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Fitness: Should you take protein supplements?

Samreedhi Sharma Goel | May 19, 2006

Getting into shape is no cakewalk.

Neither is it impossible.

Fitness expert Samreedhi Sharma Goel, who chatted with readers in an hour-long chat on May 10, told them on how to make it happen.  

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I: Men, get flat abs and brawny biceps

mayank asked, 
Hi smreedhi. I'm 6'0 feet and 80 kg in weight. Though, I go for a regular walk and jog as well, still my stomach skin is losing its strength.. Any advice to tone my stomach without going to gym..

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, you have to do a good full body routine along with stomach crunches to improve your muscle tone.

Ravindra asked, 
how much edible oil one can consume through out one day.

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, your intake should not be more than 30 gm/ 2 tablespoons per day.

sam asked, 
Hi Samreedhi.. I am 31 yrs, 5'8'',72 kg. I have recently bought an exercycle. Can you let me know the exercise regimen in terms of how many calories to be burnt and the duration. I am of medium frame.

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, good thinking. Start with 20 minutes daily and gradually build it up to 40 minutes a day. Make sure you warm up by starting slowly and cool down similarly. Do a few leg stretches/ shavasan after you are done.

apeejay asked, Samridhi Hi, please tell me the optimum mix of yoga and gym activities? i.e. how can one combine the best of both these worlds?

Samreedhi answers, Hi, you can do a gym workout three times a week and yoga three times a week on alternate days.

naveen asked, 
Im 5'10", 73 kgs Can we go on increase the weights for weight training? How do we know if our body is saturated.

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, if you can do a set of 12 repetitions with a particular weight easily, then it is time to increase the weight. You know your muscle is fatigued if you reach muscle failure, ie you cannot lift the same weight any longer.

jas asked, 
hi samreedhi, i am 5 8 and 80 kgs , can you suggest what can be areasonable target per month for weight reduction ,provided we follow the diet and exercise routine.????

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, a reasonable target in which you eat out, say 3-4 times a month, is 3-4 kg per month.

ravih asked, 
Hi, i am 24 yrs, 5.7", weighing 59 kgs. I would like to gain weight. Do u recommend people taking protein substitues like "body mass" which r available in the market. if not, whats the reason? thanks

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, I always suggest you first try all the naturally available food. Ask a nutritionist/ dietician to chalk out an eating plan and, if required only, try something out of a bottle.

jardinevg asked, 
Hi Samreedhi,i am 38,my b/p is 140/90 & wt is 82 kgs,Pls advise how do i reduce my wt

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, drink at least two litres of water a day, walk for 30-40 minutes daily. Cut down on salt and other high sodium foods. Read food labels. Cut off refined and processed food. Substitute them with whole grains, fruits and vegetables. If you follow all this, your BP will not be a problem any more. Do not stop your medication without asking the doctor.

sh asked, 
Hi Samreedhi, are there any side effects when you leave weight training all of a sudden, say may be because of job timings?

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, if you stop burning calories but continue eating the same/ more calories you obviously will put on fat. If you don't have time to gym, at least continue walking or any other activity.

GGB asked, 
Hi, while doing the weight training is more number of repitiion with light weight is good or more weight with less reps is better. I have been told that light weight more repitions burn more fats and give a chiselled body

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, both methods are good as it is beneficial to change your routine from time to time.

n_bhaskar7 asked, 
Hi, I'm 30 years, height-5.7", weight-69 kgs. I had left gym for more than a year since i had a dental surgery. I joined in Dec 05. At the time of joining gym i was 63 kgs, but now i'm 69 kgs. I am doing regorous weight training excercise. I'm very consious about my diet. I dont have sweets, drink milk without sugar, avoid oily food. I want to know why i'm i gaining so much weight. I'm doing more repeatations with moderate weight.I also do regular excercise for my abs since i want to get very flat abs. Please advice me to lose weight and get into more shape.

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, are you sure you have gained fat and not muscle weight? Muscle weighs more than fat and that is probably why your weight is more on the scale. Have you lost in inches -- overall body measurements? You should ask your trainer to measure your fat, so you know if you have lost fat or gained muscle.

ashishjaiswal asked, 
hi samreedhi, i am 5.11 and 73 kgs , IT professional can u suggest some in-house exercises that can done at work

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, it is always better to train with an experienced professional in order to avoid injury.

John asked, 
Well Smridhi I am 26 years old and my height is little over 5'10". My weight is 87 kgs. I am doing gymming since four months. I am getting result on every part of body except for my side tires. Please suggest how to reduce the side tires.

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, you probably need to work on your diet and reduce the intake of fat, processed food and sweets. You also need to step up or change your cardio routine ie if you have been doing only the treadmill, switch to the cycle/ elliptical trainer and I'm sure you will see change soon.

Anurag asked, 
HI Samreedhi, I am 28, 5'10, 83Kgs and I have training in Gym for an year now. I do cardio as well as light muscle toning exercises. although I have been losing inches, I have not been able to lose weight as desired. Plz suggest some routine by which I can reduce weight also.

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, if you are a large-framed person, your weight should be 72-81 kg, which means you are very close to your ideal body weight. That is probably why this is happening. No need to lose heart, just concentrate on your inches forget about your weight.

JediKnight asked, 
Hi Samreedhi, Please answer my question .... I have low back pain. The Ortho has suggested that I join a gym and do exercises to strengten by Lower back muscles. Can you suggest me some exercises?

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, you can start with a few yoga stretches such as the cat stretch and bhujangasan or cobra. You can also do this stretch in which you lie on your back with knees bent and hug one knee to your chest. Ask your orthopaedic specialist about movements that are a no-no for you before you start gymming. For instance, you are not supposed to do any exercise in which you have to bend at your back.

Sturdy asked, 
hi samreedhi, what is healthy good weight for a 6 feet guy? 75 kg or 80kg???

Samreedhi answers, 
If you are of medium frame, 72-79 kg.

falak asked, 
after operation of knee fracture what are the excirse pls. advice

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, please check this with your orthopaedic/ physiotherapist.  

montu asked, 
hi samreedhi i am gaining a lot of weight now a days. even if i control diet the weight does not decrease much. Is it true that some specefic food affects our body weight too much?

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, get your thyroid levels checked. It requires a simple blood test of T3, T4 and TSH levels.

pkrish asked, Hi, What's the best excercise to strengthen the upper back.

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, front lat pull down, single arm rows, barbel rows, T-bar rows, all of these will help.

shetty asked, 
hi back again yogesh shetty from mumbai am 5.6 inch ,23 yrs and 79 kgs whts my ideal body shape plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give the answer

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, the ideal shape is one that you are happy with!

simpleq asked, 
Is there any reason why I shouldnt take whey protein in moderation (one spoon)? I work our moderately 3-4 times a week. Please also suggest good brands

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, I believe that only if you are competing at a professional level should you bother with supplements, if you are not training too hard especially. Stick to natural foods. Remember, excess protein in the body gets converted to fat.

SUKUMAR asked, 
Hi. I am 45 and have just started exercising on a Treadmill. Can you suggest how long I should walk / run and at what speed?

Samreedhi answers, 
Hi, there is no need to run or even go on incline. Stick to flat treadmill. Start with 15-20 minutes and gradually build it up to 45 minutes. Just walk briskly so that you are slightly breathless. Walk outdoors or swim some of the days for a change/ cross-training this will keep your workout effective.

Samreedhi says, 
Okay everbody it was great chatting with you all!see you again soon. If I have not been able to answer your queries you can mail them to me at  with your height/ weight/ age/ sex and city and I will get back to you ASAP. Take care and think fit!

Part I: Men, get flat abs and brawny biceps

Samreedhi Sharma Goel is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She runs Size Wise, her training studio. She also conducts fitness workshops. Besides training with the International Sports Science Association, USA, she has a post-graduate diploma in nutrition and food technology and writes for a variety of publications. DON'T MISS!

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