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June 22, 2006

Need a US visa? Be it for futher studies or employment, there is a lot of information available on the Internet today. In fact, you can visit the following web sites for details,,,,

We invited US visa regulations expert Dr Arun Vakil to chat with Get Ahead readers. In an hour-long chat, he offered some interesting leads. In case you missed the chat,
here is the transcript:

Part II: Want to study/ work in the US?

 Arun Vakil says, Greetings to all you. Let's start now.

kum asked, what exactly they are looking from H1=B visa seekers.

Arun Vakil answers, H1-B visa seekers should have a valid job offer from an employer in the US (Form I-129), the Notice of Approval from USCIS (Form I-797) and specialty occupation/skills that are rare in America. asked, Hello, I had completed my planning for spring 2007. What should I answer to Visa Officer if he ask me what are you doing these 6 months.

Arun Vakil answers, 
It all depends. It could be training at some place of research. But you should be actually doing that. Do not bluff.  

dharmesh asked, how much time consulate may take to complete administrative process for h1b visa

Arun Vakil answers, 
The admin process is a long and done when there are some doubts about bonafides of the employer or employee. It could take several months or even more than a year. Nobody can tell.

manish asked,  I want to know that since i am having Green card with me & now i wants to go for renewal , is thare any minimum time lag for which a person needs to stay . is there any way where i can be renweed for 2-3 years at a strach?

Arun Vakil answers, 
With a Green Card, you have to get back to the US within a year of your departure from the US. This keeps the Green Card alive and active. Otherwise it loses its validity. You cannot renew a Green Card as such and would have to ask for a fresh one. There a few but very rare exceptions.

rohit asked, Hi Dr Vakil, I am Rohit and i am doing my Masters in Micro-electronics in Germany.I will be completing in Feb,2007. Can i apply for US visa after completing my course here in Germany? if so, What is the earliest month i should apply?

Arun Vakil answers, 
You can apply in Germany but it all depends on the discretionary power of the US Visa Officer at the US Consulate who will decide if they wish to grant you the visa for US there or ask you to go to India and apply. Look into web site  and click on visa and waiting time. Type the name of the German city and find how much waiting is there to decide when to apply

ksshah asked, Hi Arun. This is Keyur. My parents are trying to get a B2 visitor visa. I would like to know that if they receive the visa and travel to the US, How long can they stay? And after completion of their first stay, when can they travel again to the US?

Arun Vakil answers, Maximum allowability for B2 visa is six months. They can travel again to the US after a gap of six to 12 months, although this is not a legal requirement but a suggested approach.  

shukla asked, shukla says, I am waiing for DS2019 from International VISA office. How long does it take the final VISA stamp after I have that?

Arun Vakil answers, 
It varies from consulate to consulate, depending on the demand-supply situation

Mukund asked, Hi..I am a head of call center company. What are the factors that will affect my visa for business trips?

Arun Vakil answers, 
You have to prove that you have a permanent job and are going during your leave period. You have to prove your financial ties in India to which you will return.

suresh B asked, Hi Vakil, I had attended B1 visa for 3 times and my application got rejected all three times. There was no specific reason given by the counselling officer. Though one of my collegue who applied with me got B1 Visa. We both wanted to attend training seminar program at our US office.Is there any specific reason (viz. restricting only ONE from each company)for rejection. We both attended interview on different dates. Please advise what necessary details should i take for my next interview.

Arun Vakil answers, 
Your case needs professional review and advice. Do not compare yourself with your colleague because each person's background, finances and family are different. You can contact me for discussion

ramesh asked, hi sir, i had applied 2wice for h-3 visa. basically its a training visa, but the consular officer is not satisfied with my training, but even i showed him up the training plan and the contents what my US office sent me. in this regard what can i do further, should u suggest me to apply once again, and how many times can i keep on applying

Arun Vakil answers, 
You can apply as many times as you want but each time you pay fees and waste money. I suggest you try another visa.  

Visaseeker asked, Hi. Is I-797 approval needed for one to book a slot for interview in any consulate?

Arun Vakil answers, 

SelvaKumar asked, Hello Sir, I am Selva ,I have applied for H1B visa 2 times in the past and i have been denied visa.Recently i applied in 2005 July and yet i did not get any reply.According to the company all my eligibility conditions is fine.They suspect miltary experience may be a hindrance to the it True? Thanks

Arun Vakil answers, 
Could be but also they may not be satisfied with the employing company. Try another company.

usersen asked, What are probable interview questions for B1 Visa.Please let me know

Arun Vakil answers, 
Read chapter IV of Gateway To America, 2006 edition. Gives all details. You could contact to order your copy.

wannabe asked, I have a multiple entry B1 visa till 2012 which was applied through my company. Can I use the visa to visit my brother in the USA after I quit from the company?

Arun Vakil answers, 

vinay asked, Hi what i need to do to get US work permit right now i am in gulf Oman can i apply here

Arun Vakil answers, 
There is nothing like a work permit in America. You have to get an employer on your own through recruiters/contacts/friends and then apply for an H-1B visa if you qualify.

swap asked, i am in Australia working here in Technical support for ISP, i want to apply for H1 visa so that i can work in USA, how would i get, tell me about the process?

Arun Vakil answers, 
Visit following web sites for details,,, They lead you to employers.

Akshat asked, Hi, I have 3 yrs of Exp in a top MNC. I want to do a buisness course in US. What are the factors that weigh for VISA in case I have the scores and admission with me

Arun Vakil answers, 
Looks fine. Just apply to universities. Approach United States Education Foundation in India for help to get into the university of your interest.  

jhumpa asked, Sir, my wife and me have been on the h1 and H4 visas, but returned back because of the 9/11 incident. And my wife cannot work, but I heard recently the laws have chaged and she can work on H4 visas, is it true ?? Please reply

Arun Vakil answers, 
On H-4 visa, you cannot work. The rules have NOT changed

shriya asked, Sir, I have an admission to Harvard university for MPH[I'm a doctor] .My course is of ten mths duration and I have sufficient funds which include a university scholarship.What will be the points VO will be looking for in such a case?
Arun Vakil answers, VO would want to know if your intentions are genuine to do MPH and return to India or you want to use this as an opportunity to apply for USMLE 3 and/or CSA and get residency. If he suspects the latter, you may have difficulty getting visa.  

dharmesh asked,  Mr. Vakil, I am an IT professional working with a software programmer comappany when I was in India. Then after I went to United kingdom for studying in MSc in IT , I have done Bsc.(chemistry)complted course in in Java,networking,web related,and another programming languages.I also passed MSc IT from London.but when I applied for H1-b visa in London,consulate ask me to go home country,when i came back to India applied for same consulate first ask me to produce documents of employer like tax,photo,etc and when second time I appear before consulate they give a letter without interviewing me stating that your case is under administrative procees but still date I don't get any reply from embassy now what should I do for H1b visa?

Arun Vakil answers, 
Let some professional study your case and advice or else you could contact me.

hitesh_3 asked, Hi , I have 3 Years of Work Experience in the IT Industary, I wish to persue my MBA. Please advice me as to what should make me prefer doing a 2 years MBA over a 1 Year MBA from Europe

Arun Vakil answers, 
This is a matter of individual choice. Both have their merits.  

sahoode asked, hello sir, with 1yrs of experience can i get a US employer who file for H1B visa

Arun Vakil answers, 
If you are a graduate with special skills such as IT, you may get an employer showing interest in you

Jeff asked, Greeting Mr. Vakil, I am an IT professional working with a software development firm in MUMBAI, I have done MCA , Bsc.(C0MP SCI) , my friends have gone to USA for MS qualification i also want to go there? can you give me some guidance?

Arun Vakil answers, 
Locate a university through USEFI, approach through the Internet net and seek admission. Take a year to do it.

vishnu asked, pls answer to this ? Hi , i am vishnu frm chennai , having 6+ years of exp in IT , and my eduction qual is . will i be eligible to get H1b visa?

Arun Vakil answers, 
Let an employer see your background and decide. If he has a need and you provide the match, it could work.

manne asked, i'm holding L1 visa from a company as the project didnt materialised and i dint travelled to US now i changed the will the L1 visa is valid can i travel on that.or can this be converted as h1b ,if so whats the procedure?

Arun Vakil answers, 
You may have to change from L1 to H1 with legal help

Karthik asked, US Visa rules seem to vary across consulates. As a software engineer with a non-IT graduation, my H1 Visa was rejected in Mumbai consulate. They said I need 3 years of industry experience for eligibility. But my friends with my calibre managed to get H1 from chennai consulate. Why is this difference?

Arun Vakil answers, 
The rules are same everywhere but the application or interpretation can vary. In your case however, the reason of denial may be specific to your case.  

SKB asked, Hi sir: I've a dependant visa to US. I'm working in a MNC. I plan to get work permit processed by my company. Is it possible to overwrite this work permit on my dependant visa? Or cancel my dependant visa and get te work permit

Arun Vakil answers, 
You cannot overwrite. Contact the nearest immigration office.  

Rishi asked, I have done my AMIE degree(Bachlor eqv degree) from India,I would like to apply for H1b do you think my Bachlor eqv degree will cause any problem ? I have been to US once last year on business visa for 5 months ....

Arun Vakil answers, 
There is a Credential Evaluation Service in the US that will evaluate your education and decide if you qualify. .

subramanian asked, Hello Sir, How Can I prove that my roots are in my home country and I will not migrate to USA?

Arun Vakil answers, 
Show your family's and your own financial ties in India. This could include a home owned by you or your parents. Also, if your parents are still living/ you have a spouse, these can be stated as social ties.

Pandurang asked, I have applied H1b from other employer in USA but will get employed there only after approval of visa. However,my current employer is also applying for L1 visa. I don't want to have any problem to my H1b visa.. What should I do?

Arun Vakil answers, 
You have to make a choice between the two based on work requirement, salary and future prospects and act accordingly

Gurudutt asked, Hi can we go to U.S on Students Visa and then change it to H1-B visa by Working for a U.S Company or we have to come to india and then apply for a new visa to work in U.S Please confrim Thanks

Arun Vakil answers, 
You can change from F1 to H1 if an employer files for you there. 20,000 visas are available annually for such a change. You don't have to come to India for that.

ak-1 asked, Does working on contract/from home is taken as expreience. The project i'm working on is LIVE and is used by the company.

Arun Vakil answers, 
You can mention in your CV but it all depends on your prospective employer.

pinkesh asked, My study course is of 24 months. and if i am granted visa for 5 years then shall i have return back to india after completing my 24 months study or i can live there for remaining 3 years.

Arun Vakil answers, 
After you get your degree, you can stay for one additional year for Optional Practical Training provided you get a job. Thereafter, you have to return even if visa is for five years.

Karthi asked, Hello Mr. Vakil can I apply for both H1B and L1 at the same time?

Arun Vakil answers, 
You can but will have to choose one when the D-day comes.

Part II: Want to study/ work in the US?


Dr Arun C Vakil is an expert on visa regulations for the US. He holds an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles and Ph D from the University of Wyoming, Laramie. He is the author of Gateway To America, and conducts orientation courses for students going to the US. He is based in Mumbai.

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