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7 weeks to a fitter, slimmer you

Brinda Sapat | June 20, 2006

In 8 weeks to a slimmer, fitter you we helped steer you towards the road to fitness.

Last week, we kickstarted the first by recommending a healthy diet/exercise regime. If you stuck to it, then you must be on a sensible eating and exercising routine, and feeling great about it!

Come Week II, we are going to make a few changes to help you start working towards weight loss.

The changes are minor and easy to do so but please make sure you stick with the programme.

This programme serves as a general guideline. Please check with your doctor if you suffer from any medical conditions.

Increase exercise

Week I: Cardiovascular exercises three to four times in a week for 30 minutes.

Week II: Take brisk walks a minimum of four times a week. Increase the duration to 40 minutes. If you have been attending an aerobics class, increase the intensity by working harder and instead of three days a week, workout four times this week.

Improve your posture

One of the fastest ways to make yourself look slimmer is to straighten up your posture. Poor posture makes us look heavier and what's worse, it can lead to joint problems.

  • Stand with your back against a wall. The back of your head, your shoulders, hips and heels should touch the wall.
  • Next, lift your chin so that it is parallel to the floor and your neck is elongated. 
  • Pull your shoulders back a bit to open up the chest and keep the shoulders pulled down slightly (relaxed). 
  • Lift up your chest. 
  • Your hips should be relaxed with your tailbone in a neutral position. Your lower back should not be arched nor rounded. Lastly your kneecaps should be relaxed.
  • Now come away from the wall in the position and take a look at yourself in the mirror. This is the posture you should maintain at all times. Correct it the minute you find yourself slouching.

Diet stays the same

No change from Week I. Since we have increased the physical activity, we don't need to make any changes in your food plan this week.

Stick to five small meals a day and follow the diet chart for Week 1.

Maintain a record

1. Weight and measurements

If you haven't yet recorded your weight and vital statistics, do so now.

Weigh yourself first thing in the morning. Also measure the width of your chest, waist and hips.

Write it down and do not weigh/measure yourself until the end of Week IV.

2. How do you feel?

Keep an account of how you are feeling by maintaining a diary. Are you feeling lighter, healthier, more energetic, relaxed, happier, etc?

Look at your apperance too. Is your skin looking better? Do you feel more toned?

This diary will help record the positive effects of being on a healthy routine. It will also provide inspiration for your friends and family who might want to do the same!

The benefits of exercise and healthy eating are tremendous

Other than the obvious "weight loss" benefit, adopting a healthy lifestyle has innumerous advantages. Here are a few worth thinking about!

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and other heart diseases 
  • Keeps blood pressure under control
  • Strengthens the lungs and circulatory system
  • Lowers asthma
  • Reduces the risks of certain types of cancers
  • Increases bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  • Increases muscle density preventing joint problems 
  • Increases flexibility preventing injuries
  • Improves your sensory awareness and reaction speed
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Increases metabolism 
  • Increases number of red blood cells
  • Improves resistance to illnesses
  • Decreases premature ageing
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Enhances self confidence 
  • Decreases bad cholesterol levels
  • Improves condition of skin, hair and nails

Sounds good? Remember when you don't eat healthy and don't get exercise, you miss out on all of the above. Eating right and exercising regularly has to be a lifetime routine.

Next week: You will be make some changes in your exercise/diet plan. I will also give you technical information on how fat burn actually occurs.

Till then good luck for week two. Last but not the least, stand tall.

Part I: 8 weeks to a slimmer, fitter you

Will you follow this fitness plan? Or are you not up to the challenge? Tell us

Brinda Sapat is a fitness trainer, currently running classes at Gold's Gym, Napean Sea Road. Certified with Training Zone & Progressive Fitness (USA), she has been a group exercise instructor for the last nine years.


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