIL answers, They are not decisive but they do contribute positively.



rani asked, Hello sir my main interest is in lifeSciences and I am also a PG in Management and and if not Life sciences can i apply for management p.hd or MS course ?
ARUN VAKIL answers, You can, provided you get admission. People do change subjects/majors in the US education system.



USABOUND asked, thanx for the reply.Can a F2 visa be converted in a H1 B visa/work permit once we are there (provided he gets a job there).
ARUN VAKIL answers, Yes.



ARUN VAKIL answers, You may be refused under section 214(b). You may not be able to convince the officer that you will return after your US studies. Speak to a professional consultant for advice.



Vikas asked, Sir, if i take up an MBA in the "Canada" which may be comparatively cheaper than that of US, will it help me any way to settle in the USA?
ARUN VAKIL answers, Settlement in the US depends on various factors. Canadian degree can be of help.



gopalvenkatraman asked, Hi Sir. I went for H1 stamping on 17th Nov. The VO gave me Blue 221G and requested me to drop additional documents requested, along with my passport. Kindly clarify me how long they will take to decide on my case, because they will be holding my passport during that time.
ARUN VAKIL answers, Difficult to say. 221 (g) means the matter is under admin processing, investigations etc., which takes time. You have to wait and hope for the best.



CD asked, Hello Sir, I will be applying for a F1 visa in 2007 as I am appling for PhD to US Universities for fall 2007 semseter. I would like to know what papers are mandatory for the Visa Interview. Will I get a checklist from the counsulate before the interview ?
ARUN VAKIL answers, Visit the VFS web site. It will have all the information.


NRK asked, I have a H1B visa in 2004-2005 quota sponsored by my A1 Company in INDIA. I went to US thro' A1 and returned back to INDIA. Now in INDIA, can I transfer my VISA to say B1 indian company and go to US?
ARUN VAKIL answers, You cannot transfer H1B to B1. You have to make a fresh application for B1 and meet its conditions.



Vinay asked, Hi. I am pursuing my MBA from India, and selceted to complete my Last Term from Kellog School of Business, as a exchange programme student. The admin people at Kellog tells that they will get me J-1 visa which by default makes me in-applicable to apply for H1 for USA. I am looking to get F-1 visa, but not sure how to go abt it. Kindly guide me Regards
ARUN VAKIL answers, F-1 visa is available to full-time degree students. Yours appears to be for few months at Kellog's. J-1 has restrictions of a 2-year home residency after completion of course. I suggest you look for a fresh degree program of two years or so. Although Kellog is a big name, this is not worth it for future.



gaurav asked, DO US Universites Take IIT GATE SCORES into Consideration?????????
ARUN VAKIL answers, They go by their own entrance tests. But they do look at other scores as well.



siya asked, Sir, My father as retired from service and my mother is a house-wife. they have enough funds to support father will be sponsoring my first year of MS and i will be taking loan for the second year. will this affect my prospect of getting F-1 visa
ARUN VAKIL answers, No. Except that you will have to prove as to how you will repay the loan.



rani asked, would my age is becomes an impediment ,I have many years of experience in teaching at high school level even at post Grad level
ARUN VAKIL answers, What is your age?



chetan asked, hi sir, I am Merchandiser in Export house.I want to know the university which offer fashion technology cousre
ARUN VAKIL answers, There are many. Visit the USEFI office in India or explore the Internet.



sunil asked, I want Visa to study MBA
ARUN VAKIL answers, Get admission and then apply for visa. Visit the VFS web site.



suden asked, what are the procudure to obtain tourst visa for my mother ..who wants stay with my brother for couple of months
ARUN VAKIL answers, Study the the VFS web site.



gaurav asked, hi! Arun Vakil when can we apply for the next session.
ARUN VAKIL answers, You can apply 120 days before the start of your session for US visas.



rani asked, Hello Mr.Vakil I have finished my graduation many years back say 22 years ago in Life i would like to do post Life sciences is it possible?If so what is the required GRE and Toefl scores? score
ARUN VAKIL answers, In US, people study at late age. You have to secure admission in any university who may take you for post-graduate study. Each university has differing standards for GRE and TOEFL, which you need to find out after selecting the university.



dev asked, Hello Sir, when we talk about the Proof of fund, what does it mean exactly? Do we need to show that much of money in the bank or even the money that is invested can be shown as Proof of fund? i am right now working in a US based MNC and want to pursue my Phd in another 2 years, but till that time i am putting my money into mutual funds for tax savings. Can i show this amount as a proof of fund? Thank you Sir.
ARUN VAKIL answers, You should have liquid funds (bank balance, fixed deposits, LIC policies, investment in govt securities, investment in company shares, jewellery) enough to take care of the first year of your studies and should have access to additional funds for subsequent years.



gaurav asked, Sir i want to know the universities which offers PG Computer Courses
ARUN VAKIL answers, There are many. Visit United States Education Foundation offices in your city for information.



Sharath asked, I am a H1B asspirant. One of a consultant in US has filled H1B for me. Will i be able to switch the company after i am in US. If i do so will i have to do the paper work again.
ARUN VAKIL answers, You can switch, preferably 90 days after you complete job with first employer. Paperwork will have to be done to change the employer.



navaneeth asked, hi sir, if i visit the US this year on a F1 visa, is there any restriction on when I can apply for the F1 visa again?
ARUN VAKIL answers, No. But your first F1 visa should be over before you apply for the next.



rani asked, sir after my degree in Life Sciences I did many other courses like MBA and B.Ed and worked even now working would it become an impediment for me if I apply for life sciences PG course?
ARUN VAKIL answers, I don't think so.



NRK asked, Sir, adding to what I asked earlier and your reply, I am not looking to transfer H1 to B1 but transfer the same H1 from A1 company to B1 company where I A1 and B1 are indian companies and presently I am in INDIA.
ARUN VAKIL answers, Yes, this is possible but take professional help from a consultant or attorney to make sure you make no mistake.



avinash asked, Sir,i had applied for a msters courses but due to the unfulfillment of few courses i have been goven admission in post-bacculerate degree ,i have to take few courses an dthen i will be transferred to masters program in 4 months,will i get visa for post bacculerate?
ARUN VAKIL answers, Yes, provided you meet conditions of F-1 visa.



thehimalayas asked, can a US cosigners documents be showed as proof of finances
ARUN VAKIL answers, Yes. US based friend or relative can send Form I-134 Affidavit of Support as sponsorship.



avinash asked, can i get visa easily for post bacculerate degree or is it any issue??
ARUN VAKIL answers, There is nothing like early or late visa. You will get visa if you qualify conditions.



SHAH asked, During H1B interview at Mumbai consulate, do I need my TAX RETURNS of previous years?
ARUN VAKIL answers, Not absolute necessity but it's good to keep them.



khushi asked, hi how are you
ARUN VAKIL answers, Fine.



student asked, hello sir? what is the main reason acc to u tht makes a VO think tht the applicant will not come back even if sufficient financial proof is shown?
ARUN VAKIL answers, Weak presentation or unorganised documentation. A lot depends on how you answer questions. Weak communication skills can run you into trouble.



Dr Arun Vakil has an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, and a PhD from the University of Wyoming, Laramie, USA. He was associated with the US consulate in Mumbai as an economist from 1974 to 1977. Dr Vakil conducts orientation courses for students going to the US, organised by the United States Education Foundation in India and the Indo-American Society. He also lectures on US visas and immigration laws. Dr Vakil has authored Gateway to America, in 1984.

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