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Should you lose 20 kg in two months?
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8 weeks to a slimmer, fitter you
July 27, 2006
A Get Ahead reader lost 20 kilograms in 60 days!

Is that great? Or plain unhealthy?

According to fitness trainer Brinda Sapat, who chatted with readers for one hour on July 26, 20 kilos is a  drastic, unhealthy amount of weight to lose in 60 days.

"You should look at losing eight to 10 kilos in two months," she recommends.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part II: Working out but not losing weight?

Deepak1 asked, 
Hi Brinda, I am 27 and working with a fast moving consumer goods company. I go to the gym (for cardio) regularly in the morning 6 am for the last 2 months and I work out for about 1 hour 20 mins daily. I want to increase my stamina as I practice football also once in a week and I'm freak about fusball. Could you please suggest the kind of healthy drinks, which would be beneficial for my health & to increase stamina, I should have.

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Deepak! Try to do different forms of cardio-training to help build stamina. Also have drinks like banana milkshakes (no ice cream!)

kevin asked, 
I'd like to lose weight in a way that will not leave stretch marks. HELP!!!!

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hey Kevin! Losing weight doesn't cause stretch marks. Gaining weight causes skin to stretch so don't worry. Do a combination of cardio and weight training.  

skanwar asked, 
Have managed to lose weight several times, but it all comes back when one returns to normal sort of diet again which is also pretty controlled?

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Skanwar. If you are having a problem with weight coming back, in spite of a controlled diet, try to increase your cardio output and also do some weight training. You cannot rely on diet alone. When you are going off a diet you MUST compensate with physical activity.  

kevin asked, 
I'm trying to lose the flab aound my waist. I do spot jogging, push ups. I drink a lot of water at night, foregoing dinner. But I do eat a good breakfast and a moderate lunch. Tell me if I am doing something wrong? Any tips to lose the flabs?

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hey there! Spot jogging is not good enough, you must walk for at least 30 minutes four to five days a week at a brisk pace. Also do weight training. Push-ups only work a certain muscle group of your body. Never skip a meal. Eat dinner but don't eat the carbohydrates in it like rice/roti /pasta etc

Venkat asked, 
What is the right food regimen for a busy pro?

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Venkat. Eat a big breakfast with more carbs in it, a regular lunch of rotis, veggies and dal. Have a light dinner of soup and salad. Also make sure you get at least half an hour of exercise six days a week. Three days of cardio and three days of weight training.

Sameer asked, 
Hi brinda, how do I reduce my tummy. I am 32, very lazy, can diet..

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hey Sameer! You cannot be lazy and expect your tummy fat to disappear unfortunately! Get some cardio exercise. Walk four days a week for 30 minutes, do some ab exercises and stay off fried foods and sweets.  

vipul asked, 
Hi Brinda give me some tips to lose 10-15 kg wihin a month plz

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Vipul! 10-15 kg a month is extremely unhealthy! Losing about four to five kg should be maximum. Do that by cutting down fried foods and sweets. Avoid roti/rice/pasta/bread for DINNER. Do cardio four to five days a week for 30 minutes and weight training as well.  

prishi asked, 
Hi. I had a query. I am already slim but I want to put on weight (thighs and hips) Pls give me some suggestions..

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Prishi. Eat more carbohydrate and protein in your dinner -- chicken/fish/paneer and rice/roti/pasta or bread. Start weight training three days a week.  

lakshmi asked, 
Hello Brinda, I have a major problem. The area from my abdomen till my thighs above my knees has increased a lot over last two years and also my weight has increased by 25 kgs. I work on the treadmill three days week. I burn 500 calories on elevation of 15 with speed of 4.3 pls advise me what other excercises will help me and also pls suggest something about diet

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Lakshmi. Try altering your cardio workout. Increase the speed, reduce the elevation. Or do the cycle or an aerobics class.Cut out fried foods and sweets and no rotis/rice/ bread or pasta for dinner. Instead eat vegetable soup and salad and fish/chicken/paneer.

Harish asked, 
Hi, I want to decrease my tummy, I have just joined the gym the reason being I love T-shirts & want to be more stylish but due to my tummy I can't opt for skin tight shirts or short T-shirt . Suggest a diet programme.

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Harish. Do more cardio. Four to five days a week for 30 minutes. Watch your food and cut down your fat intake. Give yourself about two months to start noticing a difference given that you have just started using the gym.  

sam asked, 
Hi Brinda, I am 31/M/70. I am working on a treadmill for 4-5 days in a week for 25 minutes burning 100 calories on a daily basis. Please let me know if i am doing good or should i change my regimen.

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Sam. Just 100 calories is kind of low if you are looking to lose weight. Increase your speed and also start weight training.

sushrut asked, 
Is amway's Positrim a good to reduce weight

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Sushrut. I would only recommend losing wieght through diet and exercise. It is natural and healthy so work at that.

MOSES asked, 
I am a disabled person 31 yrs old. I want to reduce my weight & I have BP. Tell what should I do to reduce weight

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hey Moses, you need to reduce your intake of fried foods and fat which will also help your BP. Try and do some simple exercises. Ask your doctor to help you select the ones that will work for you.

Preetha asked, 
Is completely avoiding sugar advisable.

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Preetha, sugar is not essential for the body. It gets its sugar from fruits and carbohydrates. But you don't HAVE to totally avoid it. Having it in small quantities doesn't cause harm.

Ravi asked, 
Hi Brinda, I am 6.1" and 103 kgs.What is my ideal weight? I want to reduce 20 kilos in 60 days.Give me the tips and tricks.Please reply.

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Ravi! That's a drastic and unhealthy amount of weight to lose in 60 days. You should look at losing eight to ten kilos in two months. There's no ideal weight really. If your waist measures more than 35" it means you are overweight. Do cardio and weight training and cut down on your fat intake.

SAKET asked, 

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Saket. You should do weight training and also some cardio. Cardio does make one lose weight but it is very essential for the internal workings of your body.

ashwin asked, 
Hi Brinda, I am 5 ft 8, 63 kgs and workout 4 times a week. I know I should be putting on weight but maintaining a strict diet is hard. To supplement my need for proteins especially during workouts I was thinking of going in for Whey Protein by On/Olympia. Wanted your view on the same

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Ashwin, I wouldn't recommend supplements. Instead try to increase protein intake in your food.

vijay asked, 
Hi Brinda, I am 30 yrs old and regularly go to the gym. Please let me know what should one wear while working out. Thanks

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hi Vijay. Wear something comfortable like track pants and a T-shirt or shorts and T-shirt. Also keep a jacket with you. After you sweat it is important to cover up to prevent your body from catching a chill

prishi asked, 
hi bindra pls reply to my query...

Brinda Sapat answers, 
Hey Prishi. Didn't you get my reply? You need to do some weight training and increase the carbohydrate/ protein intake in your diet.  

Part II: Working out but not losing weight?

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