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'Will I get diabetes?'
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November 15, 2006

Wheat and rice both have the same level of carbohydrate content. But which one should I, a diabetic, opt for?'


'My mother and maternal grandfather are diabetic. Can I prevent myself from getting this condition too?'


'My work involves a lot of stress. Can this lead to diabetes?'

Dr Manoj Chadha, a consultant endocrinologist with PD Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Mumbai, addressed these and a host of other concerns during a chat on November 14, World Diabetes Day.


For those of you, who missed the chat, here is the transcript.



panchapakesan_k asked, Namasthe Dr. 1. Wheat or rice since both have same cabohydrate level which one is advisable? 2. oil for cooking Ground nut or sunflower oil ? 3. Some say fruits like banana cannot be taken but some says one fruit daily (one banana today, apple next day like that ..) is it ok ? 4.Carrot or beet root can be used at least once a week. One carrot per day ok ? 5. Tablets taken for controlling glucose level squeezes the pancreas to secrete moe insulin or reduce the glucose level in blood ? 6. If it reduces the blood glucose level can double the normal dose be taken when a dose is omitted by oversight ? 7. Will sugar substitute like sugarfree or equal cause any problem or damage ?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Rice has a higher glycemic index. In other words, it gets absorbed faster than wheat. That is why wheat is preferred to rice. One fruit equivalent (50 calories) per day is acceptable.


sandeep asked, I am a diabetic since 5 yrs .At present iam taking T.Glycid-M 80 one twice a day ,T.Pioz 15 one a day . My fasting sugar levels always remain between 140 -160and PP 180 -190. Kindly let me know if any dosage adjustment or any other combination is required.
MANOJ CHADHA answers, You need to keep a check on your weight and diet. Then consult your doctor to modify your dose of tablets.



Shobha asked, Iam 41, and my mother and maternal grandfather are diabetic. I walk for 45 min. briskly 6 days a week. My diet is quite balanced with enough fibres.But I do eat quite a bit of sweets. How do I monitor and prevent getting diabetes? Also, I feel my urine to be warm during urination. i sthat any indication?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Check your Fasting Blood Sugar and Posterior Pituitary Bright Spot at least once a year. Since you have a strong family history, I would even suggest blood tests once in six months.



RAMESH asked, SIR I am a field engineer but still i got diabitic despite of my work culture. is tension/stress is the reason?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Stress and tension are major contributors to the high incidence of diabetes.



Mohit asked, Dr. My father is having diabetes for last 12-13 years. He had a catract operation twice. His two fingers of leg are also amputed(As he is also haing gangerine). He is taking insulin morning and evening. Can there is some way his sugar gets in control. He goes for a walk. Eat very less.Still no help
MANOJ CHADHA answers, You need to meet your diabetologist regularly. You will need aggressive management with insulin... at times with three to four injections per day.



Arun asked, Is diabetes a disease ot a disorder and can this be prevented even if one of the parents have diabetes malleutus
MANOJ CHADHA answers, You can definitely delay the onset of the disease, even by decades, by following a decent life style -- a life of moderation.



anand asked, what are the main symtomps of diabeties?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Diabetes can have just about any possible symptom. Classically, the symptoms are plenty of urine, excessive thirst, excessive hunger, weight loss, unexplained itching, repeated boils, etc. However, 50 per cent patients are asymptomatic.



Nitin Pahwa asked, hey there. can u tell what age does diabetes generally strike in, given the person is obese and is a smoker, and has genetic inheritance from his fathers side.
MANOJ CHADHA answers, No age is really exempt from diabetes. Looking at what you have described, this person is heading for an early diagnosis of diabetes, as early as 25-30.



Sunil asked, Respected Doctor, Both of my parents are having diabities and resently my blood sugar level has shown increase.I am 45 and my report for fasting is in the range of 120 to 135 and PP is 160 to 180. I am not taking any medicine but have started reglating diet and exercise. Level of blood sugar is constant since last 3 months. Kindly advice whether to take medicine or continue with diet regulation and exercise if level remains what it is as of now.
MANOJ CHADHA answers, You are doing a good job! Continue with diet and exercise.You might be able to withdraw the medicines under medical supervision.



Bhanu asked, my father suffering with type 2, recently he got affected with bellplasy. what is the reson for bellplsy
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Bell's palsy is a viral affection of the seventh cranial nerve. You need to consult a neurologist.



vijay asked, hello Dr. please suggest me the correct diet for diabetes
MANOJ CHADHA answers, This would take ages. Please consult a dietician. However, to put it simply... avoid refined sugars and fats/oils. Have plenty of fibre in form of vegetables and salads. A diet of moderation and small portions would be very helpful.



rehman asked, is there any medication to prevent diabetes, especially in children who are prone to type1.
MANOJ CHADHA answers, None, as on date.



Subbu asked, Does exercise help a diabetic? Can he ever hope to stop needing medicines? Is there any gender based difference in diabetic prevalence?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Exercise does go a long way in preventing diabetes. It is an integral part of treating diabetes as well. Proper diet and a healthy lifestyle may lead to the oral tablets being withdrawn in some of the cases. There is no gender bias.



Subramanyan asked, Does exercies inhibit development of diabetes? If so what kind of exercises are most beneficial? If one is already diabetic does exercise help them in any mannaer?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Exercise, especially the aerobic type, helps prevent and treat diabetes. In addition, games (outdoor), dancing, yoga and breathing exercises are also helpful.



ravi asked, hi iam 32 year old male and have been diagoned with Type 1 only 10 months back ,how is it diff from Type 2 ,and what precautions do i need to take
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Type 1 DM is different from the common variety (type 2) of diabetes, as the patient has to take insulin regularly to survive. A lot of research is going on to find alternate treatment but, as of today, there is no alternate to insulin. Precautions like these can be taken -- take insulin as prescribed, follow dietary advice, regular exercise and most importantly, monitor your sugar at home using glucometer.



risha asked, my mother has diabetes past 15 years or so, he legs i.e. below her knees are becoming numb (similar to what we wud feel if we sit down for a long time), is there a way for the numbness to go?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, This is diabetic neuropathy. Good glucose control (with proper treatment and regular monitoring) and correction of vitamin deficiencies is helpful.



AnjanS asked, Hello Dr. My mother has diabetes for the last 13-14 years. Till now none from my either of my parents side have been diagonosed with diabates except for my mother. My question is what are my chances of getting Diabetes. I am 26 and do exercise atleast 5 days a week and I consider my food-habits as very balanced. But I love sweets and tend to lose control regarding sweets.
MANOJ CHADHA answers, If one parent is diabetic, there is a 50 per cent chance of the child developing diabetes in future. However, you can delay this by decades, by doing what you are doing. Keep it up.



sheetal asked, Is ayurvedic medicine effective for diabeties?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, I am an allopathic consultant. My impression is that Ayurvedic treatment is helpful in certain cases of DM.



R. Balakrishna asked, How Diabetic can be detectable early
MANOJ CHADHA answers, By regular (once in 6-12 months) blood sugar check-ups.



bujji asked, what u mean by ayurvadic medicine
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Please check with an Ayurveda expert



bujji asked, why diabetes come over to childerns is there any diet problem
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Diabetes in children is generally type 1. It has nothing to do with their diet or activities.



RAJA asked, Sometimes i get up during night sleep and feel that my heart is pounding fast and as well as i feel that i am getting tremors. I am regualarly taking tablets i.e 250 mg in morning before breakfast and before dinner 250 mg. as prescribed by doctor. Please tell me abot it.
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Please check your sugar at that time. Having a glucometer with you would be a good idea. Low sugar could be responsible. Else, check with your physician... there may be another cause.



RAJA asked, After confirming from the, if the sugar level is upto normal, can the tablets be stopped which i am regularly taking ?. Please tell me about this Sir.
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Normal sugar level in the report, after taking treatment, is not an indication to stop tablets. However, progressive decline in values with a healthy life style is an indication to reduce tablets under supervision.



MANOJ CHADHA answers, Not to my knowledge, in the large majority of cases.



priya asked, If they are eating english medicines can they eat Aryurvedic or Homeopathic medicines simultaneously?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Yes, provided the glucose monitoring is more frequent than what it was before.



Sunny asked, How do you know that u are a diabetic patient?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Get blood sugars (FBS/PPBS) checked at a laboratory. One may also know by the classic symptoms. By that time the sugar level has gone really  high.



sanjeeb asked, Good Afternoon Dr. Manoj, is eating non veg more leads to diabetic
MANOJ CHADHA answers, The incidence of diabetes is very high in Asian and middle east communities. Vis-a-vis Indians, you see fewer cases of diabetes in Europeans and Americans. Who do you feel has more non-vegetarian food?



deep asked, Hi Dr. Manoj, Could you tell us what all fruits diabetic can eat?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Practically all fruits are allowed. We generally prescribe one to two fruit equivalents per day so that the patient may have a variety of fruits. However, the number is decided in consultation with the doctor and dietician



Nikhil asked, Dr. Manoj...will sucralose based sweetners be efficient in fight against diabetes? U have splenda from the doesnt retail everywhere in India and is expensive...any alternatives you could suggest?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Artificial sweeteners, in limited quantity, are safe and can be used by most diabetics. I am not sure we have an Indian splenda, but it is only a matter of time before it will be available here too. In the meantime, you can try what is available in you local market.



priya asked, what all vegetables & fruits they can eat per day?
MANOJ CHADHA answers, Beginning with fruits, any one of these. 


*One apple/orange/ guava

*Small slice of papaya

*Half banana/mango/chickoo/custard apple

*Eight to ten grapes

*Two thin slices of pineapple

* Possibly all vegetables, except potatoes/carrots/beetroots




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