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Printing errors in CAT paper
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November 19, 2006

If there were a couple of questions you could not answer in CAT 2006, you could blame in on the Printer's Devil.

CAT 2006 had a couple of printing errors, resulting in three questions that could not be solved.

Question 1

According to Sanjay Baretto of IMS Learning Services, "Question 56 of series 111, which appeared as question 69 in series 333 were presented one data element September 28 as September 8. The same question was presented correctly as question 59 in 222 and question 73 in 444.'"   

Here is the question:

A survey was conducted of 100 people to find out whether they had read recent issues of GOlmal, a monthly magazine. The summarized information regarding readership in three months is given below.
Only September: 18; September but not August: 23 ; September and July: 8; September: 8 (should have been 28)
July : 48; July and August: 10; None of the three months: 24
What is the number of surveyed people who have read exaclty two consecutive issues (out of the three)
1) 7    2) 9    3) 12    4) 14    5) 17

Question 2

According to Sanjay, question 30 of series 444 had three options instead of five. According to ARKS Srinivas of T.I.M.E, the third option was incomplete and there was no way students could have answered it correctly without all the options. 

Question 3

In every series (111/ 222/ 333/ 444), one set in quant had a mistake. The question on free luggage allowance had no correct option. The correct answer was 15 kg. 
What happens next?

The IIMs will now have to take a decision about what needs to be done vis-a-vis these errors. Kaushal Sharma, CAT trainer with T.I.M.E. tells those who have given the CAT paper not to worry. "These questions will probably not be considered," he says.

He adds that the VA/ RC section was tougher than usual, and some of the choices were very close.

Quant, he says, was relatively easier given the fact that one had enough time to go through all the questions. Besides, he adds, quite a few questions were pretty straightforward.

DI/ Reasoning, he says, had a few direct sets (like the one based on averages). On the whole, the difficulty level was the same as last year.

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